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Rugged, dependable friend.

Make no mistake, this is a jeep in its rawest form. Everything about this vehicle is rugged. It is loud, the suspension is very firm, going over 75 mph on highway is a bit daunting, electric windows are not an option, and it is a stick shift. I love it! I would not change a thing. To me, the jeep is the most beautiful car on the road. It oozes character, and somehow relaxes me while driving, (yes the seats are the most comfortable I have ever been in), but the jeep is more than that. It is the loved family dog you grew up with, an extension of yourself, a vehicle that will not let you down, and it will go anywhere. Buy it only if you are a safe driver. Buy it if you like to have fun. Buy it if you truly want to go where not many will be able. Just do not forget to wave when we pass each other.

- Alex W

4/5 stars! Love the amount of potential this vehicle has.

My Jeep wrangler is actual a 1997 but they didn't have that as an age option. I got it used 2 years ago and other then breaks, oil, nothing on this vehicle has broke yet. I did put a 2in lift on it for off-road use. Putting the lift on was really easy, the vehicle has a lot of space in the engine bay and undercarriage. So if you are a "do it yourself" person like me, then you'll really love a Jeep. It does have the 4. 0 strait 6 in it with a 5 speed manual transmission. I have never had an issue with a lack of power or getting stuck in any off-road situation I have been in. 4 out of 5 stars for sure. Why not 5? Because of the leg room in the back is not the best.

- Tod J

It is bright yellow and I got a Tweety Bird spare wheel cover for the spare tire on the back. They match nicely.

unfortunately my car after 18 years has rusted in the undercarriage so that it will no longer pass an inspection. I have had many good rides in this car. I like it better than the newer Jeep Wranglers. The newer ones are more like cars. If I had wanted a care I would not have bought a Wrangler. I think there were things the maker could have done to help this type of car last longer, although 18 years is a long time to keep a car. I have had to get seat covers. Also, the side mirrors had a problem with the paint peeling. It was great being able to ride around with the top off.

- Barbara Q

It is reliable and durable.

I love my car, regardless of any issue, maintenance for technical, it gets me from point A to point B. It is a reliable car, in the sense that as long as nothing is wrong with the battery or alternator, I know that it'll start and get me to where I need to be. It is durable, and it is a great car for the snow, because it can handle the harsh elements. It is a great daily driver, as my commute to school was over 40 miles everyday. The gas mileage could be better, but it is not as bad as some other cars.

- Sarah L

Cute and clean jeep for those who enjoy fun cars.

I LOVE my car. In overall appearance its super cute and clean. I have only ever had one problem with it's performance due to a hole forming in the steering pump and losing the steering fluid. It cost about $500 to fix which seemed pricey. Overall though the car runs great, it's not very bumpy and the ride is smooth. The actual mechanics of the car is also super simple and everything can be accommodated to this new eras life style ( Bluetooth compatible etc.).

- MacKenzie E

Jeep life. I have had a blast customizing it to fit my personality.

Love that you can customize a Jeep to fit your personality. Changing things from wheels, fenders, colors, decals, lifts, lights, tops, etc. Really makes it feel like the car is an extension of your personality. Yes you will spend a lot of money in customizations, however Jeeps have great resale value and last a lifetime. I plan on continuing to mod my Jeep out and hand it down to my son 16 years from now and then go buy a new one and start all over again.

- Timothy W

Convenient sized matchbox.

It is very short so it makes it easy to park in busy parking lots. It turns fast and gets good gas mileage. It is pretty comfortable and has good suspension. If I wanted to, I could go off road with it. The only downfall is there is not a lot of trunk space, but if I take the back seat out, I have a trunk. And during the summer I can take the top and doors off which makes it a nice beach vehicle.

- Courtney B

Jeeps are as much fun as they look! It is very versatile and fun to drive.

I've had the water pump replaced twice. The Jeep seems to run a little hot. I wear out Goodyear tires fast. It really only needs normal maintenance. The paint is still shiny after 20 years in TX. The engine is quick. It rides rough but does not rattle. I like to take the doors off but they are heavy. The soft top is stored because it is not worth the effort to use.

- Brian W

2000 White Jeep wrangler Sahara lifted about three inches

it is really great it has been running really well it has problems when the gas gets low but that is normal and also downshifting to second is a little tough. I just put some fuel injector fluid in because there is some moisture but it has been working well since. I need to get a couple things redone soon like the engine belt but that is normal for an older car.

- sunshine L

Car for the single adventurous

Durable car, exterior is tough metal, has long engine life. Not ideal for long distance driving, not ideal for driving in highways, Jeep wranglers before the year 2001, did not come equipped with AC. Heat is very powerful, good on gas, prone to rusting, not great for high speeds, not as comfortable and cozy as a newer car

- Edith B

The full metal body that is safe to drive and lasts forever.

I love the Jeeps body solid steel it was an investment one of the wisest I have ever made because I still have it after it was payed off which is a rarity. I love that I can make it a convertible during the summertime. I haven't had but one problem and it was with the clutch it was fixed for 5 bucks believe it or not.

- Jennifer G

Lots of fun, not fuel efficient at all

My Jeep is excellent for utility, speed, and leisure. It gets very poor gas mileage and is easily jerked around in the wind, especially on the highway. The cassette player has spontaneously stopped working. The trunk door fell off due to corrosion of the bolts in the hinges, and must be replaced with new hinges.

- Danielle K

Wrangler unlimited Rubicon

The car is a tank, and there is so much you can do with it physically like remove the doors, or the roof, and,you can buy a soft top, and a hardtop to swap out. Ride is a little rough to some people. I personally don't mind it. I never get stuck, and I drive through the woods and deep snow. The speakers are ok.

- Robert K

Jeep wrangler 2000- tan chrome.

It is great to go around town with. Meet friends go out to the movies dates man the back seat is great for that. If you know what I mean. I can do so much with the Jeep. Did I mention the back seat has lots of room. For all the bumping there is not many edges in the back seat but steering is great.

- Gage A

I love that I can change the hard top off and put the soft top on.

I have not had any surprise maintenance. I think as long as you take care of vehicles they will perform for a long while. I do regular fluid and regular oil changes. We changed the water pump, and spark plugs just recently. The jeep does not have a lot of get up and go, but I can take it anywhere.

- Jess H

My Jeep is my baby and we have such a good time together.

My Jeep Wrangler is navy blue with a tan soft top. It has 2 doors and plastic windows in the rear and the back seats. It is in good condition and only has 45, 000 miles on it despite being 18 years old. It gets regularly maintenance and is running great. The car has heat but does not have a/c.

- Kayla S

Two-door, blue Jeep wrangler.

My Jeep is a two-door, navy blue, soft top wrangler. Due to it being old, it has had some work such as replacing the water tank. It also has poor gas mileage, so I would not recommend it to someone who drives a lot. However, it is the perfect vehicle for cruising around in the summer.

- Sydney K

My buddy's Jeep from his POV!

It's a really smooth ride still. The jeep is old but it has been preserved pretty well. Recently I had to get the radiator replaced but nothing too major else has gone wrong with it. I love the fact that I can remove the doors and top on a hot day. Someday I might put a lift on it.

- FD K

Jeeps still great in all weather.

Has engine issues more frequently than I would want but the ride is still excellent. The mileage is not good by today's standards and has a low top speed but is great in bad weather. Can handle snow and rain well. The brakes are not great but to be expected with a car of that age.

- Windsor D

My favorite part about owning my Jeep is how much fun it is to drive.

Overall, I love my car and have had no major issues. However, one thing that I dislike about my Jeep is the gas mileage and how much I have to fill up my tank. Other than that though it's just normal maintenance like any other vehicle. Overall thought I would give my car a 8/10.

- Arthur C

Capability and Customization

Extremely reliable and capable vehicle. It is great as a daily driver, so long as you're travelling less than an hour. The Wrangler allows for so much freedom to whatever you want whenever you want with endless opportunity to customize the vehicle to whatever you want it to be.

- Will S

Versatile, fun to drive in the summer and winter

It's getting old it runs pretty good. Wrangler frames tend to rot especially with the New England weather, mine did but I replaced a few years ago. It's not great on gas but it's fun to drive. I have the hard top, soft top and the bikini top. I also just replaced the muffler.

- Alex C

It is an eye catching vehicle. It gets attention no matter where I go!

It gets rust along front panels but otherwise it is incredibly reliable. It is great in our New England weather because it is perfect for both winter with 4x4 and summer with the top off. The top can be switched for the season change as well which is an incredible feature.

- Stephanie P

If modifying the vehicle ensure you buy quality parts.

Jeep TJs are very easy to maintain and upkeep. The Jeep to is fairly economical, and drives well. The vehicle is easy to modify and add lifts and other accessories to. It is great off-road and does extremely well in adverse driving conditions. It gets poor fuel mileage.

- Cody H

It is rhino lined black. Has aftermarket tires and rims. Has a 2.5 in lift kit

It's rides rough and is lifted. It needs a steering stabilizer and a new steering rack. It has aftermarket tires and rims on it. Has a framed soft top. Has a brand new transmission in it and a oil leak on the oil pan. It needs to be aligned and needs a new engine.

- Anthony R

Love my Jeep best thing ever.

No problems I have had no issues with reliability or any other major problem with this car have always loved how easy it is to drive and would highly recommend it episode anybody in this world this is a lot of them is currently good evening joe this car will mama.

- Je A

2000 Jeep Wrangler (all original).

Problems have only occurred as of the year. Haven't replaced much since bought in 2012. Brakes, battery, blower motor, tires, rotors, shocks. And re-painted the plastic fenders and hardtop. Performs great, has been very reliable. Bumpy ride, but it is a Jeep.

- Megan T

Jeep Wranglers are AWESOME

I have had issues with a lot of things with this car, but nothing more than any other 20 year old car. I replaced the frame, the battery and many of other things. I do love how comfortable and cool it looks though. I love taking the top and doors off.

- Erin M

It is super cool to drive with the roof off.

I love that my car is an off road vehicle. I like that it is a manual transmission. It is a two-door vehicle that is small and compact. I dislike that it is old and cannot drive too far. I do not like that it is a four cylinder engine.

- Rebecca M

The vehicle will get you where you are going no matter the weather conditions.

It's a great vehicle to get me around town, to and from appointments and errands. Vehicle is good on gas milage both on the road around town and from State to state. The vehicle can sometimes ride hard, but it's a Wrangler.

- Robert N

It has new tires all terrain. New radio. New sub in it which is very nice.

Shaky when reaching high speeds. Use to leak washer fluid but got fixed. Air conditioner does not work that well. Very loud when driving because of ragtop. It is a stick shift so it is very cool and people like it.

- Mason O

More expensive than you would think

My Wrangler is about eighteen years old, it had a lot of problems when I picked it up, and was a pretty heavy investment, I love it but make sure you can afford some unexpected expenditures before you by one these

- Garrett S

Reliability, high quality construction.

Sets up higher than a car, can go on almost any terrain + gets decent gas mileage. Has not given me any mechanical problems so far + the body is metal + has been hit while parked with almost no damage to body.

- Patricia P

Very reliable and fun to drive.

2. 5 liter 4 cylinder with 5 speed manual transmission and soft top. The engine and drivetrain has been extremely reliable but is underpowered with the 32" tires when pulling hills / mountains or a trailer.

- Kevin K

The vehicle will get you where you want to go no matter weather conditions.

A very fun vehicle to drive, handles nicely. Is a very dependable vehicle, my go to during bad weather. Very economical vehicle, in town and on the road.

- Robert C

my jeep wrangler is the best

my jeep is very reliable during the winter, the 4 wheel drive works amazing. the only downfall is that it costs a lot of money to replace parts

- sam t

Why I love my Jeep as much as I do.

I love my Jeep because it is easy to see out of due to its large windows. It is easy to park due to its small size and good turning radius.

- Jennifer A

Jeep is the best. If you want fun and sporty with the benefits of luxury then I have the car you want

A nice green 4 door Jeep with nice big off road tires. They usually have mud on them from the great off road pleasures I had.

- Scott P

That jeeps are amazing and will run for 18+ years.

I love my jeep. I can take the top off. I know it will get me where I need to go. She is 18 years old and very reliable.

- Brittany H

Highly versatile vehicle but very few extras.

Good in all weather except high heat, very reliable also very basic creature comforts highly recommend this vehicle.

- Corey S

It's great on dirt roads and to travel in both long distance and locally.

I love the way it looks. I also love the way it holds up. I also love how nice they look both new and old.

- Geneva B

It is not the most comfortable ride.

It is versatile and fun for off roading. It is also good for commuting to work. It is also very economical.

- Cindy D

solid vehicle, gets me around. needs some upgrades,

is the right fit for me. good for warmer weather and off road

- jack j

It is very easy to drive and see out of so you are less likely to hit someone

Love how it drives. Easy to see out of. Small in size

- J A