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It's important that you watch the oil level in this car. Check every week or two.

I bought my car used and after about 1 month I had blown my radiator. After I took it to the shop, I got my radiator fixed but than I had issues starting the car. Once I replaced my alternator it worked fine and I haven't run into any problems since, Its been about 6 months since I bought it and I've put on close to 500 miles. She's a little bit squeaky in the morning if Its cold but that's just because the timing belt is cold and once it has some oil running through there the squeak goes away. It has pretty good gas mileage, 23 city and 30 highway so I am not having to fill it with gas all the time, plus the tank hold around 8 gallons so It's fairly cheap to fill her up. It's a nice looking, reliable car, but clearly the last owner did not take very good care of her. I haven't had to add any coolant since I busted the radiator so I know that problem is fixed and I only have to add oil every couple of months. So since I started paying more attention to her it has been a very reliable car.

- Evan L

This is a solid little car.

I do not know a whole lot about cars, but I can tell you that my pre-owned 2005 Kia optima with about 150, 000 miles on her has been a solid and reliable car for me. She recently took me on quite a few miles of unintentional light off-roading adventures and handled that like a champ. Has a CD player, which is my preferred mode of music-listening, and a capacious trunk to satisfy all your road trip needs.

- Sparrow F

She’s an old girl but she drives like she just left the lot.

The car run well for being a 2005. I recently had to change the clutch, gear shift box and the cv joints. But is ride well and handle well in the snow. The driver seat is adjustable and there is plenty of room for the passengers in the back. It has ample storage space. It is a manual and response well in many condition. The truck is large enough for 3 large suitcases and 3 smaller carry-ons.

- Vernon H

In love with my spacious Kia.

I love my four door Kia optima. Its roomy, great on gas, and easy to take care of. I've had very few issues with it even though I bought it used. It's very dependable and reliable. Its smooth on the road and easily fits my family of four. I like driving it on a daily basis. The trunk is a great size, perfect for grocery shopping or weekend trips.

- Christina Y

One of the best cars I have ever owned.

I love my Kia it is full loaded with a 6 disc CD changer. I have leather seats a sunroof and many for options. I do believe there was nothing else that they could have added to this vehicle. It is truly one of the best cars that I have owned. I would recommend this car to any one that is looking for something good and reliable and good on gas.

- Tammy T

Kia Optima, nice family car.

My Kia is safe, reliable and fun to drive. It has power windows, locks and seats. The sunroof is a really nice feature. The factory radio has very nice sound quality. There are two cup holders in the front and an armrest with cup holders in the back. The back seat has plenty of space, which accommodates my son's car seat quite nicely.

- Jennifer H

05 Kia optima is a great car

This car is good for driving long distances and travelling. It is also good on gas. I only have to fill up twice a week if I drive it all week. It has comfortable seats and a lot of room. The performance of the vehicle is good and reliable. Only had a problem with the air getting clogged but got it fixed and hasn't clogged since.

- Ashley C

Buy Smart. Buy Kia I have a reliable gas efficient comfortable.

My 2005 Kia optima was a good car it was reliable dependable gas efficient. The only thing I had replaced on it was the alternator. It was a four door car bucket seats in the front and plenty of legroom both in the front and back. Also the trunk was a good size seat belts more comfortable and it was really fun to drive.

- Shannon K

Very average to say the least

I Believe the Kia Optima has sub par seats that make it uncomfortable to sit in and is not interesting to drive as opposed to other vehicles of its class. Additionally it is very hard to fit even four people in the car without it feeling cramped or as if there should be more room in the car.

- Ashton C

Dependability and cost of driving. It gets 29. 9 mpg with the 2. 7l v6.

My Kia Optima is by far the best most reliable vehicle I have ever owned. The ride quality is excellent and road noise minimum. It currently has 278, 000 miles and I have done nothing more than oil changes and normal maintenance. When I buy my next car it will be another Kia Optima.

- Ricky M

It came with a labra. Never had one of those on a car before.

When I bought this car, I didn't know it had some problems. I had to get new tires and it had a cracked cv axle which I had to replace. I'll never buy another vehicle from those dealers. These repairs and new tires cost me over $600. 00. Other than that I love the way it handles.

- Joann L

Awesome review of 2005 Kia optima.

Very reliable, very little features. Good running car for long trips and long drives. Good gas mileage. Easy to fix and cheap on parts. Make sure you buy a 4 cyl as the 6 cyl will be hard on gas. Very comfortable and good for long car rides and sleeping. Can fit a family of 5.

- Lisa S

It is very low on mileage and gas.

I like my car a whole lots. It is very good on gas. It is good to travel in. It has just enough room for luggage and to be comfortable when we travel. It is not to small or cramped up. It is a white car. And it is good on tires. We do not have to buy tires real often.

- Doris S

Cool dependable comfy ride.

Great car that has been dependable and reliable. Haven't had hardly any issues with it and the few it is had gave been minor and easy on the pocketbook. It offers a comfortable ride and has excellent air conditioning which is a must down here in the deep south.

- Barbara G

runs good on gas mechanical parts are cheap

the car runs really great and is somewhat okay on gas. Even though the car is 4 door my family is a family of 3 and we feel really squeezed in. but I am 6ft myself and my partner is 6ft 2 inches so probably not the best car for us but it gets the job done

- kimberly V

It is red and tan because we had to replace the front when I wrecked it.

It has been in two wrecks. There is a problem with the doors opening. You have to open the passenger door my unlocking the car then turning the key in the door and opening as you turn it. The ac is broken and the windshield needs replacing.

- Beth B

Size is perfect for self comfort levels as well as practicality

I like the Kia Optima because it is small enough for me to handle for day to day necessities, and large enough for when I need to do more involving special activities like events.

- Stephanie A

Safety expense money gas mileage color sunroof.

What I do not like is it needs new tires and has a cracked cv axle, which I didn't know about when I bought the car. Both of these things I cannot afFord at this time.

- Joann L

It has been a dependable car.

It had been reliable and comfortable to ride in. I do not like the heaviness of the trunk and the difficulty of putting on seat belts in back seat.

- Kathleen H

Will get there easily and comfortably without a note.

Workhorse car that has put in the miles. Comfortable and clean. Dislike that it cannot accommodate a roof rack or side window deflectors.

- Heather B

Very comfortable and dependable.

My Kia is very dependable, comfortable and has ice cold air. My car get about 23 miles to the gallon and it rides really smooth.

- Kim M

It needs a tune up. It also needs a new windshield.

I like that my car is reliable. I don't like how cheap it is and how often things go wrong. I like that the mileage is low.

- Terri A

It is a great runner and great on gas

Although my vehicle is old it runs very smooth. I have had minimal problems with the car in the 2 years I have owned it

- Cory P

It rides comfortably and gets good gas mileage.

Has low mileage for the year that it is. I like the color. I like how much room it has in it. I would buy another one.

- Jennifer L

My car is reliable and can get me anywhere on the map.

What I like about my vehicle is that I can travel for more than 50 miles and it will get me there and not break down.

- Arlene V

My car gets great gas mileage. Is not a very expensive car.

I like my car because it is very good on gas. And it is a small compact car. And it gets me where I want to go.

- Doris D

Great space and gas mileage

Love the space. My car is older but if I take good care if it it keeps going well. Runs well for a older car.

- Amanda H

Others should know that it's fast and very dependable.

I like that my car is comfortable. It is also stylish. I also like that it has good acceleration.

- Claudette C

It's reliable, looks nice, quiet. Good acceleration.

It looks nice. Good gas mileage. Compact size. Nice shape.

- Jean H

passenger seat very low, as if the person were sunk

only that, I think it should be higher for more comfort

- marta m