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Kia Sedona is a great family vehicle!

This vehicle has a lot of legroom. We have an adult son who is over 6' 8" and he can ride comfortably in the second row captains seat. Smooth ride with very little cabin noise. There is three third row seats so three young adults can fit comfortably with feeling extremely tight. The front console can go up or folded down. This was extremely important to me because I never leave the house without a large purse anew most vehicles require that you throw them in the back seat which does not work at all for me. Even when the console is up there is still room in the front to put my purse on the floor in front of the console. Nice deep trunk which allows seven people to get suitcases for travel without holding them on their lap. I can open both sliding doors with the remote control which is great if my hands are full or it is raining out. The Sedona has great pick up when entering the highway from the entrance ramps and gets about 23 miles to the gallon even in the extreme AZ heat or while driving through the mountains to get to cooler weather.

- Mary S

My review of my 2012 Kia Sedona minivan.

Its reliable, lots of recalls due to fires. I have issues with my tires a lot and the steering is kind of difficult to control. I like the way it is set up however. Also having issues with the wiring in my lights. I keep losing my low beam on the left and my high beam on the right and not to add that my tail lights go out very often as well. It is a good van just has issues.

- Kelsey C

It has 7 seats available. It has air consisting and heat.

It has a lot of issues. I have had to take it to a mechanic a lot. There has also been airbag issues with a recall. Other then that it has been okay. I have had this vehicle since 2012 and now in 2018 one of the sliding doors will not open. I have also had issues with both sliders with them not closing. Now the one will not even open.

- Jeanette B

Overall great family vehicle!

Our Kia Sedona is our main family vehicle. We love the double sliding doors and the fact we can open and close them from our key fobs! We don't like that the middle seats don't fold down into the car and you instead have to fully remove them from the car to get more space. It is roomy and a good fit for our family of six.

- Bridgett M

So far a great vehicle for a family.

The main thing I like about this vehicle is the room. It fits 7 people comfortably. There had been some recalls, but kids had been prompt in notifying and fixing the issues. The only problem is the gas cover release button fell into the car door making it unusable. It has no spring tension so be aware it is a possibility.

- Ashlee B

Speedy Sedona sails with comfort and ease.

I love the horsepower, it can go fast for a van. I did wish it had an electric hatch in the back. It is very roomy and very reliable. I like the fabric seats, how they can fold down and the bench in the back. Another wish would be stow and go seats so I didn't have to put them in my garage if I need to haul big things.

- Stacy R

Great vehicle for large families.

I think my Kia Sedona is a very reliable vehicle with no problems. It drives easy and has enough room for myself, my husband and our three children. It has great features like Bluetooth capability and backup assistance. There is great storage space in the back and the seats go down for easy hauling.

- Elizabeth H

Really good vehicle and I will be going back to Kia in the future.

No problems. Just recalls on several items. Love the way it rides and handles good. Has plenty of room for dogs and it has lots of room for them to stretch out. Some issues with dealership but they were resolved. No recent problems. Would continue with Kia in the future they offer a good rebate.

- Sue S

There really are no interesting details on this vehicle.

The problem with this van is the sliding doors. They freeze in the winter. It takes a long time defrosting the car for this to unstick. Also, the feature of unlocking the car doors when you start the car is unsafe. I always lock my doors as soon as I get in the car and this feature bugs me.

- Jenni B

Sensor Problems Are A Common Thing

Many issues with the door sensors. The van has been in the shop over 5 times with this issue for different doors. It has been reliable other than this. It is not the most comfortable vehicle but I do feel rather safe in it. The paint chips off very easily and needs a new paint job already.

- Sara F

Great all round minivan.

My Kia is very reliable, I love driving it. There's never any problems with it. The best van I have ever bought. Highly recommended for any one to buy. It has electric windows, awesome large windows all around, great to see out of. Drives well in snow and rain. Good gas mileage too.

- Paula P

Kia Sedona: better than you might think!

Very reliable family vehicle. 147k miles and all it is ever needs is oil changes and an occasional new tire. Has fared better than its more glamorous counterparts (Toyota and Honda). Would buy the newer version of the Sedona but the 2012 still has a lot of life left!

- Amy C

Family friendly and efficient van.

I love my vehicle. It is very dependable and reliable. I haven't had any major mechanical problems with my van. And any recalls I am notified in a timely manner. Exactly what I need with a family of six. And plenty of room to where we are not all jammed together.

- Ronald C

Why I love to drive my Kia Sedona everywhere I go.

Lots of room. V6 has great get up and go. Will seat many people and or car seats for grandkids. Handles easily. Interior is very comfortable. My husband can use it like a truck. Stowing 3rd row seats. Great for road trips. Have had very little maintenance issues.

- Lisa C

Kia: the ideal family car.

This has been our family vehicle for 5 years. Countless trips, moves, and family time. It is super reliable and relatively cheap to fix so far. The back seats fit up to 5 people comfortably. Separate air and heat from front to back, which is very convenient.

- Raven S

It will stop running well after 150,000 miles. Many places will not work on your car, so you will have to take it to the Kia dealership which will charge exorbitant amounts of money for repairs.

I have owned two Kia Sedonas. The first one was wonderful, but the second one has been trash. We have almost had to have the whole electrical system rebuilt. I probably will not buy another Kia. It was cheap. You get what you pay for.

- Jason H

My car is reliable, dependable, looks classy and is well suited for a family of 3 to 7 people.

The look and size of the vehicle works very well with my family. Also, this vehicle is the 3rd Kia I've owned & I really like the pricing & the look of the Kia Sedona. There really is nothing I can say about the vehicle that I don't like.

- Lauren D

It is not a large and roomy as other minivans but it's easy to manage, clean, arrange the seating and I've never had an issue with the car itself.

I have driven my Sedona across the country three times filled with camping equipment and children. I drive it up and down the east coast throughout the year. It has withheld a lot of kid and travel abuse . I would buy it again.

- April M

It's a lower price than other minivans of its kind, so it's good value.

It's a good van with perks like cruise control and bluetooth and sirius satellite radio built in. It's comfortable and smooth to drive. The AC takes awhile to get cold and the electric locks are messed up.

- Hayley C

Has a great warranty and very useful for big families.

Like that is cheap, great warranty and service center. Like that it has lots of room for my kids. Hate that it has no bells and whistles and that it is a minivan. PLus has a weird air conditioning smell.

- Janna B

It has been a good van, the headlights always need a change it feels like.

I've had to fix the latches on the sliding doors twice. My check engine light has been on for 2 years I could always get it to go away for my inspection but I don't think it will happen this coming time.

- Lisa M

It is a silver mini van with an in vehicle entertainment package and dual motorized sliding doors. I use it for everything. I have a busy family that never stops.

I have invested so much money into my car since I got it certified used. I feel that a quality car should be only in need of regular maintenance and not all of the extra expenses I've endured.

- Amanda Z

That the air conditioning has a tendency to go out.

I love the pickup and the way it drives, but the issue is we had a lot of mechanical problems within the first year. Now it is a great car, the sound system is amazing. My friends all love it.

- Hannah M

It gets the job done really!

I really like large amount of space if offers / provides. The fuel efficiency is pretty decent all things considered.It's a really good family vehicle for my family all things considered.


I feel like Kia's are underrated and honestly I hadn't heard much publicity before we began looking for ours but we have overall been very happy with our purchase.

I like it because it is roomy, is attractive and has rear windows that roll down. I feel like it makes too much rattling noise when it drives. It was a pretty good value for the money.

- Amy C

#1 safety rating with surround airbags for you and your family's safety

I like the surround air bags. I dislike that the power door locks on the sliding doors have stopped working. I dislike that the back hatch sometimes gets stuck and you can't open it.

- Jennifer J

It gets decent gas mileage, BUT the blind spots are horrible!

I like that it is roomy. There is plenty of space for the whole family, plus groceries or suitcases, or whatever in the back. I would rather have an SUV, but it works for us for now.

- Liz F

There's really nothing that's important about the vehicle.

I like my vehicle because its a minivan and it has a lot of space and seating room. It's used but in really good condition. I do not have any dislikes about the care at the moment.

- Noel J

Wonderful ride. Good gas mileage.

I love the pick up and go my Kia has. The extras it has like auto opening back doors on the windows that roll down. An the smooth ride. I often am going faster than I realize.

- Karla M

Kia has a great long warranty and good new car prices.

I love my Kia Sedona. Has a great crash test rating. Drives nice, great turning radius. However, Windows have a loud noise when on freeway, they are not insulated enough.

- Mary D

Good quality and the price is reasonable.

I like that it has automatic doors and windows. Power locks, a dvd player. It also has leather seats which is a must with children. Drives well, good gas mileage.

- Elizabeth H

It's reliable and is a great car for the year. The AC is great, which is good in Texas, and it rides smooth.

I like the air conditioning and it's in good shape for the year. It gets me where I need to go, and I also like that the windows in the second row can roll down.

- kaitlyn A

It has been a reliable car with little to no maintenance beyond normal keep up of a vehicle.

I like the automatic doors and it rides smoothly. I also like the service department at the Kia dealership. I dislike the fabric and I don't care for the color.

- Lissa M

The van is powerful and comfortable at a reasonable price

The oil pan gasket needed replaced and the front, driver-side axle also needed to be replaced. They were expensive, but both occurred after 100,000 miles.

- brian h

It has a lot of room and the seats are comfortable. But, things like cd player and locking functions have broken.

I like the space that a minivan has for my family of 5. I like the power sliding doors. I don't like how it handles more like a car than a truck though.

- noelle e

Has exceeded my expectations. Great entry level family car. Third seating ensures plenty room for the kids, even when there fussing.

It's die hard so far. It's nice and roomy for the kids. Plenty room to work out of, as well as a family vehicle. Which was the main reason for purchase.

- Chàd M

It is a great family vehicle because it seats 7 with comfort.

I love that the vehicle has pick up due to the engine. I really haven't had any problems with it. It is extremely comfortable for our family.

- Kelli S

My Kia Sedona gets great mileage for a larger vehicle.

My Kia Sedona is roomy and perfect for our household. I has enough seating for our grandkids. It also has plenty of room for hauling things.

- Cheryl P

It's an affordable and reliable car. Plenty of room for the family and everything we do together

I like the gas milage and the extras that came for free. I don't like that I can't work on it myself. Everything is crammed under the hood.

- Bruce B

I love my Kia! 110% reliable!

I love my Kia! So spacious and runs really good in gas. The safety ratings are great and proved even greater when I hit a deer last night,

- Rebecca W

Good van, great for families.

I like the leather, drives great with lots of power! Trouble has been a cracked oil filter housing, and the rear wiper motor quit working

- Caleb M

It's a via sedona van. My ex wanted it and we traded my blazer for it

Nothing. My vehicle is great. No problems with features. Wish it was better on gas mileage since I travel a long distance to work

- amanda m

It's safe to drive and has several airbags.

I love my van it's a safe way for me and my family to travel. It hold amazing gas mileage and has so much room for the children.

- Rosa F

Has pretty good gas mileage.

Power windows and doors. Can remove seats or lay down. Six can ride together. No complaints, , except would like heated seats.

- Sandra C

I would not buy again because of the door problem.

It does get So So gas mileage, it has had a little quirks once in a while like the doors locking up and I cannot open them

- Marietta S

The back doors automatically open and close using keyless entry. But if you happen to get your hand in the way when closing there is a safety that will not shut the door and will open back up

I really like the amount of room there is for our family. There is a DVD player so the kids are entertained on a long trip

- Robin G

It has been a great vehicle with very little issues.

It has been a reliable van. It has the room we need, and drives smoothly. I dislike the light color upholstery I chose.

- Carey R

The air conditioner works well. It is reasonably priced.

No complaints except that it uses a lot if gas. I like that it holds my five grandchildren. I like that back folds down.

- Eleanor H

Reliable family vehicle. Perfect for the soccer mom!

Recently there have been some issues with the passenger sliding doors sticking and one time one would not close at all.

- Joyce V

Its a soccer mom van. I hate it, but we need it.

We needed a van. I didn't want a van. We all fit in the van. The van runs good. I can't wait to get rid if the van.

- Phillip M

That the van has been dependable and has traveled with the family all over the states and shipped to Europe and traveled there as well.

Love the van. It has been used to travel Europe and to get the kids around to all their practices. Very reliable!!

- Christopher L

It has a oil burning problem which they said will cost a lot of money to be fixed.

I like the way it ride and the roominess of the van. I have not had any problems with it since we purchased it.

- Debbie H

It's reliable but there are better minivans if you are picky

I like the space inside and seat options. I dislike the level of noise inside and the computer shorts a lot.

- therese W

Very roomy and comfortable travel vehicle

Great vehicle for vacationing with grandkids-very roomy .Low miles but dependable no major problems so far

- Laura B

Safe and reliable. Great on gas and very economical

Door handles have fallen off of two doors Very reliable and comfortable. No other issues and great on gas

- Angelica S

Kia is a very Reliable vehicle. It has just needed basic maintenance

It has been a great van no issues until I hit 100000 miles now the door locks 3 x everytime it starts up

- Pamala G

Its very roomy, has great leg room and storage room.

My Kia Sedona has been great. Only normal wear and tear issues, such as brakes etc. Would buy again.

- Deborah P

Good grocery getter, with decent mileage. . .

I like that it seats seven. I think the fuel economy could be better. I don't like washing it often.

- Jerome G

that it has a lot of room

it's blue great gas mileage it holds a lot of people and I have a lot of room for when I go shopping

- jim o

Very Dependable minivan with the power you need for highway driving and the room to load everything you need.

Great power when needed lots of space to load things in. Uses a lot of gas compared to my last car.

- Robert H

It's durable and fast. It is roomy and fits our family well.

I love the power the Sedona has. I wish it had an electric hatch in the back. Overall I love it.

- Staci R

Love the space Inside for both storage and people. Gets good gas mileage. The only complaint is the front widows sound like air is coming thru when there is nothing.

Fantastic amount of Interior space for any need; after school activities, groceries and moving.

- Jessica D

I like the armrests on chairs

Nice family van. Good gas mileage. Roomy trunk area. Comfortable seats. Plenty of legroom in back

- Tracy P

It handles well and has a smooth ride. You don't feel like your in a van.

It a great van with plenty of room. The seats fold. I wish they folded in the base of the van.

- Chris D

It is a has good and roomy interior and drives very well

I like the design of my Kia I like the roominess of my Kia I like the way my Kia drives

- Gloria S

Mommy mobile- looks like a parent of several drives it.

Big enough for our family. Sliding doors- no tots dinging doors. Looks good. Runs well.

- Jen f

I love my car!! It gets decent gas, repairs are usually cheap, I can go 10 or 11 days on a tank of gas around town. I also love the stow and go backseat and that it has room for our big dogs and growing family!

It's AMAZING! Just do it! Minivans for life. Everything you could want in a vehicle!

- Becca S

cheap to run and good for someone back problem and kia is a company to trust

height off ground it a van fits family and pets.it can be noisy to drive in wind.

- william g

Reliability and affordability. It's a great size minivan.

I like the reliability. It's the right size for us. We like the way it drives

- Jon A

it is roomy and gets great gas mileage

i like the fuel efficiency, the design and the roomy interior of the sedona

- Rhonda F

Plenty of room. Easy to drive. 12 air bags. Haven't had a major problems in 6 yrs. Does great on long car rides. Good price.

Has anchor system for car seats. Seat belts lock when jam on brakes.

- Kimberly M

2 out of my three kids have Kia's and they all love them I am the only one with a van which I love if you have a family with kids this is a van for you

Roomy it is reliable easy on gas and very easy to handle on the road

- Tammy J

My minivan has been very reliable. We use it for ministry and family travel. The only problem I've had are the door latches, which have been replaced several times.

It's a very reliable vehicle and I've had no major problems with it.

- Virginia L

Has always been very dependable . And has lots of storage room for carrying things.

The warrant was great, plenty of room for people, great gas mileage

- Judy B

It is very reliable to operate

Large seating and load capacity. Ease of entry. Economical. Safety

- Jerr B

Gas mileage, trustworthy, maintenance, easy handling

Doors on each side, gas mileage, easy driving, nice handling

- Harry H

It's safe. It's reliable. It's affordable. I look cool as hell driving it.

I like that it is reliable and safe. It is also good on gas.

- Anthony F

I feel my van is reliable. The van is comfortable. I can take my family and supplies as I need.

I feel this van drives comfortably for me and my family.

- Monica M

No major engine problems since purchasing it. fifth Kia I've owned, and all have been reliable vehicles.

Reliable, comfortable, good fuel economy. no complaints.

- Nikki M

It is a mini van. But it does have a lot of nice features.

No complaints. Very trustworthy, and rides smooth.

- Joshua R