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Blue, Kia Sedona, runs great and has great mileage for a 2004. I am very pleased with this vehicle.

I recently purchased this van, used obviously, I had a Sedona years ago, it runs well, good engine pickup, overall quiet ride, the only thing I don't like about this van is the fact that it does not have a remote key fob. It had one but over time it was lost by a previous owner, we could get it replaced but just have never gotten around to it, might not ever do it, not a real problem. Hope this van lasts for many more years for me.

- Marsha S

2004 Kia Sedona. It has the smoothest ride of any car that I have ever owned.

I bought this van new and have put every mile that is on it myself. Which by the way is a little over 62k. I haven't have to do a lot problems with the van at all. I have replaced the battery once. I have had to replace a warped rotor. Of course the required tune up. And a belt tension adjuster. I consider these repairs are minor the age of the van.

- Henry L

Luxury at an affordable rate.

I love my Kia Sedona. It has ran very efficiently until recently. It has started causing a lot of problems with sensors and general maintenance. however it has lasted me many years without any problems. It fits my family size perfectly. I would definitely recommend this make and model to anyone. It's very affordable but still at a high standard.

- Dawn H

I like being able to move seats to reconfigure seating with my cub scouts.

The only consistent problem has been needing to replace "a sensor" in the anti polluting devices nearly every year. The brakes need attention about every 2 years. The rack and pinion (front end) is starting to go (it is old), but I love the car so much that I am going to pay to replace that and keep driving!

- Joyce M

2004 Kia Sedona review. A pretty reliable vehicle.

usually only minor repairs are needed. She runs pretty well for an older car. Radio doesn't work very well and gas door broke off. The paint job didn't last. It oxidized. I doesn't look the best but runs well. It has been really reliable and has over 200,000 miles on it.

- Sheryl R

I am glad I made a good decision.

Unfortunately my Kia has a reconstructed title, but so far is serving my purposes, it is easy to get in and out of, hauls anything I need and could be used as a camper if needed. It runs good so far and is easy for a 76 year old woman t handle and I am glad I bought it.

- Mary Ellen L

A good, reliable vehicle for the family.

It is reliable, easy to drive, and able to carry the whole family. I enjoy traveling with it. The maintenance is not too expensive. It is comfortable, reliable, and has all the features I need in a vehicle. It also seems to have good gas mileage. It is a good vehicle.

- J. Michelle D

The Sedona makes a great family van.

The sedona is a great family van. The van has tons of room for our family of five. . Negatives for the 2004 is that the large door windows do not open. Many times my kids complain about that. The air condition works great. It cools down the entire van.

- Jen S

It will get you and your family to your destination.

I like the setup of the dash storage, the removable seats, and the clean look to the vehicle design. I hate the compact space. I hate not having tow and go storage. I hate the mechanical issues our van has had for no reason.

- Sarah B

The KIA brand is a decent car for the price.

I like that I can fit 7 people in it. I don't like that the middle seat in the back row only has a lap belt. I like that I can switch the middle row, but not that It's one big seat. 2 bucket seats would be better.

- Tanya D

That it's safe! The safety ratings on it were really good and if in a wreck the occupants would be okay.

I love how well it handles while driving. It's very smooth in the roads. I enjoy the spacious interior that's needed for being a mom that has kids in her car all the time. And the gas mileage isn't terrible either.

- Stephanie M

This car is very reliable and lasts over a long period of time.

This car is very reliable. I've had it for 12 years and it has had only minor issues that had to be fixed over time, like replacing the brakes and sensors. It is very comfortable and makes you feel safe.

- Meagan D

It has been better than the manufacturer advertised.

My Kia looks good My Kia drives good After owning my Kia for so many years I am still discovering all the things it has to offer. When I bought my Kia Sedona I got a Kia Rio free.

- Jackie l

There is no air conditioning or heat due to problems with the pumps

I like that it is still running but there are multiple issues because it is an older vehicle. I don't like that it required a lot of major repairs when it was newer.

- Jennifer M

Even though it is a van and seats 7, it is small on the inside.

I like that I have no car Rs on this van. I don't like that it keeps breaking on me. It is old. It is small in the back too and has very little storage space.

- cat w

It is really good with gas. Doesn't waste much.

It doesn't waste much gas. Really smooth driving. I love that it has so much space and it is really comfortable. It works so well haven't had an issue with it.

- Maria H

Comfortable, affordable and dependable with little cost other than routine maintenance.

It rides and drives very comfortable, have plenty of storage or cargo space and removable, fold down seating to make carrying bulky items effortless.

- Kara C

The Kia Sedona is a great vehicle which can be used as a standard minivan but also as a cargo vehicle when seats are removed

The 2004 kia sedona is an extremely reliable minivan. It has great mpg when used in the city. it is also very comfortable for the whole family.

- Abdel D

Love my Kia Sedona and so did my kids

Loved my Kia Sedona. I would recommend it to anyone especially if you have small children. It's very comfortable and great on the road.

- Olga R

The Nissan rogue handles very well.

Like the very few problems so far. Dislike, would like more options so I wouldn't have to take seats out manually. Cannot complain.

- Jerry W

It is very versatile as well as reliable.

Like the toughness. Also, like space to carry extra stuff. Do not like that engine has a timing belt. Cost to replace is too high.

- William H

This car breaks down so easily.

It has a lot of room so that is good, but it's really hard to fix though, for example some of the parts are really hard to get to.

- Alexis R

Parts for Kia Sedona Van.

So many problems with ordering parts you have actually order from Kia. You can not just go to a auto store for most of the parts.

- brittany r

It is a safe, durable and cost effective vehicle for anyone with or without a family.

Great for families and long trips. Good gas mileage. Very durable. Drives smoothly and hardly any problems.

- Emma F

Runs great for a long time.

I love my van, great performance, long lasting, few problems. I dislike the few problems that arise.

- Erin T

it's got lots of power, alot of leg room, and storage in the back

No complaints at all we love our car.. it drives beautifully got lots of Room in it too

- Carrie H

It is very dependable, spacious, rides well for a minivan.

It lasts forever. Little maintenance. Timing belt replacement cost is very expensive.

- Karen V

It takes a lickin and it keeps on ticking

It's a great van. Has great features and reliable. It is expensive to fix

- Gina B

Good condition to drive can bring to state to state.

Good Condition to drive but the right side front looks old

- Riza G

it is very reliable and gets good gas mileage for when the gas prices soar

like that it fits all my grandchildren and there stuff

- jean v