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Best little car I ever owned.

My vehicle was bought from a loan company it had been repo'd from this lady and her son. The inside had a lot of damage but the car drove like a new one. The factory radio is awful that's the thing I hate about the car, however that is about the only thing I don't like about the car. The headlights are not that bright even when they are on high beam. I have hit 2 deer and the car still drives great. My car is automatic and manual I love that feature. The car is only a 4 cylinder but it will go really fast if I need it too, it uses very little gas on long trips and around town. My car was not built for comfort, while it is not uncomfortable to ride in around town it is not comfortable to ride in on long trips. I have never had any trouble out of the car mechanically other than replacing brakes and oil and transmission changes but that comes with the up keep of any vehicle. Over all I love my car I don't have any trouble out of it and it has never let me down. It always gets me wherever I want to go safely.

- Kelly D

Doing well for an older model.

No major problems to report. I can feel when the car downshifts when dropping below 20 mph; however I have been assured this is not a concern and I have learned to adapt to it. The low tire light has come on more than once, though I cannot find any tire that seems below recommended pressure. A length of trim along the windshield has trouble remaining in place. Clear Coat is flaking off the door handles from frequent use. Driver's side mirror turn signal light is dim and/or flickers. Driving through large puddles will cause the power steering to fail temporarily.

- Phil C

Don't let the low price fool you. Kia Optimas are great.

I love the reliability of the Kia, Optima. It drives smoothly. The trunk is huge and fits most double strollers! It requires very little maintenance. Plus, it is affordable. I don't like how long service takes when necessary. It wait about an hour and a half for an oil change. I also wish it had ac vents in the back; no one has ever complained of not being comfortable though.

- Brittney C

Loving my Kia optima and why you will too!!

We love this car. So far it runs great and it has been reasonably cheap to fix. The parts for basic routine maintenance have been on the lower end of price range for vehicles this size. This vehicle is great on gas which is important with the high gas prices lately. Especially since I am constantly driving back and forth for work and taking the kids to activities!

- Eileen C

My Kia optima. Amazing car, 10 yrs. Driving it and still very dependable.

I purchased this vehicle in 2008. It was a 2007 new car. I have been driving it now for 10 yrs. It has been an exceptional vehicle. Handles well, good gas mileage, very low maintenance. I have not had any major issues with my vehicle, only regular maintenance, tires replaced, oil changes and cabin filter. Very dependable vehicle.

- Barbara S

It runs great and gets good gas mileage

I really like my car. I got it as a hand me down from my grandparents when I graduated college. It's fully loaded so I have all the extras and it's in great shape since they always had the dealer take care of it. I love the heated leather seats and the six disc changer. I wish it had an auxiliary port for the audio though.

- Zach C

An Optimal car for a comfortable ride.

It's a comfortable ride. Gets decent gas mileage, 24-26 highway miles to the gallon. Roomier than appears. Handles well, though little touchy in the snow and ice. Dependable, haven't had to do much but keep up oil changes. Do wish had a better stereo system. Large trunk. Overall a decent car to own, would buy another one.

- Jamie P

Why to buy Kia. The car priced for most on a budget and total comfort.

It's a car that drives with lots of extras. Like sunroof heated seats great on gas big doors easy to get in and out of. Big space in trunk for large. Or odd size bags. Big windows. No blind spots see allround when driving. Auto. Heat and cooling settings. Big seats with electric power to adjust for the perfect ride.

- Maureen S

10 Years and still running well.

I have had this vehicle for 10 yrs. It has been the most reliable car I have ever owned. No major problems, just regular maintenance required, replaced tires twice. I would say the only thing I do not like about it is the driver side mirror because I am so short that the mirror interferes with my ability to see.

- Barbara S

The perfect sized sedan with a perfect sized trunk.

My vehicle is very reliable and is great on gas mileage! It is a comfortably sized sedan with plenty of space in the trunk. I love the automatic starter and sun roof that came with it. The only problems that I have had is the replacement of the ignition lock cylinder. I had it fixed and it works like new!

- Marissa H

I was never really comfortable in it like I was my Saturn.

It needs a new engine after 10 yrs. of routine maintenance. Little plastic things would break shortly after purchasing in 2007. I had 99 Saturn before that and loved it. Very good car. I should not have sold it. I should have kept it and maybe I would have bought a car something other than a Kia optima.

- Olivia K

My Kia optima isn't the most luxurious or up to date car but its been reliable.

It has been a reliable car that gets me where I need to go. It is usually good on gas but not as good lately. It is comfortable enough to fit 3 kids in it. My car does not have many features but it has what I need. The ac compressor went out so I have not had air conditioning in the car since I got it.

- Amber R

Kia Optima 2007 that is my car.

My car runs and works ok. The ac is good in it. The breaks are great. It is just a od car but it works so it is fine with me. It is a 2007 Kia Optima and I just got it in July of 2018. The car is a four door automatic car. I use it everyday to do my daily errands and to get to places.

- Abigail H

Very dependable Kia Optima.

I love the car but wish it had more trunk space. It has a great color silver and it has been very reliable over the years. Maintenance is a little high because some shops do not work on them but biggest expense has been the timing belt replacement every 90 thousand miles.

- John P

The most reliable and economical car.

My car is very reliable, has good gas mileage, very comfortable. Have never experienced any problems, just the usual wear and tear like changing the oil, breaks, pretty much just give it good maintenance. The paint still in good condition, air/heat work perfect.

- Olga J

It is very comfortable to drive.

Its reliable, maintenance is not too expensive, it is a smooth ride and is comfortable. It has plenty of room. A lot of trunk space. It has remote start which is great for the winter. I wish it was a different color but other than that I really like driving it.

- Carla T

The vehicle needs to be updated, but it is very dependable and good on gas.

Dependable and very reliable vehicle with minor wear and tear due to use. It is a little small for my liking, power windows. CD player does not work, air compressor is going out, so the air will not work sometimes. Chipped paint, and some bumps and bruises.

- Britney O

The car is somewhat above basic transportation, it has some of the basic options.

Except for an ignition switch problem that took a month to just get the par and the CD player does not work, it has been a reliable car. Good gas mileage and good power for a 4-cylinder. It is the lx model so it does not have some features like power seats.

- Tim W

It is reliable and has lasted over a long time.

I like it. I haven't had any major problems with it yet. I have owned it for about 6 years. Just recently the a. C. Has been a little off. Sometimes it does not blow cold air and I have to turn it off and then back on for it to start working again.

- Lauren S

my kia is dependable, affordable, and safe! it's easy to drive.

The maintenance costs for the vehicle are very affordable. The car itself though is very basic, lacking any auxiliary/BT compatibility. I wish I could listen to my music. The gas mileage is great though, and it's a reliable car.

- allison b

I bought it I replaced most things new engine.

I like the looks of the car and the ride Kia put just about everything in this I dislike that it doesn't get more miles per gallon. I get about 29 on the highway I had a Honda civic back in 1983 and got 42 on average from that.

- Tom S

My Kia is a strong running car and i will gladly buy another.

I like my car, I bought it new in 2007 and it has been a very solid vehicle. There have been some repairs that needed done but nothing out of the ordinary wear and tear. I would like to replace it with a newer model soon.

- Roberta S

That is the most dependable car out there on the market

I love the safety features of this car and how well built this car is. It is easy to use and not all this fancy stuff that is hard to understand. The only thing I miss is the digital dashboard that my other car had.

- julie L

Very reliable, Kia offers a great warranty program.

We love our Kia. We have over 272,000 miles on our car, with original engine and transmission. Have had to have very little done other than normal maintenance. Still running good, very comfortable, great gas mileage.

- Mary B

Reliability is key, but this is also a fun car to drive

My car has been reliable although getting up in age now some problems are expected. Interior is very comfortable. Radio controls on the steering wheel which is a nice feature. Overall I would buy a Kia again

- Donna B

That it's a great deal for the price. A lot of people assume that Kia is a lower end brand but it's a really great car.

I've had my car for over 10 years and have had hardly any issues with it so far. My upholstered seats are very comfortable for driving long distances. The sound system still sounds great after 10 years.

- Cristan O

The car is very comfortable for taking road trips.

I really do not have any complaints. I bought it used and it has been a great car. The car had all the bells and whistles so it was nice to have the features though it was an older vehicle.

- Regina E

Kia optima to get up and go.

This is a great car. Good on gas. Handles well. Great pick up when you have to get up and get into traffic. My only complaint is I cannot figure out how to remove the ashtray to empty it.

- Theresa L

That despite having the very long extended bumper to bumper coverage (I think 10 yrs.) I have never had any need to use it.

I mainly Like the fact that since I bought my car Brand New, that I have never had a single problem with it. It still looks and runs like it almost brand new. No complaints whatsoever.

- Terrence M

That my Kia has been a very reliable car!

I have had it for over 10 years. It has been a very good and reliable vehicle. My only complaint with these Asian cars is that the Brake pads and rotors seem to go bad quickly.

- Steven R

It's good on gas, very reliable at first. Good for new drivers or someone who is buying a low budget vehicle.

The car is nice, it gets you from a-b. It is over ten years which means a lot of maintenance issues are starting. Once one thing fails it can mess up everything else.

- Sharonda F

They should consider Kia Optimas when shopping for new vehicles.

I love how smooth the car drives. The trunk is huge and fits a double stroller with ease. The car is also very reliable. I wish air vents were also in the back.

- Brittney C

The Great World of KIA Optimas

My KIA optima is a 2007. I got It at a small family owned dealership fell in love with it. It's very roomy I find little problems here and there but nothing major.

- Brianna C

Reliability would be that.

Love the car, for a car that is 11 model years old, have had almost no problems. Of course feature-wise, the car has what you would expect from a car from 2007.

- Mack L

The mileage is pretty good

The seats are uncomfortable, The warranty doesn't cover anything. I like that it's 10 years old and still gets me where i'm going and it's paid off

- sharlina V

Mechanically sound, cosmetically flawed.

The car is mechanically very reliable but many plastic parts have broken including the internal door handles, visors, and gas cap under normal use.

- Zach G

I like the manufacturer and would buy another Kia.

I like the style of the body and I like the interior. I like that the rear seats fold down to give more trunk space. I hate the poor gas mileage.

- Sandi L

people should know that I get great gas mileage.

I love my car. It's small, easy to handle and very easy on the gas. I've had it for 10 years and it has very low mileage. I have no complaints.

- elaine P

Still looks and runs like New after 11 1/2 years. Love Kia.

I bought my car New 11 1/2 years ago and I love it. No problems. The only thing I don't like is it's almost impossible to read the clock.

- Janice S

Lots of room and safe. It is a lower priced car that I had 2 mechanics tell me was the best car for the price.

roomy,reliable car that I can also take 2-3 grandkids in. It is also safe and well made for also a lower price than a lot of other brands.

- brad A

Since we hang out with our family our 5 seat Kia is a little small.

Our car is really nice. It runs fine and we have never had any problems with it. The one thing I would say is that it's a little small.

- Julie P

Reliable, good gas mileage.

I have never had any car trouble since I bought it. I get a oil change every 3 months, tune up twice a year, and have no trouble.

- Linda C

It has a great warranty and works well. It has been low maintenance.

It has been a reliable vehicle. I like that it has been relatively low maintenance. I wish that it was a little better pick up.

- Darryl P

The car has been used a lot in the past 11 years but still runs great

The gas Mileage is very good. It has a good sound system. It does have a strange smell when the air conditioner first comes on

- Trent H

It is great on mileage. And it has not given me much problems even though it is.

I like the gas mileage. The only thing I do not like about it is that is a car. I prefer a SUV. It is getting some age on it.

- Darlene B

Safe, reliable and good on gas.

The only thing I dislike about my car is it is front wheel drive. Everything else is great. Runs great and is dependable.

- Kerry W

It runs well after 11 years.

I have had very few problems with this car. It is reliable and dependable. I hope to keep it around for years to come.

- Lauren S

It runs very well, I have had no problems.

I like that it has cruise control and that you can set the interior lights to go off when the door closes and locks.

- Jamie D

The 10 year warranty that Kia has on all it's cars.

I got it used for a great price. It's comfy and reliable. I've never had any mechanical issues with it. I love it!

- Aude C

I like the color of my car

I like my car because it can go pretty fast. It's good on gas, it can fit a good amount of people in the car

- Michael C

It will last you a very long time.

My car is very reliable. I enjoy the durability, though wish it was bigger. Overall, it is a great vehicle.

- Heather S

My car is a good car. it good.

What I like about my vehicle is that it drive good. There us nothing that I don't like about my own car.

- Greg A

It is still working, not even kidding!.

I think I should get a new car but I do not have the money. I wish it was newer and more hip honestly.

- Moriah L

My car gets excellent gas mileage, so I really love it for that. However, I have had several issues with the ignition cylinder and now the light comes on that says there are issues with the airbag. So, overall, it's a great car for a broke college student, but perhaps not super reliable as a long-term vehicle.

It gets great gas mileage and is perfect for someone who is trying to save money on gas.


The parts are expensive and Brakes wear out fast. I like that it is good on gas. All of my door handles have broke because they are so cheaply made.

Brakes wear out fast. Good on gas. Parts are expensive.

- lee h

It has been very reliable, with no major problems since I've owned it. It's paid for and gets me and my family where we need to be comfortably. The only real complaint is there is a defect with the visors that hasn't ever been recalled by the manufacturer, and it's not worth the cost for me to pay for repair.

Reliable, long-lasting vehicle with no major problems.

- Tyler W

Kia has been a good car for me.

has enough legroom and seat fits my butt.

- Sheri e