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My Kia rio, my friend. It is a great car, a great size and never lets me down!

I drive a 2005 Kia rio. I have had it about a year now, obviously second hand. I love the car! It is great! It gets good gas mileage and the air still works great. The person who had the car before me took decent care of it too. She had the oil changed regularly and used it in traveling as well. The paint is beginning to chip off in spots. No rust through. I had new spark plugs and gaskets put on and a couple of tires. My Kia rio is comfortable. Just the right size for me.

- Paula P

Small cars last longer and are better on gas.

The car is very good on gas, and is easy to maintain. It is a very small car so good for a first time car or a single person car. There is not much room if you are a bigger person, or have more than one kid. My car already has over 130000 miles and is still running good. It's also is front wheel drive and handles good in bad weather. But is low to the ground, so not recommended for off-road.

- Erin H

Great starter car for anyone

It's a great compact car, I have one small problem with the tpms light not being able to be fixed to where it stays off. The only other thing I don't like is that the ac sometimes shuts off on high. Once I put it back on a low setting and then back to high it works again.

- Joanna R

Good Car gas saver great car for work

Great on gas and reliable. Performance is good. Had to replace front hood latch worn out. I had to replace front window and side window. Change all hoses because car was cutting of on me. Great car to travel in. Had to redo the driver's seat because seat belt didn't work.

- Deborah T

The only thing that I didn't like was that the exterior paint of the car started to wear in about 5 years.

My KIA is 13 years old. I have had no mechanical issues with it except to replace the alternator belt. It is a very reliable vehicle that I would recommend to anyone.

- Ann W

It is small so you do not have to worry about parking.

I have a brand new engine. . . Gets me from point A to point B. . . It is an older car so it has is negative points but other than that it is a good little car.

- Taylor P

The most important thing about my car is that it is very reliable.

I have a kia rio that i purchased used. My car is reliable, It gets me from point a to point b. It serves it purpose.

- Dolly D

Others should know that my car is very reliable.

I like that my car keeps going no matter what. It is old with a lot of mileage and just keeps on going.

- Dolly E

the car is ok . could be faster .better handling. the car is ok . the car is ok. the car is ok.

the car is ok. does not handle well in winter . needs improvements . breaks down . car is ok

- andrew j

It is worth its money. It is elegant and comfortable

It is very elegant and comfortable. It is very easy to use. I don't love its colors.

- asma a

It has crank windows, good AC and aftermarket speakers. It's not car its the driver

It gets the job done. Good on gas, has crank windows.

- Savannah R