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Why my Kia stay down for the ride.

The problem I have most with my vehicle is that my version of the car is set really low so going over speed-bumps that are really high, will hit the bottom of my car. When pulling into parking spots, if the curb is high, you cannot pull in as close to the curb or it will scrape the bottom front part of the vehicle. The performance of my car though is excellent, it rides smooth and engine is quiet. The tank is also efficient within its miles per gallon, it can last a long time and it very cost efficient as it does not cost much to fill up. The seats in the car are very comfortable as they are made out of soft breathable material with the option of both driver and passenger seats having the ability to be adjusted to comfort. The features I have on my vehicle involves a touch-screen radio system that can connect to Wifi or Bluetooth with the option of having Sirius XM radio. The car also comes with a back seat pull-down cup holders and an ample amount of space in the trunk to fit any needs. It contains apple carplay and connectivity for androids through a USB connection that mimics the home-screen of your phone. My car also has the cruise control feature and a rear-view camera that will appear on touch-screen that. Overall, my Kia forte has an ample amount of features that are to my comfort that provides a comfortable drive.

- Sarah B

My Kia forte is a great car that is very inexpensive to buy and maintain.

The forte I drive is extremely good on gas getting around 36 miles per gallon. It has a smooth ride and is extremely comfortable to dive in for long periods of time. There are only a few problems I have had with my forte since I purchased it a little over three months ago. First I have had problems tethering my cellphone to my car and keeping it hooked up. For some reason it will just stop working and I need to reprogram it. Also does not download all of my contacts from my phone. It also has a problem with connecting to my phone when I get in and start my car. It also will cut phone calls off in the middle of the conversation and or have a problem with the microphone so whoever your talking to cannot hear you or vise Versa. The other problem is with the key fob not working all the time. The batteries are brand new so it is not like they do not have the power it must be the transmitter or the receiver. It does this for periods of time sometimes as long as a week or as short as a few hours. All in all I am very pleased with my Kia forte.

- Joe J

Great car would really recommend.

The Kia forte lands midpack among compact sedans. Though it brings simple controls and impressive fuel economy, it suffers from an overly stiff ride; passengers feel every bump. And the car is very loud to boot. The engine pulls adequately and the continuously variable transmission provides unobtrusive progress, but the engine is raucous. At 34 mpg overall, fuel economy is excellent. Handling is responsive, thanks to the forte's willingness to tackle corners. The drab interior is Spartan, but it is nice to have automatic climate control. The seats are rather uncomfortable in the mid trim lxs. The infotainment system is simple and easy to use, and is compatible with apple CarPlay. It is commendable that forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist are standard.

- Genesis A

A practical and reliable car.

We are quite satisfied with our 2018 Kia forte. It has a nice ride and is relatively quiet. We do notice some wind noise when traveling at highway speeds (~70 mph), but it is not too worrisome. We also have some ongoing issues syncing our mobile devices. Sometimes it takes a free tries to sync successfully. We have not had any maintenance issues so far. We take it into the dealership for regular oil changes at the recommended intervals, and they have not found any issues during their routine checks. There are plenty of more exciting cars on the road, but we needed something reliable and practical. The forte fits the bill perfect.ly for us.

- Ben T

It is a sedan but the back seats fold down.

My Kia forte is a wonderful car to drive. It has very good gas mileage. I have not had any issues mechanically with my car. It comes with Sirius radio and a touch screen for the radio. The best feature is that even though it is a sedan, the back seats fold down so you have more cargo space. It also comes with hands free cell phone and you can hook up your phone so you can listen to your playlist. The only downside is it does not have heated seats. I like heated seats because it helps my back on long rides. For a small sedan it has lots of features you would not expect.

- Karen T

Great affordable vehicle that is in your budget. Sleek and comfortable.

Its is nice and sleek. Drives very comfortable on the road. I love the bucket seat and the interior. The performance on the road handles it pretty well. I am not to thrilled about the sound quality when I first got the car but I manage to fix that. One of the most striking feature about this vehicle is how it performed in all types of weather conditions. I live in the Midwest so we get a heavy winter storm and this car was able to drive through slush of snow and even through sleek roads. I was very impressed by what this car can do with these type of harsh conditions.

- Epi M

My favorite thing about the car; it shows your how much gas you have per mile.

The car is a very nice size for a small family. parents plus one or 2 kids. It shows how many miles you have with the amount of gas is in the car. It is a very safe car. Very reliable. A lot of trunk space. Air and heat are great! Kia is a very good car creator. Their cars have the right amount of speed and can travel a good distance without having to refill on gas. That is another thing, the car is great on gas. Does not take much to fill it up.

- Christina A

The amazing blue Kia Forte 2018.

I absolutely love my Kia Forte. It rides so smooth, goes great in any weather conditions, and is very reliable. I love how big the trunk space is as well. It works for grocery shopping, trips, anything. Also, the backseat is very large. This is good for families that have car seats like I do. It has a very sleek and sporty look which I love. It has all of the cool gadgets inside, including hand free phone calls and Bluetooth.

- Sharon S

Fun to drive, safe to drive, and really amazing. Kia is amazing.

The inside is my favorite part. The electronics are great I love my heated leather seats. The safety of the vehicle is also amazing. I feel really safe and I feel like my daughter is safe too. I love having apple carplay. And I really enjoy how the car tells me when it needs something. Like air in the tires and oil changes. It runs smoothly and I love the way it looks on the outside. It is sleek but still a sedan.

- Steph D

2018 Kia forte s review from a real driver.

Great gas mileage, smooth ride, dependable, lane assist is great, rear view camera, great sound system, spacious backseat, it has hands free phone services, beautiful interior, sporty but not expensive. When I first got it I did have some tire sensors that were messed up. Within the first month it kept saying I had low tire pressure but a sensor was off. It got fixed and I haven't had an issue since.

- Kristen H

Kia, the only vehicles I will buy!!

I have been a fan of Kia for many years, the forte has a smooth ride, great warranty policy, plenty of options and affordable. I have also had the Sportage which was my favorite. It was roomy, smooth driving, again great warranty, color choice, radio system, multiple USB charge ports, plenty of storage. Air bags, great safety features. Comfortable for passengers. Will continue to purchase Kia.

- Michelle W

Great small family car that offers great mpg and is fun to drive.

Just passed 25k and no issues. I love my car with the rear camera and lane assist. Great power and gas mileage. I get around 34 mpg. I only wish the sound system was more powerful and better. It does have a lot of audio options just the sound is not the best. Having steering wheel buttons is great and Bluetooth calls. Seats are comfy. I drove 13 hr trip was tired but never discomfort.

- John A

Driving has certainly never been so easy!

The car drives very smooth and has a strong punch! I have been driving it for about six months now and have not had one problem! It is a very comfortable car and it has a beautiful look. The Bluetooth works perfectly, which has been rare in my past vehicles. The mileage is amazing and I do not pay nearly as much for gas as I used to! I would definitely recommend this vehicle.

- Julia L

A 4-door, gas efficient vehicle, convenient for 5 people max.

It is a very safe car, I learned to drive in it, its very modern and has cool settings. What I dislike is the lack of room to store small things. Great gas mileage! Love this buy! There is no storage behind seats however. There is a great variety for this model, its very cheap to buy but not cheap in quality. I am very satisfied with my forte, and I think you will be too!

- Alena M

Great car amenities is what I like about the Kia.

I have no complaints about my car. It rides really smooth. I have had a Kia before. I have always been happy with the Kia. The gas mileage is really good in the Kia. I get about 30 miles to the gallon on my Kia when I go to the service. I get excellent service. I am never there longer than an hour to an hour and a half. Bevy Smith in Stuart - that is the place to go.

- Grace B

The trim is beautiful the wheels are cool.

The color blue on the Kia forte is absolutely beautiful the radio is very clear. The seats are comfortable. Cons: Not worth 17k. The car moves to the right a lot. Not a lot of features. Is pretty small. Pros again: Driving is a great experience. I drive a lot trying to get my kids to school which takes 30 minutes then an hour to get to work.

- Momo V

Love the Kia forte! Very spacious!

The 2018 Kia forte provides great comfort, reliability, and performance. I drive a standard transmission and it is very beginner friendly. There an exceptional amount of legroom for such a small car. It also has a large trunk. Its performance on the road goes above and beyond. Overall, it is a very safe, reliable new car for an affordable price tag.

- Cody K

Kia forte has excellent mpg a simple car with above expectations performance.

The 2018 Kia forte is great and small. It is fantastic on gas, I personally have gotten over 50 miles per gallon, cargo space is limited but the trunk can hold 2 large suitcases the back seats lay down and I fit a 6 foot treadmill in the car. It is a fast car, top speed says 160mph. 0 to 100 is a quick accomplishment for a small economy car.

- Zach M

Take the best ride of your life.

This vehicle rides extremely well. The ride is smooth and comfortable. The gas mileage is wonderful, and tank is large only needing to be filled about every week and a half. There are limited blind spots and sits up with clear vision. The car seats me and three friends comfortably, and the sound system allows us to enjoy our time in the car!

- Megan C

Kia forte: a new kind of amazing.

I love my Kia. It is a safe, reliable, and stylish car. Perfect for all drivers. It is easy to drive and park. It has a rear facing camera and a CarPlay system. It has ample trunk storage space and has a comfortable back seat. I would highly recommend this Kia and others to anyone who is interested in a one of a kind driving experience.

- Ann A

For a small car, I can put a lot in it.

I love the forte, I have had no problems with it at all, it is good in bad weather. I have all automatic features, backup camera, which comes in very handy. It is a smooth quiet ride. It came in many different colors, but I chose the blue, it is nice. The air conditioner in it is very strong, which is great in the humid weather.

- Robert L

Nice car with a few quirks.

Steering is really light. When riding over bumps the car is shaky, almost like it needs a wheel alignment. The wind sound is loud on the inside of the car. It came with Bluetooth. Side mirrors fold in to for protection. Good gas mileage on the street and highway. Came with 10year/10, 000 mile warranty. Small engine. Small car.

- Lisa C

Laurie's Kia forte. I really love this car. It meets all of my needs...

I have built in GPS screen and I love it. I use it every time I get in the car. The seats are comfortable. It runs very smooth. The sound system is really nice. It has Bluetooth, so I can talk through the car on the phone, through messenger and texts. I get between 37 and 41 miles per gallon on the highway. 28 to 35 in town.

- Laurie S

My vehicle is dark maroon/red.

I have only had it for about four months but so far it is very reliable and comfortable. It is small with no frills (no back up cameras and stuff like that). But it is efficient money wise and runs great. Only issue I had was a loose screw in that driver’s seat door that needs tightening. Other than that, it is been great.

- Addis S

White 2018 Kia Forte. It has enough room in the back although it looks small.

I love my car because it does not waste much gas. I pump gas about every 2 weeks but I do not work far from my house. It runs smoothly you cant even tell its on. What I don't like about it its that its a 2018 vehicle and I still have to pull my seat forward and back instead of it having a button that you can just push.

- Jessica V

It is nice and efficient. Drives smooth and is fun for a nice drive around town.

Honestly this car runs really smooth and nice. It is extremely reliable and I haven't had an issue/problem with it yet. The seat are super comfy, I have honestly even fell asleep when I was parked in my driveway. There’s a great amount of room in it for everyone who gets in the car and the stereo is pretty nice to!

- Jeanette F

Great on gas and spacious enough to fill the car comfortably.

I love this car!! The only problem I have had, and it is not really a problem, is the Bluetooth is not adequate for phone calls. The person on the other end has a hard time hearing me, so I usually have to switch to private mode. The car is great on gas and has more than enough space in the back for the kids.

- Caitlin M

Really do not have one to write about.

Seat fabric is cheap. Front of car is low scrapes on bumpers in parking areas. Middle console bottom piece just lifts and falls through. Hard to retrieve articles. Notifies you when there is 20 miles until empty. There was no spare tire and wasn't told by salesperson. Cup holders cannot be taken out to clean.

- Susan R

I love how comfortable and easy it is to drive.

I love how safe I feel in it. My car has many safety features like lane assist, front and rear collision detection, and blind spot detection. I always love how comfortable my car is the seats feel very comfortable. I have to commute an hour to school, but I do not mind it because I love being in my car.

- Marissa G

Beautiful, reliable, cruiser.

I love my Kia! It is very reliable, rides lovely, and gets me where I am going. The gas mileage is acceptable, but if you are on the road a lot, like me, then you will see you are filling up every 400 miles or so. Overall, the Kia forte is an affordable vehicle that will do you right in every way.

- Melinda G

Looking for a car with plenty of room.

Perfect size and easy to drive. Gas mileage is great. Lots of trunk space. Electronic are user friendly. Power windows. Lots of legroom in front and back. Big windows, small blind spots. The middle compartment is deep and is good for storage. Plenty of cup holders. USB ports. Automatic door locks.

- Maggi J

Fun to drive. I like the Bluetooth and USB connectivity and apple play feature.

I have had the car 6 months. It performs well. Has a suspension selector(economy, sport, normal). Gets 26 mpg. Handles well. No mechanical failures but the windshield wipers performed poorly in heavy snow. More than adequate room in the back seat for two adults. Great styling not boxy but sporty.

- Reg B

Great car for road trips/great family car.

Great on gas, get an average of 42 mpg. Doing long road trips I get closer to 50 mpg. Interior is very nice. Very easy to clean. Radio & electronics are very easy to use. . I have lots of room/leg room. Folding seats in back from trunk make moving things easier. All around great family car.

- Tina P

The highlight of my vehicle if definitely the maps app.

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It has been very reliable. The comfort is about normal so I have no complaints about that. I love the maps feature. As long as your phone is plugged in then it will display the map on the screen. It makes it so much easier when driving long distances.

- Angela A

In a nutshell, it is the best car investment.

It is honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made. In addition, to its sleek, sporty exterior, hardly anything else comes close to its reliability, performance, and comfort at the price that I purchased it for. I have had this vehicle for two years and it is still running smoothly.

- Sara O

Amazing brand new car in my favorite color, black!

My vehicle is great! Runs very smooth, has Bluetooth, never gives me problems or makes weird noises. Only thing I would say is the air settings only offer 0-4; 0 is no air and 1 is often too much air! Would be nice if there was an in between. Other than that, great car, looks great too.

- Logan T

High quality interior, dependable, and safe.

Spacey, high quality interior. Not a fan of the infotainment system. Quiet car, dependable. Car has very good braking system and I feel safe in it. Stability control makes the snow driving easy with snow tires. Does not have much power, but gets good gas mileage. Overall enjoy the car.

- Patrick G

2018 Kia Forte mixed review.

Only had for 9 months. No problems yet. It takes forever to heat up in the morning. Fan on heater needs more power on 1, 2 and 3 rd speed. It is a good little car but wishing I had gotten a Sorrento. Would go back to Kia, their warranty is worth it. Wish I had bought instead of lease.

- Tina L

Very comfortable. Very reliable.

Currently we have not experienced any problems with our vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing. It is very comfortable even for traveling out of town. The hands free capability is probably my favorite thing about the car. If I had to recommend this car.. I would give it 100 satisfaction!

- Thomas S

Love the apple car play! Easy to hook up your apple phone.

This car is so nice! Black interior and exterior. The lane assist feature is amazing, helps my car stay in lanes and beeps at me if I start to swerve. Back up camera is crystal clear. Apple carplay is awesome and is very easy to use. Tires are so nice and the overall drive is amazing.

- Alicia H

A great car. I great buy.

It is a very reliable car. When you buy it new it comes with a great warranty. Its miles per gallon is really awesome. It is most definitely a comfortable ride. There is plenty of storage and leg room. It's quite and rides very smoothly. It has a wonderful stereo with many options.

- Tyler M

Kia Forte 2018 Review (My Opinion)

I absolutely love my car, from the color selections they had to the interior, the only thing I don't like about the car is that, it's a 2018 one of kia's newer models and it doesn't have a back up cam and I feel like it should be push to start but I love everything else about it.

- liyah t

A safe and reliable car for a college student.

This is a very good car to take to college. I think the car should come with better speaker and sound system that would make the car in my opinion 100 times better. As I do miss my old car(Jeep) this car is a very safe eco friendly car that saves money on gas with eco mode.

- Emily J

Kia Forte 2018 10 year/100, 000 mile warranty is a good amenity.

Car does not handle riding over bumps, sewer covers, etc. Well. It seems like the car will veer off the road when it hits the smallest bump/pothole. There's no mirrors or lights behind the sun visors. Car is equipped w/Bluetooth and came w/a 10 year/100, 000 mile warranty.

- Sara C

Back up screen works great to see if you have parked within parking lot lines.

The car gets great gas mileage, affordable, and spacious for a smaller car. Lots of technical features that I am still learning. I wish it had automatic seat adjustment as my husband and I are very different sizes so it is a lot of adjustment every time we change drivers.

- Wendy S

2018 Kia forte 5 is a dream.

Great on gas, handling is amazing, performance is great. Features are great. Came with turbo and love that. Heated seats are great, large media display. Love that. Sport mod includes paddle shifters and 7 speed transmission. No problems yet as it is pretty new. I love it.

- Sandra R

Great for students, great trunk space and stereo.

Bad on back, not good for long distance driving. Because of low suspension, could use better shocks. Good for mileage. Not much leg room for tall people. Great car for a college student. Very large trunk space. Great stereo system awesome hands free talking and texting.

- Ruth M

Compact but very roomy and comfortable.

I have had no problems with my car. I previously owned a Kia Río and loved it never had any major problems for 5 years with the car, which led me to purchase the forte. It is comfortable drives smooth and very dependable. I love that it is Bluetooth compatible also.

- Rebecca D

The Kia with a really slow take off.

It is a nice car to get around in. For people who love something with a little speed it definitely is not the car for you. It has a really slow takeoff but if you just doing a regular day of like going to the beach or going out with some friends it is worth it then.

- Justin W

It is a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price.

I like that it is my first car that I bought. I like the color, aurora black. I like the gas mileage that I get on the highway as well as the street. I dislike that the steering seems so light, the smallest bump makes me feel like I am losing control of the wheels.

- Carey C

Very pleased and happy with car would highly recommend.

Excellent car good on gas drives like a charm great price warranty is fabulous comfortable ride very roomie inside great heat and a/c radio sounds great would highly recommend this car very satisfy and happy with car plenty of truck space very little maintenance.

- Marilyn E

Why I kept my Kia forte instead of trading in.

Great on gas but very slow. Car is very stylish and sleek. Excellent daily driver and family car. Saves tremendous amounts of money on gas every single day back and forth to and from work. Suspension and ride are smooth and excellent as well. Easy to keep clean.

- Alexander F

If you park on an incline, the key will jam up. You need to tap the break to get the key to turn to start the car.

My Kia Forte runs great, I have yet to have any problems with it. The gas mileage is fantastic, especially compared to other cars I've driven. Sometimes the audio system doesn't sync up well with my phone to play Spotify, but otherwise I've had no issues.

- Kendra H

My vehicle has internet symbols in the car and with the right app you learn about how use anything* in the car.

My Kia has been reliable and safe. I get good gas mileage. It is comfortable to drive. It came with a good radio, heat and air conditioning. The dashboard is clear and I always know how many miles I can drive with gas I have. I would recommend it to anyone.

- Edward F

Kia forte and has 100,000 mile guarantee.

No problems and dependable, automatic, drives good on long distance, good radio, has many attributes, has lifetime oil changes, has maintenance calls when needed, tire rotation is also maintenance, had seat belts, air conditioning heater several other apps.

- Michael B

Right size for single person😄.

Nice small size, but not too small. Does not have much get up and go power when you speed up. Gets pretty good mileage. Have not had any problems with car as of yet. I have had my car a year now. Has high head rest and causes a blind spot for me at times.

- Jean O

Comfort and style. Well built and comfort. Happy to be seen in a great in it.

Our car is comfortable. It has a smooth ride. Everything is easy to reach each control. Easy to drive and easy to park. We love the silver color. It is a warm color. It comes with neat car carpet. The seats are easy to adjust. We would buy this car again.

- Catherine F

Great family car, one of the safest cars in the industry.

It gets great mileage (30 MPG) has a hatchback and a ton of trunk space. It has a usb so you can plug in your phone or iPod to listen to music, you can also connect your phone through bluetooth and listen to music that way and make and answer phone calls

- Lauren S

Hands free connection for cell phone.

Great car, haven't had any problems with it so far. Comes with plenty of features and has satellite radio. Comes with bluetooth and AUX ability. There I also rear view camera for backing up. There is plenty of space in the car and plenty of trunk space.

- Corey N

Good value, not great in winter.

Drives well, comfortable, pretty color- pale silver, compact, does not defrost quickly, takes forever to defrost, a/c works well, storage space, roomy yet compact, love the seats, easy to use dashboard, wish the digital display was blue instead of red.

- Christine F

Gas mileage is good on long trips.

Front of car very low, rubs against curbs. Horn didn't work after 3 months, had to replace. Console between front seats - bottom piece comes out and things fall under it and unable to reach to retrieve. Seat fabric is not of great quality.

- Susan R

It offers many safety features. I like that because I need many safety features.

it's an okay car, it has good features, it does what i need for it to do. I have had to have it in the shop already for a camera to be replaced, they didn't know what was wrong and I was left to drive a basic model for about a week.

- terri b

Kia is decent car and it has what every car offers. I have had no trouble.

I leased a Kia thanks to my former lease company honest and above board. My car get about 35 miles to the gallon, many extras that I can use like subscription radio, free oil change and other things. I find this car fun to drivel.

- Edward F

This car has all the great options. Great car for the value!

My car is super comfy, drives smooth and is just the right size for me. All the seats front and back have enough room and the trunk is very spacious. I love the great gas mileage and the color I purchased is amazing.

- Tammy V

Vanilla bland Kia forte 2018 car review.

I have had my 2018 Kia forte for about two months and so far it does not seem like there is anything really wrong with it. It is pretty basic the features are not extra but it is not missing anything either.

- Crystal G

Safety of the vehicle, also the gas mileage and how it's a great family car reliable.

I love the gas mileage. Also love the quality of the car. Like the back up camera, and also how spaces the trunk is. Don't like how it does have a little cargo whole on the roof on inside for like sunglass.

- Britany W

It is reliable and fuel efficient.

I like the fuel efficiency because I am driving throughout the day. I like that I have a mid-size car with a lot of trunk space because we travel often. I do not have anything that I dislike about my car.

- Olivia M

Kia forte are great cars!

I love my Kia forte! It drives so smooth and is great on gas. I love that it has Sirius XM that allows me to listen to whatever I want. The body style of the car is so cute, kind of sporty looking.

- Heidi B

Spacious and great gas mileage.

I like the gas mileage of this vehicle, the interior design and how sleek the exterior design is. I do not like that the gas chamber is difficult to open. Overall this car was a success purchase.

- Cassidy K

My vehicle is small yet roomy, and drives very smoothly.

The performance is great. I love the 3 different gears for driving, and the speak to text/ call system. It is very echo friendly, and saves a lot on gas. It can get up to 40 miles to the gallon!

- Brittany G

Not to leave any trash in my car.

My Kia Forte is absolutely perfect. I can zip around town and not have to fear the price of gas. I never thought I would be so happy. The car was picked out for me and it was right on.

- Nancy G

Sporty, fast, burgundy color, and makes for a nice ride.

I like my Kia. It is the cheapest model available for my credit rating. It is kind of small, but it works. It goes fast. I do not like the nitro in the tires because the drive is loud.

- Catherine D

Very dependable great on gas great for family.

Small dependable and great on gas. Eco friendly. Great family car. Power locks. Lots of space. Trunk space is great. Love the mat that in it to make sure that nothing spills in it.

- Tina M

It's a very comfortable car to drive and has quite a bit of room on the inside but a small trunk.

I like the gas mileage, it drives smoothly, haven't had any problems with it but what i dislike is the sound the horn makes It's not loud at all and It's a very fragile car.

- philip s

The cars base model looks nice but does not have many features.

The performance is great, the seats are a little uncomfortable during long trips 3+ hours. Reliability is great, I have never had a problem. Maintenance is affordable.

- Danielle O

The miles per gallon is higher than most cars on the road today.

My vehicle has great gas mileage, is reliable on the roads, great in all weather and overall is a well made car. The interior is sleek and has a simple design to it.

- Abbey L

Very reliable car, awesome gas mileage and very affordable

Reliable, good gas mileage, affordable. Just the right size for my family. I love the meter in the dash that tells us how many miles you can go on gas you have left

- Chris M

The gas mileage. I commute 35 minutes to work every day and this is saving me all kinds of money on gas.

Absolutely love the gas mileage this vehicle gets. Average of 41 mpg. Car has much more room than I thought it would considering my previous vehicle was an SUV.

- Tonia H

Not good for long distances.

I have had no issues with my 2018 Kia Forte, I love the touch screen radio system, and the apple carplay hands free system. The car drives super smooth as well.

- Sarah K

I have owned this for 2 months so I haven't encountered any issues yet. The gas mileage is much better than my old vehicle, so it does save me money. This size is comfortable for me and easily fits 2-3 suitcases on vacation.

It's easy to drive and handle. The rear camera is a nice feature though I am so use to turning around I don't use it unless my window is fogged in the morning.

- Patches C

It is affordable, the gas mileage alone saves me a lot of money.

I like it because it is small and compact. It is reliable because I was able to buy it brand new, with a really good warranty, and it is great on gas mileage.

- Marie O

The car has a tracker.. You can go in and get the app and track your car encase someone takes it, or in case you want to see what your kids are doing.

I have been in love with my car ever since i drove it off the lot. it is great on gas and drives well. I love all the open room that it has to offer as well.

- justina H

It maneuvers on the road well and is easy to drive.

I love how inexpensive it is to fill up the tank. I also love how smooth it is to drive. What I dislike about this car is the lack of cupholders in the back.

- Lorena R

Great on gas! 38 MPG interstate and 27 MPG around town.

2018 Kia Forte is great on gas mileage. Average 38 MPG on interstate. 27 MPG around town. I feel comfortable in it and the car drives absolutely beautiful.

- Holly N

It's an overall great deal: not too pricey, modern and comfortable, with great gas mileage.

I love the interior design and features of my car. Smooth drive and feels reliable, it's sleek and easy to maneuver. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Brittany H

It is fun to drive and it has good power for a 4 cylinder engine.

It has excellent gas mileage. It was easy to set up the Bluetooth and satellite radio. The car has a sporty look as well as a beautiful roomy interior.

- Shawnee B

It gets way better gas mileage than is advertised by the dealership

The car has great gas mileage. I love all the gadgets, especially the hands free. The only complaint I have is that I was never offered a spare tire.

- Chelsea D

The gas mileage is great and you get a good car for the price you pay.

My car is very easy to drive but I don't like that it did not come with a cruise control option. Gas mileage is great and the seats are comfortable.

- Elise W

The system reads your driving habits, you want to take very good care of it.

I love the Bluetooth and gas mileage the most. The stock radio speaker system isn't the best at all. I also love the 3 different drive modes it has.

- Brittany J

It's warranted for 10 years or 100,000 miles. I added some extra coverage and I feel protected from maintenance and repair costs.

It has almost everything I asked for. It has a small engine and good gas mileage. It is Aurora Black and brand new. It's my first vehicle purchase!

- Sherra C

Beautiful inside and out. Has everything we were looking for in a vehicle!

Our vehicle has been wonderful. We have traveled all over with it, and have had no problems. Our vehicle is just the right size and its beautiful.

- Nikki S

2018 Kia forte is wonderful

The 2018 Kia forte drives very smoothly and had great handling and gas mileage. The amenities are plentiful and the customer service is fantastic

- Aaron C

It has great gas mileage. Overall great car. Check one out today.

I love the gas mileage I get in my car. It's very comfortable. It has great pick up. It has blue tooth that is easy to use. Overall great car.

- Robert H

My car gets great fuel mileage, highway is well over 40 mpg.

My car gets great fuel mileage, and is very comfortable to drive on long trips. The warranty is outstanding, leads the industry in my opinion.

- Carol F

The warranty is excellent.

I love my car, the size, the bells and whistles and the smooth ride. It feels safe when driving and they have a great warranty on it as well.

- Heather G

Bought slightly used with most of warranty

The car has good gas mileage. I bought it used but it was only 6 months old. It had almost all of its warranties left when it was purchased.

- Jorge Z

Fuel economy , plenty of legroom , plenty of entertainment options to choose from a good value, comfortable seating

The forte is by far the best fuel efficient car I have driven in a long time . Plus it's a roomie sedan with lots of convenient features

- Roy A

Not sure. But it's a nice car and it drives very nice.

I like everything about this car. Its my first new car. There's nothing as of yet I don't like. It very nice car. I wash it 2 times a week.

- Brenda S

The reflection of the dash on the front windshield is dangerous.

You can see the reflection of the dash in the front windshield. Very annoying. The forte 5 does get as good gas mileage as the forte koup.

- Diana J

My Kia drives great.It is attractive and economical. I don't have anything negative to say about it.

I love the fact that my car is very attractive and sporty looking but has room for passengers and groceries etc. It gets great gas mileage

- Lori P

Style, gas mileage, affordable.

It's great on gas and looks since its new. Could use a little more low end torque and better suspension. Overall great style and eco car.

- Jorge G

It feels safe and the brakes are fantastic. Manual transmission is very good too.

It's the 2nd Forte I've leased. This car seems faster, rides better, though I really liked the previous car too. No complaints, really.

- Charles W

That it gets amazing gas mileage.

My only complaint is the seats are uncomfortable other then that I love everything about my car. Great gas mileage and drives nicely.

- Tiffany B

gas mileage great, eco mode

great for long rides and amazing on gas. The eco mode turns on and off on its own and I am unsure how to make it stay on completely.

- Victoria S

Compact car, but has great legroom for driver and passenger.

I love the miles per gallon that the 2018 Kia Forte is equipped with I normally average about 37 miles per gallon which is awesome.

- Louis H

It is a very reliable source of transportation.

It is smaller than I thought. I have 5 grands and it is hard to fit everyone in it. Otherwise it is good on gas and very reliable.

- Kim R

It has wonderful gas mileage.

My vehicle is very reliable. It has great gas mileage, and everything else. It is black, very big trunk. Kept clean. Brand new.

- Alexandria J

It has good gas mileage. Maintenance is low cost. Very efficient car to drive.

Vehicle rides very smooth. Has pretty good pick up for 4 cylinder. It has good gas mileage. I haven't had any problems with it.

- Cynthia J

Dependable. Comfortable. Sound system is awesome.

I dislike the cheap tires. The drive is very chalky sounding because my tires are not filled with air. It easily dents as well.

- Catherine D

How great it drives and how economic it is.

I have no complaints with my vehicle. I like how fuel efficient it is and how smooth it drives. Also, very visually appealing.

- Andrea R

It is all hands free so no distracted texting.

I like that it is easy to drive, very smooth. It has a lot of features that are very handy. It gets really good gas mileage.

- Sheila H

Great. Cars good miles on a tank of gas.

Very good miles good on gas auto the Kia had very little problem had good miles smooth riding on back roads and highways.

- Cheryl B

So fun to drive ans so easy to maintain

Good performance and so fun to ride. Very reliable and so easy to maneuver. Looks so stylish and has a good gas mileage.

- Salvador A

The gas mileage and safety feature.

I like the seats in my vehicle. The gas mileage is amazing. I love the gps/radio system. I wish it was a wee bit bigger.

- Kendall S

It's a really nice card, you get what you pay for.

I love the rearview camera, the handle of the vehicle, very smooth, and had no maintenance programs. It's a great car.

- Dusty D

I love the Bluetooth ability

I love my car so much everything about my car is amazing, it's comfortable stylish versatile and very good gas mileage

- Adam S

Great on gas very dependable!

Great on gas! Very dependable haven't had any issues with the car yet. I wished I had a built in gps and backup camera

- Doug S

It's my car and we love it

The is new the car is great on gas the car is affordable the car is my car what else can I say I love my car Kia Forte

- Mel P

The gas mileage is good with the forte.

Forte gas mileage is great. I get a very smooth drive with the forte. It is easy to park. A/c is not so too powerful.

- Carolyn N

The car is very serviceable. It runs well and takes me where I have to go.

The car is comfortable and drives well. I do not need a fancy car at this stage of my life. It serves it is purpose.

- Mildred I

It has a backup camera. I also want them to know about the air condition.

I love the no hands inside the vehicle. I also like the Sirius radio trial. It allows me to have options in my car.

- Tia S

Small compact dainty car with good gas mileage.

Very reliable nice compact vehicle. No problems or issues. It rides nice and is great on gas. I just prefer an SUV.

- Dawn J

That I will be able to run it in the ground.

Seats uncomfortable and not enough leg room in rear for my growing boys. I only like that it is economical on gas!.

- Rebecca T

It's a fun ride and great on gas at 44 mpg highway

I love it great on gas spacious great handling and great quality with the people that i have to say that i love it

- Anthony W

Overall great. . Roomy great to drive.

Fast, speed when u need. Great on gas. Roomy on the inside. Like the color. Good maintain our dept. Fun to drive.

- Wanda C

Gas mileage, touchscreen radio.

Best car ever. I have had no problems yet and is cheap on gas. Very reliable and gets me from point A to point B.

- Bailee O

Very very nice car to drive.

No problems runs great. I would recommend this car to anyone. I love the way it drives very smooth. I love black.

- Donna C

It does not come with many options.

It is well designed, comfortable, and has decent power. I would like more options such as automatic headlights.

- Geoffrey B

Space without paying too much!

It's sleek and comfortable. It also gives enough space my car doesn't feel cramped with my daughters car seat!

- Dani R

My best vehicle I have ever had.

My vehicle the forte is the very best car I have ever had that I can drive 46 mile per gallon, that is great.

- Sam G

It's a great car and gets amazing gas mileage!

My kia forte is such a smooth ride. It has comfortable seats. I love all the technology and great gas mileage

- Luke G

Comfortable Car Stands Out.

Extremely smooth ride. Comfortable, reliable and sharp appearance. Great gas mileage. Roomy and affordable.

- Nicholas B

On a long road trip I got 40 mpg. That is incredible.

I like that it is small. It gets great gas mileage. I like the touch screen, especially for directions.

- Ryan C

2018 Kia Forte customer review

My car is comfortable, and has a lot of get up and go. It stops on a dime. Also, it is very reliable.


Smooth driving experience

Very plain vehicle. I like that it is efficient on gas. I dislike that there are no backup cameras.

- Robin C

it's very comfortable & the truck space is great you can fit a lot.

i love the design of the car. it's roomy on the inside & is very comfortable. the price was great.

- steve k

10 year 100000 mile warranty

some things have changed since my last one no spare tire no interior light at the front of the car

- Dwayne N

It's fun to drive, it's roomy, and its fuel efficient. I love it. It also has a roomy trunk and lots of kind of neat features.

It's quite fun to drive! It's like I just zip through traffic almost like I'm not driving at all!

- Susan M

reasonable price but picking up is not very good when you press gas

fu economy, reasonable price, good for single woman like me . but it pacing up is not very good

- nabila m

The car gets good gas mileage. It is very reliable.

The gas mileage is good. The car is comfortable but not luxurious. It is a great A to B car.

- Sarah S

Great gas mileage! All the comfort of a bigger car.

Bought this car with all the bells and whistles, it is amazing. love it. Great gas mileage.

- Kim S

Minimum maintenance car, great car for a beginner. Kia Forte

The vehicle is great on gas, very compact. I wish it had a sunroof and rear view mirror.

- Tahara F

If I had to pick one thing to promote I would say it is the gas mileage. It's pretty solid.

It had some great gas mileage. It looks nice, rides nice, and is decently comfortable.

- Jarrett C

The KIA Forte 5 gets excellent gas mileage. It's a great car!

I love that my car gets at least 30 miles per gallon. I wish it had cruise control.

- Valerie M

Drives easily. Pickup speed immediate when needed. Gasoline efficient. Back seats difficult to take down when additional trunk space is needed.

Efficient in all aspects: drives smoothly, accelerates immediately, gas efficient.

- Pat B

It's safe and has good performance.

It has lots of technology. It gets very good gas mileage. It has a nice design

- Dan B

Great car for the price. Fuel efficient

Standard transmission. Spacious. Great on gas. Nice body style and design.

- Donald M

It is a great car! Love it! Will probably buy it at the end of my lease.

I love my car. It drives really well. It is extremely roomy and comfortable!

- Jax J

Great gas mileage on the Kia Forte 2018 S Model...Highly recommended

NIce fuel mileage. Great interior. Affordable. Good phone integrations.

- John S

I like the design of my car. It's sophisticated, yet sporty. I enjoy the good gas mileage and excellent warranty. I like that it has a USB port. I miss having a sunroof. I wish my payments weren't so high.

The Forte is a good car for a professional with a small family.

- Holly W

Kia is an awesome vehicle.

I love my kia. The color is perfect. It rides like a dream

- Patricia C




It has Bluetooth auto volume for radio based on speed

Smooth drive. Blue color. Good gas mileage. Compact.

- Melissa W