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I am very thankful to have a dependable vehicle.

I received this vehicle in 2017 from my son who owns a used car lot. It seats approximately seven adults comfortably. . . More if children are included. The seats are of a soft plushy fabric. . Second row of seats has a pass-through to the rear seats. The rear seat can be flattened and combined with the rear flat area to make a large storage area. I have not experienced any problems with the vehicle since my son or grandson pick it up regularly to service it. They do all the normal check-up and replace the tires as needed. They also replace the windshield wipers and rear wiper before they get shabby. It is a very comfortable ride and has been very reliable. I have never done a calculation of the mileage but it seems to be very good on fuel usage.

- Lorraine M

The stow and go seating is the best.

It is comfortable, nice looking and reliable. What I hate is the annoying noise it makes when I start it. A loud rattle. It is unnerving and annoying because I cannot diagnose it. Makes me worry it is an expensive fix. But it has taken us to the east coast twice and d. C. Once and a lot of other places in between and has never failed us. And we drove it hard! I do like that it is reliable. I would not be afraid to drive this car anywhere. It has over 200k miles now.

- Diana F

It is a cusp year car so it uses parts from 2005-2007. It makes it hard.

I have had ton of mechanical problems with this vehicle in particular. After the mechanical problems had been rectified, mostly under warranty, it improved and my opinion of the car improved. However, I don't thing that I would buy another minivan from Kia simply because of the issues I have had in the past. The van was a lemon and there was something wrong with it a least every month for five years.

- Amy J

Great family car that gets you all the places you need to go

This minivan is great for space, drives well, gets good gas mileage, is comfortable, and hard options for upgrades. I missed having power doors. Mine is beginning to break down. The hood shocks no longer work. The passenger side sliding door power lock is broken and no longer works. Random issues keep popping up. But it also had over 150k miles, ssd o it's had a great life.

- Sarah B

The many issues I have had with Kia.

Kia is a difficult brand to work with. You are required to mainly use a dealership to have an parts fixed. I had to pay over $100 to have a key fob activated for the door. I have had issues with the computer system and the car wouldn't start. The electronic doors no longer work and had to be switched to manual. One positive that an over 10 year old car has no rust on the body.

- Ashley M

Low maintenance, hard running.

My van is called "mama van". I bought her in 2007 brand new. She has never failed me. She has hauled people, camping gear, animals. We gone on large travel trips and she always gets us there and back safely. Kia has been a good brand for us. This is our second Kia. They are built tougher than one would imagine. I would definitely consider owning another one.

- LeeAnn C

Kia Sedona rocks! Low maintenance good value for the money.

I got this vehicle for the passenger room and Versatility. We camp and hike as well as go on extended driving trips to visit family. This car is tough and reliable and has yet to let me down. I bought it new and never really had to use the great warranty that came with it. Overall, I would recommend this van to any family looking for a tough minivan.

- Lee S

Love my Kia Sedona ex minivan 2006.

Very reliable vehicle, comfortable, barely any problems. Love the size of the van. Can haul a lot of things and transport up to six additional passengers. The tpms function has saved me many times before I replaced my tires. The kids love the integrated DVD player and the wireless headphones that came with the purchase of the car.

- Stephanie J

Good value for basic transportation.

It is the basic model which is beneficial because there aren't as many high-tech systems to go wrong and cost a lot to repair. There have been too many recalls on this year and model making we worried about It's production quality. Overall It's a good cheap van but more care should have been taking in production.

- Simon G

The seats fold down into the floor so it has a lot of room for moving things. If you are not moving things and the seats are up you have enough room for seven adults to sit comfortably and the ability to get in and out without bumping into each other.

It doesn't have enough power. When I hit the gas it takes it's time going to my 2003 GMC Yukon XL. When I hit the gas in the Yukon it goes fast. I like that the KIA has everything automated, auto open/close sliding doors and rear hatch. I can also open them with the remote which is handy in the rain.

- Ray W

Starts the first time every time.

It is an ok car, no much in repairs that is one reason to like it.. But the leather seats are ripping at the seams. I just never really wanted this car in the first place. It has been very reliable, except then the alternator went out, other than that it has been great. Over all I would recommend it.

- Shelly T

The parts for repair must be custom ordered which can delay repairs.

We like the Kia Sedona very much. the seats are comfortable and the space is great for several people. the only downsides are that it is noisy on the inside and it is very hard to get parts sometimes. i would not buy from the same dealer again, as they tried to do a "bait and switch"' upon pick-up.

- Sandra B

That it has a great safety rating and loads of air bags.

I like that it has plenty of room both for driving comfort and room for friends, family and transporting items. I like the pickup it has and how safe it is. I don't like that I can't park it well and I don't like that all the parts have to be Kia parts, even oil filters, which are expensive.

- Theresa W

how reliable it is

Initially bought my Kia Sedona when we had kids but fast forward 12 years and two teens later and I do not want another vehicle! It is been reliable, comfortable and easy to maintain. It almost had $200, 000 miles and it is not given any signs of retiring it. Has helped up well for 12 years!

- Melissa J

My car is serviced properly and is reliable.

I like my vehicle because it is reliable and looks decent for the age. I also like it that I do not have to stoop down to get in; all I have to do is sit in it like a chair. I do not have any complaints considering the age. If I bought another car it probably would be a crossover.

- Sharon B

Good investment. Affordable to purchase and maintain.

Knock on wood, everything has been good. It has been dependable and a pleasure to drive. It is roomy for my passengers and myself. My only complaint is sometimes the electronic passenger door sticks. But considering the car's age and how often it is used, it is understandable.

- Lynn W

Very roomy, runs long distance well, easy to drive, not bad on gas, didn't have any issues with the car until the 7th or 8th year we had it after running 200,000 miles.

This car has been with us for a long time. It has over 200,000 miles on it I'm pretty sure. We've taken over 6, 700 mile trips back and forth over the years we've had it. We have 6-7 people riding with us when we go places so it's definitely the best for us. Would recommend!

- Kodie W

Cost efficient vehicle, can carry a lot of people and things and also powerful.

It drives really smoothly and has a lot of power to it. It is pretty good on gas (especially working on a budget). The interior is nice and the size inside it is very useful when transporting stuff. For a older model, it lasts for a long time with very few minor issues.

- Mickey L

Old, red KIA Sedona with a semi broken window.

It's a 4 door minivan,red for the color. It was sitting in my garage for about a year I think because the driver's shaft disconnected and I couldn't afford to replace it, but now it's fixed and runs just fine other than a brokenish window, I even got the AC working!

- Jaiden J

Great minivan 5 star safety rating.

My Sedona is a nice size minivan, it has power locks, windows and steering, it rides comfortably and had a five star safety rating. Power anti-lock brakes reclining bucket seats front and middle with a third row bench seat. Six cylinder engine fuel injection system.

- Ralph P

Kia Sedona Rocks! It's reliable gets good gas mileage and is overall a great van.

I love my KIA Sedona. This car has been used hard. She has a lot of long trolips under her wheels including trekking across the country in 3 12 days. She is extremely reliable and low on maintenance. Overall I would recommend this van to anyone with a bigger family.

- LeeAnn S

Pros =very reliable and very roomy for groceries. Cons= gas mileage.

It's really a great car for kids, and I have 5 of them, great smooth ride, it could be a bit bigger, though reliability is very good, overall haven't had any issues with it, everything is power, doors and windows, and also a lot of child safety features as well.

- Mike B

It is a reliable family vehicle.

It is an awesome family car with plenty of room and the engine is strong and never lets me down even at over 250k miles. This car is great for long trips I take it to Utah regularly. My family is always comfortable especially on our long drives to visit family.

- Blas C

The Kia Sedona is a keeper!

I live my Sedona! Got it when we first had kids; they're teens now but I am not getting rid of it. It is reliable, great on gas, great size and I haven't had to do much maintenance wise and it is been 12 years now with 190, 000 miles and counting! Great van!

- Melissa J

Newer models may hold up more to the year than the older one I have.

My Kia Sedona has been a reliable vehicle for many years since my parents purchased it. It has had many experiences, quite a few broken parts including a door and more. It may not be around for much longer, but I'm proud to have had such a long-lasting car.

- Carlton L

Is a great car super spacious able to hold all your family members.

It is a great car for family use, super convenient whenever you have a reunion or moving situation, the only two mayors issues are the gas consumption is high almost 13 miles per gallon and the stability is not as great as other minivans.

- Ernesto M

It fits my whole family, it was economical, gets good gas mileage, and was a good price for the quality.

I like that it fits my whole family. It is roomy, and has a large truck and storage space. Dislike the standard stereo setup, and that the captains seats do not unmount without unscrewing them. dislike that it does not have power doors

- Bonnie D

Most comfortable van you'll ever own.

I love my van. It is spacious and comfy. Everyone has there own cup holder which is super nice. The kids can open and close the doors no problem. Easy push window buttons. I have no complaints about the van. It is amazing.

- April G

The most important thing about my vehicle is it is older with good gas mileage. Needs repainting otherwise is very good condition and well maintained.

I like the car because it is dependable and has decent gas mileage. It is reasonably attractive considering the age. I like it because I can just slide in and out of the van and not have to stoop down.

- Sharon B

It is very reliable. It is a good family van.

I do not hate anything about our vehicle. It runs fine and it has all of the features we wanted in it. Our old van didn't have the feature to roll down the back windows and this one does. That is a plus.

- Marissa T

The Kia Sedona is a perfect size for a single person to a family of 6.

My Kia Sedona has excellent storage, It gets good gas mileage, comfortable seats throughout, It handles well in all weather, and Has electronic doors and locks with a key fob for easy access.

- Debbie S

Reliable, safe and plenty of room for Children and stuff

I honestly love my van . It has traveled all over the place , long trips , short trips and we have had very few issues . Normal wear and tear . We are at 150k miles and still going strong

- Amanda C

Good handling, very reliable! Decent gas mileage, great for our family. Enjoyed many great road trips in our van!

Some recurrent problems with the doors. We were able to purchase replacement parts to make repairs. We like the design. Often remove and re-install the removable chairs in the center.

- Beth S

It is a very well made van.

I like the Van because of the space available, can put seats down and use it like a pickup. I don't like how much radleing and noise from under the vehicle. Seems to have a good engine,

- Linda s

It's roomy and very safe. The gas mileage is not great, could be better.

I like the safety rating and reliability. I like the extra seating so I can fit a lot of people in it. I don't like the fact that I can't judge properly, because I can't see where the

- Theresa S

That my car has been reliable, spacious and a quality vehicle for many years now.

My car is my favorite vehicle I have ever owned. My kids love it and can be themselves in it, I have plenty of space to transport things and people and wouldn't trade it for a new one.

- sabrinnia S

I bought it new, have owned it over a decade, and have never paid for a repair.

It looks good, and doesn't look dated although considerably older than many of my friends cars. It has never had issues, been very reliable, and has plenty of room for my family.

- Gretchen H

Kia Sedona are the best vans to get

Love my van has DVD player for kids mirrors to see kids am/fm radio. Cassette player and a CD player. Good on gas van seat up to 10 people. Drives great and no problems at all

- Michelle N

It is spacious and can fit 7 people

I like the space in my van. I dislike that it is only front wheel drive it is terrible in bad weather. I also dislike that some of the parts for it are very expensive.

- Crystal B

that it is a pain, can not depend on it or trust it and don't buy a kia

i hate it , it is always in the shop. it has had 10 recalls fixed on it since i owned it, and now a window and the back hatch won't open , never will own a kia again.

- rose M

It gets me from one place to another for the most part.

It's a reliable car it gets me where I need to go. It performs very well and has never let me down. It could be more comfortable but for the price I can't complain.

- Douglas P

It drives really good and is a good size vehicle for a family.

It fits my family's needs flawlessly. I would buy it over and over. The size is perfect and I haven't had the first problem. I just do regular maintenance.

- Sabrina D

It is reliable with reasonably good gas mileage.

I like the roominess of the vehicle.. I like the reliability of the vehicle.. I dislike the gas mileage of the vehicle.. I like the looks of the vehicle..

- Jim J

The face that it has 120, 000 miles on it and it runs like a dream.

It is a great van. Very reliable and had minimal maintenance issues. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone that is in the market for a Minivan.

- Kelli L

It is a good.family vehicle. Very room and reliable.

I have had little issues with my van. The locking door does not work on back driver side and i am not able to open the doors from time to time.

- Aimee M

It is older and we are looking to purchase a new vehicle once we can afford to.

I like that it is comfortable. I like that it is durable. But I dislike that it is old. I dislike having to repair things more frequently.

- Christina G

Kia builds strong and durable cars. They are quick to let you know when there is a recall. The cars travel comfortably and safely.

I like the good gas mileage. I like that it is made well and rarely has problems. I like that it is roomy and has lots of cup holders.

- Jenny P

It has 130,000 miles on it and it has great pick up

This car has been great transportation and has needed some repair, but not an inordinate amount. the only big problem is road noise.

- Mildred C

Dependable, confident I will get well over 180,000 miles.

Dislike--nothing maybe wish it had more amenities.. Like --most all, I have never had a van before and it's a lot of car..

- Carole A

My Kia fits my family perfectly.

My van is great. I would love a newer version of it. Maybe a darker color as well. Mine is a brown I would prefer black.

- Tina K

It is safe and handles well, and also it is very good on gas.

Very durable and the extra space. Good gas mileage. Low maintenance and easy to maintain, as far as, keeping it clean.

- Anita W

That the front axis are way weaker than you might expect for this kind of car

I love my kia sedona because the spacious interior that can fit all my family, but the gas consumption is too high

- Duglas P

Over all good value. Bad electrical issues.

Drives rough and is bouncy. Does not always start. Always has had a knocking in the front. Goes through brakes.

- Amanda G

My car is a safe automobile. Easy to handle. Is used for only in town driving.

Car has decent amount of space. Car is good for moving. Car has poor gas mileage. Car has decent safety rating.

- William M

All my moving and my family's moving have been done with this car.

The main issue with this car is the gas consumption and the problems on the car axis that get worse over time.

- Ernesto P

Perfect soccer mom van - family vehicle!

Great family vehicle! Love it for traveling because there is plenty or space. Haven't had any issues with it.

- Catherine K

It's been very good to us even though we got it used. We keep up with regular oil changes and the norm. Currently has 168k miles and still going strong

It's very spacious! 3 rows plus a nice nice trunk. It handles very well and is just overall easy to drive .

- Denise N

A no-frills basic model that is dependable to run of you take care of it.

I like that it was affordable, still under 100k miles, and gets me and my family from point a to point b.

- Julie S

Do not buy a Kia, it is a pain.

This vehicle has spend more time with recalls then it is been in my driveway, one thing after another.

- Rose S

family vehicle with decent gas mileage. Reliable.

Reliable, spacious, good with gas for size. I get some minor electrical issues but nothing major.

- Jason K

Have it thoroughly examined by a auto mechanic. Even if it is brand new like mine was! Do your homework on it.

everything goes wrong with it since the day I purchase it. It is completely rusted underneath.

- Joa F

It has a lot of road noise. It has lots of room, and has a good ride.

I like the fact it is roomy and has room for outings with the Great grand kids.

- M C

its very dependable and roomy for our large family

plenty of room for our large family, its an older model but still reliable

- cassie w

Easy to get into. Lots of room and comfy. Can have the kids spread out so they don't fight.

Lots of room for passengers and items so everyone can sit in comfort

- Deb p

it works nad is in good condition

Don't like MPG. Too much money to run. Need quieter car/van,

- Robert D

That it is very reliable . Has a ton of space for normal day to say life , can be used to haul things as well

It drives very well , can haul all of my children and pets

- Amanda C

The doors tend to get stuck and we seem to be having some electrical issues, but other than that I love it.

It's a great family car. But has some electrical issues.

- Tan H

Good vehicle with nice features. It has been very reliable with only a few issues. Lots of space for people and cargo with lots of little storage areas. The sliding doors on both sides are really convenient. Seats are comfortable. Handles good in bad weather. Gets fairly good gas mileage for larger vehicle and has lots of pickup when needed. Paint finish is not the best. Overall we love it.

It is a great roomy family vehicle enjoy driving it.

- Kathy B