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04 Kia Optima: It Just Won't Quit

It is getting old, and has had problems with the camshaft and crankshaft sensors quite a bit. The heat shield has rusted off near the gas tank. I have a hole in my flex pipe. The calipers really enjoy freezing up. Other than general wear and tear because of its age it has been a very good very reliable car. Even though it is 15 years old, it still runs fine, gets decent gas mileage, (around 20 mpg) and is not terribly rusty. One con is that it does not take ethanol well. It ruins the injectors and lines, so I have to be careful about my fuel choices, which, since there is no law saying stations must label their pumps, is sometimes impossible.

- Ashley P

Very comfortable and roomy inside and the trunk as a lot space.

The only problem I have had with my vehicle is the crankshaft sensor which happens to be very difficult to get to under the wheel well. I really haven't had any other issues with the vehicle I do not like the fact that it has the engine turned towards the side of the vehicle it makes it really hard to work on the vehicle in such a small area the inside of the vehicle is really comfortable and roomy enough to at least fit 5 people and the trunk is big which is a big plus in my book it is big enough to put a Christmas tree.

- Lisa S

The optima satisfies with above average features.

The Kia optima is a reliable, attractive and comfortable riding car. It has a lot of bells and whistles available when it was made (2004). Cruise control is particularly nice! The sunroof is fun and makes a warm day much more pleasant although the air conditioning will make a hot day very nice! Seats that adjust with the touch of a button; side view mirrors that can be adjusted from the driver's seat; a very nice music center with well placed and good performing speakers. The interior is attractive and very comfortable.

- Brenda E

According to consumer reports this car 2004 optima was a winner. We got lucky

It is the best vehicle we have ever owned. It has 180,000 miles on it and we use it mostly to save on our new vehicle that we use to travel. We have always did the required maintenance on it. The battery got so old so we decided to replace it and found out we couldn't get the same one. Korea made a special solar battery that lasts a long time. I think the mechanic took the old one, he was quite expressed. Only problem was the sensor in the blower system. We just got this fixed. We love this car.

- Mona K

Lucy bell is the best car I've ever owned.

I got my car used about 2yrs ago, it had only had 1 owner and low mileage 120, 000. The lady who had it before me kept it clean never smoked no accidents, it's been a reliable car and I love it. The only issue I have is the air conditioner stopped working have tried Freon so next step before next summer is to go see what my mechanic can do. All in all my Kia Optima has been the best car I've ever owned.

- Tony S

General Kia optima review

It provides a comfortable interior as far as seating is concerned. Gas mileage is fairly good on this vehicle. There have been several issues associated with this car though. Door lock issues making it unable to lock the doors because they do not unlock without having to remove the interior door panels. And several engine sensor issues which caused the car not to start, and also causing a rough idle

- Jason W

It is dependable and I love it.

My Kia optima has been a great car over the years. Minimal repairs and reliable service. I wish I could have another just like it. I may pursue a Kia SUV in my next vehicle search. There are a few I have been looking at. Kia has served me well over the years and even though it has many miles, it is still taking me where I need to go. I recommend the Kia brand to everyone as it is very dependable.

- Sisi S

I do not understand this question.

Just actually had a tune up and I must say everything is running pretty well but I do have a problem with my driver side window button it seems to want to stick it either has to be up or down I cannot crack it a little and that is a problem because I smoke in my car and have to have my window rolled all the way down to let smoke out and it is almost November and starting to get chili outside.

- Hillary M

Little and crampy vehicle.

Small and very cramping when we went to go places. Also does not run best but has great gas mileage. Black outside but inside is tan and having kids its not good. Everything is stained and shows. Also have to keep lights on high beam because of the low beam is not bright at all. The trunk is extremely small and you can't get much in this ride at all. Very crampy like I said earlier.

- Rae W

This car is very reliable and has lasted me a long time with the miles it has.

The gas mileage is good but my car always tends to shake with a tan below half. Always making weird noises when I start it up but goes away after driving it about 5 miles. This car has always had steering wheel problems that could never be fixed and it seems as if I go through a lot of oil than usual. It is a very comfortable car and nice and roomy for me.

- Miranda I

Very reliable and good looking 4 door car.

I have had my Kia optima for nearly 14 years and it has been the most dependable car I have ever owned. I bought it brand new with a 10 year 100, 000 mile warranty. The car is comfortable and still looks really nice after all this time. The interior and paint have held up very well. Aside from regular maintenance I have not had to do many repairs.

- Kim W

Was top of the line in the year made

Its old and has high mileage and makes a lot of noise. It is not very reliable and I am scared every time I drive it that I might break down. It is fairly comfortable and I am sure it was very fancy and luxurious at the time it was made. It has a lot of automated options like power windows and locks and a fancy a/c system.

- Laurie T

Love the champagne paint and sound system.

Good gas mileage, great stereo, dependable, comfortable setting, accelerates nicely, good suspension, lots of little compartments, adequate phone charging for a couple phones without using lighter, jac for phone to stereo entertainment, ampul leg and trunk area, check engine features are clear uses very little oil.

- Pamela B

Dependable and paid for!!

My car is a 2004, and came with only 119, 000 miles, one car owner and very well maintained. I am more comfortable in my older car than when I sit in my friends 2015 car. I wouldn't buy a new car because if the computer in the car goes it cost $1000's to fix it. I will stick with my Kia optima.

- To S

Kia Optima- reliable and sturdy.

Super reliable, great on gas mileage, interior is easy to clean. Engine is easy to navigate incase you have to jump it. Not great for modern technology but does have a CD player and changer. It has 2 ports for charging a cell phone. The car is also a lot roomier than it looks from the outside.

- Kelly H

Ultimate practical and reliable car.

I haven't had any problems with my car other than normal car maintenance. I keep up on regular oil changes and make sure to take good care of it.. Meaning I do not mistreat it. The car is not exactly what I would like by looking at it but it is the ultimate practical and reliable car.

- Lauren P

Low gas mileage and low maintenance very comfortable.

My car is great, it gets great gas mileage, very comfortable, child seat buckles in back window, seats 5 people very comfortably, plenty of legroom, and a big roomy trunk. You don't feel like you are in a small can when riding/driving. Very nice car for the money and low maintenance.

- Bobbie S

Kia Optima: good quality, dependable vehicle and lots of room.

I have not had my vehicle very long, less than one year. It drives great, I love the automatic seats. The sunroof is wonderful especially in the fall! It has lots of room in the trunk and for passengers. I previously had a Honda, but the quality is just as good and very reliable.

- Ida C

Piece of junk that still runs good.

Bad motor mounts, bad transmission mounts, wrecked right front fender, missing right headlight, cylinder misfiring, low gas mileage, paint peeling, oil leak, power steering fluid leak, am/FM/cd, 4 door, power locks, power windows, 4 cylinder engine, safety release in trunk.

- Laurie L

Great pick up and smooth ride.

Engine coils have been replaced multiple times. Great pick up and smooth ride. Gas mileage is actually normal for this type of vehicle. Removed the engine hood to keep it from running to warm. Constantly adding power steering fluid. Interchangeable parts with Hyundai.

- Susan P

The traveling Kia optima!

I have always loved this car. Always reliable, never had any big issues with it. I have driven it all over the Midwest, adding a ton of miles. It is yet to slow down, almost at 250, 000 miles. I highly recommend this car to others who travel and need a reliable car.

- Sara S

The 2004 Kia Optima is an extremely reliable vehicle!

My car is extremely reliable and I have not had one issue with it since I've had it, other than the ac not working very well. It is very smooth to drive and does not take long to accelerate. The seats are very comfortable and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Skye M

It is a good size for someone looking for a smaller vehicle. It is fairly small, but there is still plenty of room for the seats.

My car has some dents on the front side from a car accident where someone swerved into my lane but even though I got in that accident my car is still going strong. It isn't the best at accelerating but it is reliable and gets me from place to place.

- Angie B

Quality first car Kia optima.

I really like it. It is my first car and the previous owners took care of it minus some body work. Other than that there is no internal problems at all. I do plan to learn how to take care of it myself and do all the repairs myself.

- Ian K

That you have to gently break the car so it does not jolt.

I like that for an older car it does not have a lot of miles on it and has a good sound system and heating/ac system. My only dislike is that there is sometimes a problem with the breaks and the belts that have to get fixed.

- Kate P

Drives great around town, gas mileage is great.

No problem yet, I keep up with the maintenance, the vehicle is mid size car not to big, not to small performance is great around town and on the highway a lot of get up and go, great gas mileage.

- Shawn T

It's very sporty and great on gas. It is a perfect commuter car choice. Looks nice, but doesn't hurt the wallet.

Very comfortable! Great on Gas. I have a hybrid, which is a wonderful commuter car, since we live outside the city. It takes premium oil, but it's worth it. my 2nd Optima thus far!

- Kayla T

The reliable work car that gets us from a to b

It gets us where we need to go. Transmission seems to be going but that hasn't affected the engine. Simple inside nothing fancy but it seems to have a good engine under the hood

- Kimberlee H

It's a manual, so not everyone knows how to drive it.

It is my husband's daily driver to work and gets us to the store and any other places we need to go. It is a stick shift and we bought it from a friend. It is a used car.

- Krystal S

It's a piece of junk but she gets me there.

Bad motor mounts and transmission mounts, right front fender damage no right front headlight. No windshield washer fluid container, engine problems, paint peeling.

- Laurie L

It is fun to drive gets decent gas mileage.

There is too much road noise would like it to be quieter. I wish there was a sunroof in it. I love the option of automatic shift and the v6 it has in it.

- Tamara C

It hav low profile tires and it turns on a dime!

I love my car. But the front passenger tire always seems to need a new one.. It shakes when you do about 40 mph. Or 70 mph. Other than that.. Great car!

- Angela R

It is cheap on gas and runs good!

My Kia is cheap on gas. It rides very smoothly. It is easy to handle. The car seats are hard on my back. It is not as comfortable as I would like.

- Teresa G

Kia Optimus Prime! A great used vehicle

This is a great vehicle for small families or single people. It is okay on gas, has lasted us for years and foresee having it for a while.

- Erin T

The car gets really good gas mileage for its price now a days.

The AC will go bad very quickly, the car gets good MPG for its year and will last for a very long time. Cheap parts is a huge bonus.

- Nicholas T

Longevity and performance.

Keep having to replace the coils in the engine. Front axle problems, replaced twice. She has great pickup when running correctly.

- Susan P

It has over 200,000 miles on it and is still going

Love the size, love the ease of driving, hate that everything has to go through the mechanic too hard to work on at home

- Robin R

It's green and it's really slow. It's ok on gas mileage

It's old and unreliable. I often stress whether I am going to make it to my destination. Sometimes it gets me there

- Michael C

Been a dependable car for 14 years.

Been a good car but > have problems with light bulbs going out. Autozone guy said that water gets down in them.

- Faye H

Parts for my car is costly because my car was not built in the United States.

It is a used car so it has tears in the seat. I love my gas mileage, I can get 32 miles per gallon on highway.

- Margaret C

My 2004 KIA Optima is great!

I think it drives very well. Great mileage. A lot of trunk space. Air conditioning doesn't work. Good sound.

- Dylan A

Good mileage runs great easy to drive handles very good

Never had a problem, runs great would buy another one. Easy to drive great mileage easy to take care of

- Warren T

Solid car to use and runs

It's very reliable and I love the car! Easy to operate and gets me around on short and long car rides.

- Bill J

Dependable , great on gas, low operating costs, easy to maintain

Best car I've ever owned. Everything still works. Needed repairs are far and few in between

- Ward H

It is a good car and it's better than having no car at all.

It is a good, reliable car. I don't like that my air just went out though so I have no a/c.

- Cassandra C

It's been very reliable, but it needs some minor maintenance,

It's never been in the shop. It's showing a lot of rust. Gas mileage could be better,

- Rich T

it is working so very well.

I like my car very much. It is smooth. It is over 10 years but working very well.

- yiyun m

Key fob doesn't work to open doors

Good on gas Good gas mileage Paid for Would like to have a new car

- Barbara D

It's wonderful on gas and very sturdy and reliable.

I hate how small it is. I love how good it is on gas.

- Deborah N

I do the required maintenance and the vehicle is in very good shape and has low mileage on it, I have a great garage that takes care of it

The vehicle has low mileage for the age, runs great!

- Pamela R

I like the trunk space and backseat space of the vehicle. The gas mileage isn't bad for its engine. However, the car has a hard time making it up hills without putting pressure on the engine. This is a big issue as we live in the mountains and are driving down to the Valley quite regularly.

Adequate interior space for a sudan style vehicle.

- Megan B

Sporty looking. Easy to drive, especially during the winter! Good gas mileage! No complaints!

Family friendly w/space for up to 5 people. Cozy.

- Tom B

It get me to where I have to go. I've had the car for a while and it's still running good

It's clean I love to keep it clean no food allowed

- Emanuel L