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A Great Car with Difficult Steering

The car is well-made. The design is sleek and the interior looks like it is a luxury car. I have a leather interior. The seat of the driver's side adjusts automatically, which is convenient for ultimate comfort. The mirrors are adjusted automatically and the mirror that is mounted on the windshield has a mode that dims headlights at night. The dashboard is well-equipped, although I wish the speedometer was digital. The car's steering is electronic and the turn radius is fairly useful. The backseat of my car are also leather. The back row is spacious and comfortable. The car comes with a fairly large trunk that can be accessed from the rear of the vehicle. The back seats can be laid down to expand the trunk for more space. The car drives very smooth and gets good gas mileage. My biggest complaint about the car is that the steering is so sensitive. The sensitivity on the steering wheel is so great that I must grip the wheel as hard as I can to prevent myself from swerving or veering off the road. The slightest movement of the arm can send the entire vehicle into another lane.

- Hannah S

Do not judge a foreign car but it name, it could be a diamond in the ruff.

My 2014 Kia is really good on gas. It has all the goodies sun roof, moon roof, Cruz control, a/c, electric mirrors, electric seats with warmers both front and back. It has controls in the steering wheel for the Bluetooth with smartphone capability and a sound system that a am-FM CD player that lets you feel the music along with hearing it. ( mood sitter )you catch the right corner with the right song you'll be very surprised to find it is very fast from a dead stop. It handles really good at higher speeds but does not have a tight turning radius, as in doing a U-turn. Only low point for me is how low you sit, because I 'am very tall it make it hard to get in and out of the car.

- Lew P

Very reliable and no major issues.

Had my car for roughly 6 months. We have had no problems with it so far. Performance and reliability has been excellent. It is comfortable to ride in, but does sit lower to the ground so it is a little harder to get in and out of. We have 3 kids (all in car seats) and we have just enough room for all of them to fit. Some of the features include - heated/cooler seats (front and rear, ) heated steering wheel, sunroof, Bluetooth stereo, Sirius xm, and keyless entry. It is a great car but wish we had something a little bigger because we are a family of 5, and have a dog.

- Amber H

The Kia Optima Turbo is the fun, fast and reasonably priced dream car.

The Kia Optima Turbo is one of the most classy and fun cars to drive. It has sunroofs not only in the front but also in the back. I comes with soft leather interior. The front seats have heat or cool and the back seats have heat. The gas mileage averages 26 mpg but highway is 32 mpg. It comes with a spacious trunk that will fit groceries or camping gear. And if you need more room in the trunk you can lay down the back seats flat so that you can have even more space. The Kia Optima Turbo is quick and sporty and comes with an amazing 10,000/10yr warranty.

- Terri J

My car has been great! I've had a Kia Optima for 6 years

I really love my car! I had a 2012 Kia Optima and totaled it and I bought one Just like it but newer! My car has never gave me any problems! The seats are very comfy for long trips, the gas mileage is great, and it fits car seats well. My only problem with my car now is that the paint is chipping off the front and I'm not sure why. And I do have a rattle in my dash that comes and goes and I haven't been able to pinpoint where exactly it comes from but other than that I really like it overall And has been a good car for me and my family.

- Lindsay S

All of the good with very little bad.

I feel the car performs rather well. I like how quick the speed picks up. I enjoy the rear, reversing camera. I think the breaks seem to go quickly, but that could be due to variables outside of the car, like myself. I find it rather comfortable. I do find it odd that the passenger seat is not power like the driver's seat. The back seat is spacious, as is the trunk. It is easy to perform basic maintenance on the car versus taking it to a shop for something minor like changing a lightbulb. The car is very user friendly.

- Jennie S

So far a reliable car with a comfortable ride and plenty of trunk space.

One of the main reasons I bought the car because of the body style Kia has come a long way with the perks inside of the car along with how well the car drives. I have a 2014 Kia Optima and I have had to replace the transmission even though it was under warranty. So far the car seems really reliable I love the fact that there is a lot of trunk space and the seats are pretty soft and cozy. I dislike the fact that the passenger seat sits really low it makes it really difficult to see out the window for petite person.

- Lena H

My Kia has a beautiful exterior and is very safe.

My car really does not have any issues. I used to have trouble with the Bluetooth option that my car has to have music playing and I did have my AC stop working at one point. However, it was all easily fixable and I did not begin experiencing any issues until this past year. My car is about five years old so it is really surprising that I have had no other issues with my Kia. I love my car and I always receive compliments from others that they love the exterior of my car. I have enjoyed my Kia over the years.

- Meredith R

Family friendly car with easy car seat installation.

My Kia optima has been a wonderful family car. It is easy to install car and booster seats for little kids, which is a top priority when you have young children. It has been a comfortable car, except when very tall family members visit and have to sit in the back. The tire pressure sensors are dry sensitive to changes that happen when the weather suddenly gets cold so I have had to go into the dealership for slight fill to turn off that warning, but otherwise have no had technical issues with the car so far.

- Erin J

Why I bought another Kia, and love it and how reliable and gas efficient.

I have not noticed any problems yet. The only thing I have had to do is replace my gas cap so far. I have only had the car about 2 months. I got it because I was in an accident this past 4th of July and some guy turned in front of me and wrecked my other Kia I had it was a Kia spectra 2009. It totaled my car and the airbag deployed so I went and test drove other cars and ended up getting another Kia because they are good cars and have a good safety rating, I recommend. Kia to anyone looking for a great car.

- Michele M

Kia Optima Hybrid. The best full size family car I have ever owned.

My car gets great gas mileage. I have the hybrid which is electric/ gas combo. This car is so efficient. It barely makes a sound when starting. This is full size car and averages 42 miles per gallon. It looks like a more expensive car. It has a very luxurious interior. It also has great safety features. There is a backup camera. The car has heated seats and steering wheel. The car has Bluetooth and great stereo system. The paint and pinstripe on the car looks great. The wheels are stylish also.

- Holly S

You should be driving a Kia.

I think that the Kia Optima is super amazing. The handling is so well. It cruises like no other vehicle I have ever own. I have never had any problems with my Kia Optima. Mine is of the color black which looks so sweet when it is nice and clean. The car is extremely reliable in all forms. In terms of comfort, the seats are so comfy. The power seating is amazing. At the press of a button, you can sit taller or shorter whenever you like. I will never get rid of my Kia. I highly recommend it to anyone.

- Jose P

Kia makes brand loyalty easy!

I love my 2014 Kia optima. At first, I wasn't happy about buying a new car. I'd driven my Kia Sorento for 13 years, and we'd logged a lot of super comfortable miles together. Of course nothing lasts forever, so it was time for a new car. Doing a little research before car shopping, I knew this Kia offered safety and luxury features I wanted, at a price I could afford. In all fairness, I tried other makes, but none offered the features and ratings I was looking for. Kia makes brand loyalty easy!

- Mary M

Kia Optima SXL Turbo, my thoughts

I love my Kia! I've never encountered any mechanical issues with it, and I keep up with its maintenance. It is very comfortable, I especially like small features that include such as seat warmers and seat coolers, and don't forget the panoramic sunroof. I have never been a fan of leather, however I Purchased the car because I loved it so much and I have adapted well to my leather seats. The only reason I give it a four star in instead of five is because the gas mileage is 24 miles per gallon.

- Alexandra R

Traveling in a Kia Optima

90,000 miles and have had no problems with this vehicle. The only thing I have found wrong is the tires. Factory and most replacement tires are only warranted for 40,000 miles but longer life tires car be found at a fair price. I got the top of the line in this model and the creature comforts, accessories and option have been worth the extra money. I travel a lot, mostly interstate, and still get excellent gas mileage but found that slower speeds on the back roads average about 2 mpg better.

- Randy H

Kia IS AWESOME CAR The Kia is a beautiful black car with grey interior.

I bought my Kia 2016, it is an awesome car, gets 37 miles per gallon highway and 32 in town. It has an awesome sound system, Bluetooth, no real problems with the car just normal oil changes, tires and battery. It is comfortable and drivers side has lumbar support, I drove it to central Florida from Tennessee and it was an easy trip and great mileage. My passengers were comfortable and had plenty of space in the trunk for luggage. I would recommend this car to anyone.

- Joan S

Make sure whomever replaces your battery tightens the bolt completely.

The only problems I can think of are that they don't have a spare tire, and if the battery needs to be replaced, there can be an issue of the car shutting off while driving if the battery is not secured tight. Otherwise, I love my car. The performance for a 4-cylinder is great. It is very comfortable, the durability of the upholstery is very good. Also the standard features are great. I have the ex trim with a panoramic roof, which both my kids and I enjoy.

- Jonathan R

Driving with a Kia Optima.

The Kia Optima is a good car. It was not my first choice but I have been happy with it. There is plenty of room in the car for travel, family and friends, the trunk has great space also and the back seats lay down for extra space if needed. I have driven in town and hi way and gotten great gas mileage. The main thing I do not like is their is a blind spot from the door frame on both sides that makes looking to the side very difficult and dangerous.

- Roseanne B

Great running vehicle, comfortable.

Bought it used, so it has a few problems here and there but they are very minor. The interior is great, seats are comfortable. Just had a few minor issues with the lights and tire pressure. The engine light would come on for no reason, so we had to keep taking it in to get the light fixed but the engine was fine. Jiffy lube said they forgot to put the censors in the tires so that is why the low tire pressure light kept coming on.

- Brooke M

Pros and cons of my Kia optima.

My Kia runs smooth, its roomy, has great gas mileage, the seats are uncomfortable on long road trips, and when it rains if the window is down a little the wipers pour the water right into the drivers side window. The design for that is not very good. All in all I love my car, although the engine is currently being replaced because of a recall and without warning the defect happened to me and left my child and I stranded!

- She Ray R

Kia optima is a great car!

So far no problems! My Kia optima gets great gas mileage and performs well in winter weather. Steering wheel controls are handy and Bluetooth phone capability help with being on the go. The car is very room and comfortable. The only qualm I have is that the passenger side seat is not able to be adjusted height wise on my trim package so it is very low to the ground (especially for people of shorter stature like myself).

- Ashley B

I love the air conditioned seats.

I have had some electrical issues, mainly regarding the steering wheel mounted buttons, since day one. Also had a fuel gauge/sending unit go bad around 64k. Avoid the Snow White Pearl color, it has known adhesion issues. Elsewise, Kia has been significantly improving over the years, and this vehicle is no exception. Many convenient and comfortable options. You take care of it, and it will take care of you.

- Kerr U

I love my 2014 Kia Optima.

The car is very nice it drives smooth and comfortable it has a steering wheel you can warm your hands with which is great especially in the winter time and heating and cooling seats the gas mileage is great I put 40.00 in and last about 2 almost 3 weeks it also comes with a backup camera which is very helpful. It is only a 4 cylinder so it does not pick up very fast but it is a great classy looking car!

- Latish H

The vehicle is not to big to care for.

My car is very reliable. My car parts are easy to get at many stores large or small stores. My gas mileage is very good and tires are very well priced. The car tires can be bought from all sort of tire shops. The car is good size to drive around parking lots. The car also has a large trunk big enough for many bags for many. My husband takes my wheelchair in it with many luggage for all family members.

- Nicole R

The style is great and I love the gas mileage.

I vehicle is nice comfortable and reliable. I love the big help on gas it has. I get about 600 miles on a full tank and that is a huge upgrade from what my old car had. I must say though, I purchased my car almost a year ago now and it seems as though I will have to replace my battery pretty soon which can cost me up to four hundred dollars. Not at all something I was looking to be doing so soon.

- Deja W

Awesome car with a great sound system.

My car performs great it has never broke down on me or. Left me hanging. It is very uncomfortable except for the leather seats when it is real. Hot it can really burn you when sitting down. The only issue that my car is when I start the car it begins to shake while I'm driving it also does it. The sound system is great awesome bass it comes with a 12' subwoofer. I love the panoramic sunroof.

- Jessica B

Great car with little to no problems, would definitely buy again.

Great car! It gets good mileage, and in the 2 and a half years I've owned it, I haven't had any problems at all. It's a smooth ride and has a very spacious back seat and trunk. This trim is one of the cheaper ones but it still comes with: cruise control, touchscreen radio and a backup camera. I put aftermarket wheels on it to give a more sporty look and I receive compliments all the time.

- Martha M

Midsize sedan that still has good gas mileage.

I love the features on my Kia. I have the ex so I have a sunroof, heated and cooled seats, a rear camera as well as a decent sound system. The car gets really good gas mileage, between 450-500 miles a tank. Especially on eco mode which I usually keep mine on. I have had an issue with the windshield wiper fluid not working but overall a really attractive and reliable vehicle.

- Desire F

The camera comes in handy and so do the power rear view mirrors.

The vehicle is very dependable and cost of maintenance is low and the style is very nice. I am happy with my purchase. I like the fact that I have the choice to change the driving modes but I have noticed that my car does tend to use a lot of gas so that is probably the only downside that I see about the car even though it gives the option to put it in eco which saves gas.

- Tracy R

Luxury sedan features without the price.

Sleek, sporty look. Roomy trunk and compartments. Nice handling, good gas mileage, and good pick up despite being a 4 cylinder. Seats stain easily. Plastic piece that covers seat adjustment buttons on drivers side keeps falling off. There have been a lot of recalls which is a bit of an inconvenience to get to the dealership but they always address without issue or hassle.

- April B

I love being able to put my car in sport.

My car is VERY reliable. It drives really smooth, the miles on it for the year of my car is not bad! 2014 Kia Optima, she's sitting at 171, not bad for the year. It's a 4-door, silver so pretty. I don't have any problems with my car. I keep my oil changed, which is the life of the car. My dashboard kind of faces my way I love it I feel so much comfort when I'm driving.

- Jasmine F

I love my Kia Optima cruise control.

It is a great and reliable car first and foremost. The gas mileage and up to date technology is incredibly sufficient. Although it is a standard car, the interior honestly feels like a luxury car. The engine is barely even Audible, which is scary sometimes because I am used to older cars, however these are the new generation of cars. I am glad I have my Kia Optima.

- Angel D

The Kia Optima LX is a reliable vehicle.

The car is reliable. It is not a gas 'guzzler '. The only issues I have had with my car are minor, such as brake lights and tires. However, you have to get oil changes every 3 months, depending on how much you drive the car. The car is a bit bumpy( I feel a lot of the bumps in the road) but it's not too bad. Overall, it is not a bad car to purchase on a budget.

- Christina R

How you drive it will depend on how good the gas mileage is.

It rides very smoothly, perfect size for my body type as I am a smaller person; however, has enough room for others to ride with me. It has just the right features that makes it easy to use, but not overwhelming. I do wish I had a back-up camera and after a couple years of having it I noticed the wheel it extra sensitive, but other than that I love it.

- Carrie G

2014 Kia Optima EX GDI review

I am not too fond that the estimated 'miles until empty' is not consistent when tank is filled to capacity. The drive is smooth. Even when my tires were due to be replaced. . Phones do not consistently connect to the car. The car gets good mpg. I drive at least 60 miles a day and do not need gas until about Monday or Tuesday of the following week.

- Crystal A

Can fit 3 car seats in the back. Great gas mileage. Really comfortable car

I love the navigation system and the back up camera. The back seat is SUPER comfortable, and everyone who gets in my car says "this is the most comfortable car I've ever been in!". I can fit 3 car seats in the back seat, which is a big reason why I got it. LOTS of trunk room, and I love that I can get to the trunk through the middle back seat.

- Jensyn E

The gas mileage was great and I couldn't believe we drove 5 hours and some. .

Car drives. . Great great on gas of the highway miles we drove to new Orleans 5 hours and some changed away on one tank of gas. . On the economy feature. . Man that blew my mind it is one of the best purchase we did. And glad of it. The sunroof nice very roomy inside comfortable ride. . Very sporty looking. . Just a around great car. .

- Kevin Hart K

Kia Optima: sporty yet family friendly and efficient.

It has really performed well, it has a 4 cylinder and turbo but does very well on gas. It has diagnostics and built in navigation which has been very helpful at times. It is a very comfortable car, has great heater as well as a/c. Seat temperature adjustment, keyless. We have not had any issues to date and would recommend to anybody.

- Justin V

I would never buy another Kia.

I found this car the following year with very low mileage. Within the first 3 months of ownership, it began to rattle in many areas, but nothing I could see to adjust. The trim on the exterior fell off around the windows the following year. It just seems poorly made or like they used the cheapest parts to slap this car together.

- Danielle M

The color different sometimes it looks bronze or silver. The speed is great.

My car is great on gas mileage, the ride is smooth as for the performance it is by far the best Kia, my car has never let me down in the 5 years I have had it. The comfort is the driver seat it sit higher than the passenger. I really have no problems with this car I keep the maintenance up on the car. By far a great purchase.

- Loretta M

My favorite car I have ever owned, the Kia.

Air condition seats, heated seats. Lots of room in the front and back seat. Drives very well and has great gas mileage. Good for the price and very easy to maintain. Love the color and easy to clean. Big trunk. Lets me know when something has to be fixed, service engine light will come on and let me know that something is wrong.

- Rebecca H

Kia -safe, secure, easy driving experience.

Why I love my Kia. - easy to operate. -has a "cool box" to keep soda or food in while next to the driver seat. -the sound system is great. - more miles to the gallon and a dial to show you how far you can travel on the gas in your tank. -spacious trunk with fold down back seat. - car tells you when there's a problem.

- Janice H

Amazing Bluetooth connectivity

I really love all the features of the car. My favorite is the Bluetooth connectivity of the radio. It allows me to make hands free calls and play my music through the car's speakers. I also really love the space of the car it can really fit 5 people comfortably while allowing each person to have their own personal space.

- Kayla R

Awesome used car. Couldn't really ask for more.

The car itself is very nice. I haven't had any major issues since purchase, although I have had to recharge the air conditioner once. The sound system is nice and I enjoy the SiriusXM capability. I would have liked push to start or even remote ignition, but I bought the car used. Overall great car and very gas efficient.

- Tyler P

Favorite feature. Cool/heated seats. Heated. Gas saver.

The Kia Optima is the best car to drive. It is very big and roomy. My trunk has a lot of space. I have cool and heated seats. One of my favorite feature of the car is the heat steering wheel. It comes in very handy especially in the winter months. My all time favorite about this car is that it is really good on gas.

- Christina L

Kia Optima for moms on the go!

I do not have any issues with my purchase. However I wish the trim offered back up camera and different seats other than cloth! The turbo version is a little fast so please try not to speed. It is very smooth ride and reliable transportation. Overall I would purchase another vehicle with better features of course!

- Louise C

Why I love my 2014 Kia Optima lx car.

I really enjoy my 2014 Kia Optima it drives smooth has Bluetooth calling very handy all the controls are in the steering wheel for safety and convenience there is cruise control, radio volume and changing, servicing menu, calling, very roomy inside seats up to 5 people, and there's lots of space in the trunk to.

- Amanda H

Very awesome Kia Optima ex

Extremely reliable, has great gas mileage, very minimal problems with this car. Super comfortable, Let me know How many miles per gallon, my next oil change. Has Bluetooth features. Cruise control option. Great performance very smooth ride. I really love this car I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

- Chastity W

Great economical vehicle with comfort.

The comfort for the Kia Optima is terrific! Drives smooth and has a lot of room in the back seat for children's or anyone. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever. The gas mileage is also great, gas lasts me up to a week or a little more. The brakes on the car are good too, they wear off I would say by now.

- Veronica R

Love my car since day one

I haven't had any issues with my car, it's amazing. All the features make it so easy to drive the way I do everyday, from the blind spot indicators and the rearview camera. I can't but help the reliability as well I've put 80000 miles on my car since I've bought it and the only thing I have done it oil changes.

- Jackson R

An interesting detail about my car is that she is a high tech

It's fast, it go in sport and It drives really smooth and can go up to 180 miles per hour. 4 door, white with tints in it. I have TVs in the back of my car. I love to cruise in it she drives super smooth and have no problems with my vehicle at all. It takes about 35 to fill my car up and my oil changes are $30.

- Andre C

The Kia optima is amazing. It is a great economy car and has a lot of room.

The reliability of this car is amazing. I rarely ever have problems with it and am really impressed with it is gas mileage. I am currently averaging roughly 32 mpg on it and am loving every minute. It is also very spacious and provides a lot of room for passengers in the front seat as well as the back seat.

- Jay H

The car tells you when it needs a oil change.

Car had engine recall but dealership covered a new engine. Had to get a rental for a month. Shark fin also known as the antenna cover easily comes off and is very expensive to replace. The leather is beginning to wrinkle due to heat exposure from the weather. Other than those things, I still enjoy the car.

- Victoria O

The back seats have a cooling feature.

I purchased the 2014 Kia Optima Ex with the technology package so the features are above superb as far as technology. The seats are leather and the adjustable feature on them make them comfortable. However, the Kia burns a lot of gas so I often fill up a lot. Very reliable. Haven't had any factory issues.

- Angel H

Well built modern car for mostly anyone.

The car is very good and the materials on it are all solid as well as the finish of the vehicle is very nice and sleek. Very well built modern car that will suit the needs of most people and it has very good mileage as well. It will hold up to all the commutes that you need and it has plenty of space.

- Andrew D

My 2014 Kia forte, where the car is today.

My vehicle has been with me for 4 years, I say it drives pretty well and I have never had extreme problems with it. I would say it was definitely a good investment and I wouldn't change it for anything! My Kia has treated me well just as I have treated my Kia well. She is not a gas guzzler either!

- Ashley S

Optima is a great car for its value.

Car drives very well on highway as well as country roads. Very good on gas mileage as well as comfortable, roomy seating, front and back. Very spacious trunk room. The Optima is good vehicle for long trips, since it is good mileage and has plenty of room for whatever you need to carry in the trunk.

- Leslie T

Amazing family friendly car with a sporty feel!

I love my car, it has a lot of extras on it including heating seats, heated steering wheel, air conditioning seats, full top sunroof that slides open, all leather, too much to name! Rides great, it did have a recall on the motor right after I purchased it but Kia replace the it with a new motor!

- Kat F

My vehicle is safe, comfortable and has a very easy to turn steering wheel.

Honestly, I really love my car. It I easy on gas, easy to drive and very comfortable. I have traveled in my Kia Optima up to 17 hours and it has always been a smooth and comfortable drive. I love the fact that the steering wheel is so smooth to turn which makes driving long distance enjoyable.

- Abner I

Backup camera is nice and the spacious room in the back seat is very nice.

It has a backup camera, power windows and music channel galore. Has anti lock brakes. Thirteen miles to the gallon. Somewhat good on gas. The interior is comfortable. Spacious inside the back. Trunk is very big too. It handles ok in the snow but the anti lock brake has something to do with it.

- Angel J

Affordable luxury feeling vehicle

I love my car, leather seats, infinity sound system, double sunroofs, very comfortable and smooth to ride. My family is over 6 feet tall and they can fit comfortable in there and the truck in very large for luggage. The glove box also has a door to open to act as a cooler to keep drinks cold.

- Mary-Anne H

A great decision for me! Love my panoramic sun/moonroof.

My Kia is a very reliable vehicle when it comes to performance. I have the ex model and I love the panoramic style sunroof along with the other amenities that are included. Love the body design and the fact that the body includes steel beams which provides me with an added sense of security.

- Marsha B

Great vehicle!! Has so many amazing features you'll love!

I love this car. It has all the features you could want and is very comfortable. Heating and cooling features for both front seats and heating in the back seats as well. A sun and moon roof. I love the backup camera! And a killer stereo system to boot. You cannot go wrong with this vehicle.

- Jenna C

Fully loaded. Great color clean engine reliable all around awesome vehicle.

My car is very reliable has been driven to Kansas from Florida to Texas from Florida various times never had an issue. . The performance is awesome clean safe drive very reliable and safe great engine got it at 19, 000 miles is at 65, 000 miles in within a year and is still great condition.

- Amy G

Great for entertainment also a smooth ride.

The 2014 Kia optima is a wonderful car with a lot of detail. It has the style of a luxury sedan without breaking the bank. I love the fact that satellite radio comes standard and it also has Bluetooth compatibility. It is a 4 cylinder so it is great on gas mileage. It is also very roomy.

- Monica H

Amazing car! One of a kind.

Very reliable, it is great and gas and offers and smooth and luxurious ride. Great for a family car or going on trips. Very spacious and is a fun drive, maybe could even double as a sports car, who knows! Overall a great car for someone looking for a reliable and fuel efficient vehicle.

- Zachary A

The amount of room in it and mostly the gas mileage is a great

Had no issues with my car. It has been a great vehicle. I love it. Very reliable been drove on very long trips and it had terrific gas mileage. Loved that. Also a great back up camera that come in handy as well.. Sits so very comfortable with lumbar seat as well as plenty of legroom.

- Sue B

Great Car, Very Heavy Duty and Durable

It is a fantastic vehicle. I have no issues with the vehicle except that it is very heavy duty. In comparison to my other car, it is not sensitive in steering or the brake or gas pedals. A sturdy car overall. I recommend buying if looking for a car that will last for a very long time

- Lina K

Peace of mind is priceless!

I love my Kia Optima, it is comfortable, reliable, safe and I have not had a single problem with it. The peace of mind that my Kia has given me is priceless! Of all the cars I have owned the Kia Optima is by far my favorite! I recommend the Kia brand to all of my family and friends.

- Callie R

The highlights of my car is the turbo and its eco friendly.

I do not find very much wrong with my car. Sometimes it stutters a little but I haven't had any other major problems. I have also noticed some stuff with my breaks. No matter if I put new brakes or not the squeak a lot and I feel like I have to slam on the brakes just to slow down.

- Angelique G

The 2014 Kia Optima, Luxury Feel at affordable consumer prices.

The feel of a luxury vehicle. However it is well within the affordable range. I enjoy The blue tooth's ease of use. Performance wise, Never had an issue. A smooth ride with plenty of in vehicle room. Fantastic Gas mileage 34 miles per gallon Highway and 24 miles per gallon city.

- Willie J

Very good on gas! Eco friendly!

My Kia optima gets good gas mileage. I have not had any problems yet so far. It rides really smooth on the road. It's also eco friendly. I also have Sirius XM radio which is a plus! It also has a backup camera. It's pretty spacious for me and my two children. Has good miles on it.

- Monica M

Kia Optima - a new contender.

Smooth ride with amazing gas mileage. It even manages to meet all my technology needs! It has enough of everything, but does not feel overwhelming. It is sharp, stylish, and has had no issues since I purchased it! Definitely a long lasting reliable vehicle that anyone can afford.

- Jared M

Awesome Kia Owner - Repeat Kia Buyer

I love my vehicle because it came with so many features, like power door locks and windows, it also have a navigation system that has bluetooth capabilities. It is extremely roomy and just plain fun to drive. It is a very sexy-looking car that has out performed my expectations.

- Pamela F

Excellent Car with lots of room and amazing features

I have yet to have any issues with my car. The warranty on my car is excellent. It is extremely comfortable and lots of legroom for back seat passengers. I have a heated steering wheel and I love that not only are the front seat heated but the back seats have that option as well.

- Kelsey F

It is not a quality vehicle.

Since purchasing the vehicle, first the rear driver door wouldn't open from the inside. The rear passenger window will not open, the car hates changing gear you have to push it really hard. Just tonight, the dome lights started flickering and the front seats sit dangerously low.

- Karin W

Very good car and it�s push to start

Kia are reliable. Very reliable, in fact. In the past few years, Kia have consistently appeared in dependability lists from a variety of different sources. Kia cars are comfortable they don't have that many problems. They are spacious and nice. The paint is nice and doesn't chip

- India M

I love the sunroof, the gas mileage and the shape of the car.

My only issue with the optima is the way it was designed it's hard to see at times when trying to see out the side window unfortunately that has almost caused me to pull out in front of traffic several times. The gas hatch gets stuck at times too. Other than that I love the car.

- Frances A

Kia Optima Great performance and awesome amenities.

I have enjoyed my optima. The car had some recalls and the dealership was very helpful in correcting the recalls. I would purchase a Kia again. I like the features and the performance of the Kia Optima. The car is strong and dependable. The car's computer system works smoothly.

- Amanda C

Good. Excellent all round. And had. Did not expect transmission problem.

I had a recall for new engine due to fillings in a few models. It cost me nothing. I recently had a new transmission at 113,000 miles. This was covered by my extended warranty and all I paid was the $100 deductible. Good car. Accelerates well and handles good in all conditions.

- Andrew L

The good and the bad and the ugly.

The performance is great but the seat is not comfortable on long trips and neither is the steering wheel. I do not like not having a spare tire. It handle fairly well but my Pontiac was better. It took about two years to get the engine broke in enough to get decent gas mileage.

- Christine W

It is good on gas and it comes with a navigation system.

My car is amazing I went from having to fill up an SUV every other day to being able to go for the whole week. It is way more reliable and it is fully loaded. I’d say my only complaint is I am so low in comparison to my SUV but even that I have the option to raise my seat up.

- Bernie E

Good gas mileage- passenger seat is awkward.

I really love that this car is easy to drive and has good gas mileage. I have had no problems with the car since we purchased it. I do not really enjoy the way the seats are set up. My passenger side sits very low and it is very awkward for passengers when they ride in my car.

- Jamie F

Good reliable car perfect for daily driver

I love my Kia it is a reliable car with all the features you need. I have not had any problems with my Kia since buying it only had maintenance work done. The car is not that fast but it still picks up at decent rate. I recommend a Kia to anyone looking for a reliable vehicle

- Johnny H

2014 Kia optima. Lots of legroom.

Drives nice. I like the look. Don't get black as it shows to many marks in the paint. Handles well. Really roomy interior. Has the best leg room of any car I've owned. I would definitely consider buying another optima. I do think the newer styling isn't as good as previous.

- Justin C

How to look at the Kia optima.

The Kia has fast pickup when enter a highway or freeway. It has low maintenance. We have had to take it back for a few recalls. It sits low to the ground like a sports car. It is a little difficult to operate in the snow. The passenger seat sit lower than the driver's seat.

- Natalie E

Overall, it is a fun ride. With a modern look of a luxury car.

Love the color. The interior is well thought out and spacious. Almost resembles a Porsche. It has sleep lines with an aggressive grill. Tail lights are sleek and modern. Love the gas mileage as well. I just wish it had a little bit more horsepower, or a small turbo engine.

- Lauryl F

Great car for small family.

The only thing I would change is the seating. It is a bit uncomfortable to get out of the car because the seats are a bit low. If they make the seats higher than the car would be absolutely perfect. It is a great sized car for a small family. Great for road trips as well.

- Samantha A

Kia optima: spacious, comfortable, and safe.

The Kia optima is reliable, has good gas mileage and looks great. It is comfortable and spacious for storing stuff. It holds up well in an accident and is very easy to see other vehicles. The passenger seat is a little low, which is the biggest complaint from passengers.

- Courtney D

The best detail about it is the driver seat settings. The steering wheel adjusts

I haven't had any engine trouble with it. Recently went through a lot of trouble with the breaks. It has held up very nicely besides the breaks needing changed. The dash has indicators for low tire and windshield fluid. That always keeps me up to date with Maintenance

- Katie K

Lots of recalls but otherwise content

My vehicle gets great gas mileage and is a very comfortable ride. The interior is a cream microfiber and is very difficult to clean. I have had numerous recalls on my vehicle- including a complete engine replacement. Otherwise I have been very happy with my vehicle.

- stephanie e

14 Kia optima. Sharp. Car.

Wonderful vehicle amazing gas mileage, great 4 cylinder car doesn't even seem like its only 4cly! No problems with it at all. Nice interior, pretty roomy car. Satellite radio, Bluetooth, USB port, 4. 2 LCD screen, led highlights. All around nice sporty look as well.

- Rachel S

She is my baby. She can be sensitive especially during the cold due to her being on a tropical island.

I love my kia. I have used it in so many road trips with my friends. The only issue I've had with it is sometime my key will get stuck in the ignition. When this happens I have wiggle the key around to get it unstuck. This doesn't happen so it doesn't really matter.

- April A

Sorry to have outgrown my stylish Kia optima. I love this car.

I do not have problems other than my family has outgrown my Kia. Time for an SUV my youngest is now in school so I have more people to transport I do not know what else I can say. I have never had issues with my Kia. My son is a mechanic and has always kept it up.

- Rosemary W

It is great on gas and runs great.

I like how it drives smoothly. I also like the size of my car, it is big enough but not too big. I like the features my Kia has as far as the lock system and the stereo and garage door programming. I do not like that the Kia did not come with a spare tire or jack.

- Tracy A

2014 Kia Optima ex is such a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

My 2014 Kia Optima is comfortable and drives great! My family enjoys all the safety features of this vehicle. It has had only 2 recalls since we purchased it and they were taken care of immediately by the dealership. It has been the best car we have ever owned.

- Kristina R

The 2014 Kia optima is a great car.

The car is great on gas. Passenger seat does move. The car drives well in all weather conditions. It has room for five people with a great big trunk for all types of stuff. The only real thing that I don't like about the Kia is that it does not have a sunroof.

- Michael R

It so far has been reliable. No major issues. The dealership where I take it to get serviced, workers seem to not care much.

Some things are starting to fall apart. The thing that clips on the roof of the car. The system that is used for hands free doesn't always work and requires to be restarted a lot. The fabric on the seats is terrible. It traps hair and it can't be vacuumed out.

- Katie F

The mirrors fold in when you lock it.

I love my car so much. Glad I picked the brand. It is really good on gas. I have had my car for over a year and only needed my oil changed once. Nothing has broken down on me. Only thing I have had an issue with is my key fobs going dead for my push to start.

- Rasa T

Kia Optima. Fair price amazing comfort wonderful features that are easy to use.

I have had no issues with my Kia Optima I love all the features and it is very comfortable would definitely buy another one in the future it has everything I could want and more I love every single feature that it has to offer and so do my family and friends.

- Barbara P

I love the gray color because it�s easy to clean and does not show the dirt.

I love my vehicle. It runs great. The only issue I would have with it is the steering seems to be a little shaky while driving, causing unnecessary swerves on the road at times. Other than that, my vehicle is awesome and have no problems with it whatsoever.

- Stephen M

The like the cooled seats.

I love the cooled seats, back up camera, 2 sunroofs and the how the car drives. It fits everyone comfortably. If I would get another car it would be a new Kia. Warranty is great, staff is friendly, price is affordable. Definitely recommend it! 2 thumbs up.

- Jennifer B

Great car, can't complain!

Had an engine recall, Kia took care of it completely. No other problems, great car. Runs great, good on gas, good engine power. Driving it for 4 years, no other problems indicated. Love my car suggest to everyone. Good service at the dealer, no complaints.

- Tatiana G

Extremely reliable vehicle with no real problems. When anything does go wrong, they fix it immediately.

No complaints! It is very reliable and I get good mileage with it as well. I have a 10 year bumper-to-bumper warranty on it as well. ONLY things that have gone wrong is the battery had to be replaced and the filter to the window washing fluid got clogged.

- Thomas H

Very dependable gas saving car. Very cheap to maintain.

Very reliable, good on gas, very spacious. Is pretty fast. don't like that my low pressure light comes on like every month. Love that it has Bluetooth specially when I get calls. Wish I could adjust the height on both seats my passenger seat is too low.

- Thelma Y

Perfect car for high school students that will last them through college!

I have put over 100k miles on my car, and it still performs perfectly. The interior still looks great, as well as the exterior. The only wish I have is that I had more features than Bluetooth. A backup camera and touchscreen radio would have been nice.

- Kristen B

My review on my 2014 Kia Optima

I have had my Kia Optima for about 3 years and it's not had any issues, no mechanic issues at all! Very reliable and nice modern day type car! Love the look inside and out! It has push button start, touch screen radio, and Bluetooth connection ability.

- Katie L

Kia is truly a great company and is of great quality.

I have only had a factory recall. They handled the recall with grace and was taken care of in a timely manner. Kia has really done me good. My vehicle still looks just as good as the day I bought it and I would purchase a Kia over and over if I could.

- Stephanie M

Great reliable car with great value

The amount of recalls is alarming, but I love the gas consumption and performance of the car. The value on the optima is unmatched. You get all the whistles and bells for a fraction of the cost of the name brand cars. It is also very cheap to service.

- Kevin B

Sporty and family friendly.

I am very satisfied with my Kia optima. It gives me a sporty feeling while being a good reliable safe car for a family. I wish the navigation device was better but since the car is 2014 model it is outdated. The newer optima's have better navigation.

- Beth B

Moon roof opens two different ways.

My car is a Kia, it had a recall issue and a new engine was provided. I will probably my keep it the rest of my life. It has heated seats, air conditioning, gets decent mileage, and the driver seat has lumbar support, seats adjust nicely for comfort.

- Shirley A

Well, since it's a Turbo, it does go rather fast..

I have absolutely no complaints with my car. It drives smoothly, and is great on gas mileage. I drive the SXL Turbo, which comes equipped with a navigation system and XM radio, which is a plus. I plan on driving this car until I can't anymore.

- Brittani T

This is all I ask for in a car!

It lets me know when something is wrong which makes me feel very safe. I am a rough driver and it stays in perfect condition! Very easy to drive, windows are big and clear. Trunk is huge and the back seats go down if needed for extra space.

- Yuri N

How reliable it is and how gas and cost efficient it is.

The camera in the dashboard is really useful because of the rear view perspective. I like the Bluetooth enabled TV and how I can sync my phone to the audio as well. It's a small but spacious car and reliable to. Has not given me issues yet.

- J V

The Kia optima is a great car.

My car has run great since I received it. I have only had typical maintenance on it and have not needed tires, etc. since it was purchased. Brakes are fine too. I would certainly purchase this car again if given the opportunity.

- Brian L

Very dependable car and you will love to have one of your own.

My Kia Optima is very reliable. It features a lot of things that your vehicle will ever need. It has a sunroof and moonroof. It's very roomy and it drive's smoothly. I've had any problems and I've had it for 3 months now.

- Desire K

I feel like I'm driving a Benz

Performance has been great, I feel like I own a luxury car. Even after all these years of owning it (5 years), I still don't feel like I need to upgrade. It's always reliable and costs for upkeep are minimal. I love Kia!

- Victoria D

How great the gas mileage is!

I absolutely love my Kia optima! It gets wonderful gas mileage and drives very good! So far I have no complaints about my car. It is definitely an eye catcher around where I live, because not very many people have them!

- Brook L

It's so reliable and a great value for the money! And it's a beautiful car.

I love my Kia Optima! It has been so reliable and I haven't had any car repairs at all in 4.5 years. It is very stylish and was much cheaper than my previous Toyota Camry. It has all the bells and whistles as my Camry.

- Nancy M

There is Bluetooth capability, traction control and XM radio.

Haven't had any performance issues, very reliable, nice size on the inside and cool features like Bluetooth capability and traction control. As long as you keep up with the maintenance this is a very nice car to have.

- Paul S

It is affordable and gets great gas mileage.

Great car. Loaded. Can change driving mode from normal, to sport to economy. Can also change suspension from normal, to sport. Can pair cell phone to car for hands free operation. Also has great warranty protection.

- Edward G

The most important thing is that it is fairly good on gas mileage.

My prime reason in liking my vehicle is that it is comfortable and suitable for travel. I also enjoy the easy drive and accessibility it provides. Overall the Kia Optima is a great car that suits my lifestyle.

- Angie G

Reliable, affordable, looking stylish and having great mileage.

Kia is a nice car, with a stylish design. It is a right size for my family of four. The engine is reliable with great horsepower. We took our car for many road trips. It is energy efficient, 30 mpg on average.

- Cherry S

The antilock brakes can be a little scary but great car!!!!

I really love my car. I don't have any complaints about it other then I'd like to have a backup camera and more features but that is something I didn't get while purchasing the car. I love my car though.

- Lindsay g

It is a good compromise between power, economy, and roominess.

I like my vehicle's power and fuel mileage combination. It is roomy and has enough space for most of the family. The amenities are pretty good for the price point and it's still under a long warranty.

- Garron W

The car is very reliable with no issues.

My 2014 Kia optima has been a very reliable vehicle and I have not had any major issues with it. There have been a couple of minor recalls that were taken care of by dealership without any issues.

- Robert C

High mileage with some transmission problems.

Overall, the car is very reliable. I have high mileage considering I drive a lot and the car is already out of warranty. At 106, 000 miles, I have started having some minor transmission problems.

- Dennis C

It is a very low maintenance car in regards to oil changes, filter changes, etc.

Very reliable vehicle. Gas mileage per gallon is excellent. from my particular dealer, lots of perks and discounts come with it. Very good price for the quality and performance of the vehicle

- Robert K

It is been very reliable and good on gas.

The car has great pick up and acceleration. It is very smooth to drive with comfortable seating. The stereo has great bass. Overall, the car is great looking, reliable and comfortable car.

- Allison C

Car is 4 years old and has had no mechanical issues whatsoever.

I have not had any major problems with my Kia optima. Very comfortable car and drives great. Digital dashboard keeps me aware if anything needs changed like oil or if tire pressure is low.

- Barbara L

IN LOVE with the heated items on this car

I really love my Kia Optima. Mine is fully loaded. Living in northeast Ohio we have some brutal winters and the heated front and back seats AND heated steering wheel really come in handy!

- Ashley J

Sleek looking with lots of options and great gas mileage!

Love the heated steering wheel, air conditioned seats. etc. I love all the perks, but a more affordable vehicle. No problems, really like it. Only thing better would be if it was an SUV.

- Chris C

Kia Optima 2014- Nice car!

This Kia Optima That I leased from my local dealer, is in great condition. the interior is in mint condition and has black leather seating. which I believe makes more a comfortable ride.

- Rosemary R

Affordable gas mileage and has lots of perks.

Heated/cooling seats make me very comfy. Enjoy the moonroof on nice days. Love that the seat automatically moves me closer to the wheel with the on button and back when I turn off.

- Dee F

good on gas mileage, easy to handle, lots of trunk space and lots of legroom in the back

No complaints but some options are a bit difficult to understand how to use, so unfortunately they are not used. Would like to have a steering wheel that is also air conditioned.

- Leigh H

The one most important thing to know about my car is its surprising nimbleness.

It's fantastic and gets incredible gas mileage and is very fast, it looks good and drives good the only thing I do not like is the sound system has a slightly cheap sound to it.

- Ethan S

I have not had any major issues with it.

I am the second owner of the car and have not had any issues with it. The car is really turning out to be a reliable vehicle. The only part I have had to replace are the breaks.

- Amanda R

Beautiful car, drives/rides comfortably, responds beautifully we enjoy it.

The only time we've had a problem was after the dealer had it for routine maintenance-one of the lane-change warning modules, driver's side, was damaged and had to be replaced.

- Ruth Q

It's the best luxury car for the price. Has the bells and whistles that only come with higher level vehicles

For a hybrid it doesn't get much better mileage Than a straight gas car. Road Noise is a little louder than I would like. It is a very nice ride, with many creature comforts.

- Kevin G

Great gas mileage never an issues with the motor.

Very comfortable interior. Great gas mileage. Sleek design easy to keep clean. No issues with motor, never had to be towed or ant mechanical work up. Overall reliable car.

- Karen B

The optima hybrid gets decent mileage.

I like that is gets decent mileage. Do not like the passenger seat is low. No spare tire is not great. Also the brakes could be a bit faster than they function now.

- Gail H

I think what's important about it is the money you'll save on gas

It's a prefect car and its easier to control. Very maneuverable and gas costs are cut at fractions of the price. I genuinely love how spacious and comfortable it is

- Jose V

It has amazing gas mileage

The kia has amazing gas mileage. It handles great and we have had no major issues with it at all. This is our first Kia and we would definitely buy another one.

- Becky H

The safety scores compared to other automobiles.

The Kia optima is sleek, classy and roomy. It stands out from the competition. It has all the technology features including rear parking sensors and, Bluetooth.

- Stephanie P

If your looking for a reliable and affordable car, Kia is a great way to go.

My car runs smooth and we have had no problems with it. Its comfortable and reliable. I love all the features like the heated seats and heated steering wheel.

- Shawna G

The Kia Optima has a great sleek look with a lot of space inside.

Amazing warranty. Great on gas. The Kia Optima also has bucket seats which I love because I like to sit low. Acceleration could be better but I love the car

- Chris H

It has a hybrid engine and gets amazing gas mileage. It is comfortable and spacious. I have driven it from the Midwest to the East Coast and had the best road trip ever!

I don't have any complaints about my vehicle. I got it a year ago, and it is a hybrid engine so the gas mileage is amazing, it's comfortable and I love it.

- Sep K

It's a really fun car to drive. The different modes are super fun and can be more fuel efficient too.

I love the handling of the car and the technology that's in it. It's sporty and fun. It have a little smoother of a ride, but overall, I really like it.

- Heather F

Kia Optima SX best car out there

The seats aren't the comfiest. I love the car and features. I have a sunroof and moonroof. Heated and cooled seats. Blind spot lights. Large touch screen.

- Morgan G

The throttle body is quick to go out.

Runs a little rough. Seems like something is always breaking on it. My back tail light is always going out. I love the way it looks and the ac is awesome.

- Tina B


performance is excellent. Only drawback is the passenger seat is very low. VERY low. I haven't had any mechanical problems whatsoever. Great gas mileage.

- carol l

Excellent car worth buying.

It has a nice sleek look. The ride is very smooth. Features are good but would like a sunroof. No car issues except for some minor manufacturer recalls.

- Jake L

It runs good, and there are still features I don't get time to learn.

Got new engine due to recall but otherwise have taken advantage of the free oil changes. However, It's not the most comfortable car I have ever been in.

- Shirley B

It is a beautiful car on the outside.

Although it is a used vehicle, it runs pretty well and I have not had any issues. The outside is nice and stylish but the interior is a little outdated.

- Brittany N

The Kia optima gets around 30-32 miles per gallon.

It is a great looking car that gets great gas mileage. The tire noise on the interstate is quite loud and the seat color choices are hard to keep clean.

- Jennifer P

That it is too low to the ground.

Dislike it because it is too small. It is too low to the ground. And hard to see outside. There are too many blind spots. I like the safety features.

- Joanna R

It's awesome sauce on gas and I absolutely love it!

It's good on gas and convenient. My kids love it and enjoy when we take family trips in it! I'm truly blessed that they make such a reliable vehicle.

- Safiya H

Great deal and comfortable, like driving a Mercedes without the expense.

My Kia optima hybrid, gets great gas mileage. Handles well for short or long commutes. Very comfortable seats and I love the fully loaded amenities.

- A L

It's a good car for the price and is a reliable vehicle.

I like the gas mileage and look of the car. It is reliable and I haven't had any major issues. However, it does run a little noisier than I like.

- John B

That it is efficient, it drives well, and it is visually appealing.

I love how it looks and how it drives. It has a lot of extra room in the trunk and in the back seat which I love. I do not have any complaints.

- Rachel M

Great mid size sedan, great gas mileage, sporty looking

My kia optima runs great, is reliable, and great on gas. I have not had any problems with it and have only had to do regular maintenance on it.

- Mary B

Awesome body style. All the modern features that are popular.

Like how classy Kia looks. Kia had improved their whole line of vehicles. I think Kia is almost the most popular make of vehicles on the road.

- Michelle P

Best Features on Kia Optima

Love the gas mileage on this vehicle. Also I upgrade and have cooling and heated seats which is great! Love how the car drives...best kia ever

- Cristine I

The most important thing about this car is the eco option that is located on the steering wheel. Using this option will give you better gas mileage

I like the space and room the 4 door car provides. It is a comfortable car for my family with decent gas mileage. It has been my daily driver.

- Zach W

great gas mileage, smooth ride, very reliable, sleek design

i have not had any issues with this vehicle and am very happy with its performance and gas mileage.we liked kia so much we bought a second one

- mark k

It's a great car. Drives great. Sal turbo is super fast.

Trouble with computer malfunctioning during winter months. Car battery would need to be jumped. Solved problem with new battery installation.

- Renee G

It gets great gas mileage and it's a smooth and comfortable ride.

I like that's its small but has enough space. I like that it has Bluetooth for my music. The truck is big. I don't dislike anything about it.

- Jessica M

Luxury car at affordable price

Accelerated fast. Really nice interior comparable to a luxury vehicle. Fair price, not too expensive. Aesthetically pleasing on the outside.

- Catherine B

My car is reliable, great on gas mileage and a really comfortable ride.

I love the gas mileage that my car gets. I like how comfortable the driver seat is. I like how I can adjust the front seat to fit my needs.

- Elizabeth H

How many safety features the Optima has. You are surrounded with airbags and more!

I love my Kia Optima! It's very sporty looking and a beautiful silver color. Most importantly it runs great and I haven't had any problems!

- Dyanah F

It is very safe car to drive.

I have not complaints. My car is so fun to drive and have never had problems with it. It is great to take on trips and we really enjoy it.

- Melissa A

Optima optimum performance

Nice space inside and in the trunk. Perfect for me and long trips out of state. The sound is excellent. Would definitely get a newer model

- Jay V

It is really really good on gas, and not to make a mess.

I love that it saves gas.. Love that it has a backup camera.. Hate that it has leather seats cause when it is really hot it burns my legs.

- Gabriela A

Rides beautifully and smoothly, no complaints.

It's hard to back up without a camera. It gets great gas mileage. Lots of interior room. Feels more powerful than the average 4 cylinder.

- Nancy K

Guys I work with were very impressed with the vehicle.

Looks sharp. Comfortable riding. Good gas mileage in the city & on the road. Large trunk. Only downfall is passenger seat does not raise.

- Lisa S

It gets excellent gas mileage.

I love the ease of driving my car. It is so much fun to drive. I like the display screen. Also, the numerous cup holders are wonderful.

- Tina K

Sporty sedan, great for commuter of family.

Very reliable vehicle. It could use more power but does drive and handles well. The styling is nice and the interior is comfortable.

- Jonathan M

it runs really well and is great on gas mileage

I like it a lot. It has a lot of pros. it's roomy, runs well, and great audio options. I've had it for 5 months and no complaints yet.

- alexandra g

Runs super quiet because it is a hybrid vehicle.

Great gas mileage because it is a hybrid and gets 50 something miles to the gallon on the highway. Plus the body style is very sporty.

- Kimberly M

It sits very low to the ground.

I like my car because its 4 door. Its sporty. And it suits me. Has lots of room. It also has everything digital just a push of button.

- Jennifer J

It is very Dependable and comfortable ride. highly recommend...

It's spacious, sleek design for a 4dr sedan. Great gas mileage. The ground effects on the body are low and hits curbs frequently.

- Elaine K

It is got a lot of space, which is my favorite part of my car.

Bought it used for $6, 000, it is a salvage title. It runs okay but it feels like there’s not much power when you press on the gas.

- Brooke M

its sleek and you can get a custom color at the dealership

i like that it's the right size for me, i love the color and features, i just wish there were more features on the app for diagnosis.

- nesha k

How to crank it and how to turn it off. You have to have the key on you but not in anywhere

I love the way it rides and the leather seats. But the passenger seat sits low in the floor and you cannot adjust it. I hate that.

- Phyllis B

It is a blessing and it gets me to where I need to go.

It's very stylish and roomy. I wish it was a smoother ride, but it drives very well. Someday, I'd like to upgrade to a newer model.

- Quincy J

Reliability, longevity and resale value.

Hate the cloth seats, they show dirt terribly. I like the look of the car and the way it handles. I have not had any major issues.

- Valerie L

It was not really expensive.

I like the smooth ride it gives me. My car gets great gas mileage. My car is easy to take care of and it came with a great price.

- Edward R

Is a 4 cylinder and is very good at gas.

I love the car and I never had any problem with it. I got it like 6 months ago and everything runs good and is also good at gas.

- Italia P

Love the car normal wear and tear as usual over the years.

Car does sit slow and is overall low so your front bumper can get easily damaged. The factory paint job does not last very long.

- Krishna D

Kia has a great factory warranty.

Vehicle is very nice looking. It is also good on gas. It comes with a dependable factory warranty. I do not have any complaints.

- Carol C

Blinker alerts and keyless entry, heated and cooled seats

I bought the vehicle fully loaded so it has all the amenities. The exterior materials feel weak and the front end is a bit low.

- Jessica A

Very awesome warranties, great gas mileage, rides nice.

I love my Kia Optima. It has had a recall on the engine and getting fixed. They have been great about it. I would buy another.

- Teresa Roe R

Gas mileage is amazing, go hybrid.

I like everything only thing I wish is someone could explain how everything works on my car. I really love the gas mileage.

- Courtney W

Silver 2014 Kia Optima GDI

My Kia Optima is great car for road trips. It is smooth and quiet while riding. Also, it has Sirius XM radio capabilities.

- Jason G

Inexpensive to own and maintain.

Cheap payments. Good warranty. Great on gas and minimal repair issues. It is however not a great car for winter driving.

- Paul M

Satisfying another customer, KIA Optima is a great value for anyone.

It is a smooth ride with many extras. I love the bluetooth and backup camera features. I do not have any complaints yet.

- Lisa D

It's been pretty reliable overall (despite a recent issue with the trunk latch of all things).

Solid reliability and gas mileage. Not the most comfortable drive ever, but not terrible. Wish it had navigation system.

- Mike N

Passenger seat is extremely low and Won't rise up.

Since I have bought my Kia dependability. I also enjoy the power a take off. Great gas mileage. All around enjoyable.

- Paula E

My optima is a reliable, fun, upgraded car

I don't have any problems with my optima it runs great and it great on gas, it has a lot of convenient car features.

- Renita G

It is very reliable. It has good gas mileage.

Wanted a bigger vehicle. I would like to have leather seats. I would like 4 wheel drive. . I also wanted a sunroof.

- Mary V

It drives good and easy to maneuver.

I like the car for the most part - easy on gas. Don't like how small the backseat seems with two kids in the car.

- Michelle s

It's a great car for a great price

I like the ride of the car. It has good gas mileage and some great features. I would have preferred a sunroof

- Robin C

Very good gas mileage. On a full tank I usually getting almost or over 500 miles to empty

I love my car! It is a good size. Very spacious. I love the Bluetooth and the screen. And it very good and gas.

- Megan S

The customer service and warranty are exceptional.

No issues at all, i love this car and will buy another when the time comes. The warranty is great and effective

- Rafael H

There are alot of safety features.

The cars build is really nice. I love the digital dashboard. And it was a great price. It also is great on gas.

- Asia N

It has good mileage- I do not have to fill up with gas too often.

I like the look of the car. I dislike how high the driver side window is- hard to put your arm out the window.

- Sarah G

kia optima checks all the boxes

reliable,very good performance and excellent ride and comfort, very few problems dealer service is outstanding

- jeff s

It has a good factory and powertrain warranty

I like the styling and the way it drives. The it is a bit underpowered and the fuel economy is disappointing

- Steve o

It has a backup camera, and it rides smooth.

It is really fast and it rides nice. It also fits all 3 car seats in! Plus I love how it has a backup camera.

- Donna R

It's just an alright car I like it

It's really great on gas. Tires seem like they go low fast, good on oil changes, rides excellent no problems

- Traquine L

That is very spacious and that it never breaks down.

Love my car Duvall Honda sold it to me with problems so I have had it for 3 months and drove it for 2 weeks.

- Kayla M

It's great on gas and is very comfortable to drive all day.

My vehicle is very dependable and great on gas. My dislike about my vehicle is that it now has many miles.

- Karen G

Looks small from the outside but it is very roomy.

It is good on gas.. It is a very nice looking car.. It has not given any major difficulties to this time..

- Robert J

You should buy this car. It's awesome and reliable

Great car. Reliable and has a smooth ride. Decent gas mileage. Really awesome. Happy with my purchase.

- Rachel Z

100000 mile warranty not that you will need it, comfort and Style all rolled into one

this is a great car, Bucket seats racing wheel comfort and power all in one car looks and drives great

- Dawn S

Seats can raise up if you are short, it also tells how many miles you have left before your gas runs out.

My car Drives smooth and is great on gas so far. I haven't had any problems with the engine as well.

- Angel W

This car is very reliable and is priced reasonably.

This is a great vehicle. Engine runs solid and is reliable. Car looks great and has great features.

- Anthony D

Sleek, nice ride with lots of space inside.

I love the look of the car, the space inside the car. I don't like the way it breaks sometimes.

- Lindsay W

It has side airbags and lots of room in the trunk.

I don't like how bright the outlet lights are.I love how it drives. I love how it looks.

- Crystal H

that it's the best car every & everyone should want a KIA

its energy efficient, gas mileage is excellent. the car is tech savvy & really stylish

- Hikari B

It's a fun car to drive. Love the style

It's been a fun sporty car. I enjoy short drives and longer road trips. No complaints

- Jeanette B

Certain parts break easily. Passenger seat doesn't rise.

I like the steering and smooth drive. Dislike how the Bluetooth tends to not connect.

- Aurion D

Runs very smooth..never had problems

It a is very affordable and a great running car...heated seats would be nice though

- Ellis G

That the Optima is a very comfortable car to ride in and also drive.

I like the sporty features of the optima, I also like fuel efficiency of the Kia

- Diane S

Good gas mileage and a good warranty. My dealership is very helpful

Very good on gas and a good warranty. I would buy another one, maybe an SUV

- Kristen R




our kids like being seen in it

It has a turbo on it and really helps in in tough traffic conditions

- john K

Great audio system. For a factory system I think it's the best on the market.

Love the radio. Hate that it's falling apart before it's paid for.

- Nikesha H

Love my car, comfortable stylish and sleek. Maintenance can be pricey due to foreign model

For a Stylish, comfortable, sleek looking car you can't go wrong!

- Sher D

love and will take you there further

too big but more legging room. lack of reach.

- harry c