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Great car to purchase for longevity.

2015 Jeep renegade runs smoothly for the most part. The only problem I have experienced so far is that at times it will thrust you and it does idol when going downhill more than it should. Almost like it gets stuck in a gear. The car needs updates from time to time for the Uconnect system and that has actually caused the car to make odd noises in the engine and then stop driving while in the middle of driving down the road. Other than those few things the car has driven quiet well and seems to run well. It has comfortable seating that allows you to conform it to your back and height. It keeps you updated on the gas, tire pressure, gauges, etc. The music system plays extremely well and the sound comes out great. I like that the air flow can be controlled to where you have it on just you or it can be synced. It does give air in the back, but not as well as it does in the front, but that is how a lot of cars work or in other cars there is barely any air for the rear passengers. I feel this car is pretty safe for me and my children, minus the few issues I already stated that have happened only a couple of times. Since being brought in to be fixed we haven't had those issues since. The gas does not last as long as you would like, but again it is a Jeep so it could be worse.

- Kristina T

No major regrets from me.

Perfect for Midwest Living and a mom of three. Easy to get around quickly and easily and drives well in winter. Though a little more weight to it wouldn't hurt. It is comfortable to drive and is very smooth. Has updated features such as touchscreen display with SiriusXM and Bluetooth, aux USB and two prong power outlets. No CD player for anyone still looking for that. Lots of interior space, even with its smaller size. No problem hauling lots of groceries or piling up bags on a shopping day. Back seats fold down separately in back so if you need a bit extra room and still need to seat a person or two you can. This vehicle has had numerous transmission problems which the company has issued a statement on but with no guarantees that it would be fixed if mine has serious problems as others have, which is disappointing considering jeep is usually very quick to comply and fix any recalls or issues I've had with this and previous jeep vehicles I've had in the past. The renegade offers great gas mileage for an SUV vehicle. I bought brand new in 2015, after almost 4 years of driving still feel it was a great purchase.

- Katie G

Jeep - Since 1941 - Why we trusted the purchase.

Being the first year this model was built, was probably not a good idea to have bought it. In general it is a nicely equipped vehicle, but there have been a number of weird issues with it. Probably kinks that didn't get worked out during their testing. Electronic Parking Brake kept engaging for no reason. Putting the vehicle in Drive from Park is often difficult. Tires don't seem to stay aligned, which has caused early replacement of all four tires. Mileage fluctuates more than expected. Ranging from as low as 15 Mpg to 27Mpg. Generally a comfortable enough vehicle, but the seats could be a little more padded when taking a long drive. Roomy enough to carry five people, and a couple of dogs in the back. Would consider buying one again, but not at the price we overpaid for this one. Would rather have bought the Wrangler at this price.

- Lynn M

I bought a used 2015 Jeep renegade.

I bought the Jeep renegade with all wheel drive out of a need for a sturdier vehicle capable of driving in a terrains and weather situations. It was bought used and I have not owned for too long now but performance is definitely satisfactory. If there one thing I was to comment on it was with the Jeep came a strong shaking sensation whenever it is running. I am by no means an expert and am not certain if that is to be expected, especially at this mileage (50, 000+). That being said, it is not uncomfortable to drive. All in all it has certainly met any expectations that I may have had before purchase and I have to admit that the fact that Jeeps tend to maintain their value is also a promising prospect.

- Andy P

23 year old adventure lover loves her jeep renegade!

My jeep renegade was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am pretty outdoorsy, I have not had any problems driving up old dirt backroads. It is incredibly comfortable, with a heated steering wheel and heated seats. The sound quality for listening to music is excellent, not to mention the hands free talk and text. Hooking up a cell phone to the Bluetooth is effortless. The driver seat and passenger dest have their own heating/cooling system, this is great for couples who can never agree on a temperature. It drives excellent and the gas mileage is pretty good for the size of vehicle itunes.

- Jess T

Jeep Renegade, tiny but mighty.

The different settings on the Jeep are lovely. You can drive on rocks, sand, mud, snow, etc. Which is great for where I live because we have gotten 2 really big snow storms since I have had my Jeep & it went through the snow with no issues or sliding. The only downfall is the noise it makes when backing out. My brakes are fine & do not need to be replaced so I believe it is just something with the car. I would also love if it was a bit bigger considering I have 3 sons that have to fit in the back of my car. Overall I love my Jeep!

- Shannon C

Jeep renegade 2015 sport..

The jeep renegade sport is not a bad vehicle. It. Can take a little beating.. Also it has nice amount of room for storage BC the back seats go down.. However it did not come with a spare tire.. It came with an air pump which does nothing if u happen to b stranded somewhere with a flat tire.. Also the dealer charges extra for floor mats..The model I had didn't not come with Bluetooth neither.. But that was the 1st model.. The newer models I believe have many standard features now..

- Keith K

Four by four Jeep renegade.

The size is everything. From the outside it looks kind of small but once inside, it is extremely spacious. Great handling & 4x4 can get me out of any situation. I have a limited so all the comforts of a back-up camera, Bluetooth, heated leather seats, power seat, heated leather steering wheel. My only real complaint is the transmission is kind of shaky & the 4 cyl. Engine does not give a lot of torque. Very slow pick up & go.

- Bl P

I love the car because it is very fun looking it is great on gas!

I gave my Jeep renegade 2015 a 3 because I have a family and it is small inside. I wouldn't recommend for a family of 5 it also has electronic problems the check engine light came on after me only having it for 5 months and it was the air intake took it to the mechanic changed the piece and the check engine light came on again for the same thing got a new piece put it again and the check engine light still on.

- Nick O

Inside of a Jeep renegade.

The Jeep renegade has lots of hidden features that made me fall in love. The tint Jeeps in the corner of the windows, grill emblems strategically placed all over the car, Jeep printed seats, to the mudslinging effect on the inside. Obvious features I use the most are the touch screen radio, navigation and Bluetooth, as well as the easy dial to switch the car into 4 wheel drive during hard weather conditions.

- Kay G

Powerhouse of a small vehicle.

Fell in love with the vehicle as soon as I drove it. Had everything I wanted. I was nervous about the electronic start and no actual key. But the car is smart and recognizes when the fob battery is low so it will never go dead on me. I live in the mountains and the automatic 4wd is superb! And having the ability to put into manual 4wd is great too! Or take it off and do some donuts! It is great at that too!

- Erika D

Right with the renegade. There is a tiny Jeep etched into the windshield.

I really like the adjustment feature for the driver's seat; it allows for a variety of positions and is comfortable. The hands free phone call option is very convenient as well as the temperature controls for both the drivers and passengers seats. I have not had any major mechanical issues with the car since purchasing it there years ago. As long as I keep up with the maintenance schedule.

- Jo C

Jeep renegade wiring issue not resolved.

The look of the car is great. It has a good feel when driving. The trunk is roomy for a smaller SUV. The only complaint I have is on the electrical or wiring. It has had problems from the beginning with the key fob not working to unlock the door and I have had to detach the battery to restart. I looked it up and I am not the only renegade having this issue. Other than that, decent car.

- Jessica C

The vehicle is all around a great car and very reliable.

The renegade has all the bells and whistles! It has Bluetooth so you can connect to your phone and listen to music that way but also does it through usb. It has cruise control and drives really smooth and for a mini SUV, I do not think it gets too bad of gas. It has power steering, electric seats, and automatic windows and there is plenty of space throughout the vehicle.

- Jasmine T

It is a great performing car in various weather conditions.

My 2015 Jeep renegade trailhawk is 4 wheel drive. Great in the snow and multiple other surfaces (dirt, gravel, sand etc. . ) It drives smooth is good on gas and is efficient way to get from point A to B. It is a nice orange color with black rims and good tires. Has a nice center console and features such as Bluetooth audio FM am stereo Sirius xm capability.

- John C

Compact, zippy, and fun to drive.

It is fun to drive as it accelerates fairly quickly and handles turns well. It is pretty easy to park in the city because it is so compact lengthwise. My jeep has been very reliable during the past 2.5 years that I have had it. One thing I cannot stand, though, is how slow the transmission is when I move from park to reverse and reverse to drive.

- Kelly O

I love my car but I have had some issues.

I love my car. But ever since I got it I have had some kind of problem every year. The fan has gone out twice. The engine light keeps popping up even though I replace the parts that say is wrong. Other than that it is a great car. Very spacious. I love the backup camera. And the large touch screen. The surround sound for the music is amazing.

- Jessica H

Its orange. It has little Jeep hints all over.

Bluetooth is loud to talk on phone. Jeep is great on gas. 4WD went out once but it was a sensor. Very reliable vehicle. Has cool colors and is affordable. Noticed on back windows it has a bigfoot on it. Lol. In the gas cap it has a spider and it says Audios splat! Always finding something fun on it. Has comfortable seats and is very roomy.

- Angie A

Cute, comfortable, but wish it was more reliable.

While we love the look and style of the Jeep renegade and we are happy with our purchase overall we have had several issues with electronics going bad (like tire sensors) and issues with the battery going dead without reason. We have had two different occasions over the past year where the battery was dead not due to leaving a light on.

- Alexandria A

Jeep Renegade Consumer Review

I believe you get what you pay for. This Jeep is different, the styling is cool... for a small motor it has some spunk .. Just like any new vehicle, before making any decision lease/rent it for a week or so, making any vehicle financial decision shouldn't be decided in one day you need to make sure that is they type of vehicle you want.

- Donald G

2015 jeep renegade review.

I love everything about the little jeep I have. I like how the rear seats fold down to create more space if I need it. I have all sorts of terrain options such as snow ice and sand. The four wheel drive works really well. The only things I dislike about it is, it didn't not come with a block heater and it has a sealed transmission case.

- Wyatt P

The Jeep renegade lacks serious trunk space.

I leased my red 2015 Jeep renegade about 3 years ago because I simply wanted a bigger vehicle. I have had no problems with my Jeep other than a fill up in air in the tires and a windshield crack (a rock from a truck). I highly recommend the renegade because it is a perfect size or simply just a Jeep because the service is outstanding.

- Stacey C

Never purchase a manual vehicle that will not allow downhill start.

My 2015 Jeep Renegade gets great Highway gas mileage when driving under 70 mph. My vehicle had less than 25K mile when it did not start. It was a computer issue, even worst the computer would not allow me to start the vehicle with down hill assistance. I will never buy a manual standard vehicle that will not allow down hill start.

- reginald d

Some of the gears are useless. It adjusts slowly after parking on a hill.

I do not like that the cup holders on the doors are slanted. I don't like that it does have a spare tire. I don't like that it does not have an additional compartment. I love that it is compact and built for tackling bad weather. I appreciate the lack of a cd player. I don't like that there are no sleeves in the back of the seats.

- Reginald F

2015 Jeep renegade, a good ride for young family.

The vehicle has a good reliability, no issues with the engine and such. The ride is smooth and definitely easy to park. The only problem I have is this vehicle has 9 speed transmission so sometimes it will delay when accelerates. Lack of top speed especially in the highway. Despite the issues I mentioned above, we like it overall.

- Alex S

2015 Jeep Renegade latitude Manual transmission. Handles well in mi winters.

My clutch failed with only 11, 000 miles on the car. Warranty was great covered everything. That car is great on gas and is comfortable to me on long trips. I have taken it from Michigan to Virginia and Michigan to Tennessee. Handles well, and great in the Michigan winters. It is not as comfortable for larger/broad people.

- Krystal F

The best thing is how it performs off road. The Jeep climbs well.

I have had a lot of problems with it being a new car. The cooling fan seized up around 30, 000 miles. It has self locked with keys in the engine. The ignition seized up when we were out of town, resulting in extra costs for us. I would like to have seen a bigger gas tank then 12 gallons. But it climbs hills off ride great.

- Kimberly J

Jeep renegade pros and cons.

Really small gas tank. There is no room for spare tires in the trunk. The sensors on the tires are very sensitive. The paint gets scratched easily. There are backup cameras that assist in parking and backing up. It is reliable, compact, and can seat up to 5 people. It comes with SiriusXM radio, and has touch screen radio.

- Marisa D

Black on black, sporty Renegade.

I actually wanted a Jeep wrangler, but those are way too expensive. So the Renegade is my second choice. I still love it, the way it handles, and drives it is easy to love. I wanted a brand new one, but I could not afford the payments, so I had to go with used, but only 15 month old. And it is stylish, black on black.

- Karla R

Review from 1 year down 2015 Jeep renegade owner.

Not so good: very stock, no bells and whistles, small trunk space, gas guzzler. Good: compact, drive great, sturdy. Over all this car is good. It is a smooth ride, comfortable bucket seats, and high ceilings for tall people. Super cool attributes are the secret unique features hidden in and out of the renegade.

- Marissa C

This is my review of the 2015 Jeep renegade.

The vehicle has lots of recalls and malfunctions. The gas mileage sucks. There is no room on the interior. Constant fear it will break down with me. No reliability in this vehicle at all. I have heard that newer models are better. I haven't really heard anything good about Jeep lately to ever buy another Jeep.

- Jennifer G

That it is a fiat/ Jeep collaboration so not all made in America.

It is a very good small SUV vehicle, not too large on the road but big enough to go off-road and fit my very large dog. I love the look of the vehicle and most of the features inside, however you can feel the gears shifting when driving and I do not love that as it feels like a manual car versus an automatic.

- Tricia S

I like the look I'd the vehicle. It is trendy and great for driving around a city.

It does well on gas. I like that it is short as it makes it easier to park. I do not like how small the back window it is. I have to rely on my back up camera a lot. I like the heated steering wheel. What I do not like is if the weather is 40 degrees or less you cannot turn off the heated steering wheel.

- Meg B

Sporty but roomy with lots of extras.

I like the looks of it and smooth ride. I do not like that windshield cracks every time even the smallest rock hits it so I have about 20 cracks in windshield. I do not like that gas gauge is wrong and am actually at empty at 3 lines. Both problems addressed at dealer as design flaws with no fixes.

- Debra D

Renegade on the road. Yay.

Leased this beautiful vehicle from new. What a joy to drive. Comfortable adjustable seats. With good around visibility. Small and compact makes for easy parking. Small turning circle. Excellent fuel economy. Rear seats fold flat for bigger shopping items. Remote start a bonus. Love this vehicle.

- Sandra K

Details about my Renegade.

The trim level limited with 4x4; has all the comforts I need: heated leather seats, heated leather steering wheel, backup camera, Bluetooth, rain sensing windshield wipers. I hate the transmission though. The four-cylinder engine has no pick-up-and-go and the transmission makes for a bumpy ride.

- Blan P

The renegade is a classy sports Jeep .

The transmission often jerks, making the drive not as smooth as I would like. However, the Jeep is very fun to drive - it is sporty and looks good. It also has a lot of cargo space and up to date technology. The sunroof is my favorite feature as well as the lumbar support in the driver seat.

- Sarah F

Great vehicle for those who love the adventure of leaving the paved roads behind.

We love our Renegade for around town use but especially for recreational purposes like offroading. It is reliable and with 4 wheel drive can go places regular cars can not. The speaker phone makes it safe and easy to use. It has plenty of leg room and comfortable in both front and rear seats.

- Dee P

Gas saver, very comfortable.

I love everything about it, gas saving $25-30 to fill the tank, comfortable, good looking, affordable monthly payment, excellent service from the dealer. You can drive hours without any problem. Perfect for any height, I am short and I adjust my seat and that is it. I do not regret anything.

- Karen P

I really like the 4 wheel drive to handle bad weather.

I have had the car 3 times at the dealership for repairs. I work as a travel nurse and need a dependable car since I often have no back up help. The cooling fan seized up. It seems to have some electrical problems, locked while engine is running. I would like me to see a bigger gas tank.

- Kim J

Jeep renegade trailhawk overview.

The Jeep renegade has a beautifully designed interior, and it handles well in all different weather conditions. The gas mileage is good and it still offers a sense of adventure. The trail hawk edition has larger tires and is higher off the ground for when I do want to take it off-road.

- Michael L

I love it. I have absolutely no complaints about my Jeep.

Love it. I have no issues with my Jeep Renegade and would recommend it to almost anyone. It is a good fit for my family and we have the most fun and best adventures in it. I love the gas mileage and I love how easy it is to fit multiple car seats in for a multi function family vehicle.

- Dana B

There are many different hidden designs all throughout the vehicle.

My Jeep is amazing, it's great on gas and mileage. I don't have to get an oil change very often. I feel very comfortable in my renegade, it would make it better to have heated seats though. There are many different hidden Easter eggs in this Jeep and many different hidden compartments.

- Michaela I

Lots of nice details put into it.

Very reliable and dependable, comfortable seating (like the height), feels large although is actually very compact, hatchback feature is very nice for cargo space with plenty of room for a spare, not very many navigation screen features, but otherwise lots of nice details put into it.

- Beth L

It has bright lights on top for back roading.

I haven't many problems just the automated windows messing up. I have had the motor in them replaced two times but other than that it has been a really good reliable vehicle. The gas mileage is also bad I feel the tank up at least two times a week which does put a dent in your wallet.

- Jessica E

The brakes are great. I never have to worry about driving in the rain.

I love the orange accents in the interior. It makes me feel like a lot of thought was put into the design of the car. The brakes are wonderful and it always notifies me the minute something is wrong with my car. There is plenty of storage space as well. Absolutely no complaints here.

- Alexia A

Best part is having a Jeep .

My vehicle gets great gas mileage, the only downfall is size and because it is a Jeep the maintenance is just expensive. I love the how it drives and the color but wish I had leather seats. One of my favorite features is my cold weather package because I have an automatic starter.

- Cameron M

2015 Jeep Renegade Review.

The 2015 Jeep Renegade offers a roomy interior, easy on-pavement drivability, and great off-road ability (when equipped with four-wheel drive). However, its below-average predicted reliability rating, shortage of standard features, and sluggish automatic transmission hold it back.

- Carl B

2015 Jeep Renegade Review

The 2015 Jeep Renegade offers a roomy interior, easy on-pavement drivability, and great off-road ability (when equipped with four-wheel drive). However, its below-average predicted reliability rating, shortage of standard features, and sluggish automatic transmission hold it back.

- Alex F

Jeeps needs to get unlocking.

Sometimes it randomly will not unlock the rear passenger doors with the auto lock button. It does drive smoothly, the seats are comfortable. It is good in the snow. The radio is decent quality. The kids have enough room in the backseat! My biggest concern is not unlocking doors.

- Crystal H

Jeep renegade- an SUV that can fit any lifestyle.

This is a Jeep perfect for people who do not want a big SUV. It handles the road beautifully and there’s plenty of space to handle bid items. The back seats go down to increase the size of the trunk. I like the way it sits up but not like a truck. It rides smoothly and easily.

- Robin H

Not a full love but not a full hate.

It rides well for a Jeep, but the gas mileage is not what is advertised. Not much storage. Seats are comfortable and the durability is nice. The renegade is quite sluggish on the take off but it handles high water well. Handles mountains well. Does not handle the beach well.

- Pattie R

Great vehicle but radio might be an issue.

I love almost everything about my jeep. The only issue I have really had is the radio is not the best. The navigation that is built into the radio is sometimes slow to react and occasionally has not been able to pick up your location if you are in a city situation.

- Christy B

Sleek looking smaller SUV.

I had a number of computer issues with it in the first year and was difficult to get resolved. Otherwise really like it. Drives smoothly and handles off-road very well. Roomy inside and very comfortable. Lots of trunk space despite being a smaller SUV type car.

- Tricia S

Everything you need without the extra cost.

Great on gas, good size for large people, great all around small SUV for the cost. Drives well, easy to maneuver, handles well on hill and rough roads. Has a large carrying space. Easy read on fix and repair issues. Only downside is that the key fob is huge.

- Sandra H

Jeep renegade the not so cute truth.

It is very comfy and my dog can easily get inside of it. That is why I love it. I hate it because it has issues. My windows go up over the frame and I get a whistling sound. This has been fixed on several occasions. And it runs like an old car, very rough.

- Angelina V

The renegade is a small, compact SUV so it does not have a ton of storage space.

Drives well and is very sporty, definitely feels like the type of vehicle you want to drive on a summer day. It also has a sunroof which I live to leave open on nice days. The engine has a lot of power and the technology in the vehicle is very up to date.

- Nicole Z

Comfortable small, affordable SUV.

My 2015 renegade has 64, 000 miles with no issues. Gas mileage is great for a 4x4 capable vehicle. off-road performance is great for what it is. I have had 0 issues with reliability, I love the look style and space of the interior for a smaller vehicle.

- Ian F

Awesome vehicle that rides well.

No problems, love the 4x4. I have had no issues with the mechanics and have owned the vehicle for 3 years now. It handles well and also can fit kids, dogs, toys and the entire family. I always rave about this vehicle and my entire family drives Jeeps.

- Brandon S

It is compact and roomy at the same time.

The renegade is a very good car. It is really good for me, because all I do is go back and forth from college. It has great gas mileage, I can go about 1. 5 weeks on a full tank and that's because my college is about 30 minutes away from my home.

- Alyssa S

My car has my sky and it's awesome. It is a limited edition and it has little Jeep's in several areas that are interesting to try and find.

I love the size of the vehicle it's easy to maneuver in traffic. I love the heated seats and steering wheel. The only issue that I have with my car is the air conditioning isn't great, I've had it serviced several times with no improvement.

- Lisa C

Jeep makes reliable vehicles.

2015 Jeep renegade anniversary edition has a whole bunch of neat little anniversary details. One example is the is a miniature Jeep climbing up the far edge of the passenger side of the windshield. Another is the grill detail everywhere.

- Jennifer B

Good space inside the car

I like the space and extra storage in the truck that's underneath! The only thing I'm not a fan of is that you have to go and get computer updates on the computer inside the car cause it starts to do funny things sometimes!

- Monica G

Like Sitting in a Bathtub Only You're Driving It

I love everything about my car! It is my first car and it has been a great fit for me. It is really easy to see out of. I can charge my phone and play music with my aux cord. It does pretty well on gas and it's so cute!

- lucy b

It is really a car for two people. A little More than two means someone is uncomfortable if traveling any distance.

I like the 4 wheel capability. I like the gas mileage. Front seat passenger comfort is good. Rear seat is for small kids or pygmies. I also am disappointed that I can not transport 4 people and their golf clubs.

- Terry F

2015 Renegade makes a comeback

Love the navigation features as well as hands free for phone and finding things. 9 speed transmission is a real gas saver for long trips. Ease of handling is a plus. Options of colors for exterior is plentiful.

- Melissa L

There's more room than you think inside!.

I like the size and ease of handling. The backup camera is wonderful. I like the folding back seat(s)/large area for transporting items. I dislike the backseat cramped legroom. I miss having a CD player.

- Denise M

Love the size and how it drives

I love this car. It is extremely reliable and comfortable. The inside is comfortable. It's small enough to parallel park but big enough to hold everything I need for diving. I love the rear view camera.

- Allie S

It is young and hip looking.

It had broken down a few times. But I like the size of it and the make of it. I love Jeeps. It has nice leather interior and has touch screen radio which is cool. And heated seats and steering wheel.

- Kayla H

Underpowered for hills and if the air conditioning is on you need to turn it off to get up inclines.

Easy to drive, good looking vehicle, dependable. It's a underpowered, and though it's 4 wheel drive, even in the lights snow you need the 4 wheel to get around, or it slides all over . Cheap radio.

- Katie K

Looks great and performs wonderful. Would recommend to others looking for a commuter.

It's a great commuter vehicle for taller people. Higher fuel economy for a non car. I sit higher in it without have to slump to get into it. Would love to have a better infotainment system in it.

- Greg J

2 year, 1 baby family overview

Performance is great. It's a 1-2 car seat max for comfortability. My engine fan broke after my warranty ended. Doors won't stay open when opened. I give it a 80 out of 100. And I still LOVE it!!

- Ashlea M

It is good for any age group,.

I like the electronic park break, the large 7" driver information display. I also like that it Bluetooth my phone and music. I like that it is an svu but still small. And the 4x4 capability.

- Blanca C

It stands out from the crowd with its unique look, and has the best of the car and SUV worlds.

I like the fact it is a cross between a car and SUV, and kind of stands out from the crowd. The engine can be a bit clunky when shifting through the gears. It does have a decent interior.

- James F

It's an affordable jeep with four wheel drive and off roading capabilities.

I like that it is a small suv but still has four wheel drive. It totally fits my needs for commuting in all 4 seasons. I have a small cylinder engine though that takes some to get going.

- Lori R

It handles well and is easy to drive. It is red and easy to park.

I like the compact size and ease of driving. I do not like the fact that the remote keys do not always lock the car. Must be something in the vehicle as it does it with both remotes.

- Gloria K

Comfortable ride and handles nicely. Low maintenance costs.

Like the way it drives. Have had no problems with it. Get reasonable mileage. One thing that could be better is more space in hatchback. If 4 people in car not much room for luggage.

- Debbie D

It is a smaller SUV. Perfect for small families.

I love my Jeep Renegade because it is sophisticated and adventurous at the same time. I can use my car for an everyday driver as well as take it on trips. I also love the Jeep brand.

- Lauren S

That i love my car, and. I will park it in that one parking spot to ensure i will not get a door ding.

My jeep is my 2nd choice of what i actually wanted. My only complaint is, i wish i had bought it brand new, and not used. Regardless that it is used, i still enjoy my jeep renegade.

- Karla L

The most important thing that others should know about my car is that it's a one of a kind vehicle that it's worth every cent I payed.

My vehicle is got to be one of a kind jeep. I like that it has its unique shape and inside features that are well designed. I think that the only problem is that it's not 4 × 4.

- Laura V

I think it's how spacious it is.

I like that it is cute, compact, easy to drive, with push start and remote start. It has a backup camera that I've learned to like... There isn't much I do not like about it..

- Haley A

Comfortable, economical and reliable vehicle to drive.

Very fun and comfortable to drive even on long distances. I have a large dog that fits in the back comfortably with the rear seats folded down. And the gas mileage is great.

- Mary S

The Jeep Renegade has very good gas mileage for an SUV.

I love the sporty look and feel of my Jeep Renegade. It's git great gas mileage, too. It's very fun to drive. I'd purchase another one. No complaints from me about this car!

- Shelly M

Most Jeep Renegades need the radiator fan replaced after 30,000 miles

I like that it's very small and cute. It also has a lot of hidden Jeep logos around it. I dislike that the back seat is small and does not fit my daughter's car seat well.

- Fernanda L

The Renegade is a great, compact vehicle.

I receive many compliments on the style and look of my Renegade. My main dislike is the engine, as it takes to long to pick up speed, especially when entering highways.

- Sandra S

It has a good gas mileage. For the SUV, it gives you the better fuel efficient.

I like the fact it has a good gas mileage. Good size for traveling and parking, too. I am a 6'6'' and my wife is 5'3'' so it can fit us both comfortably. No complaints.

- Alexander S

The safety features are outstanding on the vehicle. Dual airbags along with large brakes and high crash test rating

It is a super safe car for me and my family. It had large disc brakes and a full frame. It has power needed to travel on highway but also go off roaring if you want to

- Katie M

It is a great car, it will be a good family car.

I like the way it drives. I love the space my car has. It is great. I like the setup of the car, where everything is. I do not like that it does not have a CD player.

- Abbie S

Wait for the Renegade to become a more established vehicle so they can work out the kinks of it being a newer make/model.

Too many services needed in the first years of ownership for a new car. Battery died after a year of ownership. Too small, not enough space, especially with a child

- Tara M

Simple cheap and easy to use.

I like the design of the vehicle. I like the features that it came with like the back up camera and Bluetooth capabilities. I dislike the shifting and the mileage.

- Lauren H

Has a great style that I love.

I love my vehicle. It has a unique style and it is good on the road. It has held up mechanically and I have no regrets with my purchase. It was a good price too.

- Lisa W

Jeep renegade latitude 4x4. Great compact SUV! Reliable and fun to drive!

The only thing I do not like is the fob, other then that. It is great! It is has good pick up and is very reliable. I would recommend this compact SUV to anyone.

- Kathy N

Live in the mountains and have an hour each way to work, never been stuck.

Have gotten 50, 000 miles on original tires. Has very good traction in the snow. Not the best gas mileage for SUVs. Jeep service is very expensive at the dealer.

- Terri R

Handles very well in all driving conditions especially wet and snowy weather.

Provides everything that I need in a vehicle. Like the comfort and space within it. Smooth riding. Handles very well in all driving conditions especially snow.

- John M

Renegade is very fuel efficient.

I love my bright orange renegade. It gets excellent gas mileage and is fun to drive. The bright color makes it easy to locate. The sound system is wonderful,

- jill a

Overall great car! Roomy and feels very safe

When it shifts it's very jumpy and sometimes I feel as if it stalls. Overall it is a great car and would recommend to new drivers because it is very safe!

- Dina C

It is reliable and fun to drive. It really doesn't need high octane fuel.

It handles well and gets good gas mileage. I enjoy driving it in all conditions. The oil filter is impossible to change without getting oil everywhere.

- Mike C

It is reliable and safe for everyone.

I love that my phone hooks to the Jeep so I have hands free. I live the color of it and the style. So far there is not anything I do not like about it.

- Pamela F

The Jeep Renegade leads the way for adventure!

I really enjoy my renegade. The double sunroof is a great feature. The gas economy is fantastic and I feel safe when driving in all kinds of weather.

- Steph J

It is a reliable vehicle.

Easy to park, roomy for a small SUV, love backup camera & sensor side mirrors for view of blind spot traffic, just an easy vehicle to get around in.

- Jodi O

Jeep Renegade are stylish and powerful.

I love that it is a high seater so that I can see what's ahead on the road. I love the look and style. I love the take off power and ruggedness.

- Michelle O

I love my jeep its really comfortable.

One of the headlights doesn't work or rather it keeps turning on and off. It's generally besides that in fine working order and very comfortable.

- Jazz C

It has a good fuel efficient.

I like the fact it is good with gas. Pretty easy to maneuver especially with parking. The only thing I do not like is it is quite small vehicle.

- Alex S

Jeep Renegade 4wd air conditioning heating motion seating, window tinted Factory Rims, silver Exterior Black Interior New Tires. Wax Properly. Takes Regular Gas, it Goes up To 200mph

As Of Right Now My Car Is Running Smoothly, No Bad Condition Going On With It At The Moment. I Do Keep The Oil Changed But I Do Have High Miles

- April J

It is smaller on the inside, less room in the back seats than expected.

I love the interior of the vehicle and the gas mileage. I have always wanted a jeep wrangler, but practically this gets better gas mileage.

- Mikey L

Versatility as well as comfort.

There is an issue with the lights that is reoccurring. The dealer is no help in fixing the issue there is also a issue with the ac system.

- Zoe P

It is fun and easy to drive.

I like the way it looks, and the way it handles. Lots of room for carrying things.. I wish it had a spare tire and better gas mileage.

- Ann N

A Reliable, Compact smooth ride

Very reliable, compact vehicle. Does well on various terrain and runs well. Smooth ride. Not too big or too small, just the right size

- Whitney Q

The doors come off on it drive well off-road.

I like that my vehicle drive well on muddy roads. The doors and roof comes off is also something I like. It very noisy I dislike that.

- Don D

Great gas mileage is such a plus. It's an suv but gets good gas mileage.

The only dislike is the weird shift around 20/30 mph. I like how it's compact. I like how it looks. It rides well. Good gas mileage.

- Evelyn M

Its reliability in knowing it will start every morning.

I like the way the car handles. I dislike the heaviness of the doors and the lack of visibility in parts of the front windshield.

- Joanne H

Capable small SUV with off road features

Dependable, capable, small suv. Ok gas mileage. Has needed a few software flashes, clunky transmission. Overall enjoyable car.

- Megan R

Very easy to drive, good gas mileage, plenty of storage for groceries.

Doors randomly unlock, problem with acceleration, stereo will randomly stop working. Other than that it is a decent vehicle.

- Rebecca G

Seems small but the inside is spacey.

I like the size. I like the interior. I like the exterior. I do not like the shifting delay that causes the vehicle to jerk.

- Alyssa G

The renegade is very reliable and great in the snow.

The pick up of my renegade is sub-par and the truck is quite small. I enjoy the look of the Renegade and the leather seats.

- Ted E

Jeep Renegade is a great value

The Jeep Renegade is a very cost effective SUV. It is sleek in design, very spacious yet not as big as a standard SUV.

- Chris W

After a about 2 years of good use; the car does get a bit beat up.

I like how smoothly the Jeep runs. It is also the perfect size for me. The Jeep also is a cute car for a young person.

- Marissa G

The interior is beautiful.

It is roomy. Like the shape. Like the control I like the color and that it is a limited so the interior is very nice.

- Nancy R

It is actually a spacious car. THe outside may look small but there is a lot of room inside

I have not had any issues with this car. It gets great gas mileage and it is a fun car to drive.I enjoy driving it!

- Kailey G

2015 jeep renegade review

Small compact 4 wheel drive stick shift. Fun to drive. Good gas mileage. No towing. Power package. Bluetooth radio.

- William K

It takes a while to get used to everything in the car because it's extremely hi-tech.

It's ugly as all hell from the outside, but I love the Bluetooth and USB ports. Also, it's amazing for off-roading.

- McKenzie D

Great car for high school and college students, or someone with no kids!.

It is very comfortable. It is very fuel efficient. It handles and rides well. I do not dislike anything about it.

- Kristin D

that it has a lot of room for tall people but not a lot of storage room.

I love the quick pick up of the engine. It has auto start feature! Also has a lot of head room for my grandsons.

- Linda J

Drives well. Mine gets good mileage.

Like the way it handles. Also like the safety features. Hatchback doesn't hold much of 3 or 4 people in the car.

- Debbie C

Jeep Renegade 2015 model.

Very reliable, comfortable, and sleek. Jeep is a very reliable company and the dealership is also very helpful.

- Tristen W

Its safe. Its new and safe.

I love the look, it has a automatic starter, a retractable roof, satellite radio I just don't like its not 4x4.

- Christin C

The vehicle does not get rid of outside noise easily.

The vehicle is not quite enough and it needs better gas mileage. The vehicle rattles when idle at stop lights.

- Jeffrey G

I enjoy my vehicle because of the gas mileage I get. I, however, do not like the speed of the vehicle.No other complaints besides those few things.

That it doesn't have a great speed enhancement. It is a great vehicle but, I know I will not keep it for long.

- Jessica S

It does not have much get up and go.

It has 4 w d. It is small. It is easy to park. It does not have much power. I do not like the black carpeting.

- Diane D

Shifts a lot and no option to buy a standard

Ot shifts sooo much. Also, no option for standard except for the lowest model. Decent on gas but not the best

- Holly P

It seems mostly smooth so far, but not the best in city where there is a lot of stop and go.

Compact for an SUV, but space is not used optimally. Initial acceleration is sketchy. Affordable for a Jeep

- Liz D

If the battery dead in the key you can use the key to unlock and start the car.

It's fun to drive. I love the way it looks. It's easy on gas mileage. The price was right.. No complaints..

- Michelle P

Unique Design and comfortable seats for a Jeep

very limited driver leg room. Also sits lower to ground and has very little pick up power even with turbo.

- Heather S

Jeep Renegade 2015 Review

The 2015 Jeep Renegade ranking is based on its score within the 2015 Affordable Subcompact SUVs category.

- Clarence C

The way it handles in bad weather.

I like the way it handles in bad weather. The tires are great I get good gas mileage. Has plenty of room.

- Annette P

Easy peasy driving and easy to handle. Looks nice

Cool looking, comfortable, rides well. Wish it was 4 wheel drive, had Bluetooth and other features.

- Gina R

Goes good in the snow and in the ice.

Like everything but the headlights and has a big blind spot when driving. Like how it goes in the snow.

- Terri. R

It is reliable and very comfortable!

I love the size of the SUV and media features. I do not like how small the storage area is in the back.

- Marcus B

Expensive vehicle and cheaply made

Cheap electronic components. Expensive repairs. Poor acceleration. Only thing positive is gas mileage

- Christopher W

Best looking SUV on the road, good priced and cool to drive..

I love the way my Jeep Renegade drives and looks but I don't love that it is not dependable.

- sharon m

It's spacious and great for long trips . The gas mileage is great.

It's reliable, comfortable, fast and fun. It's made well and handles anything on the road .

- Nora R

Drives well and is very stylish

I like the gas mileage. I feel like it is reliable and drives nice. It is a little small.

- Carie R

It's fun to dry and very versatile for outdoor enthusiasts.

I like that It's compact and versatile. I don't like that it doesn't have a tow package.

- Jo R

The acceleration is great considering the size of the engine.

I like the size and height of the vehicle. The pick up is great. It has a smooth ride.

- Salvatore D

It's fun and not like other jeeps. It's something you can drive for fun and as a real car.

It's cute and fun and awesome. The only complaint I have is no sunroof.

- K W

It is drives extremely smooth for a jeep

I really enjoy the gas mileage and the reliability of the car

- Chris A

It is convenience and great for small families.

None to be told a the moment. And It's an okay car right .

- Sue L

it has a lot of failures the vehicle doesn't work good

it has a lot of failures not convenient it is expensive

- joe g

Fun car, cargo room a little lacking. The gas tank is too small

The gas tank is too small, but otherwise it's fun.

- Angela T

A solid 4 out of 5 rating.

- Jennifer P