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4 cylinder- 7 passenger Kia rondo.

My 2009 Kia rondo is great on gas as it is a 4-cylinder engine. Has 3rd row seating and does not make you feel like you are driving a minivan. I have had issues with the power steering, haven't found a solution, the back windows are now not working and the parts are special order and not currently available to order. Other than these issues, it has been pretty reliable and pretty comfortable. We fit 7 of us in the vehicle. When 3rd row is not in use, you can fold down and have trunk space.

- Michelle M

2009 Kia rondo information.

09 Kia rondo. Only problems I have encountered have been the replacement of my camshaft position sensor which seem to affect gas mileage, heavy shifting, and a few other minor issues. If left unreplaced, the vehicle has been known to die randomly. Reliability it has been decent, good gas mileage, sporty crossover with hatchback. No problems with leaks or anything although it has a hard time getting up hills and the headlights visibility is not the best.

- Zoe D

It came with a great warranty and didn't need it. It's been very reliable.

My car is perfect for me. Small enough to drive like a car but big and roomy enough to tote stuff and carry my dogs around. It has had very minimal problems and runs great it's been really reliable. Only complaint is the lock issue. One of my back doors locked and won't unlock and I won't pay to fix it right now..lol. But I like the car a lot.

- Marie S

My Kia rondo is spacious and allows seating for up to 7 people. Fairly good on gas and has been very reliable with very little problems. Cheap to upkeep.

I like my car. It get me from point a to point b, but It looks like a miniature mini van and i don't have kids. I like the space I have for getting groceries and such, but I don't like the fact that no lights turn on when the trunk is open and also that the windows always sound like they are cracked open.

- Amanda S

Third row seating has room enough for a full size adult.

It is a reliable car. It is good on gas and has many safety features like curtain side airbags. I like that in a car. Kia’s have long and reliable warranty. I have only had to do regular maintenance on the car. This car has third row seating and that is great because it has room for the whole family.

- Melissa N

Its small but fast and reliable.

My Kia rondo is a perfect small SUV. It drives perfect, great horse power. It does great on gas. It has 3 rows of seats. So there's plenty of space for 9 people. It's been very reliable for the past 6 months it's the perfect small SUV u can ever buy. Also has a nice stereo system for road trips.

- Jay H

Its versatile. Good on gas. Dependable.

Some parts are hard to find or not available because of the year/model. Very reliable vehicle but when problems occur it sometimes creates a domino effect leading to other parts needing fixing/replacing. The smaller the issue the bigger the problem. The bigger the issue the less complications.

- Kenneth M

2009 Kia rondo is a great car to drive.

It has a long warranty a lot longer than any manufacture. It also gives you free road side assistance lasting to 60000 miles. They also give you free 2 gallons of gas twice a year. Very roomy car. You can transport a lot more than you think. Very comfortable for driving even for long trips.

- Linda G

It's a comfortable vehicle with plenty of room for passengers and cargo.

I like the size of my car and how it sits up higher than smaller vehicles. There is plenty of room for my family and a third row of seats that I can fold out to carry an additional couple of people. I do now like the issues with power steering I've had off & on with the vehicle.

- April H

Average gas mileage. Back seats fold down to allow for more storage.

Very reliable, just a very basic model. It is average gas mileage. No frills, meets my needs to transport dogs. Would have been nice if the model came with a sunroof, guess will need to upgrade for that. If looking for a small SUV for errands this may be the car for you.

- Kelly P

Husbands car that is currently not for sale.

The transmission of my husbands 2009 Kia rondo needs some work, but otherwise all is good. Drives well, heats very well and cools very well. Needs some deep cleaning. Husband currently is not selling it so not sure why its wanting me to post this but whatever.

- Heather K

Kia rondo, great first car!

Ball joints, and new tires in the last 6 months. Very comfortable. Withstands heavy highway mileage. Seats however, are cloth, and they are tan of course, so they discolor easily. All automatic windows and foldable back seat. The car is overall amazing.

- Beth B




It is paid off! Also, it is a safe, reliable vehicle.

My vehicle is considered a wagon. It has a hatchback, which I love. I wish it had AWD since I live in a snowy area. My vehicle basically gets me from point A to point B. It is pretty basic but it works for me.

- kelly p

The most important feature of Kia's rondo is spacious inside.

Kia rondo is very spacious, which is great for family with kids. However, ex model with 4 cylinders is not good enough to accelerate speed on a hill. Overall, it is a good family car in the urban areas.

- Jake L

Has 7 seats and also gets about 25 mpg.

I like the mileage I get. I like the dependability of the vehicle. I like the roominess inside. I was a little disappointed in the mileage that I get and the rough ride and noisiness of the ride.

- Judy K

It has the option of a third row seat that folds down and still has cargo room.

Great size, like the folding 3rd row seat. It's a great car to fit in all the camping gear. It gets pretty good gas mileage. Very few repairs. Dislike car has no power in small hills.

- Linda P

Very spacious for a small SUV. Lots of room in the back also.

The interior is cheap you touch anything and it breaks. I love the size it is not too small and it not too big it just right. It not the expensive to maintain either.

- Ann P

Large, large , large cargo area!

This is a very reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage. 3rd row seats. Also very large cargo area when seats are down. It holds way more than what it would appear to.

- deb e

It is well made, and I have had no problems with it with routine maintenance.

It is comfortable, feels solid when driving and I feel safe with it. There is more than enough room for my groceries, baby seat and stroller, and 4 passengers.

- Gini D

terrible gas mileage for a small car so I wouldn't recommend it

I have never had a problem with my Kia. It gets terrible gas mileage and even though it has been problem free I can't wait to get something different.

- Joanne J

It has a third row of seats.

I love my rondo! It has all the room of a van because it has a third row of seats.It has no blind spots and is a very comfortable ride.

- drew S

Will last a long time if maintained.

Just went over 300,000 miles and as long as maintained hope to drive it at least 1 more year. Change timing belt every 60000 miles.


It does not do well in the rain.

I love the appearance of my vehicle. It has been relatively repair free, and still runs well with over 150, 000 miles on it.

- Matilda J

practical car for families

reliable, practical car. Design flaw if drive through puddles with worn tires, water shorts something stalling the vehicle.

- kim b

It is dependable and good on gas.

The car is dependable and good on gas. It is small and easy to park. I have no complaints. Would purchase again.

- Kim N

it is reliable and does not need a lot of maintenance.

I have almost 92,000 miles. I have put very little money into. The car runs well and gets decent gas mileage.

- Nikki M

roomy, comfortable, good gas mileage

just bought it 4 months ago. drives well. lots of room. favorite car. good on gas. smooth ride

- Susan C

Reliable, low repair bills, safety record. Runs well

Reliable and roomie. Not much money for upkeep. Pretty basic car though.

- Lisa E

I enjoy driving it. It has great power and pick up. Love the leather interior. The front is very roomy and open.

Feels very stylish, plenty of legroom. Love the extra third row seat.

- Sherrill H

It is a workhorse of a car and I am a proud owner

It was a rental car. I like the roominess. The stereo is great.

- Megan P

Very dependable - never had any issues

Dependable, I have never had any issues with this vehicle.

- Penny T