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Seats 6, 8 cup holders, 2 car charger ports, separate air.

It is a very comfortable ride. I have had mine for about 8 months. It has gotten me from point a to point b without any problems. It comes with 8 cup holders! That may not be important to anyone but me, but with my family of 4 we need like 2 cup holders each. So it is literally perfect. It has 2 built in car charger ports. One in the front and one in the back. (awesome right!?) It also has air controls for front and back. So if you are cold up front and the back is still burning up, turn your ac off while the others enjoy it on still. You back two seats are removable. So if you have a lot of cargo, just remove the back seats. (warning: they are a little heavy!) Also, the van seats 6!

- Rebekah R

2005 Kia Sedona Lx was the best car I've bought until the warranty rules started making us fix things that weren't messed up until the Kia dealership worked on them.

I really loved it until the Kia shop recalled the struts and replaced them. After they were replaced I started having trouble in the front end. It fit my family good and was great on gas mileage. Then when it was time to do the 60,000 mile tune up we got it done so our warranty wouldn't be voided but after it was done at least once a year one of the plugs would misfire. Four three years straight they had to keep going in and fixing the plugs until they decided they wouldn't continue to cover the costs. And the cost for the tune up at 60,000 miles was a little over 700.00$.

- Aimee H

Perfect family vehicle with enough room for the family.

The car is a nice looking van inside and out. Lots of cup holders, outlets, and room. The maid down side is when you have the first back row seats buckled it blocks the back section entrance off. We have 2 toddlers in car seats and have to unbuckle one every time we let our 10 year old in and out of his back seat. I like that the center console folds down. There is room for a small garbage can under it. The seats are comfy and easy to clean. And for a 2005 it is still rust free and reliable.

- Alexia C

Don't buy a used Kia Sedona

Well I have only had it a few months and I am already having several issues with. Keep in mind it is a used vehicle. It won't always start and it has a misfire. I've been told I need to replace my coil pack. There is a number of things it could be though if that is not the issue. My brakes just quit working with no warning my rear wheel cylinder leaked all my brake fluid out. Last is it always blows hot air you cannot even get outside air in through vents.

- Bridget W

Due to cheaper side many issues occur to take into consideration.

The Kia Sedona has terrible motors in their seats. I have got three motors and continue to have issues. Also the back seats randomly do not lock and fly forward. I chose this van because it was on the cheaper side and had a good amount of miles. As I have heard the battery lasts a long time that was a huge plus. My current battery is 6 years old! But I have replaced the radiator because of a crack and the transmission is currently acting up.

- Samantha T

Solid and dependable car.

It is a solid dependable minivan. The car can be hard to fix engine wise. Also expensive to fix. I enjoy driving it. The struts have gone on it twice. The back seats are hard to get in and out. The inside door handles are plastic and the driver side handle has broken twice. The outside handle on the right passenger side has also broken off. The windshield washer hose in front broke and the windshield fluid cracked and leaks out.

- Daniel D

Changing the timing belt after about 75000 was a good idea to.

It has been surprisingly quite a good performer especially when it comes to the engine transmission and air conditioning which has always blown real cold. With 85000 miles on her, she is super comfortable to drive or be a passenger in the back of earthier of the two rows. Plenty legroom. My only regret somewhat is not buying the xl with some add to cargo space, but all 4=seats in rear can be easily removed if any are needed to.

- Lance C

I really do not have an interesting detail to relay.

I bought this car as a floor model, leftover from 2005, when my purchase was actually in 2006. It was the top of the line, with leather seats, CD and cassette players, DVD player with headphones. First time I ever owned a top of the line car. There were some problems at the beginning, with faulty servicing that caused my gas tank to overflow, which was eventually resolved. All in all, I have been happy with the car since then.

- Felicia B

Buy a Kia Sedona. You don't go broke to a name brand and the vehicle will last you a very long time.

I purchased my vehicle from the dealership for a good price and the van is very sturdy. I never had to take my vehicle in multiple times for any issues. I've only done maintenance like fluid changes and replaced the battery twice. My Kia Sedona has been a great investment. At least I haven't been through a couple of vehicles within a 14 year period like some people that I know due to vehicle problems.

- Brian R

Review of a 2005 Kia Sedona.

The problems I had with this vehicle is that the water pump went out and you have to mess with the timing belt to get to it and retime it. The way the water lines run towards the back of vehicle I don't like. The positive of this vehicle is that it's good on gas and I like the gas mileage I get. It also comes with a DVD player for the kids. The seats are easy to remove and set back in place.

- Jesus A

It's mine, I keep it clean, to respect it.

Considering the car is pretty old it is held up well. So i'd have to say a concern I had when it was newer is that it gets very hot. It feels hot when you step out of the car after having driven it and to this day it is the same. It gets very hot. Also the plastic seat base is not durable it broke/cracked after having it a few years. Other than that I feel the car has held up pretty well.

- Edith C

Disadvantage of an older vehicle.

Even though my car is an older model, it performs ok. I hate that the side door windows do not let down. There are three Cadillac converters on the van. Which makes it expensive to maintain correctly. There is enough room in the van for 7 but with my kids it fits 6. It has a lot of room in the back for storage. I have a big double stroller & it fits just fine.

- Lisa S

The 2005 Kia Sedona is a great minivan to drive.

So far only problems have been minor. Only had to replace 2 ignition coils. The van drives great. It is really comfortable to drive and has a decent amount of features. Rear heater and air conditioning is an awesome feature. It also has a fold down console between the front seats plus extra cup holders. It has just been a very reliable vehicle so far.

- Jason H

Well overall it is roomy. It is not to bad for a mini van.

I have had my Kia van for about 3 years. The van itself has a lot of room inside. It can seat up to 6 passengers. I have had to replace the radiator twice in the time I have owned it. I also had to have to replace 6 tires. There is an oil leak and something must be wrong with the cooling system. Over all I am surprised it is still running some days.

- Jennifer A

Car is made for short people

My Kia Sedona is made for short people anytime I get into the car I hit my head because I must be too tall but I'm only 5'7. The car no tilt for the steering wheel so when I am driving I can never see the speedometer because the steering wheel blocks my view of it very frustrating. I car really has no pick up and go very sluggish

- Kim P

The space for children car seats is amazing!

Personally I absolutely love this vehicle. I have 4 children ages 4 and under so space for car seats is very important for us and this car has all the space we need. The air circulates beautifully through the whole car. And the car runs smoothly to not wake the kids during car naps. I would recommend to all parents!

- Antonio V

I owned a cleaning business and the storage room was perfect for my equipment.

It has really held up. I drove it to work every day for 5 years, without any problems. Only in the past few years have I had to have any work done on it. The things we have had to fix were minor. I would tell anyone thinking about buying a new car to consider a Kia. In my opinion they are the best.

- Carolyn R

Spacious van that drives like a sports car

Runs great, drive like a compact, lots of get up and go. Very roomy. All 4 rear seats can be removed easily for hauling large items. Even have camped inside. This van drives like a car and has a ton of get up and go. It powers up hills like flat ground. Lots of storage compartments. A works great.

- Tobey N

The fuel pump has went in it three times in the last two years.

My vehicle is basically great but it has had a few problems like the fuel pump has went there times on it everything else has been basic maintenance. I love all the other features though. It has cruise control and a sunroof which comes in handy when it is hot outside my kids absolutely love this.

- Cynthia A

It is a white 2005 Kia Sedona.

My family has had this car since 2005. We have had to send it to a mechanic several times for a number of reasons. It is in decent shape after having it for so long but having to have it constantly fixed made me question its reliability. It still works but I'd much rather use a different car.

- Misty C

The Kia Sedona is very spacious.

My Kia Sedona is very reliable and easy to work on for maintenance.I never had to deal with taking my vehicle to the dealership for constant over priced repairs. I have a big family, so it comes in handy for transporting a lot of stuff. The only complaint I have is that it is a gas guzzler.

- Jennifer W

I have a Kia Sedona. My first car I've ever bought on my own.

I've owned my Kia for 5 years and never had any insurance problems. I love all the extra room it gives me and my family. We've took many cross country trips in this vehicle and the ride is smooth and we never have any issues. My kids really enjoy having their DVD players in the head rests.

- Jennifer W

We like the size of this minivan.

We have been having the same problem for more than 10 years now. The engine light stays on. We have mentions it to the dealership but they tell us the same thing. Nothing is wrong with the engine. Since the engine light has been on, the can has been making a jerking, skipping motion.

- Dina P

It's a great van. That really doesn't have any problems.

I haven't really had any. We have had to. Put a new starter and we have also had to put tires on it. Otherwise it has been a good van. I am sure at some point we will have to put new brakes on it and wipers but as for now it's really good to go. I have driven it all over the place.

- Rebecca B

2005 Kia Sedona gremlins in the car.

The a/c and heat do not work. I uses some oil and coolant frequently. The windows in the sliding doors have no way to open them. It has a lot of storage and passenger seats. There is a luggage rack. It is bad on wiper blades. It is hard to get to some of the areas for maintenance.

- sherry S

The pros and cons of our Kia Sedona.

The turn radius is not ideal but overall it does its job and has stayed reliable since we purchased it. We have had some fuel issues. We went from having about 20 mpg when we purchased it to about 12-14 per gallon. We've done all standard upkeep and still our mpg is decreasing.

- Melanie A

Runs well for being 14 yrs old

It is a small economical car, rides nice, big enough for four people comfortably. Good on gas, very few problems. I don't need a lot of features so a radio and tape player are just fine. Have some rust but its maintainable. Easy to get in and out of, seats adjust very well.

- Patricia W

Reliable Kia minivan for small to large families.

Apart from standard maintenance the car has had no major issues and has proved to be very reliable. Seating is very spacious and comfortable for long car rides as well as easy to access for day to day driving. It looks nice and drives well. Gas mileage is great for a minivan.

- Melissa F

Kia Sedona family vehicle.

Uncomfortable seating Not good on gas High mileage Not economical Attractive color Spacious Room for a big family Adequate trunk room Sporty tires Seats can be removed and adjusted Good vehicle for trips, extra room for bags and luggage Manual steering easy to read gauges.

- Kris S

Over 17 yrs. without any major problems.

We owned it 17 yrs. before having any problem with it at all. Then we had to replace the water pump and radiator. Only other problem we have is right under the front passenger side window it shows water stain. It has been an easy car to drive and is still going strong.

- Lana H

Love my van. Sleek comfy & reliable.

I actually really love this Van. Looks great. It's comfortable and roomy. Third row comes in handy. Lots of nice features, leather seats, great stereo, TV, automatic everything. Fills up for about 35. The controller is nice, easy steering. Very reliable no issues yet.

- Ony T

Great things about kia sedona

It runs amazing, I bought it used with around 115000, it now has 136000 a year and a half later. It's pretty nice on gas. My Sedona is the quietest running car I've ever owned. I forget it's running sometimes, and the engine and transmission are still smooth sailing.

- Faith M

Great vehicle for family or single person who travels with items like a bike.

Bought from family member as eleven-year-old car from family member. Still operating perfectly after 13 years, has required minimal maintenance, satisfactory gas mileage, attractive exterior and spacious interior, comfortable and removable seats, easy to keep clean.

- Emily A

It is a very good everyday car

Love how it saves gas and it has a lot of space. The a/c is really good. Although it is good on gas I wish it would save more gas. Parts for this vehicle and be to expensive and sometimes it is to hard to find the parts. The motors tend to break down or crack.

- Marisol J

All seats are removable. It has drawers, and compartments galore for storage.

My van was bought used 2 years ago. It has proven to be a very reliable vehicle. The only issue I have with it is the check engine light has been on since I bought it( catalytic converter) needs to be replaced. But other than that it has never broken down.

- Tina P

Removing Car starter and separating from engine

overall the car is reliable and durable at times. The car has some strong points and weak points. The starter on the car breaks down a lot faster than most car and hard to reach in to remove the starter from the engine. But overall it's a good driving car

- michelle V

Kia Sedona. I will never buy another one.

The locks on car have gone bad. The main bar underneath the back of the car rusted out and needed to be replaced. The defroster stopped working one winter and all of a sudden started working again. I can't lift the back trunk without it falling down.

- Heather C

The fact that the van has a built in tv is awesome

I love my vehicle because it is very comfortable & has a built in tv for my daughter to watch & she absolutely loves it the only problem is how fast gas goes other then that the Van drives great & I have had no issues with this vehicle at all

- Michelle L

That I really like it, and would buy it again if I could afford it

It was the top of the line for 2005. Drop down DVD player, leather seats, CD and Cassette player. Plenty of room. But now that it is getting old, things are starting to go. A new one is way too expensive for a senior on a fixed income

- Football M

Overall ok vehicle. Some issues.

This model has air conditioning problems. We haven't had really any other issues with it. It is been a stable vehicle for us. It is started burning oil as time as gone on, but this is to be expected with how old it is.

- Esther L

Mini van aka mom mobile Is a gas hog, but for moms who need space and safety would highly recommend one

The seats are very comfortable, it has a great amount of storage. The ball bearings are bad in it, one cigarette lighter does not work, besides that it's wonderful. Air is great in it, Plenty of space in it.

- Brittany M

ABS isn't automatically included. Check to see if it is before buying.

The engine went out at 16,000 miles. The van did not include ABS which to me is a safety issue. The van is rusting out. The driver's side seat doesn't feel like it's safe anymore. It rocks forward and back.

- Melinda C


The seats go ALL the way back, like a bed. It is a gas guzzler. Handles accidents like a champ. I have been hit on 2 separate occasions and both times I drove away. The other vehicle was flatbed to shop.

- kathy A

It is a mini van that seats 6 the back two seats are removable

My van has several electrical problems that aren't major just annoying. The drivers window doesn't always go back up and it's completely random and the van just randomly locks itself.

- Kristine N

It is a very reliable and gos just about everywhere you want it to go.

I have a 2005 kia sedona minivan and it's a trooper when it comes to reliability it has never broke done on me always passes smog test and i have used it to go all over california

- Christopher C

It gets me and my children from point a to point b safely.

I like that it is smooth riding. It has great gas mileage in town and highway. I do not like that it has problems with light gauges turning on and seatbelts are troublesome.

- Rachel S

This is a safe, reliable family vehicle for practical families unconcerned with the latest styles or gadgets.

I like how safe my vehicle is, and how reliable it's been since we purchased it. It has not needed much mechanical work at all, and the interior is spacious and comfortable.

- Elizabeth C

It is a multipurpose and reliable vehicle. Good gas mileage for its size.

My Kia Sedona minivan has been the most useful and reliable vehicle I have ever owned. It can haul six people or back seats removed to increase cargo space for large items.

- Alice H

That it's a used van and that it's got a lot of room.

It's nice for hauling big loads of groceries or big shopping trips. I like that it has so much room. I wish the DVD Player worked and that there was a third row of seats.

- Sam L

It is paid for, as well it should be for a 13 year old car!

It was the first time I was able to afford a top of the line vehicle with power everything, leather seats, DVD player. But too bad it wasn't a luxury, American made car!

- Mom B

I don't know if I was just unlucky, but I have had too many issues, in my opinion. I take good care of my vehicle, but couldn't avoid costly repairs.

I enjoy the cargo space. I am grateful to have a working vehicle. I have had quite a few expensive repairs, though. So, the reliability is questionable. A big no no.

- Jennifer B

The electrical issues causing Windows not to work,and locks to make loud noises.

I like the space inside and the way it looks. I don't like the short wheelbase making short turned difficult. Also the electrical for windows and locks keep breaking.

- Joan C

It is a pretty reliable little van, with 8 seats, and it is a pretty color.

I like the seating, and how fast it gets to speed, but I hate how flimsy it feels. It has a nice heater, though. It also has a ton of electronic problems.

- Mandi G

It is reliable and extremely versatile.

Love the room and the ability to take grandkids to events, camping trips, etc. Do not enjoy the poor gas mileage. Has been a very dependable vehicle.

- Larry B

the great gas mileage it has

I like the smooth ride and the room it has in the back and the trunk. It is great on gas. It does highway and city driving very well and I love it

- Rita C

It is very dependable, cost effective and low maintenance.

It is very reliable, easy on gas and very versatile. It is comfortable to drive. I like that you sit up high which makes it easy to see the road.

- tom H

It has removable 3rd row seating.

It is very roomy. I particularly like the leg room and the ample space for drinks and the folding table. I also like the comfort of the seats.

- Sl M

That it has lasted a long time without any major mechanical repairs.

It has been very reliable. As it gets older, more things keep breaking that are not worth working. It is still my longest lasting vehicle.

- Erica R

Roomy, all the kids and their friends can fit in it.

I have over 100, 00 miles on my Sedona and so far I have only had to replace the pump for my air conditioner. It' is safe and reliable.

- Katarina G

It has a smooth quiet ride, repairs have been minimal and what I would expect for a 13 yr old vehicle with 165,000 miles.

My favorite part of the Kia Sedona is the sunroof. It has excellent cargo space, and easy to remove/install 2nd and 3rd row seating.

- randi k

It's a very heavy vehicle with tiny little breaks. Replaced brakes 6 or 7 times and it needs it again already.

This van won't turn on a semi truck tire. The maintenance is very expensive. Parts are hard to find. Worst car I've ever owned!!

- Holly M

Great value and price for what you get in a large van.

I like it because it carries seven people. I dislike it because we have to take seats out whenever we want to move things.

- Joanne F

It is a very dependable vehicle.

I like that it is spacious and dependable, but I absolutely hate the gas mileage. Also, it is hard to replace parts on.

- Melissa S

When I travelled over 3,000 miles on vacation it didn't cost a fortune for gas, it's relatively good on gas

I like that when traveling I've got plenty of room for luggage, etc. I like that it fits several people comfortably

- Janet M

It rides really smoothly and it easy to drive.

The car doesn't have an aux cord but other than that I love it. You can change the wheel, it has good gas mileage.

- Cassidy S

Reliable and safe with little maint needed.

It has lasted a long time with very little maint. It's old now and ready to be replaced. No complaints.

- kim M

It's older than New Cars or Vans, hope it will last

Heater doesn't work, engine light on cost to much to fix, gets better gas mileage than the last Dodge Van

- Gary R

a nice used vehicle to own

It has been a very reliable vehicle for the past 2 years and it is very comfortable and no problems.

- Bradley B

It is very reliable and easy to drive.

My vehicle is very reliable and easy to drive. It is safe and give you a good view of the road.

- Tom W

Drives very smoothly. Seats do not rearrange. Decent on gas.

I love having a van. I love having room for my kids. I wish the seats could be rearranged.

- Megan F

It drives well. It has been well maintained. It is roomy

I love how roomy it is. I love the hidden compartments that I can lock.

- Melissa W

I think my vehicle is would probably be a good vehicle if it had been better cared for by the previous owner. I find it pretty easy to drive and my family of six fits into it comfortably.

It's not a luxury vehicle but I think it is good value for the money.

- Crystal J

The vehicle is very reliable. It is very comfortable as well. The fuel economy is not the greatest but that's the only drawback.

It is reliable. It is very inexpensive to operate as a result.

- Richard D

Easy to drive. Easy to access. Very roomy trunk. Love the sliding doors.

Easy to access for my children. Love the sliding doors.

- Megan D