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Best Car with Great Features and Runs Well

I have not had any problems with my vehicle. The only slight issue I had was the windshield wipers that the car came with, when it rained, the rain would get smeared on my windshield and made it very hard to see. It runs good and does not let me down when I need to gain speed going up a hill or going around trucks. I am pleased with the overall performance of my car. I can comfortably fit five people in the car and a trunk full of items or a car full of enough items to fill a whole furnished apartment. It's a very reliable car. I've had it for about three years now and I never had any issues in it doing anything weird or anything negative happening to my car. I have the manual version of the car. The transmission works will as well as the shifting system, it is smooth and doesn't require too much effort from the driver. The windows crank up and down smoothly. I like not having a middle console in my car as it gives me more space to put other things. Everything in the car is very easy to use and is very user friendly and was nicely explained when I bought the car. This is the best car I have ever bought and used. I will be suggesting this car to other people since it's been a reliable car that is comfortable and performs extremely well. I am very pleased with it.

- Ashley N

Kia Rio - a fun little surprise.

This is a great little car. The interior is much roomier than what it looks like from the outside. I have had 3 decent size men in the back seat without a problem. The car I have is automatic, but it can shift into manual mode which was great when it started snowing unexpectedly and I needed to stay in first and second gear so I wouldn't slide off the road ( I was coming down a mountain). It has decent pickup for getting on the freeway and is great on gas. There is a gauge on the dashboard that tells you approximately how many miles you have before you run out of gas. My model has an eco drive mode, which saves on gas when you do not need a lot of power, like when you are accelerating onto the freeway. So, it is great on the freeway when traffic is flowing and if you need more power, it is easy to put it in regular mode quickly. The car has Bluetooth, so I can answer the phone from my steering wheel while still keeping my eye on the road. The trunk is huge! I have 2 milk crates full of stuff in my trunk and still have room for groceries. I am normally prefer trucks and SUVs, but for a small car, it has a lot of great features.

- J E

Kia Rio Best feature is traction control when driving in adverse conditions.

I love my Kia Rio it is very easy on gas and a nice comfortable little car. The fact that it is a smaller car means that the price for my tires is inexpensive. I like the feature on the car that lets me know if my tire pressure is off. My car has the distance to empty feature for the gas, a very nice feature if you are not somebody who watches the gas gauge that closely. I love having a car with a hatchback instead of a trunk, I feel the hatchback holds more than a trunk. I have both driver and passenger airbags. My Kia is very comfortable to ride in with reclining seats. I was concerned when we first got the car as we had a mini van, I was not sure it would have sufficient leg room and this has proven not to be a problem as there is plenty of legroom in my Kia. We mainly got a Kia because it has such great reviews and the gas mileage is terrific both on the highway and in the city. Since buying the car in 2016, we have not had any major repairs just routine maintenance. I also love the color, it's like a sky blue. I just love my little Kia!

- Lorraine E

This is an Awesome Base Model Car

This is an awesome little car. It gets excellent gas mileage (35+ highway and 27+ city). This is my daily driver and it handles almost all weather and road conditions extremely well. We have the base model and though it does not have cruise control, it has all the other comforts you would expect out of a base model car. It does not have a backup camera (was not looking for one) but does have the ability to connect to your phone through Bluetooth to play music. It also has the option to plug in a USB to play music over.

- Christine M

Sporty and reliable car for a competitive price!

I have had my car for two years and, so far, it has been very reliable and comfortable. I do wish my car had an armrest. It is a small thing but I actually really miss it on long drives. My car does accelerate slower than my previous vehicle but, for the cost, I really shouldn't complain. I have had no maintenance fees except for the basics - oil, fluids, etc. And, overall, I am extremely pleased with the aesthetics and function of my vehicle considering the competitive price.

- Nikki G

Reliable and durable get you where you need to go.

The car is reliable and I haven't had any issues with it. I have the base model, but that comes with a trial of Sirius XM and Bluetooth. I wish it came with cruise control as well but it is ok. It has a setting that can help save fuel so it can be efficient on gas. It is also cheap to fill. I can spend about $20 and get a full tank of gas. It also shows how many miles until you need gas, a full tank usually gets me 300 miles.

- Kayla B

I great car at a reasonable price.

This model year Kia changed the body style. It appears to be an updated version of the 1990 Honda Civic hatchback. The Kia rio comes with full amenities such as power doors windows and remote start. One of the coolest features is the AUX plug for using your smart devices. Gas mileage is very good, with its 1. 6 l engine has an output of 138 hp. Interior trim is exceptional for stain resistance and general ease of cleaning.

- Kevin L

Reliable car in a smaller package.

This is a very compact car would not recommend for road trips with more than 3 adults. The headlight are not too bright. Tan cloth seats stain very easily. On the other hand, very good on gas and good trunk space. In this car you can fit in small parking spots and move through traffic easily. This car is very reliable and low maintenance. Also feels safe and compatible with wireless devices.

- Sabrina A

It does not get as good of gas mileage as promised.

My car does not have cruise control, also it is traction is not very good even though I have new tires on it. When I hit a bump, no matter how slow I always drift sideways a bit. It also does not get as good of gas mileage as promised, only about 26 mpg city and 32 mpg hwy. It has been reliable so far, however I wouldn't recommend the car because of said issues.

- Pamela M

Compact car. Anyone in the back seat has no room to put their feet.

The Kia Rio is a very small compact car. Not enough room if you're looking for a family car. One specific thing I do not like about the 2016 Kia Rio, is that the passenger front seat since quite a bit lower than the driver's front seat. It seems like you have to stretch your neck just to see out the front window. It is a four cylinder, and has no pick up and go.

- Lisa C

2016 Kia Rio Survey Junkie Review MP

Purchased the car brand new. Nice vehicle. Tire pressure lights comes on and stays on most of the time for reasons unknown. Key locked into ignition just after three years of owning the new vehicle. Drives smooth. Has Bluetooth connection and you can get Sirius satellite radio in it if you choose to. Love this car other than some technical issues.

- Cynthia P

Durable with amazing gas mileage.

I think the only problem I have about my car is that it does not have cruise control. Other than that one issue, I love my car. It runs amazing and the gas mileage on the car is awesome. I go to school three hours from my family so it is nice to have a durable, efficient car that is not going to make me go broke when I want to see my family.

- Meredith S


I really do love my car, the car is a good size with four doors and a nice size trunk. This car is great on performance and is very reliable. I got this car used, with one previous owner and in my two years of having it I haven't had any significant problems. The only downside is that there is no cruise control so long trips can be a pain.

- Ayesha C

My yellow Kia Rio 2016, enjoyable vehicle.

I love the fact that my car gets awesome gas mileage, 35 miles per gallon on average. This car does not have enough space for me. I have a German Shepherd that's over 100 lbs., he takes up the whole back set. Also the warranty is very long. In the two years I've had my car I've put 50, 000 miles on my car between work and school.

- Tricia K

Low maintenance necessary. Just take care of it.

The car is reliable. The mechanical parts are trustworthy and work well. I have had the car for over 2 years and continued with proper maintenance. The only thing done to the car is a battery change. The gas mileage is decent. The trunk is spacious, in my opinion. It can fit a wheelchair, groceries and maybe a personal bag.

- Ashley P

Summary of Kia Rio hatchback.

Very small, no leg room. Good on gas and is very reliable. No issues since I have had it. Prefer leather seats not cloth especially since I have a dog. Ac/heat are very well. Everything is good besides the size. I prefer larger cars. Tires are still good and going to the dealership for any issues is always quick and easy.

- Lindsay J

My car is silver and great on gas mileage.

The 2016 Kia Rio is a very dependable car. It has good gas mileage. The Kia Rio has good legroom for the people in your family who is tall and has good space in the trunk. The drive is very comfortable. The seats are comfortable and I recommend the 2016 Kia Rio as a great first car for teens or a car for a small family.

- Erin B

Low to the ground, easy for elderly people to get in and out.

Wish you could skip songs in Spotify from the dashboard instead of the phone. Also, I am not sure if this is the car or just how the driver drives, but I tend to get car sick when I am in this car for any length of time. The ability to remove the headrests of the driver and passenger seats is very much appreciated.

- Dylan D

Reliable, solid vehicle that is for a low-maintenance car buyer.

So far, so good. Occasionally had warning lights come on for a relatively new car. But it is been reliable since I got it earlier this year. I do the like smooth drive it overs and clean overall design of the car. If I had to change anything, it'd be for darker/leather seats since water marks appear easily on them.

- Molly J

My Kia Rio white. With cold air in great on gas go get you one.

My 2016 Kia rip is small but roomie, it is great on gas. I can go to Houston Texas in back on a full tank of gas. It has Bluetooth and Sirius stereo. I love my lil Kia Rio. My Kia also has power windows, cold air and tilt steering wheel. If your looking to buy a great little car go out in buy yourself a Kia Rio.

- Joyce J

Vehicle and details of good and bad.

The vehicle is to small for me not enough leg room or even traveling back and forth from show to show need more room for sure, I love Mileage I get on it, I have a couple problems with the engine first couple months I had it and the latch on the truck had to have it replaced completely quit working all together.

- Michelle Q

Good price for the amount of car you get.

Good gas mileage. Economic. Easy to handle. Drives very well. Just the right size. Not to big or small. Loaded with options. Plenty of room. Large trunk to carry just about anything. Comfortable seats. Eco gas feature. Plenty of leg space. Large glove compartment. Automatic key control. Alarm system.

- Denise F

Bright color. Comfortable ride.

Small but comfortable . Great for city life and small trips. Yellow color is a little bright but easy to find in a lot. Can fit a family of four well. Good gas mileage. Rides well . Doesn't take bumps well. Easy for first time drivers like our teenagers. I would recommend to people for a first time car.

- Christine H

It is an okay car, but Kia will screw you over.

Had it for only a year and it is started acting up, they fixed it because it was under warranty but when we tried to get it traded in for something bigger they put it upside down and it is was ridiculous amount just for a bigger used car, we barely have enough room in the back seat for two car seats.

- Shannon L

The Kia Rio is a splendid car design and performance is great.

The Kia Rio is a excellent car 33-36 mpg great in snow, great performance and low maintenance makes this car very affordable. Features am/FM stereo with CD player, tilt steering, of course heating and air conditioner, also very comfortable for family of 4, had this car for 2 years with 0 problems.

- Robert M

Kia Rio: small but elegant.

It is a great looking car. Plenty of features, Bluetooth, side airbags, great mileage, eco fuel system, cloth interior. The color is pretty, silver. 4 door, lots of room. Lots of trunk room for such a little car. Automatic trans, great for city driving. Smooth highway driving, great gas mileage.

- Linda E

The perfect car for the single driver

This is a great car for someone who does not need a lot of room. As a college student who drives a lot, this car is great. I do wish it had a middle console, but other than that I love this car. It gets good gas mileage and is a very convenient starting car or car for someone who lives alone.

- Sierra E

Kia Rio, good for first time driver's with limited budget

Decent car, mainly was used to help with driving education and practice. Not quite big enough for our needs, passengers but still somewhat reliable. 4 door compact sedan, no power locks, white. Relatively easy steering and maneuverability. Get decent mileage, approximately 25+ miles per gallon.

- Ash J

The 2016 Kia Rio has amazing interior that is easy to keep clean!

The 2016 Kia Rio has amazing gas mileage. Its gets about 44 miles to the gallon Hwy mileage. It's a very simple car which I like but I would love to see automatic windows. What is my only downfall. The car is fairly cheap to maintain as well which is nice. Parts are not expensive at all.

- Emma G

No problems at all with the car.

Rio is very reliable. I have driven Kia’s for the last 13 years without any significant mechanical problems. It drives well. Haven't had any issues at all. The only issues I have had is because of the state of the local roads that I drive on daily. So the vehicle is very good.

- Ben B

Kia Rio review. The car you need in your life.

It is wonderful. Drives smoothly and makes me glad I bought it. Has great mpg and so far has not had any issues at all besides me just having to change a tire once before. It has strong ac and heater as well as big cup holders, comfy chairs, and a convenient rear view window.

- Blaine E

My Kia Rio is a fun sedan to drive and own.

My car is very comfortable and reliable. It is the perfect size for me, not too big but can still transport friends and family easily. It maneuvers well and is not overly flashy. It gets good gas mileage and is still fun to drive. I plan on driving it for many years to come.

- Allison B

Compact that feels like a mid size

Was looking for a fuel efficiency vehicle and one that was comfortable for a compact car a great feature it will tell you your tires are low it helps with no sudden expenses to expect The truck is a good size to pack for Vacation road trips nice sound system with Bluetooth

- Denise O

Kia Rio is the way to go if you're looking to save money!

This is really a gas saver especially if you have a long commute to work. I would not recommend it as a family car unless you only have one kid. It is very compact. I purchased this car b/c it's cute & didn't break the bank. It's not expensive to insure neither.

- Melissa G

Kia Rio is a fun car to drive.

I like my Kia Rio. It is a good size, easy to drive and comfortable. The trunk has enough space to haul things and it has plenty of space to haul people as well. It is been very reliable for me and gets me back and forth. I would buy it again. It is a good vehicle.

- Alison B

Kia rio, the small family car.

It is does not have a lot of power so do not expect it to be super powerful. It does very well on gas mileage. Ac is great and it is fairly comfortable. All buttons and switches very easy and accessible within reach. I really enjoy this car for its economical use.

- Carlos G

The color is very greyish.

It is the best gas saving car that I purchased I have enough room for my kids to drive in it I always search online before I buy cars I pay notes on time so mobile has the best cars you can purchase in Alabama gas saver enjoy my family love my car I hope mg car.

- Angela L

Good on gas. Handles well, small so easy to park.

For older people, it sits very low. So there for is problems getting in and out of it. Gas mileage is good that why we bought it. Gets us we're were going. Does not hold many people. No more than two in the back seat. Will hold a lot of stuff in the back. . .

- James N

2016 Kia rio days and knights.

This vehicle is fantastic and is one of the most important parts of our lives. We bought it new off the lot. It has good gas mileage and is low on maintenance. I love the brand Kia. And have had my eye on the Kia stinger. It is fully loaded and red. Thank u.

- Christopher D

2016 Kia Rio deal today xo.

The reliability of this vehicle is phenomenally great. We are taking the vehicle in for its first 100, 000 mile servicing very soon. Exceptional on gas mileage. Low maintenance and great buy for anybody's wallet. Go out and get your money's worth today.

- Raymond S

Its economical because it saves you quite a bit on gas money.

I love it because it's the right size for me. It sucks though because I have to manually lock/unlock it and I have to roll the windows down by hand with a little handle thing. Otherwise, it's good on gas even with the increase and it's the perfect size.

- Jasmine P

The Kia riot, a dependable, inexpensive car.

The Kia riot is a good budget car. It works well and has given me no problems so far. I dislike two things about it. The car is structured in a way that makes it hard to see out the back. The engine will also tremble when the car is on but stopped.

- Mah C

This car gets great mileage and is versatile in size and storage.

I've owned this car for less than 2 months, but so far the experience has been good. It is a very pretty blue and has different hues in different lights. The size is fairly small, but it has a hatchback to allow space for extra storage.

- Erin K

It's is incredibly fuel efficient and a very good car for beginners.

I like how compact and easy it is. It's very smooth to drive and also looks nice. I also really like how fuel efficient it is. My only dislike would be that it has occasional problems with the gas tank. Other than that I love my car.

- Priscilla C

I overall love my vehicle but the issues make me not want to purchase again.

My vehicle is having computer related issues. The engine signal usually comes on as does the low tire sign and will stay on even after my vehicle is taken in to check. The gas cap signal comes on as well after I take a turn.

- Samantha G

Kia Rio a dependable vehicle

I enjoy my vehicle for the most part. My biggest issue had been the noise. When driving the road noise can be loud. I am not really sure where it is coming from. This is my second Rio the first one i did not have an issue

- dave L

Elegant, comfortable, reliable, all within your budget.

Functional and reliable vehicle. Perfect for our current budget. Elegantly designed with enough space in the interior. Only dislike is the height of rear windows which make surveying the surroundings more difficult.

- Dominik R

It is affordable with great gas mileage.

I like the size and shape of the car - it's small but not too small. It has great gas mileage. I had issues with steering and the computer, however, so I'm not sure how reliable it will be in the long run.

- Amanda S

It is very small but very cute and easy to drive. Has a big trunk and is roomy despite its smallness.

I love that the display and lights in my Kia Rio is red. The car has a really cool shape to it and I like the fact that it is Bluetooth enabled. The only thing I dislike is that there is no middle console.

- Brittany R

It gets great gas mileage and very dependable.

It gets good gas mileage. Fits a short person like me. It does not have electric windows. It is nothing fancy but it was what was affordable to me. It is a cute car that I can zip around town in.

- Pamela G

Red Kia rio 4 door hatchback.

This car has been reliable and fuel efficient. Have had no major problems or repairs. It is sporty looking and comfortable. It doesn't have much pick up though. I am happy with this car overall.

- Kim Q

It is great for a daily driver.

It is a comfortable ride with soft suspension, a powerful a/c, and a decent display for music. The car has wonderful mileage, and I take advantage of the eco mode. The car just looks good.

- Sarah M

It's affordable both to purchase and to run and maintain.

I like the mileage it gets. I like the Sirius radio installed. I dislike the way my slippery tire light comes on and the car slows almost to a stop as I head up the hill toward my house.

- Gwen B

The mileage on this car is amazing, and the size is perfect for new drivers.

I love my cars gas mileage, I get about 34 miles per gallon. I also love the size of my car, it is very easy to park. I do not like how I do not have automatic door locks and windows.

- A B

Gas mileage is ok, trunk is roomy, interior designed with people in mind

For the biggest part I really like the car, but the acceleration is sluggish at times. Once it gets up to speed it's great, but coming from a stop to 40 takes a couple of minutes.

- Shawn P

It is really great on gas. It gets about 360 miles to the gallon.

The Kia Rio has a very nice Adjustable seating option. It has perfect air conditioning, and great space to store plenty of groceries etc. All-in-all it is a fantastic vehicle.

- Melissa S

Reliable and safe small car.

I love that it has enough power to get up hills, pass other cars on the freeway, and keep up with traffic. I love that it feels safe, and as though I am well protected in it.

- Claire H

My car is affordable by saving you tons of money in gas.

My vehicle is a four door hatchback. I like the gas mileage on the car because I travel a far distance from home to school. I dislike that it doesn't have cruise control.

- Merideth S

Economical on gas. Runs very smooth.

I like the size of my vehicle. I like how I save on gas. I like how easy it's to maintenance my car. I like how my phone connects to my car on its own with Bluetooth.

- Lorena L

It's cheap, reliable, and easy to maintain!

I like that my vehicle is cheap, and fuel efficient. I wanted something reliable, which it seems to be. Also, I feel that even though it's small, it's still spacious

- Bartow F

The one most important thing that other people should know about my car is that it is mine.

I like the size. Comfortable and easy to drive. Has manual locks and windows which I like. Has Bluetooth which is nice. Power is to be desired when the a/c is on.

- Tamara U

Kia Rio the unexpectedly sporty sedan under 18000

I have the Rio with the sport package. The interior is barebones as in no electric windows but the engine and 6 speed manual transmission makes up for it

- Erik C

Great on gas. Very comfortable in all the seats.

It is a great car very comfortable for my and my family. We made lot of trips in these car the trunk have a lot of space. The air conditioning is great.

- Jesus N

Why you should buy or lease a Kia riot.

I love my car it is fuel efficient, sporty. It is really reliable and is peppy with great pick up. For a small vehicle it has a great deal of storage.

- Beth D

Kia Rio, a fantastic car!

it's a nice car, really well done, with nice and useful interiors- seats are comfortable, it has all the things that people search in nowadays cars

- Mark R

It is dependable, compact, and good on gas.

I like the gas/ecoboost, I do not like how small it is. I like that it is dependable, I do not like that it does not have power locks or windows.

- Tiffany M

2016 Kia rio manual transmission.

The Kia riot is a nice cheap car. It is great for the money. With about 40+ mpg this six speed manual transmission car is great to run around in.

- Mack B

Small car equals smaller gas tank.

A really great car, comfortable, big trunk, love the 100, 000 mile warranty, my daughter and I love the Audio system and rock out all the time!!

- Jennifer R

Hyundai's are the best car I have ever owned.

I have absolutely no complaints at all. The car is perfect for my lifestyle and amazing on gas. It is also runs so smoothly and it is compact.

- Kristin C

Amazing 2016 Kia Rio review for Practical Car users

The vehicle is fantastic. We perform preventative maintenance occasionally. And it is great on gas. Even though the car itself is kinda small.

- Rollan D

That they would not make any mistake by buying one like it.

It gets good gas mileage. Rides good. Just a nice car. Do not like the color. Never have had any problems with it just a over all nice car.

- Delores M

that it is one of the best cars for the lowest amount of $s.

I like that it has room inside seeing that it is a small car. I don't like is the condensation that collects on the inside back window.

- adriana a

It has eco mode which puts less stress on the engine, saving gas.

I love this car, but everything is manual. Rolling down the windows and locking my car is a pain when I have to do it mechanically.

- Irene V

I like that is had the Bluetooth connections. I also like that is the USB plug outlet. I do not like that it does not have cruise control and that the steering wheel doesn't move up and down.

The trunk space is awesome. I has the eco option to save on gas which is really awesome. I also like the space inside the car.

- Katherine o

This car is great on gas not a gas guzzler. It has a economic button on gas.

This car is great on gas and a safe car, it is not as big as I would like to have a car. It also a little closed in feeling.

- Mary S

Kia riot: worth more than what I paid for it.

My Kia is really fun to drive, gets great fuel economy. It is low maintenance and has great service at the local dealership.

- Doris T

Manual transmission. Can roll back on you.

It is a standard. It is to low to the ground. Has great gas mileage. Love satellite radio. Too small for long road trips.

- Eric C

Everything is good nothing is wrong with the car.

There is nothing wrong with this car it is really good. The Kia drives excellent. The car just needs a little more room.

- Jennifer K

My little blue kia rio 2016

doesn't have cruise but that may just be because it was all I could afford at the time. great car, and good gas mileage.

- Autumn O

the comfort, talking about comfort my car is the best

There is no complain, the problem is that I have a big family and is not the best car when we have to move all together

- Jose J

. 22 $ can fill my car up and it will last for a very long time.

I do not like how small my car is. I am almost six feet. It is very hard to get out of. The car is way to love for me.

- Diamond M

Make sure it's not to small and hard to get in and out

I like the style and that it's 4 door. I don't like it size, to small and to low to the ground. Hard to get in and out

- Leslie D

It's affordability. The price is one of the lowest on the market!

It's a good little car.A sedan. Love how affordable it was. The only complaint is the back window drips condensation.

- rose M

I feel safe driving my car. Safety is the most important feature of a car and then reliability. I have both.

I like that I have not had any major repair bills. I love that I get great fuel mileage. There is nothing I dislike.

- Jessie Y

It is low on maintenance has 10 year, 100,000 mile warranty

This is my second Kia and I am very pleased with how Kia's handle. Great gas mileage and comfortable to ride in.

- chuck s

I love my Kia because it is efficient on gas and I know I can rely on getting me where I need to go. The ride is comfortable for all passengers and the driver.

It fits my personality perfectly. I know that when I drive my Kia people know that I am fun and like adventure.

- joan b

Very stylish, and comfortable, great highlights.

Reliable, great on gas, very comfortable, lots of space for shopping. ~fit up to four people in the back seat.

- Cheryl J

Looks can be deceiving- pretty car but not comfortable

Great gas mileage but no cruise control. Sits really low to the ground as well and so bumps are felt heavily

- Megan A

Small compact with great features.

Small economy car. Good on gas. Four door. Good roomy glove compartment and trunk. Small visors and insi.

- Bernadette S

My vehicle is a KIA RIO 2016 it is blue and runs great. I purchased it used from Diamond Valley in Hemet, CA. The gas mileage is amazing, I share the vehicle with my spouse and he uses it mainly to commute to his job.

Great miles per gallon and the car is very compact and has enough space for extra travelers and baggage.

- briana a

Great car. Would buy Kia cars again.

The car is great. No problems. It runs great. Good gas mileage. Very comfortable and low to the ground.

- Lynnette L

Kia Rio is an affordable car that gets good gas mileage.

Kia Rio gets great gas mileage, is roomier than you would think for a small sedan, has a large trunk.

- kat h

It's great on gas mileage

I like the gas mileage and all the extra features. I love my satellite radio. I dislike the color

- Melanie G

It is easier to drive and clean then the bigger cars.

Like the size. It is harder to pull out in this car. Harder to see what is behind you quickly.

- theresa h

It's reliable and has give me little trouble so far.

like It's reliability and gas mileage. Like It's sound system. wish it had more power.

- Paul p

Gas saver and miles per gallon

Kia is the best reliable and durable. Super gas saver and miles per gallon.

- Ivan G

One most important for me is more interior space,more elegantly.A rearview camera.Comfort for my family.Important fuel economy.

In my car all like.I love the red color,l love my new car.

- Carlos P

I feel safe driving it. That is what is most important to me. I have not with second hand cars.

It has great fuel economy. I have had no major repairs.

- Sharon N

It has Bluetooth and air conditioning. That's my favorite part.

I like driving it. It's perfect for me. No complaints.

- Diane H

Worry-free and dependable, easy to drive and maintain

Small, simple, good on gas, no problems of any kind.

- Teresa F

Great car for driving in city life.

- Alyssa B

Polyester seating, Bluetooth, aux, including a five seats and reliable on gas.

- Abigail M