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It may look like a boring luxury car, but it's really not. Plenty of power to it.

It's an excellent vehicle. Made as a Luxury sedan but it was priced at the price of a normal family sedan. It's got a beefy 3.8L V6 engine, extra smooth suspension(almost feels like your floating on a cloud when driving). Very comfortable leather seats, everything automatic, plenty of trunk space. Only drawbacks I've noticed so far is that the build quality isn't that of what a luxury car really should be. The metal of the body is really thin and bends very easily. Other than that, it's a really awesome car and I totally love it.

- Vincent B

The Kia Amanti is a terrific automobile. It's too bad that they are no longer making this model.

I bought my car when it was 2 years used. I felt that I got a good deal. I love the leather interior, the moon roof and all other options. I have never had a problem with the functions of the motor, transmission or any other working parts. In fact in the 12 years I have owned the car I have replaced 1 battery and a set of tires including of course necessary oil changes etc. This vehicle has been the best I have ever owned and am proud to own a Kia. In fact most people think that it is a Mercedes or Jaguar due to the body type.

- Rita H

Can be drive it either standard or automatic shift.

I have had no problems with my car. It is a V6 and powers out on the bottom end. I still like to drag off the line at stop signs. I have had not problems with it. I get my service done regularly, so it responds in kind. It has leather seats and very comfortable settings for the seats. It has extenders on the sun visors, so can block out all sunlight. When you back up, the review mirrors tilt. It has an opening in the back seat if you need to haul something long in the trunk. Headlights auto come on at dusk.

- Betty G

Getting a car from a private owner!

I bought my car from a private owner and it already had a hood on it that was a different color than the car. I need a tune up, tires, and a new power steering sensor switch. Other than that the car is clean on the inside. It has leather seats, a sunroof, and a six disk CD changer. I believe that after I get those issues fixed I will have a smoother ride But for now it's just getting me back and forth to work.

- Ashley R

A reliable, and comfortable sedan!

The Kia Amanti is a very basic car but gives you everything you need. It has plenty of room including back foot room. The speakers sound great. Our car is nearly 15 yrs old and is still quite comfortable. I will say one thing that does bother me even though it is a small thing, is that the car is rather long and has a poor turn radius. Other than that, I have enjoyed my Kia fully!

- Mary S

Others should know that the Kia is low maintenance and does not take a lot of time to get things done on the car, like change things that need to be changed, or even changing a tire, or oil.

I love that my Kia vehicle is easy to drive, it is not take a lot of gas, it drives very safe and keeps me and my passengers safe and secure. My Kia vehicle was very affordable and low maintenance. Kia's are very affordable and does not take a lot of time to check to see if there is anything wrong with it, whether you need to change the oil, or change a tire.

- Sandra W

Giant gas tank of Kia amanti is now a commodity in this age of tiny tanks!

The amanti handles great in both wet and dry conditions; the engine runs fantastically well, and the tank is 18. 9 gallons! You can make it over 500 miles with only one tank of gas! The brakes are quite sensitive and despite having been cut off very badly one week, the brakes are great enough they brought the car to a complete stop just in time!

- Taylor M

Best, smoothest ride u can own. SEE YA IN A Kia

First bought vehicle 2 years ago. We thought the only problem was a leaking oil pan. But it needed new exhaust pipe, power steering pump and pulley, sway bar link, Lateral link and Control arm. Other than that the car rides smooth easy steering, luxurious and small on outside large inside.

- Duke D

Not interested in selling

I'm currently not trying to sell my vehicle I love the way it runs and the way I feel driving it. I don't foresee selling this vehicle any time soon. The vehicle is very reliable. I've used it to travel out of town rides really smooth and I have had no issues since purchasing the vehicle.

- Brittany A

Style is awesome and love the features.

I love the car, I have not had any problems with it. They do not make it any more, if they did I would buy another one. Very comfortable and can count on it and have never broke down with it. Very nice looking vehicle. It has awesome features that I have not had on a vehicle in the past.

- Colleen S

Air works great. Low miles.

It is been a good car so far. Needs brakes. . Just put tires on it. . . It is never broke down but once parked it for 3 years. . For a 2005 it is ok. . Would I buy another one. Yes. Looking to buy a Jeep next though. I think they are better cars. Jeep tuff. But my Kia is ok for now.

- Tina W

My amanti experience. I went from a pickup to the amanti. Quite a switch.

I like my car for its comfortable seats and easy driving. I wish it got a little better mileage but it is a heavy car. It has a great trunk and plenty of room for back seat passengers. I like the leather seats and the wood grain trim. It has been a wonderfully reliable car.

- Karen S

Older car with every possible amenity.

Even though the amanti model has been discontinued, I enjoy the smooth ride and secure feeling it provides. Would like some of the updated features of the new models, but I am totally comfortable while driving this car. It is been very dependable and a pleasure to drive.

- Julia M

Dependability and reliability. Very low maintenance vehicle.

The car is very roomy. I can take trips, which I often do, in comfort. The gas mileage is pretty decent as well. It has been extremely dependable and reliable. The body type does not show It's age either. Complaints? Yes. They discontinued making it.

- Jo W

Smooth & super quiet ride

Love it..the best car I've ever owned. Had some problem with brakes, sound system. Smooth ride..very quiet engine. Plenty of leg room with adjustable seating..which is mandatory for us, as our family all have long legs & are tall.

- Rebecca R

My car is deep maroon but looks black except in direct light.

I cannot really think of anything other than rust on the wheel wells. It can drive a little bouncy sometimes but that may be because of the poor road conditions. It has leather seats and a sunroof which I enjoy opening.

- Dee L

My car 2005 Kia amanti positives and negatives of this make and model.

I got my vehicle with very high mileage on it so I have been fixing things on it from day 1. Which can be discouraging but it drives great has lots of get up and go and if maintenance right will last a very long while.

- Amanda H

Rides great and has many luxury features without a huge price tag.

Big enough for a family and even to go camping in. Love the sunroof and the overall look of the car. I do not like that there are no small lights installed in the trunk or under the hood.

- Anastasia S

I love how smooth it drives. It hardly requires any maintenance.

It is very dependable. Have had very little work done on it. Still runs good. I have had this car for twelve years. I plan to keep it a few more years.

- Francis W

it's all mine. duct taped together and has the check engine light on but its all mine.

I like that it looks different. lasted a long time. body is rusting but that is to be expected. don't like that it's hard to get serviced.

- lor s

It still drives well with 170,000 miles on it and still gets good gas mileage.

They don't make this model anymore, and that's sad. This car is roomy, drives well, and I have not had any major mechanical issues.

- Martha D

Smooth Jaguar-looking Silver Ride

It seats 5 comfortably. It has a large trunk. The gas mileage is not the greatest. However, the ride is smooth and enjoyable.

- Patricia T

It is reliable, good gas mileage, very comfortable.

It is too large for my taste. It drives a little bouncy. I think it needs shocks. It sounds like the engine is falling out.

- Laurie K