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Good family car with lots of space

I bought it used 3 years ago. I do love the car. It's spacious with a huge trunk. Or drives wonderfully. I'm now having some undiagnosed electrical issues. It will randomly not start, like the battery is dead. No lights come on, no sounds, and absolutely nothing when you turn the key. We've had to leave it hooked up to another vehicle for 5-10 minutes to get to to start. We've had the starter, alternator, and battery tested and supposedly they are fine. The heater/AC went out this past winter too. The control panel works but no air blows at all. Replaced the blower motor and fuses/relays but still won't blow air.

- Sarah W

This is a well put together vehicle!

Okay, my car is 14 yrs old but I have no problems with it. I just bought new tires in January of this yrs. Other than regular maintenance I have had no work done. The heated seats still work. The defrost and all that still works. The only thing is the clock thing needs to be fixed. The trim is coming unglued in places. Also the is a ding in the back that I chose to not fix. But the car as a whole has held up very well. So well in fact, that the next car I get will also be a Kia. I only want a new car because the Amanti is too big. The Soul is more my size.

- Avis C

The driver's seat has some good adjustments that are very helpful .

This car is a 2004 make so it is pretty old the exterior is not too good but the car is somewhat reliable. I believe it's a good first car and a very good car for someone with a low income due to its price that it can be bought at. The interior is not leather which is not very good if you have kids because seats can get stains very easily

- Lydia B

Kia the affordable Mercedes.

The radio skips through stations when it is cold outside. Other than that issue there are no other problems that I have experienced based on the car itself. Beat car I have ever owned and I love driving it. Looks very cool as well. It is a very comfortable car and is easy to drive.

- Nicole C

Myricle is my car's name. Kia.

My car has lasted me over 4 years, with no major issues. Just normal wear and tare. I would recommend it to anyone. I have only had to get a tune up once in the last 3 years. The motor is great. All automatic windows. It is an amazing car. Very spacious.

- kara F

It is a luxury car with the convenience of lower cost.

My likes about my car are the durability, comfort, and low maintenance. The only dislike is that they discontinued this model so I am not able to get a more current year on my model.

- Ashley M

This vehicle is very dependable and inexpensive to maintain.

I love my car because it has been well taken care of so it doesn't look nearly as old as it is. It's dependable and gets good gas mileage. It is also very comfortable.

- Andrea B

Maintenance can be expensive.

I like the power, the rate of acceleration and the gas mileage. I do not like all the sensors or specialty replacement parts.

- Skye S

It is very dependable and never fails to start.

Reliable, stable, good condition and paid in full.... Parts are expensive to repair.... No complaints thus far..

- Ivy F

It is very reliable, and driving it is very easy and smooth.

I like its size, there is plenty of room for both the driver and passengers. The seats are comfortable.

- Fabiola A