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Kia optima is a great value. I am a Kia driver for life.

My optima is not the top of the line but it is mid. It is comfortable and fun to drive. Kia comes with lots of extras standard plus an amazing warranty. The cooling glove box is great during the summer. I take a lot of road trips and its nice to be able to put chocolate or gummy candy in and know it won't melt. Home link is great also. Mine has two so I have it set up to open my garage door and my mothers. You can set it up though to open your garage door and turn lights on. For a mid range luxury car it is an amazing value. My optima gets great gas mileage also. On a 780 mile road trip I only need fill up once about half way through my trip. This car also has a lot of head and leg room. I also enjoy the auto dimming rear view mirror. The seats are all leather with a leather steering wheel. The optima has loads of trunk space. In the back seat the middle console pulls down for two drink holders plus drink holders in the doors. The cup holders in the front seat are good size and fits the large cups. There is only one thing about my optima that I wish I could change, the passenger seat sits low so if you are of average height it looks as if the driver is driving on the side of the road. I have now owned this vehicle for 6 years and have had no problems. It is the most reliable car I have ever owned. I must say I am a Kia driver for life. My next new purchase will be another optima but what will be awhile as I still have 4 more years left on my warranty.

- Barbara V

Great overall vehicle, especially for the price! Tons of safety features.

So far, my car has been very reliable. I have not had any major mechanical issues with it. I have only had to replace one part in the steering wheel that threw my alignment off, but it was a simple fix at the mechanic’s. It is very comfortable to ride in, even on long trips. There are some blind spots though, when trying to see cars that may be in your way when you want to change lanes. There are nice features, including auto dimming rear view mirror, which helps dim the lights from cars behind you. It has heat strips on the back window for when it gets cold. You can sync the car with your garage door, so you can open it from the vehicle itself and do not need to use an actual garage door opener. You cannot lock the keys in the car, because mine is push to start and the car can sense the key fob inside. If you unlock the car but do not open the doors within a certain amount of time, the car will lock itself back, which is a nice safety feature. When pushing the lock/unlock button on the door handle, it only unlocks the driver side door with one push and two pushes of the button unlocks all of the doors. Again, another nice safety feature. When approaching the car, the inside lights will turn on when it senses the key fob.

- Jessica S

attractive mid-size. Easily seats 5. Hybrid offers welcomed fuel efficiency.

The transmission as an issue. Not engaging sometimes when I press gas to 'pass' for example. It also does not engage quickly when changing from reverse to drive (and can roll for up to 3 seconds at times). I have brought it in - and Kia service continues to tell me they cannot diagnose. Funny that my extended warranty is about to expire. I am sure they'll diagnose just fine after it runs out. I have no trust in them being honest with their efforts. The car itself is comfortable and attractive. The Bluetooth pairing is very reliable. I like the backup camera (first vehicle that I have had with that feature). The ac and heat work well and quickly. The blind spots are big and I have had to get used to that. And this car, which I bought used, has very dark window tint. Such that I have to open the window at night when making a turn to make sure there are no pedestrians involved. I neither the money nor time to change the tint. I live in Arizona, so removing completely is not an option.

- Renee E

Six-year-old Kia optima 2012 motor died?

I had bought my Kia optima in 2012, it was brand new. This year be in 2018 my car of six-year died. I took it back to the dealership to find out that it was my motor that gave out. I was confused being that my car was only six years old. Never have I had a problem with my Kia optima. Every time the light came on for an oil change or tire pressure I always got it done. It wasn’t until my motor died that I had a problem with the car. From having to pay 8000 fix it, the Kia dealership gave me an option to get a new car. This was not an option for me only because it was six years old car am I three payments away from paid off. This is my only problem with the car. I was able to work it out with the dealership where I didn't have to pay for the motor but instead for just labor. Still not happy about this however, it what is a good reliable car.

- Renee T

An interesting feature: it has automatic dimming rear view mirror.

I really can't complain much about my car! There are some blind spots, in my opinion, which sometimes make it difficult to see cars when changing lanes. It has Bluetooth connection, so my phone will automatically connect to my car after the first time syncing them. It has automatic dimming rear view mirror which helps with the lights on the cars behind me at night. My car has leather interior, which has held up very well over the years. There is one spot that has sort of peeled on the passenger armrest of the door, but it is just maintenance to keep up with it that I need to do. It gets great gas mileage! I average probably 32 on the highway and about 28 around town. I have been very happy with the purchase of my Kia optima! Great value for the price.

- Jessica S

2012 Kia Optima SX is a luxury car with an affordable sticker.

The vehicle is a great value for the cost. It is comfortable and stylish with plenty of room for 4 large adults. The performance of the vehicle is nice as well equipped with the 2.0 turbo motor. There are many amenities with the vehicle that would be expected of a higher price vehicle. Maintenance is easy. However there was a recall due to a bag crankshaft. The engine failed at 59000 miles and was replaced by recall. I have not had the pleasure of getting any warranty work on the vehicle, but from what I have heard the dealers are not helpful in getting claims. Over all I would recommend one especially if the motor has been replaced as it carries a 150000 mile 15 year warranty.

- Jason M

If you are wanting high performance than don't get the hybrid version.

I have had a Kia optima hybrid for almost 3 years now. It has, for the most part, been very reliable. The only major issue I have had so far was having to get the transmission replaced, which is a big deal, but the 100, 000 mile bumper to bumper warranty is great and covered it 100%. It is very spacious and comfortable. I absolutely love the backup camera, as well as Bluetooth and Sirius radio capabilities. I would highly recommend this car, especially for small families and college students.

- Carrie S

I think the sunroof is awesome for stargazing.

It is dependable, a hybrid, great for road trips, very reliable comfort seats 4 people, features in my car is the front seats can be cooled or heated, the driver can have a warm steering wheel. There is no lighter or ashtrays which I think is awesome. The windows are electric. The driver can make sure that the windows up or down. Sunroof can be open or closed. Both front seat and back seats can look up and see the trees, the stairs, etc..

- Judy R

The Kia is a good car for a single person and/ or couple with no kids.

The car is stylish and the ride is nice. Coming from a 300 the gas mileage is lovely, especially on the highway. Depending on the size of your family, the car is small. My family is growing and kids are tall so it does not provide much space in the rear seats. Not sure why but my backup camera has stopped working and some other little things that have messed up that needs to be fixed that they say is common with this car.

- Justin H

An honest opinion of my 2012 Kia Optima

I love the features - great sound system, heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel and the panoramic moonroof. The car has been reliable and now has 122,000 miles on it as well. Only major complaint is the volume of factory recalls and how out of date the navigation system has become by now. I'm a tall guy, 6'3 and the car is comfortable enough, although my next vehicle will probably be an SUV or truck.

- Jordan P

Lots of bells and whistles!

This vehicle has been very reliable for the two years that I have possessed it. I have taken care of it and it runs the same as it did when I test drove it. I have the EX and GDI package. Leather seats are holding up well and the butt warmer/cooler is awesome! I love the automatic climate control, the bluetooth auto connect to my phone, heated steering wheel, and of course the dual sunroof. Great car!

- Jonathan W

Int. Color: black. Mpg #: 24 city / 33 hwy.

The Kia Optima is smooth to drive with and pretty has nice colors in any color you want and very nice interior. Affordable, mpg: up to 24 city / 35 highway. Warranty: 5 yr/60, 000 mi basic, 10 yr/100, 000 mi powertrain. Horsepower: 192 to 274 hp. The features you get for the price are unbeatable, it is zippy to drive, and comfortable for road trips. The trunk is unbelievably huge. Best car ever.

- Dana C

The car is very reliable, very comfortable, and the different features make it very convenient.

Overall I haven't had too much trouble with my car. I haven't had to have much maintenance done on the car until recently, normal wear and tear. The only thing I don't really like is not being able to fix issues on the engine myself (since it's out of warranty) because some parts are buried within the engine and they don't provide a detailed map of the engine. Other than that, the car is great.

- Toby A

The Kia Optima lx 2012 is an amazing car that does great on gas.

My 2012 Kia Optima lx is literally the best car I have ever owned. It is the luxury edition of this model of car. It has a tinted back window, controls on the driver's seat to adjust it. Can come with heated seats and mirrors. Has a Sirius FM thing to hook up satellite to the car. Has a huge storage in the trunk that can come in handy for holidays and does pretty good on gas driving everyday.

- Victoria S

Very easy to drive and spacious Kia optima.

The problems I have with the vehicle are not enough horsepower. The things I love are easy driving, smooth on the highway and service road. This car is very reliable and very cost effective. It is good on gas only have to fill up once a week. Great trunk space. a lot of legroom. Has all the necessary or beneficial accessories available. Very easy to maneuver in and out of parking spaces.

- John R

The optimal Kia optima is outstanding.

My Kia has plenty of arm and leg room. It has liners to protect the upholstery and floors; the seat can be arranged for more space and the storage area is large and fits all of our shopping items and five passengers. It responds quickly and is a gas miser. Got the vehicle used and have had it for four years with no major problems of any kind. Quiet inside and great acoustics.

- Davey H

Keyless car dual sunroof awesome radio with satellite backup visual.

I love this car. It has OnStar it has satellite radio. The front and back seat have heating and cooling the trunk is roomy it has fog lights it as a push button remote starter no key needed great on gas it also has a dual sunroof awesome!! As long as you have the remote in your purse or pocket you can start the car and unlock the doors just by pushing the car door button.

- Rene O

Great on gas, eco helps a lot also.

Great car, had eco! Good on gas & a great family car! Has heated seats and cool seats. Roof is all glass with a sunroof. . . Plenty of room for a little family. Kids have plenty of room in back, you also have plenty of room in front as well. Windows are tinted the car came that way! Touch screen radio. Maps is also in the radio. . Bluetooth easy to connect too.

- Carle W

My car is a very sporty car, with a high safety rating.

My car is very low to the ground, something I'm not used to. The front bumper scrapes on the curb when I park. My car is a gas hog which could be a negative, however, it has a turbo engine, which has proven to be beneficial in a couple instances. My car has a beautiful panoramic sunroof. It is so nice to have the sunroof showing on a cloudy day.

- Joyce M

Metallic white 2012 Kia Optima Review

So far I have had no problems with my vehicle. It has been super reliable, it runs great and I've already taken two long 12 hour trips and it was very comfortable considering. Especially the passenger seat is great for napping if you're rotating driving shifts! Love the Bluetooth radio and speaker system and everything is very easy to figure out!

- Crystal B

The Kia optima is a great and reliable family car.

Our vehicle is very reliable and comfortable for all that it needs to be. We have a young son with 2 dogs and they all fit in the back seat perfectly. It is also comfortable for my husband and I to drive long distances. We use it for all uses and have never had any problems with it at all. It has heated seats which are very useful in the winter.

- Katie H

It's a great car.. Besides it's recalls..i love the make and model..

I love the Kia Optimas... They are beautiful cars...The only thing I'm unhappy with...is that this make and model has to many recalls..My experience of when the engine seized ... Was a very scary and traumatizing one... I understand that not all vehicles are perfect but this almost caused us a big accident..I'm scared to even ride in the car..

- Janet S

When you use the hands free you have to wait till after the beep to say something or it will pretend it couldn't hear you

The runs really good! Very reliable. The only thing I have a problem with is that The little piece in the axle broke and it makes a loud noise when you go to fast for it. It wont do anything to harm one, but the noise is aggravating. If they try to fix it. it'll mess with the airbag which won't be good. so I just have to deal with the noise.

- Europe M

The air conditioned and heated seats along with the double sunroof.

Its beautiful. Its a turbo sx. Black on black. Very dependable. Very safe. I love opening the sunroof in the fall and just feeling the fresh air blowing around. Every gadget imaginable. From the infinity stereo system to the air condition/heated seats. His and hers shifter. Paddles. Steering is nice and tight. Back up camera is a god send.

- Billie B

Sporty looking with black and gray leather and a sparkly white exterior.

My car has been very reliable and it is comfortable to ride in. I really love the heated and air conditioned seats and also the panoramic sunroof for those nice days. The touch screen navigation is great for long trips and the back up camera is awesome for when you are parked in tight spaces. My Kia optima drives so smooth down the road.

- Jill H

My Kia is insanely good on gas!

I love my Kia optima. It is terrific on gas, I would say I probably fill up once every week and a half. It is stylish and comfortable on the inside, almost as if it is a luxury vehicle. The sound system it came with is fantastic, which was one of my necessities. Over all, I love this car and would buy more of the same in the future.

- Rachel K

The trunk is pretty big even for a mid-size I think.

The car looks nice and runs well. However, it has more bad things than good. The material the seats are made out of is terrible. It stains so easy and doesn't come out. It had a recall as soon as I got it for the engine. Yet it still acts weird after being fixed. It seems to always need something replaced on it. Major or not.

- Madison J

Lots of bells and whistles and reliable!

I have my Kia. I have heating and cooling seats, panoramic sunroof, power seats. Great on gas, very smooth ride. Also trunk is actually pretty good! I can easily fit two big strollers in there. Mine has a built in GPS and Bluetooth as well. It is a 2012 and we have had no major problems or needed anything but routine service.

- Cassidy S

Reliable, affordable and comfortable.

No problems at all so far. It has adjustable seats and a heated steering wheel which I love. It drives more comfortable than any other car I have owned. I have one hundred and fourteen thousand miles on it and have only replaced the struts, breaks and the battery so far. It is the most reliable car I have owned so far.

- Betsy C

Kia Optima: high-performing and fashionable.

My 2012 Kia Optima has always been reliable, and very rarely needs to go in the shop for issues. The design of the car is comfortable, and every aspect of the interior can be adjusted to fit all members of my family who share the car. The tire pressure can often become low easily, but there are little other problems.

- Nicole K

Amazing Kia Optima Hybrid

I love my Kia Optima Hybrid, drives great very low maintenance only issue I ever had with the vehicle is I had to replace the battery (which many have to do especially if you live in AZ) but the price for the battery was super expensive. Cost me $500 to keep my car running. But it's going to last another 4+ years

- Ashlyn F

Kia is a very reliable car

I love my car, I did have one mishap but Kia fixed the problem immediately. The car was burning oil and they couldn't figure out why. Ran several tests on it and it passed, there was a recall issued but my car was not listed. Corporate agreed to replace the engine and they took care of everything within a week.

- Dawnette P

Review of 2012 Kia Optima hybrid.

The electrical and USB ports never worked or have problems. A couple of times the radio and display completely went out but I found out how to reset it. There was a mechanical problem the first year so I bought it but it was covered under warranty. Besides that it has generally been a reliable and smooth ride.

- Lori B

Overall good car for the price.

The car runs very well and is easy to drive. Design is modern and sporty. Good gas mileage and has good pick up speed when merging in traffic. Decent trunk space. Back seat has decent leg room. Heated and cooled seats is a nice feature. Sound system is nice with Bluetooth connectivity to a cell phone playlist.

- Angeline C

My lovely gas saving luxury car.

My vehicle is great on gas, it is roomy it looks like a upscale luxury car. I really enjoy it and my family and friends always comment on it and want to drive or take rides in it. I love when I put my car on the open road it rides very smooth. I can fill up my car on payday and ride for about three weeks.

- J T

Kia pros and cons. Gotta love this car.

I love the mpg. The car has some pick up which I like. Very comfy interior. I do not like the red digital screen. That is a downside as it is hard to see. Not a fan of the cup holders either. They do not seem to fit my water jugs. I like the factory covers on the undercarriage. It keeps the car rust free!

- Jeff S

That is is fully loaded, so not every Optima out there has what my car has.

My Optima is full loaded which is what I love most. It makes the car seem high end and like a luxury vehicle. I have heated/cooled seats. heated steering wheel, back up cam, a moonroof, power steering, and voice commands. The only thing I don't like about my car is that it is a little on the longer side.

- Tori S

My Kia Optima is very reliable!

I have not had any problems at all with my 2012 Kia Optima. It runs great, it is a very comfortable automobile, it gets great gas mileage and that is very important to me, has plenty of room even in the back seat. Even with a child's car seat in the back seat there is still plenty of legroom up front.

- Mary O

Heated steering wheel and seats.

Car is great on gas, looks really sleek and sporty, but cost way less than others in its class. It has heated seats and a heated steering wheel! Everything is electronic and the back up camera is now a must for me. This was a very wise purchase. It is more like a luxury vehicle but without the price.

- Amy B

It is a sporty four door sedan.

It is a midsize sedan and silver in color with a sunroof. It drives very smooth and turns corners very tight. It has anti lock brakes and has a video camera for backing up. It is a very reliable car for in town driving or going out of town on the freeway. Handles very nice and gets good gas mileage.

- Mark M

My Kia Optima is a great car!

My Kia has been a good car. I have not had any major issues or repairs since purchasing it. My only complaint is that the steering is a bit tight which makes it hard to drive long distances. It also has quite a bit of road noise, I really like the car though and would buy another Kia in the future.

- Nancy V

It runs great, its very mechanically reliable. Hard to find good fair prices with solid cars, this one meets the criteria

It has everything you could want in extras for a great price. Looks sporty, drives great. No problems with the car. The only con is the trunk. Allows rain and snow to slide inside, it's not angled properly. I would buy this car again with no hesitation. Comes with a great warranty too.

- Janelle M

Kia: you get what you pay for.

It constantly sounds like it is falling apart, it is very cheaply made. The only good thing is the heated seats and the heated steering wheel. This car will not last us long, but it is good enough for our teenage daughter's first vehicle. I would not buy another Kia vehicle ever again.

- Jessica O

Happy owner of a Kia Optima 2012.

I love the fact that is fuel efficient! The trunk has a lot of room as well. So far, there haven't been any issues with this car. The only thing I can think of is that the headlights are not very bright but you can switch them for brighter ones yourself. I am very happy with this car!

- Rosanna J

A very enjoyable vehicle to drive.

My car is very reliable, I have barely had any problems with it so far. I like all the features it has. There are many premium features for a relatively low price. The performance is very good for a 2. 0l turbo engine. It is very fun to drive. I like that it has a panoramic sunroof.

- Andrew N

All around great family vehicle.

No major issues so far other than the steering copper/coupler, great on gas, does not have much power when using eco setting. Low to the ground so it is bad for hydroplaning. I have had my car for 3 years now and put a ton of miles on it and have not had any major issues with it.

- Whitney F

Kia performance review. Kia Optima 2012.

There has been several recalls but we haven't really had any issues that caused a major expense. Kia replaced the engine free of charge due to a recall. The radio has had issues for a long time and doesn't work properly. It hasn't worked in several years and is costly to repair.

- Joy S

Small light above rear view mirror is very handy.

Brakes wear quickly. Tires wear unevenly. Strong body, able to withstand getting hit by a deer with minimal damage. Good gas mileage, lots of storage space and legroom. Rear windows work poorly (hard to roll up after rolling down). License plate light bulb frequently burns out.

- Shannon H

Most models come with leather seats which is a must.

Recently has transmission problems. Turns out they have recalls often. Especially years from 2008 - 2016. Recently had a break recall letter sent also, but haven't had issues with breaks yet. Aside from the recalls, I love the car, very reliable! I wouldn't recommend it though.

- Janet M

Kia ultimate optima is worth its money.

Kia optima is a sporty but classy car. You sit low in the most comfortable seats. I have received lots of compliments on my car. Its back seat is very roomy and comfortable too. I get great gas mileage as well. You can feel confident knowing it will do great on road trips.

- Christina S

Transmission trouble and issues.

The sit should be automatic not manual and you might turn off the car with the transmission in d or r this action could be pretty problematic you get out to the car with no the transmission put in park, and you might add warm up for the sit that is all I have to tell you.

- Kevin P

A car with a punch, auto folding mirrors and memory seats...available in a volume mid size sedan segment.

It is a very trusted vehicle. I have had it for last 7 years and love the drive, the options it came with. It has few options that are even better than 2018 cars at that price/segment. I wish the rear view camera was a little better. it stopped working about 6 weeks ago.

- Viral D

Looks like a sports car with out being $50,000.

It's a great car that runs smooth. Has not given me many problems at all during the time I have owned it. I think that it is a timeless car and I plan on having it until it runs down. It is sleek and modest at the same time. Just get your oil changed and you'll be fine!

- Andrea P

That it is reliable and that it will help getting you from point a to point b.

I like the size of the vehicle. It is very reliable as I have had no major issues. It's good on gas. I dislike the very low passenger seat. I dislike how the buckles in the back seat sink into the seat when you try to buckle up. I dislike how touchy the gas pedal is.

- Jennifer M

Sporty and also luxurious.

The car has some issues with the steering column. Other than that it's a great car. Awesome gas mileage. Features are great. Plenty of room inside. Also has a nice sport appearance. Bluetooth capability. Navigation system. Heated and cooled seats. Very dependable.

- Autumn T

Very roomy and drives like a Cadillac!

The car drives so smooth and is very roomy! Has a huge trunk! The only thing I do not like is that when it rains the door frames get muddy. Also the seats will get stained even if rain water hits them, they get brown residue stains. But other than that I love it.

- Janice W

Kia optima has the same body as 3 other vehicles, i.e.: Ford Fusion.

There are multiple blind spots in this vehicle. Women under 5’ 3” have difficulty seeing over the hood of the car. On a 3 lane highway other vehicles can come up on either side of you and when just relying on the rear view mirror you can miss their approach.

- Lyn J

Great car when new or gently used.

This was a great car when we first purchased it. Performance, comfort, style and cost were all good. However, it was in a bad accident and has never been the same. It sits low to the ground so not very comfortable for tall people but I do recommend it overall.

- Mark L

High safety rating. Really a smooth ride. Over all a satisfied customer. You will always find something you dislike no matter how much money you pay for the vehicle.

The leather interior is not an expensive quality. Does not hold up well from getting in and out of drivers side. New engine was placed in vehicle which was under recall and was of no cost. The company had the car for 3 months before we got it back.

- Ross V

the one most important thing others should know about my car is that it is fun to drive and makes me feel free.

my vehicle is one of class. it has distinctive styling and is a lot of fun to drive. I get pretty good gas mileage and it has a sunroof. I love the stereo in my car as it has exceptional quality. I have no complaints about my car at all.

- marcy m

Sporty Hybrid with class!

Sporty and great looking. Great gas mileage. Great warranty. Have had some transmission & engine issues but both covered under warranty. Not horribly expensive for maintenance like luxury brands are. I really love my Optima Hybrid.

- Kimberly D

good gas mileage for the size

i love the car. i love the color of my car. i am proud to be seen in it. only thing i hate is i don't believe i got the seat stain protection even though i paid for it. it stains with even just water and i can't get it out

- angela B

It has a surprising amount of features and advanced equipment for its price.

First hybrid to save money on gas and reduce gas station trips. I like the gas mileage, however it can be difficult to get work done on the car outside the dealer. Even tow companies have issues helping with the battery.

- Matt T

Not the greatest handing in the snow. It sits low to ground which hampers handling

Like the looks/styling and handling. It is s full size sedan, but gets good gas mileage. It is not the greatest car in the snow, but if it were not for this fact, I'd purchase another one without a second thought

- Cindy F

Kia Optima review - recalls

Has all bells and whistles. So far I have not had too many issues, but there is a recall regarding the engine and the airbags. I have heard some concerns regarding fires, but I personally have not had any issues.

- Sarah P

The customer service is terrible.

I like the style and love the sunroof and heated steering wheel. The one thing I dislike is the style of the headrest. It's so uncomfortable. I also don't like that it doesn't come equipped with a spare tire.

- Lisa D

It's paid for! The only things I need to worry about is routine maintenance. yay!

I like the drive and the fuel economy. I like the warranty that came with the vehicle. I like the different sound systems, radio, satellite radio or MP3 player. I dislike the many blind spots that the car has.

- Laurie B

I'm not sure really, maybe that the Kia brand is a great first car.

My car is very reliable and has great mileage. I love that it's updated like the newer car systems. However, since I've got it there's a random ticking sound that comes from it once it has run for awhile.

- Olivia L

Not the best winter car. . . Slides very easily in the snow.

I like the body style and I love the panoramic sunroof. . . Dislike how it performs in the winter. It does not do well in the snow and sits too low to the ground to back out of the driveway if it snowed.

- Tammie Z

This car is reliable and responsive; well worth the money I paid for it.

The price of this car fit my budget and I've been pleasantly surprised be the performance of the car. It gets 18 mpg with only city driving and is totally reliable. After 6 years, it still looks stylish.

- Gail R

Great speakers and fancy gadgets but engine and trans problems not worth it.

I bought it used, had to put new transmission in it and then it just continuously gave me problems. Most of the blame I would place on the dealership for not being truthful about the history of the car.

- Melissa B

The Kia Optima Hybrid has trouble free performance with great mpg

I have a Kia Optima Hybrid. I've owned it almost 5 years and it has been pretty much trouble free. I love the gas mileage (45 mpg). The only problem I have is in snow. It doesn't have good traction.

- Beth V

Blue 2012 Kia Optima sx turbo charger with heated and cooled seats, moonroof, backup camera and Bluetooth capabilities, lots of room for the family and a huge trunk, lots of power and a beautiful sharp look that's makes you look expensive but is actually very affordable.

I have a 2012 Kia Optima sx turbo charger that's blue and I love it! It has been reliable and it is overall easy to maintain. It has a lot of power so no problem getting up to speed for the expressway!

- Sara S

The vehicle is sporty and gets wonderful gas mileage.

I have 130,000 miles on the car. The car is fuel efficient as well as low maintenance. It's a very roomy sedan. I've just recently have had problems with the car. The steering wheel has a lot of play.

- John C

Overall great car for my busy family!

I love my Kia optima because the gas mileage is decent, the seats are comfortable, it has responsive steering, Bluetooth phone calling feature, a spacious trunk, and the body of the car looks great!

- Rachel Y

The key system is pretty awesome. It doesn't allow you to lock your keys in the car and you don't have to get them out to unlock or start the car.

The heated seats in the front and the back are fabulous as are the cooling seats in the front. The Nav system isn't the greatest but it works. I love the keyless entry as well as the keyless start.

- Rebecca P

It is reliable and looks really nice and again, saves a lot of gas money

Sometimes the car stalls a bit, but it's not a long stall because it's just switching from gas to electricity because it's a hybrid, in result saves me a lot of money because less gas consumption

- Christopher Z

A very reliable, budget friendly sedan that can still look new in 2018.

It runs very well, and has been very reliable so far despite going through a couple accidents. The seats are comfortable and It's got the features You would come to expect in any modern car.

- Albert C

Gas mileage is fantastic.

I love how smooth it drives, the space it has for a small car, and the gas mileage. Do not like the ventilation in the car. It takes a very long time for the ac to kick in and come out cold.

- Rebecca R

Very reliable car, rides nicely. Does not burn much gas.

I haven't had any problems with the car, just a couple of recalls, but I would buy again. I feel they need to put spare tires in the cars, which I never heard of before, this is not good.

- Gwen S

This car is great on gas.

What I do not like is that the guidance system is outdated. I like that the car is very fuel efficient. It also has a lot of space in the trunk and for people sitting in the back seat.

- Jordan S

All around great car for a great bargain.

This car looks great. . Drives smoothly. . Has comfortable seating. It is roomy on the inside and picks up speed quickly. I also enjoy the sunroof and automatic windows and locks.

- Barbara D

As a hybrid one is minimizing one's carbon footprint even on short non-highway trips.

It is a hybrid so even tho' I don't do a lot of highway driving I still get good mileage. It is rather 'sporty' looking and gets lots of compliments. I have NO complaints.

- Diane D

That it loses a lot of value when it is used.

I like that it is nice interior. There were factory recalls that were taken care of by kea. We did put money into fixing things that were later covered by the recalls.

- Michael H

It is fuel efficient and fun to drive.

I like the size of my car, and the durability. I really do not have to do maintenance too often. The only complaint would be that there's too many recalls on my car.

- Jasmine R

It looks sporty without actually being a sports car

I like the leather seats that have heat and cool settings and navigation. I also like the look. It is a great size vehicle as well and the trunk has great space.

- Sarah L

It has been very dependable. All I have to do is keep up on the maintenance.

Economical, classy and fits my needs. Drives nice. Is dependable. This is my second Kia and l liked the first one so much that I decided to purchase another one.

- Karen L

The vehicle sits low to the ground so try to avoid anything in the road.

I wish the vehicle did not sit so low and there was heated seats. I do like a lot of the other features that come with the vehicle though (like aux, usb, etc)

- Catherine H

The one thing is that its fast.

I love the mileage I get. I also love that my car can pick up fast. The only thing that I do not like about my car is that it does not have a sunroof in it.

- Michelle G

The gas mileage is great as long as you do routine maintenance

Very reliable vehicle since the day I have purchased it. Only one recall that I know of and gets great gas mileage. Would recommend to others for purchase.

- Neil T

It gets great gas mileage.

Love double sunroof, heated and air conditioned seats, great gas mileage comfortable seats and very easy to clean. Also has a large, deep, spacious trunk.

- Lisa S

Faulty electric but overall a reliable vehicle.

The electrical outlets stopped working soon after purchase. It is hybrid so the gas mileage is ok, but I have seen only her no hybrid vehicles get better.

- Lori L

It has a pretty good warranty, but it is still worth getting an extended one.

For the price, it has all the options that most luxury cars have. If I had a complaint, it would be toward poor service from the dealer, not Kia itself.

- Will S

It's a good car it's a good car it's a good car food.

I love the comfort, the radio. The Bluetooth.. I love the smooth ride, the interior.. I love the conveniences.. I love the appearance, the sleek design.

- Nannette A

that I drive it. it gets great mileage on long trips

i love the color of car and the size. I paid for the seat protection from stains but apparently it doesn't work. I can't get any stains out of my seats

- angela c

It's a good car for working on the on road.

Like gas mileage, like the look of it.. Hate the road noise and cheap speakers that busted soon after I bought it. Hate it does not have a spare tire.

- Sa F

it runs great never have trouble other than the low profile tires example: hit BIG pothole and blew out tire, hit a curb little to hard, blew out tire

good mix of sport and sedan mileage is ok should have had navigation installed clear coat on paint is a concern of mine otherwise I like the car

- linda s

Needs oil changes more often than other cars. Other than that it's great!

I loved it when I was first shopping for cars. It looked nice had almost all features I wanted at the time. Now it's a bit small for my family of 5!

- Sara B

It gets great gas mileage.

It has plenty of back seat room. Great gas mileage. Has been recalled once. Interior is nice. Front side passenger seat is really low to the ground.

- Jeff W

It hands free for using your phone.

I love my Kia it has a gdi turbo engine drives real smooth dual sunroof black interior display very sleek look I am very happy with my optima.

- Barbara E

One important thing about my car is that it is dependable.

I like my car because it is fun to drive and it is.. Good on gas. It handles well. I dislike the squeaks and rattles I am beginning to hear..

- Pamela W

It's a lot roomier on the inside than it looks from the outside!

I love that my car is so roomy. It comes with a 10 year/100,000 mile warranty. It drives smoothly. I don't have any complaints about my car.

- Brittany H

It is a great family car.

I have no complaints with my car. I have not had any issues other than ac motor going out. Other than that it has been regular maintenance.

- Nicole N

Very roomy with a lot of truck space.

I like that I can pair my cell phone to the Bluetooth in the car. I like the spaciousness of the Kia optima. I dislike the low front end!.

- Patricia M

It drives smooth and it's a good brand to invest in.

It drives well and its smooth the gas mileage is well to. I don't really have anything I dislike about it, I love that I take care of it.

- Aspen R

Great value, comes with all the extras you could want. Car runs great.

The trunk is only complaint, it lets rain drip and snow fall every time it is opened. I love every other feature. Runs great, no issues.

- J M

I get good mileage and it is not costly to operate.

Many features I like. It has been low cost maintenance. It is comfortable and runs smoothly. It looks sharp and I get many compliments.

- Donna P

It is a safe car to drive.

Love my car. Has all the features I have ever wanted. Good gas mileage for around town and highway. It works well for my small family.

- Amber W

Roomy, and safe feeling. The turbo is a nice thing to have on the freeway to get out of the way .

It a sleek looking car. Very roomy, you sit low in the car and you feel safe in it. I have gotten a lot nice compliments on my car.

- Chrissy s




Has a great warranty and gets good gas mileage.

It is cool looking. Has enough room for 5. Drives pretty nice. Get good gas mileage. Needs a bigger engine and more power options.

- George H

That is very economic and great on gas mileage.

I love that my car is fuel economic. My car is fully loaded. I live the seat warmers. And there is nothing I dislike about my car.

- Edna S

The vehicle is great on gas.

The vehicle I own gets great miles per gallon. It is also a reliable vehicle. I really like the convenience of it being a hybrid.

- Phillip B

It's very affordable compared to other midsize cars and you get a lot for your money.

I've had it 6 years now and haven't had any problems at all. It rides well and is very reliable. The gas mileage is good also.

- Mike O

It has been a very reliable vehicle, good mileage on open road.

It's a good car, good mileage comfortable. Love the heated seats and steering wheel. doesn't have navigation but that's ok.

- l c

This car is great on gas. I can fill up and drive one tank of gas for 500 miles.

It is a perfect car. I can fill it up with gas and drive 500 miles on one tank of gas! It is perfect for a family of three.

- Lindsay S

Car has fabulous performance in the rain and snow. No blind spots.

Regular maintenance - oil changes, brakes, I have had nothing but good performance from the optima. Would highly recommend.

- Barbara P

If you want a safe and reliable ride Kia is the one for you!

Very reliable vehicle. The cost to maintain has been at a minimum. I like the way it drives. I would purchase another KIa!

- peter z

hands free cell phone device. Bluetooth setup. has a lot of room

roomy lots of room for a family of five. looks great. and it's great on gas. has safety features that protects my children

- Casey L

It is built for smaller people.

It is not enough mileage, and the car does not have enough space. The trunk is so small and the seats are not wide enough.

- Jennifer M

Great tech. Sync ii works great.

Excellent car for the money no major issues. Had a recall which they gave me a rental for 10 days while they repaired it.

- Jessica J

The Kia optima is an amazing vehicle.

I love that it has heated and cooled seats. A heated steering wheel and the back seats heat up. I love the backup camera.

- Ashley J

It have a great interior design.

Like the interior design. Love the fuel economy. And an amazing overall performance. I do not like how loud the motor is.

- Eva L

Great reliable vehicle, I love my Kia

Kia Optima is a wonderful and reliable car. Great gas mileage, dependable, lots of room inside, never had any problems

- Dawnette P

Sporty, convenient and reliable.

The kia optima is a very sleek, sedan that looks like a sports car. It is a reliable car never had any issues with it.

- Kami B

It's very reliable and family friendly.

I love my car It's great reliable big luxurious drives smooth some of the best features very happy with our purchase.

- Kelli S

It does not cost much to repair, I didn't get any repair since I got this car in 2012.

I like kia because it has good warranty. I like kia because the cost is inexpensive. I like kia because it last long.

- sophia H

It was reasonably priced for the age and mileage.

There is nothing that I dislike about my car. I love that it is fully loaded and I love the color and the comfort.

- Tanya C

Good looking quality vehicle.

My car is great looking and reliable. It hasn't given me any problems and people compliment me all of the time.

- Lacey D

Push start digital keypad

I need new tires the brakes lights went out also I need a new air system and all so some new brakes for my car

- Shanice S

Very economical, as far as mileage, compared with other foreign-built sedans.

It is really good on gas and on the environment seeing as it is a hybrid I do not like it does not have power.

- Julio M

It is incredibly reliable and efficient.

I love the look of my car. My car gets great gas mileage and is reliable. It has held up well over the years.

- Lacey D

It is so pretty and stylish and I can drive in a tank of gas for a week.

Great on gas. Looks beautiful while driving. Price was fairly reasonable. Loved it from the moment I saw it.

- Shannon C

The car is great and comes with great options.

The car is great for road trips and comfortable as a family sedan. The mileage is great overall, I like it.

- Roy V

Kia Optima Great Value Great Car

I bought the car new not had any issues! It was a great value and we couldn't be happier with the vehicle.

- Roxanne H

The trunk is nice and roomy.

My kia optima has a sunroof.. It has a turbo engine.. The car handles awesome.. The car also rides good..

- Diane F

It's the best car for the price and very few problems with it

I like the styling. It had been very reliable and care free. The service department has been excellent.

- Judy L

Gas mileage is the most important part.

Like the gas mileage. Do not like the rear window view. It is to narrow. The look of the car is sporty.

- Jacob P

It is challenging getting an infant in and out of.

I love the sorry look of it. Gas mileage is decent. It is hard to get my intent on and out of, however.

- Alyson J

Gas mileage is wonderful. The comfort and technology is great!

Kia has improved their vehicles tremendously over the years. I am a huge fan now after owning one!

- Tori P

Not a good quality vehicle. it requires a lot of maintenance.

I bought it used. There always seems to be issues with it. things are starting to break often.

- Alisha J

Spacious. Room for a family vacation or just a day excursion. Truck storage expands by lowering back seats.

Good performance, no major issues, economical & fun to drive. Beautiful looking vehicle.

- Rita E

the gas mileage is great and I love the leather seats, they are also heated and air conditioned. It drives great, smooth ride

I Love the gas mileage. I love the way it drives and rides. I love the leather seats.

- nora O

It's Really fun to drive and handles very very well

It's a high quality vehicle. Has lots of features. Good value for the money.

- Steve J

I like that my vehicle is very sleek looking. I love that my car has a backup camera and that it's very comfortable to ride in and to drive. The steering wheel is electric, which means you must constantly control the steering wheel, which is a bit wearing. I am also not particularly fine with the gas mileage.

My car has a very high safety rating, which is the most important thing to me.

- Joyce C

Reliable and we'll made. It has not caused me any undue problems and virtually no dangerous recalls. The service has been outstanding

I love the styling, reliability, cost effective. There is nothing I dislike

- Judy N

The car has a very powerful engine and features you couldn't get for the price in other cars.

I like the features but not a fan of the quality of the car in general.

- Jimmy K

Don't buy this car be aware that Kia will offer you no assistance with anything

It's a hybrid drives horribly needed a new transmission at 15000 miles

- Dennis M

Great gas mileage. Handles well in all weather. Good car.

No complaints. Great gas mileage. Handles well. Very comfortable.

- Tina H

this car is very comfortable and luxurious for an affordable price

we love everything about our car and would not change a thing

- m h

Reliability it must be a reliable vehicle so that I am safe

Too loud. Gas mileage and when it shifts from gas to hybrid

- Elliott J

KIA Optima also comes with 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty.

Both the interior and exterior of the car is very nice!

- steve c

It has good gas mileage. Kia support is awesome. Also very inexpensive compared to comparable models

I like that it is fully loaded at an economical price.

- Terry A

It's a gas saver everyday.

gets me here and there. It's a gas saver.

- rema s