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Wrangler Sahara turns heads!

I love almost everything about the jeep wrangler Sahara. The interior is nice and comfortable. It handles well in all weather and traffic conditions. I like that it is rugged looking and dependable. I get lots of compliments on it. The only thing I do not like about it is that the headlights, on dim, are still painfully bright to oncoming drivers - so bright that I get bright-lighted by oncoming drivers almost every time I drive at night. People are used to the old style yellowish colored headlights and now vehicle manufacturers are using those super bright halogen bulbs. Other than that, I really enjoy my jeep.

- Amy R

I love days when you can take the top off and ride!

The jeep jl has a wonderful ride. I do think I need to take a class to be able to learn about all the functions of the vehicle. I wish jeep offered one. The design issue that I have the most problems with is the drain on the driver's side when it rains. If you open the door while it is raining, the top of the car drains a steady waterfall into the floor of the drivers side. Otherwise, this vehicle is fun to drive and has plenty of room in the front seats and back seats. My husband is 6' 2' tall and wishes the seats would slide back just a little more than it does so he has more leg room.

- Jamie P

"The golden eagle". The hood "golden eagle takes me back to the 80's.

The biggest problem is with getting the soft top on/off up/down by myself. My first wrangler 21 years ago did not have electric windows for an option. They have come a long way. The ride is very comfortable, although I have had a better turning radius out of larger vehicles. It has so far been very reliable. I did not like having to get remote start put in at this point they should be features on any vehicle that is a special addition as mine is a "golden eagle. ".

- Michelle B

Off-road and on road beast.

There's nothing not to love about a Wrangler. I have 2018 willy's edition and my favorite feature are the mud tires stock on it. I love the ruggedness of Wranglers; this is my 4th Jeep Wrangler jk. A dislike regarding my specific jk is there are no power windows/locks and that takes some getting used to, but obviously not a deal breaker as I did buy brand new this last time.

- Sarah A

Love my jeep wrangler very much.

I have always wanted a jeep. Now I have one and do not ever see myself having anything else. The freedom edition came with nice rims and an American flag emblem on the side as well as a star on the hood. My jeep drives so smooth and is very comfortable for long road trips which we do quite often. I haven't taken the top or doors off yet but, definitely plan to this summer.

- Heather S

The new version that came out second half of 2018 is way worth the money . The upgrades are fantastic, it's like a totally different Jeep,

It's way better than the older version. The touch screen media part is a little confusing at times that's my only complaint . It seems hard to figure out to get the phone to pair with the Jeep Winfield. Other then that the back up camera is like crystal clear . It's part of reason I bought the Jeep. I wish I had bought with leather though cloth seats get dirty too fast

- Karen S

Jeep people rock. Jeep hair don't care.

Have three tops.. Hard, soft, and bikini. Have top of the line radio with touch screen, Bluetooth, and Sirius radio. Automatic locks and seats. Back row removes for extra storage. Hand grips make it easy to climb in and out. All wheel drive, four wheel drive so we can go anywhere. May not be fast but can climb anything. Mud and water are no problem for my Jeep.

- Christine C

Removable top, spare tire.

Off the lot it's fantastic. Its reliable has decent gas mileage and looks great. But in order to get all of the features that comes with luxury vehicles you will have to customize it. There are some affordable customizations but they get expensive real quick. Do not buy if you don't have money to throw at it.

- Matthew S

My Jeep is the best car ever!

My Jeep is amazing. Honestly through all of my cars it by far the most enjoyable daily driver. It's like a big go kart that does not get hurt when you bump into curbs. It does have some downsides like gas mileage but the joy received from simply driving it far supersedes the gas mileage. It makes me happy:).

- Mike K

Jeep wrangler joke Oscar mike edition.

I absolutely love my 2018 Jeep wrangler joke. It is rugged, but still comfortable to drive on a daily basis. I love how easy the soft top is to open up when the weather is nice. The only downside is that during the winter, it does take awhile to heat up. I have had no mechanical issues with my Jeep so far.

- Jessica P

I love Jeep details, the cup holders, to a Jeep climbing the front windshield.

I was skeptical about taking the plunge to buy a Jeep because of road noise, and gas mileage. It's been my favorite vehicle to date. So fun, and the gas mileage is not much different than what I was already getting. I was looking for something a little more durable and found it in my wrangler unlimited.

- Kimberly A

Manual driving and hard and soft tops.

I drive standard. Jeep manual is harder to drive than cars. It takes more to push the clutch in and the gears are lower so you have to shift to higher gears to drive on regular roads so you are shifting a lot and it can be taxing. Also I have a hard and a soft top. It is difficult shifting between both.

- Brittany P

Whether driving around town, or taking a long road trip, it is so much fun to drive my Jeep!

I love my Jeep Wrangler for a few reasons. First, it has 4 wheel drive, so I am very comfortable driving in the snow. I also like being able to take off the top and enjoy driving in nice weather. Finally, it is just so much fun to drive. The only drawback is that gas mileage is not good at all.

- Jenny M

4 door Jeep wrangler - joke.

Really enjoy my soft top wrangler. I have always wanted one. I cannot say there has been anything wrong with it after having it for 10 months. The dealership was great and being apart of the Jeep wave program is even better. Having a 4 door Jeep was a great choice. Gave me a lot more room.

- Chris H

My Jeep jku is the best investment ever!

I love my Jeep! I love how customizable and personal I can make it. Anything and everything can be custom to my personal liking. My Jeep has never let me down, she's reliable and sturdy. But of course, it is not the friendliest on gas. But that is expected and I'd 10/10 recommend a Jeep.

- Ellen N

Good for modifications and projects.

4x4. Great for snow and off-roading. Reliable and practical. Great features that still follow the old tradition and niche of Jeep. Safety, high in clearance and great Mopar warranty. It is pretty slow but it is not a fast car. It would be good to have another vehicle as a transportation.

- Lara E

Perfect vehicle for any occasion or adventure.

My Jeep wrangler has had 0 problems so far. I love that I can drive any terrain without worries! I also love the sporty look. It is also the perfect grocery getter and perfect for holding tons of luggage whenever we travel as my family of four needs a lot of space for luggage and coats.

- Brooke R

Best car you will ever own!

The Jeep is amazing. The surround sound system is flawless and the subwoofer is just stunning. The car is a beauty to drive and it will be the best car you have ever owned and driven. Not that good on mileage but you learn to make the most of it and enjoy every second of every ride.

- Jacob H

My Wrangler is amazing as is, but I've only just begun modifying it.

I have very few issues with my Jeep. I love everything about it except for the fact that the doors don't stay open on their own, which makes it difficult to load/unload the car. I love how easily customizable it is and I love being part of the "Wrangler" family (hello Jeep Wave).

- Erin C

I feel very safe in my Jeep. I feel it is sturdy if I was to be involved in an accident.

My Jeep is a 2009. I have 2 complaints. Chrysler is well aware of the death wobble in the Jeep but has not made a recall for my year. It cost me $600. To repair. Also there is a problem in the steering damper that was replaced when it was new and I feel it is going bad again.

- Jane D

Love my Jeep- am now a permanent member of the Jeep family.

Love the Jeep Wrangler. It is a fun ride. Road noise is not a problem, you know what you are getting into with a Jeep. Same with gas mileage. Features with display, options, are great. Like being up high with the Jeep. Crystal clear back up camera. Makes driving a breeze.

- Becky M

The vehicle is great and I feel safe.

I really enjoy the comfort of the vehicle. It drives smoothly and makes me feel protected. I love the features of the hands free radio and Bluetooth. Taking off the top is pretty easy but can be time consuming. So far the car has been reliable and I feel safe on the road.

- Aurora M

Jeep Wrangler 2018 Sports edition.

Very sporty. Easy on the road. Great gas mileage. Very roomy and spacious for families. The doors are extremely heavy so do not try to detach doors on your own. Also, be sure to keep up with screws. All the pieces detach but are hard to figure out without instructions.

- Kenya D

Eye catching red jeep that makes you say wow.

My jeep has a powerful small engine. It has good acceleration and drives very smoothly. I enjoy the features of being able to take the top off and the four wheel drive. The color is also very eye catching and gets a lot of attention. The interior is very nice as well.

- Tina B

2018 jeep wrangler- luxury, sport, and comfort.

I love this vehicle. Super smooth drive with the new tires. Great backup camera, and comfortable for anyone in the car. Very spacious trunk space and plenty of leg room. The exterior is beautiful and with the new design really makes it feel more like a luxury vehicle.

- Noa Z

Go topless! Jeep wranglers are the way to go!

Absolutely love the jeep wrangler! Plenty of room for families, large 'trunk' space and the best part of all the tops come off in two separate pieces! Easy storage and strong enough to town a small camper, utility trailer. You can customize so it fits your lifestyle!

- Brandy W

Jeep awesomeness: I love the easy roof removal on the front half of the jeep.

The jeep wrangler is a great. It is a very smooth ride and does wonderful in the snow with the four wheel drive. The best feature is being able to take the front of the roof off without having to take the whole top off. It is fairly easy to take off and put back on.

- Kara T

The most important thing to know about Jeep Wranglers are their ability to go off road and handle all kind of driving environments.

I drive a Jeep Wrangler JK, Altitude edition. I've done several customizations to it, to make it more trail worthy. I like that this vehicle is one of the best SUVs for off-roading, and I love it's style. I dislike that it costs so much to keep it fueled up.

- Boss B

Easy to customize your vehicle.

The Jeep is everything I wanted it to be. Seats are comfortable, handling a dream. The only drawback is gas mileage. The car is so fun to drive. It handles great in the city and on the highway. You can parallel park with ease due to the great turning radius.

- Robbin W

It is a very enjoyable ride for daily commute and leisure.

Has great suspension, black finished paint with matching hardtop, v6 engine, 4 door, great sound system even with cover off, awesome off-roading, easy to clean black cloth interior, spacious, tools and screw compartment is really great, easy phone pairing,

- Janet P

Flowy ride for a nice cruise.

A lot of people say the jeep wrangler jk is uncomfortable and bumpy, but I think it is quite comfortable and not bumpy at all. The ride is actually quote flowy instead of bumpy. The car is a bit heavy so the drive is kind of slow but is nice for cruising.

- Ana T

Before buying a Jeep, people should know that it's not the most economical. The gas mileage is only around 15mpg and that can get very expensive.

First I love the look of the vehicle. The interior is black leather which is great because it's sleek but also easy to keep clean of dirt and odors. I especially love owning a Jeep Wrangler because it's fun to drive and can handle rough terrain.

- Rebecca M

We call are Jeep Gobi, since that is its color. We live in town and it is so maneuverable that driving in and out of traffic is really easy. Visibility is better than the last SUV we had.

The Jeep is fun to drive. We have only had it for a few months and have had no issues. It is amazingly comfortable and rides really good for a Jeep. Long trips are not difficult and the cabin is surprisingly quiet. It is a real value.

- Grady H

It's not a quick automobile, but it is versatile and will take care of your needs.

The size and durability make me feel safe and secure. The performance style gives me the peace of mind that I can handle most all road and terrain conditions. It's also nice to have a vehicle that makes you feel like part of a community

- Kev L

Cannot believe I waited so long to get a Jeep Wrangler!

It is the best car I have ever had. It is so fun to drive in the summer and the winter! It is cool and practical. And I can fit five people +2 dogs and suitcases! It is super fun with the top off but also cool with everything closed up.

- Katrina B

I would say that it is an enjoyable truck to drive and has been very reliable since I have purchased it.

My jeep wrangler is great because it is a truck which is higher off the ground than a sedan. I can also take the roof and doors off in the summer. My only complaints would be gas mileage and the noise it makes going down the highway.


I think it's important to know that my wrangler JK is awesome when it comes to going off road expeditions, I go on many road trips with my friends and normally we take my car since we believe that it is better for road terrain. My car has a lovely rustic feel, so when I'm driving I always feel like there's adventure around me.

I typically enjoy big cars and my Jeep is pretty elevated, the interior is very nice as well. The only thing that really bothers me about my Jeep is that it uses a large amount of gas but otherwise I get a lot of compliments on my car.

- Kimberly R

It is worth the money. Although you usually pay more for a jeep than some other cars, the safety, versatility, and dependability are definitely worth it!

My Jeep makes me feel safe when I'm driving. I know the vehicle is solid and built well. I also like the options to take off the tops and the doors in the summer. This makes driving around fun. I also think it is impressive to others.

- Rachel P

2018 Wrangler, is it the Jeep of the Future?

My 2018 Jeep Wrangler is a luxurious vehicle while being very popular. It is a reliable vehicle that gives me comfort and style. Very Modern interior and exterior compared to older years of the Jeep Wrangler as well as a smooth ride.

- Nicole F

2018 Jeep wrangler jk 4 door.

Buying my Jeep was the best decision I have ever made. I have done to many upgrades to count now ranging from wheels and a lift kit, to an Audio system and lights and I have loved every minute I have spent working on my Jeep.

- Max F

Nice new Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. Hard top is 200 lbs lighter than previous model.

So comfortable. Do not have to worry about getting stuck in snow during the winter months and getting stuck going to visit family. Fun for camping, hauling kayaks and canoes around and very safe and reliable vehicle.

- Molly L

Fun car tough car with no Luxuries

It's good car I do use more gas than any other car I had have they are very price and you get no extra like automatic locks or windows for the money you spend But it is a fun car if you want to go off road

- Theresa A

Love having the ability to take the top off.

Great truck. Love it. Gets lots of looks. Little pricey with gas. Love going on the beach and 4 wheeling. Very comfortable ride with lots of room. Great for storage and moving stuff. Able to pull trailer.

- Michael G

One of the most important things people should know about jeeps is that they are rugged and can take a lot of wear. They are kind of like energizer bunnies they keep going and going...etc.

Well first off the only choices that I had were 2018 and 2019 but mine is a 2007 JK and I still love it. It has has some problems over the years but is great for work and play and still runs pretty good.

- Jennifer K

Trendy/Nice looking vehicle for big city dwellers.

Perfect vehicle for the city since it takes punishment. Perfect size for finding parking in small spaces. Only drawback is that it's a bumpy ride. But would not trade it in for a more comfortable one.

- Luis R

that my car belongs to me and me alone. don't ask to borrow and don't mess with my music.

my new jeep is my dream car. It is all black and so sexy. The hard top comes off for those sunny days and the stereo is so booming. I just love it. Only small complaint is the gas mileage

- tanya o

My car is very comfortable and luxurious. It will last a long time and has only been owned by myself.

My vehicle is a tan four door jeep wrangler. It rides amazing and is four wheel drive with a soft too at the moment. The only thing I dislike is that the headlights are not automatic

- Megan K

I love my Jeep and you should too.

I love being a Jeep owner. It is a fun vehicle, and I love being part of the Jeep community. My only gripe is that I wish it was better on gas. Other than that, I love my Jeep.

- Brandon E

it's very reliable and safe. and you can make jeeps really your own with all the customization

i like how you can pretty much drive anywhere with a jeep, how customizable it is and how it looks. dislike gas mileage is pretty low and the stock suspension could be better

- bobby s

It actually rides smooth compared to what people think of when they think of a Jeep

I love everything about my Jeep! I love having the options of taking the t-tops out or taking the entire top off. I also like being able to customize it with different parts

- Missy M




It is a large vehicle, and can be difficult to park. Furthermore, there are quite a few blind spots.

It matches my personality perfectly. It is rugged but still classy, and i can store everything i need. The only downside is that the gas mileage is around 20 mpg.

- Andrew W

It handled very well in all conditions, but the gas mileage doesn't get you to far.

Really enjoy driving my Wrangler. I wish the it had a larger trunk area for groceries, gear, and other storage needs. Haven't had any real problems with it yet.

- Ali T

The flat windshields take a lot of damage from rocks and crack often

I love that it can handle going off road and the look it has on the street. I don't like how loud it is when I'm driving (I can hear planes above me outside).

- Vanessa G

Jeep Wrangler Hard Rock Edition

I have a jeep hard top, and I love it, but I wish when you spent that much to buy a hardtop it also came with a soft top. I have no other issues with my jeep

- Kerri T

It's loud inside when driving. Even with the hardtop on.

It's a fun car especially in the summertime. You can take the top and doors off to enjoy the weather. It's easy to clean. It's. It great on gas but it's fun.

- Ashley C

Very fun vehicle, well worth any small shortcomings.

Love having an open air vehicle. The top is a little difficult to handle at times. It is very capable off road. The gas mileage could be a little better.

- Marcia H

Great driving car and retains Its value very well.

It's everything that I want in a vehicle. Not too large or too small, decent on gas and lots of cargo space. Off Road capability and lots of modifications.

- Mike M

They are fun to drive reliable fully customizable and in all around the good vehicle.

I like that it is four-wheel-drive. I like that it is a soft top and a hardtop. It is fun in the summer. It is also great to get around in the winter time.

- Nick J

Fuel consumption. Can be noisy. Is expensive to customize.

I like that I can take the roof off and go to the beach or just drive. I like that I can customize it and make it mine. I wish it got better gas mileage.

- Thomas E

For a utility vehicle, it rides smooth and is easy to handle.

I love my new Jeep. It is a great size because it is not too small but not bulky. It is easy to handle and drives great. I love my unique color of it.


3rd Jeep I have owned...reliability ease of maintenance 4x4 I would not own any other vehicle

big great for tall drivers..nice stereo..4x4 is great feature for winter and camping and works great, except you use twice the gas when in 4 wheel drive

- Will D

it got 33' on it with a 3" lift

not to any problems.. but when I'm in a dusty area.. the wheel sensors will kick the slip lights on the dash but then they go out after about a half hr

- Jimi R

Sporty looking - fun to drive -.

Sounds like a piece of tin - is fun to drive but a bit to light. When you take a turn, you have to go extremely slow as it feels like it will tip over.

- Sarah D

The engine is very loud when running the AC. The manufacturer has assured customers that this is normal.

My Jeep has amazing new features that previous Jeep Wranglers have not. The hood no longer bounces at high speeds, and the back up camera is a bonus.

- Christy M

Jeep is now a way of life

Owning a Jeep is great! You can easily customize it to fit your personality. It's great to have the top down and doors off on a beautiful spring day.

- Brandon E

It's a classic vehicle that is rugged, fun, and dependable.

I like the dependability of my jeep. It is rugged, solidly built. It handles well. I like that it has some electronics by is not so computerized.

- Bren S

Fun to drive and own. Makes me feel connected to other Jeep owners.

No reliability issues. Very nimble vehicle due to short wheelbase. Fun to own. Great vehicle for one of my favorite activities - mountain biking.

- Randy C

I love it! I am ready for all seasons and weather conditions. I can go off road, take the top down, and drive in snowy conditions.

I like the look of my wrangler. It drives nice and has so many unexpected options. My favorites are the automatic starter and built in navigation.

- Danielle S

I love the changes that were made for the JL such as the backup camera and location of the rear windshield wiper. Such a small change but a huge d.

I love my Jeep Unlimited! I have wanted one since I was 16. I love the flexibility of being able to take the top off and feel the wind In my hair.

- Jacqui W

It's the car of my dreams! I've been wanting a red Jeep Wrangler since I was 16 and it is everything I dreamed it would be!

So far I love this vehicle. It is roomy and comfortable. I love being higher than most other vehicles and having four wheel drive capabilities.

- Theresa K

There is nothing like driving a Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is an awesomely unique experience. The design has many nice modern safety features, but does not sacrifice it's rugged roots.

- Robb H

They should know that my car will last me for many many years to come.

I love how sleek and great my jeep looks. I dislike the window system. I also very much love the radio system and the tire pressure system.

- Jackie M

You've got to own a Jeep at least once in your life!

No problems have come up since I have owned it. . . Great car and lots of fun!! Able to customize it to suit your taste and personal style.

- Barb C

It's a great quality car. Jeeps are one of the highest resale vehicles out there, only second to the Four Runner.

I love the color of my Jeep, Gobi. I love how high it sits off the ground. If I could add anything to my Jeep, it would be a backup camera.

- Meredith N

Gas mileage and it is easy to maintain.

Sporty-like. Gas mileage- dislike. Reliable- like. Cost- neutral. Fun to drive- like. Maintenance- like. Windshield attracts bus- dislike.

- Karen T

The performance in terrain is amazing.

It has a very heavy steering wheel but a very nice ride. Very easy to park. Nice handling. Would definitely buy again if I had the chance.

- Elvira G

It handles great off-road and in the weather. It's very durable

I like the look, off road capability and the fact that I can remove the top. I don't like that it comes with very little comfort features.

- David T

It is very unique. Very fun to drive any time of the day.

No problem with the vehicle. Its off-road capabilities are amazing. The ride is very comfortable. Along with driving experience is fun.

- Jeffrey H

My Jeep came with both a soft top and a hard top.

Everything is great minus the windshield which cracks from rocks. The car is great in bad weather. It has great clearance on the road

- Lauren C

Jeep Wrangler fun on and off road

Best vehicle ever. My first Jeep will not be my last. It gets about 20 mpg. It's reliable, fun, and I splurged for the updated radio.

- Amy M

If the jeep can't get you there don't go...

The Jeep Wrangler is no built for comfort but a 4 wheel drive vehicle the will get you to your destination in any weather condition .

- Bill P

It is short wheelbase so could easy turn over.

I just love a Jeep. I love that I can take tops and doors off. I can also take doors and wind shield off. It could be better on fuel.

- Melissa H

It's a big car that is family friendly and young friendly

I've always dreamed about having a Jeep growing up! It's awesome! I love being able to take the top off and having a big spacey suv!

- Monica M

Make sure you look around first

They car has no back up camera and also have the worst speakers known to mankind. The trunk space is tiny and it has horrible shocks

- Ceirra B

Very reliable! Fun to drive and own.

Can go places cars cannot. off-roading. Windshield is so upright that stones break and nick it and we need to replace it yearly.

- Sharon W

They have the best resale value among all vehicles on the market.

It is a soft top Jeep JK wrangler Sahara edition. I love it, except it could use a little more power but overall I love my jeep.

- Rodney M

The engine it made for last and the motor to run faster.

I like everything about it. I am sport person. I feel free I do not like the sound of my radio that the only that I do not like.

- Ana Rosa Gonzalez A

It is safe and reliable. It holds a good value.

I like that my vehicle is fun, but practical... I dislike that my vehicle has manual windows and does not get good gas mileage..

- Rachael R

It is such a fun car to drive!

I love my Jeep! It is fun and great for living in a beach town. My kids loving taking the top off and listening to music in it.

- Sarah C

The Jeep Wrangler JK: Full Review

The Jeep Wrangler JK is a great vehicle all around. It drives smooth. It comes with over 30 accessories. It is a great vehicle.

- Sebastian A

It rides smoother than I thought it would. I love it.

I like that it sits high up off the road. It gets me where I need to go. It gets better gas mileage than I thought it would.

- Lisa B

I love my Jeep! Very glad I went with a hardtop. Surprisingly quiet, even while traveling on the interstate. Gas mileage is not the best. Being a manual transmission helps but not that much. I have already started to customize it. Being able to replace part so easily is probably my favorite part. There are so many options to customize your Jeep to reflect your personality!

It's a lifestyle! Driving a Jeep admits you to a club that you don't sign up for. Make sure you wave to fellow Jeep owners!

- April A

The most important thing is that it is red.

There are no issues with my 2017 Jeep and I love it. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.

- Jenna B

One awesome good time with the Jeep

I do not have any issues with my Jeep it's 100% reliable and I drive it everyday I enjoy the off-road capability as well

- Manuel B

Looks cool but not worth the money.

When it rains the car gets rain inside. Poorly made. It's a brand new car and I couldn't believe how wet it gets inside.

- Sam G

It's not a rough ride like everyone thinks. It very comfortable.

I like the versatility the most. I can drive on the road or off road. I do not like the steering, it is too sensitive.

- Kevin B

That my Jeep is a stick shift.

I love my Jeep so much! Can be a bit pricey on the gas but still wouldn't give it up. I love that I drive a standard.

- Billie Jo M

If you keep up with the repairs it will need as it gets older it is great.

It can go anywhere. Everyone should own one. It is fun to drive. Take the top off. It is easy to drive. No dislikes.

- Steve B

It's an all terrain vehicle, if you want to bring it out you'll love it

I like almost everything, it's comfy and modern, the one thing I don't like is how things fall off in the Jeep

- Jade K

It's cool! Fun in the summer and reliable in the winter.

I love my vehicle. It is adorable! It is great in winter in the snow. It is fun in summer with the top off.

- Gina S

Handles the mountainous terrain very well.

Acceleration and handling off road. Interior is very nice. Best car I have owned. Good sound system. Leg room.

- Al L

Jeeps can be expensive especially the Sahara and rub icons.

Love my Jeep. Second one purchased. Great for hauling boats and good in the snow. Jeep not bad on gas either.

- Melissa D

Most amazing Vehicle Ever

It's wonderful. Best car that I have ever own. Wouldn't trade it for nothing. Highly recommend buying one.

- April F

Great in the snow and goes offroad well

Not great on gas but will go anywhere. Love to drive around without the doors and top. Very cool vehicle.

- Angela J

Mine Jeep Wrangler is customize to go off roading

Fun to Drive, Very good on all terrains. Not so good on gas. No recommended if you are big on going green

- Jose B

It's so suiting for my personality! It's been customized to fit my preferences!

I love my Wrangler! It's perfect for adventuring around the PNW and it's been a great community builder!

- Heather M

It goes anywhere - thru mud, snow or sand. Nothing slows it down.

My jeep is awesome. The color is fabulous. It is sporty and goes really well no matter what the terrain.

- Barbie L

you can take it off road and it drives well through the rain storms here

I love the look, the feel, and the off road capability. Gas Mileage would be the only thing i dislike.

- Jen D

I have it for everyday use and weekend fun.

Good handling and 4-wheel drive. Lots of room for guests and packing. I do not like the GPS navigation.

- David T

It's great quality inside and out the excellent quality I. Everything about it.

I love the styling, the way it drives, all the great features, and just as important, the Jeep brand.

- Cyn B

Go anywhere do anything how it should be.

Zero problems with 43000 miles, rides rough like a Jeep should so be aware if your not an off rodeo k

- Don W

Can take off the roof and take off windshield

The car is very very very very very good. Fun to drive off road. This car is a little uncomfortable.

- Nicholas C

It's right hand drive. It's a postal vehicle. Less than 10,000 miles

Right hand drive 4 door jeep. Makes my job easy. Wish the seats moved up and down and were electric

- Kimberly C

Jeep: Not just a 4x4 but the all American family favorite. Tough enough to go anywhere, quiet enough for a sleeping baby, spacious enough for the whole family.

I love my Jeep Jk. The ride is smooth and quiet. Spacious enough for a family of 4 with a car seat.

- Dana W

I have a 2018 Jeep Wrangler that the fan doesn't work very good. The 4 wheels are very good. The gas mileage is decent.

That my car accelerates at a decent amount. Also that you can customize it to your liking.

- Brandon R

It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand. It's the best there is.

I love the style. I love the reputation. I love driving it in snow. It makes me feel safe

- Jessica L

Happy Blessed Jeep is favorite

I love my Jeep. Tough steel Maintenence free (almost). I like the bumpy ride‼ï¸

- Jael Z

It's fun, easy to customize! You will love it!

Love accessories, tools, personalized items you can do, it's fun!! No complaints

- Daniel D

It had alarm system, satellite radio CD player hands free calling

Not a big enough engine.wish it had larger tires and more ground clearance

- Duane J

Super stylish, comfortable. Can take the top completely or partially off to enjoy the beautiful weather. Small enough so easy to park and maneuver

You can take the top completely off or partially off. Best of both worlds.

- Danielle B

I love that my jeep is unlimited. I can drive it in any type of terrain. It has large tires and a lift kit. It's a perfect family vehicle as well.

It's the perfect family car for me. It suits all of my family's needs.

- Kristin O

It will take care of most of your needs. All terrain and all weather

It is versatile and rugged. I feel safe and confident in my vehicle.

- Kevin L

it can go anywhere and has a great motor. the hard top can be removed to put a soft top on easily.

jeep is favorite vehicle to ride with with top down and on the beach

- russ e

It handles well and gets good mileage. Good to tow.

Easy and fun to drive. Great to tow. No dislikes or complaints.

- ric d

Leaks water in through the roof. Can't find the leak. Love the capability of the vehicle though

It's fun to drive and love that it's a convertible that has 4wd

- Sarah W

A jeep is too cool for words. It looks great, drives great and looks amazing.

It goes anywhere! Looks cool. Perfect power. Parks easily

- betsy s

Long lasting, durable, fun, great value, exciting.

No complaints. Love four wheel drive! Summer and winter fun!

- Ange W




if they like the outdoors this is the vehicle they should purchase

love offroading. nice smooth ride. very dependable

- martin m

Longtime jeep owner honest review of willys wrangler.

- Chris M