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Great Car

I'm a owner of a 12,15,17 and now a 2019 EX Optima. The Safety features the blind spot, lane assist and smart Cruz is amazing. The car is very comfortable. Don't kid yourself the 1.6 turbo has nice power. on the 2019 I got thrown a curve ball. on the EX it does come with a DCT Transmission which is a 7 speed. what it is it's really a manual transmission acting like a automatic. I have noticed at lower speeds or launch speeds 2 to 3 mph it might jerk or shake a little. (just like a manual transmission.) I did listen to a lot of youtube and read documents about the DCT and learned that this is normal, but also you need to change some driving habits a bit (example don't creep forward or the transmission can slip) just like a manual. After changing my driving habits the launch is smoother and the rest of the ride is great. I am disappointed that the sales person didn't tell me I was getting a DCT transmission or if it was in the specs that i wasn't told that a DCT is different from an automatic. I am also disappointed that KIA doesn't tell you how to care for this type of transmission I learned about it in my videos. As I am getting used to the DCT I am enjoying it. compared to my 2017 this car is very fast, and also I am saving gas and once you know how to drive it it's very comfortable. to conclude if you are looking for the smoothness of an automatic transmission and have turbo go with the SX. If you like to save some gas and have a nice turbo feel (but at an entry level) and don't mind the feel of a manual transmission go with this car, the EX. The EX is still super fast an a great car.

- Gregory R

2019 Kia Optima excellent car

I so far love my Optima because it runs so smoothly and is very easy to handle. It comes standard with Apple Play, blind spot assist, lane assist, backup camera with warning sound when something is behind you. The back seat had plenty of legroom. The trunk is huge and the back seats fold down In case you need to transport something larger. It also has a cargo net in the trunk. The display in the car is very large and easy to read. The only small issue I have had is occasionally the passenger seat belt sound Dings when no one is sitting there. It stops after a while, but it's very strange. It does seem to happen after I place my purse there, but my purse isn't very heavy! I would highly recommend a Kia to anyone. It's the 3rd one I have owned, and they are very reliable and sturdy. The 10 year, 100,000 miles warranty is the best around. They are very good with gas as well.

- Linda A

2019 Kia optima: a welcome change for a decent price.

I love my vehicle. So far I haven't had any performance or cosmetic related issues. I will start every time you turn the key. It runs very smooth, very quiet. I am used to owning cars with a v6 or a v8 so I am not used to the sluggish response when you press the pedal but that's just a minor issue. It has 3 different driving modes; which is a great feature. The technology in the car is amazing. It supports android auto/ apple carplay, it has uvo and Bluetooth capabilities. I am not used to it not having a CD player, but the digital is a nice touch. I love the 17 inch wheels and kumho tires. It is a great gas saver and is very comfortable to travel in.

- Jeff S

The Smoothest Ride Around

I love my 2019 Kia Optima!! I have not had any problems with it and everything about it feels like the perfect vehicle for me. The seats are half cloth and leather and living in Florida it is perfect because all leather would be too hot. The seats hug my body perfect so I can drive for hours without having any back pain. They are extremely supportive. I feel safe knowing that there is built in lane detectors and car notifications when someone is in the lane next to you.

- Colleen A

Kia Optima plenty of features

My Kia is a very reliable car with lots of upgraded safety features such as rear camera assist and lane assist. It has a nice display screen with the options of android auto or apple auto. It has two USB ports as well as a 12 volt hook up. My car has a full moon roof which gives the car a very high end feel. The car is sporty but roomy. The car has plenty of legroom in the back, plenty for my teenage kids long legs to stretch out comfortably.

- Misty G

2019 Kia optima sport sedan.

It's a great vehicle with lots of options even with a more basic model. Kia has gone along way with options and reliability for its customers. The sport model has a 2.4l 4 cylinder. The entire roof is glass and has blind spot detection and a back up camera as well as a 7in touch screen that is in every model. The engine is a great gas saver and the body of the vehicle is very slick and a nice looking sports car.

- Travis P

Buy an optima in upstate New York.

The car drives very smooth. It is very reliable, but it takes about 41$ to fill the tank up. The backseat is bigger than my 2017 Sportage was. There is so much room but it is also only a 5 person car. If I were to recommend anything to add to this car would be to get snow tires. Reason being is that the car sits very low to the ground and makes it a bit hazy on the snowy days.

- Chelsea M

Like a Cloud with safety features

My car has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned it has comfortable seats and a lot of safety features that can all be voice commanded which is really neat. It has great pickup and is very soft and smooth while driving it, Features I have is amazing with the steering wheel and also with my touch screen with the Bluetooth

- Lauren B

I love my Kia and especially the look and color and all the features.

Vehicle is very accommodating, comfortable, responsive and good looking. It is loaded with features like Bluetooth, lane departure backupassist, half leather and cloth seating. The alloy wheels and color are very pleasing to the eye. Plenty of room in the back seat and trunk. I love the keyless entry and start feature.

- Alfred L

The comfiest car I have ever driven.

I absolutely love my Kia Optima. It is very good on gas mileage and one of the comfiest cars I have ever drove. It is perfect for long trips and daily drives to work. I plan on having this car for a very long time. The features in it are amazing too. It has hands free calling and texting and also a good sound system.

- Dylan E

My thoughts about the Kia lx

Very comfortable, great safety record, outstanding performance and mileage. Great technology, Lane navigator and forward collision features are extremely helpful. Car finish has a deep luster that is expected from automobiles costing much greater. Although Kia is a Korean company this auto was built in the USA

- Tony F

Never thought I would buy a Kia but I'm glad I did.

There have been no problems to date but I only have 3100 miles on the car. Great safety features, styling and comfort. Not having a programmable garage door opener on the rear view mirror was a surprise as most vehicles have that now. Instrumentation is laid out well and it has easily reachable controls.

- Jim C

Kia/optima style and performance.

My first Kia/optima was purchased in 2013, I love the performance, exterior style is excellent and the warranty was one of the best I have ever had. I just purchased the 2019 Kia/optima and it is just as reliable and the style is sporty and all the new features are excellent.

- Joyce R

2019 Kia Optima EX 4/5 stars

It's brand new. No real problems just yet. Even problems do come up, Kia has a great warranty in place. And yes, I purchased the extended warranty. But so far so good. The only downside I've noticed is that there was no spare tire... I guess a spare tire cost extra nowadays.

- Brandon R

Comfortable luxurious, sharp ride!!

The vehicle is incredible. It's roomy, quiet,and has an amazing sound system. The car was affordable and easy to finance. The optima handles well in hazardous conditions and I feel very safe in the car. You ain't be disappointed with this vehicle. Test drive one today.

- Colleen L

Optimum Kia optima: why I love Kia.

Very reliable and good on gas. It is very stylish looking for a car that is lower priced. Comfortable seating and performs pretty good. Most people I know with Kia optima love their cars, including myself. The features are standard but it is a great first car option.

- Ana M

It is a economically priced car and runs smoothly in all weather types.

I like the vehicle because it runs smoothly and turns well. It drives smoothly in bad weather. I like the interior and the backup camera is very useful. I would never buy a car without one again.

- Carrie B