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Great commuter car with good gas mileage.

I bought this car for the Soul purpose of putting a ton of miles on it. I drive two hours about 110 miles at least once a week, if not twice a week. The gas mileage is great. I fill up before leaving town and can drive to and back from work on one tank with about 40 miles to spare by the time I pull into my driveway. I bought the 2014 model in 2015 knowing I am going to put more miles than the recommended amount per year on this car. I.e. 12, 000 miles. In 3 years I have put 70, 000 plus on her and she’s yet to have a single problem. I get oil changes every 5, 000 miles like clock work and have done the recommended maintenance at 60, 000 miles. So far, nothing wrong. The interior is nice and has held up well even with a few spills here and there. The sound system is decent but you have to reset it with a little pen in the reset button every once in awhile. For some reason it freezes or glitches out. You can reset while driving so it is not a major ordeal. My only real complaint is the seats. The driver's seat has this odd seam in the middle of the seat and it digs into my spine. I end up placing either a towel or coat between it and my back on longer drives. I have even gotten a little bruise from it. The passenger seat has the same seam but the seat sits lower and it does not seem to bother my back while riding in that seat. All in all it is a great car for the purpose I bought it for.

- Lisa R

Kia Rio has great trunk space and is a wonderful starter vehicle.

Fantastic starter car. Driver's side blind spot is a little difficult, but not as difficult as other vehicles such as the eclipse. Accelerates very slowly, but not enough so to be dangerous. Surprisingly deep trunk. I used this car to move and could fit 5 medium sized boxes and all of my hang up clothes in the trunk, then another 4/5 boxes in the back seat. It definitely surprised me. The tire pressure light tends to come on randomly, but I am sure that has everything to do with the used tires I bought, not the car itself. Gas cap breaks easily, but can be replaced for 12$.

- Mary B

My very first Khia was with the family for a whopping 13 years

Very comfortable small vehicle good gas mileage has excellent pick up and drivability. In the summers of Texas the air-conditioning is very well for these hot summers keeps us cool and comfortable . During the winter the heat is just as well . Regular stereo system is amazing I see no need to upgrade . I have had two kids in a row keeping the first 13 years never had an issue with it . I highly recommend this vehicle I do not have any major bills and whistles it is a basic model and I am incredibly happy with it and I intend to buy another when I replace this one

- Sue L

Great for big city or young person.

I love my car. It's a small car with great gas mileage. I have never had any major problems and I've put thousands and thousands of miles on it in a few short years. The interior is very next. I would recommend this car to a young person just starting out or someone that live in a big city. Its inexpensive and great fuel economy and small to squeeze into tight places.

- Alex C

Safe and secure for all who drive it.

My car is safe and reliable. I really enjoy driving it as it is not light so the wind does not tussle anything when driving on the highway. The cosmetics of the car are amazing and it has a lot of room in the trunk. I like the manual seats as well as manual gas tank and trunk opening. This car is amazing for mileage.

- Alexis S

I love my Kia Rio, though there are some drawbacks (with my version, at least).

My car is very reliable. I keep up to date with oil changes and maintenance, and have never had the car break down on me. The version of the Kia Rio that I have does not have cruise control or Bluetooth, which does somewhat lower my opinion, but overall the car is smooth when driving, and is very easy to handle.

- Erika H

You get what you pay for. It's a cheap car that'll get you back and forth but it is not super great quality.

I like the look of the car and the dashboard. I am unhappy with the acceleration of the car, it sounds like there's hamsters powering the engine. The basic model didn't come with cruise control which I didn't realize when I purchased it. Seems silly that a car wouldn't have cruise control as standard by 2014.

- Lawny A

That it is mid-size but is very roomy and gets excellent gas mileage and has tons of awesome features.

I like the extra features i made sure my car had, such as heated seats and a sunroof. My car has a backup camera that is great. My car has bluetooth which is extremely helpful, as is the built in nav. I love that it is a hatchback as well. This is the favorite of all the cars I've ever owned.

- Nicole S

The Kia Rio is small but mighty and reliable.

I like the Rio for its size. It has a roomy back seat but you give up trunk space for that. It is comfortable and good on gas. Very reliable. I haven't had any repairs except the usual maintenance oil change and tire rotation. Even my windshield wiper blades lasted for three years.

- Carmel M

My little bug! Its so small from the outside.

No problems so far! I just bought my car a few months ago. Its small. Good on gas, has cold ac, nice radio. Rear seats fold down. Hatchback. All white exterior. Nice leg room. For me, I am short. I can fit 5 people.. If the are small enough. Nice radio. Big glove box. Clean.

- Beverly H

I love how tiny this car is. I am always able to fit into incredibly small parking spaces and never have to worry about hitting the front of my car on anything.

My car is very comfortable sitting wise. I wish there was a place where the I could rest my elbow when I am driving. I also wish my car had cruise control but that was just an issue of the car salesman lying to me. So far, no major problems except needing a new starter.

- amanda m

Very commute and compatible car.

Too small for my family. No cruise control. No Bluetooth compatible. Good on gas. Brakes are awesome. Nice trunk space if you do not have a lot in your trunk. It is stylish and great highway speed. Radio has great sound. Power steering is great. Power windows.

- Natalie F

Kia Rio 2014 - perfect little commuter!

Love it! The only things I dislike are the manual window roll down and door locks - I wish there was an automatic setting! Other than this it is the perfect little car to get me from point a - b especially when commuting to work every day. I love my Kia Rio!

- Abi A

Great gas mileage and USB that allows you to charge your phone while listening.

Car runs great and gets great gas mileage. I really wish this car had cruise control and an arm rest. I love the ability to have Sirius xm in the car, the AUX port and the USB port are really game changers. I can charge my phone while listening to it.

- Samantha C

You will be happy with this vehicle. It is a great car for the money.

This vehicle has very good gas mileage and good driving performance. It has a big roomy trunk and the radio has great sound The vehicle has been at the dealer to fix the passenger door lock and it broke within days of purchase and is still broken.


Great on gas, I have gotten my gas mileage to go as high as 40 mpg!

My Kia is a reliable car, I have had it for 4 years and it has given me no issues. The dealership gave me a 100, 000 mile warranty, so all I do is get my oil changed from them every 3, 000 miles. It runs nicely and has not broken down once.

- Sean B

Reliable, great gas mileage with extra features to make driving more fun!

I like that it gets good gas mileage and is roomy but still somewhat compact. I like the Bluetooth feature that works well with my iPhone. I dislike that the UVO system can't be updated, and it isn't as quiet as I feel it should be.

- Erica R

That it is reliable and super easy to drive plus it has great heat and air Love the comfort and dependability

It is great on gas, dependable and smooth riding. Has great air conditioner and really reliable- I love that I can scoot around town in it's compact size, easy parking and has plenty of comfort and room for a road trip

- Ashley P

Great fuel economy but not great for family

The car gets great gas mileage and runs pretty well. The one issue we've had is it is very slow to accelerate when getting up to highway speeds. Back seat is pretty tight for 3 people so wouldn't recommend for 3 kids

- Lin M

The most important thing people should know about this car is that it is affordable and eco friendly.

I like that it is eco friendly and does not use a lot of gas. I also like that it is compact and easy to fit in small parking spaces. I do not like that it is base edition. Therefore it has manual windows and locks.

- Audrey G

It does It's job as a car and people should use a car like this if they must have one.

I like how easy it is to drive. It maneuvers well and is easy to use in most kinds of weather. I prefer it to other cars as it has great gas mileage and goes as fast as I need it to and also handles excellently.

- Johnathon G

This car gets good gas mileage but it is small so having a full car is very cramped.

I like that my car gets decent gas mileage. I dislike that it is so small and cramped when I have to put more than 3 people in it. It also doesn't have any cruise control or Bluetooth capabilities.

- Caroline P

Passenger seat too low, not comfortable to ride as a passenger.

What bothers me most about the car is not that the passenger seat sits very low. It makes it uncomfortable to not be able to completely see out the window. I like the gas mileage we get on the car.

- Tara P

One has to be careful when the brake the car because it will skid over manholes and sewers.

It's breaks are not very good. It doesn't go very fast when air condition is on. It does not hold a lot of gas. It does badly in the snow. I like how compact it is. I like how it drives regularly.

- Sarah F

It gets good gas mileage and it is reliable. We never have had any major repairs.

We like how reliable it has been. We haven't had any huge repairs and we have driven it 100,000 miles. Only complaint we have is that it is hard to see out the back because it is so big.

- Dallin W

It's a great car for city driving, but slow to accelerate and blind spots are sizeable.

My Kia Rio is a hatchback, great gas mileage, but with huge blind spots. The turn radius is tight and the car is agile enough to merge easily. However, it doesn't accelerate well at all.

- Catherine P

KIA RIO white four door! Exceptional car

Good amount of space for a small car. Easily driven and comfortable drive. Easy adjustments for different drivers. Resale value isn't the best but this car is reliable and fun to drive.

- Corey R

great compact car. looks small but has the space.

Not to big or too small for our family. I wanted cloth interior with power windows and cruise control. Was able to get it. would like a little more user friendly media center though.

- Blair G

I drive a 2014 Kia Rio with over 100,000 miles that runs like a champ!

It's been a great little car, I have over 100,000 miles on it now and it still runs great! The only problem I ever have with it is that sometimes the starter doesn't catch.

- Emily D

It gets great gas mileage and is well made, requiring virtually no maintenance.

I like the gas mileage that the car gets. However the car is too small and I would prefer to get a suv. The car is well made and has required almost no maintenance.

- Ronnie S

It's reliable and it gets me where I need to go.

It's a red 2014 Kia Rio. I like it because it's easy to handle. It's the perfect size for me, small and compact. It's also very reliable, but also cute and sporty.

- Holly C

Small regular maintenance will keep this car in good condition for a long time. It's sturdy.

I like how dependable it is. It's also very low on gas mileage. It seems safe. It doesn't have a lot of special features however, so nothing make it stand out.

- Jeana A

Kia rio black and cozy has great features.

No problems with car. . Good on gas fits 5 people comfy seats. . Air and heat blow out well and downfall is speakers don't go around whole car for the radio.

- Jordan S

Safety record and looks. Drives very easy with good visibility.

It is small very small and I am over paying for it. Does not have a lot of features. It is good on gas I can say. Hey gets me around that is good enough.

- Payne E

Definitely the blind spots - it's a hatchback, so visibility at each back corner of the car is severely limited. It makes merging terrifying.

Vehicle has great gas mileage and low emissions. Very agile in traffic. But the blind spots are a big detractor for me in terms of driving safely.

- Catherine S

Black Kia with cloth seats.

Runs smooth no air vent in back speakers don't go around full car good on gas. . Has 5 seats good space trunk small good for short drivers.

- Jordan S

Very good gas mileage, but I would suggest paying for the added features.

My vehicle is not equipped with Cruise control which I hate. I like that it is good on gas mileage. I like that is is small and compact.

- Amber C

car is like person if you treat it good it will do the same to you

i love our car, it has good space and mileage is good. low maintenance required, looking forward to new Kia models with cruise control

- pooja S

Kia Rio; Kia has stepped up there game

I love my rio it has a manual transmission which makes it so fun to drive. It gets awesome gas mileage. It also handles like a dream

- Erik C

Not as bulky as it might look, however it is still spacious enough for a family.

I II've the vehicle. It has been with me since quite some time. It a family vehicle and has been useful. Easy and cheap to maintain

- Abhishek K

Its gets very good gas mileage.

Its small but perfect for me. It requires high insurance payments. Its like new. It is good on gas. I love the radio and CD player.

- Linda B

I have had very few maintenance issues.

The Kia Rio has a very smooth ride with very few problems. It has loads of available features and a couple different model types.

- Quinten N

Price is great, it's very reliable and economical. Great warranty bumper to bumper

I like the car because it has a great warranty. I like the car because it's gas saver. Very dependable over 4 years not 1 problem

- Carlos S

Great on mileage and is easy maintenance.

Great on gas. A bit too snug for passengers in the back. Hatchback provides enough space for a stroller and a few other things.

- Angelica T

It's good on fuel and has proved to be dependable for 4 years and 72,000 miles.

I like that it is good on fuel. I like that is so far as been dependable. I don't like that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Donna A

It is great on gas and can get you to where you need to go quickly.

I would prefer all wheel drive. I would prefer a taller car. I like that it is great on gas. I need something with more power.

- Latrice G

There's a blind spot either on the driver and passenger side.

It's been very reliable so far. I have had it for 5 years now and I haven't had any major problems with it. It's very good.

- Kelly M

It is a very reliable vehicle!.

Great on gas! Reliable and pretty low maintenance. Dislike that it is not very powerful. Overall it is a great little car!.

- Kelsey H

Love having satellite radio in the car.

No issues. It is a smaller vehicle so if you are of larger stature this vehicle may be difficult. Otherwise great car.

- Ashley S

If you have an iPhone you can hook it up to the car.

It gets me where I need to go, gets great gas mileage; however, there are no power locks or power windows, no Bluetooth.

- Lydia K

It is reliable and priced right.

Dislike: the interior seat fabric is cheap and stains easily. Like: I have very few problems with the vehicle.

- Jim H

Gets up in speed quickly & safety.

There is no spare tire. It is not good in the snow. It has some blind spots. It is good on gas. Drives well.

- Rita M

It is a good compact car and it has a ten year warranty.

The car is too small. I feel very low to the ground. It does not have a hatchback. I do not like the color.

- Kylie C

It's good on gas and small

I liked it when I bought it. It I want something a little bit bigger like a midsize car with a bigger trunk

- Cathy P

It gets very good gas mileage and the notes are very affordable

I like that it looks really nice for a cheaper car. it gets very good gas mileage, and has a smooth ride.

- Melissa S

It's pretty basic, no bells or whistles. But it gets me from a to b

It's a decent car for what you pay. It's not as comfortable as some,and no cruise control. But I like it.

- Felicia L

It is fuel efficient. I have rarely put more that $20 worth of gas in it.

I like that I do not need to fill it up often. It is a very reliable car. It is got reasonable payments.

- William E

The low cost of maintenance. Low cost on fuel. Runs great on roads.

No complaints. It has run very well for four years. Low maintenance. Low cost on gas. Great gas mileage.

- Llewellyn G

new style of rio sucks!!!

hate it,not comfortable,sits low to ground.good mileage.old person car but reliable.hate the style!!

- kris g

It has not given me issues other than the normal wear & tear of tires.

The seats head are very uncomfortable I had to turn them around so it can be a bit more comfortable.

- Angie B

It's very economical. Gets good gas mileage.

I love that it is small, makes parking easy. Has plenty of room for me. Works good and dependable.

- Karen d

It is reliable, efficient but small. At 6-foot-5, I fit, but only just. Mileage is excellent, maintenance has been minimal.

For whatever reason, the brake pads seem o wear out fairly quickly and need to be replaced often.

- Scott F

It offers a lot of decent features considering the price.

It is a reliable vehicle. It has nice features for the price. Service for the vehicle is great.

- Matt O

It is very reliable; so far, I've only had to get the oil changed and the tires rotated.

It is very low maintenance. It gets good mileage. Also, I just *like* the feel of driving it.

- Mike C

Parts are not cheap because Kia parts are expensive

I like it because it is cheap on gas, but every time you put gas in it won't start

- Kayla H

I think they should know about the great quality that it has.

I like their services overall. And I like how quick and easy it is to get started.

- Leondre W

Gets great gas mileage if you drive it the right way.

It's a great vehicle. Gets great gas mileage and looks good. No complaints.

- Ruthann R

The sticker on window said 32/38 miles to the gallon. Actual is more like 25/32.

Small but not too small. Lots of room on the inside. Eco- friendly and fun.

- Jennifer M

My car is a smooth and comfortable ride. No noise and comfortable seats.

Accelerates fast. Rides smooth. Great gas mileage. Lots of trunk room.

- melissa m

When you put the brakes on the engine stops. Once you release the brakes the engine restarts.

Great gas mileage Built in Bluetooth Blind spots on left hand turns

- Linda T

Good gas mileage, dependable, and a nice size of a car.

I like that it is reliable. Great gas mileage. Nice size of a car.

- Dana H

It gets great gas mileage. It's speedy. It's easy to maintain.

It gets fantastic gas mileage and it's a comfortable little ride.

- Jennifer O

Safety features,gas mileage and reviews from other owners.

I like that it's good on gas,dont like that its a low car.

- Olga I

It gets great gas mileage and looks rather sleek and good trunk space

It has a rather large trunk and it gets great gas mileage

- Crystal D

low maintenance, more fuel economy, comfort ride, entertainment

it's great vehicle, I never had any problems with my car

- Manish S

It is a very reliable mode of transportation that gets me to and fro

It was cheap. It's reliable. It has a great warranty.

- Joey C

25 miles per gallon which is great with gas prices so high.

very good gas mileage . easy to handle. affordable.

- charles b