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2007 Kia rio, dust orange in color.

Seeing as my car is a 2007 model, there are no particularly special features like newer models of cars have (i.e.; automatic windows, a button to start the car, pressing a button on your key to lock all the doors in the car, a way to detect when there is an obstruction/other car too close to your own), however, these are all things that I do not mind dealing with. I would prefer to have a newer model of the same car so I could have those fancy features, but I genuinely enjoy my make and model (Kia rio). It is a perfect size for a petite person like myself, it drives very easily, and the mileage is fantastic. I pay far less than anyone else I know when I have to fill up my tank. The only reason I didn't rate it 5/5 is just the fact that it is a 10+ year old car and therefore does not have the bells and whistles that newer models have.

- Caitlin D

Kia warranties are good to have.

I bought the car used from a rental place so it had some mileage on it right away. Seemed to run great for the first month and then the first sensor went out that controlled the air and gas mix. This meant that when I pulled into traffic in front of a large semi with plenty of time to cross, I only chugged slowly into the street instead and would have been hit if the truck had not slowed down. 2 other sensors went out in the coming 4 months. Thank goodness for warranty.

- Barb W

Used Kia with sensor issues now works great.

This car was originally a rental and so when I bought it, there were already 50k miles on it. Seemed to work great at first and then I had 2 sensors go out in less than 3 months. The failing of one of them almost got me killed. I am not a fan of sensors and would rather have an older version of a vehicle where I recognize parts of the engine. Other than that the car has worked well and I do hope that continues. I bought the car in 2009.

- Barb B