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If you enjoy the outdoors join the jeep wave community!

The jeep wrangler is a rugged classic vehicle great for adventurers and people that love the outdoors. I use mine to tow, camp, backpack and to commute back and forth to work. Gas mileage is typical, 17 miles per gallon, to most trucks. I did receive my first years oil changes and tire rotations for free. The one thing I like most about the jeep is the jeep community... Jeep wave everybody!! Another fun thing about jeep wranglers is the decals that can be put on the hoods or other parts. I looked at numerous dealerships for the jeep I wanted. I wanted a black, rugged tire, hard top, with a tow package and rugged tires with black rims. All jeeps look great but there is always one perfect just for you without having to special order it. I finally had found my jeep with all of the above, but what made it perfect for me was the hood decal. It is a topographic map with a red trail line. Did I mention I love to hike and backpack? This vehicle was meant for me. Even now, a year and a half later, I can look at the jeep and it still puts a huge smile on my face. It is my happy place. One last aspect about the jeep is that it is tough. This past year there was a record high on cars hitting deer and totally the car. My jeep decided to go hunting at 75 mph, and yes there was front end damage, but the jeep was extremely tough and protected me from getting hurt. The jeeps design allowed the large animal to be dragged underneath instead of flying up into the windshield. There were 6 other accidents in the same exact location of mine in that one week. The jeep is the only one that wasn't totaled or the driver wasn't injured.

- Rebecca K

I love my jeep... It is amazing!!

This is the first jeep I have ever owned... And I love it!! I wish I had bought one long before. It is stylish and looks amazing. I got black with black leather interior. The scoop on the hood really helps set it apart from other jeeps on the road. The wheels look great. Being able to take off roof and doors in the summer provides a sense of freedom that I have never known with any other vehicle. Seats are comfortable. Jeep rides great. Gas mileage not bad. Could always be better. But, I have driven trucks in the past and gas mileage is about the same. The price for what I have received in my jeep is very economical when compared to other makes/models. I would say one of my biggest faults with the jeep is the windshield does get chipped very easily and I have heard from other jeep owners that is one of the drawbacks. My other complaint would be the heater. Once I get it warm in the jeep, it is hard to adjust. Lt will get too hot, even when I turn it down to low and turn temp down to cool/warm. If I turn it off, it gets too cold. We have taken this jeep on several long distance trips and have been very happy. We are a family of four so even the kids are happy with having the jeep. I will be buying another one when the time comes!!

- Tamara Q

The durability and endurance of this Jeep is amazing

I love driving my 2017 Jeep Wrangler. It is more refined than the previous versions and therefore offers exceptional on-road comfort and stability. The improved dashboard padding and the sound dampening aspects under its hood provide a more comfortable drive than the older Wrangler's. This jeep comes with a futuristic dual frontal airbag system, a front disc, and back drum brakes. It is also fully equipped with three-point seatbelts in every position as well as child seat hooking points. Locking fuel cap and engine block heater are other features that make this jeep worth buying. This car keeps the classic Jeep interior design which is easy to clean and yet very durable. Jeep Wrangler is meant to take a lot of wear and tear in its lifetime hence it has a heavy duty mats that preserve the fresh appearance of the cabin. The built-in drain plugs come in handy when performing a deep cleaning of the interior.

- Nathan N

Jeeps are the best vehicle for this family.

I have always wanted a Jeep. I have owned three so far. I had a 97 two door but sold it when I started a family. Bought one in 2012. Loved it but it was best for single people or at least no kids. I now have a four door and everyone can enjoy it. I will admit there was a difference in the ride from my 97 and 2012 two door. The newer one was more comfortable. Also freedom tops on the newer Jeeps are very convenient and easy to take on and off. Also not too time consuming. Advantage of hard tops is that the inside of vehicle is quieter and warmer in the winter. Soft top however, is more convenient if you want to take tops off in the spire of the moment, can store everything in the Jeep. Not so much with hard top except the two freedom tops over the front seat.

- Diana C

You can take it apart! It is the most fun part of being a Jeep owner.

First of all, I love being high off the ground; it makes me feel safer than being lower to the ground. I appreciate that it is American made and parts are always local and not too expensive to install. I love my truck so much, that this is my third. Gas unfortunately will be expensive, but that is the case for any larger vehicle. I do have the four door and love the additional space. It is more difficult to take the hard top off and exchange it for the soft top but I also live alone. A huge perk of owning a wrangler is being able to make adjustments like a Lego, it is great. That does often come with it is own expense but I truly enjoy it. Install needs to be taken seriously however. You never want a leak in the roof because you didn't tighten everything.

- Casey Z

Safe vehicle! Finally my kids love it!

I love my Jeep sahara it is roomy in the front little tight for a child seat. Love the 4 door! One issue is the windshield if you ride the highway you can easily crack the windshield by construction truck or little rock’s hitting up on it! Had to add a grill insert for the front which is not hard but it should come with one! It is very snappy and a gas hog if your a speedy driver! Love that you can personalize your Jeep or add extra parts to make your Jeep look different! My favorite add was angry eyes! Plus lily be the fun colors of the Jeep. Plus you can ride with the doors off and tops off! Fun, safe vehicle for many ages! Just remember if you see another Jeep ‘wave’! This is my third Jeep they hold their value when your ready for a new one!

- Jamie J

My car is reliable and safe.

My jeep is really reliable, it is tough, stable, and safe. One of the main problems I have is the gas mileage. My Jeep Wrangler is not great on gas and only gets about 17 to 18 miles per gallon. My jeep is also jacked up, so that makes the gas mileage worse. However, I have not had any problems with my car. I have a hard top and I personally prefer that over a soft top because a soft top makes a lot of noise on the road. The soft top is easier to take the top off, but it only takes about two minutes to take my front two tops off. If I wanted to take the whole entire back off, I would need help from two or three people and it takes about five minutes to take off, but the only problem is having a place to store the top.

- Sarah S

Everyone should have a Jeep.

I really love my Jeep. My first car was a Jeep and that is what I learned to drive in. It is an excellent car- the tall height combined with the vehicle's slim shape makes driving and parking very easy. In addition, the big tires are a huge asset- I was in a terrible wreck a year ago and had the ties not been so large and sturdy my sister would have been killed. The tires stopped the car that hit me from hitting the actual body of the car. The only downside is how loud the large tires make the vehicle and how the car cannot drive very fast. But overall I love my Jeep and would not trade it for any other car! I recommend this to everyone, especially new drivers.

- Madison L

My Jeep wrangler my friend.

I have Jeep wrangler unlimited sport 2017. It is a small SUV with character. I love my car. Its unique and has personality. Jeep wrangler it's great for on and off-roading. On beautiful sunny days, I can take the top off my car and enjoy the ride even more. You cannot compare Jeep wrangler to smooth and soft rides of other minivans, Jeep wrangler is designed for people who love adventure. You have to be prepare for spending a little more money on gas, but it is totally worth it. I would definitely recommend Jeep wrangler simply because it is fun but also can be used as a family car like mine. You can customize it the way you want it. Make it look yours.

- Karolina Z

It is a vehicle that is fun to drive.

I love my wrangler. We own two! Love the exterior styling, the brightness of the headlights, the option of having both the hardtop and soft top. Inside I love the seat comfort, love the simplicity of the styling, love the adjustability of the hvac ducts. Miss some of the storage details of previous vehicles and I do not care for the two level center console storage since I seem to always open the upper tray which is pretty useless but you compromise on small things for the overall love of the vehicle. Love the heated seats, how fast the vehicle warms in winter and cools in summer. Very pleased overall with my vehicle.

- Marty K

No problem. Running well. Low gas mileage, saving gas. Family friendly.

No problem. Running well. Low gas mileage, saving gas. I can recommend to purchase this car, even this car manufacturer, even made in japan. I will buy another Japanese car after this car. The most strong point is the sliding doors for family. You will realize the convenience when you pull out your kids, baby, and dog. Specially rainy day, you will love it so much. Also, av which includes Audio and headphone. Our kids love to watch the movie in the car, so our kids ask me to go somewhere to watch the DVD in the car. Can you imagine the situation? They love to watch in the car so much.

- Jordan M

Removable doors and overall comfort.

Overall my 2017 Jeep wrangler is pretty awesome! I use it a lot to go visit my family and road trips. Only problem is the engine likes to die on me sometimes and that really sucks when your 800 miles from home! The features inside are cool, I like the multiple speakers and the fact I can take off my doors. My husky also seems to love it himself xd. Great for beaches and everything, I did take it through rivers and everything this car is a sub! Great job to the creators, but overall amazing brand and I would recommend it to others.

- James J

Love the 4 wheel drive and convertible top.

Jeep wrangler offers an all year experience. Convertible in summer and the availability of 4 wheel drive for snowy conditions. It drives like a jeep, but definitely not something that cannot be overlooked. The only issue I have had is a noisy heat shield that the dealership refuses to fix. I also wish that jeep would get on board with some other car manufacturers and have backup cameras and Bluetooth connectivity come standard rather than an option. Jeeps tend to have many blind spots that make backing up difficult.

- Lisa C

The glory of the Wrangler.

It's an extremely fun car to drive, it during the summer, I absolutely love taking the top off of the Wrangler and driving to the beach with my friends. While it is not very technologically savvy, it has never been a problem for me. The car is extremely spacious, with a lot of storage in the trunk. The back seats are not that comfortable, but it's never bothered me since I am always the one driving. It drives very much like a truck, and because it doesn't have a backup camera, it has made me a way more aware driver.

- Samantha R

I love my Jeep but it�s hard to deal with at times.

I have a hard top Jeep Wrangler and I love to ride with the top off but it's kind of an inconvenience to get off and back on. You also have to have a place to store the top while you are not using it because you can't take it with you. The is also a very straight back seat that makes it uncomfortable but you do have the option to buy and have installed a part to make the seat lean back. Why wouldn't they just include this to make the car more comfortable? I have also had issues with water leaks.

- Amy B

Very easy to park. Do not have to go back and forth with parking.

My 2017 2-door sports wrangler Jeep is amazing all around, even though there are some issues dealing with gas mileage and driving. It can be a bumpy ride driving a Jeep and gas mileage does not help either only filling up to around 285 miles, sometimes even less. But the comfort of the seats very well make up for a lot of the driving and the space in between the back and front seats are quite as nice as well. Performance: well done. Reliability: not so much.

- Emily W

Love the t tops on my Jeep. Very easy to remove and put back on.

I love my Jeep Wrangler. I have a 2017 Rubicon Jeep Wrangler unlimited with hardtop. It is much more comfortable and quiet than I expected. Taking the top off is very simple. I love that the back has a built in spot for all bolts when you take the top off the Jeep. I use to drive a BMW and I like the convenience this Jeep offer. Things like satellite radio, seat warmers, leather seats, etc. I feel this is a very fun vehicle to drive and I love to drive.

- Kelly G

I love the ability of the Jeep to maneuver through rough terrain.

I absolutely love my 2017 Jeep Rubicon. Although I was timid of purchasing a Jeep model because of the size, I quickly became accustomed to width of the vehicle and have no problems maneuvering or parking in compact places. My car prior to my Jeep was a 2015 Mazda, and in comparison to the Jeep it was consistently have troubles dealing with the Milwaukee winter. The Jeep has had no issues with the cold and has remained reliable.

- Sarah H

Comfortable, capable and fun vehicle to drive.

The Jeep Wrangler is a fantastic vehicle. It is dependable, easy to work on myself and the customer service at Jeep dealerships is always wonderful. I get an average of 19. 7 mpg, which compared to other cars on the market is not great, but with the 4wd, standard transmission and off-road and winter capabilities of this car it is worth it. I feel safe in the car and it is very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time.

- Jessica J

2017 Jeep Wrangler sport 2 door.

This Jeep is great, I am the original owner and I have 4200 miles on it now. What’s not to love about this vehicle! I drive on the highway all week to work. Keeping up with traffic with ease thanks to the powerful v6 motor but where it really shines is on the weekend when I get to lock it in 4x4 and play in the mud and hills. Not only is it a nice ride in the woods but the limited slip makes it virtually unstoppable.

- Jeremy B

A fun vehicle to drive on a day to day basis.

A Jeep Wrangler is a very Versatile vehicle that has been very dependable for me to drive. There are not a lot of comforts and drives more live a truck than it does a car. The ability to flip the top back and re-attach it quickly and easily makes it a fun vehicle to drive in warm climates. On the two door version, sitting in the back is really for small kids or for short distances for bigger kids and adults.

- Kevin W

The Jeep is an event for the family, and can easily be transformed in minutes!

You will not regret your decision to purchase a Jeep Wrangler. The Jeep Wrangler drives smoothly in the winter and is fun for the whole family during the summer. The Jeep can transform in just seconds by removing the T tops, roof, and doors. Our family will often pile in with the roof off and enjoy a beautiful summer night in our Jeep. I would highly recommended purchasing a Jeep today!

- Kate E

I love my jeep. It can be on road or off road. You can change anything you want about it. Riding around in the summer with everything off is a blast!... If you get bored with things fast then you would like a jeep! It is never the same. They have jeep off roading parks with mountains and fun trails you can take a trip on. Besides that it is my safe everyday vehicle to get my kids around.

- Crystal H

A safe fun ride, feeling safe while driving in style.

Love driving a jeep! Makes me feels safe and if the roads are flooded I know I'm ok. It's a smooth ride, way smoother that I expected it to be! Love the different options for the top, and all the other modifications you can make to make your ride more personal. Love the space in the back, very roomy. And the speakers are amazing, you can still hear the music great when the tops are off.

- Chelsea P

Best jeep I have ever owned, 2017 jeep jku wrangler sport.

I have a jeep wrangler jk unlimited sport model. This is my third jeep, and the jk series jeep is the best I have ever owned. The jeep suspension is incredibly smooth. It feels like I am driving in a luxury car and not an off road vehicle. The interior is very clean and user friendly. The seats are comfortable, even on long rides. Heat and ac comes up very quickly and our excellent.

- David D

The quality and reliability make it worth every penny!

My boyfriend and I have had our Jeep Wrangler for about a year now and we couldn't be happier with it! We haven't experienced any issues so far and are very happy with the smoothness, the durability, and the quality we have experienced from our Jeep so far. We feel safe with this reliable vehicle and highly recommend it to anyone who is like us and loves adventures and the outdoors!

- Amanda A

Love my Sahara Jeep Wrangler!

I love it, it is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I love the features. So easy and accessible. Super comfortable. Performance wise it is amazing and does great out in hikes and for camping. It is super quick and easy to remove the roof and doors and it is perfect for driving topless in the summer. It also handles rainy weather great as well as driving in snowy winters.

- Irma O

Smooth ride, great capabilities on & off-road.

No problem in the 2. 5 years of ownership, great performance. Decent gas mileage, great off-road capability, drives smooth on and off-road. Sturdy craftsmanship, paint holds up well against the elements, tire wear holds up great for being such a large and primarily driven vehicle. Well built hard top, easy to remove & replace when going topless, came with a full size spare.

- Amanda K

The Jeep makes driving feel more like an adventure.

I love how simple the Jeep is. The standard features are a part of the "outdoor culture". The soft top is convenient for one person to take down vs. The hard top. I love how the back seats fold down for when I need to load up large items. The wrangler has a classic look to it which I like. I like how the classy drives like a truck, makes me feel more in nature.

- Erin B

A very versatile dependable ride with no problems.

I haven't had any problems. My Jeep wrangler is a 4 door extremely comfortable ride that gets an average of 18 mpg in the highway. This Jeep is 4 wheel drive and does very well in rough terrain and winter weather. It has a hard top that is removable and it came with a soft top to install for summer time. The doors are removable and it is a good trail rider.

- Renee B

Very roomy and very nice. I like all of its features.

Very reliable gets from point A to point B easily. It is very comfortable inside. When it gets hot you can easily take the tops off and cruise. It also is very good on hill climbing or climbing sand. I really enjoy being able to take it anywhere with my. There haven't been any problem that I notice. I think it has really nice features and looks very nice.

- Abby O

Jeep wave! Cruising without the top.

I absolutely love my 2017 Jeep Wrangler jku! There is a sense fun and freedom when you can remove anything you choose from the vehicle. You can remove just the sunroof or the full hard top and the doors. I do wish there was a little more power when you step on the accelerator and that the gas mileage was better. Hey its mileage not mileage. Jeep wave!

- Jessica O

Keep aka wheels of heaven.

I love my jeep. I love to do road trips and this car is perfect for it. It is spacious and it holds a lot of gas and has never given me any problems. I also love to use it for all my off-roading activities and the 4 by 4 is so smooth and this car is very reliable. My sister who also has a jeep wrangler got into a car crash and the car saved her life.

- Mariana G

Jeep Wrangler 2017 experience.

I love my Jeep, I hate the fact that the back is so light that it tends to slide in the rain sometimes, but if you drive with caution it does a lot better. It is great in the snow and has been reliable for me since I have had it with just routine maintenance. It is also a super fun car to have in the summer, nothing like going to the beach in a Jeep!

- Bree A

I love my Jeep, I have named her "snowflake".

I love my Jeep. It gets me anywhere I want to go. It is comfortable for my family of 4. I have not had any problems with it at all and it is super fun to take the top off in the summer. The top is very easy to remove and I can do it myself. My Jeep is a 6 speed manual transmission and it is fun to drive. It does lose some power when going uphill.

- Carol B

Opportunities of wrangler.

The windshield cracks easily. It has had to be fixed two times in one month. But I love the option of going everywhere. I have no restrictions. Have a winch would make certain adventures easier. And the option to have a top tent for camping is awesome! Able to take the roof off or just the two panels about the driver’s and passenger’s sides.

- Amy L

Jeep Wrangler Review: Interior and Weather

I absolutely love my wrangler! My only concern with the wrangler, is due to the convertible aspect of the truck, the interior is not great, The rugs beneath the seats and the fabric on the seats is not the most durable, even though it is conditioned to be exposed to the weather. I live in Southern CA and it's the best purchase I have ever made!

- Brandon H

What it is like driving a Jeep.

I love my Jeep, no problems. It performs well especially if you do off road driving! When you sit inside the Jeep you feel secure and safe, like your in a little tank. The only thing I would say is not to make sharp turns in your a Jeep and I don't believe it's that comfortable if you have long legs. But other than that I love my Jeep wrangler!

- Faith S

Always safe, reliable and fun.

The Jeep Wrangler has been a very reliable vehicle. We have had it on a couple of long distance trips and was pleasantly surprised as it was fairly comfortable for distance driving. We have not had any performance problems at all. Love that we can take the soft top down and put back up easily. We would definitely buy another Jeep Wrangler.

- Karen S

Nice design on the windshield!

Super reliable vehicles. Price is a little steep but for the vehicle it is affordable. I did have a small water leak but it's been fixed. The top is easy to take on and off. The jeep has a nice ride for being an off road vehicle. I do like the 2018 models better. Handles off road driving well. Middle console locks which is a nice feature.

- Makayla S

Jeep fun in both summer and winter.

I love my jeep wrangler sport! I love that I can take the top off in the summer and get a tan! I also love its 4 wheel drive for the snow we get. In the summer months we go off roading up hills and through mud Bogs! We also go through creeks and streams. In the winter we climb ice and snow hills and bring along our ATVs and snowmobiles.

- Rebecca W

An interesting detail is it can turn on a dime.

Had no problems with maintenance, drives nice. I wish top was electric. It's hard to take on and off by myself. Its a 2 door so of course a little tight getting in the back. The color is gorgeous. A blue that you do not see much. Seats are comfortable except for headrests are too high and awkward. Its an automatic, wish I had a stick.

- Lynn D

2-Door Wrangler Pros and Cons

I love my wrangler because it's sporty and four wheel drive. It goes great in bad weather. I have a soft top that I enjoy having down on warm days. The only disadvantages are that the ride is not smooth, there's not a lot of engine power, and there's very little interior space with my 2-door. Also, the stock headlights are not great.

- Selena H

Nice size family vehicle!

I love my Jeep wrangler unlimited! It makes a nice size family vehicle that is reliable in all kinds of weather. The back seat is big enough to fit two toddler car seats and can fit a double stroller in the trunk. When we don't have the stroller in the back, then there is room for our border collie to ride comfortably in the trunk!

- Anita H

The jeep wrangler is a great family vehicle!

Really roomy. Great on long road trips. Plenty of foot room and storage space. Roof is really easy to take off and on. Drives smoothly. Color and body design is stylish. The fact that it does not come with a backup camera is not even necessary. The sound system is great. The heating system is wonderful. Road noise is not an issue.

- Emily S

The sharp looking Jeep Wrangler.

Our Jeep Wrangler is a great car. It is very reliable, handles great, and looks great! The interior details, including contrast stitching, and the exterior paint and details, make it really stand out. The top can be removed in three sections, which is great for warm weather and 4-wheeling. And it handles great in the snow and ice.

- Tamara L

Love hate headache, it's fun but not fun.

Problems are it does not handle well with wind or rain. I have had several electrical sensors go bad. The crash test rating is not good. The overall quality does not justify the price. The jeep is definitely fun and everyone loves it, however I do not love it. I would love it if the handling was better and the quality was better.

- Sheila K

I love my Jeep! A fun vehicle!

I love my Jeep! Reliable, comfortable, and awesome to take off the doors and roof. If debating taking the doors off, keep in mind that this eliminates the side mirrors, as they are attached to the doors, so you will either need to buy mirrors that drop into the door hinge, or brackets to permanently move the mirrors location.

- Alex G

Jeeps - rugged yet comfortable and stylish.

I love my Jeep. It is a rugged yet comfortable well performing vehicle that is different than most vehicles out there. I also love the square shape where most vehicles are crossovers. It is great to be able to remove the tops when it is nice out and they are very easy to customize to make each Jeep unique and your own.

- Susan R

this is a super fun car to drive, and the jeep community and jeep wave make you feel like part of a community

love my jeep! only issues relate to what it doesn't have but I bought it that way. no standard backup camera. hard top super hard to remove and need two people, would prefer soft top. back window is a little small and spare tire does affect visibility. comfortable ride, fun to drive, gas mileage better than expected

- pam p

Comfortable for a family yet sporty.

I love my Jeep wrangler! It is sporty yet fits my family comfortably. To take the top down you need at least two people so I wish there was a button to press to make that easier but overall I would definitely keep buying wranglers. I have the four door so I can fit the kids and groceries in the back with no problem!

- Allison C

Jeep wrangler, fun to drive expensive to own.

Nav radio went out. Heated seats electronics went bad, power windows stopped working but that only happened once randomly. Gas efficiency is poor but that is to be expected. Drive is fun, even on longer trips it is pretty comfortable. The two door does not offer much storage space but that is to be expected also.

- Trish D

It's one of the safest vehicles even though many don't think so. It's one of the only vehicles with a roll over bar! It's so much fun to drive!

It's great in the snow & fun in the summer. I love almost everything about it except I wish it had a better sound system & more powerful engine. I also wish it had cooling/heating options for the back seat. Besides that I LOVE my Jeep. It's the 6th Wrangler I've owned & i'm pretty sure I'll always own a Jeep!

- Lori R

You do have the opportunity to customize and add on features over time.

I have not had any problems. This vehicle is reliable with great resale value. You can always add parts to customize to your needs. It also has an eco mode but does not help if you drive side roads. Overall, does not get great gas mileage and is a bumpy every day drive but is great for all weather conditions. .

- Jessica A

Love me 2017 jeep wrangler!!

I love my jeep wrangler. It is the best decision I have ever made. It has comfort and luxury and I can go off road in it. I would not trade it for anything else. I have had no problems with it since we purchased it a little over a year ago. The payment is a little out there but we are managing. Great purchase!!

- Mia S

The jeep is great for outdoor use, but is also large enough to hold many people.

The car is very basic in the sense that nothing is automatic, however this is not a problem for me. The top comes off, which is great for warm weather. It does not let any cold in during colder weather times. The only problem I have with the car is the harsh gas mileage, getting about seventeen miles a gallon.

- Casey G

Good vehicle with questionable electronics.

The GPS went out and a fuel sensor constantly goes off. It has been in the shop twice for the sensor. It is usually an easy fix for the technician but it is aggravating. The GPS is disappointing. It went out shortly after the warranty expired. I haven't been able to get a satisfactory answer why it happened.

- Nathan B

It is 4 wheel drive an easy to use and access for everyone to drive.

There are no issues with my car, I can go out into the desert and drive with no fear and I still feel safe. Although sometimes it can be quite jerky, the car runs smoothly and has a great engine. I can fit lots of stuff in it and easy storage. I wish it had better gas mileage but overall it is a great car.

- avery S

The Jeep wrangler - a new fit.

It is a great multi-purpose car. It can be used for off-roading or just everyday riding through town. My favorite features are the strength of the air-conditioning, easy extensions, and part replacement. The steering and resistance is just right and the spare tire comes in handy in desperate times of need.

- William G

Excellent in snow and for riding top-less on warm days.

The jeep handles great in snow. The windshield gets cracked often. It is very comfortable to drive and gets good gas mileage for an SUV. The four wheel drive makes off-roading easy. The heating system is first-rate. It has excellent pick-up and the soft-top is easy to get off and on for nice days top-less.

- Corey S

Being able to remove the doors and roof

The Jeep Wrangler is very good and I'm happy with my purchase. It is definitely worth the money and very reliable. It can go through anything; snow, mud. It's seats are very comfortable and make it easy to sit in it for a long time. I really enjoy having the fact that you can take off doors and the roof

- Serena M

The big bear edition has the map of the big bear trail in Cali on the hood!

I like to take my Jeep off-road. I haven't had any "work" done to it yet, but for it to be standard, it handles very well. I love it in the winter! In the snow, it handles great and gets me places I wouldn't normally try to go. My driveway is steep, but I do not worry when I am in the Jeep and it snows.

- Marie K

Strong, dependable, comfortable ride!

The vehicle is excellent on gas mileage. We did have problems with the passenger seat making a clicking noise but the problem was easily resolved. We live on a mountain and we have a steep driveway, we put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive and we have no problems getting up the hill. Very comfortable ride!

- Monica L

I am the friend that always gets called to get someone out of a bind.

This is my second Wrangler and I still love it. I will probably go for a 3rd when my lease is up. Its durable and reliable and handles snow in 4x4 like a dream. I have the soft top and the changes they have made give you many options of what you want to open up, and what you would like to keep closed.

- Jennifer S

Highly recommended car to buy.

It is a wonderful car. A little on the heavy side when driving but you can get the hang of it. Gas can be expensive but it is worth a lot in the winter when it is snowing. Dirt rides on hills are even more fun. It is comfortable on the inside and quite spacious. I highly recommend purchasing this car.

- Sarah D

Taking the soft top off was incredibly easy and enjoyable

This Wrangler has been a durable and reliable car that has been good on off roads and main roads alike. The roof was easy to take off and easy to put back on and the hardtop was easy to maneuver in putting on and off in the season change and not too difficult to store. I highly recommend this vehicle

- Gina M

Jeeps are very dependable. I have seen them last 15+ years.

I have owned several Jeep vehicles over the years. The reliability and performance of my Jeep wrangler are the best I have seen and keeps me coming back. Jeep wranglers have been around for years and offer many custom options. They are very easy to work on and modify. Best vehicle I have ever owned.

- Matthew L

Very fun for four-wheeling and mudding!

My Jeep performs well in a variety of conditions. I have had it lifted and it does very well in muddy, snow-packed, and four-wheeling. It also does fairly well on the highway, but does not go very fast and has some difficulties with driving well in wind and standing water at highway speeds.

- Lindsey M

I have no regrets buying my rhd jeep.

I absolutely love my jeep wrangler. I use is for work, it is definitely a workhorse. The only issue I have had with it have been with wheel sensors. Not major mechanical issues after driving 100 + miles daily for the last two years. Will definitely buy another to replace it when the time comes.

- Elaine H

When jeep wrangler dealerships say trail edition, they mean it!

My jeep wrangler is very reliable. I love everything about it! Heats up fast in the winter! Iv only had it so far for winter months so I haven't experienced the summer months yet. Gas mileage is ok. Its 1 good thing after another. My jeep is a trail addition and it had done good on off roading.

- Nicole L

It can get through anything

I have no problems with my car. It's always so good to me and is not too bad on gas. It has been through everything and is still good as new. It's clean and could always be traded in because of the condition. I love my jeep and I'm glad I have it. Never have problems and drives very smooth

- Sarah P

Jeep wrangler 2017 space gray.

I love the way my car drives, feels safe and comfortable. Heated seats are available, easy top to remove, doors come off easy as well. Seats are comfy are durable. Sound system is perfect as well. Easily adjustable steering wheel is a nice feature, as well as double racked center console.

- kate M

Why I enjoy my jeep wrangler.

I have loved my jeep wrangler ever since I bought it! I haven't had any problems with it since I got it two years ago. I have always had a smaller sedan in the past, so I have really enjoyed the height of the car. I always feel really safe while driving the jeep because of the structure.

- Ellie M

Good in all weather conditions

I love that the car can go through any rough conditions so easily, I don't have to worry about sliding or getting stuck in the snow anymore. I also love that it's good for warm weather too since the top and doors come off so easily. The only thing I wish it was better on was gas mileage.

- Marjorie W

Sporty car with lots of bells and whistles.

Wranglers are great cars because they are rooming get enough gas mileage are great for off-road and you can take the top off the only downside is the amount of trunk space my Jeep also has a great stereo system and base plus a remote start engine which is very convenient in the winter.

- Margaret G

A great buy for the whole family

Bought our jeep new off the lot. I love how roomie they are even with 3 kids in there and with them having sports the sports equipment all fits in the back. I wish mine came with a soft top due to the fact I'm a little short to take off the hard top, but we built a lift to take it off

- Amber F

I suppose that depends on what "important" means. I think the most important thing to me about my car is how good it makes me feel to drive it, though the gas mileage is disappointing and gives me some feelings of guilt.

I love that it feels like I am going on an adventure when I drive my Jeep even if I am just going to work. I also love that I can remove the top and drive in the open air. My only dislike (slight) is the storage space, but I have learned to manage to maximize space for grocery trips.

- Alexis K

The 2017 jeep wrangler sport.

I have yet to find any problems with this vehicle. The features are great love being able to take doors and roof off. Performance is good and reliability is awesome. Needless to say I am not going to get stuck anyplace with the jeep wrangler, I would give the wrangler a 10 out of 10.

- Brian S

My right-hand drive Jeep Wrangler.

I have a right-hand drive Wrangler unlimited. This vehicle is very bare bones. There are no bells or whistles at all. It does not even have any USB ports. It is a workhorse, though. It is a very tough vehicle. It is perfect for a mail vehicle. It is too bad they stopped making them.

- Jen L

I will never leave #Jeepfam.

Jeep wrangler has been really dependable for me! Unfortunately, I have been in 3 accidents, all to which I was saved by the impact this thing can take! It is really tough! It is also stylish and so cute. I will always own one. Currently on my second one, buy burgundy, hello black!

- Kayla D

Everyday and off-road Jeeps are reliable and fun multi functional automobiles.

My son loves Jeeps his is well used and is used for off-road and daily use. It does use a good bit of gas but he has only had a few issues with it. Is fun to drive and its once to be able to take the doors off and take it for a drive. Well built and durable everyone loves a Jeep.

- Lynn M

I can take my Jeep in any terrain and feel safe.

I love my Jeep wrangler. I have found that the Jeeps tend to have good reliability and they are decently comfortable. The ride can be slightly bumpy when driving, but overall the car drives nicely. Overall, the car is very spacious and tends to my needs, both on and off the road.

- Ryan M

Jeep s are the best and becoming one of the most popular vehicles on the road.

Jeep wrangler has come a long way in recent years on riding comfortably. They are a fun, safe and reliable vehicle to drive. They also hold their value compared to most other vehicles. They are very Versatile and you can modify and upgrade it any way you want to fit who you are.

- Angie L

My favorite car ever!! It is amazing!!

It is so nice and useful! A good car for young adults. I use my car to go everywhere. Also great mileage. Everyone should get this car! It is amazing. I love this car. Everyone should get one. The all black is an awesome color. But it can get really hot. I still love it thought.

- Peanut B

Really roomy, beautiful car. Don't have any problems with it!

I love my car!! It's really roomy!! The interior and exterior is just beautiful!! I do not know what else to say. . It is one of my favorite cars, I always tell my friends that they should get a Jeep!! It's also really fast, and really strong! Leather seats, it's just my style.

- Violet C

Comfortable for long road trips but can also go virtually anywhere off-road.

I like that my Jeep can go literally anywhere. It is comfortable to drive/ride in. I dislike that the spare tire on the back of the vehicle occasionally makes a squeaking noise while I am driving, and the apparatus holding the tire onto the vehicle has to be adjusted/tightened.

- Jackie K

Jeep rules convertible SUV.

It was cheap and inexpensive plus it had the color purple I wanted, plus my wife wanted an SUV. She made it clear that it was not to be black or a dark color. She also wanted a soft top and Jeep corners the market on convertible SUV types. My daughter loves having the top down.

- Craig F

Jeep wranglers hold their value better than any other car I know.

I love my 2017 Jeep wrangler unlimited. This is my first 4 door but I have owned 2 other 2 door wranglers. They are extremely dependable, great in the winter conditions, and just fun to drive. Great family car. This is the 5th Jeep I have owned and I'll never stray from a Jeep.

- Ashley W

Good for casual drive and trail drives

Basic setup quite, good for inclement weather situations light trail driving. Have had it brand new with no problems to this point comfortable drive good power and easy to go from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive. Larger tires and running boards would have been nice for the price paid.

- james E

Great value, great fun ride.

Trouble free. Rugged, holds the road well in inclimate weather. Have driven through snow forms with impunity. Can really see the road well, very few blind spots. It is a very nice looking, eye catching vehicle. It holds its value and I plan on buying outright at end of lease.

- Dorian K

Love my Jeep, for everything but long trips on the highway!

Tires lose pressure very easily, but over all performance of the vehicle is great! The inside of the vehicle is also quite loud on the highway so it is not a good passenger car for road trips. Vehicle is reliable and enjoyable to drive. Gas mileage is only mediocre at best.

- Kate F

Jeep for the adventurer in us all.

It is so much fun to drive. No problems. It handles rough roads like a champ. I have a it lifted with off road tires. A little loud and the suspension is what you'd expect in an off road vehicle. Gas mileage is average for the size and type of car. But I love my Jeep.

- Christine J

2017 Jeep wrangler why you should to buy one!

Absolutely love my Jeep!! Very reliable. Super fun to drive with the top down and doors off!! Awesome stress reliever! The only issue to date is the battery has died and had to be replaced already. But was covered under warranty. Roadside assistance was a nice feature.

- Donna A

Awesome car, very comfortable and useful.

I have to fill up on gas every week, but it is such a comfortable car that it's not a big deal. You feel nice and high up. I got into a car accident and the car barely got damaged. So comfortable on the inside. I have leather seats and they are heated. Lots of space!

- Michelle A

Smooth ride and digital features.

I always been jeep lover. This my second jeep wrangler. The comfort and driving is so great. The engine runs smoothly and get good gas mileage. My jeep has personal options, tire pressure, speed, gas mileage and more on digital. I never had any issues with my jeeps.

- Christina S

2 door Jeep wrangler sport.

Jeep wrangler 2 door is a good car if you do not have any pets or kids. It is very hard to access the back seats. The car tends to hydroplane in the rain very easily. Other than those few things I love the car. It is fun, good in the snow and I love the 4WD feature.

- Samantha B

One tough and reliable ride.

Plenty of space and reliable. It does drive difficult in 4 wheel drive compared to other vehicles I have owned. It is rugged, gas mileage is not bad. Handles well on highway and off road. Headlights are really bright and people tend to think I have my high beams on.

- Sarah B

I love my Jeep, but not the gas mileage.

There are no problems with my Jeep. My only issue is the horrible gas mileage, but I knew that going into it. It is fun to drive with sufficient comfort for trips less than 250 miles. Trips more than 250 miles require supplemental seat pads, or beaded seat cover.

- Jen W

Jeep review. My red Jeep Wrangler.

I love the Jeeps alpine speakers as well as Bluetooth system. I also like the quality of the drive and height that the Jeep sits. It is a sharp looking vehicle and a blast in the summertime. I love to take the top off on hot days and cruise with the doors off.

- Patrick D

Only one minor problem with wrangler, everything else is absolutely amazing.

It handles very well, great control. Does not feel boat at all. The only issue is the windshield. Because it is flat, and not at an angle, it catches a lot of rocks. That is literally the only negative though. Everything else about it is absolutely a winner.

- Chris G

2-door jeep wrangler great for in-town driving.

Great vehicle for getting around town comfortable. Fits into tight spaces, easy to weave in and out of traffic. Back seat folds down, so that you can still comfortably do grocery shopping if needed. Performance has been great and it is always been reliable.

- Bryan S

Jeep wrangler sport likes a n d dislikes

Good for the messed up roads. Nice sized tires removable hard top with freedom top.installed back up camera and navigation. Back seat very uncomfortable because fits straight up and does not recline. I have appointment for reclining kit install this week.

- Cheryl S

Dedicated jeep owner, this is my 5th wrangler.

Great vehicle for MN winters and road trips. Lots of room for kids and pets and hauling things. I love being able to take the top off, or just the panels above the driver and passenger seats. It has a lot of features, heated seats for cold days is a plus.

- Jennifer H

Great to use on the beach in summer months.

This car is very reliable. Having a jeep is so much fun especially in the warmer months. The inflation and deflation of the tires is very easy which is a bonus because we drive my car on the beach a lot. The car drives smoothly and sustains gas well.

- Ann O

It is my dream car I love it

I do not have much problems with my car. I love the way it drives. Very spacious. Comfortable. I love it it's very chic and pretty we go off-roading a lot we go up the mountains. Through the desert very smooth and spacious for the family plus luggage

- Kiara T

Jeeps are awesome, and fun and beautiful and everyone should have one.

I love that it is rugged but still very comfortable and nice on the inside. People always tell me my Jeep is so cool and I love that. I love the freedom being able to take the top off and doors off. I dislike the gas mileage and that it goes so slow.

- Mary A

That it is really fun to drive and have the wind blow in your face when the top down is one of the best feelings in the world!

I love the soft-top and that I can take down the roof whenever I want on a nice day. I love the handling of it and the off road capabilities. I love the sound system that came standard with it. And love the body type and the decals on the hood!

- Joe E

The gas mileage is much less than advertised. I think they should be honest about these things.

It handles well, and is easy to drive in bad weather, even better than my previous pick up truck. I don't like that the doors won't stay open when I am trying to load or unload stuff. I don't like that the lights don't come on automatically.

- Andrea L

The back half of the top is easy to take off, but is over heavy.

I like the color, versatility, off-roading capabilities, and the fact that it is very roomy. I have enough space for people and to take luggage and dogs. I do not like the gas mileage or the fact that the driver side door can leak rain water.

- Vicky S

It was worth the money spent.

Although gas mileage can be a little low, overall the ride is smooth. It is very safe and comforting driving in the Jeep. Roomy for all passengers and the driver themselves. Even with the most simplistic features it is an advanced vehicle.

- Amanda W

Fun AND Responsible all in one car. Goes from four wheeling to the nightclub in one moment

I love my Jeep!! It's is a safe, reliable and fun vehicle! Gas mileage is pretty good. It's a surprisingly quiet ride. Plenty of room inside to carry whatever I want but it is also a great people mover. I highly recommend a Jeep Wrangler!!

- Susan M

It is not the most comfortable ride but it is fun!

I have always wanted a Jeep wrangler & I am so glad I finally got one. It is one the funnest vehicles to drive. I got a stick shift and that makes it even funner. When and if I need another vehicle I will definitely keep my Jeep too!

- Kim G

You can customize it to whatever fits your style and needs.

I love that it is a great car for any season. I love that you can always change the look of it and add accessories and are able to take the doors and top off and enjoy the nice weather. It's a vehicle you can never get sick of.

- Alex m

The Jeep Wrangler is a good weekend car for driving around town, especially in the nice weather.

As a family car, I don't really like the Jeep Wrangler. Although the car itself is large, the backseat is not spacious and the trunk space is also not as big as we would like it to be. It is comfortable enough for our needs.

- Carolyn M

The ride can be very bumpy at times with the lift kit that it has.

I love the color and box style it has. The inside is comfortable and air conditioner blows hard in the middle of the summer. It has enough room for my family and still enough room to take everything in there that we need.

- Mary G

Rough ride, but a fun, functional option.

My 4 door is roomy, with plenty of trunk space. It fits two car seats, and is high like an SUV making visibility great. It is compact enough to drive & fit in small parking garages, parking lots and other tight quarters.

- Lauren G

Fun to drive but hard to unlock.

I love that It is a standard transmission, those are hard to find these days. The only thing I would change is that it would be nice if it had a key fob to lock/unlock doors. It has plenty of power and is fun to drive.

- Valerie W

My Jeep Wrangler is a beast (in a good way) and is thrilling to own

My Jeep Wrangler makes me feel young and alive. I love that the top comes off and I have option to take my doors off. Nothing like driving down the road in it on a warm summer day. I love the box look of the body.

- Donna K

Jeep wrangler 4-door, all white.

My vehicle is awesome. It drive very smooth and is actually pretty good on gas! Getting a Jeep I really thought it would eat up all the gas, but it is pretty good! Only complaint is that is does not drive that fast.

- Danielle K

They should know that despite it's few shortcomings, it is a fun vehicle to drive and despite being a relatively common vehicle, it does turn heads and get a lot of compliments.

Overall, I am pleased with my truck. One of the big things I dislike about it is that it has a lot of noise / rattles. I guess this is pretty common with the make and model, but I wish it were a little more quiet.

- Aaron B

Jeep Wranglers are sport and fun!

I love my Jeep. I waited years before I could afford one. I would not trade it for anything. It is sporty and stylish yet has enough room for my family. My boys love it and enjoy when we take the top off for trips.

- Dawn B

It goes off road. Can take it where you could not take a car.

Like the color and height, not too close to the ground. Bought it to tow 4 wheels down without any special adjustments. Should have got a four door. Even with back seat down hard to carry stuff as the seat slopes.

- Rosita R

I think the most important thing someone should know about my car is that the gas mileage in my opinion is not accurate and the amount spent on gas weekly is un real. Also, it is so easy to get over curbs in it!!

I think my only two complaint would be that I miss my mustang that I had for almost 6 years and the amount I have to spend on gas is ridiculous. I do love that I can go mudding and hop curbs to get around things!

- Lauren P

Sporty fun ride with endless options for added character

As Jeep Wranglers go, the 2017 has many luxury's. Leather heated seating, Bluetooth, touchscreen radio with navigation. Good buy for the price and their popularity means the value holds better than most vehicles.

- Ashley B

Stock 2017 Jeep JKU Black

So far my Jeep has been very reliable. The biggest down fall would be the lack interior space, but I am coming from a full sized pick up. Added bonus is that Wranglers are at the top of the list for Made in USA.

- Josh A

The jeep wrangler is the perfect car for on and off road driving and unlike earlier models, newer models come with a/c.

My vehicle is high enough for me to see on the road as I am a small person. If needed, I can take me vehicle off road and take the top off the vehicle. The only thing I could possibly dislike is the gas mileage.

- Demi R

It is like a Lego kid for adults- everything can be changed.

I wish the fuel economy was a little better and that it had climate control in the back. But it is a lot of fun. I tell my friends that it is like a Lego kid for adults. I love taking the top and the doors off.

- Jonathan S

to remove all doors and roof takes 2 people and some time.

I love it. Great for all times of the year, about $60 to fill the tank. haven't taken the whole top off, only the front two ceiling panels. Those are easy everything else (doors and back roof) takes some time.

- Tia B

Great car, a lot of fun, easily customizable. But fuel efficiency is horrible.

Car is great, drives over everything, without any issues. Only problem with the car is fuel efficiency. Otherwise car is great, fun to drive, feels safe, everything detaches, a lot of post market accessories.

- I M

It's built to be all terrain

I love my Jeep because it can be taken apart easily. I like being able to go off roading. It's been super reliable and it is rugged. It's also been very comfortable and allows me to play music from my phone

- Mike S

It actually gets pretty good gas mileage for its size/shape, weight and v6 engine.

Love the body type and size. Love the functionality and abilities of the wrangler for off road adventures, it's also great in the north east winters. I'm not particularly fond of the push button start.

- Day M

Great in summer and winter

Love the vehicle and the strength it has. Family able to travel comfy in vehicle. Dislike how price continues to climb every time get a newer one, making it where won't be able to lease one soon.

- Chris S

How well Jeeps hold their value.

I like that it is durable and holds it value. I can go off-road with it, but I wish I didn't have as many computer issues that I have had with it. I will say the customer service has been great.

- Roberta A

I like my Jeep!! Fun spacious and reliable.

I love having my Jeep it is a great vehicle very roomy have plenty of space for all my groceries and I can also take the top off and doors off it is the perfect vehicle for me fun and reliable.

- Kelsey U

It will be in the shop a lot.

Leaky roof. Took it in 4 times. Waiting for the roof to leak again so I can do a buy back. Not as many features as lower priced cars. No cameras or CarPlay. Bluetooth connection is horrible.

- Brie B

It is the last Jeep in the JKU series. They now came out with the JLU and it's not the same bodystyle.

I love my jeep because it is an excellent product for the location I am in. I love the fact that it can have the doors and top off and enjoy the day. Great horsepower and ok gas mileage.

- Dacon F

Fun to drive and I can go anywhere for unlimited adventures.

I love the off-road and diverse weather capabilities. I like that I sit higher off the road to be able to see traffic better. I like that I can remove the tops for a convertible feeling.

- Shelley D

It feels really good to drive and it is also a limited edition model.

I love how it looks and feels. The only thing I do not like about it is that I think that the dealer scammed me because I paid almost $60,000 for it and it is only worth like $40,000.

- A N

It is really fun to drive.

The jeep rides well, is comfortable, sounds good, and is overall really fun to drive. Unfortunately I do not like its low fuel efficiency, however that is to be expected with a jeep.

- Alec S

One of the most important things to know about this vehicle is that it will almost always hold Its value.

I love everything about my Jeep. It's an awesome vehicle to have during all the North Dakota months. You are always able to change the entire look of the vehicle which is fun also.

- Erika J

handles well off road and can handle a multitude of environments

No problems. Performance is great for the forest service roads we take it on. It is comfortable. Gas mileage is pretty poor for a vehicle this size - but we knew that going in

- Kelly M

Top off, doors off, take it offroad!

I purchased my jeep not really knowing what I was getting myself into. Love that you can take the top off, the doors off, and go offroading. My jeep has become a lifestyle!

- Rob R

It's very comfortable to drive.

So much fun to drive. Great visibility. Great clearance. Sporty. Everybody wants one. Even my 91 year old lady friend loves me to take her for rides in it up the mountains!

- Patricia R

It can go about anywhere, over rocks, through mud and shallow water and climbs.

I absolutely love my Jeep. I live on a farm and I can drive it anywhere. It is comfortable and fun to drive. It is reliable and performs well especially in wet conditions.

- Connie M

that I love it and if anyone hits it I will yell at them

I have always wanted a Jeep and last year I finally got one. I like the look of it and the off road capabilities, but sometimes if I hit a bump I can swerve a little bit.

- Mallory S

Rides like a Jeep should, it is not meant for long road trips.

Love my vehicle, will continue to by Jeep wranglers. I currently have no complaints. I would only change the top and design a way to remove the whole hard top in pieces.

- Dean B

Ride in style. . . And feel secure!

Reliable, great quality, fun to drive, easy to operate. Very easy to remove the doors and top. Great in all weather and makes me feel very safe and secure while driving.

- Jo L

It's a lot of fun to drive and is there is a lot of customizing you can do to make it your own.

I like the 4X4 feature. I also like the ability to go topless in the summer. I should have got a soft top instead of the hard top. I wish there was an retractable roof.

- Amanda G

All terrain beauty. My Jeep is fast, efficient, and reliable.

My vehicle is dependable and reliable, I feel safe in it and it makes me happy. It gets decent gas mileage for an off-road vehicle and handles great in all conditions.

- Cassandra S

Make sure you test drive it. It is not for everyone.

I like my vehicle because it is durable and it will take long road trips and I can take the top off. I dislike that I seems a little clustered and small on the inside.

- Devin M

It's super cool to look at and drive. Also, there is the Jeep Wave program, every other Jeep waves to you.

I love everything about my Jeep. Functionality, looks, the way it handles. If I could have afforded it, I would prefer the 4 door model but that 8snt a fault of Jeep.

- Melissa D

Custom 4� lift, tires 35�, roof rack specialty lights, automatic running boards.

No issues at all. . Have modifications done. Use as a daily car and has custom 3rd row installed. Need it for the winter mostly but will be taking it off-road for fun.

- Jennifer M

Jeep Wrangler Sport: I love the color!!

I definitely love my Jeep, especially the color. It's purple which is my favorite, I just hope they don't come out with more. Since I like a little bit of originality.

- sandy s

That despite how they look, they are actually pretty safe

I love my jeep for several reasons. The safety on it is amazing, when I flipped it I was untouched. I also like going on the beach. I wish it had more gas mileage.

- Jenna W

It's a jeep and it can go anywhere and if someone ever needs help I'm there

Love that it's a 6 speed, It's goes anywhere that I want and need it too. Great in the snow. Never have to worry about getting anywhere I love everything about it

- Vincent Y

The Jeep Wrangler is a reliable car that is comfortable both in a physical sense and an economic sense.

The Jeep Wrangler is an amazing car. Despite its low fuel efficiency, I thoroughly enjoy driving it. It's fast, agile, and flashy. All of my friends love it too.

- Jared P

It is very reliable, durable and great in inclement weather.

I haven't experienced many problems, only one with the speaker system in the dashboard. It was not attached properly, but was promptly fixed by the service team.

- Lisa S

If you are looking for a great time get a Jeep!

I love my Jeep, it is always been my dream car! It is so much fun to drive. It is also very stylish. The only downfall is it does not have great air ventilation.

- Alyssa M

It is my car and it makes me feel good about myself. I love driving it.

My car is something that I have been wanting to get for a long time. I had one in college and now I have one as an adult. One thing I dislike is the gas mileage

- Jeff T

It is very reliable and dependable.

I love jeeps all together. I have owned a total of 3 vehicles my whole life, 2 being jeeps. My only complaint would be gas prices because of it being 6 cylinder.

- Melissa P

Great for winter driving! And also great for off road driving!

I love that is 4 wheel drive. I love that other Jeep Wrangler owners acknowledge another Jeep Wrangler owner. It is a Jeep Thing...and you wouldn't understand!

- Mary T

Taking the top off is not the easiest.

No complaints. I love the reliability and ride the vehicle provides. The vehicle came with many options and I would great in the summer as well as the winter.

- Rachael W

I love how safe and secure I feel in my Jeep. I love that I can fit about 10 moving boxes in my trunk, suitcases and kennel in the back seat on the floor, and still have room for two dogs in the back seat comfortably. On top of that, when my jeep is that full, the front of the vehicle is very spacious. The top is easy to take off and put back on. The only dislike I have is the same with all Wrangler owners, the gas mileage.

The Wrangler will fit whatever lifestyle you have. From adventurous to a mom on the go. Reliable, not too big not too small, comfortable, and customize able.

- Laura P

It can drive in almost any condition and on any terrain.

I love how tall it is and how easy it drives. It makes me feel powerful and cool. I do not like how bumpy it rides sometimes and how low the gas mileage is.

- Jennifer L

Fun to drive, reliable, visually appealing, and great in all weather.

My jeep is so much fun to drive, especially when the weather is nice with the doors and top off. Also, awesome for off roading and in bad road conditions.

- Natalie L

The price of the vehicle is definitely worth it, it is a vehicle that does not age.

I love that my vehicle is so roomy. It is so easy to haul stuff in. I also like that it can be personalized so easily. I wish it was a little smoother.

- Krystin W

It is so much fun to drive. Once you drive one, you"ll never want to drive another vehicle again.

The Jeep Wrangler is fun to drive. It drives unlike any other vehicle on the road. It can go offload and drives well enough to be a great daily driver.

- Windy S

It is the very best car that ever has been.

I love jeep wrangler’s because they are fully customizable to each owners exact taste and liking inside and outside both for comfort and for use.

- Bryan K

It is a fun car to do little upgrades to make it your own style.

I love the look and style of the Jeep. The only downfall is that it feels a bit top heavy when driving. It is a Jeep and that is how they handle.

- Christina C

It drive smooth it's comfortable clean and it's safe.

I love the look of the body. I love the toughness of the tires. The top coming off is so fun in the summer. My only complaint is gas mileage.

- Kara L

That it is an awesome car - looks, comfort, ease of driving and feeling.

I love the look of my Jeep Wrangler, it is comfortable and modest, and has a good, smooth drive to it. I don't have any complaints about it.

- Virginia P

The Jeep wrangler, Rubicon is rugged, rides smooth and looks great.

Love the look on the exterior and interior. Hate the gas mileage of it on long road trips. Does not have the upgrades inside for technology.

- Stephanie S

It is one of the best vehicles you can buy if you are looking for off-road adventures.

The Jeep Wrangler has great off-road abilities and also has a comfortable interior for long road trips. It provides plenty of cargo space.

- Chelsea W

2017 Wrangler JK Rubicon Hyper Green

Love my vehicle. It has all the bells and whistles of a luxury vehicle besides a backup camera, with the ruggedness of an offroad vehicle

- Kristen L

Great sport utility! The ability to have room for a family plus 4 wheel drive!

It is seriously a blast to drive. W ed take the doors and top off and have a great time outdoors. Gives us plenty of room for our family

- Todd W

I love my Jeep. I really love how I can drive it anywhere without any worries about getting stuck. I drive in all sorts of terrain. I have plenty of room to put all that I need in there. Including when I want to take my dogs

That it can drive all over without any problem. I have to drive different kinds of terrains all the time and I have never had a problem

- Kelsey S

That it is hard to keep clean because the windows are always out.

I like putting the top down. I like being up high when I drive. I dislike how dirty it gets and the fact that my glove box just broke.

- Andrea E

It is a really fun car to drive and it also retains its value over time

It is amazing! It is really fun to drive and feels safe and secure. It is high off the ground and is fun to drive with the top off

- maria g

the car is really good for off road

It is amazing but sometimes i feel as though the car is too big, also the gas is ridiculous and the parts to fix the car is too much

- sara a

It's a great car for all occasions and situations. Practical yet stylish.

I love the style and the handling. It is spacious and is great in bad weather. It's a fun car to drive. It looks sporty yet classy.

- Chantel D

The safety that it gives me.

No complaints. I just wish I had power options in the car. I have to manually roll down the windows and manually unlock the doors.

- Flora J

It's a very basic design!!

Love my Jeep wrangler!! Comfortable and basic. Love being able to take it off-roading. Love being able to take the top on and off.

- Kelly J

My Jeep Wrangler is so much fun to drive, and they should get one.

I like everything about my jeep. I will buy another one someday. It is fun to drive, and puts me in a great mood when driving.

- Martie P

It is a good safe vehicle.

I have no issues with my vehicle. It is fun in the summer and great in the snow. Top and doors are simple to take off and store.

- Shannon C

Comfortable front with a lot of fun

no problems except one dash light from when i bought it. Very comfortable in the front, not so much in the back. Very good AC.

- Reece K

Jeep Wrangler Fun Vehicle

My Jeep is very reliable and fun to drive. Taking the top and doors off make driving a joy. The only downside is fuel mileage.

- Glenn E

Its lasted for a very long time. A reliable thing to get you to about anywhere you need to go. Worth the cost you pay monthly.

Engine does have start up issues after muddy roots. Door doesn't shut all the way sometimes. Windshield wipers tend to break

- John S

It is a very dependable vehicle. The Jeep brand has always been one of our two chosen brands for cars in my family (the other being Honda).

I love how durable and dependable it is. I have space for my 5 lg dogs as well! I just wish that it had better gas mileage.

- linda a

A comfortable and reliable vehicle

I love how versatile my Jeep Wrangler is. I never have to worry about rain or snow because my car does well in any weather.

- Zelfa G

I love it because it makes me feel strong and confident.

I love that it is a big car and is off the ground. I love that I can take the top off of the car. It has a smooth drive.

- Kate B

car has removable doors and top

The jeep is great for road trips to the beach or mountains. I love being able to feel the wind while riding in the sun.

- Raquel C

Super fun to ride in, a vehicle you won't regret purchasing.

Rides smooth, super dependable, gas mileage is decent. comfortable leather seats, fun to drive in, and can go off road

- meghan g

It uses a lot of gas which gets expensive and a 2 door is hard.

I absolutely love the look of a jeep. It's fun with the top and doors off. Only downfall is the amount of gas it uses.

- Meagan M

Really nice have air condition drives really smooth.

Really nice have a. C drives really nice have a nice engine nice tires have radio have GPS I just really hove my car.

- Charlie Q

Gas is very expensive to fill up.

My vehicle is very spacious. Its beautiful inside and out. Love the interior. I do not like the bass sound quality.

- Elvira M

It is the best car ever and do not regret it.

It drives smooth. It has room in the trunk. Dislike the second row. Not baby friendly. Back seat is to straight up.

- Ana O

It is not built for comfort yet surprisingly comfortable.

I love the fact it is rugged, and drives well in the snow. Also, best part is that the doors and top can come off.

- Lauren H

Well worth the price tag.

No problems. Great Jeep willys drives and rides great! Gets complimented everywhere we go. Well worth the money.

- Tammy E

Jeeps drive a lot differently than most cars. It can be very rough riding

I love my Jeep! My favorite vehicle I've ever owned. I love that it feels luxurious yet rugged at the same time.

- Gillian J

is good in snow or ice the four wheel drive is good but not good in rain

i love the look the 4x4 i don't like that the locks dont work good i don't like that is making a slushy sound

- Adriana h

It has a lot of room and is comfortable.

My jeep is sporty.. It has a removable top and leather seats.. It has plenty of room.. It is an eye catcher..

- Kelley B

Jeep Wrangler- reliable, fun, family approved SUV.

I love being able to take the roof off. It rides comfortable, and keeps its value better than other vehicles.

- Loretta F

Jeep is the coolest vehicle out there

I love my Jeep. I can't believe it took me so long to get one. There is nothing that I don't like about it.

- Minnie B

Love my 2017 Jeep Wrangler.

I love my wrangler. It goes in all weather. It's safe for my family. I haven't had any complaints about it.

- Corey P

It is super durable and efficient.

Jeep wranglers are nice and spacious. Super fun to drive with great performance! Love everything about it.

- Samantha P

It is my favorite color purple.

Our Jeep is purple. It is comfortable to ride in. It holds its value. It is a great vehicle. We love it.

- Melissa A

Fun to drive and comfortable.

Fun to drive and feel safe in it. Travels well in MN winters. You can also take the top off for summers.

- Terri P

Easy to add upgrades, many merchants to choose from and great prices.

Easy to drive and get around town with. Great in the snow and ice. No dislikes at all and no complaints.

- Susan K

Fun, dependable vehicle that makes driving fun

Love my Jeep Wrangler. It's comfortable, fun and reliable. There's nowhere you can't go in this vehicle.

- Stacy R

i like the feature where you can control radio stations from your steering wheel

fun to drive and gets good gas mileage.the performance is top notch.i would tell others to buy this car

- fessica a

It is a fun car to have especially in the summer when you can take the top off.

I love the way it look and the way it drive. The only complaint I have it is not great on gas mileage.

- Sarah C

It is a Jeep Rubicon Recon.

Love that you can take doors and top off, heated seats, satellite radio, leather interior, and look.

- Stacie F

It's purple & I wouldn't trade it for nothing. Drives great & gas mileage aint bad for it being a jeep. It;s rough & rugged

I love my jeep. It is purple. My favorite color. It handles great in the winter time in the snow.

- susan s

It is rugged and will run for over 200000 miles. Maintenance is easy.l

I like 4wd. The ride is nice. It is roomy and comes in colors other than red, black and white.

- kathy p

It does not get great gas mileage, but it is worth it.

I like that my jeep wrangler is rugged, reliable, and sexy. It is beautiful and girls love it.

- R B

The Jeep can be used multi purpose

I love my Jeep because I can put the top down in the summer and use the 4x4 during the winter.

- Dan O

I love my Jeep because it's Sporty and I can take it off road, but I can drive it everyday. I also like that it also has touch screen. I wish the top was easier to remove, that is my only complaint.

The Wrangler is a fantastic warm weather car to have. Smooth ride and tons of summer fun!

- Audra C

The basic Jeep Is a good vehicle, just don't look for upgrades to be available!

Minor Issues, Mirror Heat Not Available, Rear Door needs to be locked with key, etc.

- Philip R

every day. Bigger the tires the tougher the ride. Soft tops often leak.

Love the ability to go anywhere. It's easily adjustable to my life style everyday.

- Liz A

It is fun to drive and has a lot of cargo room

Versatile with many features I enjoy. It can go off road and the top. An come off

- Collin D

It's fun safe and dependable when picking out a vehicle

Dependable sturdy fun source of transportation. Love the space and versatility

- April U

It is a beautiful car that drives smoothly, and I highly recommend!

It is very spacious, and drives well. It fits 5 people. I really enjoy it!

- Dorothy Z

It's fun to drive and will make you happy.

I love my Jeep. It's fun to drive. It's great to get around in.

- Nancy W

Fun to drive! Everyone should drive a jeep. It has a nice ride, not bumpy.

Fun to drive. Mediocre gas mileage. Great sound system.

- K A

It makes you feel safe. Plenty of space.

I like everything. There's nothing I don't like.

- Rachel S

Perfect for on-the-go travel!

- Beth K