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Roomy, comfortable, and all around great minivan!

I've had my Sedona for about 3 years and I love it! I bought if for the leg room for my tall older children. I keep one of the middle seats down so it is easy access to the back seats. The kids can sit back there and not feel cramped. I did have all the seats in it for a long time and even then the kids weren't cramped. I often fold all the seats down and use it as a closed truck. I've moved a whole house due to the room in it and being able to fit couches and beds inside. I have had to take it to the shop but it has been for recalls. There hasn't been any mechanical issue that I needed to fix. This van gets going fast. I often peel out because it is fast for a minivan. Getting on the highways and going from 20 mph to 70 mph is a breeze! I will definitely buy another Kia Sedona when it is needed!

- Crystal M

It drives like a sport car!

Cam went out at 74,000 miles. Air conditioner fan behind glove box had a bad wire. Bad road noise. It drives like a sport car. It has over 210,000 miles and I have only had new tires and brakes put on. Everything else was under warranty. A lot of cup holders and a lot of legroom. Huge storage area in the back. It has get up and go speed. When I want to pass someone on the road. I want to pass, I don't want to sit there and idle by. This van has the power!

- Kara P

A great van at an affordable price

I love my Kia Sedona. It was purchased second hand but it was in excellent condition. It has performed without any problems and it drives smoothly and without effort. It has great acceleration, the air conditioning works well in the back which is important as the Kia has 2 rows of seats. The car is reliable and the seats are very comfortable. It has all the features that are important, the only thing missing from my Kia is a temperature gage.

- Lydia D

Good fuel economy to power ratio - has the get-up and go to make for safe driving in busy cities.

I love the power from this V6 engine - very peppy. It seats 6 comfortably and 7 if you want to get a little cozy in the back seat - with plenty of cargo space left over. I like the fact that there are some sealed systems that cut down on operation costs and maintenance. Sometimes have trouble with sliding doors sticking requiring assistance to open from the inside.

- Brent M

Love the sound system when playing DVD’s. Sounds like you are at a theater.

Plenty of legroom for several passengers, love all the features, DVD player, amazing sound system, however CD player stopped working shortly after buying. Love the convenience of storage and being able to easily lay seats down if needing space to haul items. Rides very smooth and typical maintenance. Tires are not overly pricey when having to purchase.

- Tracey D

Great family vehicle, very reliable.

I love how reliable the van is. In the six years we have owned this vehicle, we have only had to have minor repairs. It seats seven with plenty of legroom. The middle seat will come out and the back seats fold down allowing plenty of room to haul large objects. The one downside is that the storage space is very limited when using all the seats.

- Amanda C

Practical and convenient family vehicle.

The Kia Sedona is very roomy, with plenty of space to comfortably ride seven or eight passengers or to haul anything in the back that needs to be stored in a dry place. It gets good gas mileage and is convenient for long trips. The sedona has low maintenance required and has all the necessary features for me such as Bluetooth and XM radio.

- Shannon P

It�s a nice vehicle to have especially with kids. Very spacious .

I wish that it had stow and go seating. I hate having to take my seats out all the time. I also wish it was automatic seats. It would be nice to have a button to push for the trunk to shut by itself, as a mom that does majority of the shopping , it's hard to have a handful of groceries and having to shut the trunk .

- Joshua R

I love my Kia Sedona so much

My Kia Sedona has so much room to fit all my needs. I love that it has a deep back storage area, and also allows the seats to store completely flat. My one complaint is that the Bluetooth will sometimes not connect. Once the vehicle is shut off and started again, the Bluetooth seems to connect just fine.

- Shannon A

Mini van! Great reliable car, comfortable and can seat a lot of people!

Positives: great car. Drives well. Car has a lot of space, can seat up to seven people. Has a lot of cup holders, and the seats are very comfortable. Drives well in all four seasons. Stereo system has great sound quality. Negatives: only downside, gasoline can get expensive.

- Beth F

I love the automatic doors.

I have needed a blower motor and power steering coil. Needs new tire. Just had calipers and ball joints replaced. Warranty only covered calipers and ball joints. Other than that I love the can. Has a DVD player. Keeps the kids occupied when we have a longer car ride

- Stephanie M

Very comfortable car for a family or big group.

We had to buy a battery within a week of buying the vehicle. Other than that it has been a pleasure. We have 2 little kids and a baby. We have gone a several trips and we're very comfortable. One of which we camped in the car to get away from the bugs.

- Sunni S

My Sedona and what I like/dislike about it.

I have the basic of the Kia Van's. There have been a few recalls but the are fixed without any issues. It fits my family now and I love that the back row folds flat. I wish the middle section was easier to remove or be able to fold flat too.

- Tara L

That the mirrors move on my car when you put it in reverse.

I love my car there is a lot of room for me and the kids, love the automatic sliding doors, and the backup camera. I don't really hate anything about my car, I just wish I could have gotten a dvd player in my car when I bought it.

- Amy G

The vehicle fits 7 people comfortably and has traveled well for many family vacations.

We have owned the vehicle for 5 years and have never had to make any major repairs. The ac unit has been stalling recently and the side sliding door lock does not lock automatically, but otherwise the vehicle still runs great.

- David W

It has almost brand new tires, has been very reliable.

The vehicle has been a great vehicle other than a constant brake caliper issue. Smooth comfortable roomy ride. Ck engine light has been on since 1st year own it new is annoying when trying to get it inspected.

- Michele B

It is very dependable vehicle. I would love to repurchase another one.

It is a lower end model, as a mom of 4 little kids it would have been nice to have some standard options such as electric sliding doors, radio scanning controls on the steering wheel etc.

- Britt G

My Kia Sedona is a good reliable vehicle that I enjoy driving.

I have had the Kia Sedona for 5 years. It has been a good reliable vehicle, with no problems out of the ordinary. The inside is comfortable and it meets my needs and my expectations.

- Jay T

it is a great car for families who like to go adventuring, lots of roomy space for travel.

the car has worked well so far, however the rear sliding doors have failed and can only be opened from the outside, probably an easy fix but I have been too busy to get it fixed.

- Dallas o

The Kia Sedona is very unreliable and not dependable.

It has a lot of room for our family of 5, but has not been reliable since we bought it. We have had to replace many expensive parts that should not have needed to be replaced.

- Christy G

My car is reliable, comfortable and gets good gas mileage.

I like the space and storage space. The last row of seats fold down into the floor easily. The only thing that I dislike is that it is getting older and repairs are costly.

- Amy B

I have a 2011 Kia Sedona. After 100,000 miles, problems start. Recently, I noticed that when it rains, water just pours into the back cabin

I will never buy a KIA.It is a problem vehicle after a certain mileage. I have water pouring into my cabin when it rains. I have never had this issue with other cars

- Tricia B

It is a good value and has continued to perform well after 7 years.

Like the seating and storage capacity. I wish it had the new safety and technology features found in the newer models. Also wish it had better foul weather traction.

- Ro s

The fuel economy and the space.

It is comfortable and I can fit my family of six in easily. I like the 2 sliding doors. This makes dealing with a car seat a breeze. It feels roomy inside and safe.

- Michele R

Very dependable, i've had no problems with this van and It's fun to drive

It's very dependable. Plenty of room for a family of 4 and one being disabled with a motorized wheelchair and wheelchair lift. No major repairs and great warranty.

- Samantha S

Passenger side door is jammed and cannot come unstuck.

Not to hip on it as comes with several issues. The sliding doors get jammed to where you cannot open them. I just in general would never own a Kia again.

- Kristin H

It's great for my sufficient other to do uber.

Well when we had an accident we had to go back to dealer our doors are not power based, as well as no leather seats. Otherwise it is a very good vehicle.

- Barbara A

Easy to drive and very safe.

Easy and comfortable to drive. Not too big or too small for the type of vehicle it is. The 3rd and back seats fold down to make room to carry things.

- Patricia N

I take care of my car regular maintenance oil change check fluids.

I love the Kia because even though it is a van, it still has good horsepower. The negative thing about my van is,the and rest broke off easily.

- Angelica L




It is a very reliable car I never have any problems with this vehicle.

I like all the features that it has there's nothing I dislike it performed very well the car works very well I will buy another one.

- Nolan C

Kia is a great family car and is well dependable handles well on the road good gas mileage. Will always have a kia

Kia is the best car we have had and holds up for years. We will always own Kia. Handles well smooth ride

- Beth S

The van has a lot of space for 2 kids.

I like the van because it is big. There's room for 2 car seats. It does not have a GPS map. It is older.

- Rachel B

It fits our needs as a large family.

I like the 3 row of seats to fit my family . but there isn't enough room for groceries in the back.

- Randy F

Hard to find replacement parts but a reliable, larger minivan than your run of the mill odysseys you see literally everywhere!

I love my Sedona. There's plenty of space for groceries, kids and all their associated stuffs.

- Cat C

It's reliable and comfortable

Easy to drive and spacious. Reliable for long distance drives. Comfortable for the family.

- Elva P

fold and go seats are a great plus. but it wobbles in the wind pretty bad

nice storage with the fold and go seats. does not handle the wind well though.

- shannon h

It runs well; minimal mechanical issues. Handles well, also.

Enough room for the whole family! Runs well! No major complaints.

- Ali M