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Car that dies without a warning

I bought a second hand 2013 Kia Forte in 2015 thought it was a good little car but after only 2 years it is parked in my driveway motor is gone nothing Kia will do for you as they know this problem exist but no recall well I still have a car payment and also an insurance I have to pay for a car that cost to much to fix as I have emptied 2 cards on this girl enough is enough so thanks Kia for not a good ride but no ride at all,just because it is a small compact car it still should be a lot off recalls on this as it is a lemon must of been built on a Monday.so I hope before long you recall the 2 lt motors on this car thanks for nothing only a lot off bills and payments.Everyone should watch out because it just stalls and you figure oh I need a boost well u get a boost and you are happy but then you make it another 30 feet and she shuts down again and quess what she never starts again between senors, lights blowing, breaks wearing out that you go through so many sets of pads you feel like you don't leave garage,timing chains,all recalls were done that was sent to me.but nothing about motors stalling and not starting again. so buyers beware

- Janice

High-efficient 2013 Kia Forte will never fail you.

My 2013 Kia Forte is a regular sized small car. It is perfect for me. It is a four door and I am able to purchase groceries and other things that will fit in the back seat. I really love the spacey trunk! I could fit my whole closet into the trunk! I have never really needed all the space, but it is a good feeling to know I have room in my car. This car drives very smoothly. I love the interior lights. You can change the color of the lights inside the car (radio system, dashboard, etc. ) The best thing about this car is gas and mileage. I spend only $25 a week on gas, which is better than a lot of other vehicles. It is eco-friendly, so that is a huge plus!! There are cupholders in the middle of both the front and back areas of the car. In the front, each door has room for a drink and other items. This car is perfect for traveling because it is fuel-efficient and is small enough to Dodge in and out of lanes and fit into small spaces!! I have not been disappointed in my two years of owning this car.

- Madison C

Does what it needs to do but nothing special.

Good gas mileage but the seats are not as comfortable as I would like them to be. I haven't had any major mechanical issues with the car in the 6 years that I have had it. I just would like a little more out of it because there are no extra features. I don't even have the benefit of electric windows and locks and I feel like for a car made in the year 2013 it should have these features. I've had cars in the 90s that had electric windows and locks so this should too.

- Shawn M

My Kia forte is great on mpg.

I really enjoy my Kia forte koup. Its a 2013 very stylish body, I prefer this body style better than the newer forte body styles. I purchased it new and it has done me very well with gas, durability and performance. I have made accidents to my vehicle 3 times and had the insurance fix it. Every time I got it fix it feels like new. The mpg is great. I tend to put about $25 in it and it fills up great. I drive a lot and it gets me where I need to go fast and swiftly.

- Ricardo S

I love my Kia forte! Get yours today.

I really do enjoy this car. I like that it is smaller in size. It has a nice design and style. It is quite comfortable. My only complaints would be that it does not have much in the way of power. It does get great gas mileage, especially for long trips. I have not experienced any large maintenance issues yet. The Kia dealership has also always been very helpful.

- Holly R

I like the amount of space in my car. It is a lot bigger than it looks.

My Kia Forte is a good size car. I had a lot of room inside of it. I do not like that there were three recalls on my car and I was only notified about one of them. My airbags, brakes were on recall and they had to spray an anti-corrosion spray on my car. I feel like they should have taken extra measures especially when it came to my brakes being on recall.

- Samantha K

Our Kia, no problems here!

This car has gone beyond my expectations being that it was a Kia I was skeptical. We have yet out of the 3 yrs. we have owned it have any problems. It is very fuel efficient with low cost maintenance such as brakes and the changing of the oil. The small items. The only reason we are in search of a newer vehicle is the fact our children are out growing it.

- Stephanie E

Kia forte is a great car for anyone.

Excellent car. I would highly recommend to anyone. It drivers perfect and very smooth. The radio works well, everything about this car is 10/10. Very easy to get it fixed and have any repairs done to it at a dealer. The inside is the best and most comfy seats I have ever sat in. Mine also has seat warmers and I highly suggest people getting them.

- Mackenzie W

2013 Kia forte Koup: amazing, fast, and great mileage.

My struts are pretty bad, but it is a used car and I bought it like that. It is super fast, maybe due to it being so small and it is material isn't as much. I have the Koup so it is very hard to see your blind points and have to pretty much lean against the wheel to see if it is safe to change lanes. Also it is amazing on gas... My mind is blown.

- Brittany H

Awesome for a first time car.

Bought my Kia back in 2013 and I have never had a big problem with it. It's very smooth driving. I drive a lot for my job and ever had any problem. Just recently though the radio went out on it but got it fixed. The farthest I have took the car to was to Arizona and I live in Houston, TX. I love my car I would definitely buy another Kia again.

- Sonia O

The Kia Forte is very reliable on gas.

I love the Kia Forte. I don't have anything bad to say about this vehicle. The ac blows perfectly. It feels like I am gliding down the street even when going over potholes. My favorite thing about the car is the Bluetooth. I love being able to drive and take calls on my phone a the same time without removing my hands from the steering wheel.

- Lee J

For a compact sedan, this eco friendly car does not lack anything in luxury.

Since purchasing brand new, there have been zero mechanical issues. We have the forte eco and the gas mileage is unbeatable. Especially highway. And there is surprisingly enough room for my 6'5 fiancé to sit comfortably behind the wheel. The features are easy to use, like the handsfree Bluetooth, cruise, and switching from auto to manual.

- Ariana F

I think it gets good gas mileage.

It is a white four door hatchback. When we first purchased it we had problems with it driving when stopped for a red light or stop sign. We took it back to the dealer 3x before they put in a new transmission. It has run fine since then. I enjoy driving it and all functions seem to work well. I am not interested in selling it a this time.

- Beverly L

Kia is life and I highly recommend them.

I have a Kia forte and I've had it for six years. The first year Kia provided me with a year of free oil changes and if tire light does come on they will air or check the tires. I haven't had no issues with the car just general maintenance as such as changing a lightbulb or air filter. I recommend Kia cars to anyone.

- Thelma W

It has really good gas mileage and it's the perfect sized car.

I like the bug guard that I had the option to have installed on the car when I got it. It makes the hood look a lot cleaner, since the car is white, and any bugs or dirt just stick to the black guard. My only complaint is that there was a recall on my brakes, so that was kind of scary having to go check on that.

- Megan D

Love the sunroof. My children love when it is open in the summer.

I love my forte. Runs great but it is had a few recalls. Great on gas. Plenty of room for my children. Trunk size is large. Only problem I have is sometimes my car will not start properly. I have to make sure that the headlights are off and the air/heat needs to be off before actually turning the car off.

- Vanessa C

Great small reliable family car.

I have only had to do regular maintenance on this car since purchasing. I am at 93k miles and will of course have to invest in some major repairs like changing of the timing belt soon. Honestly other than I wish the a/c output was stronger this has been a great car for me and the third Kia in our family.

- Tammy A

Mileage and oil that I get with my Kia forte.

I have had my car since 2014. I have not had any problems with my car. The mileage I get when I drive to the oregon coast from the city of hillsboro is often over 30 mpg. I like the idea that I can go 7500 miles between getting my oil changed. I do use the synthetic oil compared to the "regular" oil.

- Debra A

2013 Kia forte koup - great starter car.

The gas mileage, stocked speakers, and automatic doors/windows made this buying this car a no-brainer for me. I honestly haven't had many problems since I have started driving it in 2013 outside of the usual maintenance. The back seat is somewhat small, but it is the perfect size for a young couple.

- Jacob B

Kia Forte is a nice vehicle to have overall!

Overall, I like how much room there is in the Kia. It's comfortable, nice leg room, and a nice car. I like the hatchback because it's nicer than a trunk for putting things in. I wish it was a little quieter to ride in. It's hard to hear people in the backseat when the a/c is on or the road is noisy.

- Asif N

It's really reliable and gets great gas mileage.

It gets great gas mileage and has been really reliable. It rides really smooth and even though it gets great gas mileage it still has a little get up and go. It has plenty of room for 4 people to sit comfortably, but it would be uncomfortable for 4 people to go on a long trip together.

- Andrew B

The good, the bad and the uncomfortable.

Front undercarriage has a low plastic piece that tends to come loose when bumped while parking or in snow. Suspension is not as good as it could be. Gas mileage is fine. Can fit rear facing car seats in the back seats but it is not comfortable to drive then for people with long legs.

- Sarah Y

The color and form of the car is amazing!

There is no problem with the vehicle. Very nice interior, shape, form and very reliable! The style is very roomy and it is very sporty looking if it is your style of car. Our Kia is a white color it stands out very nicely as well as the interior design and is safe for our new baby.

- Liliana L

A starter car! Your family will be blessed!

The car I nice but just St. smaller than I am used to. It is pretty good on gas. I must keep up my oil changes and other maintenances. I did purchase it used so you never know what the previous owner did to the car. If you are a “starter” family this car will work for you.

- Raquel B

Awesome car and love that it is a great on gas.

Great on gas, plenty of room, has the options for eco drive, awesome reliability and very comfortable to ride in with me and my kids couldn't ask for a better car. Have never owned a Kia before but I will definitely be looking into another Kia when I get another vehicle.

- Summer E

The Kia is a convenient, easy to maintain car that's also big fun to drive.

I love my Kia Forte, it's design is super convenient for everything I do; work and leisure activities. I particularly love the acceleration. The engines performance is top notch. The leather seats are a huge bonus, and the speakers are great too. I have no complaints.

- Luke S

Best car I have ever owned. Great gas mileage.

I have had very few issues with my car. I had a small leak in a hose that caused the check engine light to come on but simple easy fix. Great gas mileage. I have driven from NY to FL and back and back to Florida twice. Plenty of space for a family. Drives smooth.

- Lyndsey R

Kia is amazing. Everyone should give this car a try.

It is the best car ever. It is awesome. It is a big car and has a lot of room. Drives really nice and has a lot of nice features. Auto windows. Air conditioning. Bluetooth capabilities. Seat belts. The works. It is a great car and I would recommend it to anyone.

- Jess R

I love the sunroof and the outside mirrors fold in for car wash.

I love my Kia. It gets good mileage and has plenty of room for my family and shopping. It's great for parking in compact parking spaces. I have put new tires on to get better traction, smooth and quiet ride. I use the back mirror a lot and like the GPS feature.

- Barb K

It is summarizing my car and giving you several interesting details.

It has 105000 miles on it and have never had any major repairs. It is a great car and if I get another one it will be a Kia. It had a lot of features. It rides well and is easy to drive. The radio is good and the air conditioner is cool. It has plenty of room.

- Nancy C

Great performance and reliability of my Kia forte eco.

My car has been super reliable. I have put on many miles with minimal problems. I change the oil regularly, change brakes when needed, change tires, add ac coolant, and recently had a belt replaced. Other than that my car has ran smoothly everywhere I take it.

- Cassidy R

No "Buyer's Remorse" here, I love my 2013 KIA Forte Koup!

I have no "buyers remorse" after buying this car. It's sporty, and gets me where I need to go. I get 32 mpg highway and 25 mpg in town. The car is a Forte Koup which is not made anymore, so it will be a long time before I ever give this car up! I love my car!

- Terry G

The Kia forte is awesome!

Super comfortable and plenty of room. Spacious trunk. Back up camera and Bluetooth. Great on gas mileage and has always been reliable. Haven't had any major issues with the car. Perfect for long road trips. Great body style and headlights look amazing.

- Felicia Y

Kia Forte golden deluxe ex.

I love this car although brakes can stick at times yet. I continuously have to change lights. Oil changes are easy! Gas mileage is great! The car has lasted me a while. I enjoy the color and interior. Features are nice! All in all a good reliable car.

- Liz W

My Kia is the best car ever!

My Kia is a very reliable car! It has never broken down on me even though I was the reason that it had an ac problem. My Kia is very comfortable also. It has an amazing sound system for such a small car. There is a ticking noise in my engine bay now.

- Mai Sue L

Kias are very Dependable and great value! The company worked hard to get me into a safe and reliable vehicle.

Great on gas! It's fairly big on the inside for a smaller car. It has Bluetooth that allows hands free calls. The only thing I don't like is that I may need to go to bigger vehicle now that I have grandbabies, it would be easier with their carseats.

- Angie D

It's a great car for your primary use. Nothing fancy, or probably not ideal if you have a long commute.

The car is pretty small and handles well which makes it easy to drive. It doesn't get great gas mileage for a small car and I wish it was a little better. I like the visibility I get with the car and I find it easy to see the traffic around me.

- Dallin s

Worst investment ever will never buy from Concordville Nissan

So far there have been 5 safety recalls. My odometer has a mind of its own. I have had the car 7 months check engine light came on with evaporation leak (500+) to repair. Bought car with 40,000 miles it's now 60,000+ worst investment ever

- Anna C

Good gas mileage for a mid priced sedan. Also it has a lot of storage space.

The gas mileage in my KIA is excellent. For a small sedan it's very roomy. The only thing I don't like is the ride is not as smooth as it could be. I also wish it was a hatchback. It fits a lit but there are some limitations.

- Carl R

My brother tells me it's not a very safe car. If the car gets hit at a certain angle in the front, the airbags don't deploy, which puts the safety of the passengers and driver at risk.

I love that my car is a manual. It is an affordable car that has decent power and torque for It's class. I love the color of my car and the interior of my car is very roomy and comfortable, even in the back of the coup.

- Kim W

It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned.

Dislike - interior material shows all marks and smudges. Also dislike the maximum volume level for stereo..... Like - eco mileage feature and overall gas mileage is good. Sleek look and limited blind spots..

- Corey C

The most important thing about my car is it gets great mileage.

I love it because it has great gas mileage. It runs smooth and in the 3 years I have owned it the only repairs I have had to make were for basic maintenance. The only thing I dislike is the keyless trunk.

- Jen N

My vehicle makes a lot of noise when I do not wear a seatbelt.

My vehicle is good on gas. I do not have any problems with my vehicle at all. Every now and then I have to put air in the tires. Get gas and the little extra stuff. But other than that nothing major.

- Katrina C

My car is a great build. I feel incredibly safe while driving inside of it.

I like how comfortable my car is. It is truly a well-made vehicle and has wonderful gas mileage. I do dislike how it is not a quiet running car and that I can hear every piece of my Kia as it drives.

- Erin O

Traction control in winter with icy roads are horrible.

It is a very basic car. Has a spacious trunk. Great travel gas mileage, as for in town with frequent stops not so well. Not a very big family car. (especially younger children with car seats. ).

- Amanda J

Great car great on gas. Air conditioning and heating a+

My car has a programmed Eco system built inside that helps me save on gas. Features include bluetooth aux CD drive. My windows are non electric. Smooth ride . Big enough for a family of four.

- Lydia D

My honest review of the 2013 Kia forte.

Real nice car and comfortable. It is very small so I sometimes get carsick, it is real good on gas and mileage. I love the Bluetooth and Pandora capability and the trunk is a nice size also.

- Dangelo W

This car is extremely dependable and reliable, and holds up to long commutes great.

I love my Kia Forte. I commute approximately 140 miles a day round trip, and this car has held up tremendously. The gas mileage is great, and it's an easy, comfortable car to drive.

- Nathan C

I can pretty much leave you with this knowledge my friends.

It is honestly an amazing car, plus I paid $10, 000 for it. I love the shift paddles on the steering wheel as well. I can't give it 5 stars because it's just a bit too small for me.

- Jake M

I guess the most troublesome thing for me is awkward blind spots.

I've had the car just over a year and haven't had any problems, even being previously owned. The car is comfortable, the radio and Bluetooth are nice, I like the way it handles.

- Amanda S

It is super easy and safe to drive.

Its compact so it's easy for me to drive. It gets good gas mileage. I haven't had any major problems with it even though I have had it for a while and I bought it used.

- Amber J

Brakes screech when you push them and never stops. Went to mechanic after mechanic rotors and brake pads are perfect condition.

LIke the great gas mileage it gets, the hatchback is a plus. Dislike how low to the ground it is, also shorter people have a hard time to see over the steering wheel.

- kaysen p

Our KIA Forte works fairly well with a few exceptions. The circuits for our head/tail lights don't function well and therefore they tend to go out often. We've been advised it's not the circuit board but the wiring which could have been a manufacturing error because the bulbs work perfectly. Another problem we encountered is the Windows and locks controls not responding so we have to fidget with it. Acceleration is a bit off but it works in our favor because my brother borrows the car and has a tendency to make sharp turns so the acceleration issue slows him down enough to make it a smooth turn.

The KIA Forte is comfortable and is a great car for first time drivers (as long as it functions accordingly). Lots of room and very comfortable. Good mileage as well.

- Adriana M

It is been reliable in all weather.

I like the comfortable ride and seats. There is adequate power for general use. Nice included options (radio w/ aux, sunroof). Could have more foot room in the rear.

- Javier C

The car has great gas mileage. It's very comfortable.

I like the gas mileage the car gets. As a growing family it is on the small side. I love how the car drives, not super bulky very easy to get around smaller streets.

- Stephanie C

To check when the warranty is up because as soon as mine was up things immediately started going wrong with it.

My Kia Forte has recently started making a loud noise when the fan runs. Also the A/C doesn't run sometimes and I have to hit the glove box to get it to work.

- Amanda M

It's a good small, affordable vehicle.

The vehicle has served me well with no major mechanical problems in five years. The vehicle has over 120,000 miles on it. It is too small for me however.

- Jen P

It's safe and one of the best purchases I've made.

I love my vehicle. I've had it for a few years now and haven't had any problems or complaints. It gets me to and from where I need to be and is good on gas.

- Karlee M

Really like my phone connecting thru the speakers in car plus the map Audio too.

Easy to drive. Just do not like the red color. Runs real smooth. Does pretty good in the snow. Used to drive a van, this car is so much lower to the ground.

- Mary S

It is a safe, reliable vehicle. It has plenty of space.

I love my car. It is perfect size for my daily life. I can fit my family in it comfortably. I love the trunk space. I just wish it was all wheel drive.

- Melissa M

It takes about $26 to fully fill the tank.

No complaints all good. Love this car. Wish if it was a bit quieter. More room and better seating would have been nice. Also if suspension was more tight.

- Johnny A

My kia is such a dependable vehicle, it looks great and drives great too.

I love my Kia Forte Koup. It's a 6 speed, very sporty car, but I also feel safe traveling with passengers, and I don't ever worry about it breaking down.

- Allison K

Since it is of Korean make, it has negative equity.

It's extremely efficient. I rarely have to perform maintenance on it. I severely dislike that it has negative equity however, being a Korean vehicle.

- Andrew C

Kia forte performance quality

The only problem I have had with my car was a recall on the braking system. The dealership fixed the problem. Other than that the car runs good.

- Nicole B

It was affordable within my price range. Kia makes sturdy cars.

My car is a sturdy car. I am satisfied with my car, but wished it had a rear camera and leather seats. I have only had to do routine maintenance

- Joy W

It is fun to drive. It is much easier to handle than I thought it would be.

It is good on gas mileage. It's a good looking car. It drives very smoothly. I do not like the fact that it has manual door locks and windows.

- Bonnie L

It gets great gas mileage on the highway. It does best on the highway.

It was the size sedan I wanted. It gets good gas mileage. I like the color - grey. I wish I had a few fancier options. It serves my needs.

- Marcy H

It's a compact car and fits almost anywhere.

I like that its gas efficient and the parts are cheap to replace. I dislike that its so small and does not have a built in navigation system.

- Jasmine K

A reliable sporty car without the enormous price tag.

Likes: Very reliable, sleek design, great price, good mpg, spacious. Dislikes: did not come with backup camera (which is very much needed).

- Cyrus P

Easy to drive and to maintain and is reliable transportation.

I have owned Kia before and this brand is reliable and easy to maintain. I do not dislike anything about this brand or model of automobile.

- Sharon S

Great affordable inexpensive car.

My car is running really good no problems since I have had it. I couldn't of picked a better car at a better deal. Has great gas mileage.

- Summer E

2013 Kia forte, low miles.

I have never had problems with my car. It is still in like new condition. Starts very quickly. It is 4 door sedan. It drives very smooth.

- Terri F

A great family car, fun to drive!

A great, fuel-efficient, roomy car with the features we like. However, it is low to the ground and harder to get in and out of as we age.

- Patricia C

This car gets great gas mileage and comes with a ten year warranty.

I love the 10 year warranty. It gets great gas mileage. Only bad thing. The first year i needed new tires and the second year new brakes

- Stacey C

Sporty and fast, but reliable and safe for one or multiple passengers.

I love my Kia! It is sporty, but very reliable. It has been the best vehicle for me and my child. I've never had any problems out of it.

- Allison K

Very good on gas. One tanks of gas will last me all week.

It is reliable. It's also good on gas and that's important for my travel to work. Interior is pretty basic. No bells and whistles.

- Jennifer P

Great KIA Forte!!!!!!!!!!

It is a great vehicle. It is GREAT on gas. It's not too big and it's not to small. Great for new drivers and people who drive a lot.

- Kiante C

My car is a 2014 white Kia Forte ex.

My car is very reliable and comfortable to ride in. I've never had a problem with driving it. It has Bluetooth radio which is stock.

- Emily S

It is great on gas mileage.

I like how it drives. I like how little and cute it is. I like how spacious it is. I do not like that I have exterior damage to it.

- Savanna M

Dependable rides good great ac and good on gas.

Great vehicle no problems runs great good ac and cheap on gas cheap payments dependable used 3 owners including us and rides good.

- Shelley P

Dependable good on gas and safe

Good A-B for family. Nothing fancy but nothing chiney either. Enjoy the hat back for added cargo but dislike the sedan version

- Adam D

my kia is totally awesome

I love my forte. it runs great, has lots of features including tires, seats and windows. once it hit 10 more keys....i'm done.

- dick h

It has an eco feature I really like.

It is comfortable, reliable, and affordable. It has not given me many problems and am happy to have paid it off in 6 years.

- monique v

Gas mileage is 46 mpg. Amazing for road trips.

Gas mileage is amazing. 46 mpg and where I live gas is only 2. 30 a gallon so it is a big plus. Drives smooth and silently.

- Logan C

The car gets real good gas mileage.

I have had the car for 5 years now and have not had any major issues. The car gets good gas mileage and rides very smooth.

- Ray W

The KIA FORTE is 100% reliable. Any recall is attended to by the dealership.

I get up each day and it runs. The car is dependable. The gas mileage is good . I bought the car used and truly enjoy it.

- donna m

Fold down seats in a sedan.

Reliable, back fold down seats opening to big trunk, good gas mileage, headlamps blow out more than I think they should.

- Mina B

Hatchback has a release so the back piece pulls out and goes back in for more space

Reliable and no current issues comfortable and spacious. No performance problems in the year and half I've had the car.

- Melissa B

Well I think you can just read it, right?

It is absolutely the best car I could have bought for the money. I paid $10,000 for mine and it was worth every penny

- Jake M

It has good speakers and it has good gas mileage.

I like my car because it is cool. I drive it a lot and I get good gas mileage. I like my car because it is a 4 door.

- Austin H

The rpm's always run high.

I love the gas mileage and size of this vehicle. There is nothing I do not like about it. Would highly recommend.

- Stefanie H

It is very spacious and comfortable to drive. I has plenty of room and the seats cradle you. I would recommend the car to everyone especially if you drive a lot like I do.

I love my car. The only dislikes I have about it is the max /ac is too loud for the Bluetooth speaker to hear me.

- desiree s

I have a 2013 Kia Forte. It is a great car.

The only think that I do not like about my Kia Forte is that it's not all wheel drive. It is a great car though.

- Kaelie D

It's been a very good car. I would recommend it to anyone.

Its low on gas and has not had a lot of repairs. It not very big and drives very well. Plus its almost paid for.

- Nancy K

Gas mileage is excellent. Price is great, rides nice and looks nice

I like everything about it. The price was great, the gas mileage is great and it's virtually maintenance free

- Linda R

Compact and easy to park.

Strong motor and very reliable. No major concerns and very fuel efficient. Have owned it for a few years now.

- Amina V

It's a reliable vehicle and is equipped with very useful features

I like the Bluetooth hands free calling. The sun roof. Have 188,000 miles on the vehicle and it runs well.

- Rick G

My car is pretty good on gas.

My car drives very well. It is also very good on gas. It also is fairly cheap to keep maintenance up on it.

- Kenneth B

We love our Kia Forte! Great car!

It has been very reliable and is comfortable. We have been very happy with our Kia. I would recommend it.

- Pam F

gas, my gas mileage is perfect i only fill up once a month

I get a lot of mileage out of a tank of gas, no maintenance problems, no engine problems, easy to drive

- cora m

The car is super efficient and quiet. Pog champion.

I like the fuel mileage on my car. I can go to school and back for a few weeks on a single tank of gas.

- Andrej A

The gas and brake pedal is very touchy.

I like my car because it has enough space and its good on gas mileages. I like the interior of the car.

- Christy B

Take good care of it and it will last a long time for you.

I like the newer body style. I like the automatic Bluetooth connection. I like how easy to clean it is.

- Catie A

No speed on the freeway. No power.

Too small. Gas tank too small need to fill it up 3 times a week. No pick up and go. Runs slow up hill.

- Rick G

If you need a good car with good gas mileage it is a great option

The car is a a great commuter car and good for getting around town. Overall it gets great gas mileage.

- Fred J

keep oil changed and stay up on maintenance, my car keeps going without any problem. it's also very good on gas

my last two vehicles have both been KIA'S. i think it's a good car. very reliable, no major breakdowns

- dave m

It is very reliable and low maintenance.

Durable and a nice car for a small family. Would consider getting another kea vehicle in the future.

- Chelsea P

It is fuel efficient. I can drive almost two weeks back and forth to work without having to refuel.

I love it. It's fast, fuel efficient, and dependable. It definitely helps that it looks sporty, too.

- James M

It's reliable, drives nice, good on gas. THe ecosystem & abs brakes are wonderful

Only complaint is the automatic door locks. They are annoying. Lock when I don't want them lock.

- kathy h

That is gets great gas mileage, drives smoothly and is a great car

I like just about everything except the lack of get up when accelerating from a stopped position.

- Linda R

It has Great gas mileage. Only costs about $20 a week

I love how gas efficient it is. I like the style, the color, and the overall look of the car

- Amanda R

Great gas mileage! Miles per gallon far exceed some of the other Vehicles on market

I love the smooth ride, the look, great gas mileage. Dislike tail lights burn out quickly

- Stef L

They should know that I have named her and that she is a smooth ride.

I don't like that it's black, gets too hot in the summer Other than that I LOVE my car

- Becky K

It wasn't very expensive to buy meaning it's ROI is high

Like the great gas mileage. Like the style. Seems to have lasted pretty well.

- bill M

It is a good dependable car. It gets great gas mileage

I like the good mileage. I like the smith ride. I like the dependability.

- Merri M

if you are searching for a small car this is good. but not a lot of room if your needs are greater

it is very small, the trunk latch to lower the seats is in the trunk.

- Robert D

Gas mileage is nice it gets about 35 mpg highway miles

Color is nice size is little small good gas mileage pretty reliable

- Ned N

We have had this car for 4 years and we've only needed new tires and regular oil changes. I feel very safe in my car, not sure why, but I do. Wish it had a gps system installed in the car when we bought it.

The car is very reliable only needing normal wear and tear items.

- tami u

It's safe & realizable. Great gas mileage. Very low maintenance.

I like it's features. I wish I had purchased a larger car.

- Shannan B

The doors are a bit fragile

I love the space and the fuel efficiency

- Kyle c