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Driving a 6-speed Jeep Wrangler is sporty and a fun way to feel young again.

The 2006 Jeep Wrangler is a long bed vehicle with a soft and hard top. Changing to either top is a big problem and will need two to three people and several different types of tools to complete the process. This will take 2 to 3 hours to complete. The fenders tend to fade over time, going from black to grey and should be routinely cleaned with something like "back to black". Have had problems in the past with the emergency brake not holding but was an easy fix at the Jeep dealership. After 12 years of ownership the protective top coating of the body paint is starting to peel. Other than that, the paint job is still shining. Because of the flat windshield, tends to get numerous cracks from road debris. All Jeeps tend to ride rough, this is not a smooth riding vehicle. Because of the square shape to the Jeep, tends to sway in high winds. Dropping anything down the driver or passenger side seats will be hard to retrieve without getting out of the vehicle and pulling the seats forward. Outside mirrors have to be manually adjusted. Fog lights tend to crack easily and need to replaced at least once. The good points are numerous. The bucket seats for both driver and passenger are comfortable and easy to clean. Steering is easy. The sporty feel of a 6 speed makes it fun to drive even in heavy traffic. After pulling up the back seats there is ample room for a lot of items in the back. The back lift-up window with a side open back door makes it convenient to load items. After 12 years of ownership have not had any major motor or mechanical problems. With proper and routine maintenance this Jeep Wrangler, with 120, 000 miles, still looks new and drives exceptionally well.

- Minna W

Once you drive a wrangler, everything else is boring.

Best car I have ever owned! I also have the 97 wrangler and I really like that the seats are a little lower. As a daily driver, it feels a lot like driving a mix of a powerful go kart or mini monster truck! If your mechanically inclined it is a dream car. If you are not, i'd learn a thing or two. The car is extremely reliable and will allow you to drive it into the ground. But if you know what to do, you can keep it running 300k miles.

- Alex D

Jeep Wrangler: build it your way, just save some money for gas.

I love that it is off-road and a convertible; however, it uses a lot of gas. I am discouraged from driving a lot because it cost too much money to fill it up every week. My income does not support the amount of money I spend in gas. I do enjoy that I can upgrade it in so many different ways. With Jeeps, the ability to customize is almost endless, so I can build it up however I wish.

- Mira S

Great versatile jeep wrangler unlimited.

We bought a jeep to tow behind our RV and to drive on beaches and deserts in our travels. It is a soft top which gives us a lot of versatility concerning open air driving. We have not had any major problems with the vehicle and it serves us well in all situations. We have been able to get as much as 18 mpg but sometimes only 15 mpg.

- Sue A

Sporty Durable Jeep Wrangler RHD

My Wrangler is sporty and fun to drive. The short wheelbase does make for a bumpy ride. In 4 wheel drive it pulls me out of any tough situations I find myself in. The A.C. currently doesn't work, but windows down and all is good. It has a great heater in it for those cold winter months. It gets 15 mpg on highway. 12 mpg in town.

- Nannette G

Quality vehicle for the long haul.

The gas consumption is pretty high. I'd appreciate a more conservative gas consumption from a this vehicle. Comfort level is high. No issues with performance other than pick up is pretty slow but it is expected. Has always been reliable and let's me know what needs to be maintained, if not it is pretty easy to find out.

- Brittany G

Overall my wrangler has been an outstanding vehicle.

I have had no problems with my jeep wrangler. It handles rough roads well as it gets decent gas mileage for having oversized tires. It does not hesitate to get out and up to speed on the highway. It is fun to drive and everyone notices you on the road. The interior is comfortable and very durable.

- Dakota T

I love having a wrangler that I can take the doors off of.

It's an amazing vehicle really. I have had a few issues, but only one has to do with the actual vehicle. There's something called a 'Jeep wobble' which affects jeeps made before 2007, and it caused my steering wheel to shake uncontrollably if I hit speeds over 60mph. Thankfully, I got it fixed.

- Lauren M

Iconic Jeep wrangler through the ages.

I love my Jeep . All of the problems and recalls have been performed at this point since I bought it new in 2006. I love the iconic body style and shape which has been a Jeep trademark since ww2. I do all the recommended maintenance and it has turned out to be very reliable for my purposes.

- Anthony F

Upgrading parts is easy. Fun to drive.

Gets terrible gas mileage. It is also very loud on the highway. Other than that the vehicle is very reliable and I have had very few issues with it. I could easily say it is one of the best vehicles I have ever owned. The upgradability is also awesome thanks to the aftermarket parts world.

- Ian P

Love my jeep!! I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I have owned my jeep for about 9 years and have not had any major problems as long as you do regular maintenance, it is a 4 cylinder not very fast but I get decent gas mileage and can go just about anywhere love that I have the option of taking off the top when the weather permits.

- Lisa B

You can take the top off easily.

Though the gas mileage is pretty terrible the summers are amazing, being able to take the top off a drive around in the sun is amazing. It's not the most comfortable but not the least either. I haven't rain into to many problems considering the age. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Scott G

An all around great vehicle!

So far it has been an excellent vehicle! I have enjoyed driving and it has been reliable, comfortable, an all around great car. I would consider purchasing another Jeep in the future, it is the car for me! Fun to drive, reliable, comfortable. Spacious, modern, versatile auto!

- Linda L

Top down, doors off, summer fun.

Love the simplicity of the Jeep, while I am unable to fix more complex issues I am able to do simple fixes with simple tools. The ride is not exceptionally comfortable but the feeling of having the top down and doors off is great. Very low maintenance and extremely reliable.

- Sarah A

2006 blue Jeep wrangler 4 door.

I love my Jeep! It is the best car I have ever had. I do not have any troubles with it and the gas mileage is what would be expected with a Jeep. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new car. I have a 2006 and it still drives like new. I recommend this car.

- Kaitlyn B

it handles nicely and is great for road trips

I love the way my car drives, it's smooth and I like the vintage look that comes along with owning one. Great for road trips with friends, my dog loves it. My family loves it also. Love taking it to the beach. A great car for outdoor activities, would recommend.

- olivia B

Blue, loud, lifted beauty.

Vehicle is reliable, only issue I have had so far is replacing the oil pan but that was a me mistake and not really an issue with the car itself. Comfortable leather seats that are hard for me not to fall asleep on and overall enjoy just being a Jeep person!!

- Rowan H

Jeep wrangler, the most dependable American vehicle.

My jeep has been very reliable. Outside of normal maintenance, I have had no major problems. The vehicle goes anywhere I need it to, on or off the trail. I recommend anyone that is considering a dependable, on/ off road vehicle to consider a jeep wrangler.

- Anthony B

It is a Harley Davidson special edition.

It needs minor work but overall, it is a reliable vehicle, it is a special Harley Davidson edition. It has some scratches and rust in spots. It has no trunk room but it has a trailer hitch. It is small. It has four wheel drive. It has lights on the front.

- Elizabeth M

It is paid for and I can not afFord a car note at this time.

I like that my car is easy to drive and that I can take it almost anywhere because it is four wheel drive. I like it is simplicity. I like that I can customize it (taking the roof off, adding a lift). And jeeps are classic. They only get cooler with age.

- Johanna M

It is a jeep and not a sedan. Do not expect it to ride like a sedan.

I love everything about my jeep except that sometimes I have an occasional rider who is elderly and complains about how difficult it is to climb in or out of the vehicle and when riding they feel rather cramped as in not enough room to feel comfortable.

- Tony F

The 2006 wrangler was the last truly simple Jeep made.

I like the 4x4 capability of the vehicle. I also like the old-fashioned engineering that is behind it with it's strong solid axles, old but tried and true engine design and few computer nannies. Just about the only thing I dislike is the fuel economy.

- sebastian A

It has always gotten me where I needed to go.

I do not need 4 wheel drive much but when I do it is available. The vehicle sits high enough that oncoming headlights do shine directly into my eyes. I did not like that the company did not stand behind their body rust warranty.It is fun to drive.

- David T

2006 Jeep Wrangler, great lasting vehicle!

I bought this Jeep new. It has traveled all up and down the west coast and across the us. It has 1000, 000 miles + and still runs great! The soft top is still in great condition. If anything happens to this Jeep I will fix it. Love this Jeep!

- Nina K

The brakes are touchy and it does not do good on dirt roads.

My Jeep is not very reliable and breaks down quite often. It also is not a very good vehicle to own when you have children since it is only two doors. I love it though because it is bright yellow and it has a lot of custom made parts on it.

- Jessica H

I love my car. I think it is getting old as it was the same car I had in high school! It could use a hard top and some fixes on the paint. Certain things are always breaking down but that's the life with a Jeep Wrangler!

I love my Jeep! I don't think drivers of any other car can boast of such a fun user base - not a day goes by where I don't throw a couple peace signs to fellow Jeepsters or receive a few in return!

- Alyssa C

The amount of aftermarket parts is a carry nice plus to owning a jeep.

Wranglers are by far the best vehicles. I've had 3 and have loved every one of them. Gas mileage isn't that great but it's worth it if you commit and make it your own with customizations.

- Logan M

One amazing thing about Jeep is it is so customizable.

It is a Jeep, if you've ever heard of Jeep problems you know exactly what I am talking about. It has its problems and needs fixing sometimes but it's all about taking care of your car.

- Parker B

It's engine & drivetrain combo is the most sought after setup in the automotive world

I love my Jeep TJ! It's off road capabilities are matched by none being a factory vehicle. The engine is the most reliable gas engine on the road, even when compared to some diesels!

- Collin K

Very good for moving many things really. Use it to transport my pc to friends houses for LAN parties.

Driven well for about 5 years. Has had dash false warnings for about a full year. Multiple mechanics have confirmed they're not true, and that they're faults with the vehicle.

- Bob F

The engine is great but the main board can be expensive and is a common issue.

I like the style, durability and the removable soft top. It is basic. I do not like that it is costly to maintain. I do not like that it rusts. I do not like the death wobble.

- Patt T

Love my jeep. Go anywhere you like it will get you there and back

I love my jeep, it is small easy to get in and out of parking. I can go anywhere in my jeep. very good in the snow take the top off in the summer and have some fun

- Connie C

Dream vehicle for offroading. Perfect combination of a convertible and SUV - best of both worlds.

Con - It's loud on the freeway so conversations can be challenging. Rarely have to take it to the mechanic for anything other than regular maintenance issues.

- Jennifer S

It is not very kid friendly.

This is the best off roading car we have ever owned. We also use it for regular day to day driving and have never had a problem with Its reliability.

- Maddie W

i can take the top off in nice weather

Nothing better than a hot summer drive with the top off. It's a small vehicle so easy to park and drive and it looks pretty awesome as well.

- Scott F

The good and the bad of driving a jeep

It's hard to get into but comfortable once inside. The fuel economy on this jeep is fairly good considering its lifted and big tires.

- Tim W

It has the straight 6, not the wimpy v-6.

I like the utility and rugged ride. I like smooth automatic and cold a/c. I don't really like the gas mileage, both city and highway.

- sam J

Take care of it and check everything.

The only problem I have really is the gas mileage and had to replace my rear differential other than that I have had a lot of fun.

- Tyler J

It does not have many creature comforts.

I like that it can drive anywhere i need to go, that it is compact, and that it is reliable. I dislike that it is loud and rough.

- Jonathan P

Nice style and fun to drive.

I love my lifted jeep wrangler. It is fun to drive. It is great with the top and doors off. It is a pain to take the top off.

- Robin S

Fun and lovely looking jeep. If you want compliments, you'll love this model.

Sporty and fun, soft-top vehicle. Can be noisy when traveling on a highway. Compact and enjoyable to drive.

- David O

Jeeps go everywhere. Back roads and highways. Best buy for sure

I love my Jeep Wrangler. Having the dual hard and soft top is a great feature. It is a Jeep life forever.

- Adam D

Its great. It's not a gas hog I get 19 miles per gal. On the freeway.

I like it's size. I like it's turning radius. I don't like it's gas mileage. I do not have any complaints.

- Susan S

It is MY Jeep. Leave it alone and don't touch it or I'll get mad

I like my Jeep because it gives me the feeling of freedom. I like the convertible and off-road capability.

- Robert G

Love my Jeep Wrangler! Highly recommend.

I love my Jeep it is reliable and comfortable and love the 4 wheel drive, I recommend this car to anyone.

- Lauren B

I feel safe driving in it.

I like that the Jeep is fun to drive and very easy to maintain. I wish it was better on gas mileage.

- Eve G

"It's a Jeep thing." There are problems with this car, but it is so fun to drive that the problems don't matter.

My Jeep is a lot of fun to drive, but it come with some inherent Jeep problems, and it rusts easily.

- Mike B

It's a stick shift. If it's not a stick it's not a Jeep.

I love the offroad feeling. The fact I can take the top off. And that it gets the women's tops off.

- Rj S

It is the last of Its kind

I love the way it handle. I love the simplicity if jeeps. I love how versatile my jeep is.

- Larry T

It rides rough and fuel mileage sucks. But it is extremely fun.

Love the off road and 4 wheel drive. Love the 6 speed. Hate the fuel mileage.

- Amanda M

American icon to have fun

great in snow, lots of fun can be customized to your own specs icon

- jay P

It rides rough. Not the best for long drives. Fuel mileage is crappy.

Love four wheel drive and off roading. Dislike the fuel mileage.

- Amanda M

It's the most reliable vehicle on the road. No other vehicle can compare to how tough, rugged and dependable a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is.

Durability, easy to work on, reliable, consistent, never fails.

- Michael j