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The backup camera. It comes standard and is very helpful for parking.

My Rio is pretty comfortable, definitely not the most comfortable but definitely does not qualify for uncomfortable. It performs really well, speeds up quickly and has great gas mileage. It came standard with a backup camera, cruise control, sunglass holder, and Bluetooth. The center console is small but fits what I need it to. The console in the front under the radio is pretty big and convenient to place chapstick, phone, etc. In. There are also two cup holders of ample size along with water bottle holders in the sides of the doors on all 4 of my doors.

- Hannah E

Fun commuter car for a good price.

I have owned this car for 6 months and 19000 miles. It's a really fantastic vehicle. One thing I have noticed is that the interior plastic gets scratched really easily. For such a small car it has tons of room and storage. Gas mileage is usually 43-50 MPG in WNC. The vehicle is difficult to self service though. There is no accessible power steering fluid reservoir. The steering is fun and precise and the brakes are good but not too sensitive. Being a lightweight car is has really good pickup and sport mode. I would give a 9/10

- Logan E

for how small it is and how low to the ground it is handles various terrain well

No problems so far with the vehicle. Performance wise it runs smoothly, and quietly so far drives really well on most terrains, gas mileage is amazing. Reliability wise I haven't had any issues with it I drive it back and forth to work, and have taken several trips with it no problem. Seating is very comfortable for a hatchback (tall people friendly). I love all of the features to this vehicle to the extra buttons on the steering wheel to the sport mode button for when you're feeling like a race car driver!

- Alicia W

The Kia rio is a great, small car to drive short or long distances.

The Kia rio is a great small car for daily use. It is good on gas and I spend about $20 a week to fill it up, and I can drive a 2. 5 hour trip which will only use about half of the tank. The radio is touch screen and it has access for an AUX cord and USB device to charge your phone or any other devices. The only downside to the specific model I have is that the windows and side view mirrors are manual, and I must lock the car through the driver's side manually.

- Isabel M

Kia makes very nice, comfortable, and reliable cars now.

I just bought the vehicle, previously a rental car, from a dealership so no issues as of late. Runs very well, engine is generally quiet and drives smoothly. Good gas mileage and the parts are seemingly cheap for replacements(I have a warranty with this so my opinion might vary from the norm). Very comfortable cloth seats, a lot of adjustability. Bluetooth radio, usb plug in, reverse back camera. No cigarette lighter, strangely enough.

- Michael D

It helps prevent accidents

My car is amazing. I drives smoothly, it helps me stay away from accidents. it's my first car and it's the best starter car. This car is up to date with technology but isn't too over the top. The gas mileage is fantastic especially because I drive a lot.This car is simple yet it has enough to satisfy anyone. This car is all around wonderful for someone starting out.

- Samantha C

The car gives you an option to drive manually or what feels like manual at least

It's really good on gas but it's super small. And the car is really lightweight so you feel all the bumps on the road and if it's windy the car feels like it's blowing all over. I don't recommend this car if you plan on having kids. With my son's car seat in the back, whoever ends up sitting in the passenger seat has to sit with their knees in the glove box.

- angel M

The Kia Rio is a great Road trip Car

My Kia Rio is a wonderful vehicle to drive. I consistently get 38 or more miles per gallon, which means less trips to the gas station. It has great acceleration and braking power, and I've had no major issues come up in the 6 months I've owned the vehicle. Perfect car for road trips, as it is roomy and has plenty of space for luggage in the trunk.

- Corey H

Spacious for small vehicle.

Love the car for the most part. Only concern I have had is the very sensitive steering, and I have not yet found a phone holder that works and holds the phone close to eye level. Other than that, it is roomy for a small vehicle and performance is absolutely amazing. Trunk is spacious. Gas mileage is great for both highway and city driving.

- Rebecca N

A Kia is a great and affordable car!

My car is great on gas. It runs great! It is an attractive car. The only downside is that even though it is a 2018 it didn't come with a built in Bluetooth phone ability and I had to buy a Bluetooth phone speaker for my car to abide by the Georgia hands free law. Also it is not great as far as road noise and does not have cruise control.

- Kacey J

My Kia Rio is comforting and soothing.

There are no problems with my car except for the fact that there is no CD slot but that is the least of my worries. It runs smooth and fast and it is very comfortable. I feel great whenever I drive my car. It has a touch screen so it helps me by not physically using my phone for whenever I receive a call. I love it.

- Ana Monica C

The Kia Rio is the perfect car for driving in traffic and is very comfortable.

The car is the right size for me. It has Sirius XM which I definitely enjoy. It is rides very smoothly. It has great mileage especially when driving long distances and even good mileage in city traffic. Another feature I really like and need is the ability to raise the driver's seat since I am fairly short.

- Wendy S

It is the ideal vehicle for gas and maneuvering around the city.

I have no problems. This car has great performance just little space. Steering wheel control features and eco gas option that helps you save on gas in traffic especially. This car is easy to maneuver. Trunk space is descent also. It's a great car for a college student or a single mom with one kid or no kids.

- Tamara L

It's white and the color helps with the Texas heat. It's spacious and perfect for a small family. It has been the most reliable car we have purchased. Kia has never let us down.

I really love our vehicle. However, in the state of Texas, I would suggest buying a truck. A lot of roads flood and our little car cannot always handle flooding. The car is comfortable and very reliable. Purchasing it was a quick and easy experience for my husband. This was our second car purchase with Kia.

- carmen m

Amazing interiors, great gas mileage, amazing performance.

The car has had no issues since purchasing. Reliable and amazing on gas mileage. The stereo system is incredibly amazing and has a great base. The seats are very comfortable unlike most cars and despite the size the back seat is very spacious. The trunk is another great aspect in the fact that it is huge.

- Ariel P

My awesome first car from Kia.

I have had no problems with my car. I have had it for 8 months and still love it. Comfort and reliability is awesome. I would definitely recommend this car as a starter car for a new college student, 16th birthday, any occasion. The one thing I like the most is the gas mileage. I get 40-43 all the time.

- Kaitlyn F

I love the red color of my car!

No issues since I have had the car. I get good gas mileage which is important to me. Has made it on short commutes as well as trips that are over 13 hours long. All parts of the vehicle have been reliable as well. Only needed to replace the tires, which were due for a replacement earlier this year.

- Laura B

2018 Kia Rio handles well for a stroke victim.

I generally like driving the 2018 Rio. Having a stroke complicates this, but it works. The engine is quiet, (as it should be). The seats are comfortable, and you can put your long legs out, providing you do not have any rear passengers. We have had it since July 2018, and had no problems with it.

- Kelly A

Great mpg and a smooth, reliable ride!

This vehicle drives very smoothly. It usually averages 40 mpg. Even though it is a smaller car, it is very roomy with a large trunk. It is a great vehicle for daily commute or road trips. The seats are very comfortable and the sport mode is fun. I would highly recommend this vehicle to others.

- Alexandria M

My recently purchased Kia.

I bought the car last week, so I really just have user reviews to go by. Everything I read said that this was a great car, that performs very well. The interior is nice, but my wife and I have trouble understanding the dashboard sometimes. We still are not sure what our mileage started at.

- Kenneth S

I have no highlight with the car I like just how it is only highlight.

Have no problem with any performance is very good I have the car since January, it is very good in the snow, it is very reliable, it very comfort to seat the only trouble not enough cargo space very small, and it haves rolled windows, and it was with sinuses radio but cannot afford it.

- Wanda G

2018 Kia rio 4 door stick shift.

So far no problems at all. It gets awesome gas mileage, and drives like a dream. A 5 hour road trip felt more like 15 minutes! And you can't go wrong with the warranty, it's bumper to bumper and 100, 000 miles. What can I say I love Kia and would purchase another one in the future.

- Ashley L

My favorite part about the Rio is it has amazing gas mileage and very reliable.

This is an amazing car, it is pretty compact but still spacious on the inside. There are no complaints on my end, gas mileage is awesome and a very nice looking car as well. I have had mine for about 4 months now and have not run into any problems. Fits up to 5 people comfortably.

- Brittany H

The Good and Bad of the Rio

Seats get a little uncomfortable and not many add ons to the car, pretty basic car. However, the car is very reliable. I haven't had one problem with it so far. I got my first oil change the other day and it runs like new. I would recommend this car if your on a budget.

- Alexander J

That it is good value for the car - much better than a Nissan. They need to know that Kia really is a good car.

I used to have a Nissan and love this Kia so much more. It has more power, the transmission gives me comfort, I have heat in the winter whereas the Nissan has some funky system not to deliver. This particular Kia does not have power anything I really dislike that.

- Mary F

love my Rio 'the batmobile ' as my kids call it

love my car, small but great mpg. doesn't feel as small as it looks. Quick when it wants to be. Nice sounds system. Big trunk. Looks good. The body design is sleek. Ac works great. Love the sport mode. Mine is base model so it has no cruise or power locks or windows

- katie R

33 miles per gallon Nice interior Reliable

It performs very well, it has very good gas mileage. It's a great car for a great price, and has been a very reliable car so far. It is quiet. The car performs very well in the weather conditions, and I love the look of the car. The front of the car looks great.

- Christopher T

looks the best washed and has the best chrome look design

it looks very great inside and out. Safe for kids and has a lot of space and I would definitely recommend it to any who wants to buy I love how I can plug it my radio and it works and I can listen music and it rides very smooth and puts the kids right to sleep.

- robin F

Fun to drive and practical, plus the price was right!

I love my new Kia rio. I wanted a hatchback to make it easier to load items, but still wanted room for 4 people. The back seats are convertible to allow for larger items. The mileage is great and it appears to have come off the line with no problems at all.

- Kathy P

One proud Kia Rio owner right here

The car is wonderful! Affordable, great on gas, not a lot of bells and whistles (but that's okay by me). Handles nicely on various terrains. I use it to commute around the congested streets of NOVA/DC, where it does perfectly. Parking it is a breeze, too!

- Ryan G

Outstanding Investment Car

This is a very reliable car! Has plenty of trunk space and still very spacious on the inside. It is a very quiet car, does not make a lot of noise. The seats are super comfortable and the climate control works amazing. It is all around an amazing car.

- Melody E

it belongs to me I keep it clean mean and lean even has a tow hitch.

I like the size and the fuel efficiency. . No complaints. I love the dashboard and all the information that is available at a quick glance. It is very quiet and the engine is very small, but it has lots of power..

- Shirley D

Highly recommend for those wanting great gas mileage

A great affordable option. Nothing fancy but superb gas mileage! Very pleased with my purchase. Highly recommend this for people looking for a budget friendly but safe vehicle with great gas mileage!

- Jorgia P

Great gas mileage car , great driving, and very comfortable

I LOVE my car for the most part , I LOVE that it gets great gas mileage. It is comfortable and drives really well , I would recommend this to anyone looking for low mileage car,

- Robin E

My car has really good gas mileage and easy to drive.

One thing I do not like is that it is kind of loud. I also think the breaking is pretty sensitive. It is a great car for my first new car. It has all the tech I need.

- Callie D

The satellite radio is awesome.

The seats are uncomfortable would have got leather or something else. Overall I really like gas mileage. And the fact I have roadside assistance. And full warranty.

- Tammy S

Very dependable seldom breaks down.

It's a very nice car, I like it a lot. I have no complaints on the car. It fits my family very nicely, and has a nice sound system with pretty good bass.

- Kayla D

The riot is a safe vehicle for your family.

Car has great gas mileage, comfortable ride, great for a small family, can't fit more than two kids in the back in car seats, huge trunk, sporty look.

- Robin G

The Rio fits my small frame better than a bigger full size car.

4 door, automatic, fast & great on gas mileage. Just the right size for me and handles really well. I would not have bought it if I didn't love it.

- Magda C

People should know about the Eco Boost button that can help you save money on gas.

I love the Eco Boost button that helps me get more MPG on the highway. I do not like that I don't have cruise control. I love how it handles.

- Amy S




All about my life with hacks car and what not but yeah.

I really encourage everyone to go after their dream car because it really is what it is driving around in what you always dreamed about.

- Kelly P

How affordable it is in terms of monthly payments as well as great on gas.

Smooth driving and brake systems. Lots of room considering its compact size. Great gas mileage, and will save you lots of money.

- Hayley M

It's a great car and has a very reasonable price and a terrific warranty.

It is a great vehicle, we just got back from a vacation and it ran great and there was plenty of room and was very comfortable.

- Donna L

Awesome car for an affordable price

This car is the best. Great price and great overall quality. You really get what you pay for with this car. Would recommend!

- Ryan S

Its kid friendly and safe so that is important.

No complaints! It has a back up camera and Sirius XM radio. I love it all. And it's the color I wanted. I have zero issues.

- Daniel A

Cruise control, Bluetooth system and subscription to Sirius radio.

It is a good car it gets the job done. Just a little small for me. Has good mileage, efficient on gas. Good for road trips.

- Fred B

Compact. They should know about it's sport mode feature, and should know about gas mileage and Bluetooth capability

I love my car's size. I love that it's affordable but it still doesn't feel cheap. And I love it's Bluetooth features

- Kyra J

Good on gas good driving and it is the size

I love my car and it get good gas mileage and I like driving it and it good to drive around. I am glad that I got it

- Sally R

the technology is all there at a low price. Its affordable, and you get big bang for the buck.

I love how good it is on gas. the technology is a great feature. Its design looks great, and I love driving it.

- lisa M

The Kia Rio has excellent fuel efficiency and is a great, sporty car.

I love the size of it. It is compact yet big enough for my needs. I also love that it is sporty looking.

- Angela B

Bright white with black interior

It nice and fast and dependable. Doesn't use much gas. Very roomy and great interior. White colored.

- Destiny G

it is impossible to steal it

it is a nice car affordable and basically gets me from point a to point b

- sam j