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Stylish and comfortable but with elevated road noise

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid LX Hybrid

Attractive looking leather seats and body style ages well since most cars begin to look old after a couple years. Great gas mileage and warranty is 100k miles. Heated and cooled seats in the front and back, and the panoramic sunroof is also a nice feature. Some things I don't like about it is the cabin is a bit noisy, the road noise is louder than I would like, but in no way terrible. It makes it hard to hear when in the phone sometimes. Back seat is a bit small, my two yo kicks the back of the passenger seat if it's not moved up, and my back hurts on longer) drives. Has pretty good get up and go for a hybrid at 200 hp and is over all pretty stylish.

- Katie G

A Kia Hybrid is the way to go!

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid EX Hybrid

I love driving a hybrid. I drive a lot between SC and NC and I will fill up in SC on a Sunday and by sat in NC I am just getting to half a tank. So it's great on gas. Also I love how quiet it is. Most times you can't even tell that it is on. I have lots of features that I love! From the heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, sunroof and it has a great speakers as well. I love my Kia hybrid.

- Candace C

Hybrid uses less gas and goes far

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid EX Hybrid

The hybrid aspect of the car is amazing. However there are some hiccups with certain parts. I had to have a special clock spring replaced and it is responsible for a lot of the hybrid management. For such a small piece it was pretty pricey. Some parts you wouldn't find on a normal gas-only vehicle come into play that most consumers wouldn't be aware about.

- Mike B

My Kia Optima Hybrid is the perfect commute car and or road trip car.

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid EX Hybrid

Love my Kia Optima Hybrid. Really good on gas and rides smoother than a baby's butt. The car is so quiet, you honestly get confused and don't think that your car is on. Roughly takes about 40-50$ to fill on gas and it lasts you a very long while. The only flaw I believe it has is it's very expensive to fix if your system or battery goes out

- Rob A

I love it other than the hybrid system.

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid EX Hybrid

Hybrid system is iffy. I've had a problem and had to get the main fuse replaced. And even if the hybrid fuse blows the whole car won't work. It blew on me while driving. Even after getting it fixed the hybrid warning still comes up occasionally. I think it's affected by the weather.

- Monica K

I can fill my car up and drive on it for 2 weeks before having to fill up again

2013 Kia Optima Hybrid LX Hybrid

My vehicle has been great on gas and getting me to point a and point b. Unfortunately being that it operates off of an hybrid system when it rains my system tends to act up and have a system failure and it shuts off on me. Other than that it's a good car

- Brittany F