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Amazing on gas and very reliable car!

The only thing I hate about my 2011 Kia rio lx is when the car's computer cuts off my music to tell me that my bluetooth connection is complete. That frustrates me every day. It always pauses my music or audiobook which is a pain to restart again because I am driving. . Other than that, the car is amazing on gas, I have had relatively few problems other than normal wear and tear, replaced tires, replaced a cracked belt, got a new battery. Nothing that cost me more than $200 ever. It is a pretty basic car but it is very comfortable and a smooth ride and it is very reliable.

- Bob P

The little mighty car that can and could do what is expected of it.

My little Kia rio is a very nice little car if you like fuel economy that's great.It gets very good gas mileage and you really . Need that in this day and time. It gets 33 mpg. It is very comfortable in the driver's seat. It sits low alittle in the back though. It has great controls, roomy interior. It also rides a little stiff and the cabin is a little loud. Also it can be very easy to turn off daytime running lights. The price was fair to me when I bought it new, so it is a one owner car and it has been taken very good care of. Overall I have enjoyed it very much.

- Pamela H

Don't buy a Kia. This Kia and the dealership where it was purchased have caused me so much aggravation that I will NEVER purchase Kia again.

My Kia Rio5 has NEVER gotten the gas mileage it was advertised as getting. In the first year, 3 of 4 cylinder sensors went out on it, one of them went out twice. Then the bluetooth switched itself to French and I couldn't get it to switch back to English. After 2-3 years, it switched to Spanish for a short period of time before finally reverting back to English. I 've had many problems with this car that I've never had happen in any other vehicle, such as the ignition continuing to beep after removing the key - just tap the key hole and it stops.

- Joyce W

Standard cars are fun to drive.

My car is a standard transmission. I think those are the best cars to drive. If I can help it I would only buy a standard transmission car because they are better on gas and better to drive in the snow and wet roads. I do think my car is a bit small for my needs though. I cannot fit my scooter in it that I use to get around so I have to use my walker or cane instead. :(.

- Lori L

This is my transportation for me and my fiancé to get to work and back home.

It is a great car. It runs very well, has great gas mileage and it is a very comfortable ride. The car has a little weird sound when starting but it starts. It drives smoothly and makes car rides a lot better. It has a hook up for USB and aux cord. It is small but gets you where you need and only needs about $25 worth of gas to get a full tank.

- Katie W

Kia Rio is a bad car. Do not purchase.

I have had a log of issues with this car. For starters, I've always had an issue with the suspension, constantly have to get an alignment done. I have had to replace the coil packs more than I think a person should with a car. And the belts are always in need of adjusting because the car does not automatically adjust the belts.

- Hillary D

2011 Kia Rio: have owned for 2 years & haven't had many problems.

I have only had one problem with this car in the past two years when I had to replace the starter. For me personally, the small size is perfect and still feels spacious. I do not like that it does not have a center console for storage. There are buttons to open the trunk and gas cap inside the drivers side door.

- Kaitlyn H

Ok for the price, reliable and thrifty.

Reliable at 128,000 miles. Replaced brake pads, shocks and struts. It's not a sports car, but is sufficient commuter with reasonable mpg. Transmission is a bit odd in shifts, and cruise control is for flat roads only. . Picks up road irregularities and noise, but in a car of this price, to he expected.

- Steve R

Comfortable and with enough space, but older as well.

It is an older car now and has some issues with the engine sometimes but is otherwise a good car. It has roll-down windows which are inconvenient sometimes but also has a lot of room, especially with the hatchback. The seats are very comfortable and offer enough space for a ride with several passengers.

- Brennan P

You get what you pay for. This car was cheap and in the end it may have been worth it to invest more money upfront instead of spending so much on repairs.

This vehicle hasn't been very reliable. With regular routine maintenance it has ongoing issues. The ignition coils go out every 20k-25k miles and need to be replaced. Over all it is a good car, drives well, not very powerful though but it gets you from point A to point B (most of the time).

- Annie B

Kia riot small family car.

The car is very simple. There's not a lot of buttons everywhere to make you feel like you are in a spaceship or something. It handles well and is a small compact car so you can easily park anywhere. And the back seat and trunk are a good spacious size. Great for people that have 1 or 2 kids.

- Ashley S

Smart and reliable Kia Rio.

The only real problems I have had with it has been belt trouble, spark plug trouble, and pistons misfiring. All of which are very easy fixes. It is also very hard to find tires for this car even at the dealership. I hope to drive this car well after it has been paid off. Very reliable.

- Josh S

Sleek lines, sporty look, good acceleration.

I like the fuel efficiency and the size of the vehicle. I do not like that it does not have power windows or locks, that I have already had to replace all of the ignition coils and the starter, and that it is not very comfortable. I will not be buying another Kia.

- Laura M

My car is a silver Kia Rio.

The car that I drive is my first car. I got it my junior year of high school and I shared it with my twin sister. I am now in my junior year of college and it is still the car I am driving. It works pretty good still, considering the fact that we bought it used.

- Rachel S

It is fairly small sedan with good trunk size.

It has been dependable with mostly just the usual new tires, battery, brake repairs. The one weird problem was having key stuck in ignition a one point. I liked my previous Kia spectra on snow better. I don't feel the rio is as good even new tires did not help.

- Bonnie C

Sporty little car with dependability.

The ride is a little bit rough but overall I love my car. I do wish it was a little bit bigger and had more safety features than it does but for the price of the vehicle it is well worth it. I like the sportiness of the car and it gets very good gas mileage.

- Christine D

That it is durable! As I said, no big repairs after owning it with only 30K miles on it. I have over 100K now.

I like that it was affordable when I bought it. It does not have a lot of frills, which is what I wanted. Dislike the fact that it has roll-up windows and no remote key. But I have NO complaints...have driven this car over 100K miles with no major repairs.

- Joshua W

It does amazing on gas, except when you run the air conditioner.

A Kia Rio comes with many features such as air conditioning, cloth seats, eco. The thing that I would change about it is that it does not have cruise control and it has manual windows. I prefer manual but some people would rather have automatic windows.

- Elizabeth J

Love the car hate the problems.

I like the small size if my car. I like that it doesn't take much gas to fill up. I love the survey condition. I hate that there's always something wrong with it and it is not cheap to fix any of the problems. Like oxygen sensor and things like that.

- Julie B

It is a used car 1 dent on the front and in the bumper.

I like that it is small and very good on gas. I do not like the fact that it is a base model meaning that it has no cruise control, automatic locks, or automatic windows. I also wish it had all wheel drive.

- Miranda C

Great gas mileage but if comfort for longer trips then it's not the car for you.

I love this car for the fuel economy. But am dissatisfied with how quickly you have to change the spark plugs and all of the minor repairs that never seem to end and the no power steering is annoying.

- Kayla M

It is a small compacted car but has room for the whole family.

It is a really reliable car. I haven't had any major issues with it. It is good on gas and I like the safety features of Kia. It does not has tons of high end features but everything works well.

- Melissa N

It is reliable and easy to maintain.

The Kia is a responsible car, it perform well it is very reliable, interior is attractive, it is very comfortable, also it is good on fuel, and is easy to maintain through annual car services.

- Sarah L

The Kia Rio is a very reliable car. I have driven it all over the country and never had any issues.

It has been the best car that I have ever bought. I have never had any major issues with it. The only thing I have replaced is coil packs and I have had the car for over 100,000 miles.

- Krista M

Buy used because you will get a better deal than straight off the floor

I like how affordable the daily costs are on my vehicle. Fuel mileage is great and major repairs are usually not needed. It handles great and is comfortable for longer trips.

- Robert R

My car does not have a big appetite for gasoline. It never takes many dollars to fill up

My car gets great gas mileage. It is a plain jane but that's what I like about the car so much. It has require no major repairs. I do wish it had cruise control.

- Betty W

It is about the most economical car out there.

I like the long warranty and the high gas mileage. Since only 1 or 2 of us is in the car at any given moment, the lack of back seat room is not an issue.

- Jill B

It's a practical vehicle and that's what I care about.

It's been a reliable car. It gets good gas mileage. It's easy to drive. It's a little too lightweight, though, and next time I want a stronger car.

- Lindsey O

It doesn't handle well in rain or snow.

It's been pretty reliable. But it's a 2011 and I don't believe this make has a long life span. I'm beginning to have rather expensive repairs.

- Nancy H

That it gets me where I need to go.

Great little car. I like the gas mileage I dislike the spark plugs. I have changed them 3 times since I bought the car brand new in 2011.

- Heather W

Runs horrible! Horrible maintenance issue

Replaced ignition coils 5 times, spark plugs 3 times, catalytic converter once. Electrical issue. Window tint bubbling, alignment off.

- Katlin N

It's a great car for commuting to work in, also a great starter car

I like that it has bluetooth radio and built in calling. I also like the 30 mpg hwy mileage. I dislike that it's so small

- Erica T

It was a great car for the price with great gas mileage.

I like that it is a simple easy to drive car that gets great gas mileage. It also can "turn on a dime", so easy to park.

- Constance P

Real. Running and reliable Kia.

Runs great on gas, good running car, CD player, a/c, seats soil too easily, does not have an automatic door remote.

- Joel L

It is a very plain Jane but that is what I like most about my car.

My car gets good gas mileage and is very reliable. My only complaint seat belt sometimes is hard to stay lock

- Betty R

It is a very safe family car that I feel comfortable driving on a daily.

Very reliable vehicle. Runs smoothly and gas doesn't break the bank. Maintenance isn't much of a problem.

- Stephanie T

doesn't cost much to fill up and runs great.

didn't come with a door remote, buts it does runs great on gas and very easy to drive. Very affordable.

- Tracy L




It's a small vehicle, just right for me. It is not electric locks or windows, I dont care for that. I love the gas mileage.

Whether I drive on the highway or in town, my kia Rio gets great gas mileage!

- Tonia B

that it does not have electric windows or doors on it

It is very easy to use and maintain. No major problems since I bought it

- April W

It came with a 10 year warranty and has good gas mileage. It is easy to park.

I like the gas mileage. I can park easily in it. The seats are too low.

- Jaclyn G

I like my car, but I don't love it. I would much rather have a SUV.

It's been a very reliable vehicle. And gets great gas mileage.

- Debra S

good value,for the price.would not have any other one

GOOD ON GAS,easy to maintain.no complains,drives well

- dale t