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Best vehicle purchase we could have made!

I have literally had no problems with my Kia Sedona. I love it! My husband was completely against buying a "minivan" in the beginning but this one has won him over! It is 100% reliable and so comfortable! We have two little boys 1 and 2 years of age and they love it. I use to drive a smaller car and they were cramped and sat so low they couldn't see out the windows. Now, they have plenty of room and enjoy watching out the windows telling me what they see as we go. There is plenty of room in the back row as well. It is awesome to be able to pull down one side of the back seat so I can change a diaper on the go without having to rearrange everything in the whole vehicle! We took a road trip to the beach this summer, about a 10-12 hour drive one way. We took my sister, her husband, their 3 year old son, our two boys, my husband and myself and we were all very comfortable! No complaints! I cannot say enough about how wonderful this van is! We absolutely love it!

- Colleen M

Great versatility for whatever you need a large vehicle for.

This minivan is large with seating for 8 and still decent room left for storage. Seats can be rearranged and stored easily to add extra storage space or space if you need to fit large items for transport. . Front driver side has control of all equipment from the steering wheel and easy access to entertainment panel. Multiple places to plug in phones and entertainment panel can be used with iphone or android. You can use bluetooth too but I find it's easier to access and play music or directions in the car as long as the phone is plugged in and connected to the car. Engine is strong but I liked my 2014 Kia sedona for accelerating power better. The older model had pick-up like a sports car (I used to own a mustang) but the 2017 is still good and better than an average sedan. Doors automatically lock when car is in drive which I like for the kids. I can also lock the windows from the driver seat so they cannot play with it while I am driving.

- Sandra G

The Kia Sedona is a great SAFE family vehicle with the biggest bang for your buck, i compared them all and have been so glad we went with it!

I haven't had any problems with our Kia Sedona at all. We all absolutely love it and all the features that come even on the base model! It gets great gas mileage, I average 22 mpg and i live in a rural area. My children all love that the seats ALL recline and that they have their own vents and can control the back from the middle row. The 3rd row seats fold flat and up so easily I can do it one handed while holding the baby. My husband even likes driving it and he had no desire for a minivan! It is so roomy that we can sit comfortably in the driver's seat with the infant seat directly behind and plenty space in that row and 3rd row still! We have back up camera, satellite radio, auto fold mirrors and many other features. I enjoy driving it.

- debbie w

My Kia Sedona provides a quiet and smooth ride!

My 2017 Kia Sedona serves my needs. I have not experienced any problems to date. It features seven seats, which are quite comfortable. The individual seats as well as the back seat can recline. The sliding side doors are easy to open and close and make it easy to enter and exit. My Kia Sedona provides me the opportunity to talk hands-free as it has the phone sync feature. The radio and phone controls are both on the dash as well as on the wheel right at my fingertips. Further, it has a radio and CD player as well as charging capability. It features front and back ac controls. It rides well. It is very comfortable. Storage space is adequate. While it does have a backup camera, I wish it had an alarm to indicate when to stop backing up.

- Lydia G

The Kia Sedona is a great family vehicle.

The Kia Sedona is a great vehicle. It has plenty of room for our large family, with two pilot seats and a removable middle seat, all in the second row. The third row is fully functional sitting three as well. The Sedona drives smoothly and has plenty of pickup with its v6 engine. The dual control ac is great and keeps our vehicle cool on our hot Florida days. The leather interior is both stylish and easy to clean. The backup camera and parking assist are a great added bonus and gives the driver peace of mind in ensuring a safe ride.

- Christina B

The most family friendly vehicle around!

Our Sedona currently has 75k miles on it, and we have had absolutely no issues with it! Having rented different minivans before, we feel that the Kia is absolutely the best around. Some of our favorite features include the easy to move middle row and the large built-in sun shades. We also have an upgraded package, so have Apple carplay and leather seats. There is plenty of space for rear facing car seats. We also love the removable middle seat in the center row!

- Morgan T

Lots of space for the money

I love my Kia Sedona. It is a smooth ride, it looks stylish and it's large enough to hold my family and our belongings. I love that it is an 8 passenger vehicle without the hefty gas bill. We recently had 5 adults and 3 children in it and everyone for comfortably. The cargo space in the back is more than adequate, even with the rear seats in use. That is probably one of the top reasons that keeps me staying with the minivan.

- Monica B

Very safe vehicle with no performance issues.

The safety features are amazing. There are plenty of airbags, sturdy frame and the sensors of when something is too close to the vehicle. There is plenty of space inside the vehicle. It can hold 8 people plus there is adequate space in the back for luggage and things. The seats are very comfortable and can be lowered down if you need additional space. There have been no performance issues and it is very reliable.

- Jamie P

I love the back up camera and the space of the car.

I really enjoy this car very much. It is perfect for our family. This helps transport my kid but as my parents get older I can drive them around in it and it's not too tough for them to get in and out of. I love the back up camera and the seats in the back go down and the 2 bucket seats can be taken out. It comfortable to drive and not low like a car. The DVD player is great for long trips in the car too.

- Tiffany P

The Kia Sedona is Great for the Family

We are a family that loves to travel and go camping. The Kia Sedona has been fabulous for this purpose. It is spacious, and comfortable. In addition, we get excellent gas mileage for a van. We have not had one issue with it since we have purchased the vehicle. The seats are comfortable and has several different adjustments, especially for a tall guy like me. We will buy another one when the time comes.

- John K

Good car for the prince But still concerned about the door sensors

The Kia Sedona is a great car for the price. My car is still under 60k miles. Service does not include a loaner car but has a comfortable waiting area. I have only had standard maintenance on the car and a recall fix for the door sensor. I still worry about the doors closing on my kids hands my daughter's finger got stuck in the door in the door did not open/ The sensor did not detect her hand

- Monica M

Buying a KIA was a great way to go!

We weren't too sure about switching from our Toyota to a KIA, but we've been so happy! The ride is smooth, we love all the features, such as the back up camera, Bluetooth, seat warmers, Apple and Android play, power sliding doors on both sides. We were able to get much more buying a KIA as opposed to a Toyota or Honda, and we don't feel like we lost on quality! We're very happy with our new van.

- Marianne M

Wonderful family vehicle and reliable bran.

I love our Kia. . . Is the third Kia we have. Is a reliable minivan and bran. Very comfortable, spacious. Our family is big and every one is comfortable even the dogs. I have a mobility scooter and equipment that I need and the Kia handles them and the family with no problems. No mechanical problems but we do take care of its maintenance. We will probably get another Kia after this one.

- Vanessa F

2017 Kia Sedona - perfect family ride.

This vehicle has air vents on the driver and passenger side of all three rows. There is a small mirror that allows me to keep an eye on my children in the backseat. It has power sliding doors that I can open and close with a button on the key or buttons inside the door and above the rear view mirror. It is a nice comfortable ride for a larger family, with plenty of power.

- Christina G

Its fast so watch the speedometer!

My Kia Sedona is awesome! It feels solid, has a great suspension, and a good balance between power and fuel efficiency. It also has an eco mode that gets even better gas mileage. I also like the big display screen and the bluetooth connectivity for streaming my music and making hands free calls. The controls for everything on the steering wheel is also a great feature.

- Chris H

2017 Kia Sedona with large screen rear camera

Previously owning a 2010 Kia Sedona and absolutely loving it, I decided that when it was time to get something new, it would still be a Sedona, but newer and couldn't be happier. It rides smoothly, very comfortable and roomy, & has lots of nice features, including a large screen rear view camera & backup warning (which can be turned off if desired).

- Laura E

Our Kia is a basic model but that is what we wanted.

It is a 7 passenger van with great gas mileage. It's very roomy and the seats are comfortable. It has folding mirrors, Sirius radio, and a backup camera which I love. It makes parking in tight spaces so much easier. The interior is a gray color and the exterior is a maroon color. It rides really well and so far we have not had any mechanical issues.

- Benedict T

We can rearrange the seats or remove the center second row seat for what we need.

We bought our Kia Sedona for long distance travel between our two homes. It is very comfortable to travel for two adults and a good size dog. We are very happy with the warranty on the vehicle and have not yet needed to use it as it is a very dependable well running machine. We would definitely consider another Kia in the future.

- Beverly J

It is a great quality vehicle that I can see driving for 10 years.

I loved the price of my van first. I really wanted the Honda Odyssey, but couldn't afford it. I think the amount of features you get for the price on the Kia is amazing. There's plenty of space, power sliding doors, and enough LATCHes for almost every seat. I do wish the 2nd row seats either came out easily or stowed away.

- Tara V

Best bang for your buck for a family of 5.

Much better price from all the other vans and same if not better features than the other ones. It also looks better on the inside then the other ones. I shopped and shopped for all the mini vans and this one was by far the best bang for your buck. It suits my family comfortably and make the most sense for our family of 5.

- Karen B

The Sedona is a great, roomy family car.

My car is roomy. It seats 8 people so it is great when doing activities with the grandchildren. It is to enter and exit even to the third row is sitting. It has a good amount of trunk room. I like that the oil only has to be changed every 6 months. It performed very well during the winter and handled well in the snow.

- Debbie B

Plenty of room and lots of detail. A great van for a family and fun to drive.

This van has a lot of room and amenities. There is plenty of cup holders for everyone. The seats fold and slide easily for people to get in the back. Plenty of cargo space in the trunk. You can even remove seats and lay down the others to make room to move stuff like a mattress. I like it better that my last minivan.

- Crystal K

Spacious, great handling, great for the money.

I love my minivan! It is comfortable, fits my family of 6 very well! Also with all of us in there still spacious. Handles well in all weather. Considering I do live in Wisconsin. So we get it all lol. The Kia is one of the cheaper vans on the market but worth it! Especially for growing families on a budget.

- Heather R

Great for kids and dogs on long road trips.

We have had the Kia for just over one year. We've put 17k miles on it, and haven't had any issues. It is a smooth ride and very comfortable on long trips. I do wish we would have upgraded slightly, but I knew that I didn't want to pay extra for something that our child or 3 big dogs would end up destroying.

- Erin F

Affordable luxury for family and business purposes.

So far the only problems we have had are recalls. Otherwise it is perfect! It drives smooth, great pick up, comfortable seating, enough extras without going overboard. Great van for families and or storage room for businesses. Great gas mileage too. I would buy another Sedona in a heartbeat.

- Kelley D

Perfect for a family of 5 or more, and great on gas!

I love how comfortable it is to drive, and to seat passengers and cargo. The automatic sliding doors are wonderful, and the rear camera makes backing up so much easier in a vehicle that size. The engine is powerful, even with the Eco option engaged. I don't have any dislikes right now.

- Rachel D

Great reliable car, great price.

I have had my van for almost 2 years now. As of yet I am completely satisfied with overall performance, reliability, comfort and features. I find the Sedona to be good on gas, and drives like a car. I have had no mechanical issues this far. I would recommend this vehicle to others.

- Nicole R

It is reliable and comfortable.

The front seats are more like a SUV than a minivan and I love that feeling. I like Android Auto included on it and all the driving bells & whistles (lane departure, auto sensing cruise control, etc.). Wish we had gotten sunroof and auto open/close tailgate. Otherwise, LOVE it!

- Amy G

Roomy vehicle for a large family with lots of storage space.

I like that the interior is roomy and seats eight but I don't like that there are lots of blind spots on the vehicle for someone my height (5 ft) The center console is poorly designed and the cup holders are in front of each other instead of next to each other so that's a pain.

- Tina S

Great family vehicle for trips.

Very comfortable ride, has outstanding gas mileage for a van, lots of extra features, it really needs more plugs for charging phones etc. if you have a large family, great reliability, overall very happy with this purchase, definitely considering another Kia in the future.

- Kelia B

No real complaints of vehicle

I have not had any mechanical issues out of my vehicle. The turn radius is impressive for a minivan. There is not a lot of power. Not as much room in the trunk as one would expect. In order to haul mostly anything larger than groceries you have to lay the back row down.

- Taylor L

Love keyless start and keyless entry

Recall on the sliding doors not detecting things in the way while it closes. Other than that it is perfect. It has an 8th seat that is removable. Perfect for us since we have 5 kids and 1 on the way. Love the buttons on the door to lock and unlock and the keyless start

- Tara K

It�s a great car and is very spacious. Great for road trips with the family.

I love my Kia Sedona it's has plenty of space. It's a great car when traveling with the family. I have never had any issues with my car. Up till now everything still works it drives great. I love taking my family on road trips knowing we have enough space for everyone.

- Kimberly L

I love my Sedona. I would buy this same vehicle all over again.

It rides well in almost all weather. Great on gas the seats are heated in this cold weather is a plus. I love also the warranty is awesome also I love the smooth ride. Love all my added luxurious heated seats, and it's also keyless love the computer push start.

- Betty L

That it is a safe vehicle for my family. We are comfortable in the car.

I like that my van has room enough for my family. I like that it is safe. I like that it has a backup camera. I do not like that it is not 4 wheel drive I do not like that it does not have a cd player that holds multiple CD. I do not like that it has no GPS.

- Ahmed H

Frustrating seat maneuvering.

Love it! The only frustration is the way that you really need two hands to fold/move the middle row seats in order for the others to climb in back. My hands are always full and I have to set something down in order to put the seat back, or fold it down.

- Amy B

All of the space that makes your comfort levels perfect

It's great for car pooling and very good on gas on long trips and comfortable. It is very dependable. Automatic doors are very convenient when having things in your hands. Also, all the seats fold so almost anything can be hauled in it without problems.

- Tyler K

Vehicle I really like, mainly Bluetooth.

Love the Bluetooth feature, very roomy with seating, comfortable to ride long or short distance, good gas mileage, choice of color was good, had problem with sliding doors not opening and closing properly, returned to deal and repaired with no problem.

- Betty T

Good vehicles, bad design

The van is a great vehicle, my only complaint is that the make the wires underneath with a soy coating that the animals and rats love and they have chewed through it costing hundreds of dollars in damage. Expensive fix and no way to prevent it.

- felicia p

The paint on kia and hyundai vehicles is horrible and wears off very easily. I have a 20 year old car and the paint is in fabulous condition. My Kia is less than a year old and all the paint wore off behind the sliding door and it's rusting!!!!!!

The paint behind the sliding back doors is wearing off on both sides. Kia refuses to stand behind this and is claiming it's being done by rocks. There's no way rocks are hitting one small area where the door opens on both sides of my vehicle.

- Christina H

It is perfect for families with plenty of room for all.

Love the gas mileage and how easy it handles. It is set up perfectly for multiple kids especially with car seats. I love that all doors are automatic and that the seats fold flat to create cargo space. I wish it had a built in vacuum.

- Erin N

Reliable and Family friendly. Comes with an awesome warranty and is made in the USA.

Love my van, very roomy and comfortable for those long drives. Has the get up and go when needed but also a very quiet and smooth ride. Has all the technology that anyone would want including Bluetooth compatibility. Highly recommend.

- Chad C

This minivan is the best family vehicle I have ever owned.

I like the gas mileage. I like how much room it has. I like the optional third row seating. I like the backup assist camera. I dislike that the seats don't cool and heat on both sides. I don't like that it doesn't have remote start.

- Kelly H

It very dependable. You can rely on this car.

I love everything about my Kia. I love how everything is automatic as it makes loading two children under two in and out every easy. If I could change one thing it would be to have the back hatch open with the press of a button.

- Mackenzie K

Spacious and comfortable Kia.

I have not had any problems since purchasing my Kia. I love the space it provides. The middle row is spacious enough for our children, and the third row provides more than enough space and comfort for adults when in use.

- Mikaela A

Family van, great for travel.

I love the seating. But I wish there was a way to either remove or close down the middle seats. Eco friendly! Great on gas. I get about 23 mpg per tank. Greatest nonelectronic feature would be the size of the gas tank!

- Kristina H

It is a van and can hold 7 or 8 passengers. It is great for families and transporting kids and sports equipment to practices and games.

I love room and capacity, I love dual air controls in front and back seats. I do not like it doesn't have CD player. We have two DVD players but wireless headphones interfere with each other so you can't use them.

- Debra W

It's a very Roomy van for families with awesome features

I love how spacious it is. I can fit my kids 3 car seats, a large double stroller and much more. I love the automatic doors. I dislike the emergency automatic braking features. It scares me when it happens!

- Catherine H

It wasn't cheap. Gas mileage could be better. But it's a good family car.

I love all the space it gives my family. I love the Bluetooth feature to pair with my phone. I dislike the fact that if the back doors are closing and you turn on the car it doesn't close them all the way.

- Sydnee R

It's rated very high for safety, it comes with a solid warranty and is very comfortable to drive and comfortable for the passengers.

It's a minivan. it has nice features like leather and technology like auto doors and locks and parking driving sensors. it looks nice. the only complaint is that upon take off it is a little sluggish.

- Mandy B

Great Car for my family it does not leave me behind and very dependable.

I have not had any problems with my car it's been great i love driving my car my kids enjoy it as take trips like to Disneyland and also we go to san diego c.a it's been a smooth ride going and coming

- Deli Z

My van is very comfortable but uses slot of gasoline.

My van is perfect for our family of 5! It's very spacious and comfortable. It has lots of features the back up camera being my favorite. I love how smooth of a ride it is and such a quiet vehicle.

- Ally B

It's a safe, practical car for families with young children or elderly family members who aren't easily able to climb in and out of a three row SUV.

I like that I am able to transport many family members at once. I also like the automatic sliding doors, it's much easier to deal with when you have young children. I dislike the trunk space.

- Cassidy P

It has 8 passenger seating and many features of the pricer Toyota and Honda.

I like the included Apple CarPlay apps to use with my iPhone. It is slow on the pick up but maintains speed well and handles inclines well with good power. I love the 8 passenger seating.

- Angie D

I would say the most important thing my car offers is safety. I love how safe and reliable it is.

I absolutely love my car. I love the way it looks, the interior is amazing. It drives and handles very well. I love the amenities it offers, overall I would not change anything about it.

- nicole m

Comfortable, to drive and ride in

I love that it offers many nice features and plenty of space for my family. The price can't be beat in comparison to the other minivans on the market. I wish it were more fuel efficient

- Michelle K

It's has tons of space and storage.

I love the power doors and backup camera. I love the leather seats. I doesn't quite have the pick me up I like and I am slightly concerned that it won't last as long as we need it to.

- Anna M

Extremely safe, comfortable, and reliable vehicle.

Comfortable fit for entire family and is extremely safe. Many of the comforts of a more expensive vehicle. Only dislike lack of storage options for daily items like sunglasses, etc.

- Steve B

The safety of the vehicle was my top priority when choosing this vehicle for my family. It is also very roomy and comfortable!

I love the look and feel of the car while driving it. It has proven to be very roomy, comfortable, and accommodating for my large family. Gas mileage is fair, no complaints yet.

- Samantha M

That the middle seats don't remove only fold up.

We like the minivan for the sliding doors. We like the middle removable set and the stow away back seats. I wish the middle side sets could be removed and not just folded up.

- Matt V

The best bang for your buck.

The van is very roomy with lots of seating options. It runs smoothly and has a lot of great features like plenty of cup holders and plug ins for USB and power.

- John A

It's comfortable and relatively easy to drive. The back up camera is nice.

I like the car overall but I used to have a Toyota Sienna and I loved that. It doesn't drive as smoothly as my old car. But it's nice and so far no problems.

- Edna C

The car has lots of room and is spacious and convenient for a large family.

It is nice and roomy, it has lots of bells and whistles. The price was reasonable, the doors slide, the middle console is great and it drives really smooth.

- Emily M

My family is five people and every one of us sits comfortably inside.

I love our car. There are 5 of us and we are all comfortable in it. I love the automatic locks, and doors. I just think overall it's a great family vehicle.

- Anastasia S

It is an 8 passenger vehicle.

I love it because it is an 8 passenger. I love all the safety airbags. The only thing i wasn't happy about was that they no longer putting cd players in.

- Lynne S

Safe family friendly vehicle-great for transporting kids

I love the space we have for our family. The van rides very smoothly and has a lot of nice features. I like the leather interior. I have no complaints.

- Julie D

Dependable and roomy. Very easy to get in and out for children and elderly.

Loaded full leather Minivan. Very roomy, easy access in and out, full GPS, Bluetooth, hands free, good gas mileage 23-28 mph and very nice looking.

- Debra M

It's great for a family, very roomy and economical.

Like the optional 3rd row seating. Like the automatic doors. Like the reverse camera. Dislike that it does not have remote start or cooling seats.

- Kelly H

This van was the best decision for our family!

Very spacious, easy for kids to get in and out of. Plenty of cup holders and compartments for all kinds of gadgets. My kids and I love this van!!

- Jess C

Its reliable and has been a great car. It's just as great as other brands but a little bit cheaper.

I like that there are a lot of cup holders. I like that it can hold a lot of people. I don't like trying to put in or take out the 8th seat.

- cathi y

It is the best buy of my life

I have yet to see any problems with the car. There is nothing that I would want to change. Change gear from like park to drive is very smooth.

- Sirena P

Because it is automatic it has a slow pick up.

No complaints. Very comfortable and good gas mileage. Extra cargo space and room for baby seats and a seat for extra passengers or the dog.

- Vivian H

This car is very roomy for the family. There is a lot of room for everyone you need to carry!

I love my vehicle. It has plenty of room , they are nice. I wish it had an added dvd player, however that is something i can have added in,

- kala g

It is a black Kia Sedona. It has stow and go seating which I love since it sits flat, unlike the Honda Odyssey. I also love that there is an option to take out the middle seat in the second row.

The flat stow and go third row seating. It really is the best because you don't have to deal with a bump on the floor when they are down.

- Lindsay G

It's a very smooth ride and seats 8 people. Great family car. I would recommend it to all of my friends with kids

We purchased this vehicle last year and have taken many trips on it. We love the space and the smooth ride. It's better tha. We imagined.

- Adriana B

My 2017 Kia Sedona, an amazing ride

I haven't had any problems with my Kia Sedona. It's very comfortable and spacious. I love the rear camera which helps me back out safely.

- Tanya P

Can open back doors from the remote key

My Kia is the best this is the second one and I will not have anything else. It is reliability,comfortable and love the way it drives

- Kathy B

It's a big car for a big family

I love my car, it's perfect for my family because I have two babies and the Sedona is big enough to fits two car sets and the friends.

- Rebeca R

Safety. Kia cares about its customers and makes sure of safety.

I love the overall style. The company makes a safe car that has great warranty program. Overall, Kia makes great, reliable vehicles.

- Rachel H

That it's spacious and easy for my family to get in and out of as well as great safety features

Like that it has enough room for everyone and still lots of storage space when traveling. Like the built in nav. And backup camera

- Eileen P

having issue with the sliding doors

it is very comfortable to drive. has a lot of good safety feature. is very safe vehicle. I do wish the sliding doors worked better.

- rich w

It has so much space and storage in the trunk. The interior is incredible. It is safe and reliable.

I love my Kia Sedona! It has plenty of space for our family of 4 plus our dog. We use it for traveling as well as for everyday use.

- Lindsay m

It is a family vehicle and it has lots of space for your family.

I like my vehicle and the room it has. I don't like that it doesn't have the automatic doors and that it doesn't have a CD player.

- stephanie M

Great value for the money. Many features found in higher cost cars.

Like the features of sliding door, reverse camera, phone interfacing is good. Wish the driver's seat had more options for comfort.

- Markell S

It has great features, reasonably priced. And resale value is good too.

Automatic doors. Kid friendly. Good gas mileage. Nice design. I like the leather seats. User friendly. Sleek body for a minivan.

- Rachel G

It's awesome and extremely useful. It is very comfortable.

I absolutely love my van. I have 14000 miles on it and thankfully no issues. Plus it comes with a 60000 miles bumper to bumper.

- Lauren R

Very spacious van in between the rows and seats

Love the dual sliding doors, heated seats, large space in between rows, eco on driving, counsel, cup holder. Love all of this

- Debbie H

It is ugly and not big enough to fit a whole bunch of car seats in it a once.

Size and appearance is what I really don't like about the Kia Sedona. The seats are to stiff and not very comfortable either.

- Jackie M

It is a great family car with plenty of room for us and our things

It is a great and dependable vehicle. I feel very comfortable being away at time and leaving my wife with the kids at home.

- Andy O

The options for the price is outstanding! It is not your parents minivan as it is sleek and sporty!

Very easy to handle and all of the instruments for operating things from the radio to the back doors are at your fingertips.

- Demetra B

It is very versatile. I can easily transport my kids.

I like that it is stylish and has up to date technology. I like the sliding doors but the sensor has trouble some times.

- Stephanie Simmons M

The Kia Sedona requires low maintenance.

The Kia Sedona is powerful and smooth. Ideal car for families of 4 or more offering plenty of space for the kids.

- Kayla F

Safety first- Style and comfort comes along with the fact that safety is the biggest factor on making this one of the best of its kind on the highway today

Outstanding vehicle for safety features- economical on gas mileage and stylish as well. Comfortably seats 8 .

- Chuck F

The van has surprisingly good mpg, both city and highway.

I love how the doors automatically open. The blue tooth is very convenient. It is roomy and perfect for kids.

- Kristie W

The most important thing would be the amount of space you have or the gas mileage which is great

So far we have had no problems. There is plenty of trunk space and it is very comfortable for a family of 8!

- Abby J

it is great on gas very fuel efficient

its compact and roomy all at the same time and a great ride great on gas also very smooth anything i dislike

- dawn v

Gmc/Chevy seems to have the same problems around the same mileage.

I love the electric doors. Its roomy. It has a great heating and cooling system. It gets good gas mileage.

- Jackie M

This is a great vehicle for large families. People are not squished tight while traveling!

I love the space it has for people. Lots of space in the trunk for luggage. It rides really smoothly.

- Alicia C

The automatic doors are a huge time saver with young children but they are sensitive enough that no fingers can get shut in them. The middle seats are very easy to maneuver so that getting in and out of the back as well as loading kids into car seats in the third row is piece of cake! It is very comfortable, tons of room and exactly what a family needs. It gets great gas mileage. We have had no issues at all and have been extremely happy with our purchase!

It's very spacious, convenient for getting kids in and out of the car as well as loads of cargo room.

- Mikaela S

I feel very safe driving my car and I know my kids are safe as well.

Only complaint, better gas mileage around town. I love how the set up is geared towards the driver.

- Beth S

Good performing and gas mileage is pretty good

Package didn't come with automatic back door and still having issues with side doors

- Lara O

It has plenty of room in the back seats for everyone.

Holds 8 people and has a TV. Gets good gas mileage in town and on highway.

- Joe P

Roomy Great Gas Mileage Sleek Great price Great Quality

Love my Minivan. Very roomy. Great Gas Mileage, Will always have one.

- Patricia P

It has enough space and it is very comfortable. Kia

I like the Sedona because it has enough space. It is very comfortable

- Luis D

very affordable and dependable. it's worth a test drive for sure

very comfortable car with a lot of options that work for our family

- Brian H

It's very nice minivan. Price was good. Runs very nice.

The car is good. Especially for the price. Very simple car.

- Azu V

Very spacious and perfect for families with small children.

I never thought I would own a van. Now I do and I love it!

- Lauren W

It has space to hold an entire family and easy to drive.

I like that it holds my entire family plus a few friends.

- Gene K