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Considering buying a Jeep ? Read this first.

Jeeps are really great vehicles for a family all around. They are super fun to ride around in and you can continuously take them apart and put them back together just like legos. Overall if you maintain your Jeep you shouldn't see many problems. If you purchase a Jeep with a soft top, your ride around town will be very noisy, especially once you get on the freeway, but if you purchase a Jeep with a hard top it's just like any other car sound wise. They ride kind of rough compared to most cars but that is something they are built to do since they are offloading vehicles. If you take your Jeep offloading often it is important to keep an eye on things to ensure that everything is still in place and nothing was knocked loose. The seats overall are pretty comfortable, however in a two door Jeep the backseat is very cramped and not easy for access if you have small children that require car seats and the trunk space of the two door is also very limited. In a four door the backseat area is very spacious and easy to have access too and there is plenty of trunk space for groceries or whatever you may need to put back there. In terms of taking the top off, both ways can be pretty tough, but newer Jeep models have made it to where it is easier to remove the top. A hard top you typically have three pieces to remove which you just unclip and store in a safe place and a soft top you have to remove the three plastic windows in the back and unclip the front and push it all the way back until it lays flat. Jeep s are not the best vehicles if you are looking for good gas mileage, but what they do get is pretty decent compared to how bad some other cars can be. The older Jeeps like mine do not have as many features as the newer ones do today, but you can easily add whatever you want to them.

- Megan C

No matter what, I love my Jeep wrangler. It puts you in the great outdoors.

Jeep wranglers are great vehicles for any person that does not need all the fancy add-ons. I love the option of taking the top off, taking the windows out (mine is a soft top), opening up the front panel like a sunroof. It does leak when there is a lot of rain which can make for a moldy smell in the vehicle at times. This is not a quite vehicle to ride in and sometimes can be annoying when traveling at higher speeds and/or long distances. My Jeep is on 33" tires, so this makes for a little rougher ride than one on normal tire sizes, but I love the look the big tires give and I can go nearly anywhere. I have even had it in a hurricane (which I do not advise). I do have to keep a check on my oil level as it has a leak, but the Jeep is almost nine years old. I have only had it for three, but I love it despite some of the drawbacks. These vehicles are known for heater issues and it is not typically an easy or inexpensive fix. The whole dash has to come out to fix the problem and it can be in excess of $1200. 00. You have to love the Jeep life in order to truly appreciate this vehicle.

- Kathy B

Smooth and comfortable, all the reasons you will absolutely Love your Jeep

I bought my Jeep wrangler as a second owner. It has a manual transmission and 4 wheel drive. Soft top which I absolutely love in the warm months. Most people think they are cold in winter but that could not be further from the truth. It gets and stays very warm. My Jeep is 4 door which is exactly what I was looking for to be able to transport my family around comfortably. It is good on gas as far as Jeeps go and has been completely reliable. I have an android head unit installed with all the upgrades and GPS with front and rear backup cameras. It rides very well and when I have taken people for a ride they always seem surprised that it rides so smoothly. I have never regretted my purchase and would highly encourage anyone thinking of buying one to choose the Jeep Wrangler Sport unlimited.

- Sheila P

Jeep tough. Best part is the 4 wheel drive in bad weather.

Problems have been, air compressor went out twice. Right wheel cylinder went bad. Right wheel low tire indicator went out. 3 recalls, plate put on underneath body protecting wiring harness. 2 different air bags had to have parts replaced. Performance is good, its a 2 door you can get in & out of places quickly. Handles good on the interstate highways. I live in the mountains so four wheel drive is great for performance in the mountains. Reliability is great considering how jeeps are used, on & off road. Comfort would depend on your interior package, mine works fine for me. Features on my jeep are middle of the road package & it works for me.

- James P

Best day ever when driving a jeep.

I always wanted a jeep. My jeep does not disappoint.. In the winter when there is snow I am able to use the 4 wheel drive to maneuver in the snow. It is very versatile. In the warmer weather I can take the two panels off the hard top to enjoy the sunshine. Or I can take the hard top off and put the soft top on. The soft top is able to go all the way down so back passengers benefit from the sun and having a cool breeze on them. It takes a little bit of time to interchange the tops. You will need extra hands. My only complaint is that the directional lights burn out often but they are easy to replace.

- Christine K

The ' get up and go, that has already got up and went' play hard.

I have had my jeep Rubicon for approx. 4 months now. I love my SUV. It is rugged yet, handles great on the highway. The 4 wheel drive allows me to take it off road, drive it through mud and snow. It is great for towing my atv trailer and my utility trailer. The ride is comfortable for long trips, stays plenty warm in the winter months and when the top comes off, it is time to play in the hot summer sun. Live by the beaches, great sand vehicle. With good tires and 4 wheeler capability, your jeep wrangler Rubicon will not let you down. A simple vehicle, without all the luxury gifts and gadgets.

- Ann O

Fun vehicle for off roading!

The jeep wrangler is a great vehicle. It is perfect for off-roading and transporting furniture or large items. It is a safe and reliable vehicle. Maintenance is a little expensive so buyer beware and keep that in mind. The ride can be a tad bumpy, but that is part of the charm of owning a jeep. I have a hard top so it's a little more time consuming to take the roof off, but it's super easy if you have two people. Overall I would recommended this car if you enjoy the outdoors or like to drive a lot.

- Sydney J

Jeep Wrangler: Great On and Off Road

I love everything about the wrangler. I have a 6 speed hard top. The clutch is extremely forgiving. The vehicle stays cool in summer and warm in winter. My Jeep has survived countless rain storms with the top off - glove compartment and center console seem to be water-tight. The removal of the top is easy once you get the hang of it. Stock suspension is good enough. Stock stereo is more than loud enough. Jeep handles well on roads (and off). Overall a great vehicle.

- Benjamin U

Jeep wrangler review with likes and capabilities.

6 speed w 4 wheel drive. Great reliability. Freedom top with 3 pieces and optional soft top provide choice. Trail rated for off road fun. 7 speaker stereo with CD provides excellent music. 4 door with cargo door provides lots of room. Back seat folds down to give approximate 5 feet of interior cargo room. Jeep is reliable and easy to find aftermarket parts and accessories. Fantastic factory warranty and fine craftsmanship give jeep a step above the competition.

- Eric G

Big lifted Colorado Jeep!

I have had my Jeep for about 2 years now and I love it! I live in Colorado so it is great for the weather changes. The cost of the vehicle has been good to us so far only having to do the typical things like tires, brakes and oil changes. I try to keep up with all of the small things so it stays tip top. I have taken this 4 wheeling and had a blast! I did not go on deep trails or anything too rocky because it is my family vehicle as well.

- Brandy S

Jeep wrangler sport is a fun and versatile vehicle to drive.

Jeep wrangler is a fun car to drive. It is especially enjoyable in the warm weather when you can cruise topless. The ride is a bit bouncy but that is to be expected, a jeep is not a luxury vehicle by any means but it is a fun alternative vehicle that can go just about anywhere. I have had no problems with the vehicle and it is reliable. Fuel economy is fair as the average miles per gallon is about 19 in both city and highway driving.

- Victor S

When Wrangler gives you the Jeep life you love.

Loving the Jeep life. Although cosmetically, the body has lots of small spaces where dirt can go into, which makes dust hard to remove even with a thorough car wash. Deep cleaning is hard. We use the Jeep to travel back and forth la, and gas is expensive as compared to renting a sedan. The vehicle itself is for heavy duty use especially up the mountains, and is affordable as compared to higher models.

- Maria R

A Jeep is a symbol of a fun/outdoorsman or woman.

The Jeep Wrangler is truly in a class of its own. It is a rough and tough vehicle that has great road drive - ability. I have >200K miles with only a few issues. I am pleased with my purchase. The Jeep is a cape-able 4 by 4 right from the factory. I highly recommend the freedom hard top for added security and the freedom of simply removing the top panels for a convertible feel.

- Robert B

2010 Jeep Mountain Edition Wrangler

Excellent vehicle. Running well at 90k miles. Has the usual airbag recall and the dealership easily conducted the update. I am very happy with this Jeep. The only maintenance issue was having to replace the catalytic converter at about 80k miles. It was under warranty but I did have to pay for the brackets and other equipment. I don't think that's a normal replacement at that point.

- David G

Great vehicle you can take anywhere.

Great. It is an off road vehicle so it does ride a little tougher than a regular car. I haven't had any issues with it. There have been several recalls but they are always quick fixes. I primarily use it for hunting trips and can take it anywhere. I can take the hardtop off very easily. It has all the comforts of a luxury car and the toughness and reliability to take it anywhere.

- Marcus T

Could go for a new car asap.

Considering it is 8 years old it is not holding up very well. We bring it to get it fixed every time we've just brought it to be fixed. Problem after problem. I will say though the design of it holds up good in accidents, as we have had one. So it is safe. Held up pretty good. The engine light will not turn off. It is had a good life though. Hanging on even after 250, 000 miles.

- Pablo T

The jeep wave has always interested me. I would say about half wave.

I bought mine used so there were a few mechanical issues we had in the beginning. It could be more uncomfortable/ rummy. My husband is a bigger guy so he doesn't fit as uncomfortable as I do. It can be a little loud with the hardtop on. I do like how much room is in trunk. I have a 4 door. I love it otherwise. Love being able to take just the top off, or all windows and doors.

- Pam M

Wrangler limited edition options.

Jeep wranglers have always been reliable for me. This is my second one and I love it. I have a limited edition model, which has both a hardtop and soft top. Call me old school but it has a 6-disc changer, along with an auxiliary port so I have multiple ways to list to music; along with a satellite radio option. My Jeep drives like a beast and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Erin L

The wrangler is essentially one huge 3d puzzle where the doors and roof come off.

Like most wranglers, the ride is fairly rugged, but you get used to it after a while. Adding a new set of shocks to help absorb some of the impact of all the bumps felt really helped, as well as adding a brand new steering stabilizer. Personally I find the car itself very comfortable, and love all the room it has. Truthfully it is not too small, and not too large.

- Rachel H

Jeep's are reliable and good to drive in various weather conditions. On a sunny day I can put the top down and in snowy conditions, the 4 wheel drive works great.

This is my 3rd Jeep and I am still a fan. I like driving with the top down on a sunny day. The only problem I have with the 4 door Jeep is that the top is more difficult to take down and put up by myself. I had a 2 door and it was easy. I wish it was easier on the 4 door, but even with the difficulty my next vehicle will most likely be a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.

- Kevin J

It is best for people who like to have fun driving, but be aware that it is expensive to maintain and very easy to break into. It is one of the more expensive vehicles, but it does hold its value over time.

I love that is is small and easy to drive, I love that it can be a soft top or hard, I love that is can be modified, and I love that owning one puts you in almost like a club. I don't like that the top is hard to take on and off by myself, and I do not like the expense of some of the parts. Tires are especially expensive. Also it is very easy to break in to.

- Shayna P

Fun vehicle on and off the road

It is always breaking and in the shop needing repairs. When it is not in the shop it is an otherwise good car. It leaks when it rains and is not the best on the highway. I have invested so much money into this car that I will never give back. I would recommend this car for someone who is just using it as a fun vehicle. Also I get horrible gas mileage.

- Katie G

Painted Rare pearl green color, which transforms from a sparkling emerald look in the sun, and dark forest green in the evening.

I love my wrangler, and have only experienced a few issues. First being, it burns A LOT of oil, way more than normal. And mechanics can't figure out why. Second, the back seats do not work well with car seats, which is a reason why I will have to sell it soon. Last, the heat/air conditioning doesn't hold in well, since the car is not very insulated.

- Allison L

Jeep Wrangler evaluation and review.

My Jeep Wrangler is very reliable and performs great. It is not the most comfort vehicle for passengers since the ride is a bit bumpy, but you cannot go wrong on a summer day with the top down. I have not had any problems with my Jeep Wrangler. The features are great as well, you can add just about anything to fit the vehicle to your needs.

- Megan T

Awesome and reliable. I would highly recommend.

Overall it drives great. I have had to replace the stereo as it stopped working as well as the heater core. When you go up hill for extended periods of time it will tell you that the oil is too hot. There is a lot of space and seating. I like the fact that you can take off the doors and roof panels for a more enjoyable experience.

- Jordan T

Jeep wrangler. A fun yet reliable car.

My vehicle has not had any serious issues since I got it 10 years ago. Other than normal maintenance it has been very reliable. It is excellent in all types of weather and because of that I've always been able to get around no matter what the weather is. I highly recommend jeep wrangler. Plus it's just fun to drive in general.

- Jason J

The top and doors come off easily.

I've never had any issues with my Jeep. It has great gas mileage and is good for road trips. The only problem is space in the backseat. The back doesn't have a whole lot of room so it's better if you only have two people up front and luggage in the backseat. I love being able to take the top and doors off as well in the summer.

- Shane D

Mountain loving, dog loving, all weather vehicle!

It may not be the smoothest ride but I love sitting high in my jeep and never concerned about any weather thrown my way. It is great for cruising through the mountains with my newfoundland dog in the back. I have driven it accords country and it is more comfortable than any compact car for traveling. Absolutely love my jeep!

- Joe G

This vehicle, the Jeep wrangler, is durable and reliable.

No problems. It is a reliable and good vehicle. I love it. The top is a bit of a problem, though, I want to replace it with a hard top. The problem with this vehicle is that it sometimes leaks, and is hard to see through when backing up. Because of this, when I save up enough money I plan on buying a hard top for the Jeep.

- Evan A

Great fun vehicle for weekends or running around town.

The Jeep wrangler Sahara is very reliable. It is a great daily driver, but does not do well on economical driving, with mileage around town averaging 13 mpg. It has reclining leather front bucket seats, remote start, and navigation with Bluetooth. K&n filter helps keep it running smooth. We have had no issues with it.

- Julie M

Not a practical commuter car.

Love this car, my kids love it as well even though the seats are not super comfortable. The ability to remove part or all of the roof so easily is great. There is no pick up but can't help but smile when driving this car! Been luckily and no major issues so far, but I have heard that Jeep wranglers can be a money pit.

- Rose A

I really like my vehicle. It drives great in normal conditions and in the snow.

I hate that there are so many recalls! I have had two now relating to either the airbag or the airbag sensor. For the airbag sensor, I had to take my car in so they could see if a defective part was used. When checked, they found that part was not used in my car so I wasted an 80+ minute (both ways) trip, for nothing!

- Jessica H

Safe, fun, and open roof rider.

I love my Jeep Wrangler. It handles great in the snow and ice the new Hampshire mountains have to offer. Although there are more gas-efficient cars, the smooth and fun experience is nothing compared to that of safety. I was hit very hard on the drivers door and walked away completely fine. I wouldn't buy another car.

- Julie D

There's an endless amount of memories I can make with my Jeep.

I love that I can completely customize my Jeep. I can take the doors and top off anytime I want. You are included in a great community when you are a Jeep owner. The only dislike is I get horrible gas mileage, but I can make great memories with my family with all the places we can go that a regular vehicle can't.

- megan s

It is a blue car and it has big tires

It is a good car, pretty bad gas mileage, but other than that it is very reliable. It is pretty comfortable, but it does not have a lot of room for extra things. I would suggest that people buy this car if they are looking to go offloading or camping a lot but just to drive in the city, I would not recommend.

- CJ G

Jeep for style and function.

My Jeep is perfect for my lifestyle. It is functional as well as comfortable and stylish. The seats all fold down so I have room for anything. The four wheel drive helps with the steep driveway at our house and driving in snow. It sits up high so I feel comfortable when I am stuck in traffic on the parkway.

- Sharon A

Reliable, sometimes annoying

Sometimes it won't start right away, you have to turn the key about three times but it always starts up. Overall the main problem is gas mileage, but that's to be expected. It's nice and comfortable and honestly I trust it, I'm about to have a baby in a few months and I can trust that vehicle with my baby.

- Joni W

Love my Jeep wrangler and will not ever trade it in!

Great performance and super reliable. Easy to work on yourself with widely available parts and add-ons. Love that it comes in a 6 speed transmission and it drives well in any weather on any terrain. Great turning radius to help get out of tough spots and decent amount of legroom for back seat passengers.

- Stephanie L

Jeep, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

This 2010 Jeep does not have any power and it requires a lot of fuel. The motor that was installed is not up to par for a Jeep. The 4 wheel drive option works beautifully. The Jeep is comfortable to drive in because I like sitting up high compared to a sedan where it is more difficult to see the roadway.

- Debbie K

The most fun you can get from a SUV

a lot of fun to drive, minor comfort issues (mostly passenger seating) versatile, easy to upgrade, reliable. Inexpensive to have work done to it. You can make it completely unique and your own. Tons of aftermarket parts/ upgrades. Decent gas mileage for a SUV. Can make it 200+ miles on 3/4 tank of fuel.

- Josh B

My jeep is made for the beach, which is why it performs the best on the beach.

The brakes have rusted out quite frequently, it's hard to accelerate quickly, the four-wheel drive has gotten stuck in four-wheel drive before, emission gas leaking. Comfort is great for me as a driver and for short trips, poor for long trips and for passengers. Great on the beach, okay on the highway.

- shelby k

Pros and cons of jeep wrangler Sahara.

There have been some recalls and they were taken care of promptly. One was the airbag that every other car had. It has had very few issues and runs great. I do want to switch to an automatic. My jeep is a standard and the fuel is not as good as I would like it. I generally get only 15 mpg average.

- Jennifer L

Off road and on road fun!

I love everything about my Jeep. My only complaint is the lumbar support if you're driving a super long distance my back bothers me, but that's totally subjective. I love the height, color, I love the way it drives. It's not great on gas but I love the vehicle so much it doesn't even matter

- Amanda V

Untrustworthy oil consuming.

This vehicle burns oil fouls up the egr valve every 12 months. The suspension components wear out prematurely and tires eat up quickly and are very costly to replace. We do not use this vehicle for long trips because we do not trust its reliability even though it only has 80, 000 miles.

- Jason K

Jeep Wrangler lasts forever.

Haven't had any problems! The visor is starting to wear away! The tires have been replaced and the top comes down easily! Runs well and burns a lot of gas. Paint looks new and the interior is holding up well for having 60, 000 miles on it. The Jeep will lol be my daughters first car.

- Amy D

Small factory issue but still loads of fun.

I love a vehicle that can go anywhere. With a jeep I am not limited. There is a small issue with my air bag sensors. Jeep has sent out a recall to have the issues fixed. Other than that it has been a fun car to drive. I love the color as well. I plan to add more features to it soon.

- Sarah F

The best car ever in the world.

It is a very reliable car and I've never had any issues with it yet. It not the greatest on gas mileage but the overall performance is the best thing about it. I would highly recommended my style of jeep to anyone in the northeast region. It great in both winter and the summer time.

- Scott V

Jeep Wranglers are perfect for the outdoorsman!

I love my Jeep Wrangler! It is perfect all year long! In the summer you can take the top off and the winter you are ready to drive in the snow with your 4 wheel drive! I personally love it because you can customize to any liking. So many options in wheels and tires to accessories!

- Kayla A

2010 Jeep 4 door Sahara black

I love my 2010 Jeep. We have a 4 door, with a hard top. The hard top is easy to remove along with the doors. It has power windows, CD player and great speaker system. I like the all weather carpet and floor mats. It makes for easy cleaning. It has a nice roomy cargo space.

- Calli G

Maintains its value, and if taken care of, the look never goes out of style.

No problems. My Jeep is exactly the vehicle for me, it is compact, easy to maintain, retains its value and is very reliable. I use it for local errands and back and forth to work. I would not recommend it for long trips as it is not, in my opinion, comfortable enough for that.

- Karen R

The Sport Jeep is the best Jeep

Just bought it and already love it. Taking the hard top off is obviously difficult for one person but totally worth asking the neighbor for a hand. My puppy loves the open air of the vehicle. Manual transmission is always a must for me and I'm glad this option was available.

- Marc S

You can remove the doors & back of the truck so you can enjoy it in the summer!

Nice car! Fun in the summer - you can remove the doors, and back - it is like convertible. Doesn't keep air/heat in very well! Easy to drive in the winter and rain! You will love this car if you are wanting an all year car - plus a little fun! Great winter/summer car!

- Kelly G

Exciting thrilling ride! Must have!!

Its a manual, I love the manual because I feel like I have control of the jeep. Only big issue, just replaced the gas tank because of crack. . Comfortable for my driving. I love the soft top because I can put the top back half or fully off. . Its an enjoyable vehicle.

- Karen T

Great all weather all terrain vehicle.

It is very fun to drive. It has a tight turning radius. You can go anywhere in a Jeep. Great for all weather situations. It does not get great gas mileage. It only gets 16 miles per gallon on the best day. It is fun to take the top off when the weather is nice.

- John M

My Jeep - love at first sight.

I love my wrangler. I have had to do no work on it outside of routine maintenance - oil changes, new tires, replace a battery. My only complaint is not getting fantastic fuel economy, but that was to be expected when I traded in my small car (Mitsubishi lancer).

- Lauren C

Jeep s are too much fun to drive.

This is a great car, fun to drive! No major issues so far, but am happy to know that parts are readily available and not very expensive. The accessories can be overwhelming, but you can really customize your car easily and without having to spend a ton of money.

- Rose L

love the vehicle only issues is that sensor

only problem is that when you drive hot oil light comes on but car is fine I usually stop it for a couple of minutes but I heard that is a sensor that comes on causing the light to pop up but they had told me that will not affect the vehicle but is a simply fix

- giovanni A

Rugged and lots of fun off roading

No major problems if you take care of it. They are noisy if you only get a soft top. Don't ever take it to the service center in Easton pa. They are horrible. No customer service. They last a long time if you keep up on oils changes and common maintenance.

- Tara K

Jeep love: reliable, Versatile, and fun.

I love my Jeep. I have a soft top which is really easy to use. It is Versatile and fun. It does ride like a truck though. It is not great for long trips. It has been very reliable and I haven't had any major problems. Jeeps also have a high resale value.

- Anne C

Jeep has a convertible top.

The Jeep can tend to be a little rough because of being so light. The soft top model is also noisy when driving highway. The soft top with the sunrises is very nice in the summer because you do not have to commit to removing the whole top.

- Patricia R

A vehicle that meets my needs!

My Jeep Wrangler has great mileage. It's fun to drive and is good on gas. I like having a removable top for the summer. It's also got a tow hook which comes IN. Handy when I attach a tray to carry equipment.

- John A

It's LIFTED. And when It's summer those doors are off 24/7 even when it rains

i love how i can make my jeep my own and not have it look like everyone else. Everyone who knows me knows when i'm on the road as my jeep is lifted and It's easily distinguishable from most other cars.

- danny S

It reminds me of a Tonka truck. Fun times driving it!

I really enjoy my Jeep. It is fun to drive, dependable and able to remove doors and roof etc. The upkeep has been smooth, no major problems just new tires and breaks. Overall it is a really nice truck!

- Kay L

It's really fun to drive, but it's a commitment to rough rides.

I love my Jeep Wrangler. It's definitely an acquired taste. You have to work at handling it and it's not really a get up and go kind of vehicle. It's also really bumpy. But I still enjoy it very much.

- Cj E

Repairs are costly, but it can adapt to many life style choices.

The Jeep is fun and adapts to various weather conditions because it is a convertible. The gas mileage is not good though and repairs are expensive, it is not a comfortable car, but is quite useful.

- Susan R

It is amazing in snow, will never get stuck.

I love the appearance, its dependability and versatility, its off-road capabilities and the ability to take the top off. Only thing i dislike is the gas mileage it gets, not great.

- Beth L

It makes me extremely happy and makes me feel adventurous. I love being able to take my Jeep anywhere.

My Jeep is black and has both a hardtop and a soft top. It has a 6 disc changer and is super versatile. I can take the doors off, the top down, and enjoy a 4wd cruise on the beach.

- Shaun P

Jeep are great but there are ways to improve the quality without making it fancy.

There are two things I am disappointed in. The first is the leaking soft top roof. Water gets in. The other is the back seat. It does not have enough support and has sagged.

- Christine J

That it is a personal to me and fits my personality.

My vehicle is the perfect vehicle. You can use it safely during the week for travel to work and home. Then on the weekends it is perfect for off-road fun at the area lakes.

- Candy H

It is very versatile for an SUV and can basically do anything you want

I have a Jeep Wrangler 4 door that I love because of its versatility. The drawbacks are how hot it gets during the summer and how cold it can get in the winter.

- Alex T

i have a black jeep wrangler with the remove top. You can go hard top for winter or bad weather/.

i've had no issues. The car runs very smoothly which had previously been a concern. The highway driving is great and it works as a great to run errands in.

- ben c

The most customizable vehicle on the market.

Have had transmission issues once. Currently have wiring issues. Very reliable off-road vehicle. Most customizable vehicle on the market which I love.

- Alexander W

A very efficient car with high mileage use of gas. Use the diesel version!

My Jeep is a very sturdy car, which is something I definitely like. The issue is that it uses a lot of gas. Also, parts tend to be very expensive.

- Cristina N

It is extremely reliable for me.

The wrangler is extremely reliable for me. During all seasons and conditions, the snow and rain are no problem for this four wheel drive vehicle.

- Hayley C

Nothing better in Snow or offroad with the right tires.

Goes anywhere in any weather, needs more power and better brakes.Vehicle always has a wet floor which I drain but would like to not have to do.

- Joseph L

Comfortable, Tough, Fun!!

Absolutely love my Jeep. It's powerful and very dependable. Plenty of storage space. Tough interior that can withstand children and animals.

- Austin B

Goes well in snow and ice. Gets fairly good gas mileage. Has overdrive and cruise control. Back seats fold down. Has front air bags.

Good in the winter weather. Well made. Dependable. Has traction control. Has skid control. Four wheel drive can be used at all times or not.

- David C

The rugged look and color stands out. Jeeps are fun to drive anywhere you want to go. Reliable in the snow. Gas mileage isn't the best. It is my family vehicle and my leisure vehicle.

I love the look and flexibility of the jeep. Love being able to remove the top in the summer. Dislike that it has some electrical problems.

- Kelly W

It is the best vehicle that I have ever driven in the snow.

I like that it is very good in the snow, easy to clean, and the roof and doors come off. I don't like that it isn't so great on gas.

- Lara V

It is safe and reliable and it has never broken down on me.

It is easy to drive, park, and i love the convertible. It is the ultimate summer vehicle. It is also great for family and my dogs.

- Kristen R

It is great for off roading and everyday driving.

My favorite vehicle ever. I love how it rides, big improvement from older models, I love having 4 wheel drive. I live the color.

- Dawn D

Good on gas, and it can charge up.

Like very reliable and capable on road and off road and decent family vehicle.. Dislike bad gas mileage and a lot of wind noise.

- Austin M

It's very reliable and good on gas

It's rugged and has held up well over the years. It's not really a comfortable ride, but it's reliable and not too bad on gas.

- jo w

It never goes out of style. My car in my eyes is very stylish and the model rarely changes so a new car is no different than my old car.

My jeep is awesome. It's a very easy to drive car and very reliable. I have had it for 8 years now and it is very durable.

- Will W

Great Handling on the highway or if you are using for back road fun.

Great handling. You sit higher up for a good view all around. Does us a bit more gas then i would like, but a great ride

- Theresa K

Though it doesn't seem that big from the outside, it has plenty of space in the inside.

Was pleasantly surprised to find out it had heated seats. The AC in the car is great. Has a great navigation system.

- Daisy C

When it is windy or roads are wet you have to be careful.

I dislike the radio and speaker system. I like the way it drives and handles. I like that I can take too, doors off.

- Janice P

there are many things my jeep can be used for (hauling, trips, etc)

like the height of the vehicle, gets around well in winter and looks nice compared to other vehicles out there.

- nicole j

Not the best built car. Will eventually require you to throw money at it. Resale value stays strong though.

Love the feel of a wrangler. Hate the fact that it's American made & therefore has issues. Love the soft top.

- Vani V

It is very reliable and holds its value more than any vehicle.

The wrangler is a fun vehicle to have and is easy to get around in but not as comfortable for long rides.

- Amber H

The vehicle is reliable when traveling with children and makes me feel safe.

I love the mileage I get. I love the roominess. I love the look. I do not like that it has no arm rest.

- Karen J

That it has out performed many others that rode beside her

It will go where I want and perform how I want and to me is the best on the road.

- laura D

It's a great off road vehicle with a stylish design.

Drives off road quite well. It's noisy on the highway. It's a fun car to drive.

- Mike h

It's been very dependable and fun to drive. Also, when you own a Jeep Wrangler it's like you're joining a club.

Love that it's a soft top with 4 door so I have room and can pull a camper.

- Kelly S

Durable and easy to maintain, four wheel drive allows for all weather conditions

4 wheel drive capability, gas efficient, and able to handle bad weather

- Rebecca F

It's a Jeep and it's safe.

It's perfect for all occasions. I feel safe in driving. It's paid off.

- april B

It's not for everyone. If your outdoor person, then it's a must have

I love everything about it. I would like a lift kit and bigger tires.

- George D

it's a much bigger vehicle than it looks. And it's a gas hog but it's about the smiles per gallon not miles

I dislike that it takes all my money, love the freedom it gives me.

- Katelynn H

It's built like a tank. Rides high above other vehicles.

Love the Styling. Hate that the radio died before I paid it off.

- carl r

safety always comes first in any vehicle, and that it is running good

I have no complaints, but maybe the top is not a hard top.

- Debbie H

That it's mine! I love driving my Jeep. I commute in it, but play in it as well.

Love my Jeep. Best for offroading. Great travel vehicle.

- su n