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Turn signal lights on the outside of car are on the rear view mirrors.

We have a Kia Optima. It is 9 years old and has given us quite a few problems through these 9 years. Most of the trouble has been with the headlights and with the interior lights. The headlights randomly got out. . . No apparent reason even though my husband just spent money to replace it with a new light. This has happened numerous times. We've had the interior lights stay on all night for again, no apparent reason and the next morning we get ready for work and bam! Our battery is dead! We've taken it to our local Kia dealer and they've kept our car for days, several different times all with the same verdict: they have no idea. Another challenge is now our drivers side car door will not lock or open without usually the key manually. It is also so with the drivers side back seat door. So, god forbid if I was alone at night walking through a parking lot and someone was following me I could not get in my car as fast as I could if the door unlocked with my automatic door opener on my set of keys. These problems have been on going. Definitely would not recommend a Kia at this point.

- Sher A

The Kia Optima all in all.

The Optima is a very comfortable ride. It has a nice look to it. The Optima gets good gas mileage driving in town and really good gas mileage on long distance drives. The Optima has quite a bit of space in seating and in truck for hauling for trips or shopping. The stereo system in the car is really good and balanced with good sound and surround. The air and heating runs really well and circulation is good in the car. One thing I do not like but is not really a big deal is there is no charging ports in the back for passengers to charge phones or electronics. All in all it has/ is a mechanically good car and has been very reliable for me.

- Jami W

This car will fill all your basic needs. Easy traveling and easy to maintain.

This vehicle has been around to hold me down! Oh wow been on road trips of at least 500 miles multiple times a year. I have not had any major issues. Air condition system is wonderful during the summer. Filling oil is easy! I found that changing the headlights was difficult. We watched a YouTube video about how to change the headlights. There is a brake light recall that I haven't fixed yet. The car is Easy to clean. The car is Easy to drive. I have the sport feature which allows a shift into sport mode for manual driving.

- Nicole B

May have been a good car in its time, but not made for longevity.

The car is good in that I put many miles on it, and it is currently at approximately 140, 000 miles and still going. I have many problems with it though. I cannot open the gas door unless I pop the trunk and pull the cord. My engine and airbag lights are on, my tire pressure light it on. I cannot unlock my door with the key. The remote only works some of the time, and even when it does not, it rarely unlocks all the doors, requiring me to go to the passenger's side and reach across to unlock my own door.

- Brenda S

Kia Optima. Great reliability.

My Optima was purchased used at 1 year old. It had been a rental vehicle, so I felt it had been well maintained. I have had routine maintenances since. I have only had one major problem which I have not fixed yet. My door electrical lock system quit working so my remote will note open doors. I have to lock them manually, which is a pain. But it has been very reliable. I do have it serviced as recommended in manual. It is a comfortable ride. There is some road noise that makes the radio harder to hear.

- Shelley K

lights up on the bottom of the floor Full trunk in back

My vehicle is very reliable. I only have to get it maintenance 2x year really. It's usually the breaks that need work. Automatic locks are good. Comfortable inside and small but enough room for 4 people. My Kia soul has a very large truck with a lot of room. I fit a large amount of items in it. The air conditioner works well and never had any issues with it. I wish there were more places to put your drinks in.

- Jessica L

Decent car BUT clutch/ transmission problems

I have a manual transmission and the clutch had to be replaced at 55k miles and it is having problems again about 50k miles after getting it replaced. This is normally an expensive replacement but the part they used is even more expensive because it's supposed to be a higher end clutch. It's not a sports car so there's no reason to have a 'fancy' clutch installed but that is the part that the car requires.

- Brian S

I just said all of that. .

I like the gas mileage it receives on my car when I am on the highway. Is an easy car to drive, sometimes you have a blind spot on the bottom corners when you are turning (typically on the left side). Sometimes it is hard to see how far forward the car is. Also some curbs when you are parking are too high and the car sits low so if you pull too far forward than your front bumper will catch the concrete.

- Hi H

I like the big button in the middle of the dash that lets me turn on my emergency blinkers really quickly and easily.

My 2010 Kia Optima has a good stronger engine than newer, more expensive Optima models. I get really good gas mileage if I remember to change the oil when I should. I find the car easy to drive and navigate, though I am a bit frustrated with how bright my low light headlights are, and frequently use my high beams because I can't see well otherwise. It has a pretty big trunk for a sedan type car also.

- Margaret C

Cool inside when it is hot outside!

I live in south Texas and would not recommend buying a black car! The a/c cools off very quickly and stays cold. I have a big backside and the seats are still very comfortable for me. I feel like I am getting a nice hug when sitting in the car; it is very nice. The trunk area is a limitless smaller than I'd like but still holds plenty for traveling. Overall I am very pleased with our purchase.

- Debbie H

2010 Kia Optima Review. Reliable and comfortable

Currently at 60,000 miles. No major issues other than the alternator going. Handles well and performs well for the average traveler. Good for trips, can get around 450 miles on a 16 gallon tank driving highway. Does have a unknown issue with the gear shifter. When slowing down from a speed over 22 mph the gears will jerk when dropping below 22 mph, but it hasn't caused any issues as of now.

- Paul H

It gets good gas mileage.

I have had my Kia Optima for about 2 and a half years and so far I have not had many problems with it. Everything about the car is good. It has good pick up, good gas mileage, and it rides very smoothly. My only complaint about the car would be that the tires are not good in the rain and in the snow. The car has a large tendency to slide a lot when the weather conditions are wet.

- Jessica E

Kia Optima for the ladies.

I am in love with this car. It is easy to get into and to get out of the car. There is a nice sized trunk for my things. There are two cup holders by the driver's seat which is convenient. There is also a place to store sunglasses. There is also a console between the seats as well as the glove box. Many places for a lady to stick things she will need in the road and in life.

- Natalie J

Electrical system flaws, but good overall performance.

The Kia optima that I drive gets good gas mileage and so far has not broken down and needed major repairs. The electrical system has problems. The car stalls out when you go thru some mud puddles. It depends on how hard it is raining. Also the radio has problems. First we lost Sirius and today the CD player broke. But overall it is a pretty reliable car.

- Kathy S

Kia Optima: great performance and mileage.

Has great gas mileage and rarely has any maintenance issues that need fixing. Drives smoothly even after 165, 000 miles. Great car to drive either long distances on the highway or just back and forth from work and school. Engine still sounds great and am currently satisfied with my car and not looking to get a new one any time soon.

- Joshua D

Kia optima is a very nice, reliable car.

The Kia Optima is a really nice sedan. It is really good on gas. A very safe vehicle, also a very reliable car. The interior is really nice. Mine has leather seats with the heated seat option. Also has USB input and aux port. Very comfortable car. Can get pretty fast without you realizing it because it's such a smooth car.

- Aubrey T

Runs great, no trouble. Very comfortable for travel too.

I bought this car brand new and it has been awesome. Great gas mileage. I have not had a bit of trouble with this car. I have 103, 000 miles on it and keep the oil changed and brake have had to be replaced twice but that is all. Kia should use better paint because the car is great but the paint is fading.

- Dawn S

The gas mileage is exceptional

Brakes, rotors and calipers were out easily. Very smooth ride. Small and dainty. Perfect first time car owner. The gas mileage is exceptional. The car is very reliable. Does not have all the warning lights on the dash. But that's due to its age. Well maintained and the vehicle will last a very long time.

- Raquel M

Kia Optimas are a great first car

I love my Kia Optima. This is the first car I've owned and it really is fantastic. The take-off speed is nice and the breaks are amazing. I love the style of the car, it feels very sporty. I have a white Kia and the paint is really nice. The air comes on a little slowly, but I've had the car for 9 years.

- Melissa L

Save yourself millions of dollars in gas buy a Kia.

My Kia is very reliable I have had no problems at all. I save tons on gas. It is comfortable drive very easy. The ac cools magnificently. I had to replace a part and noticed that parts to the car are inexpensive. My grandkids broke a door handle found it easily and cheap. You do not feel the ride.

- Jessica P

Don't hurt my car. I work hard for it. It's all I have for transportation.

I like that it has great gas mileage. I like that it is a 4 door car. I like that there is plenty of space in the back seats and in the trunk. I like that it is a dark colored car. I like the interior. I wish there was a little more head room because I'm very tall. I also wish my AC worked.

- Joseph L

Its white and all mines trunk is big.

My car is reliable and has no issues at the moment I've had it 10 days so far drives great on the freeway. Smooth ride and sounds like a beast. I am going to put a better radio in the car once I have the extra money. I have done all the research to enhance the car performance over time.

- Damien M

2010 Kia optima positive review

I bought this car brand new in 2010. It has been 8 years and I gave only had to do regular maintenance on it. It has not had any problems. It is a comfortable 4 door sedan and has a huge trunk space which I love. Not a lot of bells and whistles but great performance and reliability

- Heather E

My Kia Optima, it�s very functional.

I don't really have any vehicle problems, it's good on gas, it's doable. It has AC which I love because summer is here. It's very reliable and small so it's gets me where I need to go. The performance it's great doesn't seem to have problems I get my oil change when I'm supposed to

- Cassandra D

Despite brake issues and your older car noises, the car over all is not bad.

Optima is 8 years old and is in good working order. Mileage is great on car, runs smooth, and is a comfortable ride. Kia's always had brake issues. Rotors and brakes wear down fast. We previously owned Sportage and in five years had brake problems. Next car may be a different make.

- Mike R

Over all it will be a good first car for a single person.

Tires go flat often, had to replace headlights multiple times, break pads as well, would like and prefer a sedan, something bigger and more reliable, wheel bearings also went bad, and within two years of having car, Kia also only gave 300$ for old car was promised much more.

- Misty H

Kia Optima 2010 what I personally don't like about my car

My 2010 Kia Optima is really good on gas. Not good in the snow considering it sits really low to the ground. At 60,000 I had to replace the transmission due to it was shifting hard. The locks on the driver side doors get stuck where I have to manually lock and unlock them.

- Amy A

Compact car with a lot of room, comfortable, great gas mileage.

Good gas mileage, the cloth seats are lint magnets, and could use a sunroof. No real problems otherwise. Compact far with large interior and very roomy and comfortable. Picks up speed quite fast, problems with radio were easily fixed. I would highly recommend this vehicle.

- Amanda M

Amazing Vehicle on a Regular Basis

For a while, I had issues with my car remote and locks not working. It wasn't until about 1.5 years ago I got it fixed because no one knew what the problem was. My car drives really well and has amazing mileage also. Very reliable and comfortable to drive on a daily basis.

- Dee W

Great and reliable vehicle.

It is a very efficient car, it has been reliable for several years with no problems. It has enough space for four adults to sit comfortably. The only downfall that I can think of is that there is no air conditioning in the back so the passengers in the back get hot easily.

- Bailie K

My Kia optima lx problems.

The parts seem cheap, and are falling apart now that the warranty is over. Fog light cover fell off, windshield was starting to come loose, etc. all on their own. Random lights come on the dashboard. I also seem to need the brakes fixed/ changed more than other vehicles.

- Lindsay R

The car can be seen newer than the model was made.

My car is good for not eating a lot of gas. The car paint came off because the color is black which attract the sun. The Bluetooth do not exist which makes it hard to connect the prone to the car without wire. The car can fit five people and have good space in the trunk.

- Fatima S

Optima comfort is not first.

Not enough cup holders. Seat could definitely use more padding for those long road trips. Great fuel economy, especially on the highway. Needs a few more features like heated seats also. Good on insurance rates though, due to the 10 airbags that are inside the vehicle.

- Ra H

The Kia Optima is a reliable mid size car. It is great in all kinds of weather.

The Kia Optima is a reliable and safe car. The only incident I have had with it is hitting not 1 but 2 deer at the same time with the front end of the car. The only damage was to the front head light. It gets good gas mileage and handles well in all kinds of weather.

- Kathy S

Great car, just have problems with downshifting.

Very nice car overall. The Kia optima has a comfy interior, pretty reliable and good on gas. The only issue I have had with this car is that it has a shifting problem. When I am slowing down and hit the 20 mph mark, my car downshifts very hard throwing me forward.

- Taylor E

Gas mileage is great, I save money every time I fill up and go on a trip

My Kia Optima is very reliable and I haven't had any trouble with it! Very easy to fix problems and very affordable! The performance is great and I get great gas mileage, the features are great and up to date, it's a smooth ride and nice on the outside as well.

- Ariel R

My moon. A real ride or die. Down like four flat tires.

Reliability. Performance, good gas mileage. I currently need to replace two front tires on my car. Just got a new alignment, so the ride is kind of rocky. But I look forward to a smooth ride once my tires are replaced. Everything works in my car and I love it.

- Nikki S

Kia optima: the optimal choice.

Reliable, comfortable, roomy and dependable. Going on long trips is never uncomfortable even with a full vehicle and I have moved from one residence to another only having to make two trips because of how roomy the back seat, passenger seat and trunk are.

- Brittany G

Needs improvement in comfort.

Fun to drive but not enough cup holders for s family. Needs to have extra padding in the seats for long road trips. Suspension tends to give out after 75000 miles, making for an extremely bumpy ride. Sound insulation is good,. Electrical issues abound.

- Ra H

The only thing I don't like about it is the outdated hands-free technology. but I'm sure it's better now.

I bought it used and so far it has been very reliable. Upon purchasing the vehicle had almost 150k miles and still seems to run well. I believe it was used for business travel prior. It has great pick up and handles actually nicer than honda crv

- cynthi k

Great, reliable car with lots of space.

Nice, reliable vehicle. Purchased it as my first car out of college and has served me well. Inside it is very roomy and the trunk space is great for hauling all of my equipment for work and play. The car also gets great fuel mileage.

- Loren F

this car is comfortable and fun to drive with great power to get you on the highway in an instant.

We purchased this car second hand and fell in love with it as soon as we started our test drive. The car has great power and handling and is just fun to drive. Only complaint is that I wish I could get a newer model of it.

- Gary A

It is a good car for around town, getting you too and from work.

The car has good gas mileage, every now and again I get a letter stating that there has been a dysfunction with the car (in previous makes) but I bring it into the dealership and they fix it for free.

- Kelsey M

While driving my previously owned Optima, I was hit head-on. Since I walked away without even a scratch, I bought another Optima.

I enjoy that this Optima is EXACTLY like my last Optima. I like that there are radio controls on the steering wheel. I appreciate that the donut or the spare can be fit under the trunk space.

- Natalie R

ROOMY for the size or type vehicle it is. Good sight lines.

Great mileage. Roomy for a sedan. Generally I like to sit higher, SUV or MINIVAN height to have a better view of the road, but it is great for the type of car it is.

- Bill W

there is plenty of room to feel comfortable, it's a smooth ride and overall gets the job done.

I typically do a lot of driving for work, and i often will need to get tires replaced, checking engine system and battery issues have occurred more than they should.

- amy d

Gas mileage is good, comfortable wise good, exterior design good.

Love my car, but I wish it would have been a little more updated, technicality wise. I would have expected it to be more update since it is a 2010 year model.

- Mercedes H

The shine has not left the car even after 8 years.

I have never had any major issues with my Kia optima after having it for nearly 2 years. It has been a reliable vehicle that I use daily for my work commute.

- Matthew M

It is a safe, reliable vehicle. It runs well and has good passenger and cargo space.

It runs, it gets me from place to place, the AC is amazing. There are a few electronic issues, but nothing that really affects my day to day driving.

- Jaime W

Reliable, comfortable and easy to drive.

Np complaints. I like the lines and body shape of the exterior. The interior is extremely comfortable. It handles great and gets decent gas mileage.

- Charlotte A

it is really good on gas.

It is a good but just a normal car. It gets us to where need to go and back. Get good gas mileage. It's not a sports car in any way shape of form.

- mark T

The Kia I drive is attractive and fun for me to drive.

I like the way my Kia handles. It is small enough to get into spaces comfortably, yet large enough that I feel it good driving it on the highway.

- Glenda K

very efficient and comfortable

I have had my car for 5 years and I have not had any serious issue I really like that. Also is very comfortable to travel and it consumes low gas

- stefano d

It is a nice car to ride in. It might not have all the bells and whistles, but who needs all that?

It has been a really good safe and quality car for my family. We have had to do oil changes and new tires, but it has really stayed quite well.

- Betsy P

Good car for younger driver.

Not very reliable. Often breaks down due to wiring issues in engine. Seems to also have steering problems and make squealing sound when turns.

- Am D

Good gas mileage and comfy and nice for long trips

Front end easy to damage just by a soft fender bender and everyone I've asked who owns miss says it's the same for them right side driver side

- Sherry W

Love the way it drives and handles.

Performance is really great it gets very great gas mileage as well, love the way it handles on all conditions and it is fits a family of 4.

- Clint W

Good durable car. Great price great warranty.

We have never had any problems mechanically with this car. It has held up well. I don't care for the cloth seats they absorb everything.

- Marilyn V

It's a nice car to drive. I don't really have any real complaints about it.

My car doesn't automatically lock. I have to lock each door manually. I like its fuel efficiency. I like driving it; it's comfortable.

- Carmen L

rides smooth and great on gas.

This is the last model that had the luxury look. Very Dependable car This is our 4th Kia, we love this company. I have no complaints.

- Mike M

my car my car is everything. I love how smooth my car drives.

I have had my car since 2010 and have had no problems. I would highly recommend a kia to anyone. I would definitely get another kia

- marci b

It is an economical vehicle with good gas mileage with a lot of room on interior and also trunk.

I like that is medium size sedan which very roomy. It has automated features. It has AM/FM radio and satellite radio available. .

- Sherri H

Kia vehicles are very nice and not as costly.

My car has been very reliable for me. My car drives good and has had few problems. My car has plenty of room and is comfortable.

- Shannon F

It looks expensive but was very affordable. I will keep this car until it won't drive any more.

My car looks very stylish, even after 8 years. Nothing they make now looks as nice. It's running very well and is great on gas.

- Rachelle R

It's reliable and comfortable and does fairly decent mileage

I like how comfortable my car is and reliable and the shape. I dislike its age and little things are going wrong with it now

- Peter O

Sleek and practical on a budget.

Performance is great. Luxury quality for low price. Basic model has backup camera. Electronic control of seats. Sleek look.

- Maria L

The price was right gets 25 to 30 mpg.... Seats 8 or seats fold down for storage.

Has great gas mileage. Last of it is exterior look. Comfortable interior. Rides smooth. Strong engine for a four cylinder.

- Mike R

It is Kia brand and runs smoothly most of the time and good on gas.

I like how it drives but now need some work on it. My floor is wet and there is leak. Cannot use satellite radio anymore.

- Sh H

Good handling and gas mileage.

I like the moon roof, excellent gas mileage, heated seats as I live in Michigan. It is a smooth ride. Good trunk space.

- Janet B

That I been with that car for 8 years and never have a problem.

Comfortable upholstery on the seating and nice looking. But not enough cup holders. Also could use a bigger engine.

- Ra H

Its safe and kid friendly.

It has enough room for the whole family. Its safe with good mileage. doesn't need a lot of care always dependable.

- Jay H

It is the first car I've owned in my own and has been so reliable

I have never had any issues with it except regular maintenance and it is 8 years old and has 135000 miles on it.

- Micaiah R

very reliable with great gas mileage. has never given me a problem.would recommend this model of Kia to everyone

I like the room the style and the color. It always runs great. has the best gas mileage and is great for trips.

- Ed S

How many mechanical issues involved.

I never had any issues with my car. The dealership people are very nice and helpful. I highly recommend them.

- Marco B

It gets me from point A to point B consistently so it's dependable.

I like that it's been dependable so far. I dislike that it doesn't have built in navigation or heated seats.

- Chelsea M

it's a great car to have when you are to a age where you need a car to go from point a to b

its small, runs great, warranty is awesome, drives great, sounds great, engine runs smooth, 100,000 warranty

- katherine s

It is reasonable. It is good for uber or delivery.

The car shakes on the highway. The wheels are not the same and it burns gas very fast with the ac is on.

- J B

This car gets excellent gas mileage.

Feels like a bigger car than it is. Great ride. Great gas mileage. No complaints about this car at all.

- Donna R

It can go fast quickly so make sure you watch your speed.

My vehicle is great. It drives very smooth, everything is super easy, and it gets great gas mileage.

- Autumn K

It's good on fuel. It has nice bright headlights.my car is small and easier to do repairs.

It's a compact vehicle, food on fuel. The car has child safety lock. I enjoy the automatic windows.

- Cathleen C

It gets me from point A to point B, & it drives really smooth.

I like the Sirius XM radio. But it's electric, so we gotta dig into Its guts of wires to fix it.

- Clifford D

It get really good gas mileage and it is very reliable

I like that I have not had any issues with the car. But I don't like how basic the car is.

- Ryan c

Dependability, good gas mileage, roomy inside, sporty features

It has been very dependable. Now strange things like the door locks are happening

- Walter B

Drives super smoothly. Accelerates well. Clear warning signs. Good gas mileage.

Very roomy. Very modern. Slick and comfy. Bluetooth compatible. No dislikes.

- Dani V

It is very reliable and efficient.

I love the gas mileage. I love the dependability. I love the dealership.

- LuAnn O

That it's good on gas and drives well. The seats are really comfortable and Fits tall people.

I love that it's a mid sized but i'd love to own a truck at some point.

- Courtnee P

Good quality car no issues

No complaints. I really like the car. It is a good car

- Marie h

it is perfect size for me

Color, Size, andThe Motor. I just Love it.

- Clifford M