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Kia rio5: good general purpose car, comfortable and reliable.

The Kia rio5 is a good reliable vehicle. I am driving a 2008 with some front end damage from a previous owner, and it is running just fine at about 200, 000 miles. The pros are that it is got a few good little cubbies for keys, phone, etc. It also gets pretty good mileage at around 300 miles per fill up. Seats are comfortable. It is a hatchback, so even though its a relatively small car, it can hold quite a bit. Honestly, the biggest con for me is the lack of power windows. Not a deal breaker, but after much use, the knobs on the window levers tend to pop off. They are easy to put back on though.

- Lacey A

2008 kia rio bitter sweet ride.

The belts tend to come loose a lot. The tire pressure monitoring goes out. It tends to need alignments frequently, does not take any major numbs good at all. Air conditioning compressor has needed to be replaced several times. Does provide a smooth and safe ride. Gas mileage is spot on. Truck is roomy although the backseat does not provide much leg room. Floor mat are a good investment with this one due to the cheap carpet installed and mats provide in stock:

- Sydney C

Reliable transportation in a good-sized car.

It is reliable. I rarely have problems with the engine or anything related to the car's functioning. When I do have problems, they are not too difficult to fix. The one thing that is bothersome is that the CD player broke a while ago - it does not acknowledge CDs in and I have to force them out. Also have had occasional problems with the radio and AUX cable, so the stereo as a whole has not been perfect - but the car still runs.

- Marcia W

2008 Kia Rio, blue, gets you there.

It's a small, compact car that gets great gas mileage and doesn't cost a lot to fill up the tank. In the 10 years that I have had the car, I have had to replace the battery twice. The AC doesn't work like it used to even though I have had it looked at, but it's 10 years old so it's going to have its quirks. Getting a new one soon, but it was a pretty good car.

- Laura E

Kip the Rio is reliable and comfortable.

I named my blue Kia Rio Kip. He takes me everywhere I need to go, though he's not great in cold weather. The pain on his door handles started chipping the first big snow storm we got in Portland and it has gotten worse over the years. Other than that, and sometimes having battery issues when he has sat for a while unused, he's very reliable and comfortable.

- Shereen R

This car is very efficient with its fuel, scoring 30 mpg.

The main reason I bought my car was because it was a good deal; it had 85k miles for $6000. Additionally, I liked how small my car was for being in San Antonio since I could squeeze some turns and not worry about being able to park somewhere. However, I didn't realize how inconvenient it would be to have no power-windows or power-locks until I had the car.

- Armando D

Reliable and Fuel Efficient

My car is very reliable, fuel efficient, and smaller so easier to maneuver in traffic. It is pretty comfortable and doesn't seem too cramped. I dislike the fact that I don't have power windows or locks as it can be inconvenient when in a hurry. I haven't needed to take it to the mechanic for any major repairs so it's holding up pretty well for its age.

- Christine F

This vehicle is very compact. It has an AUX port for music.

I am the third owner of my car. I bought it in 2016. I love that my car is small and compact. It is known to have issues with the crankshaft sensor. Mine malfunctioned in January of 2018. It was a simple fix that a friend was able to do for me. Other than that my car has had no problems that weren't regular maintenance.

- Danielle G

The car is dependable and indicator lights go off when there is a problem.

The car is easy to maintain, no fancy and expensive oil changes, car parts etc. My car is a dependable and I know certain with it when certain lights indicating a problem. The only problem I have had with car is chip inside of key and the engine gets locked hard time starting it and it always does not happen.

- Linda V

The one most important thing others should know about my car is that it gets great gas mileage if you drive it well.

I like that my vehicle is small and easy to park. It also gets pretty good gas mileage, both on the highway and in town. It's fairly comfortable for road trips, and it both heats and cools quickly. It does not have cruise control, which I sometimes miss, but for the most part I don't have complaints.

- Megan T

The hatchback actually has more room than most people think.

My vehicle gets great gas mileage. I have had minimal problems which the dealership has assisted with. The car is very comfortable to drive and has features that are nice, such as electric windows, tinted windows and cruise control. This vehicle has been very reliable and I trust it to take trips.

- Sherry D

My vehicle is a four door sedan. It is an lx model so it is a bit luxurious.

I think my vehicle is extremely reliable. I am over 100, 000 miles and it is still trucking along. I think there could be more features but it is an lx model so it is pretty good. The other thing that is really good is that the color is unique. The drive is also very comfortable and smooth.

- Dj K

In order for Kias to run properly, they require a lot of maintenance.

We have had our 2008 Kia rio for 5 years. Presently, there has been an unidentified noise that sounds as if something is grinding around in the front of the vehicle. Additionally, we have run into starter issues. Although these things can potentially be fixed, it is common of Kia.

- Jasmine M

2 of the windows do not roll down because the cranks broke off.

I like how reliable my car is and that it handles snow and wet roads well. No real mechanical issues for over 10 yrs. I do not like the light fabric interior which stains mysteriously. Since my car is an older model, it is not up with the latest technology which I dislike too.

- Viola M

That it is a solid truck. We've been told it will run for a very long time.

I like that it has a good amount of space on the inside and in the trunk. Also we've had little to no problems with the car despite owning it for almost 5 years. I really cannot find anything to complain about with my car.

- Ami L I

It's for transportation not to make a statement or impress anyone, the wolf does not care of the opinion of the sheep.

I like that it has been reliable and gets decent gas mileage. It's small and easy to park, I don't like that I don't have cruise control or power locks and windows. It's starting to show Its age and shakes more.

- Jac9b E

Good on gas and reliable with no engine or transmission problems so far.

The gas mileage is great. I have experienced normal replacement needs; tires, battery, etc. The one issue I had was with the plastic vent tabs and the window knobs breaking off with only normal use.

- Colleen R

The most import thing is the paint.

It does not have power windows or door locks and no cruise control. I like how it drives. It has had several things go wrong with it since I bought it, and the paint scratches very easily.

- Robbie T

Lasting value for the money.

The car is comfortable, but I wish I had automatic windows, and a rear windshield wiper. It drives well, but at 10 years old, the steering is beginning to get a little squishy.

- Lynn F

My car specifically is a stick shift; while it's the easiest stick shift I've ever driven, there are models of the same car that have automatic transmission.

Has been running well since we bought it used in 2010 with only very minor issues. Gets good gas mileage. Seats are comfortable fabric and don't get super hot in direct sun.

- Lena L

It's a stick shift with no power steering or air conditioning.

It has a nice color and body style. Very comfortable ride. Power steering and air conditioning would be nice to have, but don't detract from it being super dependable.

- Vicki W

Kia Car Interesting Details

My car is red and very cute. I feel that there is no real problem with the car - I just feel that I need to find something else that would work well with my family.

- Hannah F

The Kia gets very good gas mileage.

I have had no problems with my car. It gets really good gas mileage. I have not had to do anything additional to my car except get the annual inspections.

- Nancy C

My car is important to get me from point a TO POINT b

I like that my car is gas efficient and compact. I dislike the fact that it doesn't have enough room to move things around, for example, if I was moving.

- Rita V

2008 Kia Rio, very dependable vehicle.

It's small but not too small. It gets great fuel mileage, I have not had to maintenance anything other than oil changes and other general tune up duties.

- Clarence R

High mileage low very few problems.

We just traded in a Kia rondo 2009 with I think 175,000 miles it never needed many repairs. It is very comfortable to ride in and easy to drive.

- Mary H

Great gas mileage and great acceleration.

It is small and gets great gas mileage. For a small car there is a lot of legroom. Lots of space in the entire vehicle. Nothing to dislike.

- John L

Reliable, worthless CD player.

It is reliable, but CD player is terrible, CDs get stuck in player for weeks at a time, cannot listen to CD and you also cannot get it out.

- Robert M

It is a great car for hauling the kids and all their stuff around.

I love the way it handles. It is fun to drive and has great gas mileage. I love the red/orange color and the amount of trunk space.

- Courtney E

Kia is a great budget car, with a good track record of reasonable repair.

It is small, compact, with great gas mileage and a good look. On the negative side, it is very light and has not great suspension.

- Rose M

Good gas mileage, and if I were to trade now it has low mileage.

I have no complaints. It gets me where I need to go and I have had no issues with it. Sorry I do not have any additional comments.

- Nancy C

It's compact, reliable, and a good everyday car. I recommend it.

While the car doesn't have cruise control, it does get good gas mileage and is fairly comfortable. It's perfect for road trips.

- Megan T

Its real small on the inside.

I love the car it gets me from point A to point B. I never had a problem with the car had the car since February of 2016.

- Canada D

Good on gas and road trips.

It's good on gas and rarely has any problems with the engine or lights I say upgrade though but beware of older years.

- Phillip K

Very dependable and economical.

Comfortable to ride in, has been very reliable, great gas mileage, not very many problems, and purchased brand new.

- Charley R

It has great gas miles on it.

I like it because it has good gas mileage and it has some room in the trunk but he bad thing is the trunk.

- Robert S

The warranty is not worth it. You pay so much more in keeping up with your "scheduled" maintenance than you will ever save by the warranty.

I like the gas mileage that I get. I like the way it handles. I do not like the lack of ABS on my car.

- Courtney R

It is old and worn. It is likely there will be a lot of things going wrong with it.

I do not like any thing about my vehicle other than it drives. Although its broke down at the moment.

- Melissa H

Good on gas get good gas mileage.

Good on gas, nice driving, very reliable good air condition and heat clean inside and out good tires.

- Denise M

High mileage is a guarantee with this car along with lower gas consumption

It is low maintenance and great on gas. Approaching 100,000 and still going strong

- Kathy M

Has Great gas mileage in an affordable compact sedan.

Great gas mileage, turns on a dime, and has lasted a long time with no problems

- Diane M

I have never had to take it to a mechanic for anything

I like the fuel economy, I like the size, but I don't like the road noise

- Luke F

It is easy to park. I love the color which is a metallic blue.

It is good on gas mileage and very reliable as well as easy to drive.


This car does amazing on gas and is the perfect small family car.

Only dislike is that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Felicia H