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I have a sharp looking car that makes a sultry statement because of the color.

I have a smoky blue black Kia optima lx it's a fine looking car it drives and rides well the traction is good my problem is i didn't get the chrome on bottom of outside door its rubber at bottom of widows which looks dull from the weather just came to me I could put armor on the rubbers ok. The gas mileage is not good at all I think 28 or less it takes at least 40 plus to fill up. I should have gotten leather seats, a backup mirror as well but I have had no mechanic problem it is comfortable and performs well very reliable. Watch the little antenna thing on the roof when going through car wash have them tape it down or it might come off.

- Mrs D

This car is also a push to start.

There are no problems I have had with my car since I have purchased it. The performance on the car is great, I get 30 plus miles to the gallon which is great for me because I do a lot of driving. The car is very reliable, it never breaks down on me or anything. The Kia optima is a very comfortable car to be in, it is features include, leather seats, a screen, buttons on the steering wheel. This car is overall a great car and I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, cute, spacious car with great gas mileage. The car is very nice looking on the outside as well.

- Jessica M

Never deal with a "buy here pay here" because it is a nightmare.

I bought this car from a "buy here pay here" and it was wrecked on the rear driver's side but it drove wonderfully. I went into the contract getting paid every two weeks and then it changed to twice a month on the 15th and the 30th. They would not work with me as far as me making payments. They wanted their payment on the 2nd which wasn't going to happen due to rent being due. I explained to them I could pay it on the 15th and they wouldn't budge. I ended up having to give the car back so now I am careless with 2 grandbabies.

- Dee Dee R

It is a midsize sedan if you really need space I would go with a full-sized sedan.

I haven't really had any issues with my Optima beyond that I live in California and sometimes it gets very hot. For some reason this causes my radio/navigational screen to black out until the car gets to a decent temperature again. The buttons on the dash and she screen itself are still responsive but you cannot really see anything and it is very blurry when it does come back. The car is pretty large and has a decent amount of space since I have a baby on the way comfort is very important and it is been very good to me.

- Monica Z

2015 Kia Optima: luxury feel for an affordable price.

I drive a 2015 Kia Optima on a daily basis. The car had 7 miles on it when I drove it home. This car has definitely been very reliable for me. The gas mileage is excellent, it rides smooth, and it is got a luxury feel on the inside for an affordable price. Really my only complaint would be that no matter the weather, the air conditioning always fogs up all my windows. This can be very frustrating. But other than that all around my favorite car I have ever owned.

- Megan S

My car creates a comfortable, smooth, and safe driving experience!

My vehicle is the perfect size for me and my family and has the perfect sleek design that I desire! I enjoy being low to the ground and the tan leather interior looks great and is easy to keep clean! It rides very smoothly and provides the technology that I need in order to make my life simpler. I do wish it had a bit more power and pickup, especially when I have it in the eco mode! Otherwise it provides a terrific ride experience and I'm very satisfied!

- Laura G

This car is very reliable. And you look good driving it.

This car is extremely reliable, and fast. The seats are slightly uncomfortable because they are bucket seats, but it also has heated and cooled seats. A/c is not as ice cold as other vehicles I've had, and the vents don't seem to work very well. My six turbo model has a panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled leather seats, led headlight and tail light, blind spot detection, touch screen, navigation and backup camera. Love this car. It is a joy to drive it!

- Alyssa S

My car is red 2015 Kia optima.

What I love about my vehicle is that it has Bluetooth, has great gas mileage, tells me how many miles I can keep driving before I run out of gas, & I have been using this car for 3 years and I have not had any serious problems since. The only problems I have with my car is that when I fix something (oil change, tires) the light does not disappear and when I am trying to connect Bluetooth sometimes it will not connect right away.

- Jonathan R

Nice interiors, very spacious and comfortable, Bluetooth access and great on gas.

I really love this car, I like the interior, the seats are very comfortable. It is also very spacious, I have a baby do it helps that the back seat is very big and a lot of room. I also like the Bluetooth feature, so you can access your phone and listen to whatever music you want, while also having the ability of making phone calls as well so you are not having to be on your phone, which is unsafe.

- Kayla P

It's a great small family car, but the trunk is not deep enough to handle some items.

My Kia Optima gets excellent gas mileage which is perfect for long family trips and simple errands around town; it's also great in the climate I live in that I have heated and cooled seats that can be adjusted to the temperature outside. The computer in the vehicle though, is frustrating, and has had to be reset multiple times and sometimes will not connect the bluetooth for any apparent reason.


Fuel economy is magnificent.

This vehicle is roomy, comfortable and I average almost 30 mpg. The trunk is huge and the split fold down seats in the rear offer even more space. The accessories are terrific (Bluetooth, power outlets, usb, ). The sound system is better than my home TV and stereo system. The engine is incredibly quiet and the maintenance us both infrequent and low cost. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give it a 9. 8.

- Eric S

My Kia optima is phenomenal!

I have a basic Kia optima. The performance of my car is great. I did bought it used and have it for almost 2 years. Still runs great. It is soft to drive. It is very economic and reliable. This car really saves gas. Full tank last me about 2 weeks, drive 2 hours a day. The exterior and interior is beautiful and comfortable. It has Bluetooth and CD player. I highly recommend my Kia optima.

- Maria O

2015 Kia Optima good review.

My car is very spacious for my needs, and comfortable. Haven't had any problems yet. I have only had the car for about 4 months and I have been very pleased. It is good on gas, and has “eco” mode which helps a lot. This car is very reliable. One thing I was very happy about was having Bluetooth so I didn't need to have cords plugged into my phone and getting in the way. Awesome car.

- Jessica J


This car is very comfortable to drive. I chose a pretty basic vehicle, for instance non-electric seats. One thing I do not particularly care for, there is a blind spot in the rear, but I would assume most vehicles have this to some extent. Also, love the color (brown metallic) but it seems to really hold heat if out in the sun. However, air conditioner works very well.

- Jennifer M

She's good quality for the price!

I love my Kia to the point where I've named her...Kiki! I love her safety features and the way she rides! She has a great deal of space for being a small sedan and is perfect for my family. I only wish that I chose a different color exterior because her being black shows every single piece of dirt or small ding like it's magnified! She also needs to be cleaned very often!

- Laura W

Great Vehicle At a Great Price.

I love the car. It's the SXL version, 2.0L turbo. It has plenty of power. I don't have to worry about merging on the highway. The gas mileage is good as well at 25ish mpg. It has an Eco, Normal, and Sport modes. It has a lot of cool features that I love, like Apple CarPlay. When I connect my iPhone, the screen in the dash shows my icons, just like on my phone.

- Armed O

Great gas mileage, reliable car.

There is a potential glitch with my make of Kia, but I have not taken notice of it yet. It is comfortable and reliable to drive, and it transitions easily going onto the highway. I am pretty short, so I would prefer if the car seats sat up more for when I drive it. however, that is a small price to pay. The car gets good gas mileage, and I am a fan of the eco mode.

- Samantha H

Great size for small family.

My car is very comfortable and I have had very few problems in the time since I purchased. The size and power are just right for what I need, it holds two car seats and a booster seat relatively easily, but is still small enough to make parking anywhere easily accessible. Gas mileage is reasonable as well, I do quite a bit of both city and highway driving weekly.

- Mica T

Not a very good vehicle for a family of 4.

Not enough leg room. The air conditioner is not very powerful which is disappointing considering I live in the south. I diligently that it gets great gas mileage. Another think I do not necessarily like is that it is very close to the ground. I feel like I am sitting on the ground. Also, since the spoiler in the front is so low, it is very easy to crack it.

- Tammy H

My optima experience: love about 90% of it!

Excellent performance, comfortable seats, easy to navigate dashboard, great speakers, decent gas mileage, superb crash test safety, unbeatable warranty in its price class. My only complaint is it does not handle well on icy or slick roads. Even bought high end snow tires and I still fishtail on turns. I love Kia and will soon upgrade to a SUV.

- Vicki N

Just tagging along with a friend just to get out of the house.

Haven't had a lot of problems. Car drives wonderful just like when I pulled of sales lot. Except for having to place a few unexpected blown tires maintenance and gas mileage is excellent. Four adults can ride comfortable on road trips. Love the speaker system that came with car. Overall car wasn't what I came in to buy but glad I bought it.

- Jeremy M

Trunk is really deep, if something gets pushed to the back, it is hard to reach.

The Kia optima is a nice looking vehicle. It is comfortable to drive. The one thing that I do not like is that the passenger seat is very low due to the airbag placement making it hard for the passenger to see out of the windshield and can also be difficult for the passenger to get out of the car. Overall a good quality affordable car.

- Irene E

Very cost efficient car, great family car, or just you car! It fits everything.

A great car, there is so much space, the car is phenomenal on gas I can fill my whole tank for 40 dollars and it last me up to two weeks, I haven't noticed any major problems with the car and I have had it almost a year now, just requires a oil change every so often and tires rotated but that is any car you buy ever, highly recommend!

- Ashton B

Kia Optima hybrid - great for families with young children.

Great handling. I have the Optima hybrid so amazing on mileage. Average around 38 miles to the gallon. Back up camera and Bluetooth are added benefits. Comfortable fit - even in the back seats. Easily comfortable for 6 foot plus folks. Sedan allows for easy access to back, this comes really in handy as I have 2 car seat aged children.

- Josh R

Pros and cons of a Kia Optima hybrid.

Great on gas mileage an very low maintenance and it has an absolutely excellent paint job with metallic specs. The handling of the steering while driving is smooth and trusting. The one thing that I do not like is the hesitation on acceleration. It has a slight delay when I press the gas pedal before it actually starts to accelerate.

- Gregory A

Kia optima is a great vehicle.

Seats aren't the most comfortable, but the car is overall great. Good on gas Bluetooth connection & XM radio. Still glides smooth like a brand new car. Adjustable seats rear view mirrors with signal lights on the side of them. Traction and cruise control eco mode which makes it more efficient in gas. And has a sporty luxurious look.

- Jacquard C

Great family car, absolutely amazing for long drives for family outings.

I do not have any issues with this car. It gets really good gas mileage. Motor is strong. The trunk is really good sized for a midsize car. Paint job is sound. The dash is easy to read. The red illumination is really nice when driving at night because you can change how bright it is. Love having Bluetooth in the car and my Siriusxm.

- Stephanie B

My reliable Kia optima, the best choice I have ever made.

I love my Kia optima. This car is so comfortable to sit and drive. I have had no problems with this car thus far. I have a four door which makes it relaxing for everyone. My car is easy to drive and the gas mileage is also great whether it is city traveling, local, or long distance. I made an excellent choice choosing a Kia optima.

- Delores M

A enjoyable black Kia Optima.

I really like my car. It is a pleasure to drive and very comfortable. I have not had any problems with it at all. It is very sleek looking as the color is black. It has a large trunk and the back seats fold down if I need to place something larger in the car. The air conditioner and heating system work very quickly and efficiently.

- Darlene K

A car that will get the job done

One thing I really like about the car is the gas mileage (above 25 mpg highway). When it comes to look and design I dislike the white exterior, the tan seat that easily get dirty and the awkwardly low passenger seat that everybody mentions when they sit in it. Otherwise it's a great car that i can afford as a college student.

- Tyler G

Great gas mileage, style and comfort.

Going from an older car to my 2015 Kia was a huge upgrade. All around it is really comfortable, it has all the bells and whistles that other cars do, without the price tag. I find that the only complaint I have is that I wish I got a bigger engine. Mines a 4cyl and I was used to something with more power in my previous car.

- Emily M

My sleek styling and sexy Kia

So far I haven't had any issues with my vehicle it picks up pretty fast on speed. I like the fact it has three hands Bluetooth with leather seats and interior and nice manufacture rooms. Only thing I like to change about the vehicle are : Tinting the windows and repainting the car because the paint is already peeling off

- Heru L

The gas mileage in this car is amazing. Very comfortable to drive and ride in.

I love this car. I have been on many trips in this car it is very comfortable and easy to drive. The gas mileage in this car is amazing. One tank of gas gets me anywhere I want to go. Even to the next state over. I have never had any problems with this car. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who asks about my car.

- Karen S

The color, dark gray, gives off a beautiful shine when washed and dried.

My Kia is an easy vehicle to drive. It is easy to handle with regards to shifting gears, steering and seating. It is very comfortable and the seatbelts seem to adjust fine. It is easy on gas also. The backseat is also quite comfortable. The dashboard is easy to navigate as far as the radio, lights, air/heat and so on.

- Sandy S

Never have had a car with as many controls on steering wheel which I love.

It drives well, good mileage, no problems, just routine maintenance, basic model, however, very comfortable for long drives, controls are convenient, some on the steering wheel which is extra convenient, Good, comfortable amount of space for 5 people, large trunk for adequate packing, would recommend a Kia to others.

- Lynda R

Car has great pickup. I drive mostly highway to get to/from work and when I put my foot on the gas, it goes.

I searched for a car that had all the bells and whistles that I wanted on it and the Kia Optima had them all. I wanted heated and air conditioned seats, back up camera, and heated steering wheel. Also got folding side mirrors and other safety items. There is nothing that I dislike about this car. It is fabulous.

- Gail M

Driving a 4 door sedan doesn't mean have to involve a boring mom car!

I have loved my Kia Optima from day one! I purchased it 2 1/2 years ago. I have followed the maintenance schedule with reminders from my local Kia dealership and have had no problems. I have a 30 minute commute to one way each day and this car makes it enjoyable; it is comfortable, great on cash and fun to drive!

- Kori O

This car is safe and reliable.

The Kia is a low maintenance and reliable auto. It can run 100, 000 miles before a tune-up. It is economical. This auto gets incredible gas mileage about 50 mpg on the freeway. I only change the oil every 6, 000 miles. I have traveled some miles trouble free. And the car comes with a 100, 000 mile warranty.

- Linda H

Looks like a sports car when in fact it's a 4 door sedan. Love how it drives.

I purchased my 2015 Kia Optima brand new with 59 miles on it. The car drives really smooth and is very spacious. I have had passengers sitting in the backseat and commented that there was so much leg room. The trunk is a good size also. I sell jewelry and when I have events. I can pack so much in the trunk.

- Jamie B

Kia: the good and the bad.

Great gas mileage, rides smooth, a little low but it has pick up. I would recommend a Kia definitely. It is stylish, sleek and affordable. It has unique safety features that a lot of cars do not have. The only dislike is it very low so if you have a bad back or back problems I wouldn't recommend it for you.

- Brittany H

My car the Kia Optima 2015.

Kia Optima from 2015 is a decent and beautiful car. The price is fair for the way the car works. It runs smooth and rarely gives us any problems. I trust this car to take me far, and that is good because I am always anxious about traveling to cities that are hours away. And with the Kia we save gas money.

- Sinai T

The Kia optima sx turbo, is a very sporty and classy car… I highly recommend it.

I really enjoy the vehicle mileage. Also, the turbo class really adds to the pick up in situations when I need to accelerate during entering onto a freeway.. The sound system is incredible. The sporty look is also a plus. I highly recommend this vehicle. This vehicle also has tons of room for trunk space.

- James A

Best fuel economy in its class.

I absolutely love my 2015 Kia optima. It gets wonderful fuel mileage and is very dependable. We also get excellent customer service at our local Kia dealership. The trunk is very roomy and the car itself is very comfortable and roomy. One of my favorite features besides the fuel mileage is the Bluetooth.

- Meg D

Is a car that is not a great brand an is too expensive also I don't like it e.

Is a car that is not a great brand an is too expensive also I don't like it because is too expensive and other people said that my car is too expensive is a car that is not a great brand an is too expensive also I don't like it because is too expensive and other people said that my car is too expensive.

- Orlando A

The drastic drop in value! It's not worth it to buy new. Even if you get a great deal. Does not hold its value!

I love the appearance and all the features. The size is perfect for my size, I feel like I can control it well. Dislikes would be the paint has little chips in it as though there's a defect. It doesn't ride as well as many vehicles. And the value has drastically reduced since I purchased it new in 2015.

- Candace Y

Great car for travel and leisure.

I have had my car for over a year and I have not had any problems at all. This was my first car I have ever purchased and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. My car has great gas mileage and it is comfortable for long drives and trips. I travel everyday for work and I am happy with my choice of car.

- Madison L

Nice car dependable car and not to expensive either.

My vehicle runs good and smooth on the highway and it gets wonderful gas mileage which is important to me, I just love the style and the way it runs I have not had any issues from it at all, I would recommend this car is you are looking for a good car but also something that is not way to expensive.

- Melissa E

The only thing I dislike.

I really like this vehicle. It has a great amount of room for my family of 5. The only thing I dislike is that the passenger seat sits really low. I wish we would have paid the extra money to get the passenger to sit up higher. We just didn't have the extra money at the time to get the next step up.

- Francine H

Its push to start which is nice. Its small so easy to park. Good on gas.

The battery always dies. There is a short in the push to start button. Got rear ended last year, got everything fixed, still does not drive the same. The car is beautiful and nice inside but it just has so many problems. Even if you get them serviced like they need, something is always going wrong.

- Sandra N

This vehicle has surprisingly held up on how durable it is comparison to others.

No problems with vehicle very good on fuel consumption. Nice sleek luxurious look and spacious especially for driver and passengers alike. The vehicle performance is satisfactory to me. The interior has very modern look with the display screen, steering wheel being easy to use and to safely access.

- Charles B

Roomy and comfortable Kia Optima.

I absolutely love my car. It drives great and rides smoothly. I have had no issues with it at all. I get great gas mileage. The interior is very roomy and comfortable. There is plenty of room for five people. It has a great size trunk. I would recommend a Kia Optima to anyone that is car shopping.

- Dana K

Gas and safety is very important to me that's why I purchased the car.

I don't have any problems with my vehicle at all. I am proud with the product and company for making a great car. Great gas mileage and safety. that's all I have to say about my vehicle. Not much to say but I like it for me and my family. I recommend to anyone that has a family and like to travel.

- Michael A

Car still runs smooth, like a glove. Given its year.

Had the car for nearly 2 months now and the car window on drivers side, motor has begun to fail. Seems like there’s a bubble in my tire already even though I literally drive less than 2 miles to work and back. The car is still reliable at the moment. Greasy parts - nothing wrong with so far.

- Mari D

It is very comfortable and drive smoothly.

I drive both uber and lyft and everybody seems to like their experience in the car and asks about it. It drives very nicely and smoothly. And I have had very few problems with it other than the brakes. I use the brakes a lot because of the uber and lyft so that does not seem surprising to me.

- Karen J

Family review on the Kia Optima

Our Kia Optima has been the best car we have ever owned. It's comfortable, adorable, stylish, slick, and just makes us happy! We originally went in for a Civic but after driving the Optima we fell in love. It drives good, sounds good.. and overall; we feel it will be a long lasting family car.

- Christy P

My cute Kia optima is the best.

I have the absolute most best vehicle. It is very stylish it gets great gas mileage and it even has a sporty sunroof. It is silver in color with black interior the air runs great and the sound system is phenomenal. Kia really outdid themselves. They really couldn't have created a better car.

- Kevin B

2015 Kia Optima: Sleek, modern, reliable

I like this car because it is very reliable. However, it is not the most comfortable. The seats are very uncomfortable for long distance driving. The radio/ multimedia system is decent and it is nice for the price range and the car looks sleek. The comfort of the seats are my only complaint.

- Raina M

Huge trunk and very roomy in the inside.

The Kia is very reliable and comfortable to drive. It is very classy as well. You also cannot beat the gas mileage. I get around 37 on the freeway which is great considering all the traveling I do. It is surprisingly roomy in the inside as well and has more trundle space than most sedans.

- Ben R

Typical problems when leasing a car.

No problems, thank god. Its reliable just want more features. If I didn't have a car note payment it would be great. Had to purchase a new battery and other things to keep the maintenance up on it but that typical. Purchasing a car means you will have payments and maintenance to maintain.

- Shay T

Dealer price $20k, while the online price was 13999. Investigate!

It is a great car, very comfortable. If you drive it carefully you can average 40 miles per gallon. It does not lose value as fast as most cars. For very little extra I got lifetime oil changes and car washes. It looks slick and easily holds the three kids, one with car seat. Big trunk!

- Shane N

Its a vehicle considered a base model and the best feature is its gas mileage.

My car is average compared to other vehicles in its price range and year make. It comes with limited features (no sun/moon roof, no GPS/navigation system, no parking sensors or cameras, low-volume stereo), overall I would not purchase another Kia optima or any vehicle of the Kia brand.

- Kay B

Amazing Kia Optima, great gas mileage and safe car!

My vehicle almost has no problems. I got it 3 years ago and it runs very smoothly and efficiently, I get more gas mileage than most people I know. The seating is very comfortable and spacious and I love the cockpit controls. It has not had any type of problems since I have gotten it.

- Kristin H

Kia Optima 2015: Both thumbs up

I have really enjoyed my Optima. I've only owned it for a few months now, but I have not had any problems at all. I like the look, the inside is comfortable and is perfect for my transitory lifestyle for single adult to raising a family. It's reliable, comfortable, and looks good.

- Noah L

Great family car and gas mileage.

I like all the features in the car. Comfortable seats, lots of room especially in the back. Big trunk and the push button release for the trunk. Great gas mileage. Parking with the camera is wonderful. The ease of getting in and out of the car. I like having the automatic lights.

- Carol W

Love features but issues with radio after warranty expired.

Love all the features about this car. Air conditioned front seats, heated back seats too. GPS, backup camera and Bluetooth capable. Although, my radio is having issues, changes whenever it wants, turns on when shut off by itself, etc., right after the warranty expired, of course.

- Rachel C

That it is dependable and economic to Its owner.

This is the second Kia we have owned. There was no hesitation because of the success we had with our other Kia. We bought the optima hybrid 3 years ago and have had absolutely no trouble with any areas of the car. We also enjoy the 38 to 40 mpg that we get with our newest optima.

- Brian H

My silver Kia Optima is a shining star.

I love my Kia Optima. I had it since 2015. I love the color of my car. It is a gas saver. . The air conditioner works well. It still has low mileage. The only disadvantage is, the car is small, only four people can ride in it. It is not very roomy. I like to cruise in it alone.

- Kia O

Kia optima is comfortable and reliable.

I was use to an SUV so it was an adjustment for me to get use to the smaller size but very reliable and comfortable. Gets good gas mileage. Only complaint is that if the radio is off I hear a hissing sound that sounds like the window not shut tight. Kia offers free oil changes!

- Kelly W

This Optima hybrid is a delight for the price.

This vehicle has had no problems. It drives very smoothly and has very comfortable leather seats. The trunk is very large. The body style is good looking. The front passenger seat is able to seat at least 6 foot 5 inch tall person. The back seat seats 3 people very comfortably.

- Cynthia L

Great family or beginner car.

It has great response time when you press the throttle, it can take rough driving. It has aux, USB and Bluetooth so you can always connect your phone. Hands free calling of course. I love it, never had a problem!! The seats are very comfortable, and it is very roomy inside.

- Jennifer S

Trying to make turns or change lanes when driving a Kia Optima.

The car sits very low. There is a blind spot on both sides where the doors meet (front/back) making it very difficult to see when turning/changing lanes. It gets pretty good gas mileage. Stereo good. It was not my first choice as a car to start with so I am a little jaded.

- Roseanne B

Great for the price with great quality in all areas.

Over all happy with our Kia, good mileage, fair ride, very good pickup. Very nice interior, great seats and good space in the back seat. Plenty of space in the trunk, my walked fits in easily. The only real problems that the tires that came with the car always lose air.

- Bruce H

2015 Kia Optima - comfy and cheap.

The car is very comfortable and easy to control. They are bucket seats so you sit lower behind the dash. Good mirror viewing and not a lot of blind spots and great gas mileage. Only complaint is the quality. The car itself is very light and moves very easily in the wind.

- Danielle O

Great car and great cf value.

Interior light switch by as a short in it. Does not come on when door is opened. Front passenger seat gets too low can not see it up. Great gas mileage, drives great, modern, lots of room, great leg room, big trunk. Great stereo system and has Bluetooth for phone.

- Kim K

I love the black and chrome Accents on my vehicle.

My Kia Optima gdi is pretty comfortable and reliable. I purchased my car a few years ago because of the 20 plus miles commute I make every day to work. The Kia Optima has proven to be efficient and great on gas mileage as well which are key characteristics in my book.

- Char H

2015 Kia optima issue with tires having to be constantly replaced.

Tires wear out quickly. I was told this specific car has had this issue something about the alignment causes tires to wear quickly. Other than that I am satisfied with my vehicle. It has a report for driving so I am able to monitor my daughter when she drives my car.

- Michelle S

High speed luxurious vehicle with double sunroof.

My car has been a great blessing. I have had no problems. It is very comfortable, heated seats, which is great for me because I am always cold. Leather interior which I love and a double sunroof. I have the sports addition so it is got a great engine and high speeds.

- Elaine R

Love my 2015 Kia optima!!

I really do love my car. So far I do not have any issues with it. I have not had any major problems with it messing up or anything. It has a little less than 100, 000 miles so I am hoping I will not have many issues once I do hit that mark! But so far I do love it!!

- Anna W

I love the look of my sporty Kia!

I really love my Kia, it has been very reliable these last 3 years. I like the look of the vehicle, it is low to the ground which gives it a sporty look. I also like how big it feels on the inside. It feels a lot bigger than most sedans, which gives it more comfort.

- Katie D

Such a gas saver and very spacious.

Purchased the car 5 years ago and haven't had not 1 problem with it. It is a gas saver. Super spacious and comfortable perfect for a small family of 4. Kia is a good make aftercall very surprised after hearing so many negative reviews. But I gotta say it is amazing.

- Alexa R

When is there is one problem another one will sure follow.

It has a recall for problems in the engine but they will not do anything about it until the engine stopped working. When I press the gas it seems that the press down very hard for it to even go the speed limit. And the windows gets stuck it sucks when it is raining.

- Amanda M

Great vehicle, great amount of power, great gas mileage and features for commuting.

I bought a Kia optima for commuting purposes and it is a good car with minimal upkeep ad a great warranty. I have the base model which provides enough in features to suit my commuting needs (bluetooth, cruise control, auto windows, eco features to save on gas etc..)

- Kenya H

Rides great and is a stylish family car.

The Kia optima hybrid is a great family car. Super comfortable with a stylish and safe ride. Quality is top notch and highly reliable. Navigation, satellite radio, heated and cooled leather seats equipped. This is a great car for trips or errands. Highly recommend.

- Ryan L

It is a good traveling car due to big trunk.

I really like how smooth and how gas efficient my Kia is. It also has a lot of trunk space. One thing that is been an issue is my brand new tires keep losing air in them frequently and the engine has shut off on me suddenly twice while driving now which was scary.

- Stephanie F

good gas mileage good basic car

My Kia is really good on gas mileage and the warranty is really good on covering all kinds of minor stuff...Now i would suggest if you want a little more kick to your car get something more sporty in a Kia but if u want basic and good gas mileage this is your car

- jared d

Car is ok for a mid size sedan.

My vehicle has all of the bells and whistles. It has navigation. It has a sunroof. It has heated front and rear seats. It has cooled front seats. It has blind spot detectors. My car is pretty good on gas. The fuel economy is okay. My car has Bluetooth capability.

- Carole W

My Optima: good looking, comfy, and reliable all in one!

I love my Optima! It is the perfect size; fits five comfortably, roomy trunk. Very comfortable, has all the features I need. Has 50, 000 miles on it and has not needed any service besides regular oil changes. One of the best cars I have ever had. Would buy again.

- Valerie B

Great commuter and gas saver.

Great commuter car. Great gas mileage and comfortable drive. I love the look of the car and has many extras. I love the camera when reversing, its helped me avoid accidents. The only complaint I have is the passenger seat is to low. I strongly recommend this car.

- Lydia E

Air vent placement is too close to the steering column.

I like most of the features - sunroof, leather seats. I don't like the height of the vehicle, and how low it rides. I also don't like the A/C unit and where the air vents are placed in front of the steering wheel - my hands get cold while the cabin remains warm.

- Chris S

The rear view camera option.

This is my first time buying a Kia. Very impressed with the performance and the features. I like the GPS, ability to connect to Pandora. I also like that Wifi is available, although I need to figure out how to utilize it. I also like the moonroof/panoramic view.

- Faith G

The car is great on mileage and very spacious for family road trips. The trunk space is spacious as well compared to other vehicles.

They don't come with donut or spare tire at purchase. The factory tires will need to be replaced within 2-3 years after receiving it. The grill has a defect and fell in even after being put back in place correctly. The battery had to be replaced after 3 years.

- Quinn J

Sporty, gray shimmery Kia optima.

It drives very smoothly. I love that the seats have air conditioning and heat-warming features. The sound system is impeccable. Most importantly it gets good gas mileage; I only have to fill up my tank at the earliest once a week and at the latest every 9 days.

- Heather W

Great if bought new, I love Kia service.

Great car, very dependable. Great on gas, worth the money! I got my car at a local Kia dealership bought it new and I will never go back to a used car again. The warranty from Kia is wonderful and I am always taken care of when I go in for regular maintenance.

- Vanessa N

Just a great road runner that will leave anyone surprised.

There is really no problems, it saves a lot of gas and is only 40 dollars to fill up, drives smooth. It also has a lot of space to it. The Kia optima I recommend for anyone to get. Speakers are great and most likely will not disappoint when playing loud music.

- Joshua J

The Kia Optima is a very reliable but fun car to drive.

My car runs very smoothly. I previously owned a hatchback, and this sedan is surprisingly roomy. This is the first vehicle I've been able to sit in for long periods of time (my commute can be up to an hour each way) without neck or back problems (I'm 5'7").

- Jessie M

Spacious. Reliable. Clean. Maintained.

Kia wastes a lot of gas and sometimes the engine jerks the car back and forth, drives smooth, reliable, lets me know when I need an oil change, I like the luxury look and the sporty look. I am able to fit 5 people in my car. My dog loves driving in it also.

- Raquel P

I have the Kia optima with turbo and it is quick and I love it!

I love the style and the comfort of my Kia so much! I also love the fact that it is so safe with all the airbags and the way the motor does when you are in an accident. I have had several minor issues with the Kia, that is why I rated it a four out of five.

- Lori B

Kia optima: best buy for your buck.

2015 Kia optima is sleek, reliable and affordable. The fwd. handles in all seasons well and maneuvers in the snow/ice with ease. I would recommend this car to any buyer. When purchasing this vehicle you have many bells and whistles that come in very handy.

- Brittany J

Great first car. Great in mileage and easy to operate.

Pretty good car. Its very stylish but accelerating is slow. Seats are very low and I'd you are tall forget about leg space. It is great on fuel and has great features. If you are single and would like to have a dependable car. Then this is the car for you.

- Tracy A A

Economy mode really does change the mileage.

It runs smoothly and gets decent mileage. It has been reliable and as i bought it used was fairly inexpensive. I only wish it could get better mileage as i was told a different number for estimated MPG than what I'm getting but that was kind of expected.

- Rudolph M

One of the best rides around.

I really love my Kia Optima. It is spacious, cute, and comfortable. It makes driving long distances very easy. There are so many features that make it an easy going ride. Between the heated steering wheel to the back up camera. The ride is always smooth.

- Lindsay D

Reliable car. I would highly recommend it.

Kia optima is a very reliable car. It has great gas mileage and also it travels well in the road. It is also very roomy for our family of four. It is also very affordable. I had my Kia for about 3 years and would recommend it to anyone. Very dependable.

- House T

Low seat position causes difficulty seeing out back window.

It is difficult for me to see out the back window of the vehicle when driving. The seats are very low. driver's side seat can be raised, but not the passenger seat. The low position of the seats makes getting out of the car difficult for some people.

- Tam L

Great gas mileage and very comfortable seating for long trips.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage. It has enough space inside for my family of five. It has free GPS and has an excellent stereo system. It has heated seats. I also love the dual sunroof. The Kia Optima is the best car I have ever owned.

- Darlene M

If your looking for a reliable car this is it, has it all and I have the base model...if you upgrade oh..la..la..

Great all around, when it comes to traveling it is a super comfortable ride and plenty of room, and the mileage can't say enough about the great gas mileage in and out of the city, my Optima is so easy to handle, and yep it's super stylish...

- Vicky F

They should know the Kia Optima is a fun and smooth ride. Very stylish and still sporty enough. Do keep in mind that the front seats are pretty low. Might be hard for people with certain types of physical restrictions to get out of the car.

I love the sleek look and how roomy it is. Backseat has a ton of legroom and the trunk is huge. Pretty good on gas. The only thing I dislike is the placement of air vents on the passenger side: they are somewhat blocked by steering wheel.

- Wendy C

The vehicle gets good gas mileage.

Only have had vehicle for two months. We have not experienced any problems thus far. We are happy with the mileage and all the features the car has. It was an adjustment getting used to the keyless entry. Overall pleased with the vehicle.

- Gail H

It is a very comfortable care for short runs and long distances. Passenger space is more than adequate.

I love the car. It has all the bells and whistles of far more expensive cars, and it looks good too. I dislike the fact that it does not come with a spare tire, only a repair kit. I'm sure it is because they can report better mileage.

- David C

Mechanical issues have been constant. I didn't research Kia as I should have

I like the looks of the car. I have had mechanical problems with it. I just bought it 7 months ago, it's a 2015. The brakes needed replaced, a tire problem also. This week it's now making a strange noise I have to take it in again

- Kathie L

Gets great gas mileage and is very economical

I love the sportiness. I love that it gets great gas mileage. I wish I would have purchased the deluxe package for the moonroof, and heated seats. I love that there is a lot of legroom. I do wish it wasn't so low to the ground

- Sharon G

Good on gas! Almost 40 miles to the gallon

The Kia Optima is easy maintenance which is important to me. Parts are not too expensive when something breaks. My only wish is that it had a sun/moonroof and heated seats. It's something i will be looking for in my next car.

- Rachel M

Kia optima is definitely a sleek ride. I enjoy this vehicle very much.

I have had to take my vehicle in for maintenance in which the radio consistently had problems and had to be replaced. Also, the passenger's seat is extremely low and can be uncomfortable for passengers that they cannot see/.

- Ashley D

You should know that you can turn off eco mode though I don't recommend it.

My car is a hybrid. Great on gas but still has the power to go when needs which was something I was looking for. I do thing it is pretty large for a car compared to my Santa Fe SUV. It is longer and wider than I am used to.

- Nancy L

It looks really good to most people.

I like that I can show it off in front of my broke ass friends. I like that it gets me from point A to point B. I dislike that it's really a piece of shit but it looks good. I also dislike that I secretly can't afford it.

- Lenny B

Great value and surprising quality.

Reliable vehicle with minor issues, good mileage, good horsepower, plenty of space. Huge trunk that stores all my gear with the seats not folded down. Sxl trim is great. Tons of options for a very affordable price.

- Derek F

It's rated one of the best crash tested approved cars.

What I like about my 2015 Kia Optima is it's a gas saver, not too big nor too small just the right size. What I dislike about my 2015 Kia Optima is that the passenger seat cannot be raised higher, it sits very low.

- Maxine W

You don't have to spend a lot of money to get a car that suits your needs.

I love that it is easy to drive and doesn't consume a lot of gas. It is compact, which makes it easy to maneuver, but getting in and out can be a bit difficult at times. Someday, I would like to own a small SUV.

- Cheryl E

It is a great car for the amount of money you spend on it. It is very reasonable compared to other cars.

My Kia Optima has been a great car. It drives very smoothly and the engine is quiet. It has a sleek look and the inside has everything I need. My only complaint is that I feel like I sit very low to the ground.

- Linda B

Reliable, nice design, good on gas.

The car is great except for the passenger sit. It sits really low like a racing car, no one can see over the steering wheel or get out comfortably. The gas mileage is awesome and no mechanic issues a this time.

- Tia H

Manufacturers stand behind the vehicle

My Kia Optima is reliable and Kia has the best warranty if we need it. There is a recall, but Kia is still willing to stand behind the issue even after the recall is completed provided the car is maintained.

- Lori A

It is exactly what I want.

It has everything I want and need. It is has style and luxury. I love that it is fully loaded with all the cool features and stuff. I love that I have heating and cooling seats and a heated steering wheel.

- Emily P

It is fast and performs on a dime.

I go thousands of miles with no problems. The car performs from 1 to 10 easy and I'd be happy to get another. I tell my friends the car is ?? and to get one. What more can I say. Kia is a good car to have.

- Steven W

His name is optimus prime.

I love the Bluetooth and how I can connect my phone and listen to my own music. The gas mileage is amazing but I wish it was a v6 or a v8. The color is beautiful and have a 4 door is cheaper on insurance.

- Shoe W

It handles great for the cost.

I like that it is great on gas and I have had no issues with the car. It handles and drives very well. It was a great price for what I got in my opinion. It looks nice and has decent room for a sedan.

- skott m

The Kia Optima is a great car for a great price and the Kia sales and services teams are very responsive.

I like the handling, the style, and the gas mileage. the only thing I dislike is how low the front seats sit. That might have been an issue with the power seats but I opted not to get the power seats.

- Karen N

For me the most significant factor is dependability.

My optima runs consistently smoothly and is very good on road trips. It is extremely dependable. I like the trunk size and the interior. The exterior design is most excellent. It loves the open road.

- Deborah A

Miles per gallon is very important.

I love how many features it has. Heated/cooled seats, heated steering wheel, backup camera. The speaker grill in the door could be a bit softer. I lean my leg there and end up with grill marks. Lol.

- Iva K

My Optima is great and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a midsize car.

I love my Optima, the only problem I have had with it is that the back driver side door handle recently broke and it was $250 to get it fixed. Otherwise, I have really enjoyed the lack of problems.

- Marie S

Affordable luxury. It feels like a luxury car inside and looks like one outside, but is affordable.

I live the fact that my car is so gas efficient. But it doesn't feel like I am driving a go cart! The drive is smooth and it handles very well. Maintenance has been basically non existent as well.

- Jessica r

Kia optima is a great cars for appearance but needs efficiency to really be great.

This car is great for the amount we paid for it. the quality if the interior given the price of the car is impressive. Overall the engine is not the most efficient but it gets decent gas mileage.

- Michael G

My vehicle is okay as far as mid size sedans.

My car has all the bells and whistles. Heated and cooled front seats, sunroof, navigation, heated rear seats. It is good on gas mileage. It does sit low to the ground and my aging knees know it.

- Carol W

2015 Kia optima (great fuel economy).

I love my 2015 Kia optima so far. I have owned the vehicle for over 6 months now and have not had any issues. I love the fuel economy it gets, I have been getting on average 31 miles per gallon.

- Cameron S

4 door sedan with Bluetooth capability and contact download into the Bluetooth system for hands free calling. It displays the number of miles left until empty on gas

I have had no problems with my vehicle. It drives so smoothly around curves. I love the Bluetooth capability and how simple it was to learn all of the controls on my car. It is wonderful on gas.

- Samantha M

It is affordably easy to maintain.

My car gets wonderful gas mileage, it is low maintenance & has all of the features of an expensive luxury car, such as heated/cooled seats, leather interior, & sunroof, at an affordable price.

- Karen W

It is one of the safest cars out there a the moment.

Haven't had a single issue from it since i purchased it. It's been a good reliable vehicle. I have also taken it on long road trips without issues. Drives smooth and gets decent fuel mileage.

- Christopher C

Great in gas mileage, great colors choices, drives smooth, great big trunk.

I bought my Optima Kia in 2015, never had any issues, super reliable, comfortable, good looking car. . Just have done the maintenance and the car is super reliable, and great in gas mileage.

- Gabriela A

The safety features, which includes a backup camera and lane change assist. In fact, this vehicle is rated very high for safety.

This was my first Kia and I have to say that it is a great vehicle! The fit and finish is that of high-end cars. The ride is smooth, with very good gas mileage. Very happy with this car!

- Lisa C

Best midsize car with everything you need!

I love the keylessoption. I am able to keep my keys in my purse and never have to worry about leaving them anywhere. It rides smoothly, never have issues, and Kia provides a great warranty.

- Krystal B

Kia Optima is a nice stylish ride, great performance and handling

It's a nice stylish vehicle,a lot of new features,nice display, the only thing is I wish the back seats were more comfortable, they have a slouch to them that after a while makes you ache

- Brenda S

Reliable and drives very well. Gas mileage is fair

The car engine is strong and the car drives well. Some of the electronics such as adjustable seat and window locks often do not work which I find weird for a 3 year old car. Good on gas

- Nick D

It has been very reliable and is what we expected.

The vehicle itself is alright. The Sands dealership in Surprise Arizona is lousy. I will never buy a vehicle from Sands again. If it were not for my wife I would have shopped elsewhere.

- terry j

Rides nice and is not as expensive as some luxury cars.

I like the comfort and style. Passengers seat does not go up and down. Too low for any rider. Front end sits too low to the ground. doesn't always clear concrete spaces in parking lots.

- Patty G

I think the most important thing that others should know about my car is that it is definitely worth the price!

I love my Kia! it has a great audio system and the driving on the car is amazing! The gas mileage is also very good and I love how the car steers. Overall would recommend to everyone!

- sean s

That it is reliable and very strong vehicle.

I like the color but after awhile the car itself starts to malfunction and you spend out huge money to fix it and something breaks down on it. The brand financing company is horrible.

- Mickey M

great value and appearance

it's very economical. it's very attractive, it's got a good warranty package. i've found the dealership has great customer service, and the vehicle got high grads in many car reviews

- tim M

Nice roomy ride, Great warranty!

The only issues I have had so far is with the tires, but fortunately I bought the tire insurance so it hasn't cost me anything. The car is pretty spacious even for my 6ft tall son.

- Nicole H

It does not accelerate quickly, no quick sharp turns. Takes time to accelerate.

I like that my car is a hybrid. I like the body of my car, it's a nice sized sedan. I dislike that my brake pedal makes a squeak noise when i press on it and I can't fix it easily.

- Samantha S

Dependable and sturdy. Right mid-size vehicle.

Has lots of bells and whistles. Love the heated and cooled seats. Wish it had remote start but I can add that after market. Great stereo with Bluetooth which I use all the time.

- Linda B

Awesome car to have for business and personal use.

Car is great on gas. I use it door work purpose to sell my insurance. Also it is a smooth ride comfortable car and just and great car to be in. I never have any problem with it.

- Justin S

It's not the best car but it is reliable and will get you where you need to go.

My vehicle rides very smooth. I love the hands-free function. I also love the?Eco? Gas saving option. Only thing I dislike about my vehicle is I do not have push-start function.

- Leonard H

I like that my phone connects to my car makes that much easier and safer.

I have had my car a little over a year, it runs great have not had any issues with it at all, it has been a great little car and I could not be happier with it as of right now.

- Melissa E

Awesome Reliable affordable car

I have no complaints. Love everything about my car It is great on gas. The look of the car is beautiful. The seats are comfortable. They clean nicely if something gets on them

- Lori D

The Kia Optima will be the most comfortable, affordable, safe car you can find out there.

This is a nice sized vehicle with plenty of legroom for everyone. The price was reasonable at $15k. The safety ratings are great as well. All in all, this is a great car.

- Holly B

That it has Bluetooth to phone

It has Bluetooth so that you can answer calls while you are driving. It also has a usb port to charge your phone and play music off a usb drive. It also has bottle holders

- Abhi A

The one most important thing is how great this car drives in all different types of weather. It even drives good in heavy snow.

I love this car. I like how smooth it runs, how it drives in all types of weather and doesn't require a ton of gas. The only thing I dislike is, it doesn't have much room.

- Kara L

Like the car but there are better for the same price.

Looks nice and dives great, takes some time to pick up speed. The car itself is pretty cheap so parts tend to get damaged easily. Does well on gas but costly to fill up.

- Vanessa C

The vehicle is very spacious.

Overpriced for the what it offers. Tend to get unaligned often. It is comfortable to ride, but when it comes to parking, it always roll back even when the E break is on,

- Laura L

The Kia Optima looks great, has great performance and fuel efficiency.

Like the look and the ride. Love all the nice features as it is a high end model. Love the trunk storage. Only complaint is service from the dealer I bought it from.

- Kelly L

It is difficult to see out the back window.

I overall like the vehicle. Runs well. Is fairly comfortable. I dislike that you sit quite low in the car, making getting out more difficult and visibility is not good.

- Tammy L

Best gas mileage for a midsize.

I love my optima. The gas mileage is what sold me on this vehicle. The extra I pay for payments is offset by the gas mileage. It has a smooth ride and looks sharp.

- Donna H

Great car for a teenager going off to college.

The car takes off really slow. It makes a lot of noise but the speed does not match. Would love to have a larger screen inside of dash. Overall it's a beautiful car.

- Jennifer C

Its affordable and great on gas.

I love that vehicle is great on gas mileage. I love that my vehicle has a great interior with Bluetooth. I wish my vehicle had a navigation system and backup camera.

- Tara D

My car has great gas mileage.

I absolutely love my car! It is great on gas especially when using the eco button. I have had this car for a few years now and I haven't had any recurring problems.

- Courtney B

Works great runs like new great warranty.

Good on gas, spacey interior, runs great looks good I'm happy to say I've owned it for 3 yrs. . And up until now I haven't had a recall on it. . Great working car.

- Jessica V

I Love The Kia Optima!!!!

Comfortable ride, roomy (I have two small children when require car seats and they fit well), and super safe and reliable. I also love the Bluetooth technology.

- Sam V

It is energy efficient and great on gas.

I like that my car has a Bluetooth radio. So I am in control of my music. I also love how great it is on gas. Saves a lot of cash. No complaints, I love my car!

- Jimmy C

The Optima offers great features and reliability for a good price

I like the features of my car - heated and cooled seats, sunroof, leather seats, etc. I like how it looks- sleek body. I like the turbo engine and acceleration.

- Shannon M

It has an economy boost button that lets you use less gas.

Kia optima has been a great reliable car. I've had it for 3 years now and it's been the best car I've ever owned. It drives smooth and gets great gas mileage.

- Jaimie B

It feels safe and gets great gas mileage.

I love the gas mileage. I also love have much room I have in it with my 3 kids. I also really like the sunroof. There is nothing I do not like about this car.

- Anna W

great for the price. Great pick up with no major problems

The vehicle is a Kia and I love it. I really have had no real problems with it. It has great pick up and great steering. For the price of it, it's perfect.

- Jason S

It's a very dependable car with a great warranty in case anything goes wrong.

I love my car - the way it looks, the price I paid the warranty. What I don't like is that I paid extra for pearl white paint, but it scratches off easily.

- jackie b

I believe the car gets 23 miles to the gallon. This is great for long trips.

I like the look of the car. The color is amazing and it has great gas mileage. I do not like the slow pick up, especially when I am driving long distances.

- Wanda C

That I got a great deal on it and don't see myself ever trading it in for a newer model

2015 Kia Optima SXL Turbo that is fully loaded. It gives great gas mileage, roomy interior, has a turbo on the engine and is powerful from start to finish

- Larry C

This car is so comfortable, it's like riding in a luxury car without the luxury price tag.

I like how smooth the car drives. It is really comfortable to ride in. It's simple to use. The trunk space is really big. I like how spacious my car is!

- Stephanie W

Most important thing is it is a fast car.

Its very spacious, I like how it drives and it is good on gas. I do not like the fact that it does not have a screen in it and it's a recent model car.

- Joshua W

Handles well on roadway and is good on gas and is a reliable automobile.

Like the size of vehicle the way it handles on the road, trunk is a good size back seats have a lot of room, love the dual control for a/c and heat.

- annette h

Others should know the car is great on gas.

I love the luxury look of my vehicle. I love the interior. I love the color of my car also. I love the coupe look that my vehicle gives off as well.

- Ashley A

10 year 100,000 miles warranty makes my sense of mind at ease.

I love the 10 year 100,000 mile warranty. The engine has a sport feature that makes the 4 cylinder feel like a 6. Fantastic gas mileage all around.

- Anthony C

Kia Optima- brakes are horrible but the car looks nice

My vehicle was good for the first 6 months but has slowly broken down. It is also really bad in the snow which I was told the car would be good in

- Christine F

Efficient vehicle for every day.

What I love about the car is that it is easy to use and efficient with gas. It is also very roomy so taking it for groceries is always preferable.

- Denise O

Good gas mileage basic car.

I like the gas mileage on this car and also the warranty that pretty much covers everything, if you are looking for a basic car this is the one.

- Jared D

It really drives great!! rides so good & is pretty quiet!!

Rides very good It gets good gas mileage It handles nice! I'm very short & I have to look around the side mirror very bad when turning to see!!

- Cynthia P

its dependable and comfortable.

i like that there are heated seats & steering wheel. i like that it has 100,00 mile warranty. i don't like that it did not maintain its value .

- linda m

I Love My Kia!!! Great car for the price.

It's great! I love it. It handles very well. Lots of legroom. Spacious trunk. Great features, Bluetooth, hands free calling, great gas mileage.

- Rhonda W

Great gas mileage for the size of car. It was a top consideration.

Needs a phone charger in the back seat. The front bumper rides low, so it sometimes scrapes curbs when parking. Other than that, I love my Kia.

- Jacque R

Has great ratings and quality

We have been happy with car as a whole, good mileage, good looks and rides okay. Wish it was easier to get into as I have a few aging problems

- Bruce m

It's great on mileage. It's a Hybrid which helps, but I love the gas mileage on the car.

I like that it's a Hybrid and I save on gas. I like the features in the car. I don't like the size. A tad small and low, especially the tires.

- Joe W

Good price for the model. Salesman worked hard to get us the pricing we needed.

Love the gas mileage and comfort of car; dislike that seats are fabric not vinyl or leather. Color is nice; like the hands free phone option.

- Janice L

It works good and is dependable. Easy to get in and out of.

Too close to the ground, I feel every bump in the road. I'm used to a van and wish I had mine back. More room for the grand kids car seats.

- carol s

It's reliable and it gets me to where I need to go.

I haven't experienced problems. Its pretty reliable and just a little uncomfortable. The passengers always complain how low the seats are.

- Elizabeth D

Great cheaper option than a sports car

Great car if you want a cheaper option to a sports car and it drives great. Very fast if that's how you like to drive. Also great on gas.

- Brittani R

Kia issues not well built vehicle

To low ground seats don't adjust well 2 recalls so far and still not fixed to much outside noise and not the well built car I heard about

- Rudolph B

It is very economical and it is not a bad looking ride either.

Very economical. Approximately 40 mpg. Very roomy and comfortable. Insurance is fairly inexpensive and maintenance costs are inexpensive.

- Nikki G

Kia is a great value! Looks great, runs great, drives great, and is FUN to drive!

I love the style of the Kia Optima, the warranty is great, the features and overall value are unmatched, and it has been very reliable!

- Heidi H

It is overall a very good car. You feel as of you have full control over cat while driving.

I like how sleek it is. I do not like he ignition stays on after the key is removed for about 30 seconds. The gas mileage is very good.

- April C

The steering wheel pulls slightly when I drive over 55 mph.

The interior is comfortable. It accelerates quickly. It is an attractive car. I do not like that the air conditioner is extremely loud.

- Jodi B

Stylish and sporty as well as comfortable.

It is a nice vehicle for the money. Comfortable as well as sporty. Stylish as well. I haven't had any problems as of yet with the car.

- Mike D

This car isn't like every other car. Kia sets you apart with style and class!

I absolutely LOVE my car! I recently bought it and can't say enough good things about it! Very dependable and here for the long haul.

- Samantha S

the most important thing is that It's reliable.

i love my car. i bought it brand new and paid for it in cash. i have no complaints and keep the maintenance up on it to avoid issues

- patrick E

they are cheap for a reason but it drives smooth but will cost you later

I like the style but a lot of the Kia optima's are having trouble with the gdi engines and now I have to take mine to the dealership

- Brennan L

The back-up camera is very important for peace of mind.

Very sturdy, exciting design, drives well, lots of extras. Includes a backup camera that makes driving safer. Very roomy back seat.

- Jeanne D

The car is very safe. I drive both of my children in it.

I love how large the trunk and backseat are. Nothing to complain about as far as maintenance goes. Oil changes are pretty standard.

- Courtney D

It is paid for and is pleasing to the eye.

Like: body style. Hate: too hard to get into-sits too low. Doors are hard to close - open to wide. Visibility out windows not good.

- Teresa B

Safety ratings cannot be beat.

Great safety ratings, gas mileage, very sleek and sharp looking, great speaker system, hands free calling, heated and cooled seats.

- Jordan S

Slick, Sassy, and Safe Ride

I truly love my car. It has always been great. I can't think of one problem that I have had. I was in a wreck and it saved my life.

- Brittany B

Great price great dealers and great smooth ride hugs the road like nothing.

No problems with this make or model great gas mileage and ability to hug the road is great I love all the features in this vehicle.

- Lori Z

It is the perfect size car and very reliable runs great.

I really like the leather heated and cooled seats. It looks nice. Have had no problems and runs great. Nice and roomy but stylish.

- Annette H

I would buy another Kia again.

Rides nice great mileage handles well looks great wish they offered more interior colors seats could be a little more comfortable.

- Mary Kay B

It is very reliable, and spacious.

My vehicle is very reliable. All I have to do is make sure the oil is changed when it should. It has never given me any problems.

- Maggie K

It drives well and is very good on gas.

I like how it drives. It is good on gas. I do not like the cost of my monthly payment, it is high. I do not like the technology.

- Lindsey P

I take very good care of it maintenance is always done on time car is completely detailed every 6 months dusted daily washed once a week

like the room dislike the radio nav seats paint fit and finish. Dislike the performance engine not powerful enough for the car

- tim m

The accelerating problem around 40 mph but great on gas!

It always seems to have a problem accelerating properly around 40 mph but it does run smoothly. It is good on gas and spacious!

- Audrey P

This is a really good sized car—family car.

I love the fact that I have had no maintenance issues with the vehicle. It has been very reliable and gets awesome gas mileage.

- Sidney D

The dealership is very fair and the car is safe feeling.

The way it drives is nice. The warranty is very good. The features are easy to understand. The passenger seat not comfortable.

- Kara M

I have the lowest model and it has a lot more features than other lower models come with.

I have had my car for 3 years now. Have had no issues out of it. I take it to get all its oil changes and check ups regularly.

- Andi M

That it gets great gas mileage.

I like the style and comfort. I also like the quality of the Kia Optima. What I like most is the fantastic gas mileage I get.

- Albert W

Smooth riding gas saver!!.

Reliable, great on gas. The look and it drives great. Roomy and still looks great. The double sunroofs are a added time lush.

- Amy T

That it has a lot of space inside especially in the back seat.

I love the vehicle because of the space inside the vehicle. I do not have any complaints. The vehicle is just what I wanted.

- Edward J

It's very comfortable and reliable, and is good for families.

My vehicle is dependable and very rarely experiences issues, and most are easy to fix. I feel confident in its performance.

- Kit P

Heated steering wheel and seats, bluetooth for hands-free driving.

Drives great, fantastic stereo....only complaint is the speed of the wiper blades. Not nearly fast enough in a hard rain.

- Angue M

The most important thing to know about my car is that it is very economical.

I like everything about my car. There is nothing that I don't like about my car. I don't have any complaints about my car.

- Pamela P

Low maintenance and dealer doubled the 1000000 mile warranty if I service with them. Inspections are free for life of the car.

I love the heated and cooled seats and heated steering wheel for winter. Car handles well. Roomy interior and trunk space.

- Janine R

2015 Kia optima: why I love my car.

My Kia is great. Drives smooth and gets great gas mileage. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a new car.

- David S

It has nice features, bells and whistles.

I like the miles per gallon my car gets. I like the features my car has.. I dislike the size.. I dislike the room it has.

- Carole W

Toyota is a very reliable brand for longevity.

The Kia optima has great gas mileage, its super spacious for a sedan, and stylish. The price point is pretty low as well.

- Craig P

Feels like I am in the Pilot's seat when I drive. Very comfortable.

Great vehicle. Easy to maintain and drives great. Only thing I would fix would be to raise the passenger side seat up.

- Jennifer T

Kia is one of the best to drive.

It's fine it runs good and smooth safety is beyond good and gets good gas mileage and is big with a lot of needed space.

- Reese J

A car that is kept up. Sporty looking.

Reliable, comfortable, dependable, good gas mileage. Looks like a brand new car. Easily cleaned. No mechanical problems.

- Malcolm C

My car is the Kia Optima - Year 2015

The car runs very smoothly. It's comfortable with a lot of legroom for the back seats. It also has a high safety rating.

- Brianna K

2015 Kia Optima Hybrid lease

Had an issue with the hybrid system cooling, but it was replaced under warranty. Have had no other issues with the car.

- Mitzi O

Fast - Sporty - Fun - Sleek

Great car. I have the SXL model, and I wouldn't go with any other model. The chrome matches the white paint perfectly!

- John W

Gas mileage is wonderful.

I love my car, no issues no problems. I would recommend a Kia to anyone looking for a new vehicle. You will be pleased.

- Michelle W

The ease of use of options.

Comfortable and good looking. Plenty of room and good gas mileage. Very dependable. Not fast, but it wasn't made to be.

- Ron A

My Kia is so very nice yay!

It's great, very reliable. So very wonderful on gas and is cheap to fill up. Sometimes I wish is was four wheel drive.

- Whitney G

It was reasonably priced for a hybrid car. Has a lot of safety features.

It's very reliable, no major issues and gets great gas mileage because I have the hybrid model. Great safety features.

- Melissa S

It a good driving machine.

No problem I haven't had a problem so far I love ❤️ my car always driving it everywhere I go it is so convenient.

- Carole A

Perfect family car, unless somebody has back problems.

There's plenty of room, and it looks good from the outside. Only problem is the seats, which are super uncomfortable.

- Elijah G

It's good on gas, spacious, it's a nice looking car.

I love everything about it, nothing bad to say about it to be honest. It's a really great car that runs good on gas.

- Kate G

It is dependable. Well worth the price we paid.

Wish we had heated seats, otherwise we love it. Having Sirius satellite road. Having hands free cell phone is great.

- Debra H

A great car would recommend a Kia

My optima get great gas mileage, rides and drives good, has a great warranty, I have not had any problem with my car

- Nelda C

It is very reliable in various driving situations.

I love the gas miles it gets. It does not have enough options on it. Very small, no room in the trunk for anything.

- Karen S

It is so nice and sleek the sporty look and big enough for a family

I love my car, unfortunately the last owner of the car did not take the best care of it so there are a few problems

- Nikki W

The fuel economy, 38 mpg.

I love the ..fuel economy. It gets 38 mpg. on the road. I love the handling. Great response. Plenty of trunk space.

- Bob H

I am happy in it and grateful.

It's a newer year than my previous one. Its mine and I hope my last one. It's very comfortable. I look good in it.

- Eugenia B

Gas mileage is not as good as stated.

It is stylish and drives very good. The gas mileage is pretty good. It has a lot of room in the cabin and trunk.

- Greg B

Great car with amazing gas mileage.

I love everything about my car except that the passenger seat sits really low. The gas mileage is awesome as well.

- Lisa L

It's has a great backseat and trunk space. Can fit almost anything

It's a wonder car. It has a big backseat. And easy to use. It fits my family comfortably and has great trunk space

- Tori R

530 miles to a tank which holds 18 gallons

I love the mileage I get out of my car. I love the set up and everything about it. Only complaint is no spare tire

- Jana r

It is a good running, reliable full sized car.

Very clean nice looking car. It is Bluetooth. Eco friendly. No backup camera or sunroof. It has leather interior.

- Erica W

Optima ex with fully loaded safety features

Best vehicle ever owner. Comfortable and able to take long car rides with ease. Have fully loaded safety features

- Clark K

It has been a good reliable and dependable car for us.

Kia has been a great car for us. It's the second one we have bot and it has been a reliable and dependable car.

- Scott H

Overall great affordable car that is easy to maintain.

Drives very smooth, super spacious! Has some pick up and go to it great on gas just a little pricey to fill up.

- Vanessa C

Gets very good gas mileage especially in the highway

I love the style and body type. It's gets great gas mileage. Very sporty and stylish. Plenty of safety features

- Brandi K

It is a very vehicle fun to drive.

I love everything about it. Great gas and a lot of room. I do not like how mine didn't come with backup camera.

- Edgar S

Best gas mileage ever in any car that I have ever driven.

I love that I get great gas mileage on it. I dislike that I can sometimes have issues with the hybrid battery.

- Shawn W

The fuel mileage is one of the best around.

I love my car for the great fuel mileage and the sleek design. There is not anything that i dislike about it.

- Megan D

2015 Kia optima review from buyer.

Sits low to the ground. Headlights burn out frequently. Gets great gas mileage in town and on the interstate.

- Joni H

Excellent gas mileage, fill up once a week at most.

It has been free of major repairs other than basic maintenance. Has excellent gas mileage. Comfortable ride.

- Cindy S

Great for families who are looking for an economical vehicle.

The Kia runs smoothly and is large enough for a family of four. However, I wish that it had a backup camera.

- Kelly G

This car is very safe to drive in.

I like that it is safe. It is easy to steer. I don't really like that the steering wheel is so easy to move.

- Julian M

Great gas mileage. Since it sits so low to ground you really need to watch for bumps

Great car, but sucks in snow. Great gas mileage, rides smooth. Only thing I'd change is how it handled snow.

- Kayla F

Kia Optima very comfy vehicle

Bought in 2014, is a great car, decent gas mileage, sleek looking, rides good, no mechanical issues at all.

- Paula C

It's very roomy. It has a very large back seat. Anyone who buys one should also know it does not come with a spare tire.

I like it very much except for the gas mileage. I drive an hour to work and would like better gas mileage.

- MaryAnne H

I love the way it handles. The ride is really good. The features are perfect for my needs.

It has a great ride on long road trips and really allows both the driver and passenger to be comfortable..

- Shannon H

Good on gas and has good speed puck up and good in the snow.

I like the room the car has inside. I like the drive which is smooth. I like the price I paid for it also.

- Robert N

Price is lower. Offer a better deal.

My car is sporty and fast. Dislike are mileage. Advantage is telling when you don't have on your seatbelt.

- Whitney S

Blue Kia Optima push start button

It's blue, has sunroof, heated seats and cool seats. Plenty of room, push button start. I love it. Thanks

- Sarah R

This car get good gas mileages. This car drive really good. I like the way it drives.

I would like a fully loaded one. I need a bigger car. Other then that I don't have any other complaints.

- Latasha H

Love it great mileage dependable.

No problems rides nice great mileage. Seats could be a little more comfortable passenger seat sits low.

- Mary B

Looks more expensive than it actually is compared to other brands.

I love the design,the gas mileage is a little hight,I really dislike that it came without a spare tire!

- Tommaso S

Kia optima warranty is not good if you are buying the car used.

Engine bad car under 30k mileage warranty will not cover cause I bought the car used 2015 Kia optima.

- Donna C

It drives extremely smooth.

Drives very well but is too expensive to maintain. Gas mileage is great. It is very easy to maneuver.

- Ruth F

That I chose it and it's mine.

Has a nice look. The car fits my lifestyle and is the perfect size. It seems to be ok on gas as well.

- Vicki P

It gets good mileage for a gasoline engine! It has a big back seat.

I love my car. It gets great gas mileage and is very spacious. I've had no issue with it thus far.

- Lauren C

It is too low to the ground and hard to get in and out of. The latest reports of this make of car catching on fire makes me want to get rid of it. I would rather drive a Subaru.

Don't buy one. I am not a fan of how low it is to the ground and the risk of it catching on fire.

- Amy M

Kia is a great economic car. Drives great and not a great deal of issues.

My car is great on gas. I don't have a lot of mileage. I wish I had leather seats and a sunroof.

- Regina G

That it's safe. It handles real well and looks sharp

I love the style and color . It's a safe car that rides smooth. Kia did a good job with this car

- Andy B

I like the heated steering wheel. It's awesome in cold weather.

I think it is comfortable. I like the features it has. It gets good gas mileage. It is stylish.

- Janice C

Very dependable,great gas mileage, comfortable ride

Great car, good ride, good power, very comfortable. Nice styling, always get compliments on it

- Dennis S

It is very reliable if maintenance is done on a regular basis

It is very reliable. I like the smoothness and stability of the car. Great gas mileage

- Susan T

comfortable ride and power on highways

like the gas mileage, comfort, room in the trunk and the warranty. This is my third Kia

- anna r

It's a hybrid so the gas mileage is amazing. I get 30 miles to the gallon!

Great gas mileage and comfortable little 4 door. I enjoy driving it on a daily basis!

- Emily G

It's amazing and was very affordable. I really enjoy everything about it.

I love the color and the feel of the way it drives. It's the best car I've ever owned.

- Robert L

It is a very reliable vehicle and has an excellent warranty.

I love the sporty look of my vehicle. It runs very well. It has a very good warranty.

- Michele E

The features are the best.



It is roomy has a great safety rating, gets great gas mileage

No Complaints I Love everything about it. It rides smooth and was a great value.

- Julie D

Nice size for the price. The car is a good sedan at a nice price.

I like the size and drive of my car. It is a good sedan. It was a good price.

- Candace C

Economically, style, fashion and easy. Reasonable on everything

I love it. No mechanic problems. It's easy on gas.it's the right size for me

- Chrystal J

It has a lot of options without an extremely high price.

I like the look of the car. I like how it handles. It gets good gas mileage

- Dave P

i think people should know that you can accidentally lock your keys in the car

i love the ride. i love how smooth it is. i love the color. love the brand.

- jason b

Great on gas and has a nice smooth ride. It is very spacious on the inside.

The scratches I put on the side. Other than that it is a very good car.

- Mechell J

I like the heated and cooling seats, the heated steering wheel, the look of the inside and outside of the car. I do not like that the passenger seat sits so low and it can't be raised.

It drives nice but looks even nicer. the car style fits any age group.

- Lisa K

For the price it was great, but it feels more like a cheaply made Honda. Gas mileage was not as advertised. The style of the car is nice though.

Kia lies about their gas mileage, and overstates everything about it.

- Chris F

gas mileage could be better. wish i had a sunroof. enjoy the smooth handling. it does ride nice.

it does drive nice. easy to drive. reliable car. worth the money.

- lisa r

Great first car for a teenager or a small family

Too small for my family but a great car overall get good gas mileage

- Diane F

It's very reliable and I would tell that to anyone.

Love my car. Best purchase ever. Would do it again. Same dealership.

- Shelly P

I love that my car has speed. My car is very comfortable. I don't like that it doesn't have gps or a backup camera.

It's very comfortable and it has lots of power. It is very roomy.

- Tysa F

It is solidly dependable in both power and economy

I like It's fuel economy. It has wonderfully responsive controls

- Kevin H

It is one of the safest vehicles out there.It runs smooth.

Too small and too low to the ground. Not enough equity to sell.

- Joanna R

This car has no backup camera in the Carson it is difficult to back up

I like dual comfort. I dislike it doesn't have a backup camera.

- Marcie C