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I love my Kia Sedona for my family.

I have had no real issues with my Sedona. I have had it almost 8 years and it still runs great and has over 150, 000 miles. We have taken it on several long road trips and no problems. It is very roomy with lots of room for all our family and the kids friends. Love the fold down seats to allow for more storage space. I have had issues with the arm rests not going up and down and some rattling in the rear but nothing major. I would definitely buy another Kia vehicle.

Laurie T

The car on the go for all occasions big or small,

My 7 passenger Sedona van comes with front and rear air-conditioning, am/FM radio and CD player, a built-in DVD player with earphones for personal listening, and a hatchback for additional space and convenience for large or small items, the. Back seats are foldable for extra space for large items such as surfboards, mini kayaks, beach chairs etc., it is a great family car as well as transportation for the our multiple sports teams for different events.

Mark H

It is very dependable and comfortable.

I keep the car up to date on oil and fluid changes and have not had any major problems. I bought the car used 5 years ago. I have replaced the battery once, wipers at least twice. Lights bulbs a few times. Tires. Have traveled very comfortably with it. Have taken a family of 6 on mini vacations many times. Have enjoyed driving it. I use my cruise control a lot. Thinking of replacing it with another newer make and model.

Mary B

The Sedona is a larger vehicle and it drives like a boat. Also it has enough power to get the job done. Be ready to stop every 300 miles though to fill up on gas.

The vehicle is a good road vehicle and it offers enough to get by on road trips. The vehicle drives well and has good power, braking, and steering. I dislike that it consumes a ton of gas and that it sometimes lacks in features that would be nice like headed seats or power seats. Reliability is good but the vehicle will sometimes have issues that are not common.

Zach D

The Kia Sedona has great storage options, plenty of space for families.

I love my Kia Sedona. I previously owned a 2009 Kia Sedona in the same color. It was unfortunately totaled when I ran into a wall, many of the sensors in the front of the van are expensive to replace. I am happy with all of the storage available in the van. The back seats can fold down, and the middle seats can be removed completely.

Heidi G

Nice van I love it drives great good job Kia.

No the problems just the starter when it stop working no signal to let you know other than that it's a great car I love it drive smooth and it roomie small trunk plenty of legroom full back seat that recline passenger seat all recline nice van been driven it for a year good ride so far need a starter, also brakes wear out fast on it.

Shirley F

Our Kia has dual heat and ac so the passenger and driver can control their own. It has extra airbags.

My Kia has great gas mileage. I performs very well, and I have not had major mechanical issues with the van. One thing I do not like about the is our gray seats always look dirty and stained, and they are hard to clean. The other problem is putting the rear seat down for more space. They are, also, a hassle to remove.

Linda A

A great family vehicle and good on gas.

My vehicle is very much reliable and was given to me by my grandmother after she passed. It's 11 years old and there has been a few recalls. Other than that it's fast, pretty good on gas. The rotators for my back doors and trunk have stopped working all of a sudden. Still consider it reliable though.

Briana M

Very spacious, love that the windows in the back roll down unlike other minivans.

It's a good size mini van has plenty of room for the kids. Only thing I don't like is the fact that the truck space isn't much in length but it is deep and that the spare tire is under the back passenger seat screwed into the floorboard and it takes awhile to unscrew and take out its time consuming.

Joanna C

The new Camry is great for the family or friends very spacious.

Fast, comfortable, lots of cargo room, great seats. I would like better gas mileage. I love the style, the looks, the headlights give great lighting, excellent radio, speakers, easy to find a/c knobs, great air conditioning and heating, beautiful interior color, rear view mirror is excellent.

Janice B

Great car, but getting older & having problems.

While traveling home from vacation this weekend, the alternator went out & we coasted down an off ramp. Had to be towed & had to purchase a new alternator. apparently an oil leak is what caused the alternator to go out. Earlier in the summer we had to put $1200 into it to fix something else.

Tammy S

More space and hauling capacity.

This vehicle gives me enough room to provide for 7 people. Two sliding side doors for easy in easy out. In the back I have stow and go seats which makes it so nice to haul large items and when not the back is nice and deep so I can go on a nice shopping trip and have no problems with space.

Susanne L

Great car for your family and excellent for beginning drivers.

There has not been much issues in performance. The seat itself is comfortable but it is not the best for someone over 6 feet to drive comfortably. It is lasted us ten years and counting. There have not been any other issues with it. It is a great family car or a first car for your kid.

Rebekah B

2008 Kia Sedona minivan. .

This is a very dependable vehicle. Only issue I have had is with the rear sliding doors being difficult to open. Fuel efficient, great on long trips. Storage and seating is sufficient. Heating and cooling system is good. Rear control helps passengers regulate their comfort.

Linda R

Roomy, comfortable and smooth.

Super comfortable and it rides really smooth. There's a lot of legroom. It holds seven passengers comfortably including driver. Many cup holders. It has separate air-conditioning controls for the back if needed. Also has outlet in the back for charging cell phones.

Cindy M

If your regular upkeep is constant and reliable, you can expect to keep it for.

We've got over 200, 000 miles on our car and with regular upkeep, runs like a charm! We expect to get another 100, 000 miles too! The interior does not fair as well though. And opening the back gate gets a little difficult at times. So, it is not perfect, but reliable.

Pat B

Kia Sedona Minivan Best Used Car I Ever Owned

Love this mini van. I bought it used 2 years ago and have had no trouble with it at all. It handles well in all weather conditions and is very stable even in high winds, rain and snow. Air conditioner and heater work great, and heated seats are wonderful in the winter.

Noel G

Exceptional if you have a big family.

I love this vehicle for the space. The backseat is stow and go which makes the seats fold down to the floor and I can haul large items. I love how I have two sliding doors for easy entrance for the grandkids. Plenty of room for groceries, and kids at the same time.

Susanne L

It is a very reliable vehicle.

Love this Minivan. It was bought used with 70, 000 mile now has 120000 miles and never a problem. I use it to transport my dogs. Love the stow away rear seating and the removable middle row, thus allowing for dog crates to be set up and still have room for stuff.

Wendy R

The inside is spacious, with lots of little storage areas.

It is big enough to carry my family and anything we need to bring with us or bring home. When we take road trips (which we often do), it is spacious enough for all of our traveling crap. I wish it got better gas mileage, but you take the good with the bad.

Adrienne P

I need to highlight an interesting detail of my Kia Sedona.

The minivan, it does the job. Very reliable, good for family trips. Does well off-roads too. Not the best gas mileage and the radio sucks, updates would help. The seats are comfortable but could use seat heaters. Plenty of legroom. And tons of cup holders.

Nicole P

Nice affordable minivan for all.

Nice motor. Not good sale value. Winter time the side doors do not open and gets stuck. Interior mirror is broken. Some accessories are not working. Fans are difficult to work. Nice running. Black minivan Kia Sedona 2008 lx type vehicle. Nice very nice .

Mike K

It runs reliably and is probably the best minivan I have ever owned.

It is a very reliable vehicle, I have never had any major problems with how it runs. It is roomy enough to fit my family but does also not feel like it is a humongous vehicle. I do dislike how many times some little parts have to be replaced frequently.

e M

Great van! Perfect for families!

It drives easily. Although our automatic doors don't work anymore, I love that feature. It has an extra mirror to help me see my kids in the backseat. And for it being 10 years old, it has held up really well. I like how the seats stow in the back row.

Nish T

Roomy and comfortable. Never had any major mechanical issues.

It's a minivan, so not the most stylish or sporty, but it comfortably seats 7 and has tons of storage room. Loads of cup holders. Little issues like the radio messes up and insignificant parts fall off (buttons, mirrors).

Shellie C

It's really quite pleasurable to own. Everyone should consider test driving one. I have a feeling you will fall in love too.

I like the height of the vehicle. It is very easy to get in and out of with my disabilities. I like the automatic trunk lift so I don't have to lift it up. I dislike that I bought it used so there was no book with it.

Catherine S

Very dependable vehicle and great on gas mileage.

I love my Kia Sedona it has been a reliable vehicle thus far. It can accommodate up to 7 passengers which is a plus for my family. I only had one problem with the sunroof which began to leak due to faulty sealant.

Maria S

I really wouldn't recommend people to buy Kia, I can't wait to get rid of it

Broke down on the highway after two years of owning, I like this pretty big and spacious ,It's 10 years old but still running fine, Don't like the fact I have to change headlight Bulb at least once a year

Tanja M

It's a quality vehicle with many options for an affordable price

Good reliable van and enables me to easily travel with my kids. I love the auto sliding doors feature but hate that one of them is broken on my van. Also would love to have stow and go middle bucket seats.

Berta J

It is very comfortable and easy to drive.

Like: comfortable seats. Easy to drive. Nice features, including power doors, back-up camera and DVD player. Plenty of storage. Plenty of cup holders. Came with all-weather mats. Dislike: leather seats.

Lindsay A

One of the most important things about my van, it offers tons of space.

It has been reliable for the past 10 years. It has tons of space for transporting my family. I love how it drives, always smooth and comfortable. I couldn't be happier with my van.

Carol B

All the back seats are able to lie flat or be removed for hauling needs stuff.

I love the versatility. Ability to transport people or remove seats and transport stuff. Seats are comfortable and roomy. Gas mileage is not terrible for a vehicle of that size.

Jessica P

It has more power than people assume. It can really get up and go.

It is fun to drive. It seats my family of 5. It would be nice if there was more foot space in the second and third row. It would also be nice if an mp3 connection was standard.

Sharon S

Kia sedona.. would but again

No issues so far except for usual maintenance. Very satisfied with it. Very good warranty. Also have another kia and love them both. I would buy another when the time comes.

Renee I

This care is safe and reliable. You don't have to worry about things breaking.

This van has been incredibly reliable. I have had no repairs at all, except for regular maintenance. It's bare-bones in terms of extras, but it's really comfortable.

Emily F

It is my first van and I love it.

I like that it has enough room for the whole family. I like that the back seats fold up for more space. I like that it has a deep trunk so my groceries stay put.

Flora V

This vehicle has been the most reliable vehicle I have ever owned.

I have not had any issues in the 2 years I have had this van. Nothing has gone wrong. The DVD player is a huge plus and the gas mileage is not too bad either.

jaclyn c

It is very very old and I am looking to replace it as soon as we can afford to.

I like that it has lasted so long considering that we bought it used. I dislike that it often requires a lot of repairs. I like that the inside is comfortable.

Christina G

It is safe and reliable. It fits all terrain tires on it.

It is an excellent, safe vehicle. Comfortable for my family of four. Haven't had any major issues with it in nearly 5 years of heavy usage. Great gas mileage.

Christen J

It is easy to drive, quiet, very spacious

this vehicle worked perfectly with almost no upkeep until the past year when there are major costly problems. Understandable since we have 20125 miles on it

Catherine c

It has a lot of room and It's affordable.

I love the space dor me and my family. The automatic doors are helpful. The only drawback of the light color of the fabric on the seats and floor.

Sheila W

Great safety features in an affordable van.

I like the roominess of the van. I like the safety rating of this van. I like the power sliding doors, but they have a lot of mechanical problems.

Chad T

It is as reliable as other more expensive vehicles in the same category.

It has a good crash test rating. It has also been a very reliable vehicle. It still looks nice and stylish even though it is 10 years old.

Jamie H

The vehicle really works well to help families get to places and do things.

It has helped our family and transporting people and objects. Is great on trips and has always made our lives easy to deal with activities.

Lisa M

Dependability. I have only had one or two things that have been torn up

My van is very dependable. My first KIA and I will buy again. I wish the front end was shorter. The electronic locks are frustrating!!

Mary K

the ability to handle more passengers than typical cars

i like the roominess and comfort of the ride but the mileage needs improvement. handling of the vehicle is good but could be improved

john m

It has one major blind spot, I can't see you when I change lanes.

I love the safety rating, the gas mileage, and the space inside. It's never had a major mechanical problem. I dislike the look of it.

Cristen J

Has a spot to hold your smart phone and cup holders for the kids in the back.

Roomy enough for three kids in the back, with a booster seat. Has a rattle from the air conditioning pan, that always comes loose.

Jonelle O

Super reliable. We have had very few repairs to this vehicle and those that we have had are not major.

Great vehicle! Love the low maintenance costs that we have had with it. Also great body no rust for.a car that is a decade old.

Samantha F

The gas mileage sucks. And the transmission does not last forever.

I like that it fits my family. I do not like the gas mileage situation. But it is ok overall. I would buy this vehicle again.

Cynthia B

It is very roomy and comfortable.

It is been a very good car. I have no complaints I would certainly buy another one if needed. It still drive comfortably.

Margaret G

The camshaft position sensor will need to be replaced.

Comfortable to drive. Does not feel like a minivan. Didn't like paint peeling within one year. Auto doors unreliable.

Jennifer W

For the price of the vehicle the reliability is great

Love my Kia mini van! It allows us to carpool the kids to and from activities easily. We have had minimum issues.

Amy K

It's great on gas mileage and that you can travel anywhere and not use that much gas

I personally dislike that the doors don't close by themselves especially when I have handicapped people in the car

Beth J

The Sedona is an ok van. It runs pretty well.

It was a decent car. It runs pretty well. I wish the mats were not carpet. I also don't like the center console.

Ruth J

This is a great family car. If you have children or plan to this is an ideal car.

This car is very spacious with a roomy trunk. It has a lot of recalls so he sure to get it serviced regularly.

Jessica W

A lot of room for family and wheelchairs.

Hardly any problems with it and those we had were covered under warranty. Nice family vehicle.

Kim H

This van is very reliable and gets me everywhere I need to go & do safely.

like electric doors & locks, dvd player, leather seats, roomy. would like better gas mileage.

Myrt S

its warranty tells you it will last a long time

love it how it drives accelerates,and how it handles,reliability

cedar c

It has been reliable and has lots of miles driven on it.

It has been a great car, spacious, reliable and lots of miles


Space is good for a family of single person to use for transporting

I !like the space, gas mileage .it has been pretty reliable

Stephanie D

it is a good car. i like my minivan. the captain seats are great.

i like my minivan. great for kids. drives well. i like it.

Lisa S

It fits my family, that's why I use it. I would pick something that runs more efficiently otherwise,

The doors freeze in winter and it uses a lot of gas.

Sarah B

It is cheap so you get what you pay for

It just has too many problems especially electric

Brandi S

Nice car but resale value is low

Dependable nice price Doors stuck in winter

Levent H