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Does your Jeep have a death wobble issue?

I love my Jeep , it is fun to drive, comfortable and it has the nav system so I will not get lost. It has both a hardtop and a soft top that we have enjoyed for years. It drives easily, has a pretty comfortable ride to it, the stereo system is good quality, the steering wheel tilts and the hazard lights are easy to turn off and on, should you require them. It is spacious enough to haul grandkids and groceries and even our pets have enjoyed riding in the Jeep . I have gotten so many compliments on it and only have one issue I feel needs to be mentioned. We discovered some years ago that when you get up to about 40mph the front end started to shimmy quite badly. Something called 'death wobble' and I'd not ever heard of this prior to us experiencing it for ourselves. It is frightening and feels like you got a couple flat tires, that is how severe the wobble was. After doing quite a lot of research online, my ex-husband learned about the problem and we were able to take it in and have it resolved. This issue occurs in only a few years of the Jeep s currently on the road so it would be worth it to ask specifically about death wobble on a Jeep you might be interested in purchasing, prior to the purchase. Other than that- no problem with our Jeep .

- Angela W

Adventure and fun rolled into one vehicle.

It (3. 8l) has an oil consumption problem, but if you check the oil on a regular basis, it does have potential to last a long time (mine has 195k currently). Other than that, I love how reliable it is in the snow (love the fact that you can shift into 4WD instead of pushing a button on the dash), very fun to drive and bought it because I wanted an SUV and a convertible in one. I did not buy this for fuel economy, so even though that is a big complaint I have seen and read, I made my decision on versatility on and off-road, not how many miles to the gallon I can get. I also bought it because it is an American icon and I always wanted one and the fact that Jeep still offers the manual transmission in their vehicles. This vehicle was designed to go off-road, anyone who buys a wrangler for anything other than that and with high expectations of fuel economy, smooth ride/handling, and luxurious interior will be in for a rude awakening. I love my wrangler.

- Gretchen M

Will never drive another vehicle in my lifetime.

Normal wear and tear on vehicle. Watch out for the death wobble which ended up being ball joints and bad shock. Performance is up does what you want to do. Climbed up hills and slowly climbed a rock hill. Does pretty good through large puddles on the road never bogged out even when the water was up to the doors. Not recommended lol but sometimes you have no choice. Have not had problems starting in sub zero weather always made it through the snow and over and above performance. Best vehicle I have ever owned. Not as comfortable as I hoped but it will do and features is I have a rag top easy to take down and place back up. Take doors off and window down love it.

- Peg P

Love my jeep! Such a fun vehicle to have.

I love my jeep wrangler. But there are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a jeep. The gas mileage is awful.. It is just the way it is. It is a very reliable vehicle, easy to work on; there are a lot of options for customization. It being a big steel tank makes it very safe. It is a comfortable vehicle however some people may have trouble climbing in. I have a car seat in the backseat and it makes the front passenger seat a little cramped. There is not a lot of fancy features in my 2008 jeep wrangler but the newer ones are getting more and more features. The jeep wrangler was my dream vehicle. So much fun to drive and customize.

- Kat L

2008 Jeep wrangler with 250, 000 miles runs great!

I love my Jeep wrangler. My dad bought it new is 2008, the first year the 4-doors were out. It has been on the road for 10 years now and still runs great. We have taken it everywhere from across the state to back roads through the woods. We have had a couple of issues with it but nothing too serious. You can expect a car with 250, 000 miles to run perfect! The only issues we've had were a cracked fan, which was a result of off-roading and a cracked fender which was caused by the same thing. It is the perfect vehicle for me and my dog. It runs amazing, it is comfortable and it is well built. What more could you want!

- Madeline C

Jeep Wranglers are Reliable

I recently purchased my Jeep Wrangler and I am in love with it. The handling of the vehicle is perfect and I never have to worry about driving in bad weather again. Although it does ride a little 'bumpy', the overall experience is superb. Having a Jeep is being part of a great community. There are so many customizable options for a Jeep. You can take the doors and top off, lift it, light kits, etc. Another great feature is being able to tow things behind you such as a camper or a trailer. If you are even considering getting a Jeep, do it. You will not regret it when it lasts you twenty or more years.

- Collin R

The worst experience of a lifetime.

My vehicle has not been very reliable. I have had any and every problem you could imagine. From the tires to the engine. The very first problem was the radiator and that was expensive. Then the major problem was in the transmission. The jeep just stopped moving when going into drive, it would only move when in reverse. In other words, when you put the shifter in the drive gear it will not move, it just sits still running up rpm's. While in reverse gear, there's absolutely no problem. There's no smoke or smell or noises, but it has been the worst experience and I will never get another jeep.

- Hillary L

Tops and doors come off in an easy fashion!

I love my Jeep wrangler. It is perfect for both the summer and winter months. In the summer you can transform it into a convertible type where you can take the doors and the top off. Then in the winter it has four wheel drive and it is nice and safe in the snow. The only thing that can be improved is the gas mileage. The best gas mileage I have hit is where it has gone to 21 mpg but in the winter it can get down to 13 mpg. So if you have money to spare for gas this is the best car for you. Highly recommend.

- Cecilia L

Customizable and reliable.

My jeep has been very reliable, especially in bad weather conditions. The engine is underwhelming; I cannot accelerate very quickly. I appreciate the cargo space and the ability to fold down the back seats for more space as needed. One of my favorite features is the ability to remove the roof/doors. I like that I can choose to remove small panels from the roof to create a sunroof, or remove the roof entirely. The ability to customize my jeep easily is also nice.

- Stephanie B

I love that there are so many parts for my Jeep that I can make it my own.

Problems: cracking cast iron header on the drivers side. Once I replaced with headers it was fine. Leaks in the soft top, there is no real fix for that. Performance: lack luster engine (no power) cast iron block engine from a minivan. Reliability: great, always runs. I never have to worry that it is going to leave me stranded even with over 100k miles on it. Comfort: it is a Jeep. Features: model x so manual everything. Less to go wrong.

- Eric D

I'll always be a Jeep girl!

I absolutely love owning a Jeep wrangler. Mine currently has a soft top on it, and I love having the ability to take the top off on a nice day whenever I want to. The inside is spacious and comfortable. My older model can ride a little rough after seeing a lot of wear and tear. I will say that having a soft top means that driving can be quite noisy inside the car, especially on the highway. However, if you a Jeep person, it does not really bother you!

- Nicole R

My vehicle is black and has regular tires for a Jeep.

I love my vehicle. The only downside is that I drive a lot so I have to fill up on gas pretty often. It also does not accelerate well, but does great in snow. The car is comfortable in my opinion and I think to others as well. You can also take the top down on a warm and sunny day and its great. It features Bluetooth connection and a great sound system. Everybody loves the sound system. It is a reliable car but not exactly a safe car.

- Rachel K

It's a bumpy ride so you have to be ok with feeling all the bumps on the road.

What I love about driving my Jeep wrangler is that it is higher up and when I am driving I feel like my vision of the road and my surroundings is clearer. I also like the ability to take off the roof and doors although I don't do it often. What I don't like is how often it requires gas and to fill it up all the way it costs me $52. In my opinion It's a really great car for more of local destinations, not so much traveling.

- Fiona Q

It has great pulling power. It is easy to drive and a lot of fun to own.

I live out in the country and during rainy season I need a vehicle that has the power to get me thru the mud. I love my Jeep Wrangler. When I need to I can shift it in 4 wheel drive and I don't have to worry about getting stuck. It has the pulling power I need to haul a trailer or to pull a tractor out of the mud. I can fold the back seat down and have plenty of room for groceries or to load up my dog and go for a ride.

- Cyndi H

Jeep Wrangler- not a grocery store car!

My wrangler is a manual transmission and it can be a bit of a bumpy drive! A Jeep is not the kind of car that you want to take down the road to go to the grocery store, it's supposed to be bumpy fun and exciting! I have mainly aftermarket parts on but that's part of the fun! You can customize the car so it's just the way you want it to be! My car has gotten me out of some tricky situations! 10/10 would recommend!

- Hannah S

Dream car for extreme sports athlete.

My Jeep is not very comfortable, but then again it is not built for comfort. It is very sturdy, and I take it to lake Tahoe a lot. I love to drive it in the snow, as I am an avid skier. It is fun to take the top off, as it is very easy to do so. The only cons about having a Jeep wrangler are the gas mileage, comfort, and cost of replacing tires. Mine currently has over 100k miles and it is still running great.

- James M

Great fun. Always new adventures every time you get in this jeep

Love my jeep. I never have to worry about getting stuck. Traveled up Pikes Peak took some trails off road and 4wd made it so easy to climb the rocks and not get stuck. The options for jeeps is endless. I can change everything about my jeeps appearance. Last month I changed my grill and lights. My husband didn't even need to help Gas mileage is definitely a downfall. I have had some electrical problems.


The yellow topless Jeep rubicon

A Jeep Wrangler is for the outdoors adventure type of person. It is very reliable and hold their value. You can take the doors and the top off in the summer months and enjoy the wind. The only problems I have are with aftermarket parts nothing that can stock on the Jeep. You can get automatic or standard, automatic doors and windows, heated seats and much more. Put a hardtop on in the winter.

- Cody B

The Jeep Wrangler is built for your family, your life, and your adventures.

What I like most about my Jeep Wrangler is that it is good for off road adventures. It allows me to take my family on back roads and to adventure into places I would not be able to take the average automobile. I also enjoy being able to take the top and doors off for a different driving/riding experience. The thing I dislike the most is having to do a lot of maintenance and repairs on it.

- Trixie L

All in all it is a fun little ride. Good sound system.

We bought this vehicle used. Bought before researching. No problems really considering vehicle is 10 years old. Has been reliable. Performance is main issue. Absolutely no power. We live in the Ozarks with plenty of hills and small mountains. Seems like such a strain on the engine when driving on a highway going up. Not comfortable if you are traveling 2 or more hours.

- Kelly S

Oil heaters and hard and soft top issues

My jeep wrangler is pretty good. Some of the issues I have with it is that to take off the too it is extremely heavy for one person and everything they sell to take it off is very expensive. Then to buy a soft top for a really good one it is like 1500 dollars which for someone who works for minimum wage it's kind of hard to afford it. Also they eat oil like no tomorrow

- Alexa B

Awesome Jeep, great family car!

It is a bit bumpy at times but that is what you want from a Jeep. It is a fun car to ride in. It is comfortable for a family of 5. We live the car hard top and the heater and air conditioning work really well. It is also great to be able to drive in any sort of weather. We're have a really pretty blue color and have new leather ties so we're get lots of compliments.

- Amanda F

The bright yellow patriotic Jeep known by everyone in town!

My Jeep and I have been on road trips to nearly every state! We have 6 more to go! It is so reliable and fun and I get compliments on it all the time! I love driving it and take short road trips every Sunday! Will never drive anything else! Can go anywhere under any conditions and never speed as I can feel the mph unlike most cars where I would get tickets a lot!

- Chris A

08 Jeep Wrangler Before you buy

I have had a few problems with the alternator, horn and sway bar. My alternator needed replaced due to bad wiring in it. Horn needed a new ground connection. Sway bar needed a new module. Other than that it is a great very reliable car. You get good gas mileage depending on the tires you have on the car. This car is great for everyday use or fun off road use.

- Madison S

It looks smaller on the outside than it feels on the inside!

Since this vehicle is a 2008 model, the touchscreen and radio system are not updated with the latest capabilities. Gas mileage is less than optimum. I have had to replace the brakes (pads and rotors) twice in the last 3 years. The "sway bar" light flashes and will not turn off; per my mechanic, it is costly to fix and a common issue with this model of Jeep.

- Sarah M

My vehicle is a 2008 Jeep Wrangler with a 3 inch lift on it.

My vehicle has a bad starter/ignition. The seat's headrests are hard and the seats mesh is uncomfortable and rough on the skin. The vehicle is slow and loud, but that is expected with a Jeep. It gets bad gas mileage. However, I knew most of these things when I bought the vehicle. I bought it because it can have doors and top off and it is a cool vehicle.

- Makayla L

We love that is both a family vehicle and also an off roading vehicle.

To be honest, my husband and I love our jeep. The only thing we really wish were different would be the air vents. There's only air vents in the front. There's none in the back. We have children and sometimes the weather is a bit warm and we have to run the jeep for a while just for it to warm up or cool off before we can load up the kids and get going.

- Kaila H

Jeep Wrangler = awesome vehicle!

Easy switching from hardtop to topless! There are holes under every seat which makes it easy to take the vehicle to the car wash and spray it out after running... Unplug holes and water drips out while driving and air dries. Everything is waterproof too which is a major plus! And most models come with a cargo cage so nothing blows out of the back.

- Jessica W

It is an easy car to repair.

I love my jeep wrangler Sahara but there are some problems that go along with it. I love going to the mountains, but I hate taking my jeep because the car does not heat up fast enough. Another problem is that the car is never comfortable to passengers. You can feel every rock and bump you drive over. Lastly, the base sound system is not very good.

- Haley M

Jeep Wrangler: good investment.

I purchased it in 2007, ordered it off the assembly line when Jeep released the 4 door Wranglers. It has been dependable, no major issues over the course of the years with normal wear. I like the lifetime warranty it has on the drive train (although I have not needed it). I don't regret my purchase, only some of my specific ordering options.

- Emily W

I am very satisfied with my decision to buy a jeep wrangler.

My jeep can go anywhere I want it to go without any worry. I like to hunt so I often take my jeep off road into the woods and having 4x4 I never have to worry about it getting stuck. I've had it since it was brand new and it hasn't left me on the side of the road not one time. It has been a very reliable vehicle. I am very pleased with it.

- Kasondra M

Death wobble can be deadly in heavy traffic

Just simply not an everyday vehicle with no space for purse, briefcase any place other than the floor, which is unacceptable. Just 3 weeks ago had to cut out front carpets, no water on interior surfaces but over an inch in the floorboards. Experiencing the dreaded jeep death wobble. Will be getting rid of this vehicle as soon as possible.

- Jackie S

Love my Rubicon but it has its quirks

Reliability wise my Rubicon is great. There are small annoyances here and there. Specifically the electrical sometimes gets a bit weird as the dash light sometimes go on but no error codes can be found. Gas mileage is NOT great but this is well known. A bit noisy on the highway but I feel very safe while driving especially in 4WD.

- Paul T

Jeep wrangler - enjoy your drive.

I have driven my 2008 Jeep wrangler since 2011. It is an amazing vehicle. So far, the only problem I have had with it has been with brakes squealing. There have been some recalls, but they have been covered by the company of course. The storage and ability to transport large items is invaluable. Plus, it is just so fun to drive.

- Marissa P

It has lasted 220,000 miles with very few repairs...what other vehicle has that kind of stamina and longevity?

I love the boxy original styling of the Jeep. It's convertible and the doors are removable, almost like a Lego car. It goes from family car to fun car with no problem. I just love it. If I had to pick one flaw, it would be that the roof edging is designed where rainwater drips into the car when you open the door.

- Laura K

Versatile vehicle with aftermarket capabilities. “Lego vehicle” if you will.

No problems, very comfortable, many off-road capabilities. The stock muffler is a little bulky so I recommend getting an aftermarket muffler so prevent skidding on rocks or snow. Stock wrangler , come with a freedom top which is a 3-piece hard top in which each passenger can remove their respective piece of the top.

- Alexander P

Review on Jeep that hasn't been owned super long!

My Jeep is great, I live where it snows and it is very reliable in the winter it did amazing this past winter. I haven't had it super long but so far I haven't had any problems. The interior is very comfortable. Mine is only for me I don't have any children or anything so I'm not sure how it is for a family bigger.

- Trisha O

Jeep I call it Ruby my white unicorn

I have loved all of my Jeeps over the years. If there is a problem they are easy to fix. Take care of them and they will take care of you. My clutch did have an issue but it was easy to fix. I prefer a standard transmission. If there is a complaint it is that they are not making standard transmissions anymore.

- Jenny C

Jeep s are fun! And not just for boys.

My vehicle is very fun because it is a convertible and sporty of course, but it is not without its problem, though not major. . . Paint failure, a weakness in my front suspension which failed once. . . Otherwise a great vehicle!! Some say that day is possible, but I prefer to take it to the dealership. . .

- Karl R

Rugged and Reliable. Really enjoyable for those who like to purchase aftermarket parts

4 Door Jeep Wrangler! Comfortable ride, minimal road noise. Great in the Winter time. I love having the ability to take the doors and top off on a sunny day. The Jeep can tow up to 2400 lbs. Owned for almost 3 years now. No major issues or problems. Not the best gas mileage..averaging around 15-16 mpg.

- Colin F

When a blinker burns out the turning signal will make a different noise.

I have never had a problem. Love my vehicle. Bought my vehicle in 2009. The only thing I can say I do not like is that it takes a lot of gas, but that is to be expected of a Jeep wrangler. It is 10 years old and just reached 120, 000 miles. I keep regular maintenance on it and it has never broken down.

- Jennifer W

I really enjoy how easy it is to drive in the snow!

Rusts very quickly, and always seems to have something wrong with it. I have it worked on at a dealership every couple of months because of issues that seem to arise. I have replaced the starter four times, and the sensors for how full the wheels are is broken and is constantly going off and beeping.

- Channing P

Wrangler suits all your needs and gets the job done!

I love my Jeep wrangler. The only problem I have with it is gas mileage and how difficult it can be sometimes to reassemble the roof after taken off. The wrangler is comfortable and gets the job done in any and all terrain I would definitely suggest buying this car to anybody I come in contact with.

- Connor K

The pros and cons of a Jeep Wrangler X

This car is very enjoyable because you can take the doors off and drive around in the summer. However, I have had quite a few issues with it that just kind of surround jeeps. My tire pressure sensors don't work correctly and the check engine light is always on. Also, the gas mileage is very poor.

- Parker K

2008 Jeep Wrangler unlimited x best vehicle to own in New England.

Problems all simple stuff, water pump under 200$, and basic maintenance from there, have 100k on it runs beautiful. Best performance off-road and unbeatable in New England snow, summer time no roof or doors perfect Jeep for the summer best in all seasons no vehicle is better than a Wrangler.

- Ryan M

It is safe and I feel comfortable driving my baby around in it.

The air conditioner always has a problem and so does the windshield wipers. But I feel safe in it and it can transport a lot of stuff. It can also drive through bad conditions and I do not worry about it getting damaged. I can have 4 passengers comfortably and it is very big on the inside.

- Michelle D

Jeep wrangler- best ever!

It is awesome! I can drive anywhere. It is up high so I can see all around me. Great looking vehicle! So much you can do with a Jeep to make it our own. Mine use to be yellow and now it is gray with a flag on the side. Definitely the best car I have ever had. Would recommend 10/10.

- Emily L

It can go anywhere, and do most anything you might need it to do.

Only issue was it burned oil very fast and needed to have the motor replaced. But it was all covered under the warranty and I haven't had any problems since. It is a Jeep so it rides like a truck. It can go anywhere and can get out of most any jam or get someone else out of a jam.

- Carolyn K

Fun but not fuel efficient.

It is a fun vehicle to drive but the cost in fuel is painful. Around 12/mpg. It does really well in the snow and mud, not super great on rainy roads because of the tire tread. It is not the most comfortable vehicle but it is super reliable and I have had hardly any issues with it.

- Rebecca S

Locker and 4 wheel drive is great.

Very nice Rubicon, it is somewhat uncomfortable. It is fun to drive in the hills and off-road. Most definitely would buy another one. Gas mileage is not the best, but reliable and never had a problem with it. The wrangler Rubicon dana 44s are great. Electric locker are fantastic.

- Owen S

Love my Jeep, wish it had a better roof.

My Jeep has been absolutely reliable. A small flaw is that the back tail light collects water and therefore burns out the lightbulb often. The canvas roof leaks if it is not put on correctly and I wish it was easier to take on and off. Other than that, I completely love my Jeep.

- Margaret C

Very good a 100. Percent and so on.

My vehicle does not have so many problems today, it is very good and very safe when I am working on that car, for me this car is very comfortable and very economical as they do not appear today, it has a lot of strength and everything necessary to make it a super good vehicle.

- Rafael E

Reliable but not great for outdoors people.

My Jeep wrangler is reliable but doesn't have good fuel efficiency and doesn't have a lot space in the back for storage. It makes a decent secondary vehicle but not a great primary vehicle. Especially if you like to camp or do outdoors activities due to the lack of space.

- Ryan B

Jeep Wrangler 2008 top and death wobble

My Jeep is very reliable and I have loved it since I bought it almost three years ago. The only problems I have had with it is with the death wobble and my soft top has messed up a bit but we have been able to fix those problems with little expenses. I for sure recommend

- Stephanie R

Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2008

2008 jeep wrangler Sahara. Has 82000 miles and runs like new. Few minor problems such as calipers and brake lines but that is in part to the salt air where I live. Great in the sand and off road as well as street use. This is my third wrangler and I'm very happy with it.

- Chris W

A car with a lot of pros.

It might not be the most comfortable for long trips, but I love the turning radius and how easy city of off-roading driving is. Gas mileage is okay, but it is worth it to pay more for security in the winter months. I like how the Jeep sits higher off the ground as well.

- Mar K

The doors are very easy to take off.

This Jeep is very Versatile. It is easily converted from hard to soft top. There is a lot of room in the back and ability to transport. The seats are comfortable. The controls are easy to use and alter. The mileage can go down based on miles driven in city or backroads.

- Rebecca C

Fun and reliable a good buy.

My Jeep was bought more for fun but I love driving it so it became my day to day vehicle. I have had no problems with my Jeep for 5 year it is only been the last few months it is starting to have more small issues all and all I like my Jeep I will probably by another.

- Lynn H

A fun part of having a Jeep is that you can take it into the woods to mud ride.

I love my car , it's always been my dream car. I have a two door Jeep Wrangler. Super comfortable and nice especially since everything comes off. If you like mud riding a Jeep is right for you. The only thing I struggle is getting my kids inside they have to jump in.

- Sara A

It is a Jeep ! The funniest vehicle you can buy!

Well, it's a Jeep , very fun vehicle. Its does not get the best gas mileage and not the most luxurious vehicle. But you can go mudding with the top down. My next vehicle will be a Jeep ! If there is one thing I would change I would like it to tow a little better.

- Robert L

The best the little yellow jeep ever!

It has great pick up and the gears shift so smoothly and I love the back seat and that I can shift it forward so that I have so much back room in the vehicle to store things I get from the store. I love the roll cage too, makes me feel safe and secure in the car.

- Michele R

Jeeps are very top heavy. Meaning, if you are not careful, they may flip.

I like my Jeep because it drives well and fits my personality best. The only downside to having an old Jeep is it comes with minor issues. For instance, my top of my Jeep does not always fit correctly and the door handle on the driver's side is being pulled off.

- Sophie S

Little but equipped to go anywhere

I ordered a hard top for my Wrangler. It gives it a better look the air quit working in it and I can't a permanent fix. I added a winch to it so now it's capabilities seem endless. It rides a little rough and the radio doesn't get real loud but I still love it.

- Christine R

People get a Jeep because they want that type of car. It's everything you think it would be. If only it got more than 12 mpg..

Growing up I always dreamed of having a Jeep! It's a bit of a gas guzzler but that's what you expect from a Jeep. I love taking the doors off and driving around. Having a hard top helps with the noise, as jeeps tend to be loud when you're driving on the highway.

- Amanda W

Try driving with the top down and the doors off!

The Wrangler is a great vehicle. It is rough and rugged. The comfort level is not for everyone. Taking the top off in the summer is one of the best things you can do. It has had a few repairs that are just from normal wear and tear. Overall I love this vehicle.

- Eric S

Jeep wrangler: fun but not family friendly.

The gas mileage is awful. It is not meant to be a daily driver. It is a rough ride, if it is too windy outside, you will be all over the road. The back seat is small. The roof leaks. Should only be advertised as a play car. I would no recommend for families.

- Elise J

Fun to drive and easy to personalize.

It's a bumpy ride but is so much fun to drive. Its small and handles off-road driving very well, as well as driving in bad weather, like snow and ice. The sound system is decent. It's easy to work on yourself so simple fixes do not require a mechanic.

- Chad G

Great for wheeling out in the boonies

2008 jeep wrangler has been a great vehicle. Performs amazingly out on the trails, engine runs very well, and the interior is good for a jeep. I have had to replace wheel bearings ball joint bearings and the cv joints on the front and rear driveshaft.

- Darian W

It is mine and we enjoy it as a family.

We love the fact that we can go off-roading with it we love the fact that we can take the top and doors off of it we love the fact that we can go to the beach with it. It is fun for the whole family it drives good and it is nice running vehicle.

- George H

Always check the oil in a Jeep. It burns it a little quickly. Also you must regularly balance your tires or it will wobble at high speed.

I love my Jeep. In the winter it's great for getting through New England weather. I can drive through snow and flooding without fear of getting stuck. It's fun in the summer to take off the top and enjoy the convertible too.

- Bella M

Jeep runs and functions well beyond some of its upgraded competitor vehicles.

It makes a little bit of noise when you get to a high speed. There are added features that make it better than a traditional 2008 Wrangler. The framework is very reliable for all types of terrain. Very fun to drive.

- Haley E

Jeep Wrangler, 2008, 4 door.

This was my second car, I worked so hard for this and it was worth it. You can literally transform this into anything. I have always like the look of this car, the way all the details come together made me love it.

- Leslie L

Handles the snow and rain very well.

I love my Jeep. Drives great. Handles the road well. Great for all weather and road conditions. Moves great through traffic. Good for long distance and short distance driving. Fair on the gas mileage cost.

- Candy H

It's a Jeep. What else is there to say?

I love the 4WD. We used to live in a snowy area and I could always get to work. I love the convertible aspect, the different configurations that are available. My Jeep also has a great sound system.

- Julia T

Top heavy! Quick to roll if not careful when driving around curve and turn.

I haven't had any problem, it perform very well. The chair can be a little rough but I am comfortable driving. I love the freedom hard top, fun and cute! I am a 104k mile and my Jeep keep running.

- Evelyn L

Great vehicle that can get you anywhere.

My Jeep wrangler has been such a fantastic vehicle. It's very dependable. The seats aren't the most comfortable, because it's a rugged vehicle. Would absolutist absolutely buy another one.

- David G

It is not a luxury vehicle nor a race car so it is rough and slow.

I like how easy it is to customize and personalize, as well as the lifestyle that comes with it. How reliable it is. I dislike some of the roughness white driving and the slow speed.

- Fenny R

Jeep on 36 inch wheels with 4 inch lift

It has been a great car. Fun to drive and the 4 wheel drive has always performed. It rides a little rough over time. The aftermarket parts have not helped with that. Stylish and fun.

- Ben J

Why I love my Jeep Wrangler

My Jeep Wrangler is the most dependable vehicle I've ever owned. While it isn't as roomy as some other like prices vehicles, it gets me around all terrains and weather conditions.

- Jeff C

It's a wrangler so it's a very capable vehicle. It's great for driving in the snow.

I love my Jeep. It's a 4 door soft top and red. I got the Rubicon because I wanted the stronger Jeep. I love the power of it but do not like that it's an automatic.

- Shane B

its mine and leave it alone. I like it despite its faults.

I like the looks and the capabilities. I don't like the fact that they jeep wranglers are being made more and more like cars and are moving away from the roots

- pat n

I love taking off the top on the warm months.

It is a little smaller than my family of 4 likes. I personally love it. It's tough getting our two big dogs in the cat with us if we want to go to the park.

- Samantha L

My Jeep takes me everywhere.

Love my Jeep. Can be expensive to fix but never failed me. Gas mileage can be little hard due to it being a working vehicle vs a pleasure commuter car.

- Jennifer H

It's a convertible! And one that doesn't resemble others.

I love the style because it's different than other vehicles. I wish I had purchased a higher rated wrangler. I love the freedom feeling it provides.

- Karlina R

The vehicle that gets up and goes.

Great vehicle, 4 wheel drive, can go anywhere, very comfortable no matter if you are in front seats or back seats. Only problem is had airbag recall.

- Tonya M

Fun vehicle, but has its problems...

It's a fun car to own, responsive steering, easy to drive, forgiving. However, comes with a lot of mechanical problems that can be a pain to fix...

- Andrea H

It's fun! Great car for off roading. Style is the same. Holds its value

It's a cool car. Great for riding on the beach. Nice to take the top off. Model hasn't changed much over the years. Wish it was more comfortable

- Kelly H

Very cheap on gas its very economical and very reliable.

I love that it takes me anywhere I want to go. It has the flexibility to take the top off or leave it on. I am also a fan of the way it looks.

- Alyssa H

Not very comfortable and poor gas mileage.

Nice Jeep, but very uncomfortable. Not good for long drives. Great for short drives and four wheeling. Great in the snow and bad weather.

- Owen S

It's fun to drive with the top down. But it's not always the most practical car.

It's fun, I love the soft top. It's fun to take off reading. The gas mileage is terrible though, and it has a lot of mechanical issues.

- Robert H

Two-door models do not have lots of storage room.

Absolutely love the car. Only downsides are: not a lot of room (trunk) and the soft top can get loud on highways. Otherwise I love it.

- Gina P

She’s great in 4 wheel drive.

I dislike the fuel consumption, my vehicle gets 12 miles to the gallon. I love the quality of the vehicle, how she drives and looks.

- Rebecca S

Great vehicle for all types of driving

I love the way it handles in ice and snow. Off reading is no problem and it has a great turning radius. It also looks great overall.

- Meg H

Dream vehicle. Voodoo magic!!

Love it, bought used, to customize to my liking, off-roading, mudding. Its equipped for a/c but too expensive to fix at this time.

- Claudia S

JK at its finest with a little attitude

JK is great on the road no problem with it the performance is great has long lasting tires and the comfort of riding in its great

- Sherry J

Can go off-road and can pull a small camper.

My Jeep was made during there bankruptcy faze. . . It has lots of issues and thousands of dollars later. . . But I love my Jeep.

- Julie A

The car is safe. Most people think Jeeps can be dangerous, however my car has been through a couple of accidents and I have walked out every time.

I own a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. I like how durable the vehicle is. However I don't not like how often it has mechanical issues.

- Christine S

That it lasts a long time with simple and minimal maintenance.

My Jeep is reliable, simple to maintain, and matches my personality. No complaints. Love it. Wouldn't have any other vehicle.

- Christina C

It is great for off-roading but also in town driving.

I love my Jeep. Everything from the look to performance is something I enjoy. Plus, the 4-wheel-drive is a great added bonus.

- Meg G

It is a project vehicle and I can update often. It is built well and dependable. It converts to be topless.

It is dependable and upgradeable. You can remove the top for good weather. Parts are easy to come by when there are issues.

- Jessica S

I love it. It has a great turning radius and handling.

I love it. 4 wheel drive is great, I never have to worry about any off roading situation, and it is even good in the city.

- Megan g

It's very cool to drive. It has big tires, a winch and cool lights.

I like my jeep. My only complaint is that all of the "bells and whistles" are external. It doesn't have a phone or gps.

- Billie W

Why I love my Jeep Wrangler!

I love my Jeep Wrangler. I like being able to take the top off or the doors if I want. Jeeps are easily customizable.

- Autum L

It is cool because it is a convertible and sits high.

My Jeep is great. . . It has had the typical wear and tear issues but it is sporty, a convertible and it turns heads.

- Kat R

It stands the test of time.

I love my jeep. I never have trouble getting around in the winter. It's awesome to take the top of in the summer

- Vickie V

It is overall a great SUV. I like it very much.

I like the four wheel drive, the space and simplicity. I dislike the gas mileage and the loudness of the tires.

- Rebecca W

You still have a trunk when the third row is up.

Now I think a 4 dr is too big but was great with the kids, in all types of weather. Love the 6 speed shifting.

- Rose-ann B

The big blue jeep, ready for a sunny day.

Great car! Fun to drive. Not wonderfully comfortable on long trips. Easy to take top off and enjoy the sun!

- Kerrie M

Off Road Vehicle, Fun with the top off

It is good to have in the winter, I get a lot of snow where I live and this vehicle is great in the snow

- Michelle P

It's the funniest thing I've drove!

Very dependable, great for off-road, all weather and road types. It's been one of my favorite vehicle.

- Kelly E

Lifted jeeps hydroplane easily.

I like being able to take the top off on nice days. It is decent on gas and I like that it is lifted.

- Aaron H

You can take the doors off and the you can change the type of roof it has

I love the look of my jeep. The color and the style of the jeep. The mpg is okay but not terrible

- Jordan B

It's fun to drive on or off road. Mines a stick but they make an automatic.

I'd like better fuel economy. I like the removable roof and I'd like it to be a pickup.

- Rod S

It's a manual transmission vehicle. I like the control it gives me.

I like that it's four wheel drive and can go just about anywhere. It's a lot of fun!

- Rod S

It is fun to drive for everyday use as well as a little bit of off roading

I love the fact that it is reliable, sporty, fun, and is a well kept brand

- Jessica N

The car is very reliable and easy to maintain and if taken care of lasts along time..

No complaints thus far. It has been a great vehicle for over 10 years.

- Mike J

This car is very reliable and has a very nice looking body style.

This vehicle works very well for off road terrain where i live

- John S

It's a Jeep thing.... and it's extremely reliable with little needed maintenance.

A very reliable vehicle. Down to earth and practical. Simple.

- Frank P

Soft top is noisy on freeway

Soft top too noisy Comfortable seats Good gas mileage

- Gretchen M

It's loud on the highway on the inside. Hard to hear the radio

Poor gas mileage. Love the 4 wheel drive

- Phillip W