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This car has stood the test of time.

I love Kia. I have never had a bad Kia. My current Kia has 134,000 miles on it and the only thing I have had to have done to it other than regular break, oil and tire changes is have an oxygen sensor replaced and a electronic part to the starter. I cannot remember the name for that but it was only $200. . My Kia has leather seats, seat warmers, it is a 2007 so it doesn't have bluetooth or cameras but I do not feel like I am missing anything. It is reliable and that is what is important. I drive twice as many miles as the average driver in a year. This car has stood the test of time.

- Nicole L

The Kia Sedona is a great family van that runs well. The inside is very accommodating for up to 7 people.

Our Kia Sedona minivan was purchased used 3 years ago. This van has served us and our 6 grandkids very well. We are able to load up the kids and set out for adventures. We really like the separate heat and cooling controls. The seats are very comfortable for everyone. Given the year if this vehicle we drove from Ohio to Virginia Beach and then all over the area and back To Ohio in June. In July we drove from Ohio to Kentucky. My husband uses the van daily as an Uber driver. We have had little mechanical issues it. We plan to purchase another Kia later in 2019.

- Carol M

Awesome Family Van with plenty of space

It has power doors, trunk, windows, locks, and sunroof. V6 engine so gentler on gas than some vans. Built in reverse warning noise to let you know when you are in reverse and avoid accidentally collisions. Automatically slows van down when going downhill if you let your foot off of gas pedal. No mechanical issues that I know of for the vehicle. Great for the family with 4 bucket seats and one bench seat. Stop and go bench seating. Deep trunk space and overall spacious vehicle. Great vehicle for the family and can handle long road trips.

- Erica K

The Kia Sedona minivan is so awesome that this is the second one I have owned.

This is the second Kia Sedona I have owned. I love the space that it has, I can seat seven people comfortably or stow n go the last row and take my two giant breed dogs on road trips comfortably. This van is durable, I feel safe driving it and it has always been true to us and reliable. It handles well in the snow and it handles well in hurricane rains. I honestly would not think of getting a different car. The only thing I did wish it had was adjustable pedals. I am 4'10' and I feel like I am on top of the steering wheel.

- Jan B

My Kia has been particularly great with travel always enough room & a smooth ride.

Our Kia Sedona has been with us over ten years. 4 kids, mom dad and a few animals later and she still runs beautiful. We have put less than 3, 000 into her since we bought her. It's a perfect fit for a nice sized family ( seats 7 ). We have been to 13 different states and have always had enough room for luggage, coolers and personal space. I love my mom van!

- Carmen J

Safe, comfortable, and reliable.

After 10+ years it has started to have some performance issues (esp. With battery) but those have all been fixable and it continues to run well. It feels incredibly safe to drive as it is large with plenty of air bags around and has survived through quite a lot. Will fit seven passengers total, and the three back seats will fold up to make more trunk space.

- Rachel C

Van seating has protected my kids well.

I have an airbag light on, possibly from an old accident where it did not release. The vehicle has just hit 100, 000 miles in the last month and is running great. It has a CD sound system original to it and non-leather seats. They are very comfortable. With seven seats, it works very well for a family of five with three car seats to contend with.

- Christina D

My Kia Sedona is a safe vehicle.

My Kia Sedona is a very reliable minivan. The back seats fold down so I can put 4' x 8' sheets of plywood in the back. When the back seats are up, I can put groceries in the well and they will not roll all over. The seats are heated and my son can control the temperature in the back of the van. He can also watch movies on a portable DVD player.

- Mark H

I would have to say. The hidden child proof locks. .

I really haven't had any trouble with. My car. I love driving it. The only thing I have ever done is replace the things like the breaks, oil tires replaced when needed. One of the best features that I love on my car is the child proof locks that are located on the inside of the car door. Also I love the double sliding doors on the car.

- Penny M

It does what I need it to do.

My Kia Sedona meets my needs as far as easily loading children and gear. Some components, like door handles, seem cheap. We had to replace the alternator around 110 k miles. It does not have amazing horse power and it does not accelerate effortlessly, but it is a van and I drive safely. The gas mileage is around 17 mpg in town.

- Andrea T

Spacious room for all the grandkids.

The Sedona is very spacious and comfortable. I have only had it a couple of months but really love the ease of driving it. The gas mileage is ok for a larger vehicle-- not the best but adequate. I have had to get a starter and a new battery but for it being 11 yrs. old it was not surprising. No problems with it now.

- Pam M

It has been very reliable even when desperately needing repaired.

I currently do not like my vehicle because it needs some repairs that I cannot currently afford. Some things I like about it are front and back controls for air and heat, that the seats are easily removed to carry large items in the back. I don't like the small amount of legroom the front passenger seat has.

- Amanda B

The best of the best. The Kia to me is the best car for your money,

I have had my Kia for 8 months now and I have not had 1 problem with it. I drive over 100 miles every day and it drives just as good as when I got it. It is the only car I ever had that everything worked on it. I have had many cars over my 62 years and the Kia is the best car I ever had by a long shot.

- Roger Y

2007 Kia Sedona reliable family car.

My Sedona has given me very few issues. It was bought used, and aside from basic things (brakes, tires, Freon, etc.) it has not given me any issues. Transmission and engine have given me no issues. It has been a reliable vehicle that we feel safe and comfortable in. There are 146k miles on the vehicle.

- Shannon P

Kia Sedona - great family vehicle.

Plenty of room inside - very steady ride and ease of operation. It does not have many bells and whistles - especially since it is a 2007 - but it has everything I need. Comfortable fits 4 car seats in the back with easy access to all. The seats all fold down given tons of options for extra cargo space.

- Stephanie M

It is safe and drives well for a low maintenance car.

What I like about my vehicle is that it is spacious roomy comfy and my kids love the DVD player. What I hate about my vehicle is the issues. The breaks are going out the radio do not work the DVD player screen goes in and out and I am not the van type of person I prefer my Mustang even though its old.

- Sierra S

Kia van 2007 is a good affordable vehicle.

Good car, great value, only problem is re sliding doors, good on gas, air works great, nice on long road trips and local driving. Paint is fading, seats remove in back nicely, could have more power when going uphill with a car full of people. Horn is very light and headlights fogged up.

- Robert H

That it is great for a large family.

Since I have a large family the Sedona has been great. My three kids can sit comfortably because it has a removable captains chair. This is also good because the dog can ride with us. It gets good gas mileage and does need maintenance occasionally, but it is a ten year old car.

- JR B

Better prices than the competition with all the same benefits

It has great pick up (acceleration), lots of space, decent gas mileage and is comfortable. More affordable than the competition and I like the look of it also. Love that it seats 7 people. On the down side, there isn't a auxiliary port and the gas mileage is only decent.

- Marlene V

Number one family minivan.

Comfortable for my family my work and my child with special needs. All power doors windows and DVD. Wonderful for long trips. Great on gas. My kids love it. Easy to maintain. Looks good on the road. Perfect for me. Great price. I would recommend to everyone with a family.

- Gloria O

It's a very dependable car.

The vehicle was bought used so there are some features that need replacing or upgrading. It's been a wonderful car to use, in the meantime, and has given me little to no trouble. It's just right for our large family while still looking nice and not overly fancy.

- Sara A

Everything stills works as it did when it was new.

The only problem I have had with my car is the air conditioner. Had to replace the tires. I have never had any trouble with the motor I do regular oil changes and up keep on the car. It stills runs very well. I would feel at ease taking it on a long road trip.

- Sharon B

Holds up well over the years and has versatile large cargo space.

I love how high I sit up and the ease of getting in and out. I often use all the space for cargo. I like the adjustable way the second row seats can be moved or removed. It has held up well for over 125,000 miles. I do wish it got better gas mileage.

- Heidi N

Everything is electric and windows go down most of the way in the back.

Love the space it has. Got a built in TV for my little one. Gas mileage is good. Lots of storage room. Love how the seats fold down so we can fit big stuff in there. Love the automatic doors and how the windows in the back roll down most of the way.

- Anna M

The one most important thing people should know about my Kia is that It's built like a TANK!.

I love my Kia. It's 11 years old, has close to 150,000 miles and it still runs like a top. While my next car will get better gas mileage, I will definitely be looking at getting another Kia. Do I have any complaints about my Kia? No. No I don't.

- Ed R

Safest car that was made that year. All around air bags and 3 point seat belt system throughout the vehicle.

I love my vehicle. We purchased this as the only family vehicle and have used it to travel on vacation and daily. We make sure the car has all oil changes and maintenance and it has lasted very well with only regular maintenance necessary.

- Patti V

2007 KIA Sedona great on gas

We love our van. Only issue we have is with the electric sliding door, it slips and we have a hard time getting the door to open or close on passenger side door. It's great on gas, comfortable seats for long distance drives.

- Kim G

It is a great family vehicle and can fit up to 7 people.

The Kia Sedona has enough room for my family. I like that the back seats fold down for extra storage if needed. It would be nice if the middle seats could fold down or be removed as needed. It has been a dependable vehicle.

- Jaimie B

It is a nice practical vehicle in terms of having lots of cargo space.

I love how much stuff and kids I can move around. I would be lost without it. I only dislike all the little things falling apart on it like the power doors failing, little inside lights failing, armrests falling off, etc.

- Michael O

It's so easy to pack up the family and all of our stuff!

It's a basic model, no power seats or power rear windows/hatch, and it fits our family well. It's a bit heavy, so not as kind on gas mileage as we would like. The ride is smooth and fairly quiet. We have no complaints.

- Lucy N

it is great for large families and rides really well and comfortably on long trips

it has been a very dependable car but with higher mileage we are starting to see oil leaks. the seating if very comfortable for 7 people and has plenty of storage room as well as lots of extra features for comfort

- bonnie t

It is very durable even though it has a bunch of dents from my brothers.

It is an overall good car given how many miles it has. One thing I do not like about it is that the seats get stuck or do not lock in place right. Another positive is that the car is child friendly.

- Jessica S

My car is family friendly and very easy to drive. It fits our family of six very comfortably.

I like the size of my vehicle. I have children and they all have plenty of room and can move about easily to get to the third row of the minivan. It also has a smooth ride and good turning radius.

- Brigitte S

It was a good value for the price! I intend to drive it until the wheels fall off.

It's still running well. But other small things are broken. The side mirrors will occasionally move and point down all on their own. One sliding door motor is broken. Overall, a decent car.

- Julie R

This car has constant maintenance issues. Expect repairs needed every couple months.

I like that the van door slides and my kids can't hit other cars. This vehicle is constantly needing repair. I don't think kias are "made to last". Would rather have more quality parts.

- Lynsey P

Good gas mileage roomy and comfortable for seven fuel air controls for air

Roomy comfortable good gas mileage seats 7 comfortably removable seats for more space for moving TV for grandkids lot of hideaway spaces lots of drink holders fold away middle console

- Emory S

It's a great minivan for an affordable price. It may not be as fancy as others but it definitely has worked well for us.

The electric doors and windows are great. we have tons of room and it's very easy to fold down the third row. A weird thing about it is the mirrors seem to move on their own sometime.

- Dawn W

The car has been taken care of. It only had 104k miles on it when I bought it.

I like my vehicle because it sits high. I have always driven cars, my 2007 Sorento is an SUV. The gas mileage is not the best but the vehicle has a lot of power to it.

- Dorian G

It has very good horsepower.

I like sitting up high. I like the automatic side doors. I do not like that its old and I do not like having repairs. I do not like that the radio does not work well.

- Sherry M

A Well Enduring Investment

My vehicle has been dependable and reliable since I first bought it. It has required very little maintenance, and over time, has kept its own as far as gas mileage.

- Nick H

Quality is excellent very few repairs since we purchased the vehicle.

Drives great good safety features, roomy, comfortable when traveling. All seats sit excellent, air conditioning works good in all areas as does the heater.

- Bonnie H

It is a great minivan! I love the fold into the floor seats. I love how reliable it is.

Love my minivan. Runs well, gets decent gas mileage. I would like something a little newer, in that it doesn't have a nav system or updated music system.

- Laurie P

My Kia van is reliable, very comfortable to ride in for short or long distances.

I like my Kia van because it is comfortable to ride in. I also like my van because I have not had any major issues. I don't really have any complaints.

- Jessica S

It's dependable and well made, gets good gas mileage. Looks great, handles well.

Didn't like the fact that it wasn't an American car, but it was affordable. It is dependable, spacious, gets great gas mileage. Would buy another one.

- sandy k

My van is comfortable and roomy

I love my van. It is great when we have to haul something big. It's great when we get groceries. It's comfortable and roomy. I just love my van.

- Anita M

Great family car if you have more than 3 kids. Big enough for kids to have room.

It is over 10 years old so I am starting to have small problems with it. I like the color of it. I love that is fits my entire family of 6.

- Heather W

Just how comfortable it is. It also holds 7 people very comfortable for long trips.

I love my Kia sedona because it is so comfortable to sit in. I have Fibromyalgia and it doesn't bother me when I am sitting in my Kia.

- cathy B

Great price and after years of hard use runs like a charm.

It runs very well after all these years. It is has lots of room and fits a family well. The van is sturdy and mileage is amazing.

- Rachel A

It has been a great family van - it has been very reliable and hasn't had any major issues in the almost 12 years we've owned it.

It has been very reliable. Haven't had many repairs. Only complaint is that it doesn't have the features of newer vehicles.

- Nichole P

I keep my car clean all the time, so do not eat in my car.

My car has a lot of space from the family. It could use a little more leg room. My car need a built in navigation system.

- Jerome W

It is very low maintenance.

I have always loved vans. This van has lots of room. It gets decent gas mileage. I wish it had electric sliding doors.

- Cheryl S

It is new to me because I had a small car and could not fit all kids.

Room for grandkids to go places with me is a plus. It is an easy car to get out of. The gas mileage is not so great.

- Pamela M

It is blue and a mini van.

I like that it has nice bright lights to see at night. I like that it drives nice. It can carry a lot of people.

- Mikayla S

It has been very reliable for the past 4 years

It's basic, nothing fancy. Not great at all in the snow. It doesn't feel as heavy duty and quality as I wish.


It's reliable and very roomy.

It's reliable, but old and needs some work. It stalls in rain. It's good on gas when driving through the city.

- Angela S

don't believe what the ads tell you. they claim x amount on gas mileage & warranties. none of its true

was better when it was new, not very good gas mileage. never got what they claimed even in the beginning.

- chris e

Safely to drive and comfortable to ride, good gas mileage

Plenty of space, easy to drive Comfortable to ride, good gas mileage, no complaints

- Russ E

It works for me and does the job that I feel is best for my needs

it is just the right size. Can fit at least 7 people. Ease of use of the car.

- Diana B

That it's not an suv it is a van,it will seat seven people. It has side airbags

Has lots of room and gets good gas mileage it is comfortable easy to park

- Jeff P

It is very dependable and gets good gas mileage. It is very roomy.

It is very dependable. It is a safe vehicle. It drives very smooth.

- lisa p

size is wonderful and it has cargo space

It is large. It is safe. It is reliable. It has great features.

- j T

If you take good care of the vehicle, it will be a great vehicle for you for many years.

I love the heated seats and space. The doors drive me crazy!

- Stephanie T

Dependable and it is great van

Been a great vehicle with minimal problems

- Dennis T