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We feel safe and comfortable wherever we travel in our Kia Sedona ex van.

The Kia Sedona is a rare vehicle in the u. S. As I recall there were only 1500 in all of the u. S. In 2015. Our Sedona is fully equipped except for the GPS navigation system. The reason we didn't get that option was because we have several handheld GPS units. This enables us to instantly find our van in a large crowded parking lot. Kia's mission is to have a safe vehicle. One option we like very much is the Bluetooth connection to our phone. With all the problems and accidents with people talking on the phone while driving this is a plus. It is hands free with controls on the steering wheel. When you receive a call just flip the switch and you answer the phone and you speak in a normal voice and receive the incoming call over the radio speakers. When the call is completed you can flip the switch to disconnect or if the calling party hangs up first you do nothing. The abs system is great, and you have complete control of the vehicle when stopping. Of course, the vehicle functions are all computer monitored. At a glance you can tell how much gas you have and the computer will tell you how many miles you can drive before refilling. The tachometer helps you keep the vehicle running efficiently. The window sticker says the gas mileage is 17 city and 24 on the highway, but by adjusting your driving habits and using the cruise control we've been able to get 30 mpg on long trips. The one thing my wife enjoys is the comfort and convenience group available on our ex model. She especially enjoys the heated seats in the winter. The interior is designed for easy upkeep and is very attractive. All in all the vehicle is easy and comfortable to drive and is quiet. In the time we've had it we have had no problems, and the Kia service department is friendly and checks everything when we bring it in for our oil changes.

- John F

Power doors are very convenient.

I love the automatic doors. Makes it really easy to load/unload passengers and packages. Comfortable ride. Reliable. Good sound system. Love the navigation system. Very helpful! The inside is quiet although you can sometimes hear road noise/wind when the widows don't roll up all of the way. The side view mirrors no longer automatically adjust by using the button on the inside. I commute to work and have had to replace my windshield twice since purchasing the van in 2016. Not sure if that is a defect or just as a result of my commute on a freeway with many semi trucks.

- Lisa T

Kia Sedona; why you should purchase.

The Kia Sedona has 7 seats, 2 of which fold down so that you may have more trunk space. The Sedona is very comfortable and reliable, my vehicle has over a million miles on it and has not broken down once! On top of that it has very good gas mileage. And can go for a maximum of 15 miles once the tank is empty. The Sedona has Bluetooth and an AUX cord if you wish to play music in the vehicle. I would highly recommend the use of this vehicle.

- Alicia H

Even though it sits 7, it's pretty big on the inside and offers lots of room for people of all sizes.

I love that it fits our entire family. It's comfortable and drives smoothly. It has multiple environmental controls which is highly useful since my husband likes his face to freeze while he's in the van. There's plenty of trunk space. OH! And the backup camera is so much more useful than I ever thought something like that could be. So far, I don't have anything I don't like about it.

- Tabitha W

I love my Kia Sedona! Would recommend it to any family.

I love my van. The seats fold down and store so easy my 9 yr. old can do it. It's very good on gas. I still get 26 miles to the gallon. It starts every time I turn the key. I've never been stranded. It rides like a dream you have to be careful because it is so smooth you'll look down at the speedometer and be doing 80 and think your doing 50. I use the cruise a lot.

- Phyllis J

It is a great vehicle for a larger family. It has plenty of seating for up to seven and lots of storage.

I like that my vehicle is a minivan. It has enough room for all 6 in my family to sit comfortable. The seats fold down to be able to haul large items. There are a few amenities this van does not have like outside temperature, dvd player, and a couple of storage options my previous vehicle had. Overall I am really satisfied with my minivan.

- Jennifer C

Love my Kia Sedona! Fabulous vehicle in every possible way.

I love this mini van! Very comfortable to drive and ride in. Very intuitive to use all the gadgets. I love that you can adjust your seats on the door panels (font only, both sides). I have had zero maintenance or repairs issues. Fantastic safety features. So much leg room. Seven can ride very comfortably.

- Kim L

My Kia, it's one of the most comfortable cars you could ever have. Drive one.

It is a very good roomy, comfortable car. It has a back up camera and it is just a very good car and I would recommend this car to anybody that asks. It has a very good stereo system, it displays the station that you are listening to and the seats are so comfortable and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

- Stanley M

Best van for your buck is sedona!

It has been a good vehicle for the most part. Minor repairs to the automatic doors. It rides good and is super comfortable during long rides. We have traveled a lot. It is awesome on gas and as long as you take care of the, it is a amazing vehicle. Our kids love the convenience of the DVD player.

- Lauren E

Quick and enjoyable to drive.

We have had very little problems with the Sedona. It drives well and accommodates the family and extended family well, especially on long trips. The gas mileage is good, it is very comfortable and convenient. The seats are removable and it can fit a ton of items. Helpful for hauling or moving.

- Andy L

Latch system for kids and open doors.

I love this vehicle because you can open the back doors from the remote keypad. The only thing I do not like about it is that if you have more than three (3) kids in car seats, then there’s only one latch system in the third row. I also like the backup camera on the rear view mirror.

- Tiffany W

Sodena, Kia is a great running van. Last one got 436, 000 miles before we sold it.

Great mileage, seats seven, love the color light blue, fog lights, back seats go into the floor so can use for storage. Can easy remove middle seats for more room or storage. Great radio, and CD player. Like were the shifting lever is. Has a table between two front seats.

- Patricia A

An affordable alternative to the Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey.

It is a silver minivan. We purchased it because of the birth of our third kid. It has doors which open with just a push of a button as well as a backing camera. I think the only thing that could be improved is if the seats folded into the floor.

- Rodney B

It is good quality for the amount we paid for it, meaning Kias are much less money than other minivans but their quality very comparable to the other minivans.

We travel a lot of lacrosse tournaments, there is lots of room for everything. It also has a lot of pickup and doesn't drive like a regular minivan. Seats are very comfortable and it gets decent gas mileage.

- Sonja D

There are computer issues and a few recalls in the first two years of purchase.

Dislike: we had multiple problems in the first two years of owning the vehicle. Computer shut down while driving on the interstate, air conditioning stopped working, battery died twice. Like: spacious.

- Marg C

Spacious Family Vehicle for anyone

Our van is very spacious. I can comfortably take my family of 6 On road trips with ease. If you take the middle seats down, you can call just about anything you need to. No need for a truck.

- Stacey O

Very easy to haul all displays and all product for a show in one trip.

Very comfortable ride, good mileage. I'm a crafter and it is a wonderful vehicle for hauling displays and product. Also very handy for large shopping trips. Would buy another in a heartbeat.

- Linda B

Kia electrical mishap.You can fit a lot in the back of the van. travels well on long trips.

Electrical goes bad.Can not open back passage door unless you reach in to unlock it first. Then you have to remember to reach in when you get out or you can not lock it with the key.

- Cindy D

Smooth ride! This is a comfortable family car that will be excellent for long trips. Roomy and comfy!

I like how well it rides; it is very comfortable and smooth. I wish it were quieter on the inside when driving; the outside nose bleeds in. I do like how well it turns and handles.

- Kerri M

I think the most important thing would be It's safety rating.

It is ideal for our family. It is the right size, drives very nice, and is safe. There is even a seat for our dog Bandit. It also is the right vehicle for my wife's business.

- Stephen S

Stylish, reliable, great to drive!

I like that it is stylish in appearance. It runs very well and has a DVD player that my kids love. I don't like that it isn't has updated electronically as the 2015 Kias.

- Joy W

It is a reliable car with lots of space.

I like the space. I like the rear warning beeps. I like the bluetooth included. I don't like that the seats are not that comfortable. I wish the carpet was easier to clean.

- glor A

Kia Sedona is a great family car

The Sedona is a great family car. There is plenty of legroom for my teenage sons. There is also plenty of room for luggage, even when all the seats are being utilized.

- Rachel W

Kia minivan sliding doors do not go back far enough. .

Reliable, comfortable, has a recall. Sirius XM radio. Would rather have another truck. It is fast roomy, lot of features. Like the white color it is cool in summer.

- Christopher P

My car runs really smooth.

Love it. Like the back up sensors. Like the LED's on the front. Like the space. It drives fine. don't care for the blind spots and the comfort level of the seats.

- Donna T

Very dependable and easy to sell.

I like the ride and safety of the van. It gives my family all of the uses and needs that we have. It meets all of the different needs that we have as a family.

- Stephen B

Ever seen a car that has more cup holders than seats?

Like the trunk it's very spacious. Like the middle seat and how it folds up and down. It has a lot of cup holders but wish it had more ports to charge phones.

- Madelyn G

Great gas mileage, comfortable driving, great on trips

My Kia has great gas mileage. It is very comfortable seating great for long trips. Love the way it hugs the road. It is a very comfortable driving car.

- Sydney C

That Volvo is the best car brand.

It could get better gas mileage.. I wish it had the screen viewing for backing up.. And the sun visors could be bigger... It has a great engine..

- Denise S

it's been really reliable.

I really like my van it get me and my kids around. I like how the seats fold in to the floor. it gets ok gas mile. would recommend it.

- margena g

I like the way it works and I like the gas mileage it gets.

It is a great car and has not yet given me any trouble, I bought it pre owned and seams that whomever had it first took care of the car.

- Karl D

Kia Sedona, the family car.

Reliable for car for large family. Fits 7. Automatic doors and locks. Heat and air for front and back of vehicle. Bluetooth accessible.

- Cassandra H

Good for many kids and their stuff.

The automatic door are having problems. I like the room of a van. Space for many kids, bags and groceries. Good for long driving trips.

- Katie B

It is not just a pick-up truck - it is a luxury pickup truck & in great condition.

Too many gadgets, do not know how to use them. Good gas mileage. Comfortable to ride in. Very roomy. Has room for luggage and people.

- Carl L

It's dependable and economical. I feel that it accommodated my lifestyle.

I love that it is very roomy and comfortable. In addition, I can travel long distance and feel relaxed. It's also great on gas.

- Shirley W

It is very comfortable to drive on long trips.

I like the comfort of the vehicle for long trips and seating capacity. I have 4 kids. I like fuel economy and rear storage.

- chad W

It is and awesome car for the value.

The body styling is beautiful. It handles and corners like a small car. Tight turning radius. Love the leather interior.

- Tammy L

Complete reliably. No issues. No problems. Comfortable for seven people.

Preforms great. Completely reliable, comfortable for 7 people to sit in together without crowding, almost no problems.

- Mike S

Low operating costs along with low maintenance costs

Dependable, comfortable, good gas mileage, low maintenance, 100000 mile warranty, large capacity and nice features.

- Bill W

And get you from point a to point b and it has cold ac.

He gets me from point a to point b. It has a CD player cold ac. Has lots of cargo space and it can fit my family.

- Stephen C

The gas mileage is respectable for the type of car it is.

The car is much more loaded than expected for the money spent. With an MP3 radio, air bags all around.

- Dennis H

My gasoline fueled vehicle is extremely reliable and very comfortable to ride in.

It runs well. It rarely needs maintenance. It has good acceleration. It is very comfortable.

- cris b

My vehicle drives well, gets good gas mileage, has comfortable interior for my family. Complaints are the brakes squeal loudly, which from the beginning we were told is normal and does not have a tight turning radius.

Has all the basic functions needed for a family and easy to use for a busy mom.

- Melanie C

I like that it is easy to drive. I like that it can carry a lot of people. I like that the seats are removable. I wish the gas mileage was better.

It is roomy and fun to drive, with a lot of good family friendly features.

- Serena M

It suits us and our lifestyle. It makes us happy and fulfills our needs.

The car was a good price. It is safe. It is reliable.

- Chris S

it is roomy and not expensive to operate and it has many safety features

it's a roomy van.My Wife loves it.it is great on gas

- Terry R