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The 2018 Kia optima with leather interior & power driver seat is the way to go!

I absolutely love my 2018 Kia optima. I opted for the white exterior with the tan, leather interior. During my hunt for a new car I test drove 3 different makes, but the Kia optima was by far the most comfortable ride as well as the most comfortable to drive. The blind spots are minimal. The adjustable side mirrors and rear view mirror were easily positioned to my liking. I also purchased the model with the power driver seat and I couldn't be more pleased. Being able to adjust the seat just how I like it was a huge factor into purchasing a vehicle. The apple/android connection to the touch screen monitor makes using my device hands free a breeze. I can also listen to whatever music I like. The daily running lights were a plus; it makes me feel safer having lights on at all times. I have never been more satisfied with a car purchase before and this is the 4th car I have owned. I plan on owning this car long enough to teach my toddler how to drive in it.

- Emily W

Economical yet feature loaded.

The 2018 Kia optima is one of the best cars within its category. First, the look of the car is on trend with many pricier cars in its class (BMW, Mercedes, etc.). It is a good looking car. The inside is stacked with awesome features that come standard on this car. The apple car play is awesome, reverse cameras, screen displays, USB port, mp3 jack, and so much more. Look and features 10/10. Biggest drawback for me is the horsepower, not as much go power as I was expecting. But they do have three driving modes sport, regular, and eco. Which is cool, but so far the best mpgs I get is in standard even over eco. But that could be due to my particular driving style. Overall I think it is an excellent car and would definitely recommend the Kia optima for someone looking for high quality, great features, updated look, at an affordable price.

- Chelsea S

Mid-sized sedan with luxury interior.

I love my Kia optima. The seats are very roomy and supportive. The touchscreen is well-made and very user-friendly. My favorite part of my car is the blind spot monitoring. It is an optional feature that you can turn on and off depending on where you drive. The sunroof is enormous and makes you feel like you are not even in a vehicle. The engine is so quiet you cannot hear it running, and it runs so smoothly. I haven't had any problems in my car yet, so I would consider it to be a very reliable vehicle. The backseat is very large and has so much room my six foot tall friend can fit in the backseat without touching her knees or her head to any part of the car. The air conditioner works very quickly, as well as the heat.

- Kirby C

Kia is a lot nicer than you remember!

The optima ex with the premium package is an amazing vehicle. It is visually beautiful, inside and out. The level of comfort matches any luxury car. Amenities are over the top. Features include a panoramic sunroof, leather seats that are heated and cooled!! 8 inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay. Radio has 40 presets!! Both front seats are power operated. Color scheme choices are so beautiful. Mine has two gray tones, brushed metal trim and a beautiful dark woodgrain. Smart key technology is so cool. The car loves me too! When I come near it, the door handles light up and the mirrors unfold, it sings a little song when I get in and says welcome! There are 11 airbags including full curtain coverage. Stereo is fantastic!

- Sunny A

It is literally an okay car.

I am more of a sports car person, but couldn't find a sports car around my price range with great performance. So I decided to get a reliable car. It gets you from point A to B like any car. But the power is extremely underwhelming. Taking simple turns can easily throw the back end out. The engine noise can be very concerning when revs go up. Sounds like it is going to explode, but it is a 4 cylinder. It is pretty comfortable I guess. Decent features for the average person. Speakers are okay at best. Doors feel cheap at times. Lots of plastic everywhere. It is literally just an okay car.

- Kia O

Mom car that keeps us safe and gets us where we need, with just one tank of gas.

I love my Kia Optima, the seats are comfortable, there is ample space for my passengers, and best of all there is a ton of space in my trunk. I always get compliments on how smooth my car drives. There are three different drive modes, regular, eco, and sport. Eco allows me to drive over 500 miles without having to stop to fill up. Sport mode allows me to get that pick up when merging onto a highway. Overall I would recommend this car to anymore who wants a spacious reliable car.

- Karen S

Best car ever on gas for a sedan. Comfortable seats for riding or driving.

This is my 5th Kia. This car rides great, gas mileage is very good around town about 25 miles to the gallon and about 35 miles to the gallon on the open road. I like that the back seat folds forward so there is plenty room in the trunk for larger items to be transported. My backup camera is larger than the 2016 and now I have side indicators when someone is passing close or if I am going to pass someone and a car is coming up fast on that side. Really good feature.

- Paula M

My car has a fire proof layer under the hood to keep the engine from exploding.

The 2018 Kia Optima has to be my favorite car I have ever owned. The safety features alone are amazing. From the engine that falls if crashed and the fire proof layer under the hood to the air bags that if gone off will immediately call the authorities. The car is very spacious, with a giant trunk to hold everything you need. It also has hands off features that include telephone and music access. The car comes equipped with google and apple play.

- John M

The reverse camera is a great.

I have a 2018 Kia optima. I chose the interior in dark since I have children. The interior it really nice. It runs very smooth. I feel like when I put it in sport it goes even better in performance. When it comes to breaking it feels like butter so smooth. The reverse camera is super helpful as well as the car detection next to you. This is a great car to have. The outside is speechless and looks very luxurious too.

- Daisy F

Great features. Solid car!

Wonderful road trip car, extremely reliable with good gas mileage and very comfortable interior! Love the android auto connection for the phone based in dash navigation. I have no trouble feeling safe with the blind spot indicators and have used the sport and eco modes frequently. The tire pressure sensors have saved me from a few nearly bad situations, alerting me to screws making my tires flat.

- Jessica M

Looks good and feels good.

This is the 5th optima I have owned and of course love just about everything about it. Easy to drive, comfy both back and front seats. Economical and never any mechanical problems. Color choices were limited since I wanted immediate delivery but otherwise many beautiful colors to choose from. I would and do recommend Kia to anyone interested in safe, economical and good looking auto.

- L. T

My optima sport is defined: rely ability!

I actually do a lot of driving on a daily basis. To be more specific, I drive almost 5, 000 miles a month so I needed something that was great with gas, acceleration, coverage and also fit the good looks category as well. There are more things that I look into for details because I sold cars long enough. The optima is definitely a head turner for me and others.. Literally!

- Michael S

Stellar safety features and comfortable driving experience.

This vehicle has been incredibly reliable because it has this feature that will automatically break for you if you fail to see another vehicle coming. It also has a back-up camera that allows you to see everything behind you without having to crane your neck and turn around. The safety features are incredible and sometimes life-saving. The seats are super comfortable too.

- Brooke D

If you like to travel this is the car for you.

Very comfortable seating. Lots of legroom for those who are tall. Huge trunk for luggage space. Roomy back seat area. Drives very well. Good gas mileage. Lots of drink holder options. Big console to store items in as well as a place for your sunglasses. Lots of storage for those long road trips. We love to travel so this car is perfect for us.

- Marie J

She seems to be a really great little car! There is a lot more space than I expected. I was able to fit a 55" TV (in the box!) when folding down the rear seats!

I love that it is much more efficient on gas than our previous vehicle (KIA Sorento). Love the ability to plug in my phone and use it to play music and use Google Maps and check/respond to texts easily.Only dislike is the back windshield seems too small. Possibly due to the angle or maybe because I'm used to the larger Sorento rear windshield.

- Leah H

Midsize luxury car look perfect detailing and accessibility.

I love all the easily accessible features on the steering wheel for radio volume hands-free calling, the cabin space is amazing lots of legroom trunk space is huge. I wish I would have chose the next level up and trim package but the price was just a little bit too steep for my income level other than that I love the car.

- Claire H

If a different model year fixed the electrical problem, it is a wonderful car.

For the price of the Kia optima I feel like I am driving a lexus. I was able to get the exact package I was looking for and I love it even more than I thought I would. It drives so well, it is comfortable and spacious and I feel like I have one of the nicest vehicles on the road. Nothing looks better than my Kia optima!.

- Mary M

A Kia optima is an economically and family friendly vehicle.

My Kia optima gets excellent gas mileage. I look the vehicle's looks and performance. I commute 70 miles per day and have to do fill ups once a week. Great gas mileage. The car is also roomy for my family that contains 2 teenage boys that are 6'1 and 6'3. I would strongly recommend this car for a commuter and family.

- Andrea B

The extremely amazing Kia optima.

The 2018 Kia optima has many updated features including back up camera, lane changing warning system and up to 40 preset radio stations. The car runs so smooth. The car is visually appealing and looks extremely sporty. The 2018 has a 4 cyl engine but you would never know it by the way it takes off! Love this car!

- Robert G

Details that I did not like.

I love the look and the features, however there are times that the backup camera gets foggy and I am unable to see. The android auto feature is slow and sometimes it does not work I like that it is spacious, however, once when I needed to put the back seat down the seat belt got in the way and now it is stuck.

- Karen L

Luxury and safety in a Kia brand.

The Kia optima has been a reliable car with a luxury feel. The leather seats are beautiful and match any luxury car on the block. The power this car has allows for me to drive safely in any situation. I am very pleased with the optima and will definitely consider purchasing another Kia in the future.

- Christi P

It has a touch screen between the front seats.

Everything about it is pretty good, it's super comfy and the interior is super modern. It gets awesome mileage and I do not have to fill up for at least 2 weeks. Except one thing is when I am going kind of slow and the car is down gearing when I am breaking it kind of breaks a little hard sometimes.

- Michael M

Sport mode drivable with easy access to media icons.

This vehicle is a good reliable vehicle to drive. It comes with a sunroof, GPS, backup camera, leather seats. Cold and hot heating seats, tinted windows, . The seats are comfortable, reclining, and easy to move around. The trunk has a lot of space for traveling, spare tire. Auto controlled windows.

- Miriam R

I love the touch screen and hands off phone feature the car provides.

This vehicle is amazing I was so shocked when we first got it the features and style to this car is like no other I have ever seen before. Very up to date and reliable can get your anywhere with a smooth ride. Good on gas making it easier for you to go longer distances without worrying about gas.

- Raven H

It does not get good gas mileage.

I like the body style, the apple carplay feature, and the price was great; I do not like that there wasn't a good selection to choose from, I do not like the gas mileage- it gets less than my crossover, I do not like that there is no air conditioning in the back, and I wish it hadn't Bluetooth.

- Kacey M

It is so super spacious. Its comfortable and I feel so safe with all the added safety features.

The car is absolutely beautiful. It handles well. The seating is so spacious and comfortable. There is plenty of storage space. I love the amenities that come standard. The safety features are also fantastic. It's a little slow on the acceleration but nothing that takes away from the vehicle.

- Heather D

Has a camera to help you with parking and backing up.

I love it. It's very safe and easy to drive. Has a camera so makes parking and backing up easy. It's also hands free so it's safe. Has seat warmers so that's nice. Also has a remote so you can start your car from inside your house. It's the perfect size for my family. Has airbags and a radio.

- Tamara C

The sunroof!! I love the full sunroof feature of the car, there's nothing better.

My Optima is classy, stylish, and has amazing features. My favorite is the full sun roof for the car. It makes the car look super sporty and I've always enjoyed the roof. The car also comes with heated seats and steering wheel. There's nothing better than a KIA and they are also affordable!

- Lucas C

Good car for a mom. Not a car for someone looking for a sporty one.

Drives well and smooth, reliable. Takes a minute to accelerate and the interior could be a bit more updated for such a new car the buttons and knobs inside seem older. It is comfortable and roomy for multiple people. It also tells you when your next service date should be so that is nice.

- Katie H

Kia Optima is one of the best hybrid cars that you can buy.

Our car is a Kia Optima hybrid. It is very quiet and gets great gas mileage too. Inside is comfortable and has lots of room. No getting squished in the back seat. It is a nice looking car. We are always getting compliments on how it looks. So far we have not had any problems with our car.

- Laura J

Sleek smooth and personalized.

Vehicle has no problems so far. Sleek interior and smooth exterior. Quiet ride. Tech savvy. Inside is very spacious. Love the chrome trim. Stylish and cool. Fits my personality. Leasing this vehicle at a very low price. Used to go to work daily. Nice inexpensive vehicle. Low maintenance.

- Ebony G

The car has a lot of safety features that come standard with your car purchase.

I like my optima for the following reasons: very spacious, stylish, roomy, and economical. In addition, I love the way that my car handles the curves of the road; especially, during the rain. The trunk is extremely spacious for luggage on road trips, family outings, and shopping trips.

- Willie M

Great gas mileage and awesome features great car overall.

I have had no problems or issues so far I love my Kia. I am in love with the back up camera and all of the features that come with it. I would definitely recommend a Kia to anyone I went from a Hyundai to a Kia and I am happy with the change the gas mileage is excellent also.

- Ashley B

Real good, but one bad problem.

Drives, rides and handles nicely. Fun to drive. However there is one major flaw. There is no spare tire, only a 'kit' that is supposed to help with a flat. Anything more than that will require you to call a tow truck and then try to find a way home. As I said, major flaw!

- Richard L

Get a Kia today you will be amazed.

I love the vehicle. I think it gets pretty good mileage overall. Alerts well when something is wrong with the vehicle. Quite spacious. I like the backup camera. I also like the features for service and maintenance of the car. I also like the 10 year, 100,000 mile package.

- Ashley D

It rides comfortably and drive smoothly.

I love the side mirrors beep when you turn on your blinker and someone is in your blind spot. I love apple carplay in it. And I love the feature where you can change the car from eco, to sport to regular depending if you need to go faster quicker or want to save on gas.

- Trisha B

I would have never thought of owning a Kia coming from owning only imports.

I haven't witnessed any problems as of yet. So far I like the reliability of the car and gas mileage. Only wish it had a little more power coming from the engine. The ride is pretty smooth. It's very comfortable inside. I have a panoramic sunroof with no issues there.

- Edwin Z

I love the color which is called sangria. Nice mid size family car, very sharp.

I love the color and the fact it has a sunroof. I also love the heated/air conditioned seats. The interior is black leather. This vehicle drives very smooth. And is very comfortable. It also has a nice size trunk, great for traveling. It also is very roomy inside.

- Lisa M

It has great lighting ever lasting tires good smell nice sky blue color good end.

I love buying cars because it just makes me feel new and when I buy new cars I feel like I have a new family buy my side and what more to buy cars then to sit around the house not doing nothing I go for rides all day in my car it's like my car never gets a break.

- Money L

Nice vehicle with a sporty look.

Very smooth ride. Sporty feel and look. Plenty of room for passengers to be comfortable. Very large trunk space. Only problem has been with the back two windows getting stuck and not rolling up. I really like this vehicle, would definitely purchase again.

- Brandy L

Kia Optima - Luxury at a Reasonable Price

This car has nice technology features and a smooth ride. So far it has been reliable and I am happy with the car. It does not include a spare tire as part of the standard options offered with the car. You can purchase a spare tire kit though for about $300.

- Joyce S

Smart economically safe fun.

Has the best fuel economy in the market about 38 miles to the gallon safe, trendy love how it handles on the road lots of cool features like Sirius, cruise control air conditioning 17 inch wheels love the colors they are currently offering for 2018 2019.

- Cecilia R

The Kia optima has really good gas mileage and trunk space.

I enjoy how spacious and comfortable it is. All three of my kids fit without being too squished together. I like that it has a backup camera on it also. There is nothing that I dislike about my vehicle. No complaints at all. My favorite vehicle by far.

- Vanessa C

It is my first new car buy.

There are to many Kia optima's on the road in the general area I live. The older models have engine issues that have been recalled. It was rated one of the safest and best cars for 2017. It fits the mold for other upstanding high class sad and.

- Anthony W

Gas mileage is excellent and has many options on the dashboard.

This car gets excellent gas mileage. It has great space inside for leg room. The truck is huge. The only problem I have is when I am trying to speed up while already driving, it doesn't accelerate like I would like. That could be just me!

- Tonya V

The most important thing you should know is that it is great on gas.

The vehicle is a great family car. The safety features are amazing. I also like the touch screen radio. The trunk has tons of room. We have three children 6-3 and we have lots of room in the back seat. It is our family car!

- Alyssa H

This is a great looking car that has all the features of the normal popular makes.

It's less expensive than most cars of the same size but it has the same features of the more expensive cars. It's a smooth comfortable ride and it gets great gas mileage. There is nothing I dislike about this car.

- ced F

Great gas mileage usually 38 miles to gallon on open roads.

It is sporty but reliable and gets great gas mileage. It is has plenty of legroom in back for my two kids one of which is 5 ft 6in. Trunk space is also great holds plenty of groceries and shopping bags.

- Tracey K

Being able to connect your phone and use the GPS.

This vehicle is wonderful very up to fate and modern. It is also a great gas saver and also very roomy. It is a good car for a small family. Altogether the interior and exterior of the car is wonderful.

- Raven N

It is available with features that will make driving safer.

It is stylish and has great add on features. Lane change detect, lane departure, rear back up camera etc.. It has all the features I want and get great gas mileage. I dislike nothing about the car.

- Tammy S

On the highway my car can get up to 35 miles per gallon.

I love all the safety features my car offers such as the rear window beeping and the back up camera. I also love the 2 driver seat button option. Another thing is I get great gas mileage.

- Autumn K

Reliable, safe and affordable vehicle with style and luxury.

I love this car! It has three (3) drive modes (Sport, Normal and Eco) and lots of options, including a standard back-up camera. It is a great luxury style vehicle for a non-luxury price!

- Tiffany M

I like how it handles. I love the color I chose also.

I love my Kia optima. It is comfortable. It drives smooth. The price is good considering all the features and how it handles. I would rather have this car than the Toyota Camry I had.

- Marsha M

That it's warranty is the best in the nation and the price is competitive

My car had automatic lights, and mirrors. It has parking assist, and reminders. It has heated seats and bluetooth. Serving was included in the purchase price. Very good warranty

- Cynthia F

A powerful user friendly car.

I like all the technology in the car, but I especially the android auto app. I also like all the safety features that come in the car like lane assist and blind spot sensors.

- Erik E

The great safety features. You don't expect them in a car in this price range.

I love my new car. The car gets up and goes quickly. It drive very smooth, and handles easy. It has nice safety features the 2017 didn't have and comes with a great warranty.

- Brenda M

That it is very dependable.

Love how smooth it feels and rides when I drive it. Love that it is white and has a sunroof. Love that it is dependable and brand new. Love that I don't have a car payment.

- Shannon C

Excellent mileage with 100, 000 warranty.

Excellent mileage, adequate performance, drives beautifully, excellent radio with Sirius addition; many features of sound system unnecessary & therefore not being used.

- David D

The Kia Optima is one of the most luxurious cars I have ever ridden in.

She is white with a beige leather interior. The car includes a Bluetooth radio and Apple CarPlay. Also, the car has below 200 miles and great mileage in the city.

- Jade L

The car has great site lines for seeing in all directions especially when changing lanes.

I really enjoy this vehicle. The Harmon Kardon sound system is great. The site line are the i have had in a car for along time. There are many safety features.

- Steven K

Kia Optima is a very reasonably priced car. You get a lot for your money

I like how reliable Kia optima are. Got very high rAtings on consumer reports. Owned way previously and found this to be true. Also very roomy car and trunk.

- Angela G

Smooth ride and good on gas. Seats 5 people.

I love my car. It runs really good and also is good on gas. Love the color and condition of my car. I have only had this car for a year and really enjoy it.

- Bertha P

My Kia is an amazing vehicle. Love all the extra features and sunroof. I own the sports edition. Would definitely buy another Kia vehicle.

This is the third Kia vehicle I have owned. I have had no mechanical problems at all with any of them. My optima gets great gas mileage. Very comfortable.

- Angela B

Good amount of luxury for the price.

Comfortable, rides smooth. Very user friendly with the android auto or apple carplay. Roomy back seat. Fit 3 full size adults easily. I'd like more power.

- Jaime J

I love the touch screen radio and the heated seats!

I love this car. Perfect for a mid size family and it has great gas mileage. I love my car I wouldn't want anything. Bigger because gas is too expensive.

- Ashley C

That the car has safety features that I really like

I like how well it is on gas I like the hands free feature for making phone calls I dislike the smell it emits when prepared food is being transported

- Janice T

Its very safe with airbags and has great reputation it's voted one of the best vehicles to own as noted on website. It's important for people too know it's a safe and good looking vehicle

I love it. Rides smooth. Has all the bells and whistles. The color is horizon blue. Comfortable seating adjustments and backs up itself. Its brand new.

- Jean S

A lot of people think that cause it's a KIA that it's just a cheap car. Sure the price was right but it's also good on gas and plenty of room.

This is a very smooth car to ride in. It does not look like it has a lot of room but actually shocked me, with the space. I don't have any complaints.

- cristine k

It has the smoothest ride I've ever experienced

Just got this car a month ago, absolutely I'm love with it! It rises so smooth like butter & it's so comfortable!! So happy we chose our Kia Optima

- Abby P

The security features are good and easy maintenance

It is a very comfortable vehicle with good features and security items. The technical assistance seems really good and I have no complains so for.

- Jabuticaba F

A great car with great features.

Much improved pick up and traction over previous model years. So far no maintenance issues. The console has so many features it is overwhelming.

- Michael E

Very nice car! Dependable n safe

Very nice car with great features. Fun to drive n very easy to handle. Great on gas! Only thing missing is WiFi. Other than that, very nice car

- David N

Top safety pick...5 stars. It is one of the safest autos made today.

It gets great gas mileage, It is very comfortable to drive.It has a lot of room if front and in back. It is quite stylish and looks very nice.

- Kyal O

It was cheap and I got a lot of features. The car is very safe to drive.

I like the sight lines. The turning radius is great. The Harmon Kardon sound system is the best I have had in a car. It is a good looking car.

- Steve k

This version of the optima cuts no corners.

There are no issues with this car. It is the top of the line version. Smooth ride, picks up speed fast, great mileage and luxurious interior.

- Stacie C

Great gas mileage when on ECO

Get great gas mileage and comfortable to ride in. Easy to park and maneuver. has lights on mirrors that tells you if someone is passing you.

- Susan M

No problems! Great gas mileage, lots of interior passenger room. Lots of usable trunk room. The car looks sleek and fits great in a two car garage with a van

Great Warranty. Great interior space: way better than many other vehicles we test drove. Plenty of whistles and bells for the price as well

- Janet S

It is economical and good for families. I think it turns well in tight spaces.

It is reliable and handles well in all kinds of weather. The ride is smooth. I love the rear camera and will never drive a car without one.

- Carrie B




The gas mileage and warranty are the best.

I love the backup camera. I love the gas mileage. And the warranty. I dislike the manual seats. I love the Bluetooth and Sirius radio.

- Missy W

Kia's are good cars and maintain value. They look good and have a lot of legroom . Maintenance agreements are not expensive.

I wanted a smaller car. I could not afford a smaller KIA because had to trade in a Sorento . Hope gas mileage is better on this one,

- Susan K

The great gas mileage it gets whether it is city driving or local driving

Love the way it drives. It gets excellent gas mileage and it looks stylish. The only thing I would improve on it would be to add wifi

- Beverly M

This car is good for families that have children that are going to college.

No complaints. I just got it a few days ago. Good gas mileage and lowered my car payment. Like the interior of the car and the trunk.

- Cheryl P

The seats in my vehicle are both heated and cooled, whichever you prefer.

Comfortable car with great pick up and features. Good gas mileage. Handles well and is a good car for a family of four or smaller.

- Raymond M

Kia Optima. Great car with only a few flaws.

So far it's a great vehicle with the bells and whistles an great gas mileage. Only problem so far is a seal broke on the sunroof.

- Chris B

Loaded sedan with comfortable ride

Mostly loaded, leather, moonroof. lane assist, XM radio. Climate control for driver and passenger. Heater and cooled front seats

- Scott R

Great gas mileage and dependability.

Love my Kia, it is the 2nd one we have purchased. Gas mileage is great and it has all the bells and whistles you could want.

- Sue R

It has android/apple auto compatibility. Easy handling, overall it is a great car.

Car is really comfortable. Super smooth driving, lots of legroom for someone my size and the cargo area is pretty big also.

- Brandon G

My Kia Optima Adventure Ride

I have no complaints. Good on gas, AC works great, so far everything works great. And it is the right size for my family.

- Dionne W

The crash rating for this car is pretty good. It's roomy enough for kids as well.

This car runs super smooth. You can hook up your phone to the touch screen to use GPS. Gas mileage is pretty decent too.

- Sierra B

It is very dependable. It comes with Eco boost to help with gas. Rides smooth..

I really don't have any complaints. I am very much so in love with my car. The car interior and everything is beautiful.

- Angela T

Beautiful color, drives smooth p

Loving my car it is fast and economical. Comfortable seats, good AC system and great gas mileage. The color is beautiful

- Jocelyn D

Reliable gets you where you need to go.

Comfortable, new love the way it drives and handles on the street plus the gas mileage is great 38 miles to the gallon.

- Cecilia R

Very comfortable to ride in. Good fuel efficiency.

I like the vehicle because it has a seat warmer and cooler. It also has an easy to access radio. It also has Bluetooth.

- Aaron D

Great for the price, performance, looks are stylish

I haven't had it too l9ng but so far no issues and it is very comfortable, gas efficient and overall good performance

- Marilyn B

It is a great family vehicle.

Good gas mileage, comfy ride, good starting power. Things I do not like. The key fob can fall off very, very easily.

- Dusty L

Its fuel efficient and great for polluting.

New car with many options. Comfortable family car. The car is reliable. The car is sporty. We really like new cars.

- Eugene D

It's a great family vehicle that is strong in bad weather conditions.

I do not have any complaints about this car. I love it, it has never gave me any problems. This is my favorite car.

- Trey M

Safety features are incredible.

My vehicle has a lot of safety features.. Great on gas.. And what I dislike about it is the payments are too much.

- Ariel D

Just a great car. And is affordable great on gas.

Great car! Very reliable and dependable. Great on gas. Very roomy. Stylish and sporty. Highly recommend this car.

- Jessica B

I would say that the best feature in the Kia Optima is the backup cam

I would definitely purchase another Kia Optima. The car is very spacious and I feel completely safe in this car.

- Gina C

Love Driving this Care everywhere!

It drives great. Very comfortable. Wish it has a CD player. Great road trip car. The inside of the car is great.

- monica m

Kia vehicles are a great value for the money paid.

Seems a little underpowered sometimes. Very comfortable and looks great. Loaded with features I use every day.

- Jerry H

Air conditioning broke right away.

The car is very nice the only complaint is the air conditioning broke and I have only had it for a few months.

- Megan D

Fancy, powerful and amazing for the price of the vehicle.

I love the sporty look. The drive is smooth. The console is easy to navigate even when not using hands free

- mike m

Great gas mileage with the plug-in hybrid option save the planet!

Love the plug in hybrid - great gas mileage! Don't like the white interior and more road noise than expected

- Alicia S

This car is great on gas! Luxury car! Sun/Moonroof

Great on gas! Love the body style! Has an awesome sunroof and moonroof! Mirrors fold in! Push button start!

- Lora B

It is so comfortable for my family. The safety backup camera and the mirror sensors. I also love the newer age look.

I love the comfort of the car, the gas mileage. I love the backup cameras and the sensors on the mirrors.


Safety features are great.

Safety features, comfort, color, stealing is easy, screen size are like. Dislikes are poor gas mileage.

- Kathy R

The warrantee is the best on the market. No other dealerships have what Kia has to offer.

I have no complaints at all. The car is amazing. I Love the features, handling, economy, warranty etc.

- Mark G

The safety ratings are outstanding.

I love the spacious room of the optima. The car also drives very well and the trunk space is amazing!

- Anne R

has many safety features and has a 5 star safety rating from nhtsa

optima is a turbo powered engine with 245 hp...has many features for safety and gets good gas mileage

- roy Y

Love the look, it's sleek and clean. Leather interior stays clean. Has all the upgrades I wanted without the crazy price tag that other company's had.

The drive is extremely smooth. The sun roof is so large it makes it almost feel like a convertible.

- Makenzee I

Roomy car with lots of space for both passengers and storage

It is a comfortable and reliable ride. There is lots of room in the car and in the trunk of the car.

- Cari M

It need more safety, conscious, brake.

Quiet, comfortable and nice. It has no cd system. It is nice car. It has camera rear back vehicles.

- Constance H

Comfortable ride, economic choice for sporty and quality

I love it. Love the sunroof and the half leather and cloth seats. Rides nice and great gas mileage

- Kari S

It is great on gas mileage as well as being super safe and comfortable.

It is fuel efficient. It has great space for anyone who is taller/has longer legs. Easy to drive.

- TJ R

it has great gas mileage, and different modes for the economy

I like the gas mileage. I don't like that it doesn't have gps. Also doesn't have memory seats

- Courtney T

There are all the necessary functions and comfort

It is an inexpensive car, in which there is everything that has luxury cars. No complaints.

- Oleksandr S

Runs great, drives smooth and has a good safety rating.

Its roomy. Drives good. Has good safety rating. Dislike that it doesn't have a CD player

- Tiffany M

Comfortable A to B vehicle

My Kia Optima is a very comfortable car to drive. It's a great A to B vehicle.

- Evan c

It is grey and it is great, it has a wonderful diagnostics system that keeps track of so much

I love everything about my car, and I think everyone should have one like it.

- Forest A

the warranty and safety features

like: style, size, warranty, color, interior space, trunk space no dislikes

- John B

It's a great ride. Very comfy and it looks great. Handles very well and I do really like it.

Nothing at this time. I would buy this car again. It is very comfortable.

- Kathy P

Nice features, like showing blind spot alerts when someone in that area.

Good gas mileage. Nice features. Doesn't show how many miles until empty.

- sherry c

You should know the gas mileage it gets. You should know whether or not it has a spare tire.

I love my car. I have no complaints. It was brand new when i bought it.

- Robin W

The car is a 5 star safety

Smooth comfortable drive, safe and great price.

- Edwin C