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I love my Sedona ex, and you will love it too.

This is a very roomy van. We have the screens in the headrests for the kids, which is such a help on long trips. The automatic doors and hatch are extreme helpful when I have my hands full. We get amazing gas mileage. The fold down seats in back and the removable seats in the middle are wonderful when we have to haul big objects places. We have only had to do basic maintenance on the van all this time. We haven't had any major issues mechanically. No real rust is showing when though we live right by Chicago and its 15 years old. It is a really smooth ride and our favorite to take on road trips. We recently drove to Louisville Kentucky and even with the roads torn up, the ride went really well. Although we get really great gas mileage all the time, it was even more improved on the highway. I love the heated seats when it's cold outside. It's nice to not only have the heat blowing around you, but also directly on your body. Which not only helps when it is cold, but it helps ease tired sore muscles. The reverse camera is amazing as well. It really helps spot those things you may not see in your mirrors as you are backing up. I did have 1 small fender bender in it, and you can barely even see the mark. The body holds up just as well as the mechanical parts. As far as I know, there was only 1 recall on it in all the time I had it, and it was for a bad sensor. The dealership fixed it right away and we haven't had any problems. We didn't have problems beforehand either. I always brag about my van to my friends.

- Karen C

Kia Sedona is a well built vehicle.

The only problem I have had is I have had to replace the alternator about 6 times. Other than that, I love my van. It is comfortable, even on long drives. There are controls for the driver's seat that adjust the lumbar section of then back and one that adjusts the seat section up and down to help relieve leg cramping on long drives. The two rows of back seats are removable which is helpful for transporting large items. The second row of seats can be positioned on either side of the van, making it easier to have a main side for entering or exiting the van. The hatch-back door on the back is easy to open and quite wide to help with loading. The dashboard has 3 compartments for storage, plus a secret locking compartment under the front passenger seat. The heater and air conditioner work great even in the last row of seats. The am/FM radio has 12 programmable stations for each frequency, plus a CD player, both of which have worked fine. I have over 190,000 miles and it passed the ca smog certification a few months ago, and it still runs just fine. I would buy a Kia vehicle next time I consider buying a new or used vehicle.

- Carole P

These vehicles in general have problems with the a/c unit.

Right now the vehicle is not shifting out correctly. The air conditioner only blows out cold air if the rear air conditioning unit is on. We recently changed a/c compressor. Sometimes the a/c will not work a all. Overall the seating is pretty comfortable, the hard plastic part by the driver seat that houses the seat controls has cracked. We put pressure on it getting in and out of the car. I do like the front and rear windshield washing system. I like the locking mechanisms on the passenger doors unless my kids accidentally lock them. One passenger sliding door is scraping the van a the bottom as you close it and open it though. I also like how you can take out the seats to clean, store things, etc. I don't like how trash or small items get stuck in the seat tracks though. You hear a lot of different sounds but you cannot till were these sounds are. I like the CD player as well. I also like having all the extra spaces for cups and charging outlets.

- Heather F

My Kia Sedona experience, the good and the bad.

My Kia has been somewhat dependable. I have owned it for 13 years and its 16 years old. I bought certified used, and within just a few months the transmission went out, fortunately the warranty was still good and it covered getting a new one. It doesn't get the best gas mileage, and has many weird issues. One pet peeve, it takes the car a long time to warm up, so the defrost/defog for the windshield takes forever. Right now, there is an electrical glitch that causes the sunroof to open on its own, without notice. Even though I am thankful for my car, I will not buy another Kia. Parts for replacement are always too high, especially when a part is only available at the dealer.

- Andrea B

Our Kia keeps our busy family on the move!

We purchased our vehicle in good used condition. It has held up to 2 adults, 3 kids, and a large and rambunctious canine. It handles well in all conditions. We live in the harsh prairie of North Dakota and it has never failed us. The spacious and comfortable interior gives us all room to stretch out during long trips. I am pleased with all of the standard features we received. In the future I would definitely consider purchasing another Kia!

- Lindsey W

Do Not Buy the 2003 Kia Sedona LX

brakes go out too quickly, it's a piece of junk, the parts are cheap, you spend thousands replacing stuff on it each year, fuel range is horrible, you get stranded about 5x a year, always something wrong with it. there's no safety features besides 2 airbags that don't even work properly, the air conditioning sucks, everything inside just falls apart because it's so cheaply made, it's just one big piece of junk

- Anthony H

It's not very reliable so drive with caution.

I got the car used from someone when my previous car blew a head gasket and would be too expensive to replace. The plus is that it runs. Otherwise, it was neglected by the previous owners so it leaks fluids, it has no ac, it's gas gauge doesn't work, it needs new wiring, and some previous repair were done poorly. It is also missing it's 3rd row of seating.

- Carrie Y

Wonderful van, great interior comfortable and safe, but some issues as it aged

Really like my kia, I've had it for several years now. I bought it used and I'd be lying if I said it didn't have it's problems it's unfortunate I've had to replace so many of the engine parts here and there. recently the transmission went out. Otherwise it's been a fantastic vehicle to get my family from place to place.

- Eric S

I cannot stand my car it is a lemon.

I have had a lot of issues with the check engine light coming on and have had to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs and maintenance the alternator went out was having tons of electrical problems doors not wanting to lock and my car literally just shutting off while I am driving I am basically just ready for a new car.

- Jasmine R

Very dependable no major mechanical issues engine has 135, 000 miles.

I have had air conditioning problems, replaced struts and shocks and other small items. . For the age of this Kia it has been very. Reliable. Ride is good very comfortable. Three rows leather bucket seats very comfortable seating electric seat adjustments with lumbar adjustments. Power windows and mirror adjustments.

- Joann W

Great for family fun getaways on long trips.

Great van, wonderful for long trips, very comfortable, have not had many problems out of it besides a bad coil one time, other than that it's been a great family van, it has a sunroof, power door locks and windows, cruise control, very reliable I'd like to get a new model soon, I would suggest them to anyone.

- Trevor G

2003 Kia Sedona honest review.

Good reliable car fantastic family vehicle as long as you keep up on routine. Maintenance repairs can be costly at a shop but for the day mechanic repairs can be fairly. Cheap van has ample seating and the removable seat make everyday activities a breeze I've hauled everything from groceries to lumber.

- Anthony M

I never thought I would have one, but I love my mom van!

Our van is very reliable. The removable seats add extra space for luggage, hauling bicycles and other sports equipment. We have required minimal professional maintenance beyond oil and fluid changes. Also, the seating space allows for many passengers. Rear wiper blades are nice for better visibility.

- Debbie M

Kia Sedona is easy to handle and drive.

The car rides very well and is easy to drive. Very accessible for each passenger due to large sliding doors. 4 cylinder engine gets great gas mileage. Comes with factory CD player, ac, spare tire with tire jack. Very quiet riding vehicle. Engine block is easy to reach certain parts.

- Michael L

Has some issues but always gets the job done.

Has some problems runs good and is a trooper. Leaks a little and has a hole in the muffler. Gets the job done and gets us to where we need to be. Descent on gas. Windows don't roll up or down when it is cold outside. Love the van as a whole though, its always our first choice.

- Michael L

It has always gotten great gas mileage.

I like that it is versatile as I can carry cargo, dogs, people , groceries and more. I don't like that the plastic parts get broken easily now that It's gotten a little older and I really hate the way the dealerships are rude and disrespectful because It's an older model.

- Veronica o

My Kia van is awesome even though I bought it used.

It is been a very reliable vehicle. I travel over 200 miles a week in it and other than wiring short in the radio it is a very good vehicle. It has plenty of seating room as I have 7 people riding in it daily. Also had plenty of storage compartments and it is cheap on fuel.

- Rebecca W

It's not for sale or trade.

It's an amazing van. Its my mothers and she's not looking to sell it. The rocker panels are bad. There's a blown head gasket, she's had the van for the last 7 years. It gets us to point a and b with some struggles sometimes but we love this van. It's never failed my mom.

- Jasmine B

My Kia miracle maker aka Sedona!!

It is nothing fancy it is my minivan I can grocery shop and all in it the kids get their activities too and enough room for sporting events and carpool my Kia Sedona is my ideal vehicle for my everyday life. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a family

- Amanda C

The Kia Sedona has enough room for everyone and everything you need for a fun day at the park.

I like that the vehicle runs well and is easy to control. There are enough cup holders for everyone and plenty of room for everything. I can easily take my daughter and her friends for a playdate and have room for things for me. I enjoy driving my Sedona.

- Ginny B

Drives very well on the freeway.

Pretty reliable and comfortable to drive. It could be better on gas. Drives well on the freeway. Plenty of space for other passengers. Owned mine for roughly 2 and a half years and haven't had many issues with it other than the regular maintenance issues.

- Victor F

Vents all over the vehicle.

My 2003 Kia Sedona is reliable. It is gets great gas mileage for a v6 engine. It has lots of room for my kids to sit comfortably in the back seats. The seats can be taken out with ease. It is the perfect family car.

- Nikita P

The car that Fits a lot of people but then doesn't have trunk space

It's old and doesn't have a lot of space.we have three kids and need more trunk space when we have the back bench in. There isn't anything I like except that it actually fits that many people.

- Anni M

I like my van except for an ongoing problem with having to keep changing the alternator and when it goes it blows out all my headlights without warning.This is a expensive fix and kia has none of this problem. annoying!

It drives nice and is designed well for entering and exiting. The rear air works well as compared to others I have spoke to who say their make does not fair well.

- Brenda C

That it has a lot of room.

I like that all my family fits in it. I was able to fold a back seat to fit in a wheelchair. It is very roomy. I dislike that it is not a gas saver. It is

- Veronica T

I love all room the van has. It has lots of storage spots.

I love this van. It is able to accommodate my son's wheelchair. We still have room for 5 people and other things we need.There is nothing I don't like.

- Julie G

being front wheel drive, the turning radius isn't very good for tight parking situations or super sharp turns

It's been a decent car, car parts are over priced for it, the engine is not fixer friendly for those without an engine lift in a garage (hate)

- andrea l

nice and a lots of room very good low miles quiet smooth running looking good

this is a low miles quiet nice roomie v6 i had to have a trani put in and sometimes super for road trips smooth ride gas saver nic color

- gregory t

A reliable family vehicle.

Drives really great, reliable, easy to maintain with only some battery problems at first. Would buy again.

- Barbara M

How much room there is for family

I like how reliable the van is. It's very roomy for kids and traveling. It's easy on gas.

- Lydia F

It's cool, it gets good gas mileage and it's a nice color.

I don't like the sliding doors. I don't like the tires. I do like the mileage.

- Jodee C

It Has been a very dependable car, but is getting old.

It is getting old. It is still dependable. White is it's color.

- Jackie S

It is a very comfortable and smooth riding vehicle. It drives really well and it is very good on gas. It's also very roomy and the seats are still comfortable after 15 years of use. I have no complaints and the only dislike is a big ding on the passenger side that my sister did.

The Kia Sedona is a very safe vehicle for the entire family.

- Cheryl P

quality built car made to last

Quality built car and I have owned for 15 years

- Jennifer B