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Space, tech, safety and great gas mileage. Kia optima hybrid has it all.

In the 37,000 miles driven so far there have been zero issues with the car. It is very reliable. The moonroof is an amazing bonus, as well as the heated steering wheel which is a must in a cold climate like Minnesota. There is a surprising amount of space in the car being that the batteries are under the trunk area. There is plenty of power when you needed albeit sometime it will take a second or two to get the power you might want for overtaking or quick accelerations. There is a sport mode which would probably help in those situations. The mileage is holding around 38 mpg year round. In the winter mileage drops considerable (~30 mpg) since the car has to warm up before it will drive in 'ev' mode. This is made up for mileage in the 40s in the summer. Given a warmer climate I am sure overall mileage would improve. For a large sedan with the tech features it has I would consider it very good though. The blind spot monitoring is helpful along with lane departure warning, though it can give false alarms at times. Rear seat passengers enjoy the added pull up sun shades as well. Overall it is a very good car.

- Phillip R

Spacious and great mileage

This is the first car I officially owned so really the first car I've driven almost every day for over a year. I've driven my parents jeeps, Honda's and Jetta before and I liked those cars but also really like my Kia Optima. It's surprisingly big for a 'little' car. The trunk is huge and can fit a lot of stuff and the backseat is also very spacious. It runs well and moves smoothly over rough roads and gets great gas mileage. My office is about 50 miles round trip from my home and I only have to fill up once a week. When it's really heavy rain through the back windshield is hard to see out of, I don't think it slants enough for the rain to really fall off. It's not an issue with lighter rain but those bad storms you get caught in is a little frustrating. When I plug my phone into the audio I also find sometimes I have to put the volume way up to hear anything so that when I unplug my phone the regular radio is blasting at me. Overall I definitely like this car after 1 year of having it and would recommend to others looking into getting one.

- Jenna K

Sleek design good gas mileage

I haven't had any major performance issues. I had a Kia Forte prior to my optima. They get really good gas mileage. I love the warranty they come with. I've taken my car in for routine service at the Kia deals and they always run the vin for any factory recalls. If there are any the repair is free. I love the features I have such as CM radio, Bluetooth, and the touch screen radio. Also I don't have to adjust my seats when a person who is y'all gets in the back seat. There is plenty of legroom. You do have to be careful which gas station you get gas from. If they don't clean and empty their tanks it can cause fuel injection issues.

- L M

Amazing, spacious, reliable, awesome features!

It's a great car! Super reliable and great on gas mileage. I have leather seating so my favorite feature is the cooling option to cool down the seats when you've left the car under the sun for a long time. There's also a heating option for the seats as well for when the seats get really cold in the winter time, as well as a heating option for the steering wheel! Super comfortable car and very spacious. Only downside is that the car makes a very loud ticking noise for a solid 10-15 mins after being turned off. Gotten it check multiple times and still can't get an answer to what it is.

- Vanessa L

Good gas mileage, I was upset when the handle on my door fell off.

I am happy with the car overall. I love the leather interior, heated seats, heated steering. Great features to have in the wintertime. I am just not happy with Kia finance. This is the first vehicle I have ever leased and it will definitely be the last. Terrible experience. My bills are always wrong. When I call to try and fix it and different representative tells me something different every time I call. Like they do not put notes in. Mangers are not even a help. They keep charging me late fees when I pay on time. It is ridiculous and it is destroying my credit.

- Krystal V

Sleek and stylish 2017 Kia Optima

The ride is very smooth. Has Eco saving mode as well as Sport mode. Accelerates quickly and maintains speed without applying much gas. The look is clean. Inside is very spacious and open. You can adjust the driver side seat manually and it also has the option to adjust the rise using a power located on the side. Stereo is pretty basic in this model. Sound quality is good though and accessing Bluetooth is pretty easy. Backseat is also pretty spacious and it has a drop down cup holder in the middle. Trunk is very large. Easily fits 2 large suitcases.

- Jordan P

The inside and trunk of my Kia is very spacious.

I've had my Kia for over a year now at 60,000 miles and I have not had any issues thus far. It takes 18 gallons to fill her up & it's good on the highway. The back seats are as big as an SUV & the trunk spacing is super large. The stereo system could be a bit louder but I love the backup rear view camera. Another flaw I have with this vehicle is that sometimes the Bluetooth will say it's connected to my phone but it actually is not connected & I would have to turn my car off then on to connect. But overall I love my Kia.

- Roberta F

Blind spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking forward collision warning.

Haven't had any problems as of yet rides very smooth nice and roomy love that I can hook up my phone to the stereo for talking hands free and texting it's easy on gas the controls are easy to figure out large trunk the institute for highway safety named 2017 optima top safety pick+, the agency's highest award the ibis also gave 2017 optima excellent ratings in every crash test, along with superior ratings for frontal crash prevention technology side crash and rollover as well "17"optima received five out of five stars overall.

- Aishah H

Beautiful smart car that's also fast

This is my favorite car I've ever had! I've never had any problems with it. It is very reliable. I love the heated seats and steering wheel, it's very nice to have on 20° days. The full moonroof is amazing too. It's a beautiful car. The features on it are amazing like the fact that I don't have to turn off my high beams when cars are passing because it does it automatically. Also how smart the car is and wont let me get too close to another car and the surround cameras come in handy too.

- Danielle B

The vehicle is very convenient and reliable.

My cars is very comfortable. The car has a lot of space especially for rides with the kids and also very easy to clean up. Although it does run fast on gas it is a great vehicle. The performance of the car is good I really appreciate if you get too close to the car or if the car gets too close to you it will beep to let you know. Another great thing is that the radio will automatically connect to my phone and that is very beneficial if I am every in a hurry and want to listen to music.

- Ky M

Comfortable and reliable for a short driver

It is Safe, reliable and comfortable for a short person. Plenty of room in the back seat and in the trunk as well as the front of the vehicle without everything seeming too close or too far away while driving. It is also comfortable for the passenger. The only complaint I have is that the seat belt cuts into my underarm or neck depending on where it is at because I am only five foot one and it isn't comfortable for a driver of my height.

- Carla S

Review of the 2017 Kia optima over all quality.

I had this vehicle for a little over a year now. So far I have had no problems with this vehicle. It is very comfortable. It has Bluetooth connection, rear view camera, and two different drive modes, which are eco friendly and sports mode. The ride is very smooth and has an has a lot of trunk space. The seat seats can also be folded down for larger items, especially when moving. Over all this is a very good and reliable vehicle.

- Crystal S

Spacious sedan with lots of amenities!

This car is great for me and my family! Extremely spacious and lots of leg room! It comfortably seats my daughter in her car seat in the back with the passenger seat still being able to backup enough for lots of legroom! Love the touch screen and all the awesome steering wheel buttons to call people and control the radio! Love that it has Bluetooth capability as well! Would recommend this car 100%! 10/10 would purchase again!

- Kayla J

Great family sedan car. Rides nice.

Overall, this has been a great car. The interior is basic as far as where the radio and temperature controls are. I am not a fan of the small holes in the seats. I suppose it's for ventilation, but crumbs and other things get stuck in them. The radio is kind of difficult to function. Have trouble using the steering wheel radio controls with the radio. The things I would change is minor, so therefore I still love my Kia.

- Holland P

Smooth, affordable riding sums up the day to day use of this car.

I like the Kia Optima because it has great gas mileage. It gets me from point A to point B with not too many bells and whistles. Having a 2017 gets me the standard features that keep me comfortable and certainly don't have me shopping for anything new anytime soon. I hope to drive this until the wheels fall off which was a big reason we went with Kia. The safety along with warranties also made it an easy purchase.

- Brandon Z

Great car that feels like a luxury sedan without the price.

I really like my car. I have had it for about 6 months but it is been a good car and I hope it lasts a while. It is very sporty and comfortable on the inside. It'll go fast too. It has a lot of technology as well, I can connect my phone via Bluetooth and listen to music and talk on the phone handsfree. It is great on gas. I haven't had any problems with the car so far.

- Elizabeth H

The 2017 Kia Optima not only has a sleek design but is completely functional!

The 2017 Kia Optima is amazing. I have been a Kia customer and lover since the 2001 Kia Optima. The 2017 Kia Optima is so very spacious. The sun moves are amazing, and the overall interior is comfortable. A road trip in this Kia is not a hassle! The new modern look really gives other brands a run for their money. The car is sleek in design and modern in functionality.

- Rebecca S

Bluetooth connectivity makes it very nice to make calls & listen to music.

The engine is rather weak. I wish I would've spent a little bit more money to get a stronger engine. The interior is nice although it seems a bit cheap compared to other car brands such as Honda that I have driven in the past. The car is very comfortable itself and it does come with some surprising features for a base model such as a back up camera and touchscreen.

- Dom C

Color mix of dark blue / sparkly purple. Drives both manually and automatically

Does not have a CD player. Has Bluetooth capabilities which is nice for both music and being able to safely use the phone while driving. LOVE the backup camera and safety features... blinking lights on the side mirrors, beeps when too close to an object. Material of the seats is very easy to clean which was important to us for the kids and pets

- Danielle T

2017 Kia Optima Base ups and downs

My 2017 Kia Optima is a very smooth reliable car. Has almost all the features I would have like that would come in different Trims. It's not an expensive car. Definitely worth it. Back seat is very spacious. I have a car seat back there and I'm 6ft and have plenty of legroom with the seat all the way back. Doesn't have vents in the back.

- Luis G

Quiet, dependable with great fuel mileage.

I have not had any problems with the vehicle. The engine is smooth and quiet even on the outside. The only way you can tell if the engine is running is to look at the tachometer. The back-up camera will get you spoiled. The range of the vehicle surprised me. I got 40 mpg on a recent trip. To me that is outstanding for a 4 cylinder car.

- Ken A

Great value and performance.

The Kia optima drives smooth. When it is on eco mode it really saves gas. I like how it lets me know how many miles I have left before I need to fill up the tank again. I like that it came with the rearview camera since it has been really useful. The car is spacious inside and the trunk is too. The car looks nice inside and out.

- Marie M

My safe, comfortable black Kia which I call my black butterfly.

I have had no major problems with my car. I love the way it rides. It is very comfortable and it is a nice looking car. I love the back up camera and the sporty look of the car. I love the way the car hugs the road and is very dependable never lets me down. I also love the leg room in the back. My car is just right for me.

- Monica W

My experience with my Kia Optima sol turbo.

I have had zero problems since leasing this car. I have had the car for 14 months. The car is very comfortable to sit in and the ride is very quiet and smooth. The turbo is awesome when it kicks in! Love the horsepower in this vehicle. I own a sol turbo. I do wish it had remote start feature and also fog/driving lights.

- Vincent C

2017 Kia Optima: Dependable, Comfortable, and Efficient.

The Kia Optima is a very safe and comfortable ride. It has Bluetooth capabilities, navigation through the auto app on my phone that connects to Google Maps, great speakers, and a lot of room. Most high tech vehicle I have ever owned. It also gets really good gas mileage, compared to the 2008 Kia Rio I drove previously.

- Andrea B

2017 Kia Optima LX Sedan Review

The 2017 Kia Optima is a 5 seater Sedan that has a 185 hp, 2.4 L 4-cylinder engine, gets 25-31 MPG with a 16? diameter, 6.5? Width wheel size. The good: 360-degree camera system, height-adjustable front passenger seat; The bad: Relatively unchanged exterior styling, the interior materials disappoint in a few instances,

- Amy R

Amazing car for small family

It is a wonderful car. On average I get 29 miles per gallon, it is comfortable with a large trunk big enough for a stroller and groceries. I comfortably have 2 car seats with enough room in the middle for an average adult to sit. The only issue I've had in 2 years is replacing my battery due to the Florida heat

- Sara V

Room. Check. Trunk space. Check. Gas mileage. Check.

It runs smoothly. No problems since I bought it. Is an amazing car and has plenty of room. The trunk is huge. And the space inside is even bigger. From the outside it looks small but on the inside it's big. It has 3 modes. Sport. Eco. And Normal. Eco allows you to get around 37-45 highway and 30-35 city.

- Zachary K

Crazy Kia, why I have a love hate/relationship with my car!

Problems are: Windows are too small. I cannot see enough around me. Do not like relying on the camera for view behind me, I cannot see anything except directly behind. Seats are not particularly comfortable which makes long drives unpleasant. However, love the way it drives. So smooth! Color is nice too.

- Mary D

Low maintenance and fuel efficient.

Rarey are there any problems with the vehicle and when there is an issue its minor. Incredibly reliable car. Low maintenance and fuel. Economic. There's also more than enough space for all in any seat. Rear view camera when backing up is a huge plus and would not be able to own a car without one now.

- Anthony D

Great buy highly recommend

Car is good with low maintenance. I would advise people to get the car if you are not high on performance but need a durable car for day to day. It's also very economical, does not consume much fuel. Please do not consider buying if you are into high speed as the car is not meant to go above 90 MPH.

- Natalie R

It gets me where I want to go efficiently and safely and is a very reliable vehicle.

I love the interior of my vehicle and the inside of it because it looks great with the black leather and I have a very nicely updated stereo system along with a sunroof that I used very often. I also like the outside of my car because it is white and it looks good with the black detailing on my car.

- Jacqueline H

Kia optima 2017 review great car great value reliable and fun to drive.

It is very reliable. Last Kia I drove gave me over 100, 000 miles and still felt new to drive. Great looking cars and very comfortable to sit in. Performance is nice and good for the price you pay. Great quality dash options and seats. Drives smooth and has different drive modes on certain models.

- Heather A

The comfortability is just outstanding in the vehicle.

The Kia Optima is a wonderful reliable car. It has great performance. Great fuel mileage. Comfortable seats. It has style, and class. I have never had a problem with the vehicle. It has safety features. Such as airbags. I really enjoy my Kia Optima. It is definitely worth the money I paid for it.

- Susan C

Good gas mileage in a great running car.

My Kia has rear parking assist, it is quiet, with soft seats. It is the perfect environment for fun driving and it is interior creates a sense of space. It has good gas mileage. We put over 6000 miles on my Kia last month. It was driven in many different climates and altitudes, at various speeds.

- Maxi J

The look its a cool futuristic look and fast with different modes.

It drives smooth and has a camera in the rear touch screen display my car is black but it look clean with other colors the seats and interior is comfy it's a very good car and the button looks cool and the whole car design is cool so if your looking for a new car I recommend getting a Kia Optima.

- James D

My vehicle is black with black leather the leather steering wheel heats up

No problems. Love that the steering wheel and seats heat up and cool off and the rear camera. I also like the leather seats and large screen to view radio settings and linked cell phone activity to listen to my Spotify. I like the hands free phone option for safe driving and hands free callings.

- Jackson J

Kia optima is a reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is very nice. I feel like it is very reliable. It has quality features even for a simple base model. The fuel economy is great. I enjoy driving it everyday to work. I feel like it is a very manageable car. The only thing I wish I had was apple CarPlay and four wheel drive capability.

- Gabriel K

Comfort & Practical Vehicle

Super easy to drive, the car is a little long so I find it hard to park. I like how you can change driving settings from eco, sport, to normal. I always drive on Eco friendly mode to save gas. The backseat is spacious & there is a good size trunk. The backup camera feature is really useful

- Kendall M

I love my car!:) it is awesome.

My Kia is awesome! I love the style of the car, the looks of the car, the trunk space, and the seating! It is very stylish it is very good. It is very pretty even in the hood, it has nice wheels that make me squeal it is very nice, the color of rice. The wheels are round, go round and round.

- Mara D

It�s the most car for the money!

I love my Kia Optima! It is a dependable and smooth riding car. Not a lot of road noise either. The seats aren't the most comfortable I've ever had but not the worst either. It has plenty of trunk space too! It's a beautiful car! Not too big or too small. I'll be keeping it for a long time.

- Bonnie E

2017 Kia Optima somewhat loaded

Great gas mileage, safe car. Has eco and sport mode. Also has dual temperature, and heated steering wheel, and heated seats. Great family car. Very roomy in the back seat for long trips. Has Bluetooth capability. Sirius XM is available. You can preset up to 40 different channels/stations

- Samantha E

Excellent mileage, smooth ride, sturdy car. Super warranty as well.

The car is a hybrid that gets unbelievable mileage. It is a very comfortable ride, a classy looking vehicle. This is our second Kia Optima Hybrid, the first was rear- ended at high speed on the freeway, and the vehicle construction protected the passengers although the car was totaled.

- Vicki S

Great looking car a head turner. Very smooth comfortable ride and very reliable.

I love my Kai. It is a very roomy, has a large trunk and back seat. It is very reliable and I love that it gives you info on when you need any service and what type. I would recommend this to anyone. I have had no problems ever. Great buy and quality for the price. Great looking car.

- Grace M

Kia seating. Love the seats but the heated steering wheel is the best feature.

I have had no problems with the Kia Optima. It runs like a luxury car. It is well priced for what they include in this car. The Optima is extremely comfortable with all the seating conveniences. Heated seats and steering wheel which to me is the best feature. Also has cooling seats.

- Jean G

It is reliable and a good value. Kia's have come a long way since they initially came out.

I love that the car is a good value for the price and then you get a lot of modern conveniences for your money. The car looks sharp, and I love the heated and vented seats, especially in Florida. I don't like that it has little power and that the interior surfaces scratch easily.

- Cristina S

Is that really a Kia How you like me now?

Great car with 25 mile per gallon. The interior trim is a synthetic leather but is pleasing to the eye and comfortable as well as easy to maintain. The automatic transmission features an auto shift mode that really gives a good bit of torque. The exterior paint finish is superb.

- Hal R

It's the best car money can buy. Kia steps up its performance every year.

Take a long time to warm up in the winter. Nice leg room, nice radio, go on gas. Smooth ride, alloy wheels, it gets me back and forth to work. As well as took me to south Carolina twice back and forth. a lot of space in trunk. It has dual heated seat, airbags, and keyless entry.

- Jason D

Performs as expected and no issues.

The car performs as expected and so far I have had no issues. It handles well and gas mileage has not been a problem. It is a very comfortable car and well spaced on the inside. The brakes work very well and I have had no control issues. So far the car has been very reliable.

- Ryan H

Great mpg and extended warranty.

I love my Kia optima! The gas mileage is fantastic as is the comfort of the seats. We usually get about 27-32 mpg unless we are going on long trips then we get around 35 mpg. The 10 yr/100, 000 mile warranty also is a key feature we liked as we were choosing our new vehicle!!

- Helen P

Sporty economical car that gets great gas mileage.

I haven't had any problems with my optima. It is my dream car when I first saw the commercial for the optima it was my goal to get one. My husband has a 2015 optima and he loves his car too. I would recommend the optima to everyone. It gets great mileage and is very sporty.

- Lesley W

Kia optima Hybrid is a great mid size car

The Kia Optima Hybrid is a great car it gets great gas mileage and has the performance and comfort that I was looking for in a car I have not had any problem out of this car we have had it for two years now and we love it we like all of the safety features this care has

- Walter W

I get great gas mileage and the warranties are great.

I have owned 3 Kia's and I love them. The warranties cannot be beat and they help people with credit problems get into a vehicle. I have never experienced any major problems with any of these cars. They are very comfortable and easy to drive. The gas mileage is also great.

- Holly D

Kia Optima saves you on gas.

Vehicle is very spacious and is a good gas saver. I like the rear end car camera so when you back up. I like when you changes lanes the vehicle let’s you know if there’s a car next to you. Also a fan of mirrors that go in when you lock doors. It has great trunk space.

- Melinda M

Love the eco friendly gas option.

The car is very roomy and it makes comfortable to move around in. It feels so easy to drive. I really love how eco friendly it is on gas. It has made taking trips fun and easy with how spacious the car is. The upholstery is nice and easy to clean even when I make a mess.

- Alex F

This is a great car and highly recommended!

I love being part of the Kia family. I can make it home to Ohio on two tanks of gas, the mpg is awesome! The car is gorgeous and was very affordable. There are some amenities i wish it had like the auto adjust mirror for the headlights, but that is not a deal breaker.

- Sherolin F

Windows and the doors feel very safe for my 10 year old's in the back seat.

Very roomy. Love the way it looks. Great on gas. The trunk is so big has so much room love the cruise control very satisfied with the car. . Very smooth ride my child loves it very secure and safety for kids windows in the back block the door locks from the driver side.

- Melissa D

Kia optima is a nice car!

It's a nice car. I drive 40 miles per day and fuel my car every 10 days. It's really convenient to have a car with low usage of gas. The only problem that I have is my brakes making noises. It's a brand new car and so powerful. I like its ride. It has a wide screen.

- Marry N

Kia Optima have a sleek and stylish new look

I believe this is an unbelievable car. Kia optima have come a long way in the past 20 years. The only issue I have is it's quick drift on the highway. I love the sport driving Mode. If I were to recommend anything get the rear camera backup option and the color Blue

- William B

It is dependable, reliable and very comfortable.

I like the overall performance.. Gas mileage.. I do not like that it is manual seat, it does not have a sun/moonroof. I like the rear camera. I like the space. I love the trunk space. I love the size. I do not let me the color. I would like to have leather seats.

- Sharon R

My car is extremely cheap on gas and very reliable.

My kia has been amazing. It is just as roomy as the kia sorento, but extremely cheap on gas. I fill up twice a month for around $30. The only problem I have had out of it was the break light, but it was recalled and the kia dealership fixed everything for free!

- Heather N

I like the cooling seats, it adds immediate comfort in the summer.

It's a nice ride. It has panoramic roof, which you cannot really appreciate driving as well as you could being in the back seat. Leather is nice, it is roomy and comfortable for long trips. I like the color snow white pearl. It is exotic and not a boring white.

- April T

I love my Kia - best choice!

I love my Kia! Since I bought nearly 3 years ago, I have no had any service or maintenance issues. My car drives great, and has very good gas mileage! Perfect for traveling and commuting - so reliable! The dealerships have all been extremely helpful as well!

- Sarah S

Room, comfort, reliability and style!

Love the pickup and roominess of this car. Trunk is spacious and rear doors open wide to allow for fitting all of my furniture finds from estate sales. Outside appearance is sleek and streamlined. This is a car that is reliable and very comfortable to drive.

- Faith D

My hot mama car; gotta love it.

Currently, I am just in the initial stage of breaking my vehicle in. Did have trouble with leaking water into car from air conditioner. I like the fact that it has the blind sided indicators for passing. Enjoying the sirius radio stations which is included.

- Karen R

I love my Kia optima, my favorite feature is probably the back up camera.

I have never had any problems with my car. It has the built in navigation which is great. The screen is nice and big. It also has a backup camera that is such a big help. The car is roomy and has a good size trunk. I definitely recommend this car.

- Kelly D

My 2017 Kia Optima gets almost 40 miles to the gallon.

I love that my Kia Optima gets great gas mileage. I love that my Optima has the Bluetooth feature, so that I can answer calls by touching a button in my steering wheel. I love that the car has a sirius satellite radio installed.

- Carol O

It's bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside.

It is a surprisingly roomy car. It performs quite well considering the tiny 4 cylinder engine, which does give mean Great fuel mileage. The two-tone interior which is tan and gray matches the beautiful blue exterior perfectly.

- Joe S

Best Looking Car in Any Parking Lot!

Our car gives excellent gas mileage with a very comfortable ride. There is a good amount of room in both front and back seats and the trunk is roomy as well. It's also the best looking car in any parking lot!

- Bee V

Handles great, and has decent gas mileage.

I haven't had a problem with this vehicle so far. It performs great and handles well for having just 4 cylinders. It is the launch edition so it has a few extra bells and whistles. A pure pleasure to drive.

- Kevin C

This car offers plenty of space and great gas mileage.

I really like the spaciousness of my 2017 Kia optima. There is plenty of space in both the front and back seats of the car. This makes it easy to accommodate adults and children comfortably in the car.

- Kristina P

It is safe, reliable, and comfortable. It is fun to drive and gets great gas mileage.

I really like that it is a very comfortable ride. So far it has been very reliable with no issues. I'd love it more I guess if it had a bit more trunk space, but it is a very minor complaint.

- Justin K

I believe that the Optima is as comfortable and as good in quality as any midsize car including Toyota.

I've had no problems whatsoever. Gas mileage is great at about 28 mpg around town and 36/37 highway. The heated seats and especially the heated steering wheel are quite nice in the winter.

- Royal W

My Kia Optima Hybrid gets 40 plus miles per gallon!

I have a 2017 Kia Optima Hybrid. I love that it gets a minimum of 39 MPG and It still has plenty of power. I don't like that there's no tachometer and the cruise control isn't consistent.

- Gunnar R

Gas mileage is great and it is a big and roomy in the back seat.

The gas mileage is great I get 35-38 MPG on hwy. The trunk is very large and it has storage space above the spare tire. The only thing I do not like about my car is the color, too dark.

- Julia T

This car has the feature of being able to answer your cell on the steering wheel.

It is comfortable. It is affordable. We would like to have more trunk room. We wish the seats were leather rather than fabric. Seats need some stain resistant spray on them.

- janice M

The price for the value. It's a mid-range vehicle for a great price.

I love the sunroof and roominess in the driver's seat. I don't like that it's not American made. I enjoy the convenience of being able to connect the car and an app to my phone.

- Allison C

It has a lot of legroom in the back seat and the trunk is spacious.

We just got it, roughly 2 months ago. I love it! It's zippy, the seats are easy to clean, and it has just enough bells and whistles that it's not overwhelming to use.

- Leanna R

The Kia Optima is a great car for daily/family use.

The Kia Optima is a great car. I love the size and the way it takes turns and can take no time to speed up. Great cargo space and lots of room in the back for kids.

- Kristopher D

It is reliable and comfortable for long drives.

Love the color. Sangria. Great air. Good mileage with gas. Comfortable. Easy to drive has navigation. I can plug my phone into it and listen to iTunes and Pandora.

- Linda S

It's a money saver when it comes to gas mileage

I absolutely love the great gas mileage I get, it's the perfect size for me and my little family. I don't have any complaints! I just wish it was paid off though!!

- Julie V

It gets 53 miles per gallon.

It is high tech and allows for Bluetooth connected calls through the car's speaker system. It holds fairly good gas mileage and speed. It also is a very quiet car.

- Courtney A

It goes a lot faster than you realize. The quietness throws you off.

I love the way it handles. It's a hybrid so I am saving a bundle on gas. So far the only thing i dislike is not having a windshield wipers on the rear window.

- Patricia L

It is a good value and rated a best buy as far as needing repairs.

I like the style and features of the car as well as the gas mileage. I do wish I had bought a larger vehicle. The car does not feel comfortable on long drives.

- Tim H

Great gas mileage and features.

My boyfriend and I really like this car. We shopped around for a while before we found it but the gas mileage is fabulous and its other features are great too.

- Brie B

Good value for my Kia. Safe, economic and beautiful model.

I love that my Kia is big and heavy, so I feel safe while I'm driving. All the inside is very nice. Also has really nice features and is not crazy expensive.

- Lupe L

It has a sporty and modern design which looks nice from the outside and is also comfortable on the inside.

I really like my vehicle overall because it is super reliable. It has great gas mileage and drives smoothly-basically all I could ask for and need in a car.

- Melanie R

There is no an interesting detail or a highlight of this vehicle.

It is slow, the value of the vehicle drops significantly. It is not worth the price. I am stuck in a vehicle that I hate because of the negative equity.

- Cheshire C

The tires are very new and the seats are clean !

My vehicle is a really pretty color. Since I've purchased I have been getting compliments the speakers just play really low and I really hate that !

- Lisa H

It's a very safe vehicle and performance is very good on the roads.

It is a very reliable vehicle with lots of safety features and drives very smoothly. My only concern is the brakes, they need repairs too often.

- Molly H

The Kia Optima is a very good car. It drives well and the company is very reliable.

I love my Kia Optima because it's good on gas, and drives smoothly. I like all of the high tech features. However, I do wish it was bigger.

- Shauna Y

The price is amazing for the equipment. Also love the 100, 000 mile warranty.

No complaints. Love our Kia optima hybrid. Vert comfortable. Quiet while driving. Great safety technology. Would highly recommend this car.

- Linda K

Roomy and quiet on the road and good acceleration and gas mileage

It rides smooth and quiet gets good gas mileage. It is a good ride for those who enjoy quick acceleration and has up to date gadgets

- Janet P

It's very comfortable for all passengers. There is a lot of room in the back.

It's a very smooth ride and it runs great. It's very comfortable to be a passenger. My wife loves it. I wish it had more horsepower.

- Scott W

I have found that it is a very reliable car.

Has everything I want except for a CD player. Is dependable. Has a good warranty. Is reliable. Priced right. Dependable dealership.

- Debbie P

My car is spacious and great on gas.

I like how roomy it is, and how high the mileage is on highways. I also love Kia cars in general. And the color is perfect for me.

- Serena M

How simple of a design, it is adequate size, and good for a simple lifestyle.

I enjoy how simplistic the design is. It has an adequate size for my lifestyle. My parents owned one and influenced me to get one.

- Patrick D

Great gas mileage for a mid size car. Only need to fill it every 2 weeks.

I enjoy my car to the fullest. It gets great gas mileage. Comfortable as the drive or passenger. Plenty of room in the back seat.

- Jayne F

I happen to love the blue Kia optima lx model.

I love my 2017 Kia Optima, it's beautiful and almost sporty. It have a nice spacious interior as well as very comfortable seats.

- Dylan H

The optima has good gas mileage.

Dislike the color, amount of room, exterior style.... Like gas mileage, seats, floor mats, radio.... I also like the dashboard.

- Maxine J

Very reliable and good value.

Very comfortable to drive and gets excellent image on the highway and around town. Recommend highly this is our third Kia. The.

- John C

That it's a great car if you don't have a huge budget to spend

I like the gas mileage. It's also very comfortable to drive. I wish the sound system was nicer, and that the screen was larger

- Amanda C

Great car and a good value

The Optima has a smooth ride, decent pickup. A modest but comfortable interior. The optima is also a good value for the price.

- Chris W

It is a safe vehicle and good family SUV.

I love the roominess. I love the handling. I like how modern it is. I like how it drives in the snow. I dislike the mileage.

- Megan W

It gets very good gas mileage and has a very smooth ride.

The only things I dislike about my car is that it doesn't have keyless start. It also can only be unlocked with the key fob.

- Ashley C

it's hybrid and so saves a lot of gas and is good for the environment

I love it gas mileage is great, it runs great, no problems so far. It looks good, and it is reliable and has lots of extras

- trish a

Great warranty. Great ride. Great fuel mileage.

Great driving car and good gas mileage. I would recommend it to anyone. Looks expensive a low price. My best vehicle yet.

- Carol W

It runs smooth but it does not if the oil is not changed.

I like the body type, the inside space I also like the radio, but would like surround sound. But I do not like the color.

- Vinetta E

It is has good gas mileage and it is very spacious.

I like pretty much everything. Very good on gas is the most important. It is also very spacious. No complaints so far.

- Crystal B

Gas saver, nice, sustainable car

Nice car, got 11k incentive for butoni an electric car, gas saver, carpool access, comfortable, enough trunk space

- Beatrice G

Reliable, roomy car that gets great gas mileage.

Great gas mileage. Standard features included like backup camera are a nice bonus. Smooth ride and quiet inside.

- Courtney G

The vehicle should be reliable.

Great gas mileage. Roomy. Well equipped. Tinted windows. Heated seats and steering wheel. Eco friendly gas usage.

- JoHanna C

Economical Reliable Nice looking Nice line Modern Fast and safe

Very economical and reliable. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I want something more spacious

- Victoria T

Good on gas and comfortable ride.

I like how it rides, I like the large trunk area, I like the comfort of the seats and the vision of the windows.

- Melody M

It is safe and has plenty of space it have nice speakers and

I love the size and comfort of my vehicle. My vehicle drives smooth I love that the navigation system helps me

- Contessa B

It is very Comfortable and safe and sleek looking.

It is a very comfortable ride. It has numerous air bags, so I feel extremely safe. I love the backup camera.

- LaVonne N

Cowboy Blue color and back- up camera

it is blue, handles very nicely, has a touch screen and back up camera, it has controls on the steering wheel.

- April R

The gas mileage, and smoothness.

I love my Kia optima, it is so comfortable! It drives great, and gas mileage is fantastic! My favorite car.

- Peyton I

Great economy car at a great price point.

The Kia Optima is a great little reliable family car. It is not very expensive and gets great gas mileage.

- Jeremy C

it is worth the money, and fun to drive, with great gas mileage.

it is a great little car. gets good gas miles, and low to maintain. is also comfortable when traveling.

- jim C

It has good gas mileage and uses unleaded gas.

The car is comfortable, affordable, plenty of trunk room, and has good gas mileage. It drives smoothly.

- Janice H

It is a very fast car but it is very safe and secure for my passages.

I like the motor and the velocity. I do not like the exterior that much. I like how fast it responds.

- ailyn C

This car handles great on the highway.

My Kia optima is comfortable to drive, good on gas, I especially like the roomy back seat and trunk.

- Lisa C

Reliable and reasonable efficient to purchase and operate.

Inexpensive to purchase and sustain and operate. Relatively comfortable. A little tights for space.

- Tom R

Gas mileage is amazing and low cost. There is a lot of time between fill ups.

Does not have enough get up and go. Takes too long to get to speed. It does have good gas mileage.

- James M

It has a very high safety rating and is very family friendly car.

I wish it had back up sensors. I love the gas mileage. I wish the screen for the radio was bigger.

- Amber S

I want to know that it a safe car to drive. It needs to be reliable. A good value and it has affordable payments.

I love the way it drives and it a very fuel efficient car. It is roomy and has been very reliable.

- Elana L




The salesman gave us a good deal with low interest

We get good gas mileage. It is comfortable to ride in. It is low maintenance. No complaints.

- janice h

Good build quality and warranty with great engine.

Very reliable and stylish cat with great safety equipment. It rides smooth. It is classy.

- M R

I like the body style, color, and saves on gas. I have no dislikes, this is my second car like this one, the first was white, the one I have now is maroon.

reasonably priced, great on gas. I intend to continue with Kia for my next vehicle

- Jacqueline C

Kia has the best warranty on there car and the car performance is the best

Love the wine color seats and the performance. It is a turbo and it drives smooth

- Johanny O

Really good gas mileage. Recent trips I gauged 33 MPH

Smooth running. Has lots of conveniences good design great music good gas mileage

- Frank S

High quality, and company stands behind their craftsmanship.

Absolutely love my vehicle. Its sleek, and elegant looking on a decent budget.

- Shawn H

Backup camera on the car is a great feature for a kia.

Like the way it drives and has mileage. Don't like that it's a car, prefer suv

- Brandon W

The car is nice driving. It smoothly rides. It is comfortable.

The price was low. The performance is great. It's very smooth and comfortable.

- Susan B

That the safety perspective is phenomenal. Also, gas mileage is fantastic.

Love the gas mileage. Love the easy maintenance. Love the cheaper insurance.

- Miriam G

It is a very comfortable car to drive and it has a backup camera

I really like my car. It has all the new gadgets and really good on gas

- Jasmine D

It's great on gas and is a very spacious automobile

I love the gas mileage on the vehicle . I love the room on the vehicle

- Katie D

Hybrids are great! Everyone should convert to one. You don't lose any performance over a gas only car.

I love the gas mileage for the hybrid! Saves a lot of money and time.

- Nichole T

I'm very satisfied with my car it's the best vehicle I've ever owned

It fits my family comfortably it's a smooth ride it looks very nice

- Angie J

It's easy on gas and drives smoothly.

I love how easy it is on gas. I love the sunroof. I love it's gps.

- Vivian E

It drives well and has great gas mileage. There are a couple extra features I miss having but good car overall.

It handles well, looks expensive and gets great gas mileage

- Sandra S

Maintain it regularly. It just takes a few minutes to take it serviced.

Very easy to use. Feels comfortable and it is affordable.

- Erik B

My car is very comfortable and economic. I wish it had leather heated seats. I didn't like that I had to replace the battery within a year of getting it.

The gas mileage is excellent for vacations and traveling.

- Lynne B

it's nice to drive and it's easy to handle in bad road and weather conditions

the drive of the car and the ability to be a smooth ride.

- lee s

everything that it has in it

I love my car.it goes from point A to Point b

- James M