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Never had a big problem with this car

Good starter car for a teen. Not particularly good in winter but has a very nice turn radius and gets good mileage. Has an AUX port which is huge for me. Seats 5 people, 4 comfortably. AC doesn't work great anymore. Never had an issue starting it. Quiet engine. Slow acceleration. I mainly use my car to get to and from work and school and to visit family. I had to replace the transmission oil pan around 100k but it was less than 200 to fix. Tires are small so they're cheap to get. Good trunk space too I put a bunch of stuff in there. Helped a friend move twice with this car. Not bad for a small car. Wouldn't say it's my dream car but I can rely on it to get me where I need to go.

- Tate G

It is good on gas, and is very reliable.

In 2013 I purchased a Kia rondo, only the 2nd car I have bought all by myself, and I loved it. I also had another car, a Chevrolet at the time. I do not work so it was a necessity for me to be able to get out and about and help others when I could. The heater wasn't working in the Chevy one morning so my son drove the Kia to work. Just as he was close to his office, the vehicle started acting funny and he pulled it on the side of the road. The vehicle caught fire under the hood and was totaled. After my insurance settled with me, that is when I bought my rio. It is very reliable, comfortable, and good on gas! I love it!

- Becky B

Kia Rio - The Little Car That Definitely Can.

My only complaint about the Rio is that it seems light-weight - not able to withstand significant side impacts, for example. Oddly enough, however, my little Kia was the only car left standing in a three-way collision with a truck and another car. I was able to drive home while the other two got towed away> I love the size, the interior space, the wide view and the tight turning radius of the car. In fact, its size made it a favorite to drive for my mom as well. Overall, I'd have to say that I really, really like my Kia - especially the price!

- David B

Low maintenance vehicle!!

This car is very basic. With that comes the downfalls of now power windows or door locks. No air conditioning, power steering, and no automatic transmissions. The upside to this is there are less thing to go wrong and less expensive things to go wrong. It's not the most comfortable car as it rides like an old farm truck, but it is very dependable. I have had this car for 10 years and have put only $200 into it outside of normal maintenance. I will drive this car until it doesn't drive anymore!!

- Courtney C

Kia riot; reliable compact vehicle.

It is a standard vehicle; nothing fancy but also nothing horrible. I have had a few problems this year with it, such as needing new brakes, rods on the tires, new tires, etc. But the car is also almost ten years old so that is expected. The backseat is a decent size and roomy but the driver and passenger sections could be a little bigger. Overall, it is a good car, especially as a starter car. I want a new car but only because I have had this one for a while now.

- Jessica G

I'm love the red color and how small it is

This 2009 Kia or is a cute car and is well appreciated. That is why I first purchased it because it was a very good looking car. On the other hand there are always some ups and doesn't to most things. This car takes up minimum space, but sometimes the engine sounds a little loud. It also often shows the wrong signs for certain warning signs on the car. Like it randomly says that the airbags aren't on or that the tires are low pressure when they are not.

- Cassandra H

Kia Rio is a dependable and nice looking car.

My Kia Rio has been a dependable car for 5 years now. It doesn't have the luxury of power windows or locks but since it's so dependable it doesn't matter. I have had my car for 5 years and the only things I had to maintain was oil changes and new tires. My car isn't a luxury car but it is still comfortable. The next car I buy will be a Kia because I've had good luck with mine. I would even recommend getting a Kia to people looking to buy a car.

- Charles T

2009 Kia Rio great for small family and your wallet!

Overall the car is great for a small family. Leg room can be tight for someone over 6 feet. Runs great if you keep up with regular maintenance on the vehicle. Not powered windows or doors which can be a pain to run around and unlock your doors. Seats are comfortable and easy to clean cloth. Not sure if its just my car or most models like it but seem to go through spark plugs and coil packs more frequently with the higher mileage on the vehicle.

- Jennifer S

Great car with some throwback features.

Very good handling and controls well in bad weather. Good gas economy (both highway and city) and has a reliable transmission. Very comfortable to drive and transport passengers in, an has decent space for moving small amounts of things (I. E not furniture but clothes, books, etc. ) Interestingly it has manual locks and windows, which I actually like quite a bit. Good standard sound system and AUX cord adaptable.

- Robert A

Amazing gas efficient speed machine.

This car is amazing on gas mileage but also has a nice amount of space with the hatchback. The interior and speakers are nice and I have had minimal repairs, only normal wear and tear items. Besides that, it's been an amazing vehicle! Kia also has a really great warranty that comes with their vehicles! Not many car companies out there cover what they do!

- Stacey B

Small, but good on speed.

My Kia Rio have great performance. The size is small which is good for moving merging. Interior of the car is average but everything is within arm reach ( for example, changing the station on the radio ). Middle console have adequate space for storage of needed items. Lastly, the ease of parking due to size is a plus when parking space is hard to find.

- Linda H

It has very good gas mileage

The 2009 Kia Rio is a very dependable car. It gets great gas mileage. Only issue is a few months ago my starter went out and I had trouble with my mechanic on replacing it properly other than this. My Rio has been a pleasure to own. You must also make sure the battery post stay clean if not you will run into issues with keeping your car running.

- Shannon C

Even though the vehicle is small there is a lot of space for carrying items.

My car gets good mileage and runs great. I wouldn't mind having another Kia but if I do it will have power locks and windows. It will also be a little bigger so that I have more space for my passengers to be comfortable in the back seat. I have no reliability issues with my Kia Rio and its performance for the size of the engine is really good,

- Ronald E

The sensors sometimes mess up, but once fixed, it's still a great car.

I love my car, it has great gas mileage! The back seat folds down through to the trunk so it has great cargo room. My only complaints are that the opening through to the trunk could be a few inches bigger, also I've had to replace a speed sensor and another sensor for fuel, they were expensive fixes, but once fixed, it's still a great car!

- Leah P

2009 Kia RIO LX Automatic is the car of choice

2009 Kia RIO LX 4L 16V DOHC automatic gear transmission is a highly reliable car, which is also very comfortable, spacious, noise free and economical. 2009 Kia RIO LX 4L 16V DOHC automatic gear transmission, has an excellent road handling. The fuel consumption is 28 miles per gallon in the city, and 33 miles per gallon on the highway.

- LD D

Air conditioner works very well and the interior is nice.

Pretty interior with an air conditioner and mp3 plug and play by the radio with satellite radio. The auto has a good motor with good gas mileage on the open road. The trunk is big for a small car. The back seats open up to make the trunk bigger. Good sound speakers with a cute radio that shows the station numbers big enough to see.

- Kim D

Surprisingly impressed with it.

200, 000 miles on it only had to replace a ignition coil and brakes and a few sensors. Overall the vehicle is comfortable to drive and has been pretty reliable, was actually impressed with how well the vehicle has done for the price I paid for it. And would recommend it to other people looking for a reliable cheap compact car.

- Jeb S

Good car for a small car.

Very loud car. Feel every bump. Had engine problems but was fixed by dealer. Good gas mileage. Fits perfectly in compact space. Paint chips easily. Cheap fabric on car seats. Heat works very fast but ac takes longer to cool. Nice set up on steering wheel for phone and radio. Phone connection is not the greatest sound.

- Dawn B

Reliable performance from 2009 Kia Rio.

Vehicle has been very dependable. Gets good gas mileage for size and age. Limited mechanical issues. It does have a flaw with the key ignition that prevents the key from being turned. It is well documented by Kia but no resolution. As long as basic routine maintenance is performed the car has been very dependable.

- Dwight S

Papa John's Car because he carries great grandchildren many places

The vehicle is roomy and comfortable. Gets good gas mileage. Easy to maintain. One thing I dislike, 'there are no arm test'. There is a console, but it sets further back preventing place to rest arm. Also, AC doesn't cool back to make passengers comfortable, since the only vents are in front; none in back.

- Betty W

Kids are great, reliable cars

I love my Kia Rio. I have had no major issues with it. Great pickup, great gas mileage, very spacious and comfortable for a small sedan. As long as you keep up with regular maintenance and oil changes I would totally recommend a Kia to anyone. I definitely plan on purchasing another in the future.

- Joe C

I Love My Kia Rio LX super Automobile!

No issues! Fantastic Car! Great Mileage! 5,000 miles per year! New tires 2018! Easy to park. Nice pick up speed! Lots of room in trunk. Comfortable Back Seat! Great radio speakers! Wipers replaced 2X. Excellent heating and cooling system! Paint is super! Comfort in driving! Steers superb!

- Phyllis W

Kia rio that looks like a ninja turtle.

So far I like this car and it is reliable for me. Not a lot of repairs that are not outside of normal wear and tear. Does have some issues but they can be fixed for a reasonable amount. Do not like that is has manual windows and locks. The price and mileage were what sold me on the car.

- Katie B

The car interior is very tight and only very small children will fit in the backseat.

it has done very well mechanically, but it is extremely small and the engine does not do well if the air conditioning is on. You have to turn it off to be able to get up a hill or get on the freeway. Also the gas mileage is horrible when it is running. otherwise is has done very well.

- kelli L

The Kia Rio is reliable and good on gas.

It seems to keep having issue after, but if any car is used it will. But I will say the car has great gas mileage and a nice look. The seats are soft, the big thing I would change is the legroom for the passenger. Its performance is mostly great and is reliable for it is compact size.

- Jason B

Small and reliable and easy to handle.

My Kia is ten years old and the only problems I have had are just regular maintenance (tires, battery, oil changes, etc.. ) I love my Kia this year I had all the belts, fluids, and hoses replace, and had it repainted, so it would last another 10 years. I have had no major problems.

- Charron M

Red 2009 Kia Rio short review.

I have had my Kia Rio for about 5 years now and it has served me well. The gas mileage is great and I can fit into compact spots easily. The issues with this vehicle are interior space available and the lack of weight on the car which makes for swaying of your car on a windy day.

- Ruth A

It is expensive to maintain.

I love the ease of operation and the aesthetics, but it seems the parts are expensive and need to be fixed/replaced often. I have only owned the car for three years, and already I have had to replace two batteries, the crankshaft position sensor, a few belts, and four coils.

- Garrett N

It is a small orange car with lots and lots of space including a large trunk.

I have had my car for a long time and it has been through a lot and it is very reliable and never lets me down. Very little issues and is still running great. It is very sturdy and holds up well. It also has all the features you could possibly need, besides cruise control.

- Jc W

When I bought this vehicle it had very low miles. And was reasonably priced.

I have had no major problems with my vehicle. It is reliable, gets great gas mileage. Starts very well in the winter, and love the front wheel drive. It handles well on long trips and is easy to park in small spaces. General maintenance and oil changes! My perfect vehicle.

- Dawn S

2009 Kia Rio, Small but Powerful

It's an economy car so it is somewhat small. Mine doesn't have the power package so the windows are crank and no power locks. It has a small gas tank and a basic stereo system. However, it runs great and is very zippy on the freeway. It's a great little car for the price.

- Leslie D

Life driving my Kia Rio base

My Kia Rio is awesome. Great on gas. Twenty two dollars will feel it right up. Very reliable and easy to maneuver around the streets. Just recently it has gotten a little banged up but it still gets me everywhere I need to be! Also parts don't cost as much as newer cars.

- Tay H

My car. I love it and hate parts of it but all in all it�s a good car

I love it. Good gas no problem. Would buy another one.. I am not happy with the paint job. But I am happy with everything else. Good for a road trip.roomy..paint faded with in the first year.I've taken it to ft Lauderdale a few times. I have taken it to S.C. a few times.

- Katy C

Gas saving cute car! Enjoy the ride

Love my car. It's a great gas saver and I love just how far I can go on a single full tank. I kind of don't like how much effort it takes sometimes to replace a part but other than that it's a good car. Reliable and safe. Not a speedy car but it has some get up and go.

- Fran I

The best vehicle you could ever buy

My vehicle is the best it takes me to a lot of places and it's really economic in gas it's such a life saver I love using it everywhere and it's so comfortable to drive in, I really haven't had any Issue with it I've had it for a pretty long time now and I'm loving it

- Elvira P

It is been through a lot in ten years.

I have had it almost 10 years without many problems. Great car for driving to and from work each day. I also use it to drive to night classes. Very dependable in all weather conditions. My hope is that I drive it two or three more years and then save up for a new car.

- Christopher S

Fun drive while easy on the dollar!

Very pleased with my Rio. Low maintenance, safety extras, drives like sports car with great gas mileage. Cabin is roomy and trunk can expand with seats that lie down for large items. Stylish and safe. Purchased mine because a friend drove Kia's for many years.

- Phyllis M

Fragile car, yet economical

It is a really economic car when it comes to gas. Yet, I've had some mechanical issues. Partly because of normal usage and high demand (my wife drives for Uber), but some of them were related to the fact the car is fragile when compared to others I have had.

- Gabriel B

My experiences with my Kia rio.

Very few repairs, great gas mileage, comfortable ride, I had a good experience with the dealership. Went back with initial=l problems after purchase but was taken care of very nicely, that is all I can think of right now. Let me think please. Nope, nothing.

- Mark E

Rio is a great car with few bells and whistles.

Very simple, no bells or whistles. Manual locks and windows, CD player and aux/usb ports. It is really a great car, runs smoothly, easy to drive and park. You can put tons of stuff in the trunk—despite it looking pretty small. Has a great turning radius.

- Emily S

I never have to pay more than 20-25$ to fill my tank up.

Great car and reliable. Gas mileage is really good but it has a small tank. Getting gas every couple days is annoying. Car is relatively tiny, but very spacious on the inside. Maintenance hasn't been an issue. It's before 2010 so it's a little out of date.

- Ishmael A

The Kia Rio is safe and reliable!

The Kia Rio is very safe. I have had very few issues. I have had to replace a sensor and spark plugs. Other than that I have not had any issues. The vehicle has very minimal features but gets the job done. It is a reliable vehicle and has done me well.

- Emily P

it needs some love and care

i hate my car it has so many problems with it. the back lights over the license plate are burned out. the left tail lights don't work. the air conditioner smells and doesn't blow out cold air like it should

- jeremy C

A car that when taken care of lasts. Also, has a good interior color even after years of wear. I take good care of it.

Good gas mileage. The car has a good motor along with the air conditioner in excellent working order. Also, you can plug in your M.P. 3 Player into the slot at the bottom where the shift is located at.

- Kim D

It's got great gas mileage, is reliable, and very spacious, more than enough room for any packing.

It's spacious, at least for a subcompact car anyway, with it's five seats. It's been a very reliable car for me for the most part. I've never really had any trouble with it for as long as I've owned it.

- Maria M

No air conditioning, no power steering and is a standard.

My car is very minimal, no power steering, no air conditioning, manual locks, no Bluetooth, manual windows, and a standard. It does decent in the snow, not the best but good for getting around town!

- Abby H

Economical and reliable vehicle

My Kia has served me very well for the 8 years I've owned it. It has been very reliable and economical. Other than routine maintenance I have not had any major mechanical problems with it.

- Barbara B

My Honda is efficient & durable with great drivability.

I like that the car gets me from point a to point b. I like that the car is paid in full. I dislike that it is a compact car and very low to the ground. I would like to own a SUV someday.

- Jane S

It is a no frills, little four door sedan.

I like how simple it is no bells and whistles (though sometimes I do wish it had cruise control). Manual locks and windows, CD player, AUX jack, USB port. It is a great little car.

- Emily A

Excellent small economy car.

A little small, but very hardy and thoroughly reliable when well maintained. Good gas mileage, good interior space use, surprisingly good trunk space for the size of the car.

- Maria H

Kia Rio 5 is an awesome get up and go vehicle with plenty of storage.

My car is just the right size. The back seats go down to allow for larger item storage. No issues with electrical or drive. Awesome little car with plenty of get up and go.

- Gail L

Very comfortable, rides like a car, not SUV.

Has had electrical problems for years, also seems to be leaking water into the passenger compartment from somewhere nobody can seem to find. Will be replacing soon.

- Ian H

It does have very good gas mileage. It handles well on the highway and also in local traffic.

I love that it gets good gas mileage. It is very easy to handle. I don't like that it is such a small car. I would love to have a car with more seating capacity.

- Linda E

It's very easy to park, whether parallel parking or pull-in parking, even when it would be a tight fit for other cars.

I like that it's small and easy to handle park. But being small is also a disadvantage when traveling with family as there is not enough space to put everything.

- Melissa s

Is that it is amazing on gas mileage and it is very comfortable to drive.

Really comfortable seats and smooth ride. Very reliable and it is amazing on gas mileage! I recommend to anyone who is looking for affordable and saves you gas!

- Jane V

The other thing I like is I am a very tall person about 6ft 5in tall. I can still fit into a kia. Which allows me to enjoy the benefits of driving a smaller vehicle since I have about an hour commute to my work.

I really like Kia vehicles. I have owned several Kia's in the past a spectrum, and Sephia. They have all been dependable and get really good gas mileage..

- Max B

Very reliable for a first car.

I like that the vehicle is small and easy to handle. I dislike that the vehicle does not have electric windows and locks. I dislike the speed of the car.

- Shay C

My car is extremely reliable and had a great warranty.

My car is very reliable. I like that it is a manual transmission. It gets good gas mileage. I do not like that it does not have much get up and go.

- Samantha D

Fun, good gas mileage and easy to drive. Good all-around starter car.

Good gas mileage. Lots of room for storage. Fairly reliable and a fun car to drive around town. Not great for long trips due to leg room issues.

- Brian H

Amazing tiny car! Great gas mileage and very easy to maintain.

I love my Kia it is small and great on gas very easy to maintain and cheap to repair if needed very nice car for a single person with no kids.

- Jodi L

Economical and reliable vehicle.

I like that the vehicle is gas efficient and economical. We've had to replace some parts, but the replacement parts were not expensive.

- Karen A

Great gas mileage.good small family car,very easy to drive and manage.

I love the size of my car,has very good gas mileage ,only had minor problems.Drives and runs good.Is perfect for my family of three.

- Rita C

It gets good gas mileage and routine maintenance is affordable.

It has been very reliable so far and I've had very few maintenance issues. I bought it new and plan to keep it as long as possible.

- Brian C

Don't buy a KIA!!! Your car will be in shop!!!

Terrible... It has caused me problems since I got it and I just paid it off and the starter won't work and the exhaust is messed up

- Aleisa M

Most important thing is it does well on gas mileage.

I like that the car is good on mileage.. I like that is compact for parking spaces.. I do not like that the backseat is small.

- Elisa R

It is very efficient on gas.

I like that it's good on gas. It is spacious. I dislike the size of my trunk. I like that is easy to keep up the maintenance.

- Ebony M

It gets great gas mileage.

I like how small it is. The great gas mileage it gets, how efficient it is. What I do not like is there is no cruise control.

- Hannah V

Dependable 2009 Kia Rio 4 door

This little car is very reliable. For the size, is very comfortable. The road noise is a little loud but not unacceptable.

- Mary E

I would say the 1 thing that sticks out to me is the gas mileage

in most part it's a very nice economical car, but it does lack power when you really need power. gas mileage is excellent

- Brian L

It is faster than it looks, also bigger than it looks.

It rifes smooth 25 miles to the gallon. Has been super reliable with only one belt that wore out and had to be replaced.

- Sara V

It's not pretty due to cosmetic issues that have occurred over the years but is very reliable.

Very good on gas. If you maintain it it treats you well and is reliable. Compact car yet enough space for my family.

- Jennifer S

It is great on gas cool to drive around all day.

It is a good low cost car that is great on gas and parts are cheap. The only downside is that it is a small vehicle.

- Eric W

Good on gas and very reasonably priced.

None very good on gas I have had for over 10 years with minor issue up until now but I have 140, 000 miles on it.

- Nicole L

This car is great on gas mileage.

Kia rio is great on gas mileage, good everyday drive. Comfortable on trips. Replacement part are reasonable to.

- Tammy F

The gas mileage is good and can travel far very far without keep stopping gas.

That there are no more vehicles like it and like the mileage is better than a new car I can find the products.

- Chelsea Strange C

That it is not very big and the radio you can use without ordering Sirius.

It is a cute little car but have to put a lot of money into it so far still need to get water pump replaced.

- Jennifer T

Speed and duration and timing is great on the car.

It is a really good car it is really good on gas it gets me where I have to go it is all out a great car.

- Eric G

Good maintenance is required.

Good on gas mileage. Lots of trunk space. Good for getting around town. Not to big and easy to maintain.

- Gina F

Long lasting, cute and affordable.

Runs well, cute and small. It does not always feel sturdy on the freeway & the electrical has problems.

- Micah R

It is very reliable and comfortable to drive. The price is reasonable.

I like it very much.I like the style, the color,the way it drives. It has never given me any problems

- Cindy R

It's a bare bones, no frills car for relatively cheap. Cheapest way to get a 5 year/60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.

Underpowered, suspension is terrible, you feel every bump in the road. A/C makes engine struggle.

- JR M

It is extremely fuel-efficient and nice to look at!

I love the blue color and small size. It is great on gas as well. It rides smooth and is zippy.

- Danielle K

Good Car, good gas mileage, drove 6 hours on twenty dollars.

I like that it's good on gas mileage, gets me to where I need to go. Good car! No complaints.

- Adrian W

It's very dependable and very safely made.The safety ratings for my car are very high and the gas mileage is great. I love that its small but still has a lot of room. It also has great features, such as radio, cd player, bluetooth etc.

Its compact but roomy enough, gets good gas mileage. It has been a very dependable vehicle.

- patty W

Total satisfaction with the vehicle. We like the KIA brand and will purchase from them again.

Requires very little maintenance. Excellent on gas mileage. Handles well driving

- Mark E

Kia can really take a hit. Had a head on collision with a van and walked away.

Very good gas mileage. No frills but very dependable. Handles very well.

- Chris S

It gets 36 MPG.Runs forever on a tank of fuel.

Nice little car. Great gas mileage. Remote start and XM radio.

- David M

it's held up so far. I bought it used. I've only had to replace a few parts in the 5 years I've had it. Those parts have included spark plugs, intake gasket, new ignition, new batteries

it's reliable. great mileage and it holds up in the long run

- Christina T

That my car is really reliable. In the couple years have had it run broke down on me

I love my car its just really old. I know I need a new one

- Jill S