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Love my Kia. It is a great little car for a retired teacher.

My Kia has been a great car. I have driven it across the country twice. It has been very reliable. I take good care of it. I bought it used and it has served me well. It is red in color, and unfortunately the touch-up paint Kia gave me on 2 occasions does not match it. I recently had the beige seats cleaned at the car wash and it improved the look well. I get good gas mileage, and use it mostly for in-town travel. It holds 5 people well, but I can lay down the back seats and it can carry very large items in the back portion. I would buy another Kia if I needed another car. This car has been paid for when I bought it. I was hit once from behind and the repair went well. I have only had one accident in my 60 years of driving, but I hit another car in the parking lot of walmart. It was repaired well, and you'd never know I have had it repaired. I could say more about this car, but that is all I can think of. Love my little red Kia.

- Karen T

Roomy inside, great maneuverability in tight spaces.

I have had very few issues with this vehicle. There were a couple of safety recalls on a front air bag and a brake switch which were fixed for free. I had to replace the fuel injection system, but that was after many years of driving it without any issues. It gets really good gas mileage. I like its maneuverability in tight spaces. The back seats fold down allowing for a lot of storage space. I have been able to haul items measuring 7 foot in length. It is roomy if you have several people in the back and is very comfortable. I like how it rides a little higher than some cars. The settings are really easy to adjust. I wish that the cabin air filter was not so expensive to replace (around $50). All in all, it has been a very well performing vehicle and I am now hooked on SUVs as they fit my lifestyle well.

- Isabella J

The 2008 Kia Rondo Lx is a family vehicle with optional third row seating.

The car has been very reliable since I have owned it. It's great for the state family who once in a while has an extra person to drive around and need the third row seating. Various car seats fit wonderfully and easily into the seats. The third row seating is easy to pull up and put away. There are plenty of cup holders and small places for extra storage. You can choose between having a portion of the third row seat up on either side at a time or the whole thing. If you do have the third row seating completely up then you have no cargo space. The gas is moderate, and it also drives well.

- Mandi P

The best "big" little car I have owned.

My favorite feature on this vehicle is the ability to seat 7 if I need it. If not needed it has an awesome cargo area. I have even put down the middle row of seats for a completely flat, very large cargo area. I love the sunroof and the sound system is really great, with a factory installed amp. It has seat heaters, as well. The 6 cylinder engine has great pick up. The only thing I do not like about this car is that the windows are not shaded. I have never seen this model car with shaded windows. I really hate that people can see right into my car in the back.

- Kris C

All in all if you do not already own a Kia rondo please do not buy 1.

It is a horrible vehicle. Too many internal motor problems. Not enough room in interior of the vehicle. Crammed and not comfy. Also vehicle sits to low to the ground. You can feel every bump in the road. Horrible suspension, undercarriage is rotted out. Due to the low sitting to the ground car. Should never own a Kia rondo if you plan on living in a cold, snowy environment. On the plus side of things, it does get really good gas mileage. Also the trunk space is very roomy. The Kia rondo looks like a small minivan. It is a very peculiar looking vehicle.

- Michael F

Looks little on the outside but is big on the inside

I love the car, awesome gas mileage for the size, I have a 16 ,13 and 10 year old they all ride comfortably in the backseat the third row seat are a little crapped for my 16 year old but the 13 and 10 ride comfortably. There is little compartments all over the back to put sunscreen, road kit, extra clothes , whatever you need to take but don't always need. Cup holders in all the doors and the middle console has two cup holders for the back passengers. Overall awesome family car !!

- Amanda G

Looking to re-home this Kia! It has maintenance details.

This is a 2008 Kia rondo black in color. It has been a reliable vehicle and well maintained. (all of the service tickets are in the glove box. ) It will soon roll over 100, 000 miles. I have used it to take my dogs to the mesa, but the seat is covered with a dense plastic cover-up and then a bedspread. It is easy to fold down the seats to make more room to haul large items. The driver side seat belt even has an extender.

- Mary W

It's a very reliable vehicle with almost no problems.

I love it's roominess inside, and it's reliability. It's comfortable to drive, and gets fairly good gas mileage. My only complaint is that my A/C quit working, and the shop wants way too much money to replace the compressor and clutch, so I go without. Luckily, where I live doesn't get very hot regularly - only occasionally, and after having lived in the Nevada desert, I can tolerate some heat ... for a little while.

- Cindy C

Little on the Outside, Big on the Inside

I've really enjoyed the spacious cabin. It's always fun to show off how much my little wagon can fit. Overall I've loved having this car- it rides smooth, handles well, gets great mileage, and good acceleration. I would prefer it have a bit better luck in the snow. It does alright in light snow but heavy snow is a challenge. Overall I'd recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a good deal on a mid range car.

- Sam M

Not for me right now but it gets me there

I like it for the most part! But I have had some sort of motor issues happen! The car would shake really bad when I would slow down to come to a stop! Then it got so bad two Days later, when would put it in drive it shuts off on me!! The car come fixed it for me but I work in two different cities so I'm not sure if the car is right for me at this time!! I don't hate it but I also don't love it

- Christine H

Kia rondo rocks: from low tire warning to great gas mileage.

The best part about the 2008 Kia rondo lx is that it has multiple hidden storage compartments in the back. I really wish it had a thermometer. When I drive mostly highways, I can get as much as 22 miles per gallon. In the city, I get approximately 17-19 miles per gallon. Both front and rear seats are comfortable. I frequently use the cruise control and enjoy having that option.

- Audra M

It is a super small size SUV to drive.

I bought this car used, barely used. It has been a great car. Have driven it across the country twice, and continues to be a great car for local travel. The repairs have been average, the mileage is good and has been great to own. The care has had easy for a senior citizen, I would recommend that Kia make this model again. They stopped making it and it is a good car.

- Karen T

My review of the 2008 Kia rondo.

My Kia rondo is spacious and comfortable. It runs quiet and efficiently. Its performance has suited my needs of a dependable vehicle to get to and from work and around town. The only real criticism I have is that it seems to be a hassle to get aftermarket parts for it in shops, they almost always have to be ordered. Otherwise I have really liked owning this vehicle.

- Nathan F

Compact vehicle with room for seven people.

The only problems I have had with it is the check engine light always comes on. I had it checked out and was told it had something to do with the gas cap. As long as the light is not blinking it is ok. I love the idea that we can fit 7 people in it. However, we do lose storage space once we have more than 5 people, but it has worked well for our family of six.

- Robyn S

Great, reliable vehicle for travel.

Find myself replacing the tires very often but other than that have never had many large issues with it. I've had it for over 10 years, has roughly 101, 000 miles on it and still runs just as good as the day I got it. The car has a lot of space, which is nice, the radio still works well. Overall nothing major has ever been wrong with it.

- Kaitlyn B

Kia rondo: the students review.

It drives like a normal car. Decent mileage per gallon. Ac system tends to take a while to start sending out that nice air depending on extreme temperatures outdoors. Normal features, nothing too special. Cool that theirs volume buttons on the steering wheel so you do not have to take your eyes off the road.

- Simon K

It is not too small and it is not too big.

To be honest my car is a really great car. It is a car for 5 people. It has a really good amount of space in the back. And it has these things where you can left the handle and put stuff under. It is really good on gas. I fill it up with $25-30. It all depends on the gas price. Sometimes $20.

- Ruth V

Dependable, made only for 2 yrs no prior accidents, sunroof, heated seats.

Rondo was only made for 2 yrs, & has been very reliable dependable. No real problems with this car, have just outgrown this car have a need for a larger SUV now otherwise would keep this car for very long time. It has all leather interior seats & seat warmers, sun roof.

- Karen H

Lots of little nooks and hooks for storage

Electrical issues- radio plays but the screen is blank, keyless entry and push button for gas don't work either. Pretty roomy in front and nice hatch back but back seat can get cramped. Gas mileage is nice but the gas cap doesn't screw on nice so the o2 sensor always goes off

- Meg W

Highs and lows of a Kia rondo.

Very roomy, great stereo system, tons of storage, do not like that it takes 5w20 instead of standard 10w30 oil, I have noticed with my car and this model in my color and other colors I see on the road that my color the clear coat seems to peel, very efficient on gas usage.

- Tammy C

It is a reliable vehicle that has served me well.

I like that it is well made and has been easy to maintain. I like that it is not a large vehicle but that it can carry seven passengers. I wish that it got better gas mileage. And since it's a 2008 model, I wish it had some more modern safety and electronic features.

- David H

The Kia rondo is a wagon with great utility and lots of space.

There seems to be a grinding sound in the front of the car under the hood. There is also only a key hole on the driver side door which can get very annoying. Other than that, it drives well. I personally like the exterior and the interior. Overall, it is a good car.

- Abigail T

Family friendly and surprising comfort.

The vehicle is surprisingly roomy. I am a bit taller but have plenty of legroom anywhere I may sit in the vehicle. It also gets decent gas mileage. It also seems to have a good safety system, suede curtain airbags and whatnot. It fits my family's needs for sure.

- Kelli T

Surprisingly roomy for most.

For being a taller person, I feel as though I actually have plenty of room when I drive or if I ride as a passenger. It is surprisingly roomy. There is also more than adequate space for loading groceries in the back. In addition a great air bag system as well.

- Kelli L

Looks like a van, rides like a car.

This Kia rondo has been so reliable. I have 126, 000 miles on it and have had no major repairs. It gets 30 miles to the gallon. It looks like a van but handles like a car. I love it. The ride is extremely smooth. I would highly recommend this car. Very nice.

- Maria D

I have a bad back and the seat is perfect.

No problems at all after I got past the electrical wiring problem, which was under warranty. It was tough going at first. When it was finally fixed it never gave me any trouble. All was covered by warranty. I've kept up with all maintenance and oil changes.

- Diane F

SUV that has some get up and go.

The car does have good pick up. There is an engine "knock" that no one seems able to fix. The seats could be more comfortable and more adjustable. Large blind spot that is not covered by the mirrors. The cruise control kicks off going up large hills.

- Cindy W

Kia rondo like a station wagon.

It is a good car it get me to where I need to go. It is comfortable to ride in. It is a smaller station wagon. I know that since I have had it I have driven it all over the place. It being an older vehicle and with high mileage it still runs pretty good.

- Kari B

Great gas mileage and very reliable .

I love my Rondo , it is very reliable and dependable . I've had it for 4 years , I've not had any problems with it so far . The only thing I don't like about it is that the seats aren't very comfortable on long rides . It gets excellent gas mileage .

- Tammy M

It mostly meets my needs and It's mine. I like the feeling of riding high above the ground and I am able to easily use the cargo space for heavy or awkward things like baskets of mulch or stuff to take to the recycling center.

Like the color, the small SUV style. I handles easily and is good on gas. I do not like that it doesn't have current digital amenities. Had to buy adaptors and does not have NAV. It is slow on the uptake when climbing a hill.

- Jayne C

It is a very good purchase if you have a large family but don't want to invest in a minivan.

It is very reliable. It is very roomy. I don't have many issues with the vehicle mechanically, it is very reliable. What I don't like: The very back seats get warm during the summer, as if the air doesn't reach back there.

- Scott T

Go fast, haul stuff (including family!).

My car has plenty of room in order haul things. For instance, when we moved i moved most of the furniture by myself. It also has a lot of "pick up and go", which i have to watch for with my lead foot!

- Jenny G

Kia rondo is a decent wagon for the price.

For the most part the Kia rondo is a reliable vehicle. There are minor flaws such as the hatchback handle malfunctioning and the rear passenger row only sized for children, but overall I am happy.

- Eric G

Cosy mini minivan perfect for soccer moms!

I love the kia rondo because it has the third row sitting but it doesn't look totally like a minivan. I do not like the antI lock brakes. When it's wet I always hydroplane

- Angela R

The Kia Rondo is a sporty crossover suv that is big enough for a family of 5 and comfortable for everyone and plenty of cargo space in the back for everyone's things. It is a reliable vehicle with good gas mileage.

It is comfortable, plenty of legroom in the front and back, good acceleration and braking power. It is a very reliable car with enough room for my wife, 3 kids and I.

- Christopher G

The car is great for traveling due to the amount of space the back has to offer.

I like that the car has a lot of space in the back. I also like the seats in the back have a leg space. I don't like that the car doesn't get very good gas mileage.

- Meredith C

Kia Rondo will change your view of Korean car maker

For the price I paid for a vehicle, Rondo is reliable and comfortable. It is an easy drive. Good for travel and commute. The cargo is a pretty decent size too

- Cello C

Its dependable, safe, clean and comfortable.

I enjoy how many passengers I can carry in the car. I also enjoy how much room is in the car. I dislike how I can't figure out the cruise controls.

- Rose M

The Kia Rondo is a very reliable form of transportation.

The Kia Rondo is a very reliable and comfortable car. The gas mileage is average, better on the highway. It has a lot of storage capacity.

- Amber G

It is inexpensive to own and operate.

My Kia rondo has been very dependable. It does not have the leg room I desire as I am 6 foot tall. I have no complaints, good automobile.

- Danny S

Dependable and comfortable. Easy to maneuver. Pleasure to drive.

It has good gas mileage. It's comfortable to drive and ride in. It can carry a lot of stuff. It has good foot room in the back.

- Catherine L

It is very reliable and dependable

I love my Kia. It runs well gets great gas mileage and is very dependable. All you really need to do is basic maintenance on it.

- Debbie P

the smooth driving control along some cozy seats

it is a good car to drive it allows me to go from point a to point b without many problems and has some decent gas mileage

- Joseph S

Very comfortable ride. Great customer service if you ever need it.

This is our 2nd Kia car. We love it. We have driven it for 10 years and it is very reliable and roomy. Great gas mileage.

- Carla D

People should know that my car is very spacious and great on gas.

My vehicle is the ultimate mom car! It is great on gas, has decent space in the backseat and has tons of trunk space!

- Mariah P

It's cute, a nice size but not too big

It's a reliable vehicle. The air conditioning broke one summer and was expensive to fix. Other than that I love it

- jamie h

It's easy & accessible, and runs naturally.

Hey I don't much about cars hey I don't much about cars hey I don't much about cars hey I don't much about cars.

- Matthew S

Good reliable dependable car

It has been very reliable no major problems I really like it. No major repairs needed just routine maintenance.

- Steve E

Average family car, comfortable, reliable, smooth.

Slight electrical problems where gas tank would not longer open. Very reliable. Comfortable car held up well.

- Lisa R

It is well made and is comfortable, its style does not seem to change.

Comfort and low maintenance, are the things I like. It has a blind spot that is annoying at certain times.

- Aurelia S

They do not make them anymore. It is considered a crossover vehicle.

I like the crossover type vehicle but the rondo has had a lot of issues. Also they stopped making them.

- Kristin S

The most important thing people should know about my car is that the trunk is huge!

My vehicle is very spacious, and has a lot of trunk space but I wish there were more updated features.

- Joseph M

Small yet roomy! Kia rondo

It's small but roomy. I love the fact it's not huge but I can still put a good amount of stuff in it.

- Elizabeth C

That my car runs well and has taken good care of my family.

My car has run well for over 10 years. It gets good gas mileage. It is a smooth ride.

- Dan o

Safety mileage. Comfort. Upkeep. Good on highways

My style fits my needs. Easy to handle. Runs great. No complaints

- Bea A

Low maintenance no expensive repairs

Gas mileage Small SUV 6 cylinder low maintenance

- Roy S