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2012 Kia Rio a spacious sedan.

I have had no issues with my car, it gets very good mileage, handles well. As the only owner of this car it is been totally reliable in the almost seven years I have owned it and I feel comfortable that I am not bombarded with features, there's just enough technology for me. Because I am an older driver, I still enjoy manual locks and windows which I have and the newer features like the alarm that reminds me to take my keys from the ignition before exiting the car or the automatic shutting off of my headlights a few minutes after I exit my car when I forget to turn off my lights are great for someone forgetful like me. Anyway, I would recommend the Kia Rio for anyone, they have surprisingly spacious cabins and trunks and basically give you a very good deal for your money whether you purchase a relatively bare bones manual model like mine or opt for a fully automatic one with all the bells and whistles. I am sure all of Kia models are fine, but I really love my Rio!

- Wanda B

Kia Rio: The perfect car for traveling students.

My Kia Rio is a perfect car for my needs. It is compact, efficient and reliable but spacious and comfortable for transporting groups of people! I love the large trunk, roll up windows and comfortable seats. This is my first car, and everything is very adjustable and easy to find, making the transition a very smooth one. I can go very far with a little bit of gas, and even the sound system is easy to use and is great quality. My music is important to me while I drive. The doors lock manually, which can make getting in and out with guests a little more tricky but never an issue. I mostly use my car for transport to school, and it meets my needs perfectly. Overall, the Kia Rio has lots of features and personality and I expect to drive it for a very long time!

- Emma B

Good car for commute. Not good for mountain driving or traveling long distances.

It's too slow when you press the gas and too slow to stop if you need the brakes to work quickly. It's not good for winter weather, no 4-wheel drive, that is a MUST in Colorado. the windows are wheel down not automatic, which is hard if you want more than the drivers side open. There isn't any way to put things on top of the car, which makes life hard for traveling. I like the feature of having an AV port because I can play music from my phone. I like the features on my steering wheel, adjusting volume, and what I am listening to. I like the size of the vehicle, it's small and compact but is also a hatchback. I wouldn't buy the same car again though, the negatives outweigh the positives for someone who is outdoorsy and drives in the Colorado mountains.

- Melanie S

The Kia Rio is a reliable car.

The Kia Rio has been a good car for me. It gets great gas mileage; approximately 32 miles per gallon. It handles well in snow. I have driven in a fair amount of snow with no problems and it does not slide around. It starts in very cold weather also without plugging it in. Mine does not have a lot of features, but it has satellite radio which I like. I haven't had any issues with the Kia Rio and I also like how you can get into small spaces with it because it is a small car. I am very happy with my Kia Rio!

- Brenda B

My car is a small compact car. It had a fix a flat in the truck.

There has been a consistent issue with the starter and the fuel line. It has never had good acceleration and the car is very light. I have replaced the brakes and calipers on the vehicle 2 times. I have a terrible time getting the car to accelerate and no mechanic has ever been able to find the actual problem. The computer system has gone haywire and all sorts of dash alert lights go off when there is no problem.

- Laura B

My white 2012 Kia Rio LX GDI Love it

Having fuel problems right now! Grr!! But other than that it's a good car my three babies all fit in the back seat. Big enough for a family of five! The trouble I have is the blind spots you have in the front of the car. When you see no more car on the front you think that's it and you still have car there you just can't see it anymore. Like when you pull up to the sidewalk it disappears do to the blind spots.

- Jodi S

Kias come in many shapes & sizes & I would recommend Kia to family & friends.

My Kia Rio 2012 has been excellent with no problems I just use jiffy lube 2x a year & les Schwab and did Replace 4 tires from them. I have bought 3 Kias & had no problems. I always have had reliability with all of these. My Kia has a button eco & it gives great mileage - 36 mph. The dealer where I bought my Kia gives me free car washes & vacuums free anytime I go there.

- Theresa W

Not worth the money, if you want a long term car, this isn't it.

This car continues to give me problems every day. It has stalled, overheated, blown hoses, etc. If I idle for too long (like at a red light) the car shuts off and is a pain to get started again. I have replaced many things on this car, probably spending more than it's worth. My negative experiences with this car has really turned me off of this company.

- Lori M

It is a small car but big in tech and space.

I love that my car is smaller and is a hatchback style car. The technology of the car is very nice. The only real complaints I have is the road noise that can be heard when the car is being driven at higher speeds like when you are on the highway. I wish the seats in the back would fold in multiple ways to provide more ways to customize storage.

- jordan D

Overall report of the Kia Sorento.

Car is very reliable. The interior does not seem to last long seats are a little uncomfortable. Outside paint holds up to the rays of the sun. Ride is a little rough. Engine performance is very good a lot of power for passing. Overall this would be a good car for someone that is commuting everyday or just as a family vehicle.

- Kyle Z

My Kia Rio gets great gas mileage, up to 37 miles to the gallon

I really like that the gas mileage for my vehicle is so high, and there's a feature that lets me know next to the odometer how many mpg i'm using at any given time. I really like that it has four doors and has buttons to automatically lock/unlock them on the key. I like that the car is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

- Sarah D

Love everything about the car, it�s perfect for my family.

I love everything about my car, it has been extremely reliable, comfort is great, I have a family of 3 and it is fine for us. My daughters stroller fits in the back which is great. Performance overall is great. Only disadvantage is that it doesn't have power windows or locks, but that is the way it was bought for me.

- Jay C

Comfortable and fun to drive.

Runs quietly. It is a hatchback with a lot of head and foot room. The hatchback makes it very helpful for moving large items. And purchases. I love the side mirrors because they do not leave any blind. Spots. The rear seats fold down and keep my dogs off the seat covers. The stock satellite radio has amazing sounds.

- Elizabeth J

Kia Rio summary- good and bad.

Good daily driver but loud road noise, no cruise control, manual transmission option weak. Gas mileage is great at 35+ mph. Light colored upholstery easily stains. Passenger seat sits very low and it is uncomfortable. Did not come with spare tire, rather an air pump. Good trunk space. No leg room in back seat.

- Lisa F

I would never buy another vehicle as good as this one.

I love it. Great gas mileage, knock on wood no mechanical problems and I have had it since 2012. Lots of legroom and drives great. If I had to buy another one like it I would with no hesitation at all. The car is nothing special but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Everything in it and on it is the original.

- Selena A

Why I love my Kia Rio hatchback.

Only check engine light used to come on for no reason. No other problems but the door will not open on the drivers side and no one knows the problem. Two people have looked at it. Other than that I love my car and I have had it for two years. Be careful with used Kias though. I am looking to buy a Soul now.

- Sophia T

The Kia is a perfect size for our family. It is a reliable mode of transportation.

We are a three member family with one teenager. The vehicle (the Kia) is very reliable as far as getting our teenager to and from school and other activities. My mother (who lives with us) also uses the car at times in order to substitute teach at different area schools. It also gets very good gas mileage.

- Meredith N

The best car I have driven so far.

My car is very easy to drive. Its brakes are smooth, and you can see really well from all angles in the windows. It is small and petite, so it is easy to take it to the city and park it in small places. I have had this car for several years and it is good for beginners or long term drivers.

- Mariana Y

Kia Rio a smart car that gets great gas mileage; performs and handles well!

We have not had any serious problems with our Kia Rio; gets great gas mileage; it is getting older and now the things that have to be repaired are more costly. Have loved our Kia Rio. We have had proper maintenance on it and replaced the usual; tires, filters and brakes. Service regularly!

- Diana S

Compact car with plenty of storage room. Perfect for small families.

Nice, smooth drive. Considerable amount of trunk space given the compact nature of the vehicle. Back seat offers limited leg room, but nothing too serious. Offers ecoboost driving, safer for you and environment. Car does require quite a bit of maintenance after driving long distances.

- Taylor L

Others should know that my car is well worth the investment . It has been 6 years and my car has not had any major issues .

I love that my Kia is still running well after 6 years . I enjoy that my car is great on fuel and provides me with Bluetooth ability. I wish my car was able to charge my iPhone . It appears to not be able to charge my phone as I upgrade. I wish my car had an updated navigation system.

- Amanda F

The Kia Rio is in the same class as a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic but people often overlooked them.

My Kia Rio is very gas efficient. It is an easy vehicle to work on (change oil, brakes, spark plugs, etc). The backseat can accommodate tall people comfortably (6'3"+). Nice little features live USB and auxiliary ports. It's a four cylinder so the acceleration is a bit slow.

- Andrea J

The condition of my vehicle.

There is nothing wrong with my car, it is just that it is too small for me and my family. It runs good and the gas is cheap then most cars. The radio and the sounds are good. The seats not so much because it has stains from spills other then that the car is in good condition.

- Ana S

Basic review on Kia Rio 2012

Small, no space, low to the ground medium truck space, no arm rest, ok on gas, cheap, doesn't feel safe, wouldn't last long, drives smooth, good on highway seats don't give much legroom in back, passenger seat not really adjustable, cheaply made. Good to get around town

- Asia M

The best thing about the Kia Rio would be the great gas mileage that it gets.

It's very comfortable and gets great gas mileage but isn't great if you have children there is not a lot of room then. The room in the trunk is good depending on what you are needing to transport. I am able to get a few lawn chairs and a large stroller in the back!

- Kaitlyn C

The car that floats on thin air instead of cracking roads.

No problems with my vehicle. Works in a great way. I drove over 3000 miles from Southern California to south Florida in 4 days and it gave me absolutely no issues. Good gas mileage and good ac when driving through the desert. Great car overall and nice to look at.

- Cecilia C

It is a small and comfortable car that will get you where you need to go.

My car runs well. I haven't had any major issues with it. The bluetooth connection sometimes doesn't work, and the button to roll down the driver's side window no longer works. The seats are a light color and are easily stained. But I still love my car.

- Sara W

Kia Rio hatchback has great gas mileage for long roadtrips

I have a white 4 door hatchback Kia Rio, 2012 model. I like that it's small because it's easy to park. It also gets great gas mileage. The only thing that I don't like about it is that sometimes when it's windy it can be a little difficult to control.

- Sarah S

Great gas mileage: 28 mpg city, 40 mpg highway.

I own a 2012 Kia Rio sedan. It gets very good gas mileage and is relatively maintenance free. It is extremely reliable and is quite comfortable for its small size. There haven't been any major issues with this vehicle beyond normal wear and tear parts.

- Ken W

This is a great little car for the money!

It is small and easy to park, not the best ride but pretty much maintenance free and it gets great gas mileage, 44. 4 gallon to the mile on the highway. It is small and easy to park and all the features you would want, PS, pub, automatic headlights.

- John C

Gas consumption is good and the vehicles is comfortable for driving and/or sitting in the back seats

The car is comfortable for driving long and short distances. Gasoline consumption and trunk capacity are good. The car marks easily on the outside, new scratches appear very quickly and makes the vehicle look more dated than it really is

- Nancy A

it is very reliable and great on gas

i really like my car. it has automatic everything, with bluetooth. I love that it drives so smooth and the seats are comfortable. It is also 4 door which I like. It would have been nice to have a gps built into the car

- Jenn S

Minor issues, but overall a solid vehicle.

It's really small. I'm not a fan of the air compressor instead of a spare tire. Replacement keyless remotes are crazy expensive. However it does get great mileage. It has also has gone 112,000 with few problems.

- Andrew C

It's small and gets great gas mileage.

The key for my car had been one of the most frustrating things I've ever dealt with, they break so easily and are such a pain to have replaced. The car itself is fine, nothing great and nothing terrible.

- Caitlin A

2012 Kia Rio cute 4-Door car

Cute 4 door car with a good size trunk and great mileage. Does sit low to the ground which taller people and people with leg or back problems might have difficulty getting in or out of the car.

- Melissa V

The back seats lets down so you can fit bigger items in.

I like the way it moves, it has 4 doors, roomy, I like the features and the color red, it reminds me of driving a sports car but it not it just a compact car that I enjoy driving.

- Teresa G

The dependably of this car model. Just maintain this vehicle and you will have years of very reliable transportation.

There is not much not to like. The car is very reliable. It is fun to drive. The car is comfortable. The car handles very good. The car is also very responsive.

- Todd L

usb plug for my music is great

i like the technology in my car. i like the rear camera the best. I dislike not being able to fit large items in it, kind of wish i had a truck or van.

- latishia c

Small easy to park and back up

It has great trunk space. Can fit 3 kids in the back. Storage under the truck can fit extras along with the storage compartments in the trunk

- Jessica W

Go to vehicle for road trips: amazing gas mileage.

The check engine light randomly comes on which is apparently a know defect with in the car. I do wish Bluetooth was an available feature.

- Ashley C

40 miles per gallon and is a 4 cylinder.

It gets terrific gas mileage and tells me how far I can go on a tank, mpg and mph. Hatchback gives me more room for larger items.

- Elizabeth J

It is very economical & very stylish. Very easy to drive too.

My car is easy to drive & park. It is easy on gas also. I love the color & style of my car. I also love the low mileage on it.

- Susan M

It will always follow the speed limit.

It gets decent mileage. I don't like the white color. It's hard to keep clean. The seats threading seems done poorly.

- mark g

It's simple, but it's safe and good on gas.

I like the exterior style of my car and the color. It doesn't have a lot of technology, but it suits my needs.

- Amber S

It is an important part of our lives. It provides important needs for our family.

It's great on gas. But it has a lot of mechanical issues. The sound system is nice as well and its affordable.

- Benjamin D

Steer clear of the Kia riot.

It is a mobile blind-spot. Under the hood is organized incredibly oddly and it is incredibly hard to work on.

- Liz S

Great all-around family car

Great vehicle with great performance and low fuel consumption. Very reliable and good all-round family car

- Mar B

It has been extremely dependable despite being a lower end vehicle

Like that it was economical and reliable. Dislike it looks cheap. Dislike that inside is not comfortable

- Nicole L

Great Gas Mileage, Pretty Much Maintenance Free.

had no problems at all, ride is not the greatest but on the highway it gets 44.4 miles to the gallon.

- john c

Runs excellent but dents easy

The performance has been excellent so far. The only problems I have had is how easily dented it is.

- Loriana M

you can not see anything past windshield wipers of car of the car

Likes fuel efficacy, size and sirius satellite radio Dislikes not flex fuel, carpet on floorboards

- Patricia T

Gas efficient (really great on gas)

Great on gas, easy to park, and cute model. I dislike that it isn't a luxury car. Weak engine

- Brittaney B

It gets great gas mileage. It has had no major issues since I've owned it.

I don't like the size of it. It's a little on the smaller side, but everything else is great!

- Stephanie B

it could be a prius but It's not It's a thottie magnet ya feel me

Oh it gets the job done be picking up thots for days with dis right chea

- Mikey D

Convenient size for parking

Like the size. Like the gas mileage. Dislike the lack of power.

- M W

The Kia Rio is great on gas. It is a great car to travel around town. It has had few problems only needing oil changes. The only thing is that it is a small car and sometimes adults may not have enough room in the back seat. The passenger seat also sits low.

The gas mileage is great and can zip in and out of traffic.

- Rhonda L

good on gas, maneuvers well

good gas mileage. so so on keys. too many repairs.

- jeff H

not a lot of repair bills

good gas mileage and not too many breakdowns

- adam c