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Highway and Off-Road Capabilities

The Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited has been a great vehicle for us. We take it off-roading, and though it was fairly capable as a stock vehicle, we have made many aftermarket modifications, including larger wheels and tires, a 4-inch lift, rock rails, front bumper with winch, rear bumper, rear tire carrier, armored quarter panels, soft top, and other items I can't recall. There aren't many place we can't go, which has allowed us to enjoy many things that we otherwise would not have experienced. And the ability to take off the top and doors enhances those experiences. Along with being a very capable off-road vehicle, the Jeep is also my daily driver, and it is as comfortable and maneuverable as any other SUV on the road. Though I originally wanted a 5-speed transmission, I heard great things about the automatic transmission, so I opted for that and have not been disappointed. Jeep Wranglers also maintain their value better than most cars on the road, though I don't plan to sell my current Jeep. The plan is to keep the current Jeep as a weekend vehicle and purchase a brand new Jeep within the next 1-2 years for my daily driver.

- Sharon M

Super reliable, great interior, awesome 4-wheel drive.

I really love my jeep wrangler. Everything about it is great, it has been super reliable. My biggest problem with it is gas mileage, but that just comes with the car. I expected that going into buying it, so it is not a huge problem. If there was a way to make that better, though, I would love that. I have had my jeep wrangler for 6 years and I have no complaints. A few maintenance here and there with having it for son long, but that is expected. I have had to replace the thermostat, battery, and breaks once. It has 71,000 miles on it though, so again, that is all expected with having a car for a while. The interior is really roomy and very easy to clean with the seats and rubber flooring. The 4 wheel drive is perfect for when there are snow/ice storms. I am the go-to driver when we have bad weather since my jeep can make it anywhere. Even uphill in the ice.

- Jamie S

The security of riding with jeep.

I have loved my jeep from the moment I purchased it and up to now. It is reliable and has had minimal issues apart from normal wear and tear. It takes me where I need to go and I do not have to worry about car issues arising. I enjoy how the jeep rides and I like being up high as well. I feel safe and secure in my vehicle. The few accidents that I have been in did minimal damage to my vehicle and did more damage to the others involved. Jeeps are sturdy and keep you safe. The jeep I have also has many different features such as a touch screen navigation system, seat warmers, warnings of things such as low gas, low tire pressure, and when an oil change is needed, and four wheel drive. Overall, I am beyond pleased with my jeep purchase & will probably buy another jeep vehicle in the future.

- Candace C

Jeep Wranglers are great for anything off the beaten path.

My jeep has been a very useful vehicle. We are able to take it out in the Arizona desert, and even easily drive through the more rocky desert areas, all without any aftermarket modifications. The biggest annoyance though with using the jeep as a daily driver is the roughness of the drive. You feel every bump and dip, even of the roads are nice and new. Also, the cabin noise level is so high that we have to yell for anyone to hear you. This also makes it hard to listen to music because you can only turn the speakers up so loud before they blow. Most maintenance issues I've had have been pretty straightforward for wear and tear and regular maintenance, but since I have reach 115k miles, I am starting to have some bigger, and more expensive things fix or replaced.

- Natalia K

The Jeep Wrangler is a fun, easy-going vehicle to own.

I currently drive a 2013 4-door Jeep Wrangler. I have had it for six years and have not had any serious problems with it. The only additions I have added to it are bigger tires. The Jeep is a fun car for any occasion. Whether it's a formal event or just going to the beach, it is appropriate for all situations. Unlike most cars, Jeeps are almost like toys. They can be taken apart and put back together with ease. I, for instance, have a soft and hard top and there is no problem switching between the two. It's also easy to take everything off including the doors and roof. It is a fun vehicle to drive and I recommend it to anyone. It is not too fancy and is simple, which is how I like it.

- Chandler P

I love driving my Jeep, because it looks great and because it drives safe.

My Jeep is fun to drive/ride around. The seats in front are very comfortable but the back ones may not be as much. It is reliable when it is raining and if it snows because of the 4x4; also if we have parked in wet grass and it is muddy, we do not struggle to get it out. I love it because I feel safe to drive it or ride in it because it is reliable. I love the leather seats. Also love the Bluetooth features it has, and also having the controls on the steering wheel. The only one problem that I could say is that depending on what wheels the Jeep has, the wheels can be really noisy if the Jeep does not have a hard top; which my Jeep does not have.

- Juan F

I love my wrangler and get many compliments all the time. Jeeps are cool!

Problems are not serious such as air noise at front corners of soft top at highway speeds. Sometimes I accidently turn selections on the radio when turning due to fingertip controls on steering wheel which is more of an annoyance than a convenience. Performance is fine and as expected for the engine. There is an issue with putting transmission in reverse that I suspect to be a linkage problem that I will have looked at. Comfort is fine for me. I didn't buy it for comfort. Ride is a little less than smooth on bad roads but it is not a luxury car it is a wrangler and wranglers are cool beyond words!

- Jonathan S

Jeep Wrangler Sport model is great for the simple outdoors, even with a baby.

My Jeep is a manual and that is one of the many great things about this vehicle. I love driving this car both for commuting and for pleasure. It handles the off road 4x4 activities I need it for such as hiking and camping. With some alteration I can do more severe off road activities. For myself the comfort of the interior is perfect however, I also use this with my infant car seat. The two door does make it more problematic to get the car seat into the back, but it is secure and safe. I would only trade this Jeep for a 4 door model but other than that I absolutely love my Wrangler.

- Jessica R

We absolutely love our jeep

My husband and I absolutely love our jeep. We've only had it for two years now and haven't had any kind of issues with it. It's a dependable vehicle with a fun side of taking off the doors and the roof on the lovely sunny summer days. The only downfall with it is the amount of gas we have to put into it. But other than that we wouldn't trade it in for any other vehicle. We enjoy having the four door jeep so much we are looking forward to the day to get a two door jeep to take out to the river and the woods.

- Madison G

Jeeps are extremely reliable and fun forever.

Every Jeep I've ever had, and it's been many, something always stops working. It's always one of the door locks, the air conditioning or something with the computer which makes the airbag signal come on an ding every five minutes. But Jeeps go forever. They will fall apart before the engine stops working. They are tough and rugged and very fun to drive. All of my Jeeps have never had a problem starting no matter how cold the Wisconsin winter! Their ability to climb out of deep snow is second to none.

- Shannon W

I absolutely love my jeep.

I love my jeep. I haven't had any problems other than my tired bowing from having mud tires. I have to get the alignment checked often. Comfort is not that great. The back seat is not big and the ride it bumpy due to the lift and mud tires but I do not mind it because I love my jeep. I enjoy taking everything off of it. The doors, and the top. I love feeling the air blow through my hair. I am a small girl so with the lifted jeep I feel big and can run over things (but I do not) just go over curbs.

- Stephanie S

Jeep wrangler: fun but not family friendly.

The wrangler is overall very reliable and performs well. It is a fun car to drive and great in snow and other inclement weather. My only major issue with it is, now that I have two children, it is not the most family friendly. The doors are pretty small and do not stay open if you are any kind of incline so loading kids into the car is sometimes a task. There's also not really enough trunk space for a family of four (especially if you keep the soft top in there, like I do).

- Nicole H

Love the space and the height, its look, and powerful engine.

I like the way the model looks. It is comfortable for the driver's seat. The car is tall and the driver can have a good vision when they are driving. Very powerful off-roading competence and spacious. I like this car about it because I can take my family or my friends to go on off-roading adventures. However, the back seats are not adjustable so it could be kind of uncomfortable to sit in the back. It gas consumes a lot of gas which could be expensive to drive.

- Bea L

Best decision ever! Safe and stylish.

Purchasing my Jeep wrangler was the best decision I have ever made. It is safe, durable, stylish, and overall a great car. A month after purchasing my vehicle I got rear ended, and the only damage done to my car was a small bend in my license plate, while the other car's front bumper was essentially torn off. The steel bumpers are a great add on, and any aftermarket customizations done to the vehicle will only add more style and protection to it.

- Rima P

Love the saddle brown leather seats that go with the vibe of the Wrangler.

Have not had any major issues with my Jeep Wrangler. Very reliable vehicle in all weather conditions and on all road surfaces. My main problems are the small windshield and tight head room. The backseat also I very uncomfortable for passengers riding along. Do not enjoy the dual roof option, the soft top takes away most of your truck space. Switching between the soft top and the hard top is very time consuming.

- Robert C

Off-roading with this vehicle is by far better than any other SUV.

The Jeep Sport is fun to drive under the sun but the rain can cause issues. When it rains you have to pull over and put up the roof or if you are really unlucky and have a hard top you'll have to fly back home. The Jeep engine performance it seems great so far because it hasn't given me any problems. The comfort aspect seems above average for an SUV. The seats have multiple positions you can set them in.

- Anthony R

Jeep wrangler pros and cons.

My wrangler is great. It is a comfortable ride and has lots of feature options; touchscreen radio, Bluetooth, hands free voice. I am short and my husband is tall, so the fact that the driver's seat can be raised/lowered with a lever is awesome! The 4 wheel drive makes it very reliable in the snow. Only con is that the gas mileage is not great. I only get about 18 miles per gallon.

- Courtney T

Jeeps are very reliable. We've owned three and I would buy another one.

We live in the country so I love my jeep. It does great on the gravel roads. It is a little noisy on the highway but I still love it. It is just fun to drive. We've taken our jeep to Moab Utah, on the beach in Florida, and Waco TX. I also redo and sell furniture and I can get lots of furniture in my four door jeep with the seats down. Jeeps are the best. I would buy another one.

- Rebecca P

Turn Your Commute Into Something Exciting

It's really a good time, driving a Wrangler. Unfortunately, I have been experiencing issues with the heater not blowing warm air. This could be a heater core issue, which is allegedly a common issue. I love that you can open the top or even take the doors off! The ride is a little bumpy, and the wind noise is louder than most vehicles because of the canvas top.

- Tia G

A Jeep wrangler is not just a car. It is a journey.

The Jeep wrangler is one of the best cars, in my opinion, for a young adult to own. There's a reason Jeep gets a shout out in Katy Perry's song California girls. Pros: the best ride for off-roading, customizability, towing, and overall low-key stunting. Cons: seats are not comfy on long road trips, wind noise when windy or going high speeds, and gas mileage.

- Santana S

Why I love my jeep. The best ride around.

My jeep is a pleasure to drive. I like being up higher where visibility is better. It handles well, is comfortable to ride in even for extended periods of time(10-14 hour drive days)has been very reliable. I love the heated seats. The only minor issues are that it could use slightly brighter headlights and a little better gas mileage (20-22 mpg).

- Jane C

Jeep wrangler review and tips.

I absolutely love my Jeep. It is a stylish ride with great off-road capabilities. I know some people are not looking for a car that is made for off-roads and enjoyment, but if you are I recommend the Jeep wrangler. It is comfy, and reliable. There are not to many issues with it, except the fact that mirrors must be bought for the no door days.

- Olivia E

Even though it's very nice looking, it doesn't fulfill my racing needs.

I have a jeep wrangler and it's a love hate relationship. The style is smooth and strong looking. I get a few head turns when I am driving (especially when it's clean) however the it swerves from time to time and it doesn't move as fast as I fill it should. It feels almost like the car wants to go fast but its operating parts can't catch up.

- Vincent B

It goes through the snow and up hills!

Living in Colorado it is great to have a 4 wheel drive, due to the fact we ski in the winter and 4 wheel in summer, use it for camping and to haul my 2 large corso dogs! I have had no problems with my Jeep and would purchase one again. You don't need a spirit of adventure to drive one because driving one is adventure in itself!

- Terry B

Jeep Wrangler 2013 seating comfort.

The back seat of the Jeep Wrangler 2013 does sit a bit upright so most of my back passengers are not very comfortable. It would be nice if they reclined a little more for passenger comfort but I love the front seats. The front seats width is wide enough for larger passengers and very comfortable l. I travel a lot in my Jeep .

- Brooke N

A joy to drive this vehicle.

I love my vehicle, there is nothing to complain about. It is a very comfortable and a joy to ride in. Being in the back seat for the passengers is extremely windy (cold), for them, when the top is down. I have since bought a bikini top to put on it in the spring to keep the sun from beating on my head during the hot days.

- Joel W

Useful but stressful with the amount of problem.

Vehicle is incredibly spacious and versatile for moving and camping and etc. But the performance is variable, and problems seem to crop up more often than any other car I have owned before, especially with the transmission and fuel performance. This hasn't deterred me from the car yet, but it won't be the next car I own.

- John C

Maybe not ultra practical, but fun!

It's a fun vehicle! I prefer to commute on bike, but when I need a vehicle, the jeep is fun! I like that it is relatively the same height as riding a road bike. It made learning to drive more comfortable. Obviously, not the best for gas, comfort or storage. But really cool. And all the other Wrangler drivers wave at you.

- Maria T

It is an easy car to play with and add on additions to it!

It is a great vehicle to drive to around and super fun if you like doing outdoor driving! I love taking it off-roading or mudding! Driving with the doors is a lot of fun and especially the top off! It is a good car for young adults or for those older ones who have more than 1 car its good for a weekend getaway car!

- Leah M

The off-road capabilities and many different styles and parts to truly make it your own

What's not to love about it. American made well as American made as you can get these days. Dependable in all weather terrain. Easy to fix and cheaper than normal parts. Did I mention it's a beast off-road. Removal three piece top. Only ONLY downside is slight water leakage in the cab but never want anything else.

- Jacob F

very roomy, a little bumpy ride but you'll get used to it.

I love having my jeep , it's great for traveling when the weather is great. But of course the gas goes fast. I have to fill my tank about 2 times a week. it's not expensive but starts to add up. Getting a soft top is definitely something you should get as well as having the hard top. I highly recommend this car

- aleksandra R

My Jeep is bright orange and I always get compliments on its originality.

I love the size of the car, and for someone who lives in the north it is great in the winter. I often do long drives in the car and it is very comfortable. The gas mileage is a little low and with a soft top it is often loud. I never have problems with it and have had to do only minimal maintenance on the car.

- Nicole H

2013 jeep wrangler Sahara.

Seats are very comfortable. Bought it new in 2012 and have had no mechanical issues. It is definitely not a super smooth ride but can do all the cool things jeeps do haha. Riding with the top off in the summer you cannot beat. The soft top has lasted this long and there is actually a ton of room in the back.

- Kari C

minimal back seat leg room.

Not the vehicle for long trips, with modifications the Jeep wrangle is a bumpy ride. I prefer using my second vehicle for long trips and highway driving. The front seat is somewhat comfortable but the back seat is quite small with very little leg room. My teenage son is rather cramped in the back seat.

- Linda B

Jeep rubicon goes above and beyond.

My jeep rubicon is a great car! It is very safe. The gas mileage is not ideal, but it makes up for it in the sense of relief knowing I'll be safe, no matter what. The jeep rubicon is so sporty, and the looks are not deceiving- this vehicle can get you anywhere through anything. Would highly recommend.

- Ashton N

Fun Family Car! Perfect for individual or with kiddos!

I love my Jeep Sahara. I get the feel of an SVU, car, and sports vehicle all in one car. It's roomy, pretty comfortable for a Jeep. Would buy one all over again. The Jeep has great trade in value. So fun in the summer with the doors and top off and very reliable in the winter with the 4 wheel drive.

- Stephanie A

Not a family car, only like it for its looks.

It stalls when it is hot outside and I run the ac on high. It shakes if and when I hit a bump. It is overall very unreliable, but the features are great and it looks nice. It has a removable top, so it can be taken off if the weather is nice. I can take it in mud, and off-road which is also a plus.

- Lauren C

Jeep wrangler- fun, reliable car.

I love my vehicle. I use my vehicle as a daily commuter and as an off-road vehicle. I get about 18-20 mpg on the freeway. It's a very reliable car and it's fun! I took this car out on a 3,000 mile road trip and it was comfortable! I love that I can check the psi and know exactly which tire is low.

- shaelyn V

If you want a reliable off road vehicle which you can easily customize: get a jeep.

I bought my jeep because I wanted a jeep type vehicle and they are the only company making that kind of flexible vehicle today. Rag top so I can take it off, and most aftermarket parts are easy to bolt on in my garage or back yard. That makes it really easy to customize once I left the dealership.

- Michael E

You have to do the jeep wave when you pass another jeep. It is a family thing.

My jeep has been a great vehicle. It is great to be able to take a section of the top off when the weather is warm. No issues with this vehicle other than the radio. I was concerned with road noise, but it is not really all that loud. You need to put it in 4wd even with a little snow. Love it.

- Susan M

Jeep wranglers, fun time for all.

Performs like a dream and always gets me where I need to go. Parts are easy to find when it has problems and the customization options are a big draw for me. It could be a little more comfortable, the seats can be a little hard on your back, but besides that I have no complaints with my Jeep.

- Hunter C

Great all around vehicle. Just small

No issues with the vehicle. Just general maintenance. Vehicle is great in the winter, and a lot of fun in the summer. I would strongly recommend this vehicle. My only bit of criticism is that it's small. Not a lot of space for cargo/passengers, because of this my next vehicle will be a truck.

- Chase C

2013 Jeep wrangler is a great Jeep for off-roading.

We bought our Jeep Wrangler brand new off the lot not even a year of having it we had electrical issues about 6 months worth of being on shop we ended up doing the work ourselves to fix it. Other than that we have loved everything about it. For off-road it has done great not good on gas.

- Autumn C

Driving can be fun again!

I love my Jeep wrangler. It is so much fun to drive around town in. It has almost 90000 miles on it. I have not had any major problems with it. I have done the routine maintenance on it and have only had to replace a battery and the tires. I definitely recommend owning a Jeep wrangler.

- Ginger R

Go anywhere you need to go.

Durable and safe. Has roll cage, manual transmission and can go most anywhere. Great in the winter. Has controls on steering wheel for most things. One thing I do not care for is the window controls are in the dash not the door. Oh did I mention that the top and rear seat can be removed.

- Cassie R

My vehicle is a Jeep wrangler 4-door.

The Jeep is very reliable. It performance well specially for cool adventures like driving along the beach, mountain driving, etc. It is not as spacious as other cars so it is really the type of car you'll get for yourself, not a family car. I like the features it has they're very handy.

- Stephanie H

Jeep is the best vehicle ever and I will not own anything else.

I have never had a problem out of my jeep. It is hands down the best vehicle I have ever owned. This is my second jeep and will continue to buy them. Maintenance is super easy and very inexpensive but they last forever. Not to mention that they are a blast to drive with the top off.

- Travis L

My Jeep wrangler is extremely trustworthy.

The Jeep wrangler is very trustworthy vehicle. The only bad thing is you so feel every pothole and bump. For a young single person I recommend it, but not for a family with children. The backseat is very straight up and is not easy with car seats. Other than that I love my vehicle!

- Sara M

Not for vacations. Local travel only.

I have had no trouble as far as performance and reliability. My only issues are with space and comfort. The two door option is very limited in space and inconvenient for passengers. The back has very little room for items. More ideal for local trips. Definitely not for vacations.

- Brian Y

Join the all inclusive jeep club.. Join the wave.

Great vehicle rides great, good stereo. Makes you feel your involved in an inclusive club. Leaks from the rain on the soft top on the passenger side. Having difficulty locating the leak. That is my biggest complaint. I have to manually evaporate the moisture from the rain.

- Brett G

Fun in the sun with little or no major complaints.

Great car but has numerous leaks in roof that have been fixed but leak still. Engine and ride is smooth. Fuel economy is decent but could be better. Seems in line with similar SUV vehicles. The four wheel drive helps negotiate off road and hazardous conditions in the city.

- Joshua T

I love the matching removable hard top.

I love my Jeep . I have never had any problems. It is been extremely reliable. It has all the features I want and need in a vehicle. It drives really well and is comfortable for passengers. I would purchase another Jeep again in the future. I'd recommend a Jeep to anyone.

- Margaret V

It is not comfortable. The headrests are worse than any other car I have owned.

I like that it is dependable and sturdy. The small size makes it easy to tow behind our rv. Being able to disconnect the transmission when towing is a huge advantage. I don't like the suspension and how rough it rides. Seats are not comfortable. Headrests are horrible.

- Martha J

Jeep Rubicon pros and cons.

I like the comfortability of my Jeep and that I have room inside for large items or dogs. I do not like the gas mileage. 12 mpg. My check engine light also comes on at least every other week for something ridiculous. Since owning it I have had multiple transmission issues.

- Daphne P

Great car, minor annoyances.

The stock soft top provided leaks pretty bad during rain. The heat works really well and gets warm very quickly. The drive is very quiet for a soft top Jeep wrangler. Having some issues with a grinding in the axel at about 5 years. Pretty easy to make easy fixes yourself.

- Hunter F

My car is mostly stock with a few improvements in the bumper and side steps.

I love the fact that the vehicle is a convertible and a very capable SUV. It has multiple configurations that you can put it on from fully topless to fully enclosed. The one part that I do not really like is the sensors in the vehicle are very sensitive and go bad easily.

- Jonathan K

Love this little quadrat!

Air in wheel is going down constantly. It has an amazing performance, it is super comfortable and easy to drive and park. I love the Jeep outlook and that it is small and easy-going, has a lots of space in the back for shopping. It is a perfect couple or small family car.

- Dorothy V

The versatility of the jeep wrangler.

I love that there are so many different mod options to the wrangler. You can really make it your own. It is reliable but does guzzle gas. You can remove the top in sections or all of it. You can remove the doors. It's great for off roading. Be careful of the death wobble.

- Tiffany T

Great gas mileage on the highway, or in the city.

Mainly I like that it runs. It does not have a lot of miles. I also like the 4 wheel drive. I do not like the amount of gas it uses. It is not very comfortable. Storage space is awful. The convertible top is hard to get up and down so I never really get to use it at all.

- Gen W

My 2013 Jeep wrangler has 80+, 000 miles on it and I have had minimal issues.

When it rains, the seal from the convertible hard top tends to leak. There is nothing luxurious about the ride of a Jeep , so it is rough, which some people are not use to. And the hollow convertible hardtop makes the interior somewhat noisy at high speeds (over 50mph).

- Hannah B

It's the greatest vehicle i ever owned and it is the most reliable... It has never let me down and really is fuel efficient for a big jeep

It's a four door removable doors and roof top all terrains love of my life vehicle, I take this great durable and stylish jeep everywhere, so far since purchasing brand new have had no mechanical problems.... I service it regular and this kitten pours and engine roars

- Matija F

Jeep honest review from me

Jeeps are driven for the experience not comfort. I wish the touch screen was bigger but it does the job. Jeeps are great for going off road. Jeeps are temperamental and require work to maintain them. My jeep has been very reliable. I would definitely buy another one.

- Cristina M

Super fun and versatile vehicle.

Very reliable, drives well on all road conditions. Great for off road. Fun having the top down. Handles great. Drives great. No issues in 6 years. Have only replaced tires and breaks after 100,000 miles. Have made multiple extended road trips without any issues.

- Jimmy K

Jeep Wrangler - perfect for young drivers.

The biggest issues I have had with the car include the navigation system, brakes, and lights going out. The car is fun to drive and is perfect for young drivers because of its ease of driving, reliability, safety, and ability to drive well in inclement weather.

- Bob B

Jeep Wrangler, the all terrain vehicles

Good reliable car. Good for short trips and off road camping. Not a lot of room for passengers in the back seat or extra gear but gets the job done. 4x4 is great for towing or off road. Gas mileage is decent but could be better. Very reliable motor and trans.

- Charles A

It is a fun SUV, but can be uncomfortable.

Jeeps are not known to last long because they get rusted easily, but I love it anyways because of the style, height, and how it drives. The headrest in the back seats are set at an odd angle, so it is uncomfortable if someone sitting there is trying to relax.

- Samantha L

Love my vehicle, will get another one.

I love my Jeep. Reliable, comfortable, roomy. Not the best for gas mileage, but worth it. Love the doors off feature, fits 5 people comfortably. Skis fit on ski rack wall, bike rack mounts easily. We installed after market lights and enjoy them. Get a Jeep!

- Sara V

Love my jeep, best vehicle I have driven in the snow.

I love my jeep but sometimes it handles very poorly. I like to explain that it feels like a boat. And with the wrong tires it's loud and very shaky. It is the best vehicle I have driven in snow, I have tried my hardest to get it to get loose and it doesn't.

- Carlie P

Jeep crush orange in color looks great. The motor coach pulling the yellow boat.

It is great to tow behind a motorhome disengaging the transmission is easy, can be done by one person without any alterations lite enough I can move alone if I need to move to hook up the blue ox. Also easy to re engage the transmission to return to drive.

- Cindy B

Steering wheel controls for accessories.

Have had jeeps my entire life, I have moved to a 4 door, it is comfortable, reliable and easy to operate, back cargo area is big enough for groceries for a week long road trip, all controls, radio, phone etc are operated from the steering wheel for ease.

- Casey S

Great for outdoor lovers. Inefficient for new parent's & commuters.

My Jeep wrangler unlimited hard top, white, 2013 performs greatly in snowy and icy conditions, it accommodates up to 4 other people plus driver, it is low maintenance. The only downside is how much gas emissions it uses. Not an ideal commuter vehicle.

- Cali B

Two door Jeep Wrangler soft top.

I absolutely love my Jeep Wrangler, it is a blast in the summer time and in the winter it drive good in the snow. I own a 2 door and the only thing I do not like is it only has enough room for 2 passengers in the back and I currently nanny for 3 kids.

- Kim H

It is a blast to drive & you are part of the JEEP culture!!

The Jeep is fun to drive. it has a 6 speed manual transmission which I love. With the 4 wheel drive I always feel secure that I will reach my destination. The quality is very high. The Jeep is very good looking & comfortable & economical.

- James F

It does not have great mpg.

This car is very lightweight and easy to drive. The car is great if you are looking for a fun vehicle to drive around. The Jeep wrangler community is also really fun, you always get waves when you drive around and see each other.

- Jess G

Love my 2013 wrangler with a 4 inch lift

I love my 2013 Jeep Wrangler 2 door sport. It is one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned, and it is fun to drive. The acceleration can be sluggish at times but as is expected with a Jeep Wrangler. All around great vehicle.

- Kevin H

Jeep wrangler, one of the most dependable vehicles I know of. It being a Rubicon does not require much if any additional extras to add to the vehicle.

I love my jeep. I am truly impressed by the reliability, dependability. The jeep runs in drives just as good as it did when I first got it. The value has held far better than any my other vehicles I have held in the past.

- Patrick S

It's fun to drive, you can take it almost anywhere

I love that it can go anywhere, on almost any type of terrain. It's a bit of a gas guzzler and it's not so great at making tight turns but it's so fun to drive and easy to maneuver. It also has a lot of get up and go!

- kristina t

Can take the roof and doors off. It is a really bumpy ride.

My vehicle is very sporty. It is made to drive through the mountains, it is very comfortable. It is great during the summer because you can take everything off plus the doors and etc. n just have the fun of your life.

- Crystal J

Great car. Not so great on gas mileage. But great car.

I really love the Jeep because it drives well and I genuinely feel cool driving it. One concern I have is that the gas mileage sucks but the very fact of driving a Jeep wrangler makes the extra money all worth it.

- Betty H

It's a Jeep. You know what you are getting.

It's a Jeep. You buy it knowing it was never meant to be a luxury SUV or fast vehicle, but when treated right it will take you anywhere and you will experience the world the way it was meant to be; unencumbered.

- Nicholas T

It's very bright and a fun to drive vehicle on nice days!

I like that it is sporty looking. I like that it's rugged and I like the bright color (orange). I dislike that it's a pretty rough ride at times and I dislike that it's smaller than what I'm accustomed to.

- Aryn H

My jeep can go anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Over hills, through the dirt, through small streams, all of this is no problem for my wrangler.

I own a olive green with black trim, 2013 Jeep Wrangler unlimited. It is an the best vehicle that I have owned. The only complaint I have is the gas mileage. I will definitely only own jeeps from now on.

- Thomas A

The jeep is extremely comfortable and has most of the bells and whistles!

Our jeep is very comfortable and easy to drive. Small enough to make parking easy. The back seats lay flat so it can haul lots of items. Back seats are a little hard to get out of for older folks.

- Linda V

It rides way more comfortable than you would expect. Also get the 4 door.

Jeeps are amazing. Not only do they hold their value but you can really customize it to your own style. I am constantly changing things, and upgrading parts on my Jeep. I plan to drive it forever!!

- Ashley T

It is a reliable vehicle.

It holds its value. It's has a top that I can flip back for a sunroof or take all the way back like a convertible. It has four wheel drive, and it is just an all around fun vehicle to drive

- Sammy M

The Jeep Wrangler is thousands of hours of reliable fun

I love it because it's beautiful, exciting, sturdy and yet feels safe. You can take the doors and the roof off which still thrills me. My one complaint is that it's not the most comfortable.

- Sandy G

There is so much you can do to make it your own and so much you can upgrade to make it suited for your own needs.

I love the look style and customization options. I love how many aftermarket products their are available for this vehicle. I wish it had better gas mileage but that is not a huge drawback.

- Sara C

It has a different feel to it when driving.

I like the height of the Jeep without it being too wide a car. It is nice to be able to take the hardtop off during the summer. The only thing I would like that it does not have is sensors.

- Mary Kate K

There is not a more fun car on the market then a jeep. I love taking the top down in riding to the beach with my husband and daughter.

I bought my jeep wrangler and 2013 brand new. I wanted a Jeep my whole life and I was finally able to buy one. I have no complaints about my jeep, for it is the best car I've ever owned.

- Susan F

Because I work for the Postal Service, I needed a right hand drive vehicle so I can service my mailboxes. Luckily, Jeep makes right hand drive Jeeps. I get a lot of strange looks from people when they see me drive on the wrong side of the car.

I love my Jeep. I work for the Postal Service and use it on the mail route. It really comes in handy in the winter time when I have to go out in the snow. My Jeep can go through anything.

- William S

I take a lot of pride in my car and heavily care about the outward appearance of my car.

I like everything about the car. It runs great, drives well, and is the exact size and shape of vehicle I was looking for. Gas mileage could be better, but it isn't the end of the world.

- Alex K

It has not had any major mechanical problems and it is up to 250,000 miles.

I love the fact that my jeep is a all terrain vehicle. It is a manual transmission which I love.. What I dislike about my jeep is it does not have power seats or heated steering wheel..

- Daphne K

Removing hardtop off of jeep wrangler can be difficult and requires 2-3 people

Fun vehicle to drive, lots of off road capabilities. Any aftermarket work done does create issues with stock parts. JK models of Jeep Wrangler can be sometimes uncomfortable to drive

- Ben S

That it's simply a great car love it once you buy it you will not wanna leave it aside.

I simply love it everything from the inside is water proof you can simply wash it with the water hose no need of a vacuum and i simply love it it's a 4x4 and can't live without it .

- alexia P

That it can change from automatic to semi-standard capabilities while driving. I was not informed and thought i broke down in the middle of a 4 way stoplight.

I love how versatile it is. The top and doors come off. It is also capable of going off road. I dislike how the seat belts get caught on the side of the seats after moving them.

- Keri R

Very few repairs have been needed.

Its attractive, fun, and dependable. I love the way it looks, sporty. It's a car fun to take out on family trips. Its dependable in bad weather. No complaints.

- Gisel F

Better gas mileage than one would expect! I was shocked when I found out I could get 19-22 mpg

Performs great, long lasting, can take wear and tear, a screen system or updated radio system would be awesome but it's what you expect for a jeep! I love it!

- Leanne G

Sunrider 2 door silver Jeep wrangler sport.

Jeep is completely reliable, has never broken down. Drive is smooth, turns on a dime, gas mileage varies mostly around 18 mpg, sunrider can be noisy ride.

- Whitney C

i really justin love how high the car is however for my height it's a little hard to hop on it but i still love it, it's lit

i love my jeep so much. it's useful for off reading but also on road. the outside really just gives me jurassic park vibes and it's lit, i love my whip.

- brianna j

I love my Jeep Wrangler!!

My 2013 Jeep Wrangler is amazing. I've never had any mechanical issues. This is a very dependable vehicle and I love the look and colors of it as well

- Ashley H

It is extremely reliable in any weather.

My 2013 Jeep wrangler is awesome in snow. Besides routine maintenance, I rarely have to take it to the mechanic. It is very comfortable and spacious.

- Kate C

My car is cost effective on gas.

I like the top and doors come off, great on and off-road and the community of other jeep wrangler drivers. I dislike my gas mileage and my top leaks.

- Heather B

It can be used for many weather situations. A very reliable car.

It has a great look. Rugged and great for all types of weather. I feel safe in it. I can remove all 4 doors from the car and the top. A very fun car.

- david B

The jeep wrangler is a great car for mudding

The jeep wrangler is a wonderful looking car. Its sleek, sporty, clean exterior leaves everyone jealous. However, the car uses a lot of gas.

- Racheal C

It is a light vehicle so taking off from overly slick corner can be difficult.

I purchased my vehicle certified pre-owned via a local dealership and have had no issues with it in the year and a half since I purchased it.

- Courtney C

It is easy to interchange almost everything on the car with an aftermarket item.

I love that my vehicle is reliable and can go off-roading. I do not like that if you get larger tires they tire gauge does not work properly.

- Danielle H

It is extremely versatile as far as weather conditions go.

I love it's versatility. It is a great vehicle for doing the adventurous things my girlfriend and I like to do. Downside is poor gas mileage.

- Alex M

I feel that it is safe and reliable.

Dependable and great style, gas mileage is not to bad, wish top was easier to remove takes to long to remove when want to ride with top off.

- Mitzi B

It is so much fun to drive. The Jeep life.

Love the style, the cat that it's a standard, and that its power everything. I wish it had more room and the front end seems slightly loose.

- Jenna O

They are so much fun. You can get past the ride and just focus on having a good time.

I love how fun and versatile it is. My family enjoys taking the top down and riding around. It's not the most comfortable vehicle though.

- Wes S

It' gets great gas mileage.

It is a fun all year round vehicle. Love that I can remove the top whenever I want. It is 4 wheel drive, so safe in the indiana winters.

- Michelle A

How dependable it is and the high quality it is.

It is a Jeep Wrangler with a removable top. It is a two door and is blue in color. I like the way it handles, I dislike the gas mileage.

- cleeh B

I love being able to customize my Jeep.

I really love my Wrangler. It is a super reliable car to drive. I bought it used and after almost 3 years it is still running smoothly.

- Remy K

Rugged vehicle for the whole family.

Great for all terrains comfortable. Back seats sit up right so I would like it better if they reclined back for more passenger comfort.

- Brooke N

Value does not diminish. Great for resale. But we don't want to sell.

Rides comfortably. Better than sports car for driving in snow and high water. Gas mileage not great but knew that when we bought it.

- Patia G

Rugged and dependable vehicle.

Rugged and dependable - took a deer strike like a champ. The only downside is the soft-top causes rainy days to be a loud drive.

- Sarah R

Driving a Jeep is the ultimate fun ride!

We love our Jeep! It's been really reliable and is a fun ride, especially when the weather is nice and we can take the top off.

- Mandy s

It is a good first car because the gas is hard to press and the break is sensitive

It is a neon green jeep that has around 50,000 miles on it. I like the way it drives and looks, but the gas mileage is terrible

- Renee P

It has good four wheel drive and handling in bad weather.

I love jeep because it is fun in the summer and reliable in the winter. It is a unique vehicle, but does have poor gas mileage.

- Amy G

You can take the doors and roof off!

You get what you pay for! A Jeep is a fun, safe and dependable vehicle. Prepare to fill the tank often, as it is a gas guzzler.

- Stephanie W

It is in great shape and is taken care of.

Love that it is 4 wheel drive, with a 4 inch lift. It has Bluetooth connection, able to take off road, has hard and soft top.

- Carol S

You feel safe because you are higher up from the ground with better visibility.

Love how I feel safe. Lots of room for packages. Comfortable but a little hard to get in at my age even with a step rail.

- Ana M

It can go almost anywhere without getting stuck. Which gives you more of the fun factor.

I haven't had any problems. It is fun to drive, especially since it is a manual. It feel safe to me with the roll bar.

- Candi S

It's a super fun car, but is not as practical in terms of gas milage.

I LOVE MY JEEP! Love that the doors come off, love the jeep culture that comes with it, will never buy another car.

- Karen R

It is extremely reliable and practical.

I like the style of the vehicle, but I do not like how small the inside is. I would really like a larger back seat.

- Carrie R

Outstanding comfortable vehicle

Very comfortable and beautiful inside and out and very spacious for me and my family but pretty pricey but worth it

- Sinthya S

It is a Jeep so it is not a luxury vehicle and drives like a Jeep.

It uses a lot of gas. I like it in the summer. Not so good in the winter with the air coming in. Very loud inside.

- Donna D

Is a great vehicle for the price. Holds its value.

I love my Jeep. Has lost of room to transport my dogs one is a Great Dane. Can use it to go pretty much anywhere.

- Sarah G

Its versatility with the different seasons.

There is nothing it hate. Great in winter for snow. Awesome in summer because you can take the top and doors off.

- Lindsey R

it is a great off road vehicle that is very versatile

I love the fact that I can take the top and doors off my jeep. I also love the fact that I can go anywhere in it

- Lauren J

It will sway from side to side when going over uneven road conditions as low speed.

It is versatile. Allowing me to put things in the back, tow a trailer or boat, and pull behind my motorhome.

- Mark S

Quiet and very good gas mileage. Smooth ride.

Love the way it drives.Small.Hard to carry anything. Hard to get out. And in.. Just wish was a little bigger.

- Elizabeth W

It's a beast with a 3in lift and 35in tires, plus bag and speaker system

Sometimes I get abs warning when I turn but I love driving the Jeep. It's fun with the top down and doors off

- Joe C

it's a fun car to drive and jeeps are safer than what people say

i like the car because it is rugged. I have a 2 door though and i think its too small, especially the trunk

- Lauren V

It is versatile, standard transmission is the way to go.

It is my dream car. I can take the top off. I can take the doors off. I feel free when I drive it anywhere.

- Josh G

I like how many people stop and stare because it looks cool and has many designs.

My car is wonderful and has good mileage. The design looks amazing with the many different shades of blue.

- A C

It is Fun to drive and own; get one you will love it too!

I love the high ride. I love the soft top roof. I love that it is fun to drive. I hate the gas mileage.

- Holly A

It's really nice if you are looking for a versatile four by four

No complaints. It is a great vehicle and very dependable. The gas mileage isn't great but other than that.

- Ryan C

Fun, great in snow, reliable and great for summer. Able to take top off

Fun, off road, and dream car. Dislike gas mileage. Had to have heat fixed twice. Everything else is good

- Jackie F

A Jeep story that one will not want to miss.

A lot of fun driving! No major problems so far. A few recalls, but nothing forcing it to go-to shop.

- David L

It is a very responsible and reliable truck.

Love that its a manual and can take the top off and have it as a hard top, soft top, or even topless.

- Brenda L

Jeep Wranglers can take you anywhere rain or shine.

Jku. Off road capable with amazing results. Soft top or Hard top options. Can be modified as wished.

- Kristen R

Heated seats removable roof and doors

Extremely reliable, very comfortable seats, can drive on anything, slow but stylish, average on gas.

- Matt W

The most important thing about my car is that it is fun.

I love that it is tough and rugged. It is great in the snow. Has plenty of legroom. Keeps value.

- Michele T

That it does very good on gas mileage and does not cost too much to fill up

I like that it is a off road vehicle that does good in any type of weather no complaints yet

- kayla f

That i can take the top off and ride it down the road anytime the weather is nice.

Love the space for 3 kids. Love that i can take the hardtop off. Love the versatility of it.

- Kristiana J

Do not touch it! Do not ding it! It cost me a lot of money!

I love the 4 wheel drive. No more getting stuck in the snow. Both my dogs fit in it, too!

- Dar E

It is fun to drive! Driving in the nice weather with no top of doors gives you the true feel of summer.

I love the size of my jeep. Also,I enjoy having a soft top and hardtop. It looks cool!

- Marla S

It is a manual shift, and has a lot of power.

It drives very well and handles great. I have not found any problems with my jeep.

- billy G

it runs great and very seldom needs any kind of work other than normal maintenance

no complaints runs great and goes anywhere the only drawback is the gas mileage

- scott s

They should know how easily it drives and taking the roof of is fun.

It's simplicity. Easy to maintain and not expensive to repair. Drives easily.

- Gil M

It's a very fun and comfortable vehicle to drive. Love that I can take the top down easily on nice days.

I love everything but the fact that it doesn't have leather or heated seats.

- Tifany H

it is high off the ground, has 4 x 4, can drive through high puddles of water

i like it because it has a lot of room it is dependable and is good on gas

- ruddy f

It only gets 20 mpg on the highway, and about 18 on surface roads.

I love the roughness, the style, the drive. I dislike the gas mileage.

- Lynn M

it is high and takes a lot of gas so be prepared to fill up the tank alot

it's a jeep that is black and i love it it has a slight life on it

- Sara S

Quality issues are an issue Fun to drive and looks great

Recalls , power trans problem Looks great, fun to drive,high up

- Christine H

Reliable and good mileage sporty and stylish good in snow

Reliable rugged good in snow. Sporty and roomy. Good gas mileage

- Jonathan L

The jeep wrangler is a lot of fun to drive and gets you noticed.

- Meagan C