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Great driving, economical gas saver has everything I need.

Great gas mileage, no mechanical issues and very reliable. Easy to drive, great steering, easy to park. Still looks great at 4 years old and 75 k miles. It is not a luxury car, and I wish it had more comfort amenities, but it has everything I need. The only complaints I really have is that because it is a compact car, it is a bit rough riding and I wish it weren't as bumpy and the side mirrors have a lot of blind spots so I had to buy and attach blind spot mirrors. The door handles sometimes stick when you first try to open the door, nothing broken, but it is annoying. The carpet and upholstery have all held up very well. The uvo Bluetooth service is great and very convenient. Overall, it has been a good car, just wish it was more comfortable for long drives.

- Jennifer B

Spacious, well-made 2014 Kia Forte

I love my Kia Forte. She drives very well, and is very reliable. The engine doesn't run too loud. Five years into having her she has not broken down once; in fact, the only major issue was that I broke the mirror off the side of the car, and Kia was wonderful about easily replacing it. The car is more spacious than other cars of the same size, and people always comment on how roomy the backseat is. The trunk for years was used to fit 2 sets of hockey gear (one belonging to a goalie), so trunk storage is not an issue. The overall sound system is great. My only regret is I did not pay for the backup camera 5 years ago, but i would absolutely today. I would buy a kia again for sure.

- Amelia S

My summary about why I love my Kia forte so much!

I love my Kia forte, since my children are all grown and out of the house, I figured a small car would be good. I can get up to 50 miles to the gallon on gas. This car is very safe and reliable, there is room for 5 people to fit very comfortably, lots of legroom in the back seat. The hatchback lets you go shopping and hide your purchases, so you can go shop in another store and not worry about someone walking by your vehicle and seeing your bags. Both back seats fold down in case you want to haul something a little bigger. And the only thing I did not like was, there is no spare tire, just a can of fix a flat, but it came in handy when I needed it.

- Cheryl C

Forte is the reliable ride for me.

My forte to start has a sleek outer look to it. It is small and easy to control. I love how quickly it accelerates especially on the highway. Another great perk about my forte is that it is great on gas and has the option to be eco friendly. One complaint that I'd have about the 2014 Kia forte is that is does not have cruise control, which I enjoy having for long trips. Otherwise, I have had this vehicle since 2014 when I bought it brand new & it has not failed me yet. It still performs just the same as if I bought it yesterday.

- Sarah P

Decent, roomy family car.

My 2014 Kia Forte has very standard features as it is just the base model. We have a radio with Sirius XM on a basic radio interface, no touchscreens. The seats are a grey cloth and do get dirty very easily. However, the cabin is roomy enough for our family of four plus extra everyday items, and the trunk is a very generous size. My only real issue with our Forte is that for the last two years, the back windows sometimes don't work. This is a minor problem but since I am still actively paying on the vehicle it is annoying.

- Lindsey M

It is highly fuel efficient. It gets 24 miles to the gallon in town BUT it gets 36 miles to the gallon on the highway which in turn leads to less money spent on gas and allows it to be the perfect car for traveling.

I love my vehicle soooooooo much! I love the fact that it is very fuel efficient and has a high mileage when driving on the highway. I love the built in Bluetooth and the Sirius XM Radio. The car is sexy and roomy. The trunk has tons of space and passengers in the backseat have lots of room as well. I love how adjustable the seat and steering wheel are. The car has great acceleration and breaking. The car all around is the best thing I have ever owned so far and I can't wait to travel more with it.

- Dakota B

It has a great safety rating and Kia as a company is growing in dependability.

My Kia forte is very dependable. I love how fuel efficient it is and the look and body style is very appealing. It is actually pretty spacious for being a car. The interior detail is sleek and stylish as well. It has Bluetooth capability and a 5 disk CD player and I love the red lights that are accentuated in the dark. It also has the turn signal lighting on each side mirror which is a feature I love. The best part is the safety and dependability is offers my family and I.

- Amanda M

Motor issues with 2014 Kia forte.

Kia recalled motors starting with the year after mine- mine was messed up and burning oil and I started bringing it in every few weeks starting at 30k miles- it had 14 on it when I bought it. Oil was burning, heavy exhaust, shaking, etc. They tried to run me out of my warranty but I just put my foot down at 99k- I called corporate, filed complaints and raised a stink and I sure as the sun got me a new motor!! I will never buy another Kia.

- Molly H

Reliable, comfortable, dependable, plenty of legroom, big trunk, great car.

I have had my Kia for four years and it is a great car. I have no major issues with my car and have only had regular maintenance on it during the four years. It is very comfortable, and on long trips I do not have to adjust myself to get comfortable. The mileage is great, especially on the highway. When I have other people in my car they always mention how much leg room there is and how comfortable they are.

- Melissa M

My vehicle is very reliable. I enjoy riding in it, as do my friends and family.

My car gets water on the seats & no one can find where it is coming from. Touch screen radio which is great. Love the bluetooth as well. Rims on the wheels are nice. It is a very safe car to drive. Would recommend. Other thing I do not like is the tires are very sensitive, I have had to replace 3 from being flat. And when it gets cold out the sensor says they're low on air.

- Katie J

Great warranty. Great gas mileage. Affordable and a pleasure to. Drive.

I just bought it used several months ago. It is an amazing car for me. Not to large or small. Just the right size. It is sporty but yet has the ride of a luxury car. It handles beautifully and is fun to drive. Has great music system. Even though it is only a 4 cylinder it has even power to pass cars easily and quickly if needed. All in all I am happy with the car totally.

- Susan L

It's reliable has many features for the driver to drive comfortably. Has a sunroof which great to use in the fall and spring. Let's me know if I need a new battery or if my tires are low in need of air or leak.

I mostly like the car but it would be more comfortable if there was more leg room in the back seat. It isn't very comfortable for the people who sit in the back seat. I like the style of the car gets very good gas mileage and very reliable.Has a very nice trunk in times when needed. I enjoy the navigation when traveling or if I need directions. All around good car.

- Shirlene B

Reliable car, hard working with Kia.

My number one complaint is the Kia company is hard to work with. If you have to take something in they will say something needs to be replaced even if it does not. My check engine light is one for a 800$ fix apparently but it's not detrimental to my car. But other than that it has been a reliable car. Was good throughout the winter and haven't had any major issues.

- Cady M

Kia forte is fine if your single.

Car is comfortable but not for 2 adults and 3 children. It handles nice but I have already had to replace the engine. The plastic trim tabs cracked easy and feels very poorly made. The gas mileage is average at best. The ac is good the heat works well the radio is fine. But there's 2 different recalls and I just do not feel safe with my family in the car.

- Jeremy A

Affordable vehicle with the comfort and perks of a more expensive brand.

I love that the price on the Kia was affordable enough that I could afford a few extra perks on the vehicle that I might not have been able to afford on a more expensive car brand. It is extremely comfortable, small enough that I do not feel I am driving a huge vehicle and yet plenty of room for what I need. Also it gets decent gas mileage.

- Lena C

The steering wheel. Very smooth, and has great grip.

The vehicle itself is great. I love the interior and the comforting feels of it. The car drives very smoothly, very quiet, and the overall make of the car. The Kia forte is a great car for a family, spacious and compact all in one. My car ever, rarely has functioning problems. If you are looking for a good car, a Kia forte is it.

- Heaven C

The vehicle is over all a great vehicle just more room would be great.

Well I think the only problem I have is that there is not enough leg room inside the vehicle. The reliability of the car is great, haven't let me down yet, in snow or rain, and it has great features, I mostly like that I can talk free hand on my phone because I get a lot of phone calls, that helps me be as safe driving as I can.

- Reggie B

For the price it can't be beat! Kia have a bad reputation. At one point they were bad cars, Kia recognized that. Now, they are good quality without paying more for it

I like the fact that my vehicle has everything I need for the price. It wasn't expensive and is a good quality vehicle. I've owned more expensive vehicles in they past that have required far more maintenance, we're more expensive to repair and long term weren't worth the money. I've owned this vehicle for a year and it's great!

- Kevin B

This car gets great gas mileage with my everyday commute!

I love the gas mileage that our Kia gets on the highway and even in the city! Its sleek design makes it look like a sporty car but the roomy back seat makes it perfect for driving the family around. It handles really well and I feel safe driving my family around day to day in our Kia. Definitely no complaints about this car!

- Jessica A

It is great on gas and It's a family car.

I really love my Kia it has plenty of room in it. It's really good on gas. I've not really had any problems with it except for the motors in my windows going bad. They are really good about working with you to schedule to have things done to your car. I really liked how they coated the inside of my car to help protect it.

- Hannah B

The pep mobile. This car has no hesitations.

This vehicle has great pep and has a well built engine that require little maintenance. Occasionally, the tires have to be changed/update but that is to be expected when daily driving or wear and tear is taking place. The interior seats are a little low, but they can be adjusted to a preferred level of height.

- Mary R

4 door sedan, power windows, seats, & mirrors come in when car is turned off.

I have had several mechanical problems with this car which include 2 window motors going out, brake lights would stay on when car was turned off which was because of the brake malfunctioning, side mirror quit working, along with some other minor things. As far as the car itself, it drives & rides great.

- Sarah B

My car is perfect as “your first car” and has a generous amount of space.

I love the design and the interior. However, the gas mileage is not the best. It feels like I always have to refill the tank. It is very comfortable and has a decent amount of truck space for a car it is size. It has Bluetooth, usb, and an AUX cord to charge and/or play music and take hand free calls.

- Mahala D

It's a good balance between reliability, cost, and looks.

I particularly enjoy that my car is relatively compact, easy to control, and has required very little effort to maintain in the few years I've had it. I wish I had arranged for some additional accessories at the time I purchased it, but I don't have anything negative to say about the vehicle itself.

- Reserved R

It's sexy. Haha. I do love the look and feel of the car.

The thing I dislike most is that when I put the car in park, it automatically unlocks the doors. So for example when I pull into an ATM, I feel much safer with the car doors staying locked. I can manually lock them; I just wish they didn't automatically unlock. I love the look and feel of the car.

- Natalie G

It is a pretty inexpensive care as of right now!

I do like my vehicle, it is what you would say is my size. It is easy on gas and to be a small car it rides pretty comfortable. I probably would have chose a blue color instead of black, I like blue. It did have one manufacturer recall which I took to a dealer and took care of it pretty quick.

- L C

Great car for high mileage.

My car has been great for the most part. However, I have had a few issues with it. For instance, there is a leak in the trunk that is reoccurring. This has also caused my back left window to stop working. It is an expensive fix. Other than that the car has worked wonderfully. No engine issues.

- Heidi C

The best bang for your buck.

I have had the car for 4 years and have only had to do routine maintenance. It has been extremely easy to maintain. It drives really smooth. I get about 27 mpg city so with my commute, I can fill up once every 3 weeks. My only issue is it is not a get up and go car. It takes a bit to go fast.

- Kendall C

If I have a flat. . My car has a tire kit you use to inflate the tire.

Great car. . Good on gas. . Comfortable. . Quiet. . Affordable. . . Reliable. . The best car I ever owned. . . Easy to handle. . Good size trunk. . And plenty of room for 4 others. . Never had any mechanical problems. And very stylish. . . I love my car. . . And thank you Kia for my forte. .

- Linda Lee L

Cheap to maintain. Decent car for it size and value.

Overall it is a good little car never have had and problems out of it. Pretty cozy for my little family. It wouldn't do so good for a family with over 5 members. But my favorite part it is cheap to maintain. Oil change only runs me about twenty dollars and a tune up hundred and ten dollars.

- Ashley D

The gas mileage, averages between 30-35 city miles per gallon.

There has not been any issues with my car yet, everything that I have had done has been maintenance related. It performs great, averaging between 30-35 city miles per gallon. Comfortable car with a decent look to it, a solid buy for anybody looking for reliable car that is not to expensive.

- Andrew G

Kia forte is a very reliable vehicle.

I have owned this car for 4 years and have never had any problems with the vehicle. The ride is nice and a very reliable car. It gets regular oil changes and inspections of every part on the car. I would recommend this make of vehicle to anyone and would consider buying this make again.

- Laura K

The Kia forte is a great vehicle due to its drivability and safety features.

The vehicle is spacious for being small. It has great gas mileage especially when the eco button is activated it is loaded with a lot of safety features. Which makes it an extremely safe vehicle. It handles very well in town and on the highway. It is very agile and maneuvers very well.

- Juan C

It is very affordable and a very comfortable car.

So far I have had no problems with my car. I love it and it is very good on gas. It is very reliable and gets me where I need to be everyday. It is very comfortable and it is got an amazing radio in it. I highly recommend this car to anybody. It would be a great beginner car honestly.

- Tamara P

Gas is 32 mph on highway and 27 mph on road-very good on gas.

Great on gas and a comfortable ride. Goes fast when desired but also a great family car with wonderful safety features. The cost of servicing the vehicle is also cheap because it is Kia which helps a lot when you are a family. Perfect family car-great for fun and for responsibility.

- Kirsten F

It is a great car for it is price.

I absolutely love my car! It is extremely reliable. I have currently had it for four years and have had no issues. It gets exceptional gas mileage. My Forte currently has around 80, 000 miles and my only issue is that my airbag light is on right now, which is hardly an issue a all.

- Ashley G

An ok car for the price. Wouldn't purchase again.

It is a good car for just getting around town. Slow to get going and horrible in the snow it has all the new features including sunroof, Bluetooth capability and power everything including heated leather seat. Overall if I had to do it over I would not purchase this vehicle again.

- Cassandra R

Kias are the best car for whatever you need.

I really like the Kia it is really smooth to drive and has comfortable seating. The air conditioning works really well and fast. The gas mi, age is amazing I only fill up once every two weeks for like 30 dollars max. I have had this car for four years and I have had no problems.

- Gia D

I just said why I love my car, its small and easy to drive.

I love my car but I wish the gas mileage was much better I also love the color blue that it is it is smaller than my last car and I am very happy with the size, it's easy to park and I don't have anything more to say, I am done drive, I don't have any bad things to say about it.

- Patricia M

Kia forte is a great car and you should buy it.

It is an all around reliable car. I drive it around 100 miles or more a day and it is still around. I haven't had much of any problems with it. The only problem I have had with it is my tires. I have one tire that has gone bad on me 4 times now. All in all it is a great vehicle.

- Zachary S

Nice sporty. Looking car with great gas mileage. I have gotten as much as 36 mpg.

Our KIA is. A great car. Gas mileage is the best of any car we've owned. We own the Forte 5. It gives exactly what we need. If I had to change anything, it would be how high it sits off the ground. When I go over planned humps on streets, sometimes it scrapes the underside.

- Steve M

It has great fuel mileage and energy saving features.

I love my Kia it is the first car that I don't have to bend my legs to drive. Even though it's a Coupe the back seat has plenty of room. It automatically cuts the power to the whole car after a given amount of time which is perfect for me because I'm always leaving lights on.

- Cathy N

The best car I have ever owned. No problems or concerns.

This car is absolutely amazing and reliable. I love this car, we haven't had any problems with it since we bought it two years ago. Very comfortable and sleek design. The only thing I wish it had was the backup camera but at least that is something you can install yourself.

- Aubrey B

I love the fact that I have a big trunk for a mid sized sedan.

It has incredible gas mileage and is easy to drive. The driving is very smooth and you do not hear the engine. The stereo is amazing quality. The comfort level of the seats are extra good. I have not had any issues with this car and I have had it for about two years so far.

- Elizabeth O

Easy maintenance and cheap cost.

Very reliable car. Only minor maintenance things needed to be fixed in the past four years since I bought it. I would recommend this beautiful car to anyone! Smooth ride and easy on gas. Fantastic car. Parts are fairly cheap to replace. I think I will always drive a Kia!

- Amy C

Affordable price, yet comfortable and dependable.

I love that the Kia is affordable and yet has several nice features that are not included standard in more established brands. My Kia is very comfortable to drive and so far has proven very reliable with only minor issues and 1 small recall which was quickly remedied.

- Lena C

Great car and perfect for a small family.

It is a great car. Great on gas and has a lot of room. Only problem I have had is it having recalls but Kia fixes them. Has enough space for a small family. Nice to go on trips in. I will be passing it on to my daughter and it will be her first car. It is a safe car.

- Jaime R

Love the car and would tell others about it in a commercial or being a salesman.

It is a good car. Never had any problems. 4 door black spacious car for a single woman or a divorced parent. Good for a high school teenager or grandma or grandpa. Easy to drive as long as it is an automatic. Plus it is all black with black interior. Love it a lot.

- Joy N

My review of overall performance.

Gas mileage is good. Has had some recalls for brakes and for airbags that is a safety concern of mine. Haven't really had any other issues with this vehicle. Seems to run rather well. Sensors are an issue tire light is always on has been ever since I got the car.

- Dolores G

In addition to being reliable transportation - it looks good too.

It is a good car. Inexpensive to operate and own. Comfortable. Well placed controls - that all work and make sense. Handles very well. I did have to replace the battery and it was much more expensive than I had expected. The trunk is large and holds a great deal.

- April A

A very efficient sports sedan.

My vehicle has been very useful and efficient the last several years and I haven't had any issues with it. Take care of it and it'll take care of you. Keep up with simple maintenance and it'll last long time. Very comfortable and convenient, classy and sporty.

- Joseph W

The most important thing about my vehicle is the reliability of it. I have never had to worry about the vehicle lasting on road trips or regular commutes.

I like the sleek look of my vehicle. I like the reliability of it (it doesn't break down or stall or have technical issues) and the efficiency of fuel usage. Nothing about my vehicle bothers me in particular, I have had only positive experiences with using it.

- Brianna B

2014 Kia forte ex review..Very good.

Great car, great mileage, drives well, sporty with great acceleration. Fun to drive and very safe for my family, enough leg room for a family of four. Would recommend to others and look forward to buying another one soon. Kia went all out on this vehicle.

- Shane G

Alarm sensor maybe sensitive.

The alarm sensors were screwed up so it would sometimes just go off for no reason but overall the car is spacious for a little car the radio, aux and Bluetooth are easy to navigate and it has lasted me for two years without any major engine problems.

- Kim S

Kia forte 2014 - safety, and comfort.

The 2014 Kia forte has one of the best interiors in the class, and despite the forte's middling performance, it ranks in the top half of the compact car class. Safety features are great but as its an older car, i'd recommend the 2018 Kia forte model.

- Roland S

Highly rated for the best safety features.

I love that my car is a top safety rated vehicle. I feel safe traveling with my children anywhere. I love that it has remote start and a quiet engine. I wish that it was a tad bit more spacious as it is difficult with car seats to find enough room.

- Vanessa B

It is a economical choice but you get what you pay for.

I had transmission issues and had a rental more than the car the first year I owned it and I bought it brand new. Also had jumping and jerking issue and have to run premium gas only. Other than that it is reliable and gets good gas mileage.

- Robyn L

For the price, Kia offers more options for features than more high end brands.

My Kia forte is a nice care for the price I paid. It has many added features that I love that I would not normally be able to afford on a more "high end" brand of vehicle. Also, so far it has been very reliable with only minor problems.

- Lena M

It is big on the inside. It looks small but it is a very spacious which I like.

I bought it used in 2016. It really is a great car but it is not my dream car. I needs a new car and it is what I could afford. I am very happy with it though. It will be a great family car for when my husband and I have our children.

- Alyssa H

Forte For The People : Fast & Features

Performs well for the price point, very reliable and comfortable. Offers the basic, up-to-date features. No major problems as of yet, however, when most vehicles in this price point. One should strongly consider regular maintenance.

- Louis J

The car is a great value both for the price paid and the warranty offered

The car drives well, gets good mpg and has a nice stereo system. The only problem is that the locks will engage repeatedly when the door is open and the key is in the ignition. Dealership has not been able to figure it out.

- Melissa G

It drives incredibly smooth but it does not have cruise control.

While I love my car overall, a few things I wish were different are the financing, I wish it had cruise control, and I wish that it had automatic lights. It was supposed to have those things and later I realized it did not.

- Kaci W

The most important thing people should know about my car is that it's affordable for the average worker.

The Kia Forte is a great car if you are wanting something that is great on gas. In the past 2 years, I've put on over 70,000 miles on my KIA and I'm only had one problem with the wheel bearings. Everything else is great.

- Melissa R

2014 Kia Forte Bumper issue.

Front bumper sits a little too low. If you pull into a parking space with a curb, it will scrape and has broken the plastic underneath, allowing the wheel well to rub onto the front tire. Other than that no issues.

- Shei c

The most important thing others should know about my car is it's easy to drive.

I like that it is a very reliable car. My car gets good gas mileage too. There isn't anything that I don't like. An added bonus is that the dealership is fairly close and I can get a free car wash at any time.

- Joy t

Kia Forte 2014 All white black interior

My Kia forte is an amazing car. I don't have anything bad to really say about it. I do wish the touch screen inside the car could be bigger to help with the backup camera but other than that it's an amazing car.

- Samantha K

There are so many options for this vehicle.

There are many features including heated and cooled seats, sunroof, heated steering, and cruise that I use all the time. It is very roomy. Cute car at an affordable price. The only thing I dislike is the power.

- Amy L

It is paid off and is ours.

The car is too small and not as updated as I like it be. It does have many features. While it is small, the trunk is big enough to pack a lot into. Also a major complaint is that is does not have a spare tire.

- Tia M

Reliable. Great gas mileage.

My Kia forte ( 2014) is great on mileage, I've taken it through the mountains and desert. I java never had any problems, except for the normal tires, oil change. It fits 4 comfortable, 5 but a little tight. .

- Kimberly E

That it's a good first time car. It sounds great, and gets good gas mileage

I like that the car has Bluetooth even though it's a base model. I also like how it sounds when I speed up being only a 2.4. I wish the seat was automatic, and there was a little more leg room in the back

- Ryan L

It has very good gas mileage.

The Kia forte has great gas mileage. I can fill up once every 2 weeks and it lasts. The interior is very nice and modern. It is the perfect size for myself, though a little small for my 6?2 boyfriend.

- Cass G

The car also drives fast when you want to, a man actually called it night rider.

No problems on it in the 4 years I have had it, very reliable and cheap for oil changes, great on gas-32mph on the highway! 27 off highway. Comfortable and I feel like it is a good size for a sedan.

- Kirsten F

Kia forte 2014, simply amazing.

I love the car its safe easy on gas. The only thing I would change is the windows in the back making it easier to back up. Because if it wasn't for the back up camera it would be nearly impossible.

- Brandy H

If you perform maintenance regularly, it'll last you for years and is a decent, reasonably priced vehicle.

The rear view camera and Bluetooth pairing are really handy. The parts are cheap though so sometimes it doesn't work when it's too hot or cold. The blinker light keeps going out. It drives well.

- Angel C

People should know about the mileage you can get with the Forte

The car is a blue model with the folding rear view mirrors. That in itself has already come in handy, and overall the car feels nice to drive, is good on gas, and gets up to speed quick.

- Michael m

It is a decent mid-sized car.

I like the shape and size of the car. It fits my family and groceries comfortably. I do not like that it doesn't have features like a backup camera, navigation, or other technology.

- Naomi B

It is a smooth riding, comfortable and dependable car.

I love how it rides and it is so quiet. I chose it also because of it's comfort. It does not have a lot of power so it does not do really well in the snow, but I have managed.

- Mary A

That it is good on gas and it runs good.

Its reliable and has great gas mileage. The maintenance is cheap and not complicated to deal with. I've had no problems with it. I would definitely buy another kia. No dislikes.

- Jennifer C

Great commuter vehicle for small family

Bought used in 2017 at 11000 miles. Have only had an issue with the starter relay needing to be replaced for failure. Have had the car for 1.5 years and put 20000 miles on it.

- Tresalynn C

A great car is the 2014 Kia Forte

My car is a 2014 Kia Forte. I've had it since 2015. It has been a pretty good car without many problems. I've only had the normal maintenance and tires and brakes maintenance.

- tony p

I got everything that I wanted for a very reasonable price.

I like that my vehicle is small. It is fuel efficient. It also has all of the amenities that I required upon purchase. So far, I have not had any major problems or concerns.

- Dee C

It has heat seats in the front and back that I absolutely love

I love my car. Not much else to say other then that. It drives well and is super dependable. He guys at the dealership are very helpful when I have any questions as well.

- Samantha B

It save you gas and give you high mileage per gallon.

I love my car because it saves gas and money. It has big spaces inside. Really easy to drive and comfortable. I don't like the space in back because it is kind of small.

- Giovanni E

The mileage per gallon is been high since I got it

I haven't had any big issue with my since I bought about four years ago. I only have to do the normal maintenance and replacing parts that have to be replaced normally.

- Giovanni B

Safe and stylish sedan, perfect for anyone!

My 2014 Kia Forte is not too big but not too small either! I get great gas mileage which is a huge perk. It's cute, comfortable, and I have had no problems so far.

- Mia K

A great value for a moderate car budget

I just purchased the car, but love the Bluetooth connectivity, the satellite radio, and the backup camera. It's black, which isn't my top choice of color but is ok

- Ryan J

This car is very economical.

I haven't had any problems with my vehicle. I had meet all expectations throughout the 5 years I have own this vehicle. Its stylish, great on mileage, and compact.

- Hooligan V

It comes with a 5 yr/60,000 mile warranty. Great gas mileage. It is safe and dependable

This is my first vehicle. I wanted a Kia because my mom owns one too and that is the vehicle I used to take my driving lessons. I love my Kia. Great Gas mileage

- Shebly M

All the features for a 10th of the price of BMW and Mercedes.

I like my vehicle because it gets excellent gas mileage. It's not too big or too small; I literally can't whip in and out of traffic. Plus, it is very reliable.

- Donyale C

It's very basic. There is no fancy accessories but it gets the job done.

My car has been very reliable. I like that it's low maintenance and gets good gas mileage. I dislike that it doesn't have remote entry and that it's so expensive.

- Rebecca P

My lovely little kia, gets me from point A to B efficiently

I love it, but it doesn't have cruise control which is really disappointing. It gets great gas mileage, but I also wish it would tell me my exact speed at times.

- Sierra M

Heads up display,Bluetooth capable radio avgs 31 mpg highway and 22 mpg town

The 2014 Kia forte gets excellent fuel mileage and handles great on curvy roads if your looking for an all around great family car this will be the one for you!

- Colton P

It's great on gas, and really nice when you have a teenager in the house.

I like the ease of maneuvering, and compact size. I don't like how low it sits to the ground or riding in it as a passenger in any manner (front or back seat).

- Debbi H

How many miles it gets you to the gallon.

I like that my vehicle is smaller and good on gas. I also like the acceleration of my vehicle. I dislike the fact that my vehicle does not have cruise control.

- Sarah P

It gets awesome gas mileage, and it has many features that are included on more expensive vehicles.

My Kia is the best vehicle I've ever had. I get awesome gas mileage, a comfortable ride, and it fits me perfectly. It has all of the features that I need.

- Tonya W

Great mileage! Wonderful family or single car, handles great!

The Kia forte is a wonderful and reliable car, it handles well and is a reasonable price and size. It controls really well and has great gas mileage.

- Jennifer R

My car is horrible and I would not recommend it to anyone.

The manual transmission does not shift smoothly. The electronics on the car often do not work. The seats are uncomfortable. The trunk and doors leak.

- Della N

Very comfortable ride. Seats are comfortable and ride is smooth

Good gas mileage. Seats are very comfortable. Design is nice. Wish it had a sunroof but wasn't available on the model I got until the following year

- Amanda A

It is very small and only two-door.

She is fuel efficient/good on gas. She is compact but still has space. There is trunk room. She has Bluetooth which allows me to drive hands free.

- Rain L

The ABS light sensor has been having problems, it comes on during long trips.

It's a red 2014 Kia Forte Ex. The ABS light comes on during long trips because the sensor is out. It runs great and only has 29,000 miles on it.

- Shawna M

The Kia Forte is a great family car and also it has good gas mileage.

The Kia Forte is really great on gas. It runs quiet and smooth. It is perfect for my small family. In the future I plan to purchase another Kia.

- Jessica M

It has very good mileage, with an option to drive more fuel economically.

This is my 4th Kia now. I find them to be very reliable, reasonably priced with good mileage. Never had any major problems with any of my Kias.

- Michael T

Wonderful four-door sedan that has everything that you could possibly need or want.

I have all of the features that I want for a fraction of the cost of a foreign luxury car. I also have not had any major problems with it.

- debb b

The drive is smooth and the gas mileage is great. Kia’s warranty is awesome to.

My Kia Forte is very reliable. It is great on gas and the features are great. It has a nice rear-view camera that is the perfect size.

- Courtney R

very reliable vehicle well built rides nice and is issue free

this is by far the best car i have ever owned.So far have 122000 miles on it since buying new and have never had a single issue as yet

- deborah s

The dealership has great service. The car has easy maintenance.

I don't like the slow take off. It is roomy and handles well on the road. I like the hands free calling with the Bluetooth connection.

- Patti C

Kia is a very reliable make of cars and I feel safe in my forte.

I like the media feature in my vehicle. I like how it drives smoothly. I do not like that it makes some loud road noise when I drive.

- Megan B

Kia not so good. . . Buy Ford.

The car has had several electrical problems since the first week I drove it off of the car lot. The catalytic converter is also bad.

- Larry R

The best thing about my Kia Forte is Great gas mileage!

I love my Kia Forte! Great gas mileage. Super comfortable especially for my family of 4. I highly recommend this car for any family!

- Tiffany Q

Kia Forte is a great car, especially for new drivers.

My Kia Forte is a really good vehicle. It gets great gas mileage and is a smooth ride. It's very comfortable on long trips as well.

- Tiffani C

Great gas mileage, dependable, and has plenty of room.

This is my second Kia. I have never had issues with either of them other than the basic recalls. My Forte is roomy and rides well.

- Holly S

It has a good warranty on the drive train. It gets anywhere from 30 - 35 mph. Rides nice.

I like not having to get the key out of my purse to unlock my doors or start my car. I like the heated and air conditioned seats.

- Julie B

rearview camera makes reversing easy

Great vehicle, some tire sensory problems, seats are poorly made and stain easily. the interior otherwise is strong and durable.

- sherry g

It's very reliable. Gets great gas mileage and is roomy enough for the family

I love the gas mileage and dependability. I don't love that the Bluetooth has stopped working and we've had several minor issues

- Angi F

Great on gas. . . Quiet ride.

My Kia forte is the best car I owned. . . It is stylist and good on gas. . I had no problems with it and it rides smoothly. . .

- Linda L

Great creature comforts with good gas mileage

I like the electronics with the ability to connect my phone through it. It does well on gas. But it goes through tires fast.

- Adam I

That is from a brand that stands by their products

Pretty good but has struggled in extremely cold temperatures. Brakes could be better. Had occasionally had problems starting.

- Martyn H

I love my Kia forte I have no complaints with it I love the black and color.

I have no issues with my vehicle it is good on gas could on miles however it would be helpful if it was a bit more spacious.

- Maria S

The car radio is not upgradable.

It is been great, good mileage, no issues. I highly recommend the vehicle. The 14 radio is not upgradeable, but the 15 does.

- Robert D

My car is a 2014 Kia Forte. It is black and I put Weathertech floor liners in the front and back to keep the floor board clean.

It's a Forte with four doors. We get good gas mileage. The seat aren't very comfortable for it's all we need to get around.

- Beth O

My car is less likely to break down if maintained then any Ford out there on the market!

It gets excellent gas mileage, and has a beautiful exterior. The companies reputation is very good and kia's are durable.

- Tara W

It's comfortable, for it/s size, and problem free.

I've not have problems in the 2 years I've owned it. The reason I love KIAs is the 60,000 mile warranty on used models.

- Linda G

It is a great car for a family of four.

Great car, handles well, safety features are good, sleek design, looks very sporty for a sedan, blue color is awesome.

- Curtis B

It performs as expected, however, one should consider regular maintenance.

A quality, mid-size car that accelerates. Quick. It has modern, sleek look and comes with many up to date features.

- Louis G

It does not come with a spare tire.

It has had a lot of problems and I bought it brand new. Windows stop going down. Water leaked through tail lights.

- Alex J

The company has a warranty when it reaches a certain mileage.

Looks like a luxury car but isn't. I like that it's compact. The model is older and would like a camera installed.

- Roselle R

It's a reliable car, but there are minor things that keep needing repaired. It is a restored title so that might have something to do with it. I really like the size of the vehicle. It's roomy. I don't like the dash and the fact that automatic lights aren't standard. It picks up speed pretty well. Gets good gas mileage.

Most important thing is affordability and reliability. It isn't super sporty or fast but it's a great commuter.

- Kevin D

Great car for college student or small family.

This was a great first car. Perfect for someone in college. Very comfortable and complete with all accessories.

- Destiny M

I get free car washes at the dealer at any time. Oil changes are about every 6,000 miles.

It gets good gas mileage. I also like that it is easy to drive. There is nothing that I dislike about my car.

- Kirk G

That it is a great car for the price. A feel of a well built car without the large price tag.

I like the way it handles, and the comfort of the vehicle. It has great visibility, and a perfect size for me.

- Melanie E

Use all the features! Subaru is definitely the safest cars out there.

I get good gas mileage and I love the color and love that it is small. I do not dislike anything about my car.

- Patricia M

Not family friendly if you have a large family or teenagers.

I wish I had GPS built in and my music could show the artist when it is on Bluetooth. I love the gas mileage.

- Leah S

Could be worse! I didn't purchase the best model...

The car is nothing special and not very comfortable. The seats seems to have stains from just spilling water!

- Jess C

Details of a Kia forte. Year 2014

It gets real good gas mileage, it is comfortable to drive, but the seats are too low. It has a big trunk ,

- Sandy S

Great mpg and such a smooth ride.

Love the fuel economy and ride. Haven't had any issues with it at all. Has ran perfectly. And love the look.

- Preston F

That we love to use it to travel with.

It is small so it works for me being a small person.. Pretty easy on gas.. Not a bad riding car to be small.

- Linda C

It is very inexpensive to operate.

Likes: reliable. Great gas mileage. Comfortable and roomy enough for my family. Dislikes: not very sporty.

- Sidney W

Very safe car. There has never been a car that makes me feel safer and stops immediately without jolting you.

I dislike that the breaks are so sensitive and that the gas pedal is long instead of the average gas pedal

- Makayla L

It is a very reliable automobile with great gas mileage.

Love the great gas mileage. So far I have only had some battery problems but hope to own it for a while.

- Manuel D

The one most important thing others should know about my car is It gets about 36 mpg

I like the sleek look of my vehicle. I like the gas mileage I get and I like that it is easy to maintain.

- Amanda S

It has good gas mileage. It is also very roomy. And I love the spacious trunk.

I like majority of everything on it. I do not like how it is black. And it does not have a backup camera.

- Heidi L

That it drives really easily and is awesome. My car is currently a mess.

I love how the car looks and drives. I love the car has automatic features. I love the colors of the car.

- Kristie L

Good on gas, especially if you are on the highway.

Like that it has a modern interior, black interior, cloth seats, rides well. Dislike that it is a coupe.

- Megan T

2014 Kia Forte Review, Solid Car but a few minor problems

Good things are it is Great car, great on gas Problem, windows stopped working and steering wheel clicks

- Jen A

A very good car that gets good gas mileage and I've never had any major issues with it

It's a car not an svu like I'm use to driving. It's a nice car that gets good gas mileage and runs nice

- Melissa H

The most important thing others should know about my car is that It's great on gas.

My car is pretty amazing. Is amazing on gas, pretty smooth drive and comfortable. Not much to not like.

- john g

It is fun to drive and has good gas mileage.

I enjoy the smooth ride, good gas mileage, a lots of room, color. There is nothing I dislike about it.

- Beverly G

It's blue. And named Philomena. It's my very first car

I love that it's small, and blue. I also like that it has ecoboost feature. I love the satellite radio

- Nicole V

It is great on gas. I fill the car up once a week maybe every 10 days and I work 40 minutes from my home - Monday to Friday.

i like my kia forte since it drive very nice and has great gas mileage. it also has a great warranty.

- christine m

It has heating and cooling seats. It has good speed.

I love everything about my vehicle from the tires to the hatchback, to the heating and cooling seats.

- Ashton S

The car color is RED. Remember, Red means STOP. Slow down when you see that color.

Good gas mileage. Sporty appearance. Great trunk size. Engine a little underpowered. Great price.

- Robert W

most reliable car i had ever owned, you should get one of these

Never had any reason to complain. I put 120000 miles on car so far. Never once had an issue.

- mike s

Great little car for a great price. Runs well and has a great acceleration if needed

It's sleek, gets great mpg. The only thing that I have disliked is the AC and heat vent

- sam h

It gets great gas mileage.

I like that is is compact and easy to park. It gets good.gas mileage. It is pretty.

- Alexis B

KIA is no longer a second rate manufacturer

120,000 miles on car so far, other than normal maintenance, not one problem at all

- Mike W

I think the Forte is a really great value for the cost. It's good looking, drives nice, and I've never really had any issues with the car. The only reason I didn't rate it a 5 star is simply because it's not my dream vehicle. But still it's a great car.

Very good value for the money. Great warranty and Kia offers excellent service.

- Melissa M

It drives well. Kinda crazy though. Other than that it's good.

It is pretty amazing. I have no complaints. It drives well. Kinda crazy though.

- Jonathan M

I like the gas mileage and the look of the car but it has had it share of problems such as the engine blowing out and needing a new transmission before 96000 miles

Great gas mileage and it is not as small as it looks. The car is roomy inside

- Dawn L

Do not purchase the Kia Forte. It's not worth your money.

The Kia Forte is not a hardy vehicle at all. It seems to always have issues.

- Matthew L

My camera has stopped working all of a sudden when I am reversing . The best part of the car is that it is great on gas

Gas mileage is amazing Baby seats are easy to instal with the back seats

- Christina F

The reliability and low cost of use

Easy maintenance, drives great, dealership great place to take it

- Carol H

It is comfortable to be in and to drive. It also drives smoothly on the road

I love my vehicle a lot. It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

- Zach T

It is stylish and sleek and I love it.

I love my vehicle. It is sporty and fun and really cool to drive.

- Danielle A

They are way more reliable than they used to be

Great little car. Gets good gas mileage and was reasonably priced

- Josh B

love it...all around good value

good mileage good cornering good stability no complaints...2nd

- lorraine K

It gets fantastic gas mileage and is comfortable to ride in.

The gas mileage is great. The car is comfortable. No complaints

- Sarah W

It's simple and easy to maintain and great on gas but does not have all the bells and whistle technology like the new cars have now

I like that It's great on gas mileage but I wish it felt safer

- lisa a

The car is very spacious for a car its size and has a USB port which is very convenient.

I wish it had a built-in backup camera and navigation system.

- Alyssa D

I own a blue 2014 Kia Forte Koup. It has simoniz wax on the exterior part of it. On the inside is cloth seats. It has a backup camera and Sirius XM radio

It comes with a backup camera and has incredible gas mileage

- Brittany M

my car runs absolutely perfect it's been far better than expected

small and very efficient runs perfect also does well in snow

- cory c

Great, reliable car that is maintenance free, and has excellent warranty.

It's paid for, gets great mileage, and I love the warranty!

- Rhonda H

Recalls. Kinda slow.The interior is very bad, especially in hot climates as the interior plastic melts and becomes sticky

Cheap interior. Cheap car. Had lots recalls. Not very fast

- Lewellyn W

It gets good mileage and is easy to maintain.

I like the gas mileage. Ease of driving and affordability.

- theresa W

It' built pretty well on the outside.

I like the color, the leather seats, and the gas mileage.

- A L

I have had my car since 2013 with no major issues. Great car!

Fun Drives good Love Kia and what it stands for.

- Lisa H