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Reliable ride, great for distance travel and frequent, long term use.

I enjoy my vehicle. It is compact yet roomie. I have used it to travel all over the country without any problems. I have had some issues with brakes from time to time, so that has been a concern, when stopping abruptly or hitting a pothole going down hill but beyond that things have been fine. The car does not take damage easily and is pretty sturdy and reliable. Of course, I love cruise control and the remote entry. My day time lights used to run automatically but I think when the battery was changed once, it dismantled that. As I have used it often, I have had to replace blinker lights. . . But I think I might just have a loose wire that needs to be readjusted. It is a great car though. I enjoy it immensely.

- Nicole C

Cute hatchback for moms on the go.

I love my Kia. The trunk is large enough to take my groceries. I love that I can fold the seats down to fit large items, and the hidden compartments under the trunk base are neat too. The car gets really good gas mileage. I have had it for over a year and haven't had any problems with it at all. It is very comfortable. I would say my only complaint is that it can be bumpy (maybe a shock problem?). I think it is the cutest car I have owned!

- Deb C

2011 Kia forte star review.

It drives pretty smooth. The acceleration speed is a bit sensitive so you do not have to push on it so much. The brakes are also sensitive so not much pressure there. The features on the inside are pretty simple; CD reader, radio and even has a mic/call button on the steering wheel which is connected to the Bluetooth. Has an aux as well; it is a very nice looking car. It is all black and drives nice.

- Jasmin D

Even though my car is small it feels very roomie.

I love my car ever since I got it. I bought it used and I have had it for around 6 months. I have had a tire blow out but they needed to be replaced when that happened. My only main problem is I think that the air could be colder. The heat works great. It runs really well and I haven't had any other issues with it. I also get great gas mileage. I can fill up the tank for around 30 dollars.

- Summer C

Review on 2011 Kia forte ex.

I love my Kia forte ex, it is great handling, gas mileage. It handles the snow/weather conditions just fine. It is a great little family car, spacious trunk space, it has wireless Bluetooth for the hands free phone connect, speakers are great quality for a stock, comfortable seating, very inexpensive to maintain. I love this car it is a really reliable car all the way round.

- Erica S

Kayaking. We have been able to haul three kayaks on the rooftop.

I enjoy driving my car. It drives and handles well. Most of all I take the car in for maintenance and have had no issues at all with the car. Sometimes I would like more bells and whistles but I did not purchase those in this car. We have started camping and this car has worked remarkably well but a midsize SUV might be a better consideration for my next purchase.

- Teresa D

I love my car, but there are two problems.

Its pretty. Small and can go fast. Right now I feel like I am in high school writing an essay and not being able to think of a thing to say. Only 2 things I don't like about my car is the icky interior color, sand or something, and the mirrors are right in my line of sight to see who is at an intersection. I have to lean forward to peek around the mirrors.

- Joan H

The seats are pretty comfortable, the backseat can fit two car seats, and I think the car itself is very cute! I have had a lot of problems with it, however. My brakes have needed redone, there is a problem with the timing belt, my ac/heat does not work all the way, CD player no longer works, and the volume when Bluetooth is synced is not loud enough.

- Brooke B

Drives smooth and is overall a great car, very reliable.

Never have had too many problems with the Kia forte. Only problem I can think of is the low tire air pressure light will pop on and off, when there is nothing wrong with my tires. Drives well, gets pretty good miles per gallon, comfortable seating, features of car include a CD player (which I love) along with the AUX cord hookup and Bluetooth hookup.

- Kristin A

Kia's safety features include multiple airbags and responsive breaking.

The sporty look and feel of the Forte six is only one thing I admire about the car. The interior is comfortable, attractive, and includes updated technology. The best part of the six is the powerful engine allowing for rapid acceleration which makes merging into traffic easier. The tight sport suspension and maneuvering make the car fun to drive.

- Judith B

Save time and money keep it moving.

I have a Kia forte 2011 it is really comfortable you can saved money and time it is really spacious and it looks nice from outside you can also save no just in gas I mean it is fabulous good speed brakes and emergency break if you are running out of gas it could last than 1h in last line it is also saving time and money if you get one of this.

- Kimberly M

Compact but incredibly spacious!

I love it! It is compact, quiet, reliable. I have had 0 repairs and I bought it brand new. 7 years going strong! It has a smooth ride, little road noise. The ac/heat is amazing, I do not have to wait long for the car to warm up or cool down. Although it is compact I can. Comfortably install 2 car seats in the back without a problem!

- Mandy S

Good vehicle maintenance adequately.

Good care of car nice handling. Maintenance and repair the first of the month and I have to go to the dumb mechanic. Have pretty good experience so far so good but I have to go with the first of the year and the first one tori and I will be wonderful to see you and the family had reliable transportation and can pay for it.

- Jessica C

Good fuel economy and smooth ride.

Seats are not extremely roomy or comfortable. Feel like the outside of car would fold like an accordion in a wreck. For some reason, one of my back seat belts will not go in so it is not usable. Great fuel economy, fairly cheap maintenance, small leak around seal of door, lets water in if it rains hard. Drive a smooth.

- Kristin M

I think service is a bit pricey.

It handles well, is spacious and has features that I wanted and use. Service has been an issue. It was in the shop for more than 4 weeks for warranty work in 2016. One of the issues presented in 2013 as well. A seat belt issue has occurred since the 2016 service when it was "corrected. " But I do like the car!

- Joyce L

My 2011 Kia Forte/hatchback.

I love the make and model of my Kia Forte. However, I keep receiving recalls all the time and it's beginning to not want to shift gears correctly. I have only had my car for a little over a year and hope to get all issues resolved because I do love the car. I just do not want to randomly break down in it.

- Erica L

Kia forte extremely reliable.

My Kia forte is extremely reliable. It gets me from point a to point be without any problems and it has been a great car throughout the years. I take very roomy for such a small car and is also great on gas. I have always kept the oil change and maintenance up on it and it has never given me any problems.

- Jennifer S

Awesome small car! Great sound system and reliable!

The Kia forte is an awesome car. It is very comfortable and has an awesome sound system. It has very great gas mileage, can take you lots of places and moves smoothly on the roads. I haven't had one problem with my Kia forte as long as I have had it and it is an excellent car to have for a long time.

- Madison Y

Great gas mileage & comfy on road trips.

I haven't had many issues on my vehicle besides normal wear & tear. My driver side window switch has broke but it is still usable. The button usually makes the window go all the way down when I first use it. I have had my car for 7 years & am happy with it. It is great for road trips.

- Kristina B

A small but comfortable ride.

Doesn't like wet pavement. If pavement is wet when brakes are applied they will freeze and skid and it takes it longer to come to a complete stop. Very uncomfortable feeling. Otherwise very comfortable driving. It gets fair gas mileage. But as small as it is it has a pretty good blind spot.

- Karen S

Great gas mileage. Engine runs great. Cheap repair if needed.

Very reliable. Only normal maintenance has been needed. Great gas mileage. Cruise control, steering, brakes, heat, air are all very good. Sometimes if you break on roads where it has rained it will not break as efficiently as I would expect. But overall I am very satisfied with this car.

- Cassandra W

Black 4 door Kia ex Bluetooth.

The only problem it gets stuck in reverse sometimes. Other than that I love my car. My aux plug in to the car doesn't work but that's fine. I have a transmitter. I've only had the car two months and I've blown three fuses. I love the way it shifts and it's a race car even tho it's not.

- Justice S

Functional and reliable car.

My car has had great performance. I have had this car for 7 years, and I have never had any major performance issues. It has been incredibly reliable. While it may not have all of the bells and whistles, it is very comfortable and functional. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Lydia R

A fun car to drive and I like the look.

I like the look of the vehicle and the ease of driving it. I also like that the trunk is large. It has been relatively low maintenance, but the transmission does need replaced at 146,000+. There have been a few recalls, but the dealers have been able to take care of those easily..

- Penney W

This vehicle is a very good car for a first time driver and is very reliable.

Interior is really nice, the gas mileage is really good. The car drives very lightweight. It has held up very well with over 100, 000 miles on the car. The leather interior is very attractive, equip with seat warmers, hands free calling, and Bluetooth the cockpit is very sleek.

- Carson M

Small compact car. Needs a different design.

I thought I would like my Kia more than I do. It drives well at times find my engine having a hard time getting up to speed and, revs out of gear. It is also terrible on gas even though, it has eco friendly option. A plus is that it has a lot more space than most compact cars.

- Cheney B

The most important thing is gas mileage.

My vehicle is great. It has capability of satellite radio and is very good on gas mileage. Very smooth ride and great on long distance driving as I have taken it from Virginia to Florida and back. I am preparing to take it to Asheville NC in October and have no worries at all.

- Cameron V

Amazing car/ is easy to dent.

It is very safe, no blind spots. Good with gas and very attractive car. My only complaint is how easy it dents. I am a safe driver with a good record but have quite a few dents. Seems like as small as a pebble tapping it will dent it. Other than that, very good reliable car.

- Stephanie C

Fast and reliable vehicle.

I have problems with my tires but that is from driving from state to state. My car is very reliable though if you need to get somewhere in a timely manner, it will because it is built like a race car. The features of the car could be updated but then again it is from 2011.

- Sara C

Kia forte is smooth driving, eco friendly car.

I love my Kia forte, it gets great gas mileage, and it drives very smoothly. It is not too big that I cannot squeeze into parking spots, but not to small that I cannot tote my three kids in car seats around. I truly love my car and I couldn't imagine driving anything else.

- Brooke G

This is my review of the 2011 Kia Forte.

This car has given me no issues. Love the light up speakers and all the inside lights on the dash area red. Very sleek and sporty type car with sport transmission makes for fun driving. Radio has Bluetooth which is handy with your smart phone an hands-free driving as well.

- Michael B

One of the tires keeps going low. All of the windows are tinted 20%.

It makes a small sound because I need a part for the air compressor. It is black, I received this car my first year of college. I have a lot of memories in it and I also know that my car is where I belong, she fits me. Also her name is midnight because she is blacked out.

- Emily K

Kia forte is a great car.

Kia forte is very reliable, good on gas. Even though I bought it used there was never any major problems. I will be buying another car in a year and I plan to get another Kia forte. My current car is red. I will probably get another color. Maybe black if I can find one.

- Nancy P

Well it's a pretty quiet car.

The electrical problem are horrible. I change the bulbs all the time, plus I've had to replace the sunroof because of it coming off the glide. It has had about 9 recalls on it since I've purchased the car. But all in all the vehicle is pretty good just the electrical.

- Stephanie J

Excellent car for one person.

I have never had a reliability issue with my car. It is reliable, and while it does not have all of the bells and whistles, it is still a comfortable car that I have used many times for road trips. I have had the car for seven years and never needed major work done.

- Lydia R

The hatchback model and fold down rear seats allows for a large cargo area.

Forte sx is a sporty fun car to drive. It is powerful and accelerates quickly. Braking is responsive and the sport like handling is reassuring. The cabin is attractive, comfortable, and offers many features that are options usually extra on other cars in its class.

- Judy B

I am already over 225k miles and she still runs like the day I got her with 71k.

Honestly I haven't had any issues out of my car that are significant to the make/model. Very reliable car, amazing gas mileage. As long as routine maintenance is kept up, I know this car will last me another six years (having had it for four, now), and then some.

- Dere T

Easy on gas does not burn oil.

Easy on gas does not burn oil sets low to ground so you feel all bumps in road very small no room on inside slap shift Bluetooth so connects to your phone for music and calls has a great alarm system never had any mechanical issues just your normal maintenance.

- Tanya O

Great option for gas mileage.

Very little problems, and as with most cars, as long as you keep it maintained, no major repair costs. I have been able to drive long distances with great gas mileage which really helps save money too! I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a sedan.

- Jason S

My vehicle is dope and awesome.

My vehicle is extremely nice and runs extremely well and I wish I could put a spoiler on the back and I also wish that I could see my wife again. Also, my car is dope as hell. It runs like a racehorse and I love my car so much. Thank you for asking about it.

- John S

My forte in a nutshell. I love this car.

Needed new battery. Fully loaded. Heated seats. Moonroof. GPS with navigation. Sports. Shift gears.Spoiler. Black leather seats. Rides good kind of high idle. Fast pick-up. Push start. Neon lights. Good drive. Oil changed regularly. Backup camera. Love it.

- Irene K

Nice and reliable Kia Forte.

The gas is mileage is great and the drive is easy. I have not has any major issues. The Kia is comfortable to ride in and easy to drive. The Kia Forte is reliability. I love the look and feel of the car and I will be keeping it until I can not any long.

- Treasure K

The most important thing I believe others should know about my car is its versatility.

We purchased our Kia Forte pre owned approximately 2 years ago. As my primary vehicle it is driven daily at least 40 miles every other day. It is roomy for a hatchback and is able to accommodate extra storage with the back seat down.

- Amy T

A comfortable, reliable car.

I love this car because it is very reliable. It is also very comfortable. I only wish to change that it doesn't have a keyless start. I want to be able to start my car from inside my home. Other than that, I love every part of my car.

- Destiny B

It's a great car for the price! It's a cheaper alternative, yet has quite a few features of a fancier- more expensive car.

I LOVE the gas mileage that my car gets. I also love the ability to shift, if I want, with the tiptronic transmission. I do not like the cloth used for the interior/seats... it stains EXTREMELY easily.

- Danielle D

It's a Kia and it is great. People really don't give Kia the recognition that it deserves but it really has come up a whole lot from when it first began.

There isn't really anything that I don't like about the Kia Forte it's compact it's affordable and most of all it has great gas mileage so I think I should have read it it a 5 instead of a 4

- Johnathan G

I highly recommend it because of the way it drives.

I am leasing my car and there's problems with the sway bar/bushings. My tail light is constantly out. I changed bulbs, but soon found out that I have a shortage. My air/heat went out also.

- Sha S

Kia forte 2011 car review

Nice and quiet car. It's good in all weather types. Very reliable. It might look small on the outside but very roomy on the inside. Have had this car for 7 years and no major problems.

- Dyana H

The vehicle has excellent gas mileage

The vehicle is easy to drive and maneuver It handles well, and has lots of trunk space for storage. The seats are comfortable, and there are lots of ways to connect devices.

- Giselle l

It is very spacious, and gets very good gas mileage.

My car has been very reliable, I've had it for five years now. I have had very little problems with it, small fixes. It is very comfortable, and gets me where I need to go.

- Breanna B

The Kia Forte was a low maintenance vehicle. No major problems occurred . It just needed standard maintenance.

The Kia Forte was a fun car to drive and it wasn't very expensive. It has held up well despite the fact that it is over 5 years old and wasn't very expensive to maintain.

- Dmitry N

It gets good gas mileage and has been a dependable vehicle for a couple years.

I've enjoyed my car. I find that it is spacious and i like the amount of cupholders it has. It seems to get good gas mileage and I haven't had any issues at all with it.

- Nick T

Nice looking vehicle. Nice to have a car that runs good

It drives really good. Great gas mileage. Good size trunk for hauling things. Comfortable seats. I like the size of the car not to big. I feel safe and it has pep.

- Suzanne S

It is a great car. Runs well and does not cost a lot to maintain.

I love the gas mileage and the size. I don't like how many recalls they've had on my car this year alone. I am currently waiting on a fix for a faulty airbag system.

- Lauren A

It's a good car for a first time driver. It's nothing fancy but has everything you need.

Cute little car. Easy to control. Easy to drive. Small yet spacious. I don't really have too many complaints about my car. I hope it keeps me driving with a good ac.

- Alexis H

My car is very fuel efficient and requires very little maintenance to keep running smoothly

My car is white and that is the only color of car I will ever have. My car gets great gas mileage and is comfortable, but sometimes I wish it was a little bigger.

- Anita B

It has a great amount of space, and does not feel like you are driving a bus!.

My kia is a 2 door coupe and red in color. I like that my kia gets very good gas mileage. I do not like that the seats are material. Next time I will get leather.

- Colleen G

Good car for the money. I would recommend a Kia.

Great car but have had many issues with the tires and wheels. I love the sporty look and feel, awesome stereo too. Cannot open the trunk with the key fob though.

- Kathryn L

Kia forte drives like a dream!

I love my Kia forte. It is reliable and drives like a dream. I have always felt safe driving my Kia. I features I most enjoy are the Bluetooth and heated seats.

- Toni C

that it gets Good gas mileage and it is easy to drive

Drives well and gets good gas mileage but must be made of fun foul because EVERYONE hits the doors and they sent to the point that paint chips and that appears

- Karen B

The most important thing about the Kia Forte is that it seats 5.

Within the first few months of purchasing the car, there was a hole in a hose which stopped the engine on the highway. Now there is a recall on the airbags.

- Emily G

Very minimal issues have been found with this vehicle.

This vehicle has been great since I purchased it. I purchased it used, but have had minimal issues with it over the last 5 years. This is a great vehicle.

- Jane B

Its very economic, small for the perfect single family or single person, and very efficient.

Great car! Ever since i purchased the vehicle it has yet to not give me any problems. Excellent gas saver for when you are a part time worker and student.

- Hilary P

The car is a very good long lasting car with proper car.

I like the way the car handles on the road. I also like the gas mileage. The compact size of the car I dislike. I need more space for weekend trips.

- Barbara D

This car is great for everybody of all ages.

Good gas mileage.. Drives smooth.. No major work needed.... There isn't a Kia dealership in my town so I have to drive over an hour to get it serviced..

- Kristen M

Reliability and Great Value

Great gas mileage, average capacity and comfortable and reliable. No major issues for maintenance. Easy in and out 4 door. Ample room for trunk space

- Jane R

Forte Ex 2011 In love with this vehicle

I have had this vehicle since 2011 and I love it. Bluetooth. Satellite Radio. Automatic. Nothing like riding down the road enjoying my car and music!

- Tori C

Car runs very well. Not sluggish at all.

My car runs really well. I got my vehicle in 2014 and I enjoy driving it. Accelerating is good. The car does not stall. I have not had any problems.

- Camilla C

it's got good gas mileage and is comfortable size sedan.

The bluetooth sound allow you to play music from your cellular device. The aux should be on the stereo itself. The cloth seat should be leather

- Berneda H

love my kia, she is my lil goccart car.

i've had my kia forte since 2013 and i absolutely love it. it's not too small and just the right size. i've never had any major issues with it.

- melissa h



- ama v

The wheels have very good rims

My car has a great stereo and the seats are really easy to move back and forth. The only problem is that the windows need to be tinted more.

- Athena K

It's reliable and dependable.

I love it. It's been reliable. I've been on many road trips with it and it has been great. I would recommend a Kia to anyone. No complaints.

- Marnie A

Great hatchback for all needs

Great car with a good feel on the road. The drive is firm but zippy. The inside is roomy for a hatchback. no issues and minimal maintenance

- Katelyn D

It drives amazingly well. Very good on gas lots of room.

Very reliable and comfortable no problems so far. I would buy another one and i would recommend it. Safety is a must and i think it's safe.

- Cheyenne S

I chose this car because it gets very good gas mileage.

The forte is reliable, gets great gas mileage and the minor repairs are not expensive. The body style is sleek, attractive and up to date.

- Regan G

It's extremely reliable, I have never had any major issues even after 7 years of ownership.

I've had it 7 years and have no major issues. I've only had to do regular maintenance. It's small and sporty. It gets good gas mileage

- Amanda B

That it is comfortable in terms of my back and it is eco friendly.

I do not like the Kia dealership near me, so I will not take it there for service. I love the gas mileage and the comfort of my car.

- Jennifer H

Its fast and fun to drive.

I've had the car since 2011, still no problems except the usual tires, battery. No problems with the engine at all. It's a great car.

- Vicky H

It gets very good gas mileage especially if you go the speed limit.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. The air conditioner works well. It is a little cramped but can fit my whole family if needed.

- Danelle T

If you turn the headlights on, there is no indicator inside the car that they are so you need to remember if you have turned them off or on manually.

It's a midsize sedan, four door so there is plenty of room. It seems to be pretty fuel efficient, so I like it for the most part.

- Susannah Y

Great car if only the paint would stay on it!

I love love love my car! The only real problems I've had with it is my speaker quit working and the paint peeled off of my hood.

- Jessika G

Comfortable and spacious inside. Very well equipped.

My car is very comfortable. I like it has Bluetooth integrated to make phone calls. I dislike it doesn't have cruise control.

- Keishla M

Good reliable car. Trustworthy.

Great mileage. No problems good on gas. Plan to buy another one. I liked the dealership and the salesperson. Plan to go back.

- Nanci P

Spacious. Gas efficient. Affordable. Reliable. Stylish. Great beginner car. Safe.

Kia forte is a reliable vehicle. Gives you great gas mileage as well as providing enough room to sit 5 people comfortably/.

- Nicholas A

My car is 2011 Kia Forte EX.

I bought my car 7 years ago. It has had very few mechanical problems, and is very reliable. It also gets great gas mileage.

- Ashey S

Its small but powerful...

Drives great, has great a/c & heat. Great speakers. Gives me no problems at all. Goes when I need it to go, best car ever.

- Danielle W

Had a good warranty. Good gas mileage. No issues so far

Performs nicely it's reliable and was a great price and good gas mileage. Love how you can turn off and on the traction

- lacey f

It is a very reliable car with no issues.

Great overall car. Nice color, good pickup, comfortable, great ac, nice stereo, no lights on inside when door is open.

- Shawn D

Good car for first time drivers.

Great on gas, repeat problems with starter and engine, good for small family with small children, every day driver.

- Ebony T

Compact but enough backseat legroom for teens.

Dislike the doors swing, that is, close too fast. Blind spots. Likes it is easy to drive. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jennifer A

The car drives very smoothly, up to par with newer cars I have driven.

The vehicle drives very smoothly. The vehicle is nice to look at. The car could have a better stock stereo system.

- Dylan B

It has good gas mileage for highway but not for city.

I just do not like it. Not enough space. Want a bigger car. Drives nice. Good gas mileage. Not enough trunk space.

- Taylor I

Great little sporty first car.

Great gas mileage, low maintenance vehicle. Could use better stereo system but easily switchable. Fast little car.

- Rebecca M

Good gas mileage, has pep. Very maneuverable.

Runs without issues, has Sirius XM, dependable. Dislike that it's a little too small used to driving SUV/minivan.

- Kimberly D

My vehicle is a beautiful burgundy color, and it has great mileage.

This vehicle is in good condition, but the only issue I have is that I can only open the trunk with my remote.

- Tanisha F

My Kia gets great gas mileage.

It is the right size for my needs. It gets great gas mileage. Maintenance is reasonably priced and easy to do.

- Penney B

The trunk is good sized. Small backseat.

Have problems with brake lights going out a lot. I like how it drives and all of the storage. Small backseat.

- Brandi H

The most important thing that others should know about my car, is that it has good gas mileage

It's a commuter car. Good gas mileage, and sound system. Not as comfortable as I would like. It's a first car

- Stephen W

It is very affordable and also gets great gas mileage.

I don't really like the hatchback look. The car is economical and easy to drive good pick up and comfortable

- Heather C

Great car with great gas mileage. Sporty and roomy.

My car is very sporty and great on gas. My car is small but roomy. I can't think of any dislikes of my car.

- Sharona S

It is reliable. And dependable. It gets about 25 mpg.

For 180, 000 miles I have had no breakdowns or unexpected maintenance. This car has been very good to me.

- Richard H

Has Bluetooth hookup, and is tan color.

Great gas mileage. Comfortable steering, minimal mechanical problems, affordable, and lasts a long time.

- Ashley S

The car handles amazingly.

My Kia is very efficient on gas. It drives smoothly. It was a good deal. I have a lot of tire problems.

- Brooke K

The features of safety of my car are the most important thing, then the cheaper that is for me to drive it everyday.

My car never gives me trouble, it consumes little gasoline, I like listening y favorite music in there.

- Gustavo L

My car is very fun to drive. It is pretty quick for a 4 cylinder car

The car is not always fast. There is no sun roof in the car. The parts can be too expensive to fix

- Olivia A

It has a sensitive gas pedal and a sensitive brake pedal that can wear out if used incorrectly.

Has a lot of torque for being a small 4 cylinder. Decent room in backseat. Gets good gas mileage.

- Zach G

It's too small and compact

It's fuel efficient and reliable but it's too small and doesn't offer enough cabin or cargo space

- C W

It's very zippy so if you press too hard on the gas you'll jerk.

It's very zippy. We got in a crash and it held out pretty well. The radio interface is nice.

- Bailey P

Stock stereo is great for a 2011 model. Also has mileage is great

I like how it drives and the stereo system. Doesn't have power doors or cruise control.

- Joe I

It has a very good warranty coverage

it gets very good MPG. It is stylish. IT has a large trunk for the size of car

- Calvin T

It's very reliable. I would strongly recommend it for someone trying to get a cheap and good car.

Great quality for the price. Very reliable. Nice to drive.

- Maria T

Great on gas. Never gives me major problems and I have had it for 6 years.

Good on gas. Great car. Reliable car. Not that much room.

- Scott T

It's not a high performance vehicle.

There is not a good place for my wife to put her purse.

- John w

Good gas mileage, nice interior,

I like the quality AC, I do not like the smaller trunk

- Cody W