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2005 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0-liter/6-speed

I bought the Jeep used with 150k on it already. Since I have owned the Jeep for two years I have only had to replace the fuel pump, cats, and steering stabilizer. I have a six speed and it seems really slow to my 4.0-liter that was automatic, but it does seem to be a bit better on fuel. They're rough vehicles, not for comfort more for fun. Only thing I have ever owned.

- Natasha T

Stock Jeep with stock features.

off-road handling is wonderful. My family has enjoyed trail driving and will continue to do so. This vehicle has performed above our expectations. Easy to remove canvas top. High clearance to the axles. Rugged design. Easy to keep clean. It has a very simple design and it easy to keep in good repair with inexpensive parts.

- David H

Jeep number 1 vehicle no other can match it.

Have only had to do maintenance no major problems drives and handles great. I would buy a Jeep again. It is a quality vehicle and very reliable. The Jeep promises all the things that they advertise and believe me it delivers those promises. When it comes to purchasing my next vehicle it will be another Jeep wrangler.

- Phyllis E

Jeeps a work in progress.

Check engine light comes on every 300 miles for evap even though its new. For an older car it drives smoothly. I wish there was more cargo space. It would be even better if it was an option to flip the back seat so passengers rode facing backwards. Hard tops should not be a 2 person job. I stuck with my soft top

- Jeanne P

Jeeps are fun for adventures!

My Jeep is very reliable and fun to use. I love to go off-roading and taking the top down. However, it is absolutely awful on gas and I typically spend $100-$200 every month, even if I only travel to work and school. Overall though, my Jeep has been very good to me and I couldn’t be any happier with it.

- Carlie B

It�s a fast moving car with amazing power under the hood

I really love my 2005 Jeep Wrangler. It can do everything I want it to do whether it's on the road or in the mud this car can do everything! With the sleek design and cool interior I don't think there's many cars that have the look and power of the Jeep. I couldn't do what I do without this amazing jeep.

- John S

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited- all weather durable car

The Jeep Wrangler is a great durable car that will make it through any weather condition. I am able to drive anywhere in the snow without problems with skidding or sliding. The gas mileage it pretty fair for an SUV. It is easy to drive as it is a very small car. However, there is little trunk space.

- Patricia H

Reasons why jeep is one of the best vehicle brands out there.

I absolutely love my jeep wrangler tj. I am a member of a jeep club in metro Detroit and am constantly beating the jeep up in the trails and have had absolutely no problems. Jeeps are great because you can build them anyway you want to. My wrangler is currently on 3.5 inches of lift.

- Ashlee D

Jeeps are great cars, and very fun to drive:).

Very nice car, but there are often issues regarding the car. For example, there are often leaks, the brakes often go out, and occasionally unreliable. But mostly a great car. Jeeps are very good cars, the inly thing is the mileage, highway and city, not great if you're on a budget.

- Cameron W

Great vehicle. Built very well.

Only problem I have had is thermostat. Other than that vehicle runs and looks brand new. Takes a while for the inside of the jeep to get cold. A.C. Is cold, it is just the hardtop that makes it warm in there. No insulation on the hardtop.Just a little road noise when driving.

- Luis R

Owning a Jeep gives Michiganders just one more reason to enjoy the very few short months of nice weather we are able to have!

The Jeep I own hits all bumps very hard. There is not a lot of "give" with the suspension. I have had to repair each U-Joint at some point throughout owning the vehicle. That said, I have never been so happy with any vehicle I've ever owned. I can't wait to buy a new one.

- Megan S

yellow light comes on and sometimes it goes away by changing gas and making sure the cap is on tight

Yellow light comes on have to change the gas line steering wheel seal leaks constantly enjoy driving ii and 314000 miles the jeep has treated well. excellent riding for the winter new tires every 50000 miles brakes are done when scheduled to do so

- Dianne c

Jeeps make great off-road vehicles.

Jeeps are great!! They are reliable and safe vehicles. They make wonderful everyday vehicles as well as amazing off-road vehicles. They have a decent amount of room for cargo. If you have some experience as lot of the maintenance you can do yourself.

- Katherine C

Jeep Wrangler gal for life! Living life with the top down!

Death wobble was the only problem. I have been so happy with the comfort, reliability, and capability to go off tossing and tow safely. I love the combined soft top and hard top. Easy to do self maintenance and oil changes.

- Julia A

My Jeep is very fun to drive. My dogs love it too.

I love my Jeep because I can take it anywhere. Through snow or mud, mountains to the beach. I can always take the doors off and top off in the summer. My dislike is that it burn through gas very fast and costs a lot.

- Carson G

It does not hold up to New England Winters very well, with rusting of components, frame and body panels

I like the color options for the interior, and that the interior is very functional. I like the availability of accessories for the model. Complaints would be about how the suspension wears out prematurely

- DJ S

Jeeps are fun to drive, you can take on or off road. Ride with the top on or off and they have great power

Rough ride, but it is expected in short wheel base. I love this vehicle, fun to drive. It does start hard on hot days, but is very dependable if you take care of it and service regularly as recommended.

- Brenda H

It is a great value for the money.

I love that I can take the doors and roof off to enjoy the fresh air and sun. I love that it is versatile for off road and regular driving. I dislike how expensive it is to replace the tires.

- Lee S

It is easily tipped over, and you cannot see very well while trying to maneuver.

It has good maneuverability, can take the top off of it for summer and parks well, I do not like that there are large blind spots, it shakes when going over 60mph and is very loud.

- Makayla M

Rust it is incredibly hard to avoid especially where there is salt

Over all I like it. Comfortability is there except for the back seats. There is a common issue is the turn signal switch harness melts. The heat is coming from the steering column.

- Josh H

Don't go too fast, it can tip over. Warning signs on sun visor. Dangerous

Love my Jeep.. It is fun, reliable and pretty much maintenance free. It has four wheel drive for icy weather and a soft top you can take off for the summer. Love my Jeep!

- Donna K

Keeps do hold value, but there are a lot of repairs along the way.

As they get older they leak a lot. Multiple repairs for gaskets on power train. Rusted out transmission linkage, brake failure, and rust problems on frame.

- Linda L

It tends not to brake very well when the roads are wet

I love the off road capability and being able to take off the top in the nice weather. I dislike how loud the road noise is while driving with the top on.

- Annalea K

Jeep Wranglers do not get good gas mileage and have some issues occasionally, but if you love Jeeps, you love Jeeps,

I love Wranglers and always have. We've had some mechanical issues but nothing major. I would highly recommend a Jeep Wrangler. Great American-made cars.

- Anna C

I turned over 55,555 miles today on my 2005 Wrangler! Yes, I drive it every day.

I Love my Wrangler! I feel comfortable and safe while driving or 4 wheeling. Easy to maintain, have not had to replace much besides the battery.

- Coleen G

It's very rugged and good for getting around in. I think it's fun to drive.

It's a right hand drive car so it's complicated to go through drive thrus and such. I like that it has 4WD and is easy to park.

- Libby W

Right hand drive 2005 jeep wrangler 4wd.

It is a right hand drive vehicle that was a former postal vehicle. It's had several transmission but still gets around well.

- Beth S

Jeep Wrangler. The best fun vehicle ever built

Jeeps are great. Convertible top with four wheel drive is awesome. 6 cylinder engine has lots of power and is very reliable

- Charlie P

It's totally fun to drive. Taking the top and doors off is as close to riding a motorcycle on the road as you can get. But way safer.

I love taking the top off on nice days. I like that it's four wheel drive and rugged. Not super pumped about gas mileage.

- Jeff F

Very gas efficient for its size.

I can take my jeep on the beach. It looks cool. It is a fun ride. I can take the top down. I can take the doors off too.

- Susan H

Jeep Wrangler- Reliable but rusts easily

The bottom of the car rusts very easily, and if not caught quickly, can cause the entire car to go! A very reliable car

- Alice D

It lasts forever, is easily maintained, and holds its value.

You can park anywhere. It holds anything you need to transport. It's easy to work on. It holds its value very well.

- Tammy V

That it got me to where I needs to be.

It is a little worn and old since it is a used Jeep. The breaks were terrible and the air wouldn't work.

- Alex S

It doesn't handle wind well. It loves climbing rocks.

It will go anywhere. I love the rag top. Riding on the beach or in the mountains. I feel free.

- Paige G

that it is pretty strong & hauls a lot of stuff & gets into & out of hard places

we just need something bigger with 4 doors & also cargo space for travelling for a family of 4

- joselynn t

It is very easy to maneuver in parking lots because of the short wheel base.

I love that you can drive through virtually any type of weather. Great four wheel drive.

- Angela C

It is safe and all mine and I love her.

I love how it rides. It is fun and comfortable. Only bad part is it uses a lot of gas.

- Delilah L

It will get me where I'm going with little fuss and bother.

It is dependable. It is good for driving in snow. It gets pretty good gas mileage.

- Thomas J

It's 4 wheel drive and it's paid off

I like that it's reliable and has 4 wheel drive. I dislike the noise when driving

- Christopher S

It's a jeep & rugged & tough

where it van go what it can do & how it handles but need a 4 door better

- stephen J

It plows through snow in the winter

I love the four wheel drive, it goes anywhere anytime of the year.

- debra n

This vehicle is durable and a reliable method of transportation

I dislike the stick shift when in traffic. I like the smooth ride.

- Alison B

My jeep wrangler has been very reliable as long as I keep up with the maintenance, lately the coolant has been leaking due to a hole in the hose but that's normal jeep wear, it's not lifted and doesn't have any special suspension but still does really well off-roading, it gets about 15-20 miles per gallon.

Jeeps hold their value overtime as long as they are kept up with.

- Colby S

I love the shape and how long it lasts. I love the resale value and that I can go anywhere.

The versatility of it. It's great for single people or families.

- Tessa T

when there stuck due to a snow storm, bad weather or something where normal vehicles cant handle. I am on the road driving :)

very reliable, but lacks comforts that most vehicles have

- john L

it is not good for a family with a lot of kids

this car takes me anywhere i want to go on and off road

- jordan M

Fun to drive, especially off-road

Four wheel drive. Trail rated. Soft top.

- Mark W