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The Kia Rio is a good buy being reasonably priced and very dependable.

2002 Kia Rio

My Rio has been overall one of better cars I have owned. It gets excellent gas mileage, for both highway and city driving. In my opinion it is above average for dependability however some repairs have. Been a little more expensive than what I've encountered in previous vehicles I have owned most likely because its a foreign car. My Rio is without a doubt one of the better vehicles on the market especially considering its affordability.

- Sandra B

It gets me to and from where I need, and the air conditioner still works which is surprising because it's as old as it is. The mileage is also at a fantastic level considering my car is 16 years old.

2002 Kia Rio

I bought my Kia Rio Cinco from a family friend. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have this car because I was in great need of a vehicle. I now believe I paid more than what it's worth, but as I said, I am still grateful to have it because I didn't have a vehicle at the time. I am also thankful because the person I purchased my car from was willing to let me pay it off over a few months.

- Cisely C

4 door great for first car great gas mileage

2002 Kia Rio

My car is 4 door forest green . It is the cheaper version it has manual windows and locks. It has tinted windows. It gets awesome gas mileage. The ac doesn't work but the heater does. It has new tires, new radiator. The interior is in good shape. It has almost 200000 miles on it but runs great.

- shena c

I wish I had invested in something better.

2002 Kia Rio 4dr Sdn Manual

I wish my car was larger and had more mpg. It is a small car so I expect to fill up my tank with little to no money. I also wish that there were not so many transmission issues with this car. I spent thousands getting the car out of the shop multiple times due to transmission issues.

- Erica J

Great Kia for sale. Price negotiable.

2002 Kia Rio

It has a smooth ride with good gas mileage, 23 on the hwy. Air conditioner gets freezing cold. Heater is snuggly warm. Seats work for your comfort and have factory warmers. Driver seat has massage built in although I don't recommend using it while driving. Paint is like new.

- Anna L

The ugly truth about my car.

2002 Kia Rio 4dr Sdn Auto

There is a leak in the power steering gear. I do not know if it is the pump or something else. The shocks are shot and the oil has a small leak. It has great gas mileage and is great for short distance trips. I have replaced the alternator and the belt is new.

- Morgan M

Smaller vehicle, but still very comfortable.

2002 Kia Rio

I absolutely love my Kia Rio. I bought her from my grandmother, so the car is paid off and is overall a nice car. I have had to take it in to change the fan belt a couple of times but other than that, 10/10!

- Jenna W

The motor has great performance even in floods

2002 Kia Rio

The car is a bit old but for the time it has, its still kicking. I've had to make plenty of fixes but the areas I fixed, will not give me any more problems. Also, they're cheap parts and good

- Jesus S

It needs to be placed into second gear before hitting about 30 miles per hour to change it again into regular drive shift.

2002 Kia Rio

It doesn't have any connection for phone music through the speakers. It's older and has been through alot of wear and tear. It's too small for my husband to fit in.

- Gabriela V

I bought it in 2013 and never had any problems with it

2002 Kia Rio

My vehicle is a 2002 Kia Rio.I bought it used and it is a good car. It has 92,000 miles and a little rust on bottom. The only fixing its needed was a sensor.

- vickie p

Stick shift and really good in the snow. Needs tires pretty badly.

2002 Kia Rio

Great car cost 8K and been driving it for 17 years. Required almost no repairs other than tire and brake

- EDD h

I like the roomy tailgate compartment very much. It comes in handy on many different occasions including helping people move. Very low maintenance issues have occurred in the years I have owned the car. The one big downfall for me is that it does not handle well on icy and wet roads. Learned that the hard way.

2002 Kia Rio

Extremely roomy. Great for transporting big loads or a lot of groceries. The kids also love this car.

- Cheryl O

that I rely on it to run errands and get to doctor appointments

2002 Kia Rio

it is reliable but getting old, I cannot afford to replace it so I hope it keeps going

- Shelley B

Has really great AC and works well

2002 Kia Rio

Great AC. Doesn't use very much gas. Gets me to where I want to go

- Debbie R

good gas mileage,plus easy maintenance reliable easy driving

2002 Kia Rio

good gas mileage easy driving, lasts for years with regular care

- mary s

It's a wagon, blows fuses a lot, and it's time to look for something else. It has served its purpose.

2002 Kia Rio

If fuses blow, get it looked at right away, also any electrical

- Angela V