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Your Next Car? A Kia Forte!

I love this my Kia forte. The back camera is very helpful and has guidelines, although I do wish it had a beeper. The Bluetooth on the car works great and auto-connects to my phone instantaneously. Their version of Siri (I am not sure if she has a name) works very well, which surprised me. The speaker quality is also great. One thing is that sometimes when I am on a hands-free phone call, the person on the other end sometimes says I sound like there is an echo, but this is not an everyday occurrence. I would say it happens to about 40 percent of my phone calls. The car is roomie and is great for road trips. It also gets great gas mileage. I love that it tells you how much gas you are using in that moment because it helps me try to drive in a way that uses gas sparingly. The seats are very comfortable and easily adjustable. Whenever my friends and I take road trips we use my car for the gas mileage and comfy seats. The only feature I'd love to see an improvement on is a wider cup holder, as only my average sized cups fit and I do use wider cups for my protein shakes. That is a very small feature though and the rest of the car is amazing. The turn radius is great when compared to my SUV I owned before. I can make tight U-turns very easily. Overall, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone.

- Chloe J

New England drivers - this car is amazing on icy roads.

2017 Kia Forte; stick shift - six gears. Shifting through the gears is very forgiving and the car is easy to drive – but it is slow to get going. This car gets great mileage, I average 40 mpg. This varies between 36 mpg on very hilly terrain, or for winter driving with 4 studded snows and warm-up idling (I live in Vermont) – to 43 mpg on the flat areas of the highways. Standard transmission gives me the option to use the engine for speed control on steep and/or icy roads. This car is amazing on icy roads. Driver's seat adjusts up and down, and it has an adjustable steering wheel. Back seating is roomy enough for adult long legs. The trunk is big enough for 3 tires! Caveat for snowy area – the car sits low, the tires are only 15” and I have become bogged down by just 5 inches of snow. Also snow becomes packed in the wheel wells and you have to clean that out before it freezes. I do wish it had a rear window wiper. Overall I really like the car and I would buy another.

- Tina E

Small car with not a lot of storage space but gets great gas mileage!

The vehicle is very small. I took the "trunk cover" off the back of the vehicle so it added a little more room and I could put more in the trunk area. I cannot put a large purchase of groceries in the back. I have to use the back seats and front seat as well if I want to purchase a lot of groceries. Besides being very small, the tires squeal every single time I go around a curve. It does not matter how slow or fast I go, they squeal regardless and it is very embarrassing. I have checked tire pressure and tread and all is fine. I am not sure why they do that. I have only owned the car a year and it already needs new windshield wipers. I am not sure how often they are supposed to be replaced but one year seems like a short amount of time. The last thing I do not like about this vehicle is when I need to get into traffic quickly, it does not accelerate quickly enough.

- Stephanie O

Amazing car. Lots of space, lots of power.

My beloved 2005 Chevy Impala finally kicked the bucket. It was time to buy a new car. I was super nervous because it has been such a long time since I car shopped. After many hours of research online I decided to buy a 2017 Kia Forte LX. I am so happy I did. I love it. The inside has so much room. My 6'3 boyfriend fits in it with room to spare. It has take off power and it's super quiet. At night all the accessories glow red which I think is super cool. It has Bluetooth and my phone can hook up to it. I have not tried it yet but that will be super cool. The brakes took a little time to get used to because you don't need too much pressure to stop so I was whiplashing everyone in the car but now I have it down. The steering is spot on. Super smooth. I highly recommend this car.

- Michelle S

A personally interesting detail that I quite like is the Bluetooth.

From my first car to my most recent car, I have always driven under the brand Kia. They're reliable, have smooth driving, great gas mileage and they're on the more affordable side of the price ranges. Also a Kia's reliability is that much more than any other car, because I have never had a severe issue with either of mine, they were simple and easy to fix problems. Like a flat-tire, or tire pressure. Kia also has Bluetooth enabled in most of the new versions of their cars, which allows hands-free calling and Bluetooth music connection. The Kia Forte is a compact mid-size car, so its not too small they you feel overpowered by other cars on the road, but it is not too big they you have to be cautious about parking and fitting into small spaces.

- Cassandra W

2017 Kia forte short review

My 2017 Kia forte is very much comfortable. I like that the gear shift is in the middle and not by the steering wheel. I love the color which looks like a eggplant color. AC/heater works great. I love a CSR with cruise control but this one does not have it. Has Bluetooth to connect your phone for calls and media. The gas tank is opened by a pull switch on the inside on the bottom left of driver door. As well as the trunk. Although the trunk lever stopped working. And I had to use the key button to open it which includes turning off car when it was on. Eventually the lock on the inside of truck broke and it doesn't stay closed. And I've yet to get it fixed by the dealership.

- Isabel Z

No spare tire! No floor mats, I am super unhappy with it.

I owned previously a Kia forte 2012 when I bought the first one, I had the warranty on it and the transmission was going out. Since I had the warranty I wanted to have it fixed for free but the sales manager scared me by saying and I quote "if it's something that is covered we will take care of it, if it is something you have done it will cost you $25. 00 an hour. I somehow got swindled into buying a new one. This car is the basic model. It has no cruise control, had no floor mats, and doesn't drive as well as my 2012. I am very disappointed with my choice but believe I was swindled into purchasing something I didn't need, or want.

- Lisa M

Kia has upped their game!

My opinion on the 2017 Kia forte is strictly biased. I have bad credit and it was the only new car I qualified for. With that being said, the Kia forte overall, is a very likeable car. The car's performance is up to par. I get to see my average gas mileage usage, which ranges from 26 mpg to 42 mpgs. The car has Bluetooth and a CD player. Has a sleek look and some leather interior features. The car is more than I thought someone in my credit situation would be able to have. The trunk is very spacious. It is great for long distance trips as well. The only feature I would add to the vehicle is rear seat air conditioning vents.

- Haley H

My Kia, my convenient companion.

What I like about my Kia is the accessibility. I am able to open the vehicle just by possessing the key inside my purse, including the trunk. It keyless entry and turning the ignition. My keys safely in my purse. I do not need my phone for anything. My car is Bluetooth as soon as I get in. And I give my car commands such as the radio, navigation, text and call. So basically all I do is drive and still be at reach for other things without taking my hands off the wheel and my eyes off the road. The quality of the inside of the vehicle goes with my type of lifestyle. Very easy to maintain and always looks new.

- Santana P

It is a very reliable and dependable car. I feel safe driving my car anywhere.

Overall I like my car. It is very good gas mileage, small, but perfect size for my family of four. I have had no problems with my Kia. It is a very reliable car. I depend on it everyday. It is my everyday vehicle I drive and I also drove for Uber for about two months. I have put a lot miles on my Kia and it runs like a champ. It has Bluetooth so you can use handless phone calls. The steering wheel has many features so you do not have to look down at radio while driving. The only feature my car is missing is cruise control. I guess it is only on some Kia forte vehicles. I would recommend a Kia to everyone.

- Jessica P

All in all, I'd say it is a keeper! It saves you money by being light on gas!

I have had my Kia forte for about 5 months now! It is a smooth driving little vehicle! The power steering is easy steering, just like a luxury vehicle. It is very good on gas. All it takes is, thirty dollars to fill the tank up! It has a Sirius XM radio player. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity, and it has the backup feature, which gives you a better view of what's behind you, without look in rearview mirror. The only thing con that I have is, the head of the seat bends down, which makes your neck bend also! Other than that, it is a good, little gas-saving car!

- Chaka L

Great gas mileage, cool features and a very smooth driver

The Kia forte drives smooth and has enough power to compete with my last few vehicles. The manual transmission and 4 cyl engine allows me to get between 36-40 mpg. I fill up every two weeks but am fairly confident that I could fill up once a month and be fine. I enjoy the Bluetooth feature as it allows me to listen to media on my phone as well as place/receive calls with relative ease. The only downside is the vehicle doesn't come with a spare tire but the manufacturer includes an electric air pump and a can of fix-a-flat so you can make it to a tire/auto shop if needed

- Kenneth M

Great mileage as long as you do not get much snow.

Pros: a good looking car with great gas mileage; I average 40 mpg. Seats adjust up and down as well as forward and back. I have the 6 gear manual transmission which makes the car good on icy hills in the mountains of Vermont. I use four studded snow tires for winter. Cons: not great in places that get a lot of snow. With 15" wheels, the car bogs down in 4- 5" of snow and the wheel wells get packed with snow – that will freeze solid and ruin your tires if you do not clean this out after each snowy drive. I do not plan to lease another.

- Tina E

The Kia Forte is a small compact car that has your basic necessities.

I feel like my Kia Forte is a nice car for young drivers. I have the base model so not all the cool features are included. The car drives smooth with no problems. I am able to break easily without my car skidding. The seats are made of a comfortable material. One thing that I do not like about this car is the fact that there is only one light in the car. It is placed in the middle between the front and back. I have always been used to two lights on the top, one in the front and one in the back. There is also Bluetooth available.

- Victoria R

The speakers are bad, but everything else is great!

I really like the feel of the Kia forte. I have only driven the 2017 model, but considering the level of quality, I am sure the other models operate at a similar level. The biggest drawback is the speakers. They are a sad excuse for speakers. Once the volume has gone above three quarters of the way up, it starts clipping and glitching out. The Bluetooth works great. It has a spacious trunk. The backseat could be a bit larger. Comfortable seats. The sport mode is really great, but I tend to stay with eco mode.

- Noah F

Car experience with Kia forte 2017.

I decided to get the base model on my car due to the price. This was a big mistake because I have very few features I would like such as cruise control. This would cost me over 800 dollars to add. I think when getting a new car you cannot be so excited you forget about the features you want and then regret it later. This will make your experience with the car worse. I also had to replace my tires within a year which is ridiculous. Plus my dealership didn't notify me when I had recalls on the car.

- Cady C

It has truly great mileage.

I like all the safety features in my vehicle (lane keep assist, rear view camera, blind spot detection, forward collision warning, automatic braking, etc.), the apple carplay compatibility, how it handles in the snow, remote start and keyless entry, and folding rear seats..... I dislike that the car is fairly conventional/not really unique at all and having previously owned a hybrid, I don't really care for the gas mileage (which is not that bad, it is just not what I was used to)..

- Rebecca S

We love absolutely love our red forte!

Our forte is the right size for our needs. It is very comfortable to ride in - my mother comments how much she loves our car every time she rides with us (which is a lot, since she lives with us and no longer drives). We love the gas mileage we have been averaging, even in-town. The insurance is reasonable. I really like the inside gas tank opener, it gives us a very secure feeling against someone syphoning our gas, especially as we live in an apartment complex.

- Vicki N

The car is good on gas. Only downside it does not have a lot of trunk space.

I enjoy my car. It's not too spacious but it's really good on gas. I can drive to Las Vegas on half a tank and its four hours away. It lets me know when it's time for an oil change which is very helpful since I am not too familiar with cars. It'll let me know when I have a flat tire as well. I am not able to fit much in the trunk since it's a hatchback. But I do like it. I like the features it has such as the Bluetooth and the camera for backing up.

- Maria R

What I love about my KIA Forte

The best car I have ever driven. Great gas mileage. No problems it's only a year old. Drives real smooth. Very reliable. The seats are so comfortable. The features the car has is great. Tells you digital miles you have left before you need gas. Can answer your phone by touching a button on steering wheel. Doesn't have ashtrays. Radio volume can be raised or lowered by steering wheel. All around great manufacturing was put into this car.

- Pamela R

Best Purchase I Have Ever Made!

My car has absolutely been amazing for me. It is my first car and has been through a lot with me. I am not the greatest driver and somehow my car is still in perfect condition. I actually got stuck in a flood with my car and it still works perfectly and had absolutely no water damage. While the features are somewhat simplistic it is still a wonderful car. It has Bluetooth audio, aux and USB ports, and it is quite spacious for a sedan.

- Katherine C

Great on gas for city drivers.

I purchase my Kia forte because I can get up to 28- 31 miles per gallon in the city. It is a decent car. I can fit 5 people in my car. The trunk room is also great. Because i have hearing loss the phone feature which allows me to talk through the car is great. I can hear clearly and drive hands free without any problems. This was a must have for me and it helps when people call while I am driving. It has great column control too.

- Sandra F

Kia forte review from reg.

I bought the basic model. It gets excellent gas mileage even in town, usually over 30 mpg. It does not have a lot of horsepower but I am not a race car driver so it doesn't really matter to me. The interior is ok. It does have satellite radio capabilities. This is a great car is you are over the road a lot and do not need a lot of bells and whistles. I would buy it again. Have not had any engines problems in the first 2.5 years.

- Jacob S

Great car with small downside

I really love the gas mileage, I get about 28 mpg in the city. I got 48 on the HWY. I like the design and it's a super comfortable ride. It's not too short like most cars and it's easy to handle. It has a lot of nice modern features with a great price. If I could change anything it's that it doesn't have cruise control. It has automatic windows, locks, Bluetooth, and so many other bells and whistles but no cruise control!!

- Stephanie M

Great car for the price, would lease again

I love everything about this car expect its reliability driving in the snow. It's low to the ground but sporty and a good looking car. It's a good car for the price and I would lease the same model again if I lived in a state where it didn't ever snow. I could've bought better tires but couldn't justify buying tires for a brand new car. I've had this car for almost three years and I haven't had any other issues with it.

- Katie O

Nice car for new drivers or small family.

Very nice simple car for our household. Great car to learn how to drive in too. The Bluetooth system is very easy to use and sounds good when taking calls. Not a great car for transporting people long distance as there isn't much legroom in the back. But would be good for carpool as it has great gas mileage, sometimes up to 40 mpg on the freeway. Plenty of trunk space and storage space in the doors and center console.

- Tera Y

My Kia keeps me going in style.

I really like the safety features of the car. I had a really old car before. It is relatively comfortable, so that helps. I do not like that it came with a Sirius radio and that I wasn't given an option to choose an XM radio that I already had a subscription to. I also sometimes feel like there is a huge blind spot in the front on the drivers side. The little window there helps, but I often worry about an accident.

- Courtney L

Small 4 door sedan with comfy seats, roomy and cloth interior, and Bluetooth!

I have had this car for about 2 years now. So far, with keeping up with oil changes and any part changes needed, I have not had a single issue. Car is nice and roomy for a little 4 door sedan. Super comfy seats.. I drive for a living using my personal car and have no complaints. My favorite feature is the Bluetooth option to connect your phone to your car. Talk to whomever using this option through your speakers..

- Molly D

2017 Blue Kia Forte Review

Very easy to drive. Have not had any large problems, and I've had the car for almost 4 years. The interior is all black, which makes the car almost unbearably hot during the summer time, but that is a minor issue. I am not sure if this was normal, but my vehicle did not come with a spare tire. It came with a car jack, but no spare tire. I found this out after I needed one, so double check this prior to purchasing.

- Sydney T

A very reliable car with lots of space.

I have had little to no problems with this car. It is reliable, very spacious, and is very accommodating to all of my needs for a vehicle. The trunk is very large which is helpful to transport things to and from my family's beach house each year. I have taken this trips on several trips and it has always been reliable. The mileage is great and I hardly pay money for gas since it is technically a smaller vehicle.

- Taylor D

Nice size for a woman 5'2" with plenty of room for passengers and stuff.

This is the third Kia Forte I have owned. I enjoy the size of the sedan not too big and not too small with room for four adults and a very nice sized trunk. The miles per gallon is just right 25 in town and about 40 on a long trip.I only put 5-6000 miles a year on a vehicle (walk to work) so I have received a very fair trade in value each time I have traded up.Will consider another Kia Forte in the future

- Eunice L

Amazing Kia Forte, great gas/mileage, spacey car and great for ride share

The car is great on gas and mileage. Overall a very good pick if your big on safety! Fits 5 people comfortable with good amount of leg space. Wish there was charging outlets in the back seat for other riders. I had a problem with the headlights seemed like I had to replace them so often it started to get costly but once that was fixed everything was working fine. Just check for any fault in the headlights.

- Amber P

The car does not have a spare tire, just fix-a-flat.

I like that my vehicle is good on gas, it rides really smooth, it is spacious on the inside, and technology is mostly up to date. However, I do not like that it does not have cruise control to go along with the great gas mileage. It also does not have a sunroof. Another thing I do not like is the fact that it didn't come with a spare tire. It only came with something like fix-a-flat and an air compressor.

- Casey C


I am very pleased to be an owner with my 2017 Kia Forte EX. Although it does have some cons that I will address later. The body of the car makes it look very sporty. It's interior and exterior design is nice! The car drives very smooth and very easy to handle. The downside is the car is very small inside. It's not ideal for a full family car. This trim does not come with a sunroof which would be ideal!!

- Chelsea C

Highlight is the hands free calling

The car is super comfy. It has the review camera, which is good because it is hard for me to see being me when I turn around. Maybe I'm just too short, but I feel like the seats are really tall. It gets great gas mileage and I love that I can turn the radio from the steering wheel and also has hands free for my cell phone. Great pick up speed and doesn't putz along when it's hot out either

- Ashley S

Kia Forte is very comfortable to drive.

My Forte is very comfortable to drive. So far, I haven't had any problems. I get really good gas mileage when I am on the freeway, and in town it is pretty good, too. I do seem to get a little bit of road noise, though, more than I would like. I like the Bluetooth radio, but I do not like that if I am navigating with my phone through the car speakers, I cannot listen to the regular radio.

- Ashley B

I love my Kia Forte, it makes me feel safe!

I have really enjoyed my Kia Forte. I have owned it for a little over a year now and have not had any problems. I enrolled in paying a little bit extra every month in order to get free service (oil changes, car washes etc. ) Whenever the time comes. I think my car is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. I can always rely on my car, for it has not had any issues thus far.

- Rachel N

The 2017 Kia Forte ranks in the top third of its class, thanks to

It's the best and reliable and easy maintenance. ' Forte Performance All 2019 Forte models come with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 147 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. The base model's powertrain features a six-speed manual transmission, while a continuously variable automatic transmission is optional in that trim and standard in higher models.

- Stacy B

It is sleek looking and the color is amazing. Very smooth riding.

So the one thing I would say that is kind of disappointing is that new cars a cheaply made so the pins that are used to hold the underlining come out easily and are plastic. The lining under the wheel wells get damaged by the tires if those pins come out and if you have a warranty on it Kia will not replace it must pay out of pocket for the fix and it is around $400.

- Tiffany K

One interesting detail of my vehicle is that it is practically maintenance free.

I have had no problems with my forte, it has proven to be reliability and comfort with the basic features, the only thing I would like is maybe a little more power. The maintenance is just basically tire rotation and oil change until you reach 30, 000 miles at that point you can have the more detailed services done one at a time, being they are more expensive.

- Allison T

Kia Forte is the perfect car

I really enjoy my 2017 Kia Forte. It drives well in the snow despite being only two-wheel drive. I like the controls on the wheel that can manage the radio. The trunk has plenty of space for groceries. I also enjoy how quiet it is. It started as a lease for me and now I'm planning on buying it going forward. I would absolutely recommend this car for anyone.

- Cody G

My car features and what I love

The car has a really good space, is comfortable. Is really good saving gasoline. Easy to drive. I love that I can connect my phone and the controllers on my wheel. I am expecting a baby so the four door feature is great. It is convenient as well that I can adjust the wheel and driver seat according to my height so that I can see better because I am short.

- Ashley L

An Amazing Car for an Amazing Price

My 2017 Kia Forte is amazing! I have not had any problems with it. It's actually roomier than most people think. It is very good on gas as well. Satellite radio is also a plus but I do not personally use it. The car is Bluetooth compatible which is great because I am constantly on the move. The trunk size is also perfect. All around, a solid car for me.

- Savannah C

I am a low maintenance gal with a low maintenance car.

The Kia is leased, very reasonable pricing, standard car, reliable, low maintenance, large enough for family, standard features, low insurance costs. I am not car-centric - my needs are simple. I want it to start when I need it, be safe for my family, have enough room, convinces like hands-free phone and GPS. Kia has all that at a very low lease price.

- Marcia F

Decent bang for your buck.

The vehicle is reliable for the most part. The new tire mobility kit will catch you by surprise if you have a blow out because the "spare tire" will not help. It is comfortable but lacks some of the better features such as direction the car is traveling. Overall, a suitable car for the price. . . Just ensure you purchase your own true spare tire kit.

- Lj A

It is a great car! It is a like medium gray almost periwinkle blue color.

I have not had too many challenges with my car. The gas mileage is great however, the Bluetooth and temperature thermometer have had issues. The Bluetooth drops my phone constantly. I have to keep trying to add my phone to my car. Additionally the thermometer for the inside of my car was recalled so I had to go to the dealership to get it replaced.

- Alyssa M

I love that it has a backup camera with a touch screen display.

It is a comfortable, smooth riding, with a back up camera. Also has a big trunk. Has four doors gets almost 40 miles to a gallon. Bluetooth capability. Has a surprising amount of room in the back. I get free inspections for life as long as I own the car. The dealership is very pleasurable to work with. They take good care of their customers.

- Cody G

Black 2017 Kia forte model s.

When pertaining to performance, my Kia forte drives smooth, has great gas mileage. There is not much more you can ask for, but with the lane assist and sensors it just makes the car incredibly reliable. If you take care of the car, oil changes, maintaining tire pressure, and yearly inspections, the Kia forte will no doubt take care of you.

- Fernando P

Back up camera is a lifesaver.

I have had some issues with recalled parts and the air conditioning. I have only had my car for 2 years and feel like it should not have these issues already. I absolutely love the back up camera and the Kia dealership and maintenance team have been very helpful when I do run into issues. The seats are comfortable and it is a great color.

- Sarah T

I love the Kia forte. It is comfortable, sleek, modern, and fast on the road.

No problems as of yet. I love the size of the car and how fast it can get onto the highway. I guess one downside would be the trim on the driver's side window-- sometimes it can block your view of anyone on the left of the car. The car is also large enough to comfortably seat 3 people in the back, which is nice. And the trunk is huge!

- Maria M

Forte: a smooth ride with great features.

The first thing I will say about the forte is that it is very smooth to drive. When accelerating from a complete stop it almost feels like you are driving an electric vehicle. The features are great too. Having hands-free Bluetooth is so helpful for my job as I sometimes have to drive a good distance to call on a customer or two.

- Cal M

The Kia forte is a all around great little car for a small family.

My Kia forte is the best. It is inside is so clean and crisp. Equipped with Bluetooth radio for hands free phone calls while driving. Sirius radio. Back up camera. Love it. There's a total of eight cup holders. One in each door. It has the safety buckles for car seats. Which helps great if you have a infant. Air and heat is perfect.

- Jessica N

Great car for anyone who wants comfort or luxury

I have a 2017 Kia Forte. I bought it Brand New. It only had 4 miles on it. It's Blue. Has Anti Lock Brakes. Gets 32 Miles Per Gallon. Has economy Mode so you Don't suck up Gas. A camera for when you're backing up. You can adjust the seat up and down and can bring the steering wheel closer to you. I would recommend this to anyone

- Robert C

Cool functions, satellite radio, downloadable music, Bluetooth radio or phone!

The car is very spacious especially the trunk area you can really put groceries in there and other things, like the Bluetooth function and that you can download music on your car as well. Let me not forget it has good gas mileage too. It also have Sirius XM radio so you can listen to all kinds of good music while your rolling.

- Natasha H

My Kia forte is wonderful, its very cute to look at, and it handles very well.

My car is very reliable and comfortable for long drives. It gets good gas mileage, and handles very well. It is a smooth ride with lots of very nice touches inside, the ac works amazingly well! The speaker system could be a little louder, but that is a modification that can be made at my choosing. The car overall is wonderful.

- Katie K

Appearance wise, it is decent. It is a beautiful car. Sound system is amazing.

I love my vehicle so far. This is very first car that I have purchased myself and I recommend it for any first time buyers. Super smooth to drive and the music system is amazing, for those who love music. It is not a complicated vehicle. Interior is nice and sleek, also. A very reliable car. I have had no problems so far.

- Alexandria T

Good gas mileage, but could use some updates or changes.

Good gas mileage, small backseat, limited storage but decent sized trunk. Driver air vents are blocked by steering wheel which make it hard to feel the air or heat. No CD player which is inconvenient even in 2018. Leather seat details include small decorative holes which traps food and debris and make cleaning difficult.

- Natalie A

2017 Kia Forte Vehicle Review

This vehicle is not all wheel drive/4 wheel drive. I don't recommend this car if you live where there's snow. The car feels like it's not very strong and very light. The seats are not leather. The inside is nice, but this vehicle does not have a lot of space especially in the back seat. But the back trunk is spacious.

- Erica C

This is a low end entry model compact sedan.

Compact car handling is rough, the car runs noisily. Low to ground has no rear backup camera standard. Many industry safety standards are extra on this model. 2 cylinder does not have any pick up and go. Rear seat leg room and head space is cramped. There is no heads up display, lights on car do not pick up road well.

- Kali M

Very comfortable great family car.

It is a great vehicle it is roomy but not too big and it runs very well. The mileage is great with the gas prices so high. Getting the oil changed is fast and easy. The electronics is just enough and easy to understand. The trunk is very spacious and the back seats are easy to fold down for the extra space if needed.

- Kayla A

Good reliable car with almost enough features.

So far I have had no problems with my car. It runs well, there is plenty of room it for passengers(even though it is small!), and it looks good. The seats are comfy, the interior is nice, and the radio connects to Bluetooth. The only issue is that things like cruise control and backup cameras are not standard in it.

- Brittany M

Kia Forte is the best car I have owned!

So far I have not had a single problem out of my 2017 Kia! It gets me to and from school and all around town. Since I live at college it is a great car for traveling the 2 hours home when I feel like it. I have the basic model but it still comes with Bluetooth; but it does not have cruise control which was a shock.

- Victoria S

Bluetooth, everything is on the steering wheel.

I love my Kia it has great gas mileage. It looks sporty and it has great seating space along with a spacious trunk for a car. It handles with easy and it drives well both on the highway and in the city with comfort. The engine is quite sometimes I cannot even tell if it is running. Best purchase I have ever made.

- Stacie K

Save money and still be sporty!

I love this car! The sleek look of the outside makes you feel sporty and the nice fabric of the interior compliments the black dashboard. You get amazing gas mileage. There's a button to change from eco mode to sports mode depending on your need. The trunk is a nice size for a car as well plenty of storage space.

- Kelly W

Two years with a Kia Forte

Excellent gas mileage. I keep the car in eco mode for better results. I am starting to see slight wear on the leather on the driver seat and you feel every bump on the road. Only slight hesitation when accelerating however eco mode plays a slight role in the sluggish performance. The car performs great overall.

- David B

My take on the Kia forte-to be or not to be.

Good vehicle had some problems with temperature settings, prefer a vehicle with more room, good on gas, great for in town driving, not really a travelling vehicle. I enjoy the versatile of listening to radio or syncing to my phone for music. The color of the vehicle is pretty, oil changes are reasonably priced.

- Patricia H

The New School Family Car

Nice car, good on gas, acceleration issues, car didn't come with key fob, I bought it used with 100,000 mile warranty for 11,000. Great family car. Does awesome on the highway. New engine but reminds me of a older model car on the inside. No electric seats or any fancy technology. Simple car great for budgeting

- Deja J

Excellent comfort and gas mileage out of my Kia forte.

I haven't had an issue out of my car, it gets above average gas mileage. My forte has a lot of trunk space and leg room. I also love my touch screen and hands free features. The seats are very comfortable which makes long road trips fun. The car is absolutely perfect, I cannot find one thing wrong with it.

- Tori B

Drives great but not worth the money and it lacks certain features

The car has poor take off. It's too low to the ground. Not enough leg room in the back seats. Great on gas. It does not have cruise control like the 2015 Kia had. It lacks a lot of features considering the year. Drives smooth. I hate that I can't replace the lights on my own, I have to go to the dealer.

- Sheryl W

My Kia is very reliable and efficient.

Before I got my Kia I had a really old car. It wasn't reliable at all and I had a lot of problems with it. Now that I have my Kia I do not have to worry about those problems. It is a very reliable car and is great on gas. I love how it notifies me if anything is wrong, like if I have low tire pressure.

- Kayla T

Top rated for safety. Good on gas

Mileage is great in town and on the highway. Drives smooth. Handles well on highway. Tech PKG is awesome. Android auto is great easy to use especially for maps. I would recommend for first time drivers. Safety is good. No complaints. Seats are comfy. Lots of trunk room for big items.style is very good.

- Patricia G

2017 Kia Forte. So far I have enjoyed being able to play music from my phone.

No major problems at this point. I am getting adjusted to having a smaller vehicle. The in town gas mileage has a lot of room for improvement. The comfort is ok. The reliability is good so far, however, the purchase is still fairly new. The features are nice and much more modern than my older vehicle.

- Selina S

2017 Kia forte for the win.

The Kia forte is small as it is a compact car but it is super reliable haven't had a single issue and it is been about a year, great on gas, love the Bluetooth automatically connects every time I get in the car, and the small windows by the windshield opens the car up and makes it feel more spacious.

- Selena S

Compact does not always mean small.

The 2017 Kia forte is a very reliable car. It has a five star safety rating! The car also has Bluetooth , which comes standard, it is very easy to use. I also love that the car lets you fold down the seats for maximum room! Everything that you need for a comfortable drive is right at your fingertips!

- Robert M

It�s a great car, it�s dependable and hasn't given me any issues.

Gas mileage is awesome. I drive 40 miles each way to work and I fill up once a week at most! It also has a much roomier trunk than it looks like which is really nice when I go grocery shopping. So far after 3 years it hasn't given me any problems and has only had basic maintenance such as oil changes

- Milly D

My vehicle is great for road trips, plenty of trunk space and great gas mileage.

The only thing that I really do not like about this car is the fact that I do not have a dome light or cruise control. As well as I have to go into the trunk to lay down my seats. When doing to buy a car make sure it is not the base model or else you will not have the light or cruise control in it.

- Kristen S

I get a lot of comments stating it is cute.

Has a lot of road noise which was able to be corrected by purchasing new tires. A little low to the ground and a horribly whimper horn. It does have quite a bit of room in the back and a cover I like. Stereo system and drivability are consistent. Prior to new tires it did hydroplane quite a bit.

- Dennis M

Others should know that it is a small, compact, reliable car that is good on gas.

Our Kia is a very reliable car, but it is small and compact, especially for a family. It is hard to put my son's car seat anywhere except the middle seat, because he does not have enough leg space otherwise. It also does not fit a lot for traveling. It runs well and shows great reliability though.

- Crystal F

My car is great on gas mileage with at least 35 miles to the gallon.

It is very good on gas mileage and looks really cool. I love the black paint and the interior to match. The radio is pretty big and includes satellite and Bluetooth but no touch screen. The only other thing I dislike about the car is that it sits too low where the bottom always scrapes driveways.

- Jessica K

It is very reliable, I do not have to worry about the engine.

My vehicle is very comfortable it is extremely reliable it is good on gas and does not require much maintenance it is a 2017 Kia forte so it is fully equipped with GPS Bluetooth it has satellite radio it also does not hesitate to get up and go when you accelerate it drives like a dream come true.

- Robert K

Kia Forte is the best for gas mileage, comfort, peppy engine and amazing price

Stick shift is the best. Leather a must. Get the turbo. Very comfy seats and nice color options. Gets great gas mileage and pretty peppy as well. I would buy this car again. Price point was awesome for the quality. Kia has shocked me how well made they are, performance and price points are great.

- James F

It was very clean and the shape of it was pretty.

When the air is on the car runs slower. I do not have cruise control feature which makes it difficult to take long trips within and outside of the state. The seats seem very small and does not comfortable seat three people in the back. This car is very basic and does not have horns and whistles.

- Rhymes P

Great Good company good cars good service really nice courteous people

Like the Drivability size gas mileage. Very comfortable nice back seat comfort dashboard Very easy to see good information on MPG & HOW many miles to empty. Easy to see selection of features. I love the warranty length and all that it covers. The Email reminders for maintenance are great.

- Shannon L

My vehicle is silver grey colored and small.

I enjoy my vehicle very much. My vehicle is good on gas. It does not use to much gas quickly and it fills up on around twenty five dollars. The performance of the vehicle is good as well. It runs smoothly and does not have a loud engine. I like the radio system and comfort of the seats as well.

- Kimberly A

Spacious Kia Forte for First Time Buyer

So far, my Kia has been extremely reliable. It is roomy and comfortable. The model I have is very basic so I don't have cruise control, tinted windows or anything fancy. I like power locks, power windows, and Bluetooth features. The car itself performs well. The tires may need replacing often.

- Shannon P

It is a car you would really want to buy for your small family needs.

There is nothing wrong with my car it is nice save on gas it is good for someone who is buying their first car but I would like something a little bigger, but overall there is nothing wrong with it. I am sure who every buy the Kia forte will love it because it is nice and a money saver on gas.

- Angela T

My vehicle is a nice affordable car for someone seeking to lead a simple life!

My car does not have enough power, the seats could be more plush and seems to be pretty reliable so far. I have problems with acceleration as well. The car is sleek and has a nice design but needs some upgrades to the engine. There needs to be more leg room in the back for growing teenagers.

- Dee M

White 4 door Kia with great and comfortable seats.

Always bad shortages on lights, I've had then changed 3 times and have only had the car for 2 years. But other than that great, smooth running and comfortable vehicle. I've taken it all around Texas to Colorado as well through the mountains and haven't had any serious problems! It's great

- Megan C

Would recommend to a friend

This vehicle is very reliable and in great condition. The engine is standard with no turbo but it gets to speed in a reasonable time period and drives smooth and is good on gas mileage. I would recommend to a friend who is looking for a reliable first car that is in a decently low budget.

- Emily S

Great gas mileage at a great price!

Very comfortable, smooth driving, easy maintenance. Overall this is one of the most reliable vehicles I've had throughout the years and I could not be happier. I absolutely love the one touch window, and the AC/Heat works great in this vehicle. Mileage for gas is wonderful. Overall 10/10

- Cassandra U

Great Car! Reliable, safe, and sturdy.

The overall performance of the vehicle is great. Drives smooth, good on gas, excellent brakes and turn radius. My only issue is that the windshield wipers don't clear the rain away as clear as I'd like in the thick of heavy rain. Other than that the car has a beautiful exterior as well.

- Robin D

It is not very quiet inside. Very comfortable otherwise.

I have only had 2 issues within the 24000 miles since purchasing this vehicle new. The chrome finishing on the climate control knobs began coming off and the button for the window lock stopped working. Both were fixed under the warranty with no cost, and the work was all done same day.

- Jacob K

Small package big storage.

It is an ok little car, I had to buy a car that day sadly as I was in a bad spot with my current car and they overcharged me. I will never buy another new car and never another non green car. But we can fit a lot in the little guy. I have had no real issues with it, and it drives well.

- Cody B

Kia forte is a great car for a small family.

I love my car. It is amazing on gas. Very cheap to drive to work on a daily basis. Trunk is large enough for all of my groceries on pay day. Big enough for all of my kids school sports items. It also has an amazing radio in it with Bluetooth speakers so I can hands free text and call.

- Cody N

Purchasing a Kia Forte was the perfect choice for my family.

Just recently purchased vehicle with my Mom. We both love it. Cute and sleek, excellent on gas and mileage. Have no complaints or any mechanical issues. Its 4 doors, provides lots of legroom and comfortable back seats are a plus. I would highly recommend this car to family and friends

- Gabrielle Y

Stick shift is a bad choice. Manual might be better.

Had trouble getting it to go into first gear, bad gas mileage, has a mind of its own, cannot find parts for it. Acceleration is poor, if you are in fourth or fifth you have to go into third in order to get it to move. The ride can be bumpy at times. My car came without a spare tire.

- Margaret K

I love that I can fit a 50 inch TV in it on black Friday in my trunk / back seat.

Love my hatch back but I wish it had a bigger trunk space. It drives nicely I haven't had any issues but I have only had it for a little less than a year. But I love how it drives cause West Virginia has a lot of potholes. I love that I can fit large things when having my seats down.

- Grace T

My vehicle is a shiny black 2017 Kia forte with grey interior.

My vehicle is great on gas, great looking, and reliable. I love the Bluetooth feature so I can answer a call hands free. When driving, you really do not feel the bumps of the road, it is a very smooth ride. The back seat is roomy and the trunk is really deep and can hold many items.

- Kristen A

Small, spacious and convenient car.

Very reliable car and simple to use and understand with all the specs of the car. Small but pretty spacious. Has big trunk for large items. Mileage is pretty great; fill up almost every 3 weeks, depending on the week and if on trips. Radio connects to phone via Bluetooth right away.

- Anna V

Very reliable vehicle and great for a family of four.

I am overall pretty happy with my 2017 Kia forte. It is very spacious on the inside for looking so small on the outside. It is great on gas. Not the most peppy vehicle but it gets the job done. Wish it was a little more high tech for the price. It works perfectly for my family of 4.

- Brittany W

It is fun sized but with all the technological features.

It's very comfortable and appropriate for people who like small vehicles. It functions great and drives smoothly. My only complaint is the defogger for the back window is much slower than what I was accustomed to. Also, sometimes the steering wheel locks and I cannot turn the key.

- Shaquan J

I like that it has cruise control.

It's not my car its my sister's but we live together. . . I think it's a very good car, it not to big or to small, gets good mileage. It's a very comfortable car, rides nice. As for the price it was ok. I would tell other people that it is a very good car if you do not a big car.

- Barbara S

I really do enjoy my car. It is my home away from home.

I really wish there was a CD player. I never had any major problems with the car. Has always been reliable. Great on gas mileage and comfortable to sit inside. Great speakers. I wish there was air conditioning in the back of the car. The exterior could be more durable too.

- Stephanie H

Very sleek stylish good looking forte.

During the 2+ years we have had the forte we have be averaging 32+ mpg of gas. The car is dependable. Very stylish fun to drive. I take it in for service about every 6000 miles for oil change following the warranties instructions great car. Would suggest it to any of my friends.

- Bill N

Very good vehicle, would recommend it to anyone.

I bought my vehicle a year ago and like it very much. I have had no problems with it except for a accident I was in and the guy almost totaled it. Other then that I enjoy it very much. It is very good on gas and rides real smooth. Also is very roomy so you do not feel closed in.

- Barbara S

A very smart buy for a consumer.

The car is very reliable. It has no problems. The ac works very well. It can go long distances. It can drive very well in the rain. One downfall is that the gas and brake are too close together.I love the tinted windows. The trunk is very spacious. The body style is very modern.

- Eric J

2017 Kia forte; goods and bad.

Very good gas mileage. Pretty fast and very dependable. It has a very smooth ride. It has a lot of inside room and a lot of trunk space too. My car is a cheap one so it doesn't have a lot of fancy stuff. The only thing I don't care for is that it didn't come with cruise control.

- Donnell C

The safest car I have ever been in!

It is a very safe vehicle and gets great gas mileage! I recommend this car to everyone because I feel so safe when driving it! Also, the back up camera feature is very helpful, as well as all of the controls on the steering wheel! Everyone should have a Kia in their lifetime!!

- Olivia L

Love my 2017 Kia Forte look forward to driving it for years.

The only thing I don't like about this vehicle is it lacks the power. On the freeway I have to pedal to the medal and it takes awhile to get up to 65 mph. Also it would be nice if there was a inside light up front so you don't have to reach back and strain to turn on a light.

- Jennifer H

Kia Forte 2017, great car.

The eco performance is nice, I feel like it is helping my already great gas mileage. I like the side mirrors fold up. The steel frame of the vehicle really cuts down on the road noise, just like the sales person told me it would. I also hope that it helps with any door dings.

- Nicole E

for the value it�s well-equipped needs improvement with the handling & suspension

For the value of the car has great features. Power windows navigation system great fuel mileage. It has a pretty cool sporty trim. For handling all the vehicle is not the greatest. The suspension in this vehicle is pretty sloppy. But again for the value it's a good buy.

- Adriano R

My forte gets great mileage on the expressway.

I need to maintain it often, and have to go to Kia store to do so. I get 38 hwy miles on expressway. Unfortunately my car does not have cruise control. I love my car its fast for a 4 cylinder. My forte has Bluetooth and a standard CD, radio stereo. I love my forte hatchback.

- Amanda C

The truth about the Kia forte it is handling and reliability.

I really have had no problems with the vehicle. It is been a pleasure to own this wonderful car, the fuel economy has been great. It is the first foreign vehicle I have owned and come highly recommended. The ride and reliability is the most appealing aspects of this vehicle.

- Daniel H

Bad things about my Kia Forte

Sometimes the lever for the door of the gas tank gets stuck and doesn't open when we pull it. There was also this one time when I was driving down the road and my hood came unlatched, my whole dash started dinging letting me know it's unlatched and it hasn't happened since.

- Laura W

A great value for a stylish little car.

The price was very reasonable. I like the way the car looks. It get excellent gas mileage. It offers Bluetooth and no hands calling. It comes with a great warranty. I have owned a Forte before and was very satisfied with it. Getting it serviced is always a good experience.

- Becky J

Just now it seems to have the gas door sticks.

Had trouble with the tail light leaking which burned out the bulb. Wish we could have afforded the bells and whistles. It has been very reliable for us. The only thing that I do not like is it relocks itself after a few minutes I would recommend it to friends and family.

- Tina E

Little to no blind spots which is one of the most important features to me.

Solid quiet ride. Easy handling. Great gas mileage. Lots of trunk space. Roomy interior. Very good handling in both highway and local roads. Controls are easily accessible while driving. Seats have lots of adjustment alternatives. Headrests are adjustable and/or removable.

- Donna V

Great gas mileage - sporty - comfortable smooth ride.

I leased my Kia forte early this year. I love how this vehicle handles. It is very roomy, comfortable, and great on gas. I have two children, so it seems that I am always on the run somewhere. Once my lease is up I will either keep this vehicle or upgrade to a newer forte.

- Dee P

Small comfortable car that gets me from here to there and I feel very safe.

The only thing I do not like about my car is that the armrest in the middle of the driver and passenger seat does not move back, so you can barely fit a drink in the second cup holder which gets a bit annoying. Otherwise this car is awesome and comfortable and I love it.

- Sydney P

Have better credit than I

Rides low came with no spare tire not the greatest car to drive wish I had better credit to get a better Kia it's too small for a family road trip the only thing I like about the car is that it's great on gas hopefully my credit gets better and I can a bigger automobile

- Rhonda W

Kia forte - a reliable car for the whole family.

The Kia forte is a very reliable car. It rides well and very stable on the road. The gas mileage is incredible, 40 + mpg. The features available include a backup camera and hands free phone control. This is a family car that is dependable and roomy for the whole family.

- Douglas W

It is really fun to drive and has a lot of pick up and go.

I love my Kia aside from the fact that it does not have safety signals on the rear view mirrors and annoyingly does not have cruise control. We took it to the mountains in Colorado and it did just fine on the steep grades. The radio has kind of a learning curve as well.

- Sarah N

Car problems with my forte

There are some problems with the Sirius XM with signal. And it stopping for no reason. Only had it for like two years and never had a problem till those started happening. Other than those the performance has been good and I would rely on it. And it is very comfortable.

- Kristen H

Pretty Basic and Affordable

It's pretty affordable. Really basic. It's has no cruise control which is my biggest issue with the car. The warranty is pretty good. Also the price with rebates was pretty good. No GPS or backup camera. I know it's basic however being that it's new I would expect more.

- Desi B

Great value with an affordable price.

My Kia forte gets great mileage, it rides very well. It drives very well in the rain. Its has a lot of power on the highway. The seats are comfortable. My mileage on the highway is 42 mph. It is easy to handle. This car is a very economical vehicle. Best car I have had.

- David C

Review of my 2017 Kia Forte

I've had no problems with my Kia. I love the style inside and outside. It has great interior, very comfortable. l love that it comes with Sirius XM radio. Love the large backseat and large trunk. Seats are very uncomfortable. Plenty of leg space, Reliable engine.

- Cassie H

Good value car with a luxury feel.

My car is reliable, affordable, comfortable, and has nice features. It has never broken down. I like the viewing screen. The only issue is the tire pressure light frequently goes on. I don't like that there is no spare tire but the lease came with roadside assistance.

- Leigh F

Fantastic choice, great for everyday use, efficient and looks nice!

It gets great gas mileage! It is very efficient and also good for the environment. I also love the apple carplay feature. The seats are comfortable and the car looks sleek, and nice which is an added bonus. Great car, would recommend to anyone! I'm very happy with it!

- Christine M

Great car for a teen. Almost 40 MPG on a two hour road trip.

I was not made aware before purchasing that cruise control is not standard. It's an option. Car runs well, but at higher speeds the handling is very touchy. Both hands should be on the wheel as the car swerves easily at higher speeds as opposed to other cars I've had.

- Angie H

The car of the year: For the Modern Woman

My car gets great gas mileage and has an automatic engine with the ability to use a 6 speed engine mode. It also looks great and has a stylish body. Many people can recognize that it was brand new car. It has an interesting paint color that is more than 1 dimensional

- Jade D

Flashy vehicle with speed.

The Kia forte is a very comfortable and roomy. The gas mileage is optimal. Has a very big trunk. Low maintenance. Sirius radio factory installed. Inexpensively priced vehicle. Has great acceleration. Sharp looking style. Color selection is varied... I love the blue.

- Michele R

Reliable, Great Handling, But Acceleration Inconsistency

Car handles great and has been very reliable. The only real complaint I have is that the acceleration is very slow on even a small incline, which makes it difficult to judge how quickly some turns can be made and to get up to speed with traffic in certain scenarios.

- Weston P

Good car for my small family

Overall a very good car for my small family. Not much leg room in the back but my child is young so it's fine for now. Very reliable and good on gas. I use this vehicle for both in town errands and long distance trips and has been great for both. Highly recommended.

- Claire D

Needs more giddy-up, but very reliable and stylish for a car of this price point.

I am still very much in love with my forte! It is extremely reliable this far, and is very comfortable to drive long distances. I do wish it had a bit more giddy-up, because to speed up quickly. . Well, that does not really happen. But overall, I am very impressed.

- Jessica C

Radio and phone controls from steering wheel.

Great car and gas mileage. Rides smoothly and quiet ride. Easy to steer. Easy to change gears. Good radio system and safety features. Comfortable ride for multiple people. Radio controls on steering wheel and Bluetooth for your phone for safe talking while driving.

- Shannon L

Kia Forte is my cute town pickup!

Love my 4 door Kia Forte. Handles well, good pickup, easy to park, comfortable seats front and back and hauls a lot- 4 dogs, bags of mulch, groceries, household things. Gets great gas mileage, low maintenance and hugs the road. Good woman's car or small family car.

- Mary O

Reflection of the dash on the windshield.

There is a bad reflection of the dash on the windshield. When you are driving, especially on a sunny day, or at night with street lights on, it makes it very difficult to see the road because your looking through the reflection of the dash through the windshield.

- Diana J

The Kia Forte is one sporty ride. A lot of fun for its size and price.

My Kia Forte is amazing. I'm a fan of fun sporty cars and this fits the bill. The handling is great. The acceleration is quick. I have the Pop Package with a feature to put the car in Sport more. This definitely adds to the driving experience. More pep and power!

- Sean S

High quality gas mileage and quiet driving.

Very light and easy to drive. Has Bluetooth and comfy seats. Gas pedal is shaped like a golf cart but fun to drive. It is also pretty quiet when driving but a louder acceleration. Has very good gas mileage and is very reliable. Is also suitable for kids and dogs.

- Kelly H

2017 Kia FORTE LX: Small problems only,

This level trim does not include cruise control, nor does it have automatic windows. The air conditioning can be lacking somewhat, and the Bluetooth radio is very basic. First gear is a little tricky and can take some use to move from a dead stop/shift to second.

- Aaron S

The color is blue. It drives nicely.

I have had a Kia forte for the past 10 years. I like the way it drives. Plus it has good brakes. I have only had to do a few repairs on the car so that is a plus. I was able to buy it in the color I wanted which is blue. In snow it drives ok as long as I go slow.

- Michelle B

Simple vehicle with a lot of style.

The Kia Forte is a great vehicle. I have plenty of room. The trunk is very spacious. The gas mileage is great. It is comfortable to drive even on long drives. I wish that in this day and age a backup camera was standard. Overall I am satisfied with this vehicle.

- Crystal M

I made the right choice. No regrets!

I love the 2017 Kia forte lx and I have not had any problem or issue with it. I am very happy with the comfort it provides as well as the performance and reliability it gives me. I love the stereo system and I just love the choice I made when I bought this car.

- Helen R

Exclusive trim, very luxurious ride, sporty

No problems, great gas mileage, ride is smooth, looks great, performs very well, 3 driving modes. Very reliable, lots of room, nice big trunk, looks sharp,it's the perfect size. Lots of legroom in back seat, rides great on long trips, costs very little for gas

- Susie T

Great commuter vehicle with great economy.

Very reliable, great fuel economy. Fairly basic features but a fantastic commuter car. I best like the fuel efficiency as I do a lot of long distance highway driving. The appearance is sleak for a compact. I wish the infotainment was a bit more sophisticated.

- Jake S

Review for Kia forte. Overall a really great vehicle.

Overall, I am pleased with my vehicle and its features, performance, and reliability. It is compact and small, and also gets great gas mileage. I would definitely consider purchasing this same make and model again in the future, and would recommend to others.

- Ashley M

Simple smooth clean ride!

Quiet smooth ride, little to no problem, good gas mileage, simple yet nice, great performance, super reliable, comes with a touch screen radio system, hands free phone calling, radio controls on steering wheel, cruise control, automatic lights, automatic car

- Frankie R

Cool car that I love very much

My car is affordable, comfortable, easily managed, and is great all around. My kids car seats fit perfect and I am always ensured they are safe. It's a small car but, it's great. The stereo is amazing and the air runs like a tank. I'm thankful. Buy this car

- Kelsey K

Loving my Kia Forte- A car owner�s dream vehicle!

The 2017 Kia Forte is a great car for either a small family or a single person. It is equipped with many features and also a gas saver! I recommend this vehicle for anyone who is looking for a vehicle that is economically priced and equipped to go wherever!

- Courtney C

Good Kia model the you would like

I have not had any problems with my car. Got it at a good price from a good dealership and would purchase again given the opportunity. Gas mileage is good as any other car and lots of trunk space. The color really shows dirt though. Again like the car a lot

- Chris C

This car has no blind spots you can see all around I love the color of it.

I love this car it is very nice and has lots of room it drive good I have not had any trouble with it love the way it look very good on gas it easy. To get in and out of I really like this car. I love that it does have any blind spots it very easy to drive.

- Iva M

Gets the job done and is fun for the whole family.

It is a basic edition that you see almost everyone. It gets you where you need to go and can get you back quick. The seats are soft and the air conditioning works well. Enough seats to fit the whole family when deciding to spend some time outside the home.

- Jackie W

It is a good car to have, but not okay to have as your only vehicle.

It is a very great car to have, especially if you have kids. The gas mileage is amazing and I trust being in it. I feel super safe. Only problem I have with it is it is not big enough. The trunk is roomy. The back seat however totally is not what I wanted.

- Shawn L

Best car I've ever owned. I love it.

I love my Kia! It has all the main desired bells and whistles included standard. I can rely on its operation, safety, and enjoyment of my Kia. It has a backup camera. Smart interface, great mileage and more. I highly recommend this vehicle for all buyers.

- Mary B

A great car to have. And a nice looking car.

It is great on gas mileage. It is to small for trips. It is great for just going to work or running errands.The trunk is big considering the size of the car. And is a pretty shape of a car. The interior is nice. And we have not had any problems out of it.

- Dana M

Awesome Car, Great Price!

Kia forte is reasonably priced fantastic car. My family have been buying Kia's forever. Its reliable and super comfy. There is plenty of legroom for even tall adult passengers. It gets super gas mileage both city and highway. Very sleek and stylish too.

- Amy S

If you want a great family car, go for the Kia forte sedan.

We love the Kia forte 4 door sedan. It drives nice and has everything we need in a vehicle. You cannot beat the warranty of Kia, and gets great gas mileage. I love the backup camera. Nice all around family vehicle. It is very comfortable on long drives.

- Brenda H

Kia Forte is a Must Have Vehicle!

My Kia Forte is a very fuel efficient vehicle, but stylish and comfortable at the same time. With a smooth drive and easy control, I feel like I can drive long distances without becoming too uncomfortable too fast. Would recommend this vehicle entirely!

- Sara C

I love my 2017 Kia forte.

I love my car! The one thing I really enjoy on it is the gas. I do not find myself at a gas station to often! It also has a lot of room. The trunk is the perfect size for a road trip. You also have a option for Ecoboost. Which helps with the gas a lot.

- Daniel B

Perfect sized four door sedan.

Perfect sized four door car. It is nice and roomy without feeling like you are driving a large truck or SUV. All the features are nice on the inside, very sleek and modern. It also has a nice sized trunk with plenty of room for luggage, groceries, ect.

- Cassie W

Robust audio system, excellent handling.

41k miles, engine problems. Comfort and features ok, reliability an issue. Features include Bluetooth audio, automatic locks, cup holders, four door, automatic windows, power steering, anti lock brakes, cruise control, in call audio, Sirius XM radio.

- Jessica Y

Consumer reports have come out saying my car right now is one of the safest in the industry. My car also has duel transfers it can be drove as a stick shift or automatic. It's kind of amazing really.

I love that the gas mileage is wonderful since I do a lot of driving. I love the comfort of my car. I don't like that it doesn't have a back camera since the car was really pricey but I'll deal. I love that it has satellite radio capabilities.

- Mikkalah C

People should know It's a well built and reliable vehicle.

What I like about my kia Forte is that it has a sporty feel for a economy compact car. It also has much better than expected acceleration. What I don't like is the gas mileage is nowhere near as good as the manufacturer stated in there ads.

- steve N

We have driven the car intown and highway driving and find the gas mileage to be excellent.

This vehicle is well built with steel bars inside passenger doors in case of a t-bone crash; easy to drive; and gets wonderful in town gas mileage. We find the interior to be comfortable and the exterior style of the car to be clean.

- Karin M

The car lets you know when someone is driving close to you, vice versa.

The car drives nicely and smooth. It is easy on the gas and is great with highway miles. It costs about $30 to fill and needs to be done once around a little over a week. However, I travel far for work so this can vary with others.

- Kim W

That it's a good reliable car but could be better.Kia really needs to put a better transmission in that car.

What I like the most about my kia is the sporty look and handling of the vehicle. What I like least is the noisy buzzy automatic transmission and the poor gas mileage that does not come close to what the manufacturer claims.

- steven k

It's fuel efficient and very affordable. The warranty and service plans are excellent.

I like that it's fuel efficient. With gas prices fluctuating during the summer months, it's nice to have a vehicle that gets good gas mileage. I just need the car from point A to point B. Kia has an excellent warranty.

- Melinda H

Great car at reasonable price.

This is a sporty car at a reasonable price. It gets excellent gas mileage. The touch screen is easy to use and the Android auto smartphone integration was easy to set up. Good car overall with no maintenance issues.

- Kay L

It is small but roomy! There is plenty of legroom in all the seats.

I really enjoy driving my car. The only complaint that I have is that it is too low to the ground and often scrapes the ground when going over bumps or driveways. It is easy to drive and has plenty of legroom.

- Kristin B

Awesome gas mileage. Also, the customer service at the dealership is outstanding. They will get you what you need.

Overall, the vehicle is great. It gets very good gas mileage. However, there have been a few technical issues with the car, such as the gas tank cover not opening. Also, I wish the trunk space was a bit bigger.

- Alice W

Nice family car, good trunk space and back seat room for kids.

I like that it is small to part yet fits my whole family. However there are features it is missing that I really miss. It doesn't have cruise control, back seat controls, or other features my husband's car has.

- Amber V

It is a car that you would be more than happy with, I would recommend it.

I love the fact that my car doesn't use a lot of gasoline, I haven't had any problems problems with it the entire two years that I have had it, I have no complaints regarding this car since I have had it.

- alice t

Be careful opening doors as the car alarm is sensitive.

I like that it has very good gas mileage. My car also handles very well and is easy to navigate. I like that it has power locks and windows. I do not like the car alarm as it sometimes goes off by accident.

- Carl B

not good for country and underdeveloped roads. but good for driving the highway and city.

the suspension could be a little better.can feel pretty much every bump. It's good on gas though. it was cheap for being new. the design and style are nice for the price. i will say it drives smooth also.

- Mike M

It gets 40 miles per gallon, competing with the Honda Civic!

I like the fact that the car has a 5 star safety rating! I do not like the fact that the car doesn't have a navigation system or LED lights standard. It is a great commuter car and gets great gas mileage!

- Robert M

The car is very dependable in all weather conditions.

Being a Forte S model I like the car a lot. It has all features I wanted except a heated steering wheel that I may add to it. The Car has great warranty, gets very go gas mileage and is easy to drive.

- Frank B

Advise against 1017 Kia Forte

I have had the vehicle for one year and have had to have the engine replaced. Luckily, the bumper to bumper warranty covered it, but I am not satisfied with the vehicle. It does get great gas mileage!


Amazingly awesome 2017 Kia forte!

No problems at all so far! Love my car, and has great gas mileage as well! Very roomy in the front and back seats and truck space also is surprisingly big! Rides smooth, looks great, and is perfect!

- Megan H

KIA forte is a nice looking car that gets great MPG and is easy to drive

We bought the KIA new and it is a great car. Very good MPG and no maintenance issues. We also like the bumper to bumper warranty. The car ride nice and the MPG on the highway is excellent.

- Kevin g

Forte lives up to its name.

Just the right size for 4 average height or short people, quiet and comfortable inside, could be a bit smoother ride, good gas mileage, adequate acceleration could be better and no real problems.

- John M

Great gas mileage and very comfortable.

Great gas mileage. I get 24 miles to the gallon of gas. Runs great never had a problem with it. Great for trips, enough room to carry all luggage. Seats five adults comfortably. Very dependable.

- Linda W

The most important is that it does not come with a spare tire.

I like that it is good on gas. I do not like that it does not have cruise control. And I definitely didn't like the fact that it didn't come with a spare tire. It is a decent car overall though.

- Casey C

Small, but efficient. Great look as well as gas mileage

I'm use to driving an SUV. So when I purchased a smaller car for gas purpose, it took me awhile to adjust to sitting lower. The performance of the car is excellent and the gas mileage is great.

- rose w

This car has great gas mileage if you have a long commute

Reliable car. Lots of extra safety features. We got the car because of it's good gas mileage. I have a long commute. It's also a great first car for my daughter when she will start to drive

- Matthew D

Got it at a great price in a lease

Great MPG and very efficient It's comfortable to drive long distances. Has great pick up and is equipped with Bluetooth tech, cruise control and other amenities. Got it all for a great price.

- David K

It has excellent gas mileage.

I love how you can raise and lower drivers seat and push and pull steering wheel. I love the gas mileage and the smoothness of the ride. I love the brakes and the way it turns on a dime.

- Rose R

It is a very reasonably priced, good looking car. It handles the road smooth!

I absolutely love the trunk space, how smooth of a ride it is, and was the right price! The only thing that I am not happy with right now is how cramped the front seats are to the dash.

- Vicki P

It has great fuel economy and comfortable to drive.

It's transportation. I haven't driven it a lot as I landed in the ER right after I bought it and have been in a wheelchair since. I do like the fuel economy and backup camera is cool.

- Steven T

The Kia Forte gets great gas mileage and is very fuel efficient.

I just purchased my car within the last month and I love it. My car is spacious with plenty of room for adults and children. I love the large trunk space. I get 30-50 mpg when driving.

- Melanie H

The gas mileage on the highway is usually around 39 miles per gallon. Love that.

I love the smooth ride and that the car came with 6 months of Sirius XM radio. The warranty on the car is excellent and I love that they provide roadside assistance with the vehicle.

- Heather R

The 2017 Kia forte is a very reliable vehicle.

Very good and comfortable car. Gas mileage is iffy. Nice cold a/c and good heat. Trunk is spacious. Has Bluetooth and satellite radio. Child lock works great along with window lock.

- James W

I give my Kia Forte a 10 it is such a pretty blue and when the sun hits the car you can see the sparkles I highly recommend

It is sporty looking and sleek on the inside drives like a dream when it rains you don't have any problems with it stopping and it holds nice around turns and curves I love my car

- Christina P

The Forte has a sporty look and is easy to drive as well as the price is comparable to others in its class.

It handles well in all weather so far. A little low to get in and out of but not too bad. Easy to park in crowded lots. Annoying slight hesitation at times when press gas pedal.

- Cindy A

Good little car that gives you good mileage.

Love my Kia forte gives me good gas mileage since I drive back and forth to work and home and do regular shopping. Only thing I hate is seeing the mileage go up higher and higher.

- Nicki B

The safety features are really a great feature. The warranty that Kia offers 10 year or 100,000 miles, is a fact! Kia is great about their warranty.

I love my Kia for the safety features. I dislike that I cannot change the brake light when it goes out. I dislike that it does not have a spare tire. I love the look of my Kia


Kia forte review with Bluetooth.

No navigation system, recalls within the first 3 months and never got notified, Bluetooth stopped working after a few months. Performance is good, very reliable, and comfortable.

- Monica T

It has great speed and smoothness, might accidentally end up speeding.

I love the gas mileage and smoothness of the vehicle. I love the professional look. Only fault is that it is very low and can be easily damaged. The car is very easy to maintain.

- Ashley C

It is easy to drive, but there is no cruise control which is annoying.

It is ok for a small car. I wish it was hybrid. It is roomy inside but was a little over priced. Nothing special but it works and we have had a good time with it, no real issues.

- Koti H

Perfect Family Car- Kia Forte!

The Forte is perfect for any family. It has 3 driving modes (Standard, Economical, Sports), and a built in backup camera with the opportunity to purchase Sirius Satellite Radio.

- Marrisa H

The most important to me is Affordability

I love the KIA line of vehicles. I bought he Fore Sedan but wish I had selected the Coupe. They are good on fuel. They are a quality product and don't break the bank to own one.

- Paul F

The warranty is comprehensive but new buyers should add a bumper to bumper warranty in addition to that.

Better power than my previous car. Features the power package which I needed to secure the car. Comfortable interior with just the right amount of features I need in a vehicle.

- Peter J

Reliable engine but sometimes lags and shudders

It is a very reliable vehicle and I have had very few problems so far. From time to time the engine will shudder (very rare) and sometimes the acceleration has a bit of a lag

- Gabriella S

It is very reliable and the service counter at the dealership is very helpful and accommodating.

I love how smooth it rides. It is attractive and turns heads because it is a pretty color. It has just enough storage space and it has an eco mode so it is great on gas.

- Karen w

Such a great car at a great price

I love my car! Great gas mileage, comfortable and stylish. I love that it has a back up camera and tinted windows. Also plenty of room in the back seat for a car seat.

- Matthew F

All the safety items that came with the vehicle. Back up cameras and warning singles that are included. Has lane departure warnings and also helps you stop when you need to stop quick.

This is my fourth Kia. This brand has really improved over the past several years. I like all of the safety features and the gas mileage. also how sporty it looks..

- Michael z

How I like my Kia Forte! Overall I've enjoyed the total experience of the car.

I like the way it looks how it handles. The interior is comfortable and easy to reach all of the dials and buttons. The gas mileage is great and easy maintenance.

- David W

Great bang for your buck!

Phenomenal gas mileage. It is comfortable. No blind spots. It comes with a great sound system. Great warranty. It is not fancy but a great, reasonably priced car!

- Amanda W

It has a rear facing camera and a very spacious trunk.

With a child on the way this vehicle has been a lifesaver. With the rear camera for reversing I am so much more comfortable in my car. It is great on gas as well.

- Taylor G

The car has Great gas mileage . I love how smooth the car drives.

Love how the car drives. I would give a low rating on the tires. Not very durable and you have to go to the dealership to get them. No one else carrissue them.

- Heidi B

It gets excellent gas mileage.

My forte is very comfortable and has excellent gas mileage. While it may not accelerate the fastest it gets me to where I need to go without using a lot of gas.

- Carl E

Great gas mileage and smooth ride.

The car gets great gas mileage and is very comfortable. Rides smooth and has an excellent sound system. I live in warm area and the air conditioning is amazing.

- Kristen C

It is small and nimble yet has lots of room inside.

I do not have any complaints about my vehicle other then it does not have cruise control. But I love the fact it has satellite radio and it is great on gas.:).

- Mia C

Great mileage and comfort for everyday vehicle.

Does not have rear view camera or rear mirror wipers which I think would be helpful. Comfort and reliability is great just wish auto start was a basic feature.

- Shy Y

My Kia Forte is an excellent choice. It is a very good value for your money.

I adore my Kia Forte. It is peppy and the engine has lots of zip. The styling is lovely, the seats comfortable and she makes long drives very comfortable.

- Carol D

Drives really good and i don't see how you can get lost in this car.

Car drives like a dream it also has everything you could ever need or hope for it's set up better than most with everything including a in dash nav system.

- Mitch R

Turbo engine and high horsepower. It has a nice amount of technology

It consumes a lot of gas but the performance is nice. I do pay a lot of money for it but i feel that it is worth it. I wish it would have better technology

- Michael L

It gets great gas mileage especially when using the ECO mode.

Love the way it drives, easy to see all functions, varying driving modes are awesome. I find that the trunk and alarm is too easy to open and/or set off.

- Brad S

It is extremely reliable. Great for tight space turning and plenty of trunk space.

Very reliable vehicle. I haven't had 1 problem yet. It's very affordable, Kia is a great, safe brand, and I will use it for the next five years at least.

- Sean C

It is a great quality vehicle.

No complaints. Gets great gas mileage and drives smoothly. Comes with some bells and whistles but not so many that your paying a fortune for the vehicle.

- Jarrett M

2017 Kia Forte reliable family vehicle

The car rides very smoothly. The heat and air work extremely well, sometimes too good. I can usually get 35 MPG. The downfall is it does not have cruise.

- Tully R

It is good for a starter car. This was the first car I truly owned by myself.

I have a basic model, I do not like it has no cruise control. I like the space in the vehicle. I like that it is perfect for my little family, for now.

- Mikaiyah P

Its new and fast and very clean.

I like my vehicle because is so comfortable, and beautiful, and its black, and is fast and cheap. The bad thing is that I have to clean it every month.

- Fabian I

The car is worth the money.

The safety features are great. The comfort is great and so is the gas mileage. Plus, I was offered 0% financing for the length of my loan through Kia.

- Ashley W

The car is smooth to drive and ride in and we love the gas mileage.

We love the KIA Forte - love the steel beam in the car doors in case of t-bone (great safety feature); love the gas mileage; and we love the interior.

- Karin j

It is very dependable. It runs well with little problems.

It is a very nice car to drive. A very smooth and relaxing ride. It is easy to handle with a wide wheel base and my wife feels confident driving it.

- Doug W

2017 Kia Forte hatchback.

I like the car but its somewhat small. It drives very smoothly though. I love that it has bluetooth but I hate that it doesn't have cruise control

- Linds L

It is a very fuel efficient car.

I like how smooth of a ride it is. I also really like the fuel efficiency. It's visually appealing inside and roomy. I don't have any complaints.

- Lauren C

There is nothing interesting about my car, it's like a little old lady car, don't buy it

its slow, and not comfortable at all, its four door, which I like, I dont like black, it's boring. take off is really slow. the breaks are great.

- harmony i

It drives very smoothly and mileage is great.

I like the look of it and good mileage but dislike it being a little low for me. L also am not a big fan of monthly payments or of the tax bill.

- Sally L

It is a very reliable car.

I love the gas mileage. I love the way it drives. Love the way it looks when I am driving. It is a nice looking cost efficient reliable vehicle.

- Shan H

It is safe and good on gas.

It does not cool down fast enough (air conditioning). It is also a little small. It drives smooth and is very safe and great on gas. I love it.

- Grace R

It is fuel efficient, sporty and handles great.

It has great gas mileage. I average 34 mpg in the city. It handles great and is very comfortable. I love the phone pairing so it is hands free.

- Eileen F

It is sleek and gets excellent mileage.

It is a nice car that gets excellent mileage. It has nice styling and a nice look. It has annoying quirky issues but it is a comfortable drive.

- Terry S

This is a great car for a small family. We are a family of four and it fits us great. Amazing gas mileage.

I love the sleek and sporty look. It is roomy for a small car. I do wish it had automatic start and a sunroof, but other than that it's great.

- Mara B

The car is good on gas and reliable.

The car is reliable and I do not have to worry about it breaking down. It is fuel efficient and I save money on gas. It is a nice looking car.

- Megan C

It's a cost-efficient vehicle, and it has reliable safety features.

The Kia Forte gets wonderful gas mileage, 40-45 miles per gallon on average. With the amount of driving I do, I only fill up every two weeks.

- Gregory J

This car was a great value with the price. The warranty 10 years 100,000 miles.

This car gets great gas mileage. And drives nice. On a long trip with just myself I got 65 mpg doing 50 miles per hour there was no traffic.

- Gary G

Sporty, with great gas mileage and very affordable.

Great gas mileage. Great design. Reliable. Comfortable. Affordable. There have been no problems in the 15 months we have owned this car.

- Darlene M

Great gas mileage. Easy to drive. Great car to drive.

It is a great vehicle. I have no issues with it and enjoy driving it. It does not have any items that I don't need and everything I do need.

- Mike W

It's awesome and I couldn't be happier.

My vehicle is very reliable Its smooth great in gas and It's a very good model don't see myself purchasing any other vehicle besides a Kia.

- James A

The car is very affordable and has a luxury feel to it.

I have no complaints. I absolutely love my car. The features and the comfort of it. Very modern and luxury looking for a reasonable price.

- Paula C

The gas mileage because of the gas prices. Going up and down

The Kia Forte is a very reliable car. Great on gas mileage. Very affordable i would recommend this car very highly to family and friends.

- Christopher T

It has great leg room in the back seat. So you can carry passengers with no problem.

A major problem is that there is no cruise control. It does not have a sunroof, but it does have a stick shift - six gears with a clutch.

- Mary K

Gas efficient and and gets 35 to 40 mpg on the highway, 32 in town

Good warranty (10 years); excellent feel and handling, good on gas and acceleration, plenty of interior room and just enough amenities

- Peter S

It has a lot of room for hauling things.

I like the compact size and the look and feel of the car. I dislike how small the inside screen is and the back window defogger is slow.

- Sh J

Smooth drive and is very comfortable to ride in.

It's very comfortable to drive sit in. Drives smooth & quietly. Roomy for a small sedan. The trunk space us fabulous w2 small children!!

- Diana N

My car has good gas mileage.

I do not like that my car is small. I like that my car is good on gas. I like do not like that my car do not have a lot of trunk space.

- Brittany T

Amazing car and a great ride

Very reliable. Has great gas mileage. Comfortable. Smooth ride. Has bluetooth capabilities. Has a back up camera, which is very useful.

- Kristen B

It is an affordable and stylish car.

The car is white and absorbs the heat. The kia is sporty and it can be an automatic or a manual. The Forte is stylish and good on gas.

- shirley S

The room in it is great. And also the safety on it is amazing!

Love all the features on it. The smooth drive on it. The locking security on it is awesome. The seats are comfy for the whole family.

- Taylor S

It does run better on ECO mode than it does on standard or sport.

The interior is similar in all KIA Forte's. They are all made the same way. So, you're really picking a KIA Forte based on the style.

- Saressa S

Heated seats. Flex fuel feature. A dynamic sports mode for crazy fun on the highway

The Kia Forte is a very dependable car. The features that I have in my vehicle is very convenient when it comes to saving gas. 10/10

- Dustin W

It is roomy and it fits car seats well.

Hard to get into.. Arm rest cannot reach.. Gas release cap not always work.... Wish I got the kia soul instead, which I had before.

- Ann G

Tires are pretty odd , I had to change new ones within a few months

I enjoy my vehicle for the most part , I do wish I would have gotten a different Forte (two door) . I had a few tire issues as well

- Shecouya M

The car is very nice and very reatiable.

The vehicle is very comfortable and very reliable. Very good, no have problems, the box is bit low but the engine is very powerful.

- Tom A

My car is worth the price. Buying new may be more expensive buts it's more bang for your buck

I like that my gas mileage is really good. I get almost 30 mpg and fill up once a week. Also, I like that my car is low maintenance

- Nicole D

My car gets 28 miles per gallon which is important to me.

I like the fuel efficiency and the simpleness. I also like the bluetooth connectivity and the manufacturer's powertrain warranty.

- Nathan C

One important thing that I think people should know is that this car can run through gas like we breathe air

I love the inside design of the car and how it rides but I don't like how much gas it burns trying to get from point A to point B

- Dewayne J

It is safe and gets good mileage. It has enough seating capacity.

I get good mileage and it take regular unleaded gas. Very roomy interior and good sized trunk. Easy to maneuver on the highway.

- Chris H

It rides so smoothly and so quietly. Great price for the quality.

I love this car. It has all the features I need and the seats are very comfortable. I wish the headlights were a little brighter

- Jen B

There is a baby traveling with me.

I love my Kia because it is good on gas. I love my Kia because it has a nice rims. I love my Kia because the windows are tinted.

- Amelia V

132,000 and very little service work has been needed.

Like the roominess and comfort.. Dislike the take off and the wheel base could be a little wider to hug curves a little better..

- May G

The gas mileage is great on the open road and good around town

Brand new car drives great, gets about 40 miles to a gal on the interstate and 32 in town. Love the color and it's easy to drive

- Gordon A

The Reliability of my Kia Forte. This is my third Kia. I lease the cars and turn them in after three years. I have never had to take a car back to the dealer for a repair: only oil changes.

This is my y 3rd Kia and I have never had a problem. Everything on the car works perfectly. I will get another Kia in 2 years.

- Donald B

Good on gas and it drives great and looks very good

This is my first time owning a Kia and I really like it because it's the right size for me and the right color and good on gas

- Carolyn T

Black 2017 Kia Forte- 5 Star

My second Kia Forte! Very comfortable and easy to drive. Drives very smooth, and is good on gas! Would definitely recommend.

- Briana W

It is good on gas and reliable.

It is small but I do like it because it is good on gas. It is has some blind spots but it is got to better from other years.

- Cody H

Kia cars have a Good warranty.

I like the warranty and the bluetooth audio as well as Satellite Radio. I do not like that it does not have cruise control.

- Matt R

2017 Kia Forte with Tech Package

No reliability issues in the first year of ownership. The tech package works great and the gas mileage results are amazing.

- Dave O

Kia: need better voice command.

It is a fast little car, but the voice command seems like it is from the 90s. Easy to clean -and simple storage. I like it.

- Ryan W

Lifetime window tinting warranty.

Love the Kia forte, ride is smooth & lots of legroom. People were great to deal with and I would buy another car from them.

- Cathy N

Reliable ride for the budget conscious.

I have been very happy with my little Kia, it is the perfect car for me. Good gas mileage, reliable, and easy to maintain.

- Katherine D

Fun to drive, great value. Would purchase again for sure.

I love the technology that came with it. It is very fun to drive. It is great on gas mileage and is a very attractive car.

- Christine G

Bluetooth connection , nice size trunk

This car is very nice and small, it is good on gas, I have a black car, it runs fairly smooth which makes the drive good.

- devon w

Easy to drive and will not break the bank to have.

It is a nice little car and it does great on gas. The car also holds its value well, and gets great gas miles per gallon.

- Sc W

It has great gas mileage.

It has great gas mileage. I also like my car because it is reliable and has a decent engine. It is also easy to maneuver.

- Karl E

2016 Kia Forte vehicle review

Great gas mileage, comfortable seats, spacious trunk storage. Slight blind spot upfront and seats in back could be wider.

- Lacey M

great car for a first car

i drive the 2017 kia forte. It is my first car that I have ever bought brand new! it has been amazing and super reliable

- hannah h

Very cheap on gas , we love it

the only problem I've had is when I pull the gas to open to get gas it gets stuck. other than that I've had no problems.

- shannon g

The gas mileage is very good.

It is very good in gas mileage. I like the color and the size of car. I have had no trouble with the car since purchase.

- Kathleen V

Potential transmission issues.

Not enough power. I?M used to cars that take off quickly. It does not have leather interior. It is very good for n gas.

- Ashton A

Stylish and sexy. Up to date

Very comfortable, great on gas, and looks great. Has great horsepower and lots of room for carrying and hauling items.

- Jordan H

Great on gas you can go a long ways on a tank.

It's great on gas and very cool looking and fast its small but has plenty of room and the hatch back is very spacious.

- Donny V

Navigation system is amazing. It's is tight in point and very detailed

Very good on gas. Comfortable car. Very roomy. Very good price. Good engine and tires. Navigation system is excellent

- Dawn G

It averages 46 miles per gallon but it is only rated at 36.

My Kia Forte gets great gas mileage. It is a very classy looking vehicle. It is also easy and comfortable to drive.

- Laura M

That it is cute but it is also very safe, easy, and pleasant to drive

It is small, black, and shiny. It drives well, has a back-up camera, and plenty of space. It fits my needs perfectly

- Amanda L

The car is great on gas mileage and drives well on the road

Runs great great gas mileage seat are comfortable with cloth when driving goes smooth on the roads and get up and go

- Timothy W

My van is very dependable,.

Like the features it has the sirius radio Bluetooth.. Wish there was more room.. Would have liked a different color.

- Mary H

It had many extra safety features.

I like the tech package it has. I like the gas mileage. I do not like the size of the trunk. I don't like the color.

- Darlene G

good comfortable ride, excellent gas mileage and is very dependable

very nice car bought used only had about 2 months got a good price on car drives and handles well and is good on gas

- ray q

When you put your foot on the gas it tends to take off a bit quick.

The car that I drive; drives smooth, fast, safe, has a rear view camera, is efficient, and has phone charging port.

- Angela I

Its automatic,clean, great on gas.

There's no cruise control. It has cloth seats. Basic model for the price. I paid too much for it. I still love it.

- Amanda A

Gas mileage is awesome. On the highway I have seen it go over 40 mpg.

Great on gas mileage, nice trunk space, semi comfy. Not meant for family's, large people, or anyone average tall.

- Brandy T

very dependable with great gas mileage and affordable

it doesn't have a lot of power when excelling; takes time to get to speed I like great gas mileage decent payment

- Karen P

Excellent safety features.

I love my vehicle because it has a smooth ride, great gas mileage, nice seating and a nice size truck for a car.

- Stacie A

Don't buy one, they fall apart.

It gets good gas mileage, it's falling apart, makes noises and the whole bottom plastic fell out. Brand new car.

- Lori W

That it is mine and I love it.

I like that my car is easy to drive. It doesn't make any noise. It has a good mileage. I can listen to my music.

- Robert D

Then it handles really well and for a smaller car and has great pick up.

I like that it is easy to drive. I like that handles well and everything is convenient... I have no complaints.

- Sue P

Great gas mileage so whenever u take a trip somewhere, tells you exactly how much gas u have left

I love the fact that it get great gas mileage and great to listen to music using your phone by using bluetooth.

- Trish B

It has great gas mileage which is why I purchased the vehicle.

I like the color and style. I also like the gas mileage. What I dislike is the trunk space. I wish I had more.

- Julie A