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Best car for little money

This car has lasted way past expectation and terrain I never thought it could. It is comfy without being pricey. There radio steering wheel controls, along with cruise controls, so you always feel in control with two hands on the wheels. I like that the sound adjust to the noise that is caused when driving the freeway. I like that it has all the alert lights, such as low tire pressure, brakes needing replaced, or when the battery is going out. It has been comfy to take the family of four plus the dog and have plenty of legroom for everyone. The trunk is big and can hold lots, and if you ever need to pick stuff up from ikea or Costco the back seats lay down do you can fit more in. This car has been low maintenance and just the normal wear and tear. We have had it checked and maintained well, with regular oil changes and tire rotations. I really enjoy this car and get great gas mileage, I honestly don't know what I am going to do if there comes a time I cannot fix it.

- Karen D

This is an stylish reliable vehicle that will stay with you for years!

I have owned my Kia Optima for 9 years and have had no problems. I do keep up with the required maintenance. It gets great gas mileage and is powerful for a mid size sedan. I also love the fact that when I am low on gas the little indicator light comes on but I still do not have to worry about finding a gas station right away:) other people who have driven my Kia comment on the power. Very comfortable to drive. Even though the car is 9 years old it still looks stylish. I like the large size of the trunk even though the interior is large enough for all passengers to sit comfortably.

- Sharon C

Kia optima; all about the space.

I have one complaint about my car and that it does not have ac vents in the back seat. Other than that I love my car! It is great for a first time buyer and or young driver. I am a craft vendor and I can fit three tables(collapsible of course), two medium size plastic containers, a 10x10 tent and some weights all in the trunk! So plenty of space. With that being said I travel a lot and with this car you can easily make a 300 mi trip on a full tank. I am a small person just under 5ft and I can easily adjust not only my seat but the pedals to my fit. Over all I am happy with my Kia!

- Miranda S

Simple and straightforward.

Car has been great. Parts are easily found and fairly simple to install making maintenance a breeze. Very good layout under the hood; the engine compartment could be more easily accessible, but that is more of a personal preference. I have owned the car since 2015 and since then I have put over 60, 000 miles on in driving all over Texas and it is held up quite nicely. Sitting pretty at 108, 000 miles and still going strong. About to have to do a good bit of maintenance on her soon but that is to be expected with a car that is been on the road for 10 model years.

- John H

Kia Optima 2009 my little tank car.

1) the reverse has a pull ring, and is at the upper most left gear on my stick. 2) my clutch is shorter than most that I am accustomed too. 3) I do not have a door/lock clicker on my key fob, which I have learned to do without. It’s a great car, excellent on gas and has not “nickel & dimed” me at all. I put studded tires on for winter (northern me) and this car drives like a 4x4 tank. The only thing that would make this car a better vehicle, is if it were a pick up truck & had a hitch. Overall pleased.

- Leda W

This is a very reliable vehicle that comes with a great warranty.

I had a Kia Spectra prior to the Optima and was impressed with the quality, price, and reliability. The Optima was an upgrade to bigger, more stylish vehicle. It's starting to show some wear and tear over 9 years but is still very reliable. Only thing I don't like is that there is a clicking solenoid every time the break is released. In stop and go traffic it gets very annoying. Also, locked my keys in it once and was able to use the warranty to have it opened - cool

- Steve C

My car has wonderful gas mileage.

I love the fact that I get really good gas mileage for my car. My trunk is huge, which has always been a plus. I have never broken down, but I have kept up pretty good maintenance on my vehicle as well. The sound system is decent, but my AUX cord outlet works when it wants to. I thing the thing I don't like about my car is the type of interior on the seats. It is light colored, it is almost like a sofa pillow texture; it shows every little stain, I wish it was leather.

- Alexis G

Optima 09 spacious trunk and backseat; very comfortable

I love the spaciousness of the whole car but especially the trunk! We do not have a truck but are able to carry a lot in the Kia! It is comfortable to drive and the dash is easy to read. My Kia does not have a lot of fancy features but I do have automatic doors and windows and cruise control. I also have anti lock brakes and a V8 engine. I really enjoy the get-up-and go it has!

- Allyn L

Reliable and dependable car.

This car has been kept up with oil changes and alignments as directed. In return we've had very little trouble with it. Twice the key wouldn't turn in the ignition & it had to be towed. Repair was around $600 each time. The radio has totally gone out, we do not know why & haven't replaced it. Other than that, we've driven it 9 years without trouble.

- Beverly T

Fuel economy and great space

The seats in the car are very comfortable there is plenty of space you don't really feel crowded. The car gets great gas mileage I can go a long way on a tank of gas. Everything works on it including the air conditioning which is a lifesaver in the summer. The trunk is huge it can hold a lot of groceries and it will hold all your stuff for a trip.

- Renee C

Comfortable Efficient and Gas Saver

Really nice vehicle. Good on gas and mileage. Performance is great. Low maintenance and reliable. The vehicle is comfortable, has heated seats, and controls for radio on steering wheel. Like that the car has yet to have any real sensor problems. Anytime sensor lights came on it was for a reason. Not much wear and tear through the years of use.

- LeAnn F

The Kia Optima 2009 could be a great car would be fantastic for a beginner.

The Kia Optima 2009 is completely falling apart even after just one month of use. Purchased from a reliable sales place and can not believe how many repairs it need to function properly. First the steering wheel is completely off. Random white smoke comes out of vents when heater is on, and there is a constant squealing sound from engine.

- Amber D

Overall it has been an awesome car and is very good on gas.

It is a very reliable vehicle. Has run well for me for about 10 years. It has 164,000 miles. I have faithfully gotten the oil changed. Did have an issue about three years in with it jolting when I would brake. Also, all of the door handles have broken off. Had to replace the door lock motor on the drivers side door.

- Lisa H

Safest car on the road. Year 2009 Kia Optima best car for buck.

It's the best. Roomy, great on gas mileage, hasn't had a single problem yet. I've replaced the tires once, and then just a few weeks ago I had to replace the starter, but all of this is just normal wear and tear that you should expect from any vehicle. When I purchased this car it was rated most usage on the road.

- Ashley C

I would not buy this type of vehicle again.

The Kia Optima is a smaller sized car. It is not comfortable for long car rides, but gets great gas mileage. Once a ball joint goes bad it seems as if there are always more problems with them. Being a foreign car the parts are also more expensive. We have also had lots of problems with going through brake pads.

- Lee H

a silver 2009 Kia Optima LX, FWD

Problem with hard downshifts when slowing down, but good running little car with good mileage. Not a lot of power but gets the job done. Car looks pretty good I would say, not as cheap as some of the other vehicles in its class. Price point is great, too, as it is cheaper than comparable cars I looked at.

- Brandon F

Wonderful family vehicle.

It drives awesome, has an awesome stock stereo system, with very easy to use features. Low-key, but very nice, vehicle. Has plenty of room, with a large trunk and is very comfortable, which is a must for a family with 2 young kids and a dog who tend to take frequent 2 hour or more trips to visit family.

- Melissa P

Kia optima, good gas mileage.

No major issues with my car. Been driving for 8 years. The sensors still work. I do have dent in the trunk where I back into tree. There are plastic hubcaps. It's been a great car. It needs sensors to tell you when it needs tune up. I haven't come across that yet. Gets good gas mileage. Radio is good.

- Susan R

The overall performance of the Kia optima is great.

Great gas mileage and comfort. Easy to drive and the trunk has plenty of room. We have taken long distance trips with no problems. Whenever we need maintenance the parts are ready in stock. We use it as a family car and also drive it to work. It does not take long to warm up and get cool in the summer.

- Diana W

Its a tank that will get you anywhere.

It has gotten me near and far. It's made long and short trips. I've driven from Kansas city to north Carolina and from north Carolina to Jacksonville Florida and back to north Carolina and it still runs wonderfully. Also it has gotten me to and from school for the past 6 years without any troubles.

- James C

Luxury and affordability!

The main reason we bought a Kia was the combination of price, value, and warranty. We have been pleased with all three of those categories. Kia also has a great combination of luxury feel and affordability. We have been very pleased that Kia affords the feel and look of luxury for much less cost.

- Ben S

It will not give you any problems.

It runs like a dream. It is very comfortable and quiet inside. The seats are easy to adjust. The trunk is roomy; we have a walker to put in it. The air conditioner and heater are easy to adjust, including temperature and fan speed and vent angles. Visibility is good all the way around.

- Judith M

This is a good vehicle for the price.

Not too big, not too small. Nice looking car, looks expensive. Ok in snow if good tires, otherwise not so good. Very bumpy, not the best shocks. Very roomy trunk. Price is good. Shift could be better. Wide back seat. Front seats pretty comfortable. Heat and air conditioner work well.

- Colleen C

In all, I would not buy another Kia.

Comfortable and I really like this car. Problem with lock, passenger window does not go down. Had tried matching door to gas and was not the right color. When it gets cold my heater does not work very good. Have had it for almost 5 years. Really in all, I would not buy another Kia.

- Maria G

Reliable, cheap, dependable.

The Kia is fine. Good mileage and I haven't had a lot of problems with it. I drive it a lot for work. A belt in the engine is going out so my power steering goes out if I drive into a puddle when it rains. Truck is a great size and I love the radio buttons on the steering wheel.

- Kristina G

Car is fine for now but definitely not something I want to keep for much longer.

My car has fair gas mileage, but definitely not as good as it could be. The stereo broke after it was about 5 years old. The mirror that came with the car was way too small. I bought a bigger one to put over it, so that I do not have any blind spots. Otherwise, it is a good car.

- Lindsey D

Very reliable and good gas mileage

Very reliable, the ac does like to go out on it sometimes. Can't be too rough with it, it's the kind of car you must take care of. Will become sluggish if oil is not changed on the regular, and it will affect the gas mileage. Has problems with the fan belt coming loose as well.

- Joel H

It is incredibly reliable and safe. I have had it for over 8 years now and it is still running strong.

My vehicle is very reliable. It has run well for the past 8 years that I have owned it. My only complaint is that at this point the 2009 is a bit out of date with features. I love not having a car payment anymore but would love some of the newer features offered on cars now.

- Abby V

The a.c. works great and and very good o. Gas. And it rides nice

The car has been a great car, gets great gas mileage. I have to replace something on the front end. The a.c. and heat work perfectly it's safe it fits myself and my children. I work 5 days a week and it gets me there and back over all I love my car and would buy another

- Amanda V

Kia optima review-good car.

No problems always reliable cozy car good first car white with brown seats small radios easy to get around in safe car. Room in the back seat large trunk 4 cup holders center console and little tray by the stick shift auto magic windows good heating and cooling systems.

- Lindsey B

Very reliable dependable car.

No problems. Great. Performance love. The 10 year warranty reliable car great gas. Mileage great to travel in. Roomy. Lots of trunk space. I would recommend. You never see these cars sd and used. That is saying something. Would highly recommend if looking to buy a car.

- Angela W

It's a super dependable car! It's warranty is amazing!

I love how dependable this car is. Fantastic warranty! The only issue I've had is every 50,000 miles I have to have the relearn reset because it jerks when I accelerate at the 20 mph mark. And I have to pay to do it. Other than that it's the best car I've ever had!

- Maggie C

Nothing at all really my car isn't the best

Transmission is slipping and its in ok condition. It's a reliable car to get you to point a to point b. It sometimes smell like gas when you fill up at a gas station. Other than that it's an ok car. Sometimes I have trouble with turning the ac on the knob is messed up.

- Charles K

The gas saver ac good mileage car

Good gas mileage. Good heater. Good A/C. Can fit up to a family of five. Has a satellite radio with a GPS. The two front seats have seat warmers. Has two cup holders in the front and back seats. Hardly ever have a problem with car, drive it almost every day.

- Jasmine S

Very dependable car. I love the extra features such as sunroof, navigation system. I get lots of compliments on this car.

The car has been very dependable, only had to change batteries/tires. I have put more miles than I would have liked but trust it to get me back and forth. Love the navigation features. Only thing i dislike, it is crowded in the back seat for my 3 grandkids.

- Sandra T

Good vehicle, would buy another.

I like the Kia Optima I am driving. Easy to handle. It is a comfortable car for passengers and the driver. If I wanted or needed a new vehicle, I would seriously consider buying another Kia. I shouldn't say this, but I have had very few problems with the car.

- Linda F

Kia optima is a great car to use very reliable.

I have had no problems with my car except for a few nails in the tires. I love how reliable the car is I have good gas mileage. The chairs are pretty comfortable. As of right now the only thing I dislike is the paint is started to wear off.

- Jennifer Q

Good mileage, drives well, great has mi.

My 2009 Kia has been one of the best cars I have ever purchased. . In the ten years I have only had one repair done to the car. . . The mileage is fantastic. Have had no. Problems. The car had a smooth drive. Also can get up fast speed.

- Darlene G

It gets good gas mileage, but it can also waste a lot of gas.

It's starting to have a lot of like issues such as stuff breaking. My sun visors are starting to deteriorate. My inside light plate has broke. My hood of my car the paint is messed up and it's starting to run rough.

- Payton H

Technical issues with the radio, wipers, and dashboard lights.

The battery and tams lights are faulty. The windshield wipers make a mechanical noise that does not sound natural. If you are charging your phone and using the AUX cord at the same time, it makes a static noise.

- Matt J

Kia is a reliable car, I've had my car for 6 years and no major problems.

Kia runs well, but it is easy to speed meaning I can barely touch the accelerator and I'm speeding down the street. The only thing I hate about the car is the horn, it's a low horn.

- Tiffany L

It is very reliable and a great car to have when you have little ones to drive around.

The size was really great for 2 kids, but adding a third makes it feel a little more compact. It handles and rides very smooth even after being 10 years old. Maintenance is very easy

- Abby K

It is a well made car and very reliable

Love my car and most everything except one thing the piece between the windshield and the side window is so big I often don't see things as they are hidden. But I am used to it now

- Z B

The simplicity of the vehicle, I love the small features in it but I like how simple it is

I have never really had many issues with my car. At one point my sensors were off so all of my lights turned on. Other than that it runs smoothly and gets me where I need to go.

- Lori M

The price was a bargain and the car payment is great.

I like that I've had no problems with the car since I got it. The gas fill up isn't too bad. My only complaint is why cannot cars last forever! Have too many miles on my car.

- Jen Q

It's just a nice, full-size sedan. It's spacious, sporty, and an attractive vehicle.

It gets the job done and it's fun to drive since it's a 5 speed manual transmission. I bought it used and really my only complaints come from wear and tear of the vehicle.

- John C

It's a comfortable car both in driving and in seating and it has a lot of useful features.

I generally enjoy using this car. The biggest issue would be with the touchscreen control and the navigation controls. They glitch out a lot and distract while driving.

- sherl j

Very good car for the age and price.

Economical, and family friendly. Easy to drive and get around in in all traffic situations. Could be a little more comfortable, but I believe that is due to age and use.

- Kristin G

It is a very reliable car. If you take time to take care of it, it will run for a long time.

I love how reliable she is. Minor maintenance is required to really keep her running. My biggest dislike is that the lack of luxury options like satnav or heated seats.

- Andrew C

Kia's are a great value. They come with the perks you'd expect with a much more expensive vehicle.

No Bluetooth capabilities, which is unfortunate.I love having volume buttons on the steering wheel. The radio won't work unless it's connected to Sirius.

- Glenda N

It gets good gas mileage.

I find that it is quite reliable. It is not, however, as comfortable as the Hyundai we previously owned. It is not good, in that regard, for long trips.

- Sophie F

Good value for the purchase price but don't expect long lasting

I like my car but it's not as sturdy as my previous car. It will do for now to get me to the places I want to go but I will eventually replace it.

- adl l

The latches that opens the doors break easily.

Easy to drive. Easy to clean. Roomy and the trunk is huge. I like that I can control the volume on the steering wheel as well as XM or radio.

- Brenda C

It has very comfortable seats, both front and rear seats.

I loved my car before it was rear ended. Out is a great car with good pick up. I like the heated seats. It is a pretty silver with a Sunroof.

- Gail B

Good truck that can do truck things well and comfortably fit a family of four.

Car is dependable, I own it and gets me to where I need to go. Have had it for about 10 years. I have put a lot of mileage on this car.

- Katie D

This is such an awesome car:).

Very comfortable ride. Awesome stereo system for being stock. Very laid back style interior, while still having nice features. .

- Melissa P

I Love My 2009 Kia Optima

We have had no major problems with our Kia Optima and it has never left us stranded. We just changed the oil every 3000 miles.

- Michael B

It is a very beautiful car

The air conditioner is broken and has been for a couple years now but other than it rides smoothly and has great mileage

- Mone S

It runs very very well. I really like it. Yes. I like it a lot.

It runs well. I have not had to have very much work done. I got it for free because it was a gift from my parents.

- Grant S

The engine is awesome. Running strong and quick to respond.

I do not like that it is aging and wearing out, but I love how it drives, love its longevity, love the features.

- Faye W

As soon as the camshaft sensor needs to be replaced it opens the door to a whole lot of other issues. Before that happened I loved my car.

I still like my car no matter what the problems are as long as it stays safe for my family to ride and drive.

- Kim w

Very good quality and last along time.

It lasts a long time and good on gas mileage. Not a lot of maintenance has to be done to it. Been a good car.

- Kristina K

The safety features such as back up camera, passenger airbag.

Good fuel mileage. Gets me where I want to go. Fairly comfortable. Cannot think of any complaints right now.

- Linda F

May have to take to the shop a lot.

Always has issues, but has nice interior and extra features (sunroof, heated seats, leather seats, etc. ).

- Colette A

Reliable and very comfortable vehicle that looks nice.

A very reliable car. A very low maintenance car. A very comfortable car. I just love to drive this car.

- Lori P

Stay up to date on recalls.

The vehicle drives like a champ. No major problems so far. It has 135k on it and it feels brand new.

- Travis L

It is a reliable car, that lasts. Very little, to no mechanical issues.

My car has been good to me. I bought it brand new. It works for my family size. Gas mileage is good.

- Shan G

It drives well and it's comfortable for long drives.

I like the gas mileage however I miss having a bigger engine with more power. Also wish it had AWD.

- Michelle P

It gives me Good miles per gallon so I can save money

Gives good miles per gallon. It is comfortable. It hasn't broken down. Good engine.

- Julia L

Durability is fantastic, no complaints.

Has lasted great. It's very roomy. Would prefer it not to be so low to the ground.

- Rebecca r

It is well-made to last and gets very good gas mileage.

It is comfortable and reliable. It gets very good gas mileage.

- Pat M

not very good on gas, very loud interior noise from the outside

works pretty good not too many problems. loud interior noise.

- fred p

The car is very durable..

Not a lot of cons. Just wish the paint wouldn't chip so much..

- D w

Good gas mileage, cold ac, smooth ride comfy seats

Had a bent rod but the place did fix it under warranty

- Josh R

It is easy to handle, drives well, safe and gets good gas mileage.

It is easy on gas, drives well and easy to keep up.

- Sally F

Right window is off track. Don't roll it down.

no real complaints. reliable and fuel efficient.

- benjamin P